Thee Podcast Episode 180

Thursday, May 25th

This week we have our best friend Lance in to talk about fightin' fires and share his awesomeness with you!

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Since these is seeking here does that mean and the fire engine out of this league and I got out of I don't fire engines like. So. Okay I think by that and that and I think of the brakes on the U that the they met in junior looks firemen through its think. Obviously destroy Al we feel under through your work on it looks podcast for. Could move stocks like the real heartbreaking thing pick axes are on the wanted as a hopeful we will lead to the pull out of commission. Hang on hang on regatta podcast that domain dot farm. Day. You are into it podcaster at this isn't just any broadcast just any pod cast couldn't do this. It's. Starting people start the starting these senseless and I'll. Fueled underwear I don't know. That was more because it is open to host this podcast podcast I'll play all. I had. W front burner buddy my good friend codes here let's see somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels if you have any of a cop out what's going on Tuesday podcast took a tumble in early trading as word spread through Buckley is intent of moving from his long time felt pound bass or path. Here's rob Rasmussen but we staff and I quote. It's pitch shares down three next entry in a quarter wolf we're still have the women took desire we'll find out at 630. Back on the we'll still get studio all that. Proudly wears tank top that everybody could take down its standing up weather obviously battled back from the proof there. And feet feet feet with a big dead paid no man I'm great I'm very excited. People might have heard our guests in the intro. See he's not GE's man you're job for this year we we talk about this before and it. Brilliantly planned you've got these are. I introduce you can't just start talking. That's not a president just because the the it's apart quickly that excited it's going to be good gap. A all right we do have a guest in studio that would like to say. He's good friend of ours he's a fireman you've heard him talk about it you've heard us talk about a week W as my name Lance let us. They Italians onkyo is a partner in other silly rules of part of so special environment in case they keep their safety there's that threat. I had to lay it is in here we're gonna talk environments stuff I think the poll story is interesting but first before we hop in their Lance. Last week we talked a little bit about. The impeachment process okay and whether an outlet. For America. Right just crawled from thing yeah a I don't know we got any emails on it and I said here in the impeachment thing out of screw this up a little bit of whatever. So Sunday. Topics he would probably take those two goodwill almost on that account and irony now and we are talking about my brother my brother never calls on Sunday. Ten minutes after Powell leaves he calls them what's up Chris. And he's like hey you know I was an EP like government teacher. You can call me for the slash live program I think if I go oh impeachment was like close it is your kind of close quickly and did you broke late impeach impeach impeach does that mean you're kicked out of office simply means that bring you up on charges. And it's voted on the senate Chris who might up that right. Get that out of the way so Lance is here. Which you live up north on a vote your firemen I wish ill of the vote well my dad when you have a vote. Lendale and Silva you live right by a lake you have a vote. Yes I just I love water skiing guide to move easily seize those in the eighth grade and learn Howland whose greater access and how earlier. Who worked out for me. Dude is somebody who obviously loves the lake you are firemen like today you're doing some swimming classes and stuff what do you think about when you meet an adult can't swim. I think K let's talk about it. Like cannot make him in there is then a due amount about I am a real good teacher and all water sports and it's all about. Have like three people in the votes at twelve. And having some time in new pressure you know being relaxed about it. I guess on the eight L I SOS ago you hit swing at our studios and I stress them down keep it just make sure like. They don't everybody honestly it's. I mean I thought I was comfortable with water but today is for day one of what a rescue. And man had a lot of ground to do so what exactly is water rescue. It's oh lake. Historical trends to ski a couple of water. Doing exercise underneath the water in moving things pulling people out submerged cars wanna yet there that's indeed three. About that one easy. If there and to better days said when I left they sit today was the warm up so whom it says about tomorrow. Was today visit today feel like a warm up. And things and I'll go ahead. It was challenging it was fun though. Was in a pool learn from political yet TDs in the pool in the mutilate America for a couple days and blues sound very adept Jones and some of the things of this hype was Doris it is owner is very very. Sunburn yes I'm very lesser than Annika is that he's an ops that lobsters just from today just today. I'll hand it's OK I have no longer are a matter of me. If it bit him tomorrow Kirk at a Prius here in the pool again tomorrow Alba Albion pool tomorrow that you. Skier you win when your doing that kind of rescue stuff. So. Usually you I mean network or just today at the training. I think he might have the opposite when you have to train in the year you'll actually be wearing. Yeah look like it there in let's say I'm driving my car crashes in the late Washington. You're on the call. Like easy just a wetsuit to drive security guy like an oxygen to help deeper you go whoa were we were we have it means we must think suits and all depends you know all sorts and a lot of things. Must thinks it's like this that's for cold weather one or two mile island. We have these listings we've seen in the water they could be dressy pretty much but it's floating in the stamp on it thinking yeah. We I don't really use those two men to Austria and that may suit. Fins and snorkel. Period hustle. It getting to get out yeah that's what they're saying. Did I at least not yet Niagara again across street was a DC our government they use a busy guy he must. And whenever one. He gave up full size candy bars his house well you know it's just gangster move right in future yeah as a little kid that's huge. And still visual. As the house that had an hour met iron there about I guess. Aaron has bass manner there's one in the neighborhood. And they have like little kids are they getting that huge unit mean and it's a grown it's a fireman right so that it grown no offense but it's a bit of a grown up child any. Thought he his house was awesome. Cut about the saves their league of some of firemen would do in all firemen are big kids yeah honey let's not giving Chris at the biggest arsenal of late. Toy guns you are seeing your life right at the plate his kids or some smoke all I was probably like eight or not but I mean. It delayed yet he'd come over play with the governor a call offs. Thank you are I think it's home abide their bags yeah. I. I kid you not that's isn't it I wouldn't fish from my dad you really can't do that stuff but he on liberal fashion is an art school. Let's cool yeah we Tony's devastation in middle guys are awesome to yet so. So he worked in DC and you brought up the the firemen the pole right to they still have him in the house. So I went they still had one and I was so scared I wouldn't jump on it. I kind of feel like disease those guys you don't mess with them you know the etiquette they're gonna try to take care continuing to fire pole there'd be uprising that. The they too get out service all of them because team firemen word there's etiquette about poll you gotta do array you know get a break. And if you were just three and you know in the middle Rem sleep jumping down these polls and following each other times injuries so they kind they candidate. And I mean the thing I can never get over I try to explain peoples like you have to see a fireman Poland person. Here's what he. You really think about that the circumference around the pole huge late exit the big league flake when you get out of that poll there's not like. It just. It looks