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Wednesday, May 24th

Mens Room Multiple Question: What part of your body is just messed up, and what part of someone else's body do you wish you had on your own?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. Third down most successful cardboard successful Davis transplant operation happened South Africa. A man who had a bird a botched a circumcision got a brand new things they just haven't to be once he's black and other dog my getting a medical tattoos. That outed to a mad skin tone and Riverside and one of the things that that I guess people don't is did. I women at the sector means there are some women that are bad Naples tattoo to back on breast. So this comes from robbery and Mike hawk who obviously diligently researching and a bag this is what appeared to mastering pro tip do not search for quote had to nobles on Google. How else talk talk talk on the team and a bad Romans now alright still was O'Brien what is your big head it isn't so noticeable that that you can. Because musical stair I guess sometimes. Can see a guy with a big head and other times like titles elected I got a big head but it doesn't look big on Ted you know I mean. Yeah quote I got I got a pretty large or had you love it stretched a lot of flak for him. Like it's the dollar then larger because my my iPad. But it is like yeah. Give a pro Matt do you have a cro Magnum like like his forehead rude or is like beyoncé Rican so billboard space. Or billboard space but don't let the majority of that extra added right. Under on the back side and at a -- the alien head yeah around the comes around the back of its lead on a flat backing and you can have around the back it. Yep big dome back head and you can't get ahead as anyone ever mentioned bay and you got a huge jazz head. Actually a bit of importance yeah goals in does that transfer to are down are you a bigger guy are you heavier or you you skinny guy. I don't own or would slow below a little bit bigger direction AA outpost there. How I got an idea of body to match yet you have big big extremities of long arms long legs big hands big feet and that oldest Lipton six foot. Thirty. Focus all bodies all damn how much would you wage if you didn't have it your normal sized head Hamachi is doing. To a U. About it horror where what what about your I didn't borrow like you just loop because they have the right 1000. And he said your body builders obviously I think I know how you gonna aunt act answer the question but you look at someone like I take your mentioning the chiseled Zack Ephron. Oh yes well yes here that you least expect right and then you think about somebody like well and posters Chris young and all that great right but then you look at Dwayne the rock Johnson now all of these geysers in in shape under the guests. Brian if you could you'd rather be built like Dwayne the rock Johnson right. See I would I wish him well no let's not even think could sing it's like would you read look like Hugh Jackman who's just not that they can big ball up. Still have a good body you know insane like what is your ideal money that if you to have it in and got it. That I erratic that I get out right now talking to right now they have like good Bryant feeling you would wanna be like the rock and it be that big and the rock looks good for him but there's a difference you know about that begins at least you wouldn't want the big some people wouldn't comment on my head prepared to escape and jump traps that hide your big ass head or anything. Oh sure afford to let words. Well if I do feel better the woman icicles records because she actually looked like for a Oca. Brian okay now even more even more important than that all right it most guys as guys. You know when evil we go to the pool will Wear modest swim trunks and all that very few guys have have been an academic at their arsenal. They're going on vacation or anything. And even if I was given Mike all right dude. For one day you're gonna walk around. It could be two to pull in a banana hammock how much money is gonna take you there and I'm I would say elect argument 500 bucks on the cure. Now would you rule. You've got to put on a banana hammock and then walk out on stage. In front of a large group of people do you feel confident about how your package looks instead and dynamic when you walk out there in front of all these people. I think giant head will distract them from the lips of a power lifter right now and audio bodybuilder power lifter. Double a also when you body bill do you feel do you feel comfortable or do you feel embarrassed you know like I. I don't know. Turning them pretty comfortable actually had you order extra large pouch they Lola. Whom. Okay. Extra large pallets of bulk beaten down have you ever taken any performance enhancing drugs. Well all all the competition but it doesn't. I have not been tested so yeah hey how I don't up I don't know I think about it I contacted the bulk