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Wednesday, May 24th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Seth Meyers and a bicyclist in need of a dump, and we wrap things up with Headlines


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This is done men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled when my nose and. Good actress doesn't alive who dead dad my profile that's gonna nine dual 642 on rock. We'll play profile this coming up ten minutes. From now on the first quick check in my car for some of the stories. And the idea of not working on had a massive mop a landslide has very dissection of the Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California. I am not surprised by now yeah. I mean just now I'm not members of the coast highway so like. Look route 66 is the scene way to do it but almost driving you wanna get Ramon said because I was constantly linked it is a gorgeous ruled beyond. What that's also why it's in the police were landslide that. We have with Annie was very athletic Big Sur have you seen the pictures now sauce off forward pictures and little is that guy is so big I was like I. You almost like getting through to build a tunnel through heard like you can you can work from I mean strategists we Shockey housing holy cat almost looked like 55. The by other Amtrak line and that's when it where where's the rock wouldn't need him to. When it for a ride it and all right we we toasted as got a little while back but he got remember Amanda Florida who wanted to show his junk food court to prove his girlfriend choke to death are. Oral sex yeah yeah asked all of the as he was found. Not guilty of murder on the right now. But yes there is yet at all the hardest frees up a solo or is that the guy. Eight is on trial for murder because he admits that it is his girlfriend choke to death which choked up in the bilateral. They all assume the rapist and drummer Mick Gilbert and he honest to god through lawyers that look. He wants Joe's dream is to the jury say in the there's no jail when you think this they would see the big man. Ask them why not you'll understand. That I did good for TV show winner show a picture of an audio and I don't know I'm now organized it he never showed it to billion to keep the money. How would she was choking break his theory she would had to be joking he would have no problem. But she laid there for hours before he called the yeah tenth. And he still. I I don't know how he can get him because it's a mate I'm thinking that I constantly doing this guy jurors looked like moved to Florida and kill anyone you want right. That seems to be the general notion that these young her family. Yeah grinder that whose conviction joked around us and our god awful what he Sais what do you say about me here at all. Today I didn't have tomorrow off we'll we'll. People I compete. But the thought of well you know as so give me. A flock of the on domino server to my kids sick. We got hot dog burrito I'll play it very well and get with the the choke you don't have. On that he rejected an hour after he does is it that that isn't enough funding the but if that it. Think it's if it's. It's pretty funny I bag currently get then it hit it right Amanda Illinois fired shots in the Arab Donovan Chucky cheese in the home. While include their celebration is thug birthday present that wrapped. And it. Beers do you need and it's refugees that happen. Oh man I just wanna go under repair what is seen and not get in which state wasn't Illinois. All you'll need about three or four Beers for a couple double staff and Illinois. 'cause the pizza as he would actually has appeared has gotten better ma'am what are my our my daughter it's the one on one of their buddies at a birthday there a year and a half ago. And I go on their bird reluctantly put and do things and won the popular beer games a Vonage did it based garbage. Thank you carry some fine micro brews and that was one thing and amenities that lost a must and will do but I did hear Bridget back in the pizza have been upgraded significantly. What are no connect. All right guys had a blast and I agreed that allows them with the kids part of like I'd agree title wanna go. Net and visited a it ought to go ahead with a birdie and don't have a kid again to remember that left. Yeah at Disney World thought. Our eyes up to 3% of Americans have financial regrets for the most common regret being a bit due to start saving for retirement early enough. Of course. The problem is they don't you all the harder it is to save money goes to the Euro was a month. Exactly and but they still say if you live within you know a 10% no matter what if you can put away 10% of your money. Whether you're making ten dollars an hour twenty dollars now are you live within those. Means you're still going to be better off than if you did not they've done so that's what they're making good save you can only save percentage in the UK percent. But Joe's mom about that America are Greg yeah. And the wind and Andrew Giuliani is Iggy yeah. It's like I don't wanna say which are doing right now and what your family members to steal exactly but I know what you're doing it's it's it's how I do madam I have heard and no way I know where you barrier money you. Chris man in Russia has proposed to to his nurse girlfriend by hiding