very easy easy firemen go ahead and data more intimidating impersonate you expect that you see one guy Arianna. Yeah did you do it I you know one of my neighbors growing up as a volunteer firefighter who went in conversation. Our system should point for much more. Dude is certainly always a thing between volunteers and paid firemen. We mean. What I might. What I knew about you guys are volunteer fireman. And then Alison to a bunch of paid fireman and I can never tell a flake they no longer there was competition or the volunteer guys just I don't wanna be paid fireman or that aren't. It's kind of I mean every departments different are the combination departments over to north as we have volunteers. And our volunteers are great because they're the locals. Bettered that just wanna help out and just don't respond to calls. And so it's really nice because sometimes they get their first Lincoln do couple things swear word on her way. And they get some things set up for some kind of works out in a lot of volunteers but volunteers aren't the health and I'm no they don't do each week for our shifts to the dislike the other page your skin those who are radio. It was that the senate powerhouse you know in the respond to a station program my hands and swear less fun. You know I mean that's how I feel that of the swim from time. But that's what you get experience to you as a part paid guy for diversity department. And same kind of thing to scuttle steichen for pavement I got awesome experience and a lot of guys piecemeal sorts of things can be ready. I never question. Is the rivalry between. The firemen and cops is that GA is that just New York City who we I yeah I some growing against each other like three weeks ago who want her fired up. Firemen. Always I mean we're always competitive all you guys are the finest right. Elaborate where the bravest and make it to himself. When we see my calls or notes to to poke fun. NC use you know kind of a titans lose that. And I leave that for the more senior guys. Are back into if we get it. They cut you guys any slack. Police officers. Yeah me like you're fireman right so I give my house is on fire your runner rescue like you know they haven't not that you would cheat whose. But legislate their house on fire I gotta get it out. Where is like cops a feel give me. If there's a fireman and it does say out of maybe a bar scuffle or something but he's dealing with you on a different level he could probably be lenient or not the Indian. The little hands on the cop in the city. Yeah I mean I can really tell you that there because they have to treat everybody the affair re short break the really breaking the rules. But that I mean I would imagine the some kind of minor offenses and that they let everybody formulated what you're doing you should know better and. I mean lucky. You're really out Emmys drops than anyone cops have to deal other cops in which is it different it. Yeah I mean but if I get drunk. Begin to fight a bar. I'd be weird. He's so aggressive you. Late what happened. Mia made of iron about them and I lost the. I want now right Brazilian cities see the other guy he held up. I. I I was invited to fight a bar in have to do it night in central book and or whatever it's like I shouldn't done. But like I feel like if you're cop. If something happens let's say somebody grab your girls acts right so the fight happened late to pick a resting against different because then he loses the career to. Yeah and that's where you get be professional you know Muslim press or go to make those gonna Ayers. Let's where if a police officer gets arrested and our top. You know I don't act now I think I don't know I present is off a drunk cop ice and you know that would be asked me when I worked at a at a bar. That is despite what it has a that your religion in this scenario could. And maybe I'm not using the best out what happened example that I wrote students in my brain the dude that played two minutes from the cops stationed at two minutes or mark mark. I hope any odds are they'll pull me over clicked. Any situation out Meehan would be reasonable you know and because whenever I was doing would probably reasonable mean would you play the firefighter cargo and would you tell me your firefighter. I know absolutely that had is don't do it has don't mean to you. Yeah because that must have you tell me yeah. Drawing in fact I dare I expect the a group. A pro used to mean you'll save a cat or something. Have you received cat. Mr. have you wrote have you call optimal time to throw it real thing. We we try to be nice eagle go grab the cat though he goes tenant I don't know I can't really tell me this minute there's an idea of people called my own one. Or stop by a widget you keep my cat out of the tree. They call for all sorts of different reasons but that's why related Jack about trades for your fix any kind of problem you have. The university is still a cast Hilton entry though that's the same. Yeah this crap you pull it is tricky because it. I. I think we'll climb down when it's hungry to let I don't. I think I hit it I'd ask you guys don't just like a million. Good the owner was gaggle talked whom I mean. I Antonio these little secrets sent out you know like I'm not gonna go grab some cat that scared of in the trees and economy and so but the latter up their ability to be you know he has is that she looks like she's doing OK whatever. You know happy about it. I think it can be held syndicate from a tree kind Elliott whose tree can get him down he does and don't down. In the open and snag him a I'm an hero. What's the weirdest call you've ever gotten film and I don't think until I went on the air to Africa are with the rumors when it tells about. I I didn't I went on its call. Menem. I admit is that now I just if you land speculate. You just like the standard fire mimic jacket opinions that you don't like the old school. Right it's like red. You're gonna cost of the treatment and there's like a cop there neatly dressed and all black. Dad. Just get a deal people or. Anybody to get this thing to at a picture. Her dad does yes it's grown professional men trying to get the cat out of the so now it's blatantly calls in the neighborhood boys to play football again your garlic. There's an awful thing but I hurt my of my favorite calls the burn complain because it's late neighbors feuding. I will tell you this as long story cunanan's they'll make you wait for the came to mind that we get. And I am I don't think. We'll there's all these rules only game in years. That I thought about it. So did I get called up or rectal bleeding which is for standards. There it. Just happens you know what people have you know reached yet and irons. And who did there in the disease you very beautiful women that are plans at the door fixing new links then in there's there once in their. India I just remember him both being very calm which is not normal. And there's a guy I wanted to be is that guys. Things he's sitting down by a sin against this island in the kitchen. And that he looks pale sweaty in bed feels polls and this is crazy fast. NA he's not talking he's out detailed museum like you have chest pain that you have are attackers obviously looks like. And then there's no blood anywhere. Then the two when girlfriend tells me talent you know she's not tell them I'm an atone. Anyway they were fool around with the dual though the guy slipped in the kitchen. And. Right. He was in serious trouble though he perforated his record his Colin. In his rectum sari and that they're killed a damn near killed him began to hit him nearly killed him on my part to mean a joke that we got to us what the gag at one. And millions shot knocked. It. There's no that's first slipped into Brantley felt of the hotel and residents of chicks there yet senator. The whom what was that up here in this web part adore me that you're so naive. But I guess I'd go with the story you know until the decision in the hospital I don't care that I get into. Is still there and ha ha okay hot Italian that's over with all the time like. If there's times I'm in that situation I still want you to be there did you do your job of bricks and this is the Buick. You know about the story market doesn't it just jet fuel costs you know I don't care how you guys here we're gonna get it out. Further record yet like mad mad doc about it all the