of the living out there with so you don't age as anything suffered down their because of that. It is shrinking of the testicle does cooler than Porsche. So I begin well. I started my my own party tricky India pulling out my balls and there are also but didn't largely a compromise circuit well aren't. And they did their little bit slow but they're still about average. Our outlook at a none of that affected to some degree I'm glad we know all of its exact that I did the extra large fast I didn't know those were options. We don't need to know you know the reason why we don't know things Y number I don't I don't never to know you don't know enabled the 250000 all the Portugal. Doesn't affect us right. We don't know about that and propelled space and then they would acknowledge it you walk into some stores in the same Arturo afforded to reported for what opera pursued a number ago. You look like commander needs extra pounds now he's about you have ever swimming trunks I'm sure. Man ask you lose a bit too short to get the guy has has size sixteen shoes he knows where but he knows the so we don't. For good reason but the but I'm not in the market for banana him. Don't be yeah well that's some say it but I mean. Just walk around pool I'd be embarrassed again imagine standing in front to monitoring and people. But just as I'm in a banana in my experience though. And this was in Hawaii and Vegas specifically wrote the banana hammock was 50%. Of the guys that wearing a swim trunks. The guys that choose to Wear the banana hammock they have. Little to Chicago and if they do then you big and of the body types anybody wants to see them and a banana that's what kind of blew my mind it wasn't exactly. Zack our round solvents like daily to be Eagles that I haven't shows open a banana ham again. They seem so happy about it in our view almost they're more easily. Why is this guys look I had they would and it just a cultural thing they would just not a big deal next week next time we go to Vegas for his convictions and our rocket banana now don't we don't want you all afternoon. But we don't want you choose. And I'll follow you guys around interview go the that it wears you cope on its folly around where that web valid well guys the governing. Hello Jessica welcome to the mentoring and factories are. All. That. And I got a good RU. Ink and actually what about your body's most. Okay now is great and credit lately but I'm here at her parents. Well your big carrier ring connect here rigged so now. About Reagan is an inch longer I'm not create an ad. I know very little ads and anger out later tiger aren't we all looked all over the little little boy like. Nobody out first hand look like that. I had to turn to vindicate you don't know anything about you looked weird into you realize that no one else sayers. Whatever is about two and a that they shares or you don't hammer toes or a distilled long and so image for. I don't know how long. Acting on Morton inherited yet but I don't think he knows. Yeah I got him the hammer those plus. Well first of all they dance and I want you want to know hammered hey we're so everyone blames the somewhere flip flopped when. But you see your toes and the big Joseph might be somewhat normal and and somehow the other forms it's like almost completely different directions are kind of matched late. You kind of know when you see it gives you you think teachers and has a horrible thought would you think. I hope there's no circumstance where that foot talking about places where it's so weird to me could lead we're the thing you're talking about with your Toby and bigger than them. The good Intel fairly normal. Yeah and I know he's heard it was late when the teen years that you see your girl like that mean she released sexual. Is that true it was that and had no holds onto what body part of someone else's would you like to have. For your car hit so I'm not lever any or anybody like that I have about Charles she can eat whatever she line and he has that there really anybody at. Can you address currently at all let me show where you know gene that feature or whatever but she seriously has the best albums of any Warner policy. I think it is they are about 31. But that's great yeah that's that's you know what many gotta hate people like that this is a natural metabolism they've got their body and you just you just can't stand and you got to him. If you know he has around is that a unit though I want to import. Well yeah and I don't care facility where Obama denial it becomes at like I would love the four pieces of pizza for lunch. Will they just do it shot in the polls indicate that importantly from a blow it or not it works that way after that things change exactly multimedia enjoyment of the things they're gonna lose. Men out of and it's scary so it's not like. Did you see when your kid you don't know you don't know right until I remember. The first bus and the first summer that I was able to go to the pool in a