05-24-17 Seg 3 Mens Room gets a little southern

Wednesday, May 24th

Emails, Who Sucks Less, The Word has some southern insults! Plus the Shot of the Day


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This is the men's room. Well I still want everybody just messed up and what parts of someone else's body. Would you like to have for your own but the grabbed the rebels right. Yet edit on the nice thought but I think you still go Oakland right Rob Lowe I think even he's just payrolls is an old state yet. You guys who are older look so how same kind of basic look but there's something we can do look at people like stay most and you look at people problem and then you can look at pictures of from thirty years ago. And yet they look younger. But I am still combatants. That these guys sleep upside down. And mechanical into the church by the feet and suck the blood out people because. Don't like fifty some years old still committed in my mind it looked like they'd do a better ovaries could do that hamper too short a sunken blood when bird yourself because the doesn't make sense probably are doing as well. It makes perfect sense good genes good doc. Yeah but I know what those guys are super fit and work out all the time right right right I think they're so good looking they give they did a little Botox touch numbers on the I don't know we notice I don't I. He just did go to break the the probably you don't notice how much stuff is being done Greek yogurt bro you end up like Kenny Rogers. How does somebody not to. Thing you know you wake up producing a lady man and you can recognize it's a good Tammy it's like hey man. Like the last surgery that's like blaming backlash on hung over McKinney it wasn't I certainly got elect. You clearly you drink and all McNamee all right maybe shouldn't go met lashed out but. There's a lot of drinks and who's the as a Donna hello perception is that yeah. How I know she's rich and did it how has no one totally. Haney you've done about 87 surgeries to him because it's the same thing and like somebody's got power they've got all whatever they've got man I mean obviously wounded I've been doing here's why they have no real friends because the only person is gonna tell you that your real friends and their old super rich people like all eligible rich people look straight they don't have real friend. Real friends as they don't Wear leather pants and you look like in. If you don't have those type of them friends and I could went onstage tonight no pockets a couple of the podium please don't go in what was going to McDonald's that you should correct your country number. Take a look at it coming up this great if you Wear leather pants and learn about him no one no one gives the second follow you on a faux leather pants if you're wearing the pants and a dimly aware of the work. You can. Anybody that wears leather pants is not where Griffith I don't know though man whose district. Yeah but leather also man might not gonna say let's get now that's going to be a sloppy mess it is going to be swamping the inevitable global prepares it would look like she pulled something honorable publisher would smell it only synthetic genes through the drop. Intermodal questionable part of your body is just messed up on what part of someone else's body would you like for your own hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. All right. Okay. Oh aren't you know had five major surgery are all here in my shoulder treat parent an Arctic ice. What were you are covered all of these happen. It military right here on our. Own rules or was that a result of the other side happening. Don't know I want to English. And I'm absolutely ruin a doctor says you have different yet titanium hips. Don't. You can usually the same the sockets work well it's good. You have to be still my freedom from Antara. And around shoulder rulers aren't working. And jet what can't you do because of your hips again missionaries that's annual run. Are you know run. Actors are you kind of little by because you can only do one position. Ark and its parent treaty means your loans are going to go on all night about. And telegraph added. This is a premature ejaculation would be your friend and now every little bit ElBaradei had in my favor that. You only do want to remind you won't knock it out of you can't die we agree that. I think we all agree that what till a body part would you take someone else's. Probably and it. Yeah look at an ad that's always tell us what do we got it secures it. A you're eating you do whatever is because there isn't 101 the work that there may be trying to get the hip replacement surgery and beavers thought about it. Act were out muffled and my own OK our down in the. Just from the consecutive how many surgeries have happened he would take it you know meanwhile called on. Heard of ardidi you know my aunt for me yours and my warriors. Here's an interesting and I think Iraq I've found about getting hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery on the stuff. My dad used to be about 66 theory and and he had both of his knees replaced Annie had both the septuplets. And Ahmad that is vital. Rule only. Now mole yeah. I mean just like Al though they like this two of them say they measured