time might not specifically in a rectal bleeding situation to just if we had a ball yet any sort of dire circumstances where we as Altria science to be on the way you did and that is a good point that. We can now that we specifically talk from a Catholic dude that which drastically but again but if you forget your trouble doubts our clients is here. A couple. Obviously moments ever monthly guy. I got a joke for you guys do if you're near the top are right so those Branyan team. They have this thing you can get deprived isn't yet a head injury immediately to have Boehner. And fear drove some exactly if you're it and says. When you Simpson did you know voter apart from boxers there exactly. From the week consumer. It's my it's my first called transport them a brand union T. And so it's great time in about by a scream. But so the lead paramedic tells me pick your last two at the front desk we're a lot of you know whenever pride isn't. So who have to only need to dance in relative 1012 and spread isn't. And she straight faced in even chuckle. Oh those are in the back sweetie you've got to go fine and it's so mark can go funds and investors and around kinda the joke ha ha I. Do great he gets better keep. So there's always ER rooms which is you know people get here. In some analysts in the area and in the day and comes up and says son in I shouted them haul him like he gained their a lot of pride doesn't mean you got to go get whatever. These are they trying to tell me to show that the position both his head out you know like what's going on. You guys can. Genius who just look at it. There ripples outward man practical jokes on its UT. Ahead on this little. Call. Memorable line. I think for a lot of work your environment I think it's good. No one you gotta keep it light the data we deal with the best situations that ultimately you guys are always improvising on the fly. I think it's good keep Becky swivel. It. Keep your toes and anybody that played football there's Little League high school whatever and analysts level that's when you get hurt. True. A France is. That the I think the only that are firemen question I have I know they got rid of that years ago is there anywhere in the country stick it to run call on the back track. Man I wish those are big no and those. Is the chairman of fallen off they all these traditions from. It's it's. I heard like you know fireman's view that can drink it station have go will be years whatever to address this and they're putting for hours. Their phone down these pulls a follow up these they're just happy I hung tournament. And up for everybody else is let's say tofu about it but I mean they got rid of it but I mean I was a little Kia Felix still remember seeing them on the back. No really that's a big thing. I don't know on the East Coast I feel like they do less things like they keep their traditional lives that's a much more traditional Boston to. The love those guys have their polls you know and they keep their house like it was. The school. Have polls life. Yeah that he had to a lot of like working around cooking and stuff at the station. Yeah always did you live in there it's kind of weird everybody thinks that you know he used to watch TV yield and whatever. Insist knowledge that adults. You know from seven fives like business hours and arrest and they rushed him. Man pulls him in the between renting calls yet he's arguing and I mean. It's funny routes by Google do a little bit down time. Are expected so much like maintenance and cleaning staff and it's it's always been dailies in the season duties of sorts of things bad. DS took a big meals and staff for the ad depends on the crew race took a lot of excuse me. And we had a good system worked out but this rumor would now. It's like I was cooking all the time get groceries took in and then it when that those who pots and pans. And bad movement in my locker at the mountains lakers they owed it to next five bucks whatever is just think it's forgotten now. So we'll see what happens here that was always part of like firemen and those like everybody takes turn to the crew make deals and stuff. You have the benefit that we're seven yuppie late currently making Stew it's due to begin with currently actually can. I have a story. You tell what it's 20 man it was awful. We have this vegetarian. Stanley Cohen a home the schedule Bobble. Become it was and the critics yeah exactly. Phil's the man he's retired now A times and I want to suggest that before I. Because he's British groups. You think that exactly let's try and I'm a birth certificate. That Carly is making a mess of a meal kits and that yachts and that he for the shift her. Clearly says don't worry about it this day and I got it in sleep it's steal music and Palau where it's coming down like thirty minutes are going to be years and captain comes up and it was awful dinner bet the they showed up and ate it. Immaculate they're like that said do think currently in my name is greatest now he's at our. I don't I was an up in the midst of tearing it ways like making this concoction but it was like see the water with a bunch of vegetables that were Catholic relief thick. That means they worried because it was too soon be wasn't like they used to thicken it up with I is awful. I could hear about people chopping things bury him. Like outside of a steak and Eric anyways yeah manager chuck it Hannah. That there was an example he doesn't know he's doing it. It just giant it matched. The crowd is uneasy Matthew an hour. Had it will mean truly got split over two were together anymore she ran into in the other day he's good partners do on it solid. How did they determine who is that what station and how they Simon's counts of like well woman chief Nawaz movement you know some departments he would do shifted. We've been trying to work on the right now. On the Kennedy you know. Figure out who's working with two passion that we have promotions and all sorts of things to movement hierarchy. What standards 24 hour shift on couple days off gasoline used to work is schedule marked by Detroit whistles. Little different but now we're we were two days on 48 hours of your forties. Are. You know which a lot of people think man forties and blossoms are scheduled that your the 48 hours and your round and and can really educating them all the rage about Rem sleep in sleep patterns and all this stuff so can take some time this. It. It's and sleeping sleeping eight. Yes our Fries you. I'm forty hours a day off I'd stress situations. You can. I did I get better only because dinner and an amendment. If you look at what consume movies and you own a bit. They partner. Right I mean like every night can't be a good night's sleep event imagine that's downside Iraq called the middle and nine cents. Yes I can feel like on average around like at least three you mean some Macy's to go to bed on the average spread like that. And yet have to go to bed easy you know you just have somebody that was you know have a tough time muse did all this awesome amazing stuff. And you know go to bed after that you know know it's late minutes 3 hours those 7 o'clock or whatever I'm excited to get out where to tell somebody about it. How have you got jacked. Here that's gonna notice that is growing and where sometimes you just yours dead asleep and you went from zero to a hundred miles an hour. Yeah and uses I'm awake now. What's hard getting. Waking up for the call are going back to sleep. Bill back to sleep hands down right now I think the adrenalin don't discount happens when you when call them. Yes I was told if you get them that he canceled so there'd there'd bonus if you canceled. About supervision of some free event. Can't get tired out here October and a little bit. I think and a buddy it. It's educate me on some noise when he's being you know he was in basin lake legally the loudly with a loud motorcycle goes by. Here's sit and rushed. You think about it that no he's so outrage. That it spike sheer adrenaline. Then you don't use it if you just sitting there and you heard. Eighth minute I think it turns into estrogen. Usually is when year blood was like that he's just pop down and pump out put Obama thought to getting it done. And he said between five. I don't ever I do not we went says it. Thanks Tony very quickly didn't we it's in the genes that were mated mistake. Through like oh man that's pushups. And they're like how many in my community groups that point five and the (%expletive) this rescues were thing they do groups of thirty. Who have. How the thirty mile is doing okay. That's tough when you've been don't want a final time you know with IMAX shows frying in a little bit it's okay Bieber it. I used to doing your thing. By the end not quite as much of a central Wallace's been missed a kind of Bittermann Xperia. 