an engagement ring in his stomach look. All our delight at all so roomy and easy at all ride in his stomach wounded stomach what's his stomach wound I don't know it's organized. Hundreds of mobile eat a whole year apparently. The UG what are responded matter. Diamonds come out of the ground that one came out of a body in that it downloads that a real one. Portland burritos job port to close amid accusations of cultural appropriation and stealing recipes. Colts appropriate buried a shot. Who don't not to Mexican who has right now commander who American ladies so what they took a trip to Mexico. The peak. And he's done to our lack of people are upset because they went this certain part of Mexico when they asked the older women how to cook good stuff. They're kind of like now when to give your secrets they were at least we looked in the windows. But it did today they just kind of got in the recipes they opened a pop up shopper like food truck. Where they need burritos and then everybody was like you stole their culture they're more I went out and someone. Mort you and I average whiskey of the borrower the last name is an O'Shea. Is that they got they improbable and when you get a shot of tequila that holds a corporal himself or. Does it matter that's why chefs go abroad to study to learn differently as techniques and annuity into Iraq to bring them back to share them with you know the guy named Carl Johnson Don Matthews deterring French yeah Eric don't be a dumb move like. Food and they go and travel to lurk just two miles. You ET bureau there and I agree it's a gyro Lott told. And finally at three year old partial paralysis has been pet has AS surprising cause. What is a surprising cause I'll tell you all that one hour and a thank you out and. Don't you right now my we do have headlines coming up one hour from now but first to lose go oh. True resists. Yes this is to throw a helmet to please everyone how profile this is playing I'd hand and I will miles it's a simple game where we sure if you re elect new story. Something that happened right here. I'm planet earth or. Earth. Or are. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people in the decisions that people make. The last few Woodard as you think makes the story the story. Hello Joseph welcome to the men's room. Know that they're going and our job I had Jose you understand how this game's played. I do fantastic here is your story we go to the time around stayed at Timothy. Or man who was given a fourteen. Million dollar bond by the county judge. Why did this happen while the guy. He continued to drive the judge's patience with Lucent also the man was standing. In court before George Philip Maxi and these are on sex charges bendable the minor. But it all went out there hasn't already this guy's not very popular but sources that the judge gave the 33 year old. A 50000 dollar bond. But upon hearing as the man stood up and told the judge to quote go out yourself before flip on him and everyone in the court the middle finger. Judge Maxi repeatedly reportedly told him to sit down read raises bond. The woods the guys that he didn't care to the day at the judge to give him a one million dollar buyout. So the judge did. Mental demand then challenged judge again during the judge to raise the bond. Ten million dollars. Sold the judge did and as little game went on until the man's bomb finally got to fourteen. Million. I doubt that's a lot. It should be noted that the suspect is also accused in the death of his girlfriend who died in March after being run over by car in her own driveway oh. So this guy this guy is not slice of society that were all dying or however. You believed guy who managed to talk his way up to fourteen million dollar bond. As opposed 50000 dollars as black white mixing or east. Copeland are more hit some. Is talking back to a judge so anybody who disrespect authority like that I would guess would be white. Because normally it normally they just gave him the fifteen million or fourteen million dollars for nothing. Other than the crime or whatever they like the longer the punishment harsher the money the heart you're gonna go it's going to be block. That would be my guest but this is in the cases that talked as lately reportedly bond if it's ninety days we're threatened violent black there right exactly his way to a excessive for a for the crime committed but in this case. Guy and obviously heinous crime kill people and all kinds of bad crash. But he still. Had the odd Saturday night and a call to talk back to the judge this was just the trial proved the sex act with a month the number dry old girl that's the difference Ronald boy yeah down man I yeah I'm not I think I'm on the day he's back on instead of one on this and Tennessee out go wider blacks but the problem is is that I think he knows he's going to jail either way. Sure you don't mean to mean that. The modified the off chance to be and we get out for a few days I mean I go to the bail Bondsman and 10% down. Maybe and global five grand fourteen million dollars like instance. 