wrong like the usual thing. Now from what anyone like doc human extra. Midnight in an all right yet can you can do that right. Answering the right right yeah I know you could only shrink by taking all out stretch nothing about the the I think he is true Johnson. And him and Europeans as well my Andrew pianist money's just into the half Anthony's side I gonna exchange. A thing that you do mean. Is that typical booby balloons that that's going to ignore inches of height to remember him being real tall I was hoping one day I would be as tall as he is but well you wanna be as tall as you can and makes the green leisure and hit like my uncle had wandered he's pretty short due to begin with I don't know if I notice that made it shorter. Yeah. They'll be guiding bench warmer and Rory quote unquote short and everyone knows. It's too late to make fun of it sort of thing you do that exaggerates acting that already they make fun of before like a mild of those got bigger you think you couldn't go. But we goto yes. I don't now nobody will every day. Yeah I know has only gotten bigger than our nose yes so my terrorist yeah they grow they grow bigger nose and ears always on guard your head and that's why some still held there. I think we cease like I say like. I did like at a sounds bad blood levels that short. Which he's probably like five force have you got now 530 I don't did you notice that much disease is kind gag order begin this is called an. A toll now at eighth if you Roger gives fans are multiple question part of your body isn't just isn't as messed up but what part of someone else's body would you like after hero doesn't move the capital that unique. That's. Hello dean welcome to the men's room. You go out on. Hey AA. Can I tell every single one of you gentlemen right now all I'm dirty being by the way. Dirty DP growth king okay great thanks our blood blood blood are. I'm calculating what are you gentlemen right now like they did have her come and gone through I've tried to call you guys. Well at least one is not a part of agreed on two week tour the last. I got our. In my old are automatic debit my brain because I got. I got hit by a car I got it by a cargo on my report our mother our. You in a car where you duster when an old daughter I don't know I don't know pedestrian good numbers vehicle. OK I look very blood Middle East or like I got hit by I did it by an 82 year old lady would drive around at Mac court and I just gay guy mail. And Shia. Pretty much I took me out why it took. I'd liberal front end out and she start driving and night doesn't it means cool but but but yeah I know it doesn't. It's it's good to Cherokee. It's cute being gay or not. A brain or how old were you when this happened. Oh what do you heard and iron and debris as far as you know function properly it wanted to well probably does you get hit console. What is the first thing you notice as far as I'm in the brain injury after the doctors can tell you this but. How do you sense that one of the things you notice it more difficult. Poll for me it was. I had to learn. Blake has one may which may or doubt me under today I did take that big part of my goal out of my. Out of my head in the net a slight double my comic and put put the school back in my stomach. I guess it does yeah I don't wanna rates low yeah on the range well and then. And then you know I mean I'm mark. I was are we're always gonna medically induced coma. Could go right through my head as well. That's the tour and you can stay on the radio. Sugar there. Now back to the. But oftentimes and in a situation you have to learn to talk again yet and walk again and obviously you can learn cuts. Clearly I guess we'll see how good good that's a that's positive for the guys reject your show is or colleagues thought. And to be fair to reduce or he's going to be interest and we know bet you know your brain injury tolls on that and then you have to go draw that. It just yet had to go and drop the great excuse. We are ready knows not to curse but it has been I had a brain injuries are. Well the thing is is that you know like if you hurt your neo whatever you know you can go to. Rehabilitation and you can try to work on strengthening it just ended you can do that. When you don't know exactly what's going on in your brain and why. Certain things are connecting analyze certain sure synapse is misfire or whatever do I mean. There's not much you can do about that other than just try to work your way through it if you can try to figure it out I would guess I mean how would you know on the should be in that position but I would think that that would be. Maybe there are mental. Gains that you could do our thinking process that you go through basically the same reason we educate kids some of them are five. You try to build on those learning blocks but doesn't work you aren't rational. Those are those kids out of five. Bird brained work fine and we're trying to fill in the gaps of Howard is what they're about to get your phone. It's really important of an assignment that's not important available literature I didn't really important about map I'm saying in the cosmic says. We do this because these are useful pools for Babel the normal brain to get through life because we have