regular basis and get in as a kid we all got a card wicket taker and people we could we could take a bike there and get it. And had my my one for an. He had a belly button and it look like. The cut like they should cut an inch more in the bears left tackle umbilical glory you've seen the bill that we're like it looks like title hernia like but the thing mr. death pop out of. Incited so this thing actually stuck out. Think they should have cut you local court closer to his slick like part of the base of the umbilical cord was still there you. At least that's in there I told you I was acquitted there's a kind of hung out of their family with the same last name is a Smith. And in he had one that was such an Audi a body at two. He does and discuss the a nice enough dude. Rose only two penis Jim as always smelled but I I literally remember being in he was he was coach was this guy that some smelling. Disgusting rude man whose Audi belly button so largely whose child and with the idea of rude but he just got to smelled. The target affection in my family everybody always thought he was related to us and had no he's not a but he is he's not one of our Smith he's got hot eats what he was one of those guys you like was always around the neighborhood he coached kids at that he got older. You go out drinking Beers and the first thought I that it was an -- high school and a stairwell and I was scared to death and that's been my brother why does that man have a penis on the stump this. The Brothers say if you thought the bill what do we live. Right I'm sure I didn't think Pete is probably right definitely we we aren't top. And it's a multiple question it was an out T. That all capital letter was part of your body is just messed up and what part of someone else's body would you like for your very all Morey calls coming up you are listening to the men's room on men's or radio network. Men's room returns. Here's the question brought to you by June lay limp resort casino Mehdi nine point nine KI DSW. Her love. A question what part of your body is just messed up. And what parts of us someone else's body would you like for your own you're listening to the Mets. Miles is three. Nine point nine. K I still be our hero man is only the third patient undergo a procedure for a successful penis transplant this happened at a hospital in Capetown South Africa. And now he will be able to have sex and urinate standing up. Within the next six months for the first time in seventeen years it looks that he will be able to have sexual relations. And I value of hard he cared about right now I fully. Functioning penis he will be able to use it giving some of the doubts though. Fully functional I hate. I'm standing yeah it is I mean hell the thing about it is most people have a fully functioning penis and and it's their role at anything about time you were able to get the job done in life and I doubt but as guys here this deputies that. Obviously this guy's good he's someone else's and get it done anyway emotional still have. Fully functional like his report choices that you think of the white guy was alive who donated it to to his friend he would only ask that you can watch in the corner of first and the Netflix like one of those report's not out for my pin was back. And a doctor dome of gonna die didn't but it took my mama pianist met. You're my penis man and could the guy who has been donated stereotypes that we did earlier. Throughout Africa gets in the white dude Pitt student okay could you rule in theory. Necessarily get a real big could just give part of it away. Yeah EB I don't know could you still feel it has major body part like the fans I don't feel like your dad says things like movement broke. Iran Ottawa senator right now South Africa got the player is 11 o'clock Erica. Ms. or multiple questionable part everybody's has messed up a part of someone else's body would you like for your own hello Max welcome to the men's room. Oh ritual I've thought wow. So I mean you don't know Mel Barnett and part of that I have where are you would warrant in June so I wish I could have anybody open rival. Really you're stop a man I thought this village court Dominica. Plus an early Bobbie we've met the guy I think that all men just big and how would you like to future nipple statute on. Didn't parent or kind of white white and green I don't know how they'll. What I you probably look like like put a mice has babies you know and things like that you know I did little to big things they get on the two litter of kittens after the first day like oh my god those even cats and so would you get the would you get to nibbles tattooed on your body of Jesus. Sure I have a ripple there return so no hard. He beat duke did you do not and one of them no no I didn't want to know every do you obviously I look in order. Have your ground if the. Her so I call other of any eyeballs of the ticket now. If you got new guys is this all about the vision would you want someone who has