750000. Dollars Clinton. I now some reason I'm thinking black youth Tennessee to stern diamond clown just. I didn't do CW oh yeah we took a month and used it for some reason like maybe me. Some blue modified if you've hack at a talking back to the judge that judge like another millions of this right and after awhile you like to hell with it. I'll keep going and you got to give my serve a 50000 dollars and then went to a million. And then ten and then compliment when my summed instantly. Mike could probably do an auction. And I get to about having to bother to read the bill Lebanon if there between man I haired American man in order to the united out of him not to do it why aren't they million dollars bond for this idiot could have gotten for 50000 dollars I'd Jolie thing. And we both Fordham and black. Lacked final answer. Your words aren't we're gonna find out if he was black white mixing or Jewish next. With the team. Nine point nine KI ESW. Plus five that's exists to Tennessee today and a man who was and I wanna do us do the judge. As he won't dare the judge as far as what to bail would be to get him out of there today after telling the judge threw up himself and then giving him the finger in case the judge to hear what I thought. A side note the very content. The judge set bail for 2000 dollars he sedentary to make and judge him million. And Italians and make it tonight. The judge did it on the on the when the finally stopped importing and now I'm stupid judge to stop them like this can bunt. Joseph we ask you did you think that does idiot was black white mixing your agent in the end won't like newly mutated read on current. Yes miles you get wiped out when one. She had are afraid that my clothes correct I thought. I was in fact a weitzman move. Maybe 240 million dollars Otto Kerner. The EU and a two against the every once the volume and Mary are you are losing the men's room TV time the dead talent up. Now rockaholics. This is the men's room where miles and drill 99.9. KI DS. Since June headlines we're at my clock on the way the first for the all the TV news all the time it is time for TV time would deal. And now. I think life is confined to countless hours in front of a talking head in the men's room presents. Giving them a debt brought to backs ready to thousands if it shows and movies it's Olympics but any other man economy where it's been in the future of author. Or call 800 obscenity when 800. City. Let's see does ever get the just the urge that you got to. Go to the bathroom. Assure deaths ever happened Emeka in opportune times. 50% of the time. Yeah yeah normally look more on the air and realize oh man that's going to be awhile before we we can get in there that we Iran back into the bathroom course both stalls are full arrival in the movie starts. And a middle movie went about it the climax I think senator sporting event or concert that's the worst. Because I got really you know you don't mind middle school actual number one. Yeah that's awkward to me lately I've been trying to fight it before the beginning. Like even when you're just starting out and you realize that all mamet I got it approved first and there's nothing that says I visit you guard got to go to the so sexy. You have revealed to me just how great you wanted it. Though because I do I didn't then and it's like it's a bad option it's like I don't wanna say but it's like what's wrong with drugs like. I had out of propane look at my good. Oh when the money says I tried to just turned out angered me and him being the old Rosalie -- different things do you do in the man. I don't wanna do a thing like I I I look at. My cat goes and goes into the litter box right. And he does a great job of of lay in it down man and he pensions at all there's nothing hanging or anything like that but do when he comes around even like. 23 minutes later. He doesn't real swift turnaround thing gets. I can still smell his boat are you aware yeah so I'm just assuming like morning breath about the backside it's gonna take a little time from the time that you go use the bathroom just kind of right Eric candidate that whole area to the point where you know it doesn't smell still like will be even after there's a position than them government GR. Well sometimes write it just happens right you got you gotta go whoop so. Tech X. Which in here here is a bicycle straight because he's in a massive race. It looks like it somewhere in the French Alps or something like that. Basically he the middle of the race. He stops. When you've seen the when you see the footage you can watch the video by the way demand FaceBook page when you've seen the footage it'll make cents but after the race they caught up with the ominous recent. I needed to. They yeah. Had some external anymore and was enough nurses and so Leo as soon as distillers. I do they get all of that is quite know the word don't have to play like that books and look man. You use and there's the racing by raising about little merit seat you know yeah. In total cleft. Down there and eager to keep churning your legs everything about like riding a bike and haven't through about they would complete league's national has enjoyed the position of your body leaving your whole warning for your current more than a lean forward to probably venture out a few more about him just the idea being and that meant leaned over position. Yeah handle on the slot machine. That's a saint when you watch that because the that's audio of him after the race when you watch the video is just the announcers seem to different language in it is kind of like but you've got to