145 and it's pretty pretty good number. But he got kind of backed up squat a little bit. Because I wanted to do you like more. Have you I work with him. So good manager getting them in front built. Jack from dad did. When I the fire alarm went off. As like 4 in the morning. And so we ought to like evacuate down of the lobby. And there's a 4 o'clock hour and it is that they're nothing to do. That the fire alarm went off there's as a false alarm but the elevators browser has some thoughts I agree stuck and obviously. By ID 25 beaches hours that is thanks argument between five watts and puts a satellite to a persistent. That's kind of by the window and migs locked up in his grip and he'd do and mind your business and he's Yemen in the Earth's privacy and I must studio but I do a lot of the. But that he just studies he was like he does yeah right I show to work matches in the winter don't push pepper didn't include mourns Steve. You Devlin a slacker not happy and it was a false alarm as I think you've actually answer it and that they sneezed it. Yeah sometimes the goods and it's weird you know some calls keep you for something and in other causing go back to bed and incidentally I'm tired you're. Yeah is is. Like some known some firemen and stuff like. Is the ultimate as bad as it's down to open there's nobody in there but is the ultimate just going to a huge fire. I mean yeah. I mean I I hate it when they here firemen say you know I'd. I'm open for some kind of call whatever because they're training and so much in the way you know they wanna do well. By you have a fire that nobody's in there. And we can really go in there and do what we do and kick you in the mouth and save all their property yet that's awesome. You know that's the ticket. That's a weird thing I can say I mean that's what you train for in your your drill all the time. Mean do you isn't like backtracked yet as racism hoses up up the stairs stuff when we Joba mania we race I mean you reuniting. Ted do it smooth but I mean yeah we're always hustle and you always wanna go fast that's like me fire hydrant twenty seconds with a gate valve to wire to my engine. I like to throw that in in Iowa Rick these other two mile go reacting du 262 with enough room on the Bebo. I from nineteen sovereign does count that's right out in social and as yours doesn't count every had a needs gave out. You saw him believe at some hydrates don't I would hope not I would I would probably rookie guys I don't know didn't read the book and based tool that opens the Baraka just giant wrench as tiger rents I don't wanna let that get to the fact that it. Really yeah Teradata pitch it back this week I got (%expletive) adds as an old school way of thrift store in my suite. He is Jim Rome. You were caught anybody illegally opened fire. Of course done. And they figured if you got have been written down on the OJ didn't turn them they're vulnerable lankans don't have a little blurb about it with. I think people. He said he said you pat won my first thought was a picture with a line and the like we throw it I could empire pictured party he. See you know that's like the classic New York street scene in the summer right yeah ever seen and Seattle did DC. Yeah that's a mass firefighters like some neighbor described cranks and open that's I'm not sure. What do you have to have that exact ranchers are way with a you can do podium bound president thrift store. Yeah I'm not making them get it from a fire stations have their out at thrift stores across or instance muscle needed some I feel like death. Classic scene is just people doing it. I like the firefighters combined pompano fort. Does it again when he called again elect a Val what you an open net and then my clothes and backers electric cap it almost looks like it's a little cap. It goes on that yes he had pristine report inning a two ports out most important the steel imports mean. Supply. And yes of over the head and sits there is this like beveled. I think that seals the main. And Sonia cranking that you've taken this in your line wired or come into the heightened. It's. Now the Tulsa. Every time I see a hydrant and running it strikingly. He back in the vehemently neighborhood as the construction zone and they're really tubes in late for some reason they had a hydrant running. As servicing and so cool. So much water coming on as a cool what MAS at the end of the opposite of like be in a cool fire hydrant that famous street. Was that the house like Europe and right and it's deep and traveling. It's our time to get hot and it was concrete. And obviously that moves. On the driveway it intently on the track like this and I'll give us. Played in the water he would do we get there but it water sports they are credit I think that we don't Holler memoirs he PG county threat either baby steps. They realized it like that have like this queen like they're really cheap plastic land that out and make made about a slip and slide on. You know time I'll like the ones written stuff excellent view of those emails on yet and he kind of put him a couple of hills do you could need as blue TARP. I know they don't slide as well. Our Mike Gallagher miscreants like thinner and cheaper. And to and you may sell and roll scene you can go like you know along wreck ten overs like the blue TARP economist square whatever. It yeah constantly invited to name prior series you know I mean you know stuff for how he yamana bring back some Barrett credible so the whole deal sweep this longhorn. I didn't know partner with of this whole thing this queen yes just really thin plastic you see it. It almost looks like pain or plastic we've seen that stuff. You know these entertainers like a plastic or windows OAS calacanis posse is slightly thicker than that solar car went when years burst out. Yeah I apple started who. That's because that's the stuff. All right what else that I have on here. The Carter shorts pants thing I'll just say a mighty voice now is invalid as I am wearing cargo shorts and her backpack packed put that out there Matalin here on the team. That the weather has been awesome in Seattle. I will say this today another Seattle person gone it's been tough couple days yeah Chris Carrino died last week in and out Cortez Kennedy died this morning. Multnomah. Simon yeah. I like your kit. Look at the patent. Fire hydrant burning. I'm thank you time sector from my talents and we hours the operators don't have. Everything was gone so right man who went the wrong they have some topics that objective timely. Like 34 minutes and. Why don't like in this do we know quicker which no comment I. LeBron James right yes. I'm not trying to be one of those people but he's he's the best basketball player player whoa. Dug in Europe I love Kevin Durant tell us that Currie. I don't think LeBron James the MVP this year because I don't know he put up those numbers during the year but when he wants to take over game does the cavs beat the crap. Out of the Celtics in the first two games of the series that they get home LeBron plays an eight. They lose the game three the one good shot at the end TO. Right that's crazy so I agree that it's ridiculous the Cleveland now lost that game but I'm also listening to economic Cleveland's only have five games the better lose again. It is to the Celtics. But I don't know any solace at the end of the game LeBron got into it with a Caspian. Is the Caspian was like giving him a hard time he left the court. Pass like. They see you're still up to one. Big you'd never had a title to the year before we brought you back from the brink of destruction right there. And it's like I guess obviously is that the point brat with fans leave because he had one bad game in the playoffs like that I felt all right to chew on how. You know John Wooden talked a lot about this but I mean basically like fans always want more and so he was saying it's like when he started winning championships UCLA. But before