like nice eyes as well. I mean agreement a delusion that supposedly can't. But not an article content there and why it will hold onto that little white good and I don't know what we're not sure you've heard. Where you are prosecute Bernard usually about a guy like I let you have the you have the red devil lies. Yeah. Okay all right so you would you want the color changed more idyllic if you're gonna get an. And you can't run as a written into the vision right now tells the guy and I do a better guy is blue I do want agent as your blood to agree as you want a word blue one green. You do there are bigger cooler air I don't know I'm pretty partial couldn't do artwork Altria are what we aren't really all about Argentina like one of those Huskies I can't one blue island brown night you know there be critical that we Jim Brown eyes and the king tonight transplant them catching isn't a little yeah I want to send a dumb thing. It's Tony. How bad he's all right how about dry side and he can be corrected with creditable lenses or anything like that. Note that greatly admired their rent we're going to develop include all my I bought himself and red nose you can pick on burger everything when I want to go cut it to get disability you can have little more progress Atlantic where the kind of nerve to go read their. Point 1200 when I went to and our doctors that specialize in now when they're little between one quick. I'd end up are you legally allowed to drive. My who are okay so how did illegally are you're not legally allowed to also drive but let me get this straight Matt you do own a scooter. There yet. And Williams cried at around the art and doesn't. No program or rather where I don't know your legal power line you're legally blind and now you're gonna get to how far can you see in front view on the scooter. I mean out and been told her windows live just they do it. It's leaving aren't put at regular prime cougar Q good speed limit I can't get the kind of thing. I'm never you know I'm never wanted anything out there ought to put on a scooter to collect more up close I think. Our record anarchy seems to me it seems. If you don't have a drivers you'll have a driver's license and number you don't you don't like who brokered Urquhart. BA Kennedy and a driver are you lose forty. And CC's effort to say well the thing is you don't need you don't need insurance but you definitely need a driver's license you don't need a certification. That you can drive a motorcycle at 49 CC's anything above that you're gonna get a motorcycle certification. Right trust me I know this because I was riding dirty for awhile. Brad and as an artist scooter I was I was on different terms right now I don't know tries to drive there is the Dow's run real dirt and it have a license even it's older stuff that I went all out I was right throughout loss how we are not outside dirty that's still a still obviously turned in paperwork for less than when I bought it. And they give you license and everything else a win to get my actual driver's license renewed Elena did that about a week later they Samir very from a postcard it's a hey bro. We know your editors and better go take that test now at oak road. I don't today on battleground. Remote Jared. I just I have. But I bought a scooter that we used I had transferred over all the stuff. That I didn't I ages physically lost a license Brad years ago when I moved so I didn't have one. And then I'll try and around for awhile out of the real stuff maybe than it was like. It's like what kind of stories that I got caught Ryan Theriot on a scooter. The eleven bothered to replace the lessons on law. Yes a hood allegedly using genetic testing it right right Dahlia the most embarrassing thing is Julio in the cup just opens the trunk and put your scooter there. Here's our multiple question what part of your body is just messed up and what part of someone's else's body would you like for your own Reza what it's a horse company does. Laura on horse back and horses I'll take this down rule. Hello Bob welcome to the men's room. They guy I screwed up. I love the Frontline guy the mile bloody shoot up a good that I do any broken bones and a new kidney transplant a kidney pancreas. And not the skin cancers. What what most recently and then what is most pervasive. One and you look the same time most recently looked pervasive Whitney for me it skin cancers. I just had one come out my shoulder it grew back in a week later after doctors scraped it really edit cut out again. I'm not gonna be insensitive but but your bug me. Because it is it. Is that every time comes back it's a different cancer could keep thin skin cancers appellate a dogleg my great grandmother took it to get cancer but it shows of different places. Yeah other big jacket to get the skin cancers. They still all over the one they cannot get recently learned then that your age group that in the exact same location. And Jason mom idealism is understanding that of the I