hear any inflection talent what's going on with T deploying. I mean delight racing seeing it being comes off he's got to get under surety rips out off the right before he takes is short static. Away I think Danica well no you know he could to the last minute where he can hold us that's tighter on day did I mean you know this is not wanna have to do that and it ended up now and if somebody's scooping out the door and they had. To go re trying to dig real. Is there a fashion they stay another time training right I have three basis does it take if that group but dudes doing their race you know and marina Alex of charity like the is legit. Bright and clear right is there a few questions in a professional tennis match or something like that where our local people go and that others in competition. Has servants I'm like look. Why do I gotta I I noticed about the cork like I've I've I've got to go to the bathroom and then gone for fifteen minutes and then come back. I don't think so only because they think you have a certain amount of time. So you're disqualified I guess you lose the match. With think OK well I mean in the NFL also and umbrellas and info commercial he is not shared this kind of story. Metal thing happened but remember like in the NFL there's always one of slid seven on the field I believe it is now an but there's always one. Groups they're not on the field and designated but I would think that. Like of the ref really had to go like Heyman and at hockey league's like I'm about blow chunks on a bought man I gotta do this. I think the umpire which which Oprah the ref for a moment when you gotta go. You gotta go and and I think the alternate that there. You'll see him on the field and I'm sure we're watching it on TV be the same thing. A one tablet their Hartley will check on his condition in India conflict. We have to put our remember Reggie White who took his helmet off and sprinted toward the top Q yeah I am from want and that's a Little League game ever played the game. And actually the announcers almighty god what's wrong brother graduate and an even making comments original this is of federalism and the bad SaaS players play. Something most horribly wrong for him to leave the field and point out in its hard to figure what it is maybe it's ahead because he's running like physically you looked all right. Not by minutes past Mitchell walking on field big random space hand on the stomach while we're at guarantee some personal issues like. Did that real well that's sick. Yeah haven't approved by you know I happen to me once in practice it's considered by using that at all like Beckett today we were like turtles and Garnett. Hit a couple of patents as a payment will notice kind of part of the in the last season but there's tense now on the field and in some teams Tuesday and the cynical privacy to an eagle on their and they do look I think the other news the bath right. The road but I honey bucket on the side of the out now I think you know what I I think that ten is just hot box. Now just throw like head injuries and stuff they don't they don't what you see which really wrong peppers could be but I also think there's a bucket in the corner of yet to go a year ago. There's no way I'm of the opinion on the field I think there's five gallon bucket in there if they wanna go ago and I think there's I think that that room could be used for a lot of different reasons. Lot of different multi uses I would not be surprised Donna to London I would think that would be. Eighteen sports you can take the time to go hit the back but not if you're just got off the field also there's a there's a. I'll have to run a Palestinian man in early late. They're gonna need me like Brady might understand totally what we're gonna run quick Boy Scouts do. I'm going to ask assault on fields like our list. Hit the goddamn time and I need to back when we love you need to look at the iPad real quick here why he invented the idea it was going to do our scheme and Alison is the worst sporting group I've ever had was. Training for a boxing match. Sparring sessions on Saturday and it's like round two of our many I'm doing them to site. Right like if you its own body shots yet it's the old guy like he hit wine and and that's I just in between the route I I I can't act or. Right as I was concentrating so hard on not proving my shorts he felt like I base usually attracted. Whereas is what I got puncher he's after awhile you cover up your face but then he's just started on body shots and you got a clue. I'm not a regular on of Rivera put boxing gloves on. But it's the equivalent of Edward forty hands into it so the you can't even really untie your own gloves you have to take your mouth and you know pull string off of them because you don't have fingers you don't have the odds of trend dude got drum a short illness and sent it right you can't do anything wrapped a towel Roma he's you know that's the problem like that the Netflix usually we nutrients afraid there is velcro all there are at least be tough you could well. Did your lady I recall don't mean that like. Tenet that Pakistan punitive developed but that's easy to get off. But to win wraps do you remember your hands. And your box you're spark cited remember it took forever to hand wraps off and then I mean just dripping sweat and when one of the