you ever won one like when they got to the playoffs everybody loved them. And then when they got to the finals everybody loves them and when they won a national championship everybody loved him. The next they lost national championship. Everyone hated him. Her maxim they won one again narrowness back on the side of cities like no matter what I'd like to end your career you've got to win one and then just. Hang up the head of the series because you'll turn on you like that. What pressure there's a lot of pressure yeah I just couldn't get over night. I don't know maybe. In the dude the did an example you bring up his job more in the wizard of west right the greatest basketball coach of all time college. Morgan wooten of course agrees I eskolaste. And they are friends it's time he's been coached to map of land to map higher order thinking that it didn't expect it if they guess who who smile not go stacks just expects that. But if you're like this place that used to Winnie. Again that but like you're Cleveland. Wait you haven't won anything LeBron just got to that championship point you're already doing that perished and entitled. Dallara cook went I mean yeah. Back think LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers spirit is the biggest issue that guy's life if he's behaving that way Craig call. I now and I agree with it hit DC and that when you seem ridiculous to flag I'm all for use in sports tell like a staple bit then and take your mind off things but like. You know and if you're react drag that to this what the have no control over and weren't good enough to to put yourself in a position to help a professional team do something about them like. You know if you're if you're brave weren't injured targets fact LeBron James aka the other stuff out about your iPad a duo and wager. Authorities said don't. I don't know an idea and I'm not positive but look out even against. You being at a sports gaming given an athlete a hard time I just find it. Crazy to me that he's a Cleveland Spain Italy. You dominated the first two games he had a bad day with Alec Jordan dropped forty points in every playoff game he played it. Right to it like. Went like that does not ever have an off day whose job you know. And you met your right that is it obvious that deeper thing I just worry now with fans and we're so used to everything on our phone happening so quick. And a slight wind is just a regular Cleveland fans misses the point we've got. Programming if you lost that Syria that short attention span I don't I do say it's series in he disappears like you know and he's the starter team. But I don't know Alex Ovechkin in game sentenced her her like how could a Mac game. Kind of Kuroda more beat them he famously took it's great being the re air at like LeBron beat the late. And Cleveland was nothing before the impact that any just had a bad night lake uranium lake. Look at the bulk of Britain's career especially the last couple years we get to Miami lake. Statistically you should feel safe don't want you to have a monster game when he comes up the next one. Yeah. Have witnessed that. In effect got rattled us confidence. The brown never be the same again. Now I think the promises that hit that night yeah been there is a reporter that asked of just Qaeda. And sometimes I get athletes after the game to the reporter didn't say it maliciously he just got us tonight was their defense was just an off nightly look gonna happen tonight. LeBron is like I now you listen to ask questions and we lose games per ha ha ha ha like yeah I think that day anyway anymore pissed themselves right. You don't you just simply don't get to that level about how they might as very intense. Work ethic and drive to improve and so yes you know he'd he beats himself up more than any manner and yet it's also doesn't play big time college coaches. You know and it's like I'm like god. Can you believe this happened that guy that dire he didn't spend much time this family actually fashion to college coaches especially in the NFL. It's like. Psyche you can't look at the job and NFL coach as it thinks he. There's a lot of home or work life balance yeah I mean the one exception I will say is that. So most coaches look like just sweaty hands hike but I don't know I. Out of shape and just like their hated unite their opponent but I don't work and now folks and the sounds a lot. Town of youth Pete Carroll military summer of last out there and apparently you know he's got Hamilton. Who knows what he does I mean yeah primary sends sometimes they're about to sap PI he's got. Got a better math and figured out that's in the other coaches her dislike the clothes that Eagles coach Andy India re read gal like you here he just looks like Maine. I physically you are trained. For the most part though the NFL coaches now like that is the old school linemen it's like to beat. The big cute like I think those coaches are kind of gone I think it's more. Pete Carroll's are the Steelers coach Mike Mike fatherland that you must listen to linemen do but he is like young and energetic. Yet he is at the beach yes crazy they dude yeah I think there's more those troops are missing link to leave the one that always stood out was. The coach at Ohio State. Reverend Mark Russell Urban Meyer. Server and I remember he won a couple of national titles in Florida whatever and I think they had a year really didn't make the national championship something. If he had a heart attack yet tired rapped yes scare right. And then he took a couple of years often and he was just honest about it previously looked like I love my family in my. It was love me religiously keys that my wife is what you need to spend some time. You say those careers like when you look at pro athletes are gonna say it like it's nothing against those men or women do it even if you look at a woman professional athlete village. It's so much time. And then analyze singular focus. Is such a thing you know. Maria can some major toy on the other areas of life yet but that's why it's cool to go to see some of those guys when they are women when we get done playing. And it was like live a life and love it now. Says there's always overtime overtime our shifts to be worked in those little guys tell me saying he got better things to do to be then be at work. It sometimes people forget that's think. Yeah well it's a tough thing to write because a main part of why you're working is to provide fear. True that I don't think. Yeah I don't think if you. You know yeah you're not the air as your work and Ellen it's a terrible thing you there. You know lake but direct it's got to be some line or some balance sheet yet heard from that balance sometimes yeah. Well again like a pro athletes here and he traveled around pretty much on what you think Matt hit it. Yeah peasants are straws. Because he's our shots are good. I'm gonna wait for a second. It was that you're darned gigabyte you were back participant until you guys noticed is that not every time you take a bite and word ID something we call you out there but badly at all three of us that you eat doughnuts that's one thing off. I forwarded emails plants. He repented donut you favorite donut store manager in due to hear you I mean Alec dinners donuts. All of north and got gore. Well I grew up on Henry don't any donuts I guess on Broadway and Everett the other woman marries the opener went back to in Marysville. Near broke Lou Lou and that's into place and Islip and it's they don't have the name but it's not managed donuts is that the same as the proudly place their Asian ladies working. Yeah all right hustling on more doughnuts. The one on Broadway. Men they're they're the best they're so Guinness on me more doughnuts I don't doesn't amount to that leave at like nine every time. Gave him by a dozen men to share with friends. Yet first and what was with Cobb mats and in at the F bragging point like last year like that report Christmas. I went up to look at Christmas lights and ten Brett. So intent had to work the next days that she dropped me off off of your drive due to the US stop it doughnuts am. You don't mess is go just to scale what's gonna dump don't know. But what it feels great detail yet out of my stuff in there. Crack man and Soviet Union Latin. I literally is Julie field. As my fair and I bet they believe they're class copper firefighter died. It is