decided. That Shakespeare's and pour me and maps subordinate all went in and among themselves. Truly it'll be immunity someone survive right so education insults like what culturally. This is what we decided to do and as a human species this is I would move for set colleges we trained for specific job of not doing border anymore. Return for specific jobs and but we assume you're vulnerable point in his case. It's just not the same because the synapse is already inspiring essential work filling and information Africa's latest public book like his book it's Connelly. Some of the word backwards some Britain in this language in it it's just a different approach him. Yeah. Men's are among multiple question what part of your body is just messed up and what part of someone else's body would you like for hero. I don't know what body part budget change anybody's part. At the top one and go that used to be what technical group apparently had in the arose I can and it's just on the about. We use state without body parts stayed away it looks. And I'm proud to add ons acts that I don't work out exactly app from you we don't have the right and I don't know who's the ads for the what are the rest of because now you have to take six Bagram. OK it's your how weird it looked shirt is off I'd be sure let's break yes you certainly show guy that after it was your night. Part of Israel multiple question what part of your body is just messed double what part of someone else's body would you like for your own hang on we've got your emails on the way for the men's room at men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network. Back to the Israel. We're miles and 99 pulling nine KI SW. Still to come lower deck gives you some southern backhand speak for your arsenal there and also on the way emails from our men's or multiple questionable part of your body is just messed up and what part of someone else's body. Would you like for your own and those emails are coming up from the men's room at men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's room. Into the men's miles and drill talking nineties yeah nine JE IW. Part of through multiple question what part of your body is just messed up and what part of someone else's body would you like for your own and here come those emails in the men's room at men's or live -- job. Federal budget by laser broad drop brewers men's room original red because we think it's having an. Silver bronze medal. It's great American beer fest will not only is an award winning beer but every Demi Burgess a men's room original read you are giving back is a portion of the net proceeds benefit our three local Fisher houses amazingly you support the three local Fisher houses in that area the money raised from the beer. Takes care of the budget for the entire year for the three Fisher house as a thank you we know you have a lot of choices when you're picking up Beers and when you make in your original red beer we we know it's going to a good cups. Our guys are limping back to the man they got a new white penis. But still has like test of black testicles he should call his new and Michael Jackson he. Tempe news. I'm just in the bubbles that a chimpanzee that's actually have to body parts that are odd compared to others. The first one as my left eye drops lower while my right diet is higher up. The next would be my nails my family and my mom's side is known for our big noses to the point where every generation we are asked if we are Jewish. My mom was asked when she was going to school at Stewart middle and Lincoln high school. And Ivan essence elementary air power to have a body part of someone else I'd have to say the voice of Patrick's to order Johnny Depp. Because they're really hate mild boys but yet I find other voices amazing also I also wanna be on the radio. Or try voice acting and having their voice would definitely help me achieve that actually wouldn't. Know that the more unique your voice is look no one's hiring of the person who does the voice of Bart Simpson for a lot of now all they do. But she because they know. Or the voice of course that's right exactly in this current year at least exactly. Sometimes it's about policies your voice is on the radios he think that sort of read you what it's it is what. I mean rounds and apparently. He sounds like one thing Hannity so someone else's that's all yet closure of some thing to say you don't know more about the crisis I mean talk about the fact that you know talk about important stuff like. I would like testicles in my opinion that's very important you kind of just bring the content. And him. To let breast. Rejected by the regs resolution variants. Might trade that's exactly what it looked like it. Maybe one of those dogs. Domination. Yeah. Hello I hear and there are parts. All legitimate I'd say my hands are ridiculously huge for a girl granted I'm 511 then Nolan and plumbing a basketball's pretty neat. But people are always shocked when I outstretched my hand also if I could have anyone else's body feature I'd love to have as many freckles as my sister. On the read that for God's sake or anyone else is organized minor brown Casper. Yeah and beautiful as brown how much love that from health inspector red. Health inspector