growth is proves. And not through government. Approves what's bad enough but yard interprets what is with these past. I hope the a couple of it's let's see sometimes you know sometimes. And that it's fair. If you're the person in charge you might call out somebody else for screwing something up along the way you know you're that you're the face of the show. And ABC Haiti on cue card guy. You're trying to kill me here but then what if you messed up the joke on your own. President's job was given. And official welcomed. It goes sorry. Present drone was when we're done. Well a Bollywood you admit there's a mistake on thank you card. Think Eli. President drug when given an a plus a special event. I forget volleys half wish. President travels given in a special welcome ceremony in Saudi Arabia this weekend where he was greeted with an honorary collar. As opposed to Michael's plan that could soon be presented with an honorary Franklin. So that was funny that a caller that Seth Meyers on a cue card guy on his own to screwed up so like harsher. If you don't cue card guy brought a smile at me and he of course he lives unit. For a home run our car cue card guy messes up constantly need to. Let's see Katy Perry's been in the news time and I know yeah I surprise don't care town about Katie paired. Of really mild on. Yeah. So like Katy Perry. You know what I'm just in different or originally Vanilla ice cream it's look I is that right she's an attractive woman and I know that Orlando Bloom. Dated her briefly relevant the picture when he was naked or whatever those are born author path yet another OK guys aren't. So Katy Perry is an attractive woman no doubt about it and yes I saw the picture of the waitress in Orlando Bloom hooked up with who got her. Hotel where it got fired a runner for being found in his hotel room with the next morning. Now and apologize now if it was good exact moment that woman were famous by any stretch of the imagination in every almost think she's absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Because she's absolutely drop dead gorgeous Katy Perry's an attractive woman I think fame helps her in her looks department. If this is the ass that he's pulling on a regular basis it looks better than the famous people he'd written so let when you put it in that perspective it's not that. The presidents emote respect Katy Perry is a beautiful woman in also hopes that she's talented and has all these things. As far as our looks are concerned. I was just kind of like all right well she's she's pretty but. There's a lot of good looking women out there Q the Ryan Gosling yeah exactly or it did nothing wrong with her but she wouldn't get an edge is a nice body and she's she's talented person but in your own she does. She just so I'm last year whatever kind of went into the you know kind of knowing he has he turned and Miley Cyrus and then right dental Miley Cyrus stopped rat. Well as ours hobby grilling on our entire staff now would you tough home on weekends I know out of bounds and Oakland. But it's funny you say that about her not being as attractive because though the last time she was on S and now meals will rap group three Davis. So she has a song and they are on it right but that it. Each. Of the stages very close and she was dance and they can attempt to look sexy and they did it did look like they cared at all now wrote a great till Katy Perry's problem hatred like 36 men those dudes like. Early twentieth also learn what the old woman Benson rat but if they. What exactly like that she probably like mcdonalds that are on board went for dead jokes about. Yeah exactly you know that's a good call right there's probably people better over the meat it's still look at me dot mcdonalds for Madonna Madonna. I. The patterns and hammer girls barrel amid big arm. Yeah. Us hacking on the MacDonald I've got to be again. Beaten me vulgar very very pack. I hear me he EE and I'm sure there's some people who don't look good you name next to Mac and sex symbol that I did as a kid. But now she's is now alt. What no not now I'm Elaine that's eighty Katy Perry is that a military's. The other thing now all but Donald was six oval for I don't front to drag but when errors casual sex and now she's. I was going to flip flop like maybe you top dog of the term but we don't know. Notable tonight is an Ericsson around Motorola. Actually. Old Nokia who. Ever good things about it. My pretty volume at the Milan. So apparently an end of the story back in office but I'm sure it's in the states might be in Japan is that there'd been an uptake. And women buying some of the older Nokia phone ones and are really updated on because you don't like right now like a flip phone and David amazing vibrating bill and are using no we didn't we are using it as a sex and that is reselling it repackaging and people are scuba don't look at the Nokia phones are cheaper than buying an actual sex toy so landlords from sixty bucks on sex toy. Yards on forty bucks on the Nokia phone same goddamn difference alike. Nokia like hell yeah and mrs. gore not aren't in the business model. Born June do. They went how much do battle great Georgia and its web and come Amanda way back BG Downey back open up that agent shot idea and an ever bigger vibrate really well and the Alan combing right. Get on me now how much demand