guess the sun doesn't always correlated to the skin cancer just they can happen without that like likely people get lung cancer a smoking so yep I'm assuming you're not. You're not exposing yourself to the sun. Help you know of. To know but I bet that childhood. And young adulthood without wearing Dunbar and getting scanned all the time and doing create damage we'll build up in get. Okay do our total of race and nothing else you said by herself I'm guessing is this for a return. The idea I've and is totally outfitted you have osteoporosis problems is a lawyer breaking all your bones. Oh yeah. To you know do so brittle and we TV's we want to know street also near year your levels you know snapper cracker fractured that became real quote not like years ago a doctor warned me not want to like that would be. She's awesome and more and don't lead and drink milk I mean like how do you cure what do you hope how do you hope you're healthy bone flip what do you do. Well they had me on Medicaid in Illinois tool use about five years or when they got me on it early in the day in indicate that are done a lot of and here's. Are always so good to did you get a part of a a settlement on Adam opened. Bono then I'm often that's I think UN 99 million people pay an awful lawyer millions of dollars and. Well yeah yep and what they all wacky guys that this young transplant. Down when you get a transplant you're taking medication to risk your life. There's only to yet you're gonna reject that organ motion or not only is there Grossman went on another gentleman our general area. Given that would be the medication that you would you would take every day like you wouldn't forget that pill of America gender. I mean you have a kidney or whatever because subpoenas and you see this thing you know you wanna you ask C one you take care what what does it you hope your kidneys work which don't physically see them and action your penis you know instantly it's gonna cooperate in that Obama how many different people do you have a as part of you. You want and what what what organ. Kidney and angry and the same donor. Yes okay and Lou would do you know any of the circumstances behind how you were able the to receive that. You know I don't now we're coming up on Tony. When you think you're the end of the heat and summer. On that and the privacy laws were let I didn't know anything about my daughter. Okay or what but obviously they were in pretty good health because up until noon you know via because it's it's it's the stun you right for that long. Yeah and I I've been incredibly lucky. One of the doctors say mean as far as like a bone to break him and organs failing in the skin cancers are coming back and all those of it like hey man. You don't read to live they say if you go to the proper channels are going to be up to do you couldn't not quite living a healthy life a little longer life or what is the. All they basically they say. Let Elena project yesterday can you can go and holy crap and yet he'd like yeah I yell and actually and I know on the three year blankly like kidney community get to get our Michael. That it isn't something if it happens once is that kidney now console like. You that is kidney for twenty some years as your body rejected it in they can help it recover or is it didn't read Harry now generators it is today. No the problem is is he. Medication I'm taking to protect it in their bread is earned up front toxic commuters let me Clayton to the kidney. The end keep global get strike that over time the damage that they cut will build up. You can ever you can never take an adult could. Or crisis there the Tylenol. Tylenol yet that he didn't do enough took it out how to deliver the Whaley they don't drink and drink Tylenol maker arm but I. I need to open its art I'm not kidding aren't gonna. They got brought in and Bobby you you said you were incredibly lucky. And not like it and that's not gonna say it and they'll serve and are my organs you go by Bob the transplant guy I know for a fact of Steve would say that this is not incredibly lucky well it's I mean I and I. I feel like you're looking after the fact. So it's a little bit get shot in the head and go man that one into overly peers to break in legal you've got our government. Relative to having been shot in the head yes you got lucky I've been lucky enough to not be shot. Okay so other elements I doubt anyone look at life I mean yeah I hit it back I can cry over on the broken bones but that being diabetic and they and including Clinton on line and yell. What is agony in certain inning he individual persons may get on around me miserable I've known people like that men don't survive long. Duty fulltime care Bob are you able to get by an era. No I I work myself like. I look wrong like Miller an animal so how hard is it for you do to find. Some companionship is it tough based on your physical limitations. My my doctors my great kicking that don't work to get unlucky day I'd want so