read I hope that your man as a huge dog on him because man. Your hands are so big I mean he has got to be no matter what he's got released and this is bigger than his fans probably. You know means is like he's just picking on me like he's taking a doll but sometimes EST maybe two as we you know I use 111 big hand man. Reynolds remembers it thinks that I got a call I got all the time when the crane game and I have a governor that. That whole thing faith based on the massage but I'm kind of solar and accidentally. Hole after a bad car accident I was told by the doctors have an extra bone in my neck and the person whose body part I would like is the butt of any females liberty it's up to Kardashian. About a little flat. A much more junk in the truck. Rock on that from diet. Well Diane does no I mean take a week all that diet inmate that occurred as you but when we. Root. As if textures as. Read at a. And but right guy owes more to cataract ruin my dream of being maybe sealed yes I'm sure that's the only famous. My messed up body part I got eighteen inches of intestine called out and got a no scar from my belly button to the base of my shaft. Isn't that wonderful title he says things colitis. We continue. Let's see here. And Rome and but let him to step up from nerve damage caused by a stroke when I was sixteen. On here and I'll probably take the girls paid. You can take your Russert terrorism and nobody read driver if you extreme Allison mantra miserable I've Docomo yeah. Guys can you please push my little third bucket Berea happy fourth birthday we listener show every day on the way home she loves saying no as Sherlock dollars and that cute. She also appreciate a little kid fish sandwich and a reminder that if she's good we will get her ears pierced on Sunday if she's not go. Super Xia that for a McCarron Jarrett and the least did you guys mention that she taken her to Chucky cheese or to Madonna she nobody federal we were only objective we noted she's giving your ears to hear Donald's gone to McDonnell's. A foot short said the nonstop Chucky cheese on the way did you make up and then you gonna go get ice cream after ads and I assume the earpiece your peers seems happy and Amal. To make sure you go to Richard Burt they launch their every one defending OC movie very and it would every neither your your for your big girl and all that more yeah. Amber alerts that my daughter I was in daily in Alaska at this guy's jobless get through the grind of traffic would you please wish my daughter Logan a very happy birthday over the original they sandwich in a second up cupcake. I keep the laughs coming guys that from Bridget. Oh. There's not had advertised out point nine particular Michael's friends Jacob who we are both veterans and match at a homeless shelter about five years ago. We've had each other's backs ever cents a this guy wears his heart in this Levy knows no stranger and will you be that your office back cancer and of good things about this guy. So we could please give them a little symphony of turtle sex followed by an oh dear Jesus. Thanks for all the laughs guys that from Brian about gap. Day guys the 36 can I get a happy birthday to suck it up cupcake because I love how my daughter getting copies that one. The one and only mr. miss mold them urgent acts up. You do it there Jeanette in drag it to hear from me again. A hole it's been my my best friend Parker's forty a 37 birthday. He his love of full size vans and cats makes him as unique of a friend as one can happen. Full size vans and cans. Could you please give an original they sandwich and some dirty German and Australian. Talking about riding in said van that from the sharks ice yeah. When they in the past have been at tonight's I would be. Knock knock knock in a heaven's door. Heck did its mammoth. Hot outside the top of that big band in the city that deep constraints Olson's. Reeled. Call up. All we know we needed it about blue that these embers that some are here. I mean I've been I've been okay. Yeah yeah it's OK. Hobbies and. And at night I have to pay you tell you that says. Enterprise image. Oftentimes we forget to sing that song that's very important numbers Jordan justice. I guys you perhaps you've been talking about going to check it she's weeks ago probably longer and hanging out with kids previously but I had some doubts if you creeps V eleven minus that children desperate we'll get news the answer is yes apparently it's where an adult can be a kid. Too that's right. Google phone in my world as being listened to today. Kevin take Blake. I think they work Chucky Gino they got to go and as a group. There's no I'm pretty sure that's the website it's that you have to have a number of children to go with what everyone does a group and give mindless of the Chucky cheese and we know front and yet. Though us all the rules double morihiro we have that. Congrats fellas a great to hear you guys are spending the shock Groban Rochester New York transplanted here by the navy. Dan was a huge brother we spent an hour and so WC enough that he was the morning a legend there for a number of years promotional a station we listen to his kids small world man anyway as a veteran just wanna say thanks for show helps us with the grind. X reminds