the best I actually like the old fashioned to. Yeah yeah we're missing cobra interview and so Sony brings a dozen donuts. In coming over calls or whoever in this day each day is his favorite doughnuts the old fashioned he's such as we areas like a seal fashion but he. Do you what you guys fixed your typical food is like cops it's always like doughnuts and stuff but like. Finally feeling meeting on standards have acting like policy errors that did you what you guys around and giant things upon Austin deaths per hour. Low and the reason I'm cut out for dinners too is that my shift its taco night every the next time and I mean you mean you do about it. Little while we will do for dean and Chicago's Ian. Mean every time you work every other irons compromises the these dead they're just young dudes that at all and are make I think so great to branch out every guy get excited elect a man that I make in my time. Sometimes it can. Ha ha. Fizzled seeker Finley recipe for a a weekend off a lot of our Erica I got to leave health you have got a couple of them. My phone must cooperate. I guess. Longtime mile email there first time listener. Packed. As if it's on to say hi and thanks to the pod makes traveling for a more enjoyable you when you go political still entertaining. It's hard to avoid with what's going on in the world that I. I'm worried about raising my kids in this mass but I was wondering what's this summer season and store for you fellows haven't started tells. Go to Hawaii a month both month today he should go snorkeling trial where these new yoga hike in. Before he spent. You know deputy grass coming up in June 24. Of either and then I'll boot nice. And then you know melt down the in August split and a June Angel Elise party played most of June and look at. It into the U place Sheila from science. How Morgan it is barbecue on for sure I got a couple to bash the priorities then couple weddings conducting what a champion in June it's going to be fun. And then my best female friends get married in July so hit that up. Started and then meltdown you know and seek periscope to sell our own seaside Oregon it is found out there and no school. Downey is as nice and yeah. The sweet little town. Beaches are so. Street down or the coast. A seamless listening to him in the coach. Com what are you currently reading. Reading. Start with why. Book like epic TS whatever his like sort of liked Tomei as are his original writings she pretty dense that scared and but the housing them that they're about. The hard thing about hard things. Not my favorite book but anyway. Give a weird Neil AKA the gray one AKA the gentle giant AKA. The king of the doubt about it. Nice meal a love AK which Denny case. But you don't think Clinton I wish I was chosen the looking we think grand they anniversary as they got some Miller's nicknames to. Firemen and that nicknames. And if you tell me you know like your nickname no man's decision. Her are there Reeves got in the Sony Miller's and so become a forensic from mills. And it's too and he was cool nickname I and and then I got a huge routed to replace the greenhouse and as some of those boys knew those guys. Kyle Howard I don't know where they're like what's go on mills treadmills in my helmet. Half. Just now signed him but I was just an ERR and with feather wings answered yeah but I winter plants are Lansing told. Sounds advancing. Mr. Lansing ten guys those fund political cast and try to stay as informed as possible by an awful lot of time do that. I helped some by family of taxes this year and it was insanely complicated. And thousand extra Foreman sound like it was meant for people who recently got married or divorced this is not the case. Missed terribly complicated take a simpler symbol. Simpler system would be nice with things like that. Yeah I agree he should need a lawyer urgently attacks. In our town. To denounce her all right the only time I eat members on my seven year old daughter doesn't finish hers I'm visitors to finish. For my daughter can't say that I've ever had the preferred Dole Food might as commendable things like that. Slight tinge of from this my friends more query or give a hard time regularly give me a hard time for being young walked up to those can be struck things. Can throw things in his own tennis. I guess that's. Stroll our team and he trusts. Not those are nearby like this arkansas' upcoming. Maybe. Now I think you know candy straws mean like you could sit witness soda through. Or is she talking about. The you know the pixie sticks. So many options. All the time consistent. Several figured out with some context here yet. She said came out Friday as saying she Mickelson to Congo are my active in the. With a lot of billboard overtime or Japan but weren't on a billboard. THC is alcohol with a picture of a point to be alcohol part of the chemical or somebody else Smart man down the same time. In my work there's a white board to gets questions like top topic put on every few days it's very neat and I enjoy answering but it asked Nicholson told. TH CE has alcoholic. For some here have it. My first job was I heard he's never in Wilbert place Hermes purse from democratic view addicts they like expanded way too fast movement of the Mac yet they did. I ordered those characters are all ever and I kids in we made this think of her but does does the big robot we break up to the billboard has said the flight two weeks for them. But I thought. Arafat is covered in the aluminum foil because they realize that. You guys see SNL last week. I didn't you know so the rock of farmland and one of the skits it's later in the show over the weird guitar. And it's like the most evil invention. Hate so it's like. Kind of like near the lake evil people that have made Jeffries can freeze this off trees that now. And the rock comes out and it shuffles over he's got a robot. It's like the standard like box for the senator it's over just got to be as weird arms kind of moved around. Easily from my most evil invention amid a robot. That molest children. Q&A third hole handball player or let you know it's truly an athletic. Wait a minute he said to make something evil. I don't think it's pretty tall. Probably uttered at the right I thought the city was later in the show. Even you people think grass and learn quicker. With. It was done very well. Guys. Hello Ted com map. I really enjoyed last week's cast let's just say that rather listen you guys talk about the president of the United States than anyone else I'd just like politics. There's also bummed about the sudden death of Chris Cornell was the biggest fan but I do enjoy some of their material five big favor assigned a B seasons from the single soundtrack oh man has looked so beautiful soft. I gets the idea slave at the arena never back in 2005 freed because of pizza. For the showed deejay known name and Jennifer white who were on the morning show at the end per hour during an appearance at the bar on the corner near the arena. Based phase my free personal pan pizza and we got every day for during action to Pizza Hut he gave it her hat and in return got Gaddis of tickets was an awesome show. Even brought out the actual spoon man to do spoon man. Pat see you on a third of the show box for the win a pinch. Oh yes you will a bite you'll water. All right later Stevie to Pakistan. All right Natalie SE there's Steve school as an iPhone on. I'd give away tickets repeats a now 100%. That's an exit answer. The pizza. Man out if it. I went and is. My time offered Iran a hundred there episodes ago now and just like. Our idea is to feel like it's shameful to go to Google like lock up pizza window pizza rear Nazi now that part yet you know slices. Well owner and again these career got the U district arguably so every every college has like their cheap. It's very deftly me because pizza right. Every college like for us it was pizza etc. But Rick causey to meet you just knew you had one of those nights they delivered to four. Yes it generally IQ if IC summit has petered out the boxes he's you know but he was staying up late. Yeah and they deliver like apparently angered swath of the city of much but larger range than any other respectful pizza joint. So what are saying it so I went to get a couple slices on Sunday my cheat day. And of course they only had like three last north type I want a bit sinners like sweating in the