to know just call me let it ring and asked him do you think they're just calling themselves from another pro. Are put it there broke the phone you used as a regular phone right in about as cheap as Nokia from. 1015 years ago creditors Hocking college right I can go but Don you know learn. Let the original but I'm. Also are rights that any parent but we are tracked there the issue if you like Katy Perry if you don't like this'll make you dislike her. Katy Perry it's gonna be on the new American Idol to keep talking about it's going to be tighter budget this and that that's a lot. They got Katy Perry. Sources have told TM he did she got 25 million. Well she's happy and I hope off course. Basically there to same late the late they want a giant judge on the air a big name like that of making news. Obviously Katy Perry is right her name seasonal outlook it if you wanna be a pop star. That's probably somebody you look at an Oprah the reason I don't hate Kate very adamant that they offer me 25 million dollars in the book shortly here's the ultimate truth. Yes we're talk about just the Simpson or elicits us in the justice Simpson is still relevant for some reason we don't even understand why she is a pop song she's popular everything else. Now we know she's attractive if she's talented she's talented molester. When she get an urgent visit but she's down to don't want your what are still narrative so. Who but. Between can she communicate. Is she entertained is she able to sit there and make this show entertaining and that's that's the one thing is still. You don't know that yet you know there's a reason why. Blake Shelton works on the voice children Adam Levine works on the boy they have inventories the voices that whoever the hell they have a glimpse of funny like that they they all. They'll do the things I mean that we don't give it varies not proven and Korean history. That kind of money right out of wish I never host on the voice. I don't know I know I don't try to get her back in the day I she rejected twenty million let's get a good person knowledgeable dolphin she needed it the third say like that seems like an easy home run for that if you can put my back on advertising minutes I mean and that's the long and short TMZ also seeking that they are on the verge of bringing its secrets back. What they have to pay him he was making fifteen million when it ended a year ago. Peace means as he makes fit in and out. Yeah I mean maybe there I mean like like he could do it for fifty million again be just fine it's not that it. He makes so much money right now all the abductions dolphin news don't why it will what are were faces in the morning so. He is sort of so busy is my appointment to add anything to what he's stolen base they must have to pay him crazy money. And you gotta pay him crazy money and then he had recently caliber. She's gonna lose it if he goes back. He he won't go back full time available tape for five of the time lately and the direct I think I'm bunker empty I don't think she wants him on my. Placido murmured and straight left man Lachey and Batman humans. Based on a it was you who. Don't know is bigger than who pray nothing like it if I do I'm gonna find me. A lot of authorities and we don't know the front moves are gonna have to go public services that it certainly per share their regular TV time went dead a quick break we'll come back with headlines in my Cognex. We now return to the millions. We've miles and drill off 99.9. KI DS don't you. Asked are you are losing jobs is that a zero Mike Todd day and headlines coming up the minutes. Oh I'm not signing a check on headlines here is my costs. It's Sunday it's. Here's Mike I I'm trying to and a three year old and Oregon went viral. On the Internet what are parents showed a video of her unable to stand on her own two feet. It's that it she was fussy when she was a I'll add that was approaching bedtime and I could understand what was wrong. Luckily the doctor that they went to knew exactly what was wrong and after a short examination of her head if they found it to hit last October scalp. All the condition called tick paralysis and can be fatal if left untreated however for her case this it has receded by the next day because they got to take them. To be fair if it's called tick paralysis that people shouldn't be that shocked that it takes. Cause paralysis politics or not and a mess with Mandy your lines I'm easy not yeah noted in years later you go and get diagnosed and it's just I got them at times these are good some drinking myself a view that even see that video. Of out of this of this girl that was going around now it's crazy isn't the one reshoot it opens the closet falls over. It I think there was a club that involved. But yet she was she just fallen over all the time like. Her prepared grab her by the hand trying to get her up on her own two feet there was a weakness there and he's yet so basically there's a toxin has been released would take at last on the something. I'm guessing when it that far up. Close your duty to take had been removed or it was still there and it doesn't let it out okay well that that's important for ticks and mosquitoes may and they just do no good though. I around the world didn't file the man to West Virginia was charged with burglary Jeffrey broken his grandmother's home