yeah. And Jack I ran a question everybody. Could you ever use lake teach senior like wheat and offered me the pain. Really am I mean I mean I have osteoarthritis can we don't drop the Philippines there but honestly I never tried it. We'll get dressed on who you want yeah it's all right now that's what you get we're going to blame to go home after work and I can't drink at this point right actual organ that the doctor did say you could actually drinking limited quantity. Knee I I don't because I used to but I. I am in particular does limited quantity uses until you pass out it's. Yeah yeah I know yeah they're like the cold Turkey in a but there's no hey minimize. Bob is or anybody's body part out there that you would like to have your own. Well I guess we don't expect it to be in it so what are that you all the crap you know. All right let me pretty good thanks bottles on what exactly does banker is doing them and only kidneys do know delivered those. I just don't attitudes go well yeah I mean look that's. Normal workplace almost and pancreatic cancer of possible worst cancer begin. When a player we know you can have brain cancer and they say yet which you'd rather have Batman pancreatic cancer until but I don't know what my pancreas. Not put a diaper on TV Els a gynecologist. So apparently enzymes are digested juices produced by the pastries are created and small intestine to Fred digestive juices digest of juices and also creates insulin. Op OK well what I mean I think that aren't arteries thank you thank you. Mr. multiple question what part of your bodies just messed up and what part of someone else's body would you like for your odds of doctors are abroad yet makes sense they'll get a I don't know what I would do is validate your profession that I'm not okay warriors as a tool and returned to share content it is the German magazine makes sense. Carry on our our company disabilities I had no idea that bankers is no death and all those books live the next crappy town to an extra in ship and a hell. Hello Adam welcome to the bedroom. Oh oh wow. Yeah they'll support my employer about what they are. Yeah I like my government new bold man you got Donald Trump science. So there's this there's they're pretty Robaire. So how big are. I'll like this ordered to forty on either side small lumps oh no OK. Yeah Obama. And who wouldn't commitment and it's been neuroscience shoes you Wear. And okay that's pretty small for a guy your size as well. Yeah yeah it makes it there are. I thought you must look today. That maybe you get those thin thin man in an image houses looks like he's going to battle and I think they look at it. I'm trying to get his Yorkers are not fat dude I mean your your proportionate to your height your weight and ball would not ask about penis man go they say in all my hands and feet right is another twelve got all mad about people from a small hands. Nobody really players talk about their hands but he gets you in this rock from Jamaica like. You got a tiny. It got bigger or what are their spirits are going to it's get it done OK yeah yeah now following. Okay yeah. That would be good to hear that brother Billy media I would evangelical right fits the automatic. I don't say. It's the third. Who who I think might not bogey but he can bought the Siegelman sunk to an icebreaker. Yeah it's ridiculous and over. Let's go with the thing on the front of the vote of the bowel. Definitely the thing like the fishing boats have been. Declared the giant thing on the bottom and it almost like sticks out farther than that in the back. But it router. Pretty renowned writers in the back. So it's a form of the vote. Steel plants are steal it some that head wrapped we will work through but I don't know fisherman don't follow angriest was the other thing to others know fishermen wasn't Visio. Mr. multiple question away can you compare the teams that. Yes and bush the dad dad yeah that's I don't know why all of a Cabrera is with them available from the little boat a product it's a broad. I think it's late. He just has it giant thing I do separate I don't know that I'm catching crabs. On the full picture via an exit the car could I go. Don't you know it's a you'd never see because it's underwater you would only see it basically the boat to try doctor going over a massive weight and try to think a big deal of that breaks a new boat. And yeah. Now that's not be settled could generate two boats here comes my car on the part of I think he'll head and a the Q okay right at Bingham and yet I don't familiar to us about yeah give a little thing that sticks down on the bottom of the I just for the Kiel is happy that a horse Geraldo look. I left. Last week but if you solely to go to camp all right I'm trying to reinvent like I was at a sun fish I'm not in the league who it is from the Dennis Conner portion of the vote. Men's or multiple question what part of your body just messed up we'll part of someone else's body would you like for your