heat lamp thing you know. And I got them but I was wondering like. Is it. Is it no law and visit. I no longer respectable to go by from the pizzeria or got to announce that need their party line when partly out she citywide also despise it's. Yeah it citywide now. And all visit do you believe there's two that I can the two closest to my house posters I don't know rusty lautner I just three closest mask I'm Don checked. And of Capitol Hill and down one by your place. Yeah it's been awhile since I went through one vote and they haven't been out there have been a couple of underwent an attack got you for slides that are produced Clijsters at the do you mean. It depends on the store yeah some of them are just literally you're really when you're really in the mood for its flights apparently got to go out there and it data flight these kind of kind of lose it'll you at the delivery center. It was it was kind of Fred Meyer on 85 I think bag in my Greenwood. Yeah. The right right location about. And yes so. You throw it. No hell no. I was just. And that and their life as a man I'm really. Just answering her well placed that Stiller has has taught those is sick man. A lot apparently are slight attack idiotic don't. Don't try I respect that you're like looking out for me you know just be active in a fear you know there's here's an alt option it's not like. OR Mears sliced his location is over and wherever. On the yeah I was pretty. Pretty devastated so. Nor just like I don't want tackles got and I would definitely man sometimes even though like you rightly Kelly actually made it better delight that's for you where they had through pizza pizza. Every every cheap deals like rubio and a sometimes just to put Pete in to put Pete today. True. And what he's gonna target but it pizza and it. The three of us had some probably the worst seats that are at eight yeah I don't could be in this case is rife that feeds as well I mean what how impedes the brits were there in town three. There's three and there's at least three Nazareth ocean shores is three places and they just start closing like. That calls as I dropping like flies offer up and no one net everyone in town center not to go to your room talked about it for. Hours Rory actually did it gad like two hours before a primary movements of people who have anyway everyone in town warned us against this place ultimately we had to order from there have no repeats and pretty gross who. Yeah it right. I've become such a pat grassy snobs living right next story. And it was the worst Tom odd the emperor of OJ was expensive and growth of the economy and I wanna the other bring out it was the tourist Pete say it doesn't rain next about a hotels. Did Pallet out she'd note their DT yeah but that I've ever thought about it and rightly when I first moved here and lived happily hills they delivered. And then like I said the people who didn't live in the city mayor. Yeah I mean honestly to this day. East Coast West Coast I was still take Elliott she's right here. Yeah it's so that I had I was watching. And rises on sports this weekend and our crew is and here and it tells us a lot vote and but it Domino's commercial came on Ali our p.s are Domino's does it the tracker is Barack Obama contractors so cool that's like two dollars as it. We may know I don't mark I want pat got she's the expert thanks for the tip Domino's there's two point me in the right direction to it. To your fancy technology and off pilots and some grade a apparently got a there's type chemistry that there's time and place because there's sometimes I want Domino's Pizza there's another month tally up and we dominoes like two weeks ago yeah. This announcement that fancy dean as a from Capitol Hill I hear it you're saying it I agree in this felt like. This was the first time it happened like this where it felt like. All I want Domino's laid out is in a Domino's moot but the thought of like. Duke had actually protester for house. Would you do do they tell allows like yeah I'd. A lot times like that feel like American pizza like that. Domino's Pizza Hut style as like its own our performance beautiful. But on behalf for some reason seeing dominos may do want pad rats he witches I. Why you guys have really really grown on me because all of dominos to. They won your pizza dollar and fifty so worn out there it is pizza war but I figure pizza. Yeah. Bomb and well usually loses about my weekend's bomb blew it. Big thing happened last week with the Chris Cornell thinkers. I was on the air when that news came came out. On line it was just like. Hands down the craziest night marry your career right. Insanity this ya I'll Chris Cornell medical time cynical times amazing and soul. Cody from the end texted me as I did to Chris Cornell like puts no way. And then back I hop on line tonight Google it and then. And it you know it's icon out of the AP and stuff like widgets sources and I'd check a Google the representative that they quoted him I went to his website said Chris Cornell on client list now's site. Well that for real and then I realized that on the air in Seattle with that news. And yeah I always is pretty pretty overwhelming and then shine light. Get a hold a counselor. Heard Eric lover and parent her annual Clinton to be like yo it's of Plavix Chris Cornell and I. Nine minutes for more in those midnight is like twelve and clubs apparently I was like so it was like the first hour might show. No kids via the and it ran a test for Christmas oh yeah I tested her before one of the in my day. Yes though. I was what I found out and then like my whole show I've retirement talk that did tell people about it and side just keep claymore sound and audio say Chris Cornell whatever. On Temple of the Dog and but you know like so the emotion of that the professional responsibility. Of like having ago informed the city of Seattle Chris Cornell just I was like super intense an overwhelming on top of that it's just would have been nice. If Cassel some wanna ask her follow tiger react OK at least I have the like official green light through it to be play you know going the way off the playlist. But they obviously are cool with that negated the right thing by. Yeah that was just a real man really really awful awful situation but now is. That was definitely like the biggest thing happen to me in the last week it was just. In our early on but you know. Death always has an instant effect January it's like wow. All right cool my time's come into at some point I better make the most and you know it's. Like that that feeling it's so overwhelming. Daylight. The sadness doesn't really break he hit me in the same way because relative to that like. That feeling is if we every Dell debt I've dealt with. That feeling his outweighed the sad itself on. BI is it was just wild bit Emerson says. A pretty good week because. I have that that renewed spirit of like oh damn I gotta make this count this is not one shots though. You know I had had a real good weekend Friday as we celebrate its birthday and our friend Jamie's birth they've got a belt town. So went down there hung out there but he had a great time. Had agreed time yeah yeah does that it doesn't cool day. And but a lot of great friends and you know it is. It was cool to see everyone on and then that night. Outshine Seattle has Seattle's. But they're premieres sound garden tribute BM is already scheduled to play at a high dive rep on a house in Fremont before. Chris Doyle died so obviously act that became while I'd I gotta go be there and and Butte then you know as a bunch people ought. Some in reference to the scene are there are being so yeah it was cool cool send often contribute and get good sense of community news. Really good for me. And had a great time. And then. Jon went apartment buddy John musings and ten miles Leyden has the coolest voice. I've ever heard it just got up there and saying outshine it sound garden it was like. One of them and I was watching him freak out about having to do it. We've got to it and then he got up onstage just crushed its super cool high and then we hung out at my house like 4 in the morning. Took him home and in the next day. Super super crazy that night I saw rain stone Bob Covert game and he's really cool guy like him. And says we'll talk and and his girlfriend for a minute and then Saturday. A woke up it's also an am like cool on