of the crappy stuff and reminds me the other just BS metabolism deployment thanks guys that from chuck. I hope Marshall can reminder of deployment we hope the Medusa notes. You visualize me hunkered down in the desert surrounded by enemies. Our guys first of all congratulations I believe this will be a huge step for you in terms of hopefully gaining a bigger audience ironically enough. The way I found out about you guys is through the radio station WC in Rochester here ago. I have the apple along with KI SW act now and I promised myself never missed podcast. Saying they just are you guys know when I first heard the disclaimer there are trying to offend anyone on purpose I was a little skeptical Obama however upon not for their listening I'm happy to learn that this is truly your intent is I know I'm not a visually impaired. 25 year old man with a autism. Therefore I'm extremely happily happy that you denied intentionally affinity one particular particularly the disabled Paul we only. Basically all England on council 125 year old blind people with autism I mean thoughts and look at the draw the unit I think better angle one disclaimer the web part contract like hey if there are 25 blind and a ball to and we made fun by the ways is I'm also still proving in the darkest did you blind all right tell mom to be a big deal be put in the light. I did not think about that what what come on man I should have any now back it was like bangs bubble blah and the big stopover in the dark already how hotline and Ted the guys blow my dad sorry sorry. Sorry dude. You know how many dingle berries and stuff he misses this against the you don't tardy probably go to the world looks like you don't look like those who is publicly double putting spill on aisle seven. And he doesn't know it doesn't it's the Bible are quick question. It moved the ball to guys that that we are fraud lady comes and mocked organized. If the kid in question is visually impaired bluntly what do you say. I mean arguably the doubles fronted they console like crap problems don't kid but memorable it is amateur on the hill. It's a drive and cash. But just to a question gobble more fulfills a double the same pain Steve is experiencing and it's no joke what pain that as hurts I had it lands in drained and oh times does a country occurring it was definitely the most horrendous pain I've ever experienced. There are different theories on what the root cause is of what they called lay. Palin. A lot in total Poland idols list. I've heard some collectors and other due to war shared roots he had a single title since he got away much Stevens said. I don't sub that I should get looked so years ago at this point it's not like six or seven month cycle summer Roman in it sucks man and if you don't know it's like. It was the right at the top top of your butt crack which by the way in medical terms is your interlude you'll clapped and move on to Princeton yet so the thing grows liberty it hurts like most. Couple more real quick and and greens and and obviously late. The last on the ground were on the Eric Duma but didn't sticky but what are you gonna do I got my sister teacher at ray's back aviation high school it's a magnet high school where they teach a curriculum the focus ought focuses on the aviation industry look at. Today class are playing a game or each student had to injure their name or whatever they wanted to be identified for the segment. On that assignments into a program. To name showed up. Mike talk and the Ted Smith serve. I asked who listens to them as room in the classroom exploded how about a shot out to the students and aviation heist. What's going on they did last Saturday in the united. Silicon return you are about birds you. Men's room wants to know. Yeah John yeah blue. F five or whose Sox last if you like the men's room on FaceBook the debate is already in a way Steve you bring us three stories every week it's up to us. To determine which of these three stories in fact suck the latest if they've today we upstate lawmaker in Mississippi he's taken a little heat for saying the politicians. That support the removal of confederate bomb monuments should be and I quote. But apparently he supports separatist movements it should also be noted. This is the Mississippi lawmaker who was commenting on Louisiana decided to stay away. You're taking on endorsing homeowner in Missouri who stole all I don't know over 660000. Dollars from Medicaid. It's been most of them don't strippers gambling. Country club fees and for one of those final talking when he got busted for this diet I've been there material they said on the whenever. Yeah I used to Mosul Monday post fails I teach you went. I finally got the name of Michael baby you might recognize his name from the news that trumps budget director I he's so the people type two diabetes don't deserve. Health insurance because of the self inflicted disease and I get into more detail we'll solve our Mississippi lawmaker. There is facing a firestorm after saying the politicians who support the removal confederate monuments. They should be much for confederate monument for recently removed from New Orleans in an effort to resisting. Correct history. That's according to the city's mayor but this guy coral