own hello Riley welcome to the bedroom. You did say it or not. So my mr. body part is my Barack. I have 485. Record at four or five old discs. It's hard not to the point they're on the board there doing a tabloid in nerve Damon like I'm not totally in Malaysia like that but any ice situation. Yes. And basically they can't. Because they do you sport there Houston on these boards but they can't really make any better. They don't try to stop it from getting worse do do you go chiropractor. Yes. Helps a little bit. On video back other than any of inversion table. And I give a table or you can hang and have like an inversion daddy I don't inversion table usually making. Feel a little bit worse afterward well I don't I Keno I don't know it's hoping not. The thing like the old advertising is looking out of 78 years old. And I himself and jumps like one inch off the ground telefono beautiful roller or you can using crack everything out yourself a little related to idea Alan don't do it really did like that yeah that's about the missing you and him and he's got to get some pressure off their targets are not much into running then. Unknown are you running a lot I have to do because am I do wrestling and Eminem. What I have to do running and in other Carty stepped it. What I should MMA discipline. And discipline when ordered it started out wrestler. Look at the rest I imagine rats fleeing. In ninety Gypsies great on your back after. A big important that I won't get tabloid guy why you're out here but am I gonna stop yours all jacked up man. Yeah and can we do what would you would you want New Year's George do you like the fact those ears say leave me alone. You want to like tell like no way they are now how do you bad they're not like. Yeah this is my little boy or an eight they're visible eject it's more of like I can feel it but somebody do you look at you Kelly Callahan called clarion. I bet okay I'm lets us assigned to me is is still talk anything news. There's one universal I mean I would talk crap to Mohammed Ali before I would talk to the guys sitting beside him with health anti realizes monologue right exactly I wouldn't know there's no visible sign that someone take my bats in I'm gonna tell him good dough and I think he's in a piece of crap other than the data cauliflower are sure that no the coach Larry your tactic plants I don't know the other. And it's a warning sign right away. There are multiple question what part of your body is just messed up and we'll part of someone else's body would you like for your own you are listening to the men's grill monuments or radio networks. Now back to the men's room. Here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let live resort casino in 99.9. KI SW affects us. There are multiple graduate part of their bodies as messed up the wall part of someone else's the body would you like warrior on Mordechai I'll go to view are losing to the men's room. And hands and miles. Nine point nine. Yes you know third successful penis transplant happened in South Africa black guy who. Seventeen years ago went through a botched circumcision actually it's a ritual. Where they take a spear and to get through his manhood and then he has to go on some kind of a I guess vision quest for a few weeks at a time. And in that period of time obviously he had infections and then. He lost his Johnson altogether he found some ligament transplant doctors did successfully transplant a penis onto his body as of about two months ago. That's somebody bought certain sense to me if you try to circumcised some of the speaker. And then the next thing they do is wander off into the wilderness on our own. I think you've achieved exactly what you were looking to do otherwise you probably do it differently. And that's not bucks and a executed flawlessly and the bleeding human being you know an Avaya a couple of minutes with a spear in the Saddam into the world instantly know that would exactly the way the rest of us with think that's going to go our beds are multiple questionable part of your body is just messed up and what part of someone else's body would you like for Euro pedo Franklin welcome to the men's room. Whole. Yeah. I was wrong as dogs got guts or our human. Are there are good it's gonna work. My apartment I'm biased that I got some pretty bad pock marks firm asked me why I was grown up. And it it looks like you know burns and it's funny when I was working and there is. Back when I was younger this kid came out here is like are you get the burned on your face might well I got them for not scared guy who worked and it is I got a burned on the. There. Back with my friend so biblically out of Burma as a book Google like there's some actors and of course is actors always wait hit men for the mob tough cops but to cobble actors out there are many of the deep pock marked what. The only burn I mean yes they kind of like a sponge and are you steal scar her Ullah and Selig isn't here lending my. This. Roma