attacked by after the shot. His explanation breaking into the window to get into the house in order to charges fun. But got bored all the fun was charged and started watching porn and master read it. There was nobody noticed that his grandmother surveillance system and now decided to go to homes that he wouldn't be she wouldn't be able to the lewd act. Complete. I just I there's nothing sexual about reminds us out. That's the only thing I mean like you have a home. And you had to go in their charger foam that could just wait a moment did you walk over like you have a phone charger in your car kind of this. Let's debate in the said that you he had the stuff from him but that house join regular shed whack at it. The job. All right a woman a Minnesota had a few bars remarking to my shed its. If there's something more of that story that the idiot grandma blocked it into it if it does she still short and just all Casagrande. The with the whole thing Asia's we have a few broken use a phone charger like all right. Then I get have the united Eaton mid day the last master patient forever quick toss it now what are your that he stole all the film and like hit it. What appear refused to pay for that it paves the way I know that's what's. Maybe it was like Gloria moment it's grin all like yeah and your master baiting and technically. No reason you quoted quotes the oldest of this did you want to see you doing it I don't call the cops anyway grandmas know at all. Yeah you're not out there who won't be moved to. All right aloha. There. A woman and his son had been charged with only use of tear gas after using it on three Wendy's employees that drive through that'll do it apparently all the woman one it was for her Fries to be fresh. And by demanding that apparently it led to an argument between her and the employees. The argument turn violent she was reaching through the drive through window which led the employee topping itself batter. And then she grabbed her base in the sprayed inside the drive through a guy you know how much a love fest food and yes I have read every fast food hack available to man. And hack. Act idea a way to get special menu like you want certain things there's a certain way of doing things without insulting anybody or without so if you want your Fries hot. Here's what you do when you order your Fries you say a lot my Fries with no salt. They'll have to make fresh Fries arise are resulted. Then when you get surprised. They could have decided solve the American applied just a little bit he's dumping all that don't drive guy you got to distract you know you got up front. Heart me wants. Yeah I don't know umpire had an employee bright light. It's fast food do you think they did everything the orderly Disney land there isn't this Fries or sit there there's still be good and you barrel for frozen in karma that gave him a taste the same. Yeah. I don't Africa thick of the cases they were the G-8 and after a moment like. Don't remain in this it and if I. Carlo at a California and cal I can't talk right now wolf the California is filing a lawsuit against the jelly belly factory. After she said that she was deceived into believing that their support beams did not have any sugar in them. They're jelly bean jelly beans not okay so relish a victim the candidate advertises itself as a supplement for cards electric lights and vitamins there it's there are reports beads. Thinking but she thought that it had less sugar than the normal actual jelly beans and in my view your stupid disease even check the ingredients and the ingredients did not have sugar listed. Oh okay. Problem hello instead they had evaporated changed used listed as an angry evaporation these changes and you also John maverick dangers and causing an energy does a unifier and I know of it's if it's like supposed to be different there's some of those waters and sports drinks a famine over the years. And they say they're good for now that it looked like car and you if you don't so the physical right. Cards are good and they will definitely tell you payments Carrera. But you know over the like even diet so like it has fewer calories. They knew that but they don't think this is good for you to get daily vitamin cricket they have hitting gummy bear form of Flintstones Tubal my shoulder and that's why tastes good but it also still has vitamins so the idea being yes you can inject vitamins in the sugar and given as a daily supplement but it goes through breakfast or bachelor's. A 61 year old woman a Long Island has been charged with the doing 350000. Dollars in damage to our work antiques and other personal property in her exes home. Damn. Damn man app might know he loves is side but that in just at a baseball bat to everything and you know you're the first suspect in the case and like if you didn't steal it you judge ruled that like oh my next yeah exactly. Barrick Colorado rip the bumper of a car trying to get the children present inside. The garlic it's delivered doughnuts in Steamboat Springs and although there when I don't it's inside people believe that the lingering scent led to the bears into the car. Yeah they're very close and it's and it's a realized that I would have my gosh. Good road program big dummy no I Sherlock and more profile this isn't even until then do you do best and for a lead the six. It's day.