all over you don't think that way so he went on FaceBook ranks. And back he wrote quote if the leadership who music news began act out. Which is due in a Nazi esque fashion burn books are destroyed historical monuments of capital letters our history they should be lynched and scandal capitol luck he has since gone back to apologize to me no formal morning apologies but he's a look. My choice of words it was or Bob everything should say. They still removed him from his post called it it open yet they were likely he's still a politician but he had a high post to Missouri and listen well we're we're gonna balky back from mad because. You can think you. Which you can't say an object of oil argument with an employee. The confederacy certainly part of American history also was separatist movement yet determine which one of these countries to support to meet its version. But we can think that's what it is to be America thanks for being in our government even released boarded up. Now we go to nursing home owner in fastest which I'm. Because this is near Saint Louis fest this is a growth were to look somewhere between fester and fetus but I digress. This guy and basically. The federal court he admitted that he stole 66700000. Dollars from medicated bit overblown stripper the gambling. Pets Taylor country club fees 52 year old guy pleaded guilty in US district court to two counts of healthcare fraud. That added up to what these ball bounces like a setting out to the point that. But he investigation they can actually incarcerated guide for the general. They posted bond and you've heard our McLaren. Do you some of the money household posted bail but don't let him out gave another 153000. Dollars or close relative. Keep in mind 660. Residents had to be moved and it won't move just because he was born when he wasn't paying the bills but how long was. These people we're not getting their medication etc. etc. so be sixty people that are under his ear we're getting absolutely nothing to get in bed and that was. And Medicaid everything else ago. And finally. We have about let's see the Michael Bay and he and he was talking about type two diabetes read I was worn on the the health care and it keeps one back for the second set but. From budget director Michael blaming big moment moment. He said the people tied to diabetes don't deserve to have health insurance because they gave themselves by being the most that you Stanford University. While many classified diabetes as a bad lifestyle choice saying quote. I mean we've today Caroline persons its home page for the gets diabetes is that the same things Jimmy Kimmel did. I don't think it all my god he didn't need to do but he says the digit type two diabetes because you. Long story short you think your eating away and you even went to this you don't lose your health insurance but. It would be odd to make that statement windows and got rid of healthy meal choices for children in school zone. In game gives up after outside infantry. I think this for the music that I think gets definitely whose looks the least it's going to be the state lawmaker Mississippi under fire for saying politicians export to rule. Of confederate monuments should be lynched those are words those are terrible words are strong words but those are the result a few words is also his opinion you okay he is doing government. And and fired from his Johnny might have been stepped up a panel and a dam and a ball okay. Nursing home he affected sixty some people who are actual people the needed care it needed help and affects a large number of people. I'm gonna say yes it affected them that is for sure that that's gonna suck the second amount Al however I do I do admire the way spends money. How do I mean I can't complain about how he spends his money so they like to spend at our order revolve Medicaid outspend them since Mike Gamal Laney you're talking about the potential for someone to. Affect the large number of individuals based on his belief system based on his power to put this ball into effect. Which would it basically. Mean anybody in this country not sixty some people in nursing home the entire country so Mike molding in my mind sucks the most. State lawmaker in Mississippi the confederate guy he sucks Phillies agree I agree and I kind of got a lot of great stuff it's not shocking it is that it out loud you actually. A decade ago missed about a gun being visited. Prince and whom remember. Debate that continues then you're likely men's room on FaceBook as far as who Sox last all right we'll take a quick break him back with a little southern back can't speak speaking all of our hands on a mama spot Bachmann style we'll take a break and come back with a word right after these. The men's room he's back in 99.9. KI SW off. Love our southern mama says the article and the front handed or backhanded compliments they give her coming up. Let your heart like that was good. I must've been hungry. Word John W aren't listening to the men's room. Don't allow rockaholics. This is the men's room where miles and drilled 99.9. KI DS. Includes 2000 minutes these shots of the day is on the label first. Our job. I'm gonna go a little southern mom asleep. And at this comes our way from the fine folks at Alabama