row Gary. It doesn't look like burns I did say I have really bad acne enough do you still have bad acting. No it's actually it's gone now the Canadian Olympic star was did you take like I don't know the equivalent is now that some thing like tetris like clean or anything like that when you. Yeah I can work it just says it just made me life. I really sweaty and oil is. Yeah what they're saying hey I at least you know where was the biggest stick your pop debt or is located. It was not my nose and I heard you guys talk about it yet I think it was yesterday about satisfying things that are gross you know like poppies is yeah grown tired out out and you have a wild ride it was quiet. They don't like calling watermelon a dozen school day coming to this guy that was so bad. Amber and I are finally caught that and that burn it yes it was yeah. I sound like when you eat it because now I'm on our big deficit. Oh you're squeezing and you're squeezing it you squeeze. Yeah it's okay. I love and I loved them. Now is there anything you can do can they take like. I. Sandpaper to your face or the like that is all his earlier data brazen and some from the late. Page chemicals and they burn your Fave. I tell what basically your entire papers starred but it matches the rest then you're damn well wait a minute but I think pop where's the game. Yeah but. Don't let me going that the seal and putting and iron under the center was tense and when you match or are tattooing in the rose Shia areas to match the rest of this watches right I would say yes not so much of the home. While there. It it's not like him he's going to onetime thing a flight they take the first player off and then you've gone next I'm in the that take the second layer and didn't. Did you that I am are you redheaded. Now I'm in case most of the kids I don't know maybe as a western huffington's around as but the kids I didn't know that had really really bad act that was the one thing was always. A correlation and I was never Sharaud tomatoes like that little door where it is like any kid. That got a mustache for for the rest of us right in the fifth grade the dark hair care what sport ever reason whey they seem to be accused of horrible act means well. Right now why do what I want quite a good did you punishment phase of his being a policy pardon out. And are you good looking guy it did yeah instead that it does that does that do are certain women heard it whoever has anybody ever say anything do you like you know I know. You get that in another thought in the dating game just you know. Random kids asking me what happened in my faith that anything for the dating game Atlanta like how things that I let out our. Are you sure Ali I don't really feel bad for him now they're benefited daily I would look at salts are just small children they can't do that's different things all the time. That's all they do in fact. That's all they do they ask you questioned the Vietnam. Wanted to swept them but without her dating game and we would a part of someone else's body would you like to have for your own. We I'm the guy who played so our wish I had this phase. Collusion and her face broken yeah I the guys that play is a Norwegian dot com that shocked me yeah. Whereas the glee cast the little reading god. You won his face whose face would you take villas which faces. Oh. With his name's Ryan. Down Ryan Gosling. Really oh my god yet do it let's. I'm okay I'm convinced there's got right out of I don't know I've I believe the full hour. And I really do it is hard for I don't think Ryan Gosling an ugly guy I think Ryan Gosling is plain looking is anybody could possibly he. What Ryan Gosling did and I think he's genius from this and I wanna shake his hand say you triggered the sobre. Take boom rolls in the movies that big chips cry so well here's a yeah he's an ugly but if you all to toolbar. And he's not Ryan Gosling as we know him. I upper what do what do we have the second of that when they go is ugly but they wouldn't care one way or another that's exactly luck if you play the role you played a notebook. Main Denny do beetle could play that role in the surgeon I want it's all about the rules that he played what was the last movie did. La La land yeah all dancing and on this would elect a mayor in a plane looking guy nobody turned out quite well isn't that you wanna be sexy instead of playing. Play these roles of the chicks love and you're sexy if you want a lot you're very emphatic about about the way I think Eric I don't think he's old enough yet. There make a judgment I think you know that's a little bit older and see how well police overtime now. I'll take problem. Oh good call Rob Lowe records eighty veto then and she is all lining and the cleft in the G and he still looks like rob law does amaze. As our local question what part of your bodies just messed up and what part of someone else's body would you like for your own. The shenanigans continue. On the men's room radio network.