living. How by subscription ran out a couple of months ago so fortunately someone does and does this lovely article and it was written by Kelly case it. And that Kelly grew up in the south and she knows the thinly veiled insults and backhanded compliment. The team to be so common in the south as far as your mom your daughter relationship it really is a man and index at one thing rob amendment and breaks and look. When they see something like bless your heart because I thought about lake but they never say that militia who have failed them. Hall oh bless your book what to say you pathetic. So she has compiled. Twenty backhanded thinly veiled quote compliments. That you would receive directly insulting together and so focused on the muck it. Mail that is an interesting look. Right now we all use that you know quite well you'll look that interest and the interest in means. What I can't pull that offer that's the craziest thing. Did you look like an idiot in my opinion but clearly you're culpable New York. So that that's interest there's no and it's. Great interest in is always in nicely thank god it's right people like that that duties interest at an interest and we all understand what that means. I bet those shoes are comfortable. It looked like Credo of Leoville press that it. Hey I'd just love how you don't care what people think it's good that that that that that takes a special person. There's the I don't agree with you I think you're loud mouth but and but more than that. All of us have been talking about you've got to none of us like you've been it is amazing and you don't compare what people think and I think some of inspection. Another. Is that the look you were going for him to pick that when you look like dad thinly veiled comments from southern month. That's a pretty blast near vertical stripes make you look slimmer. Whole ball all my dad. Another bad ass if I mean I ace. Yeah we'll go letting you know in the living you know I think your threaten. Thank god guys don't have to deal. Mac guys that dads are not vindictive in this way here they're not trying to suddenly give you a tip on how guys are so you look stupid judge who got dame shirt. And I thought I told they were going to charge. Or whatever the deal of thought flywheel and nights restaurant rarely even arrow to the drug could change of garbage in other words another counselor mama insult. Sweetie did you tell your hair to cover the greater if you got some sun because if this the and I. Thank you home and have another whale not everyone can go to Sweden. This means you've already cooked yet this. Mentally I'm good enough against a few things that at the table up for her first wife's death that she took a bite on something I wanted to let you know and pass the great. Now that a lot about this the other day but it's too big on the do you wanna. If if if if if I didn't buy it for me I bought it for you. What are you look good in this case that they don't buy your hair looks nice what colors it's supposed to be. If if if if is that hairstyle an accident or was that intentionally. Fail wow that busy for it does wonders for your eyes. That was good I must have been under but I didn't enjoy it buy them all honey you have such a pretty face. Not everyone could pull off that sense. Okay if you're good at it it may well what you do sugar travel all the way here with a windows and Obama on the white. We don't you die. Bloody up there Sears to be ready. Men's room. It's just the way news. Our shots. Very does this and as usual we had to degrade ask Nancy to throw him to find out nortel's yes indeed today's shot right by the five vote personal Kwame tobacco. I today we chose 27 year old Kristen Tucker of saint Alvin's West Virginia. Now last month he broke into his old grandmother's house but to be fair he does did it deterred the cellphone but while he was there. It decided to watch the born on the phone while charging up the Natalie do you watch the board. He started masturbating because frankly. Who does not get turned around and round about animals belong in our anyway after completing his mission and firing of buoyant cans of street. He realized. His grandmother had security cameras and they were run soul obviously he didn't want Lola he didn't want mean law to see him actually cared so he stole the cameras and the one of his grandmother's friends found DVR. And it wants the footage and they realize that a ha ha strip him as a person broke into the house and media can wrestled the skin bees while he was there and believe my own. They call the cops interest was arrested for breaking and an op. That's held a way to discover that if I am and last person you but it'll vary responded I think your grandmother would give you the biggest pass. She called dump eyeballs a sweetie are you horny. I don't regret out care she got you doing that living room if you break it that's right router and those advocates and then. Another at your place and take a break into grandma that's yours Reynolds give the butter on the I did the blustery went for the blues and we drink this booze because we think it's yeah they got bags all the teams and down the world to party in our Tommy's. Down the hall outage on Iraq. The shenanigans continue. Radio network.