ago. Down to royal grinder in Fremont and the best images and city check out. And you know give it gets daylight to read this book I'm reading. In the sunshine you know it's like been teaching about meditations and spirituality and stuff and on the way there I was like thinking about rain like cute. Now Soviets in any such a and in tune guy always liked. Going on about consciousness and existential isn't as they all is not really really deep conversations with economic. They he'd like this book on how often he meditating on. And not even three minutes later on in the crosswalk. And there's rain Stoner in front of me I don't bring peak right now and it's there was we got to hang out for a couple hours. He's out in July and then he's going to at the ballroom Purdue again it's nice pizza so he hung out royal grinder line A we are in outside and then. Walked down the ballroom dissembling. A real cool afternoon and then. But I thought it's got hung out my room brought the AC into the room on its own eyes I slept so. Yesterday Monday. During the day I it is the first or sleep schedule with BAC and you know. The arrest that house run at top story like I'm on the top floor of the stock top story. It is series you open the door it's like sweat box pick to go back out but it ma'am are room. 66 so did I'm on the other end. Out of its filters in minor something you might have a mess with the hoses and it did all the water out. But it's not cooling down low in my place faces west rates on the sixth floor. Like last night you just oil. I don't know it's I've had a terrible sleep and to unite that's like today. Got a little chilly out there I'm pretty excited for tonight. Yeah its open windows open Chilean air Lance and IB stand immense place them. I've been broke and I. The that was cool man I I had I've been sleeping on top my covers the last couple weeks yeah as didn't get pretty wander in the days and there. And so like yeah Monday yesterday exotic. Slept under the covers their thanks you and just woke up feeling so yeah like before my alarm went off and just like ready to opt out of bed and and to start. Tackle and Monday in the is it super cool air conditioners awesome gets them now before the places are sold out here. You think about it. And then Alex what's our plan out. So it's that we can't. Andy out. The pizza. In mails maybe on dinner. Oh before. I don't write that okay custody. Sushi bar that I got to ask them love to go all the kids analog as a whole obviously we didn't did not. Not the first time that the author and a week and I'd slip through the cracks when the intro hit BS. Before that awesome belt on that Friday I went over to Ted's house. And vote to split the Noah went down to sushi bar tries some Korean street food that was really good. Booted key and she's really did. And the chicken wings play. That beef and that beat its moments those tumors like that's what's stuck with me. On and the date rapist Sperry. Get out of here that's the Korean food so it'd. Definitely. And a salon cleans through these days you're an ex trove. Now on Capitol Hill this like Korean barbecue your article tower stuff and throw Trammell crow aren't. Cast and time I got mashup you're Chilean sesame too. But I'll place the move announces her her back to Korea placed a kid best kimchi and the city her that was it beat who Gotti. Bulldog yeah yeah that's awesome my mom Korea mr. for. I was glad that Ted Erica is beef how Lochte in the case she barter to hold new menu and like I was already. Big and hungry to massage or everything book. And Ted is I. Doors Andre how much value and such yes the wing bigots fears some improvements. What else to reduce UNC and yet some soda water. Well that sounds like a very cloudy out here it she debt. And I PA look the it was murky. What do you want it what does that mean just the bottom of the K. It just came out the sentiments I'd just wasn't sure she poured into the right field to sip of the night the right hazards attendant says he drank it in line plus not a 100% on a minute that I assuring issues that he's that out of Europe Romania. Are opting you know the traveling. And now I'm switch into Rainier than John and I PA's. Because. Thursday night it was a lot of fun and all I am. I was hurt Thursday. As the rabbit sitting here I seem toolbar goals yeah did there. With the bait a couple of people real I believe the direct I had too many IPA's last. The height that you might. You know. Can. Putin. Can. I was like please cut him retire about. Books of more than I was reading and down I just finished one. And like two weeks ago or so that are really liked. Eric when he checked out and sound. It's ten million the self help category but it's really like about. Like how to make all the other self help books remarried now I've read useful so anyway it's called the slight edge by a these n.'s Jeff Olsen. And Lago it's is available online for free it's like I don't know a 10200 pages on the sides pretty quick read but. It's basically about like. Doing like little things consistently over time rather than trying to do like. One giant. Moved to change something so anyway I'm. Cops out of this week. What little things done consistently over time yields the greatest results feel free email us. Have email at the podcast dot com participant Twitter machine had the podcast. To be used what little thing. And consistently overtime. Yield the greatest results I got so for him being festivals. Than every other show you read the China study. I think it's late changing. You have they orbit the chastity basically was like had it sort of unprecedented it was all his data gathered by the Chinese Government and Mosul and a lot of China's population of the tab as agrarian right and so they have like really it's lower rates of cancer and so because they're all eating vegetables and now agrarian. Like crazy like they're farmers and Steffi are a plant based but not bad. By circumstance. Not necessarily because they didn't like me you know I mean but it can afford to have access. Yes yes so that's very low meat diets may have like almost none of the major western afflictions you know like no like cardiovascular health was incredible and yeah. They and now China's developing it tests for protein which is going to be huge issue I don't know McDonald's lose them now parked only a few changes to the roof to Jews who. Have you seen. Easy is it Dubai will Stew pot with a fast food point. Oh forget about like. Like other influences Americans have liked it in like the cardiovascular stuff like Dubai is can rock it. You know like a big part our food yes the fast food places all showed up and stuff. So like a little I don't know how big a part of it is that you think you devise Muslim country. They don't have really people go out drinking stuff we were just go out to eat and Mike. They love it. We get thing I think rich people think I already like three pizzas Domino's Ehrlich we're gonna go to KFC tonight Curtis. You're in it just wildly they politically the country the size it is that did the rates are those higher than we. And late people over there getting band surgeries and stuff now my dancers are yeah. Yeah I always that thing on the fat suit and it was like. You know the American influence people worry about sex drugs rock and roll or any of that stuff sort of thing this is the crazy. And it has addictive food began at the hours Wear it out for asserted the whole system and a yeah it's like it's like tobacco was back in the day. You know any lately big tobacco started her here I be moved over to Asia you know and in the laws are different in this and aperture you're exactly right dealing. But look at and that's what forty years careers are talking about maybe some stuff addictive yeah. Tammy we talked about Bristol collecting huge parts of the country you know we kind of lock out being a Seattle by the united towns like Houston Dallas. San Antonio. And most people are big. Well yeah manic. So we're moving stations here in the season buildings and we have all these bomb. Teachers there are frame pain up in the wall and unease and take him down and folded up and put them box sized and out last night. And these pitchers throwing their eighties or seventies or whatever and one of them like clearly vintage the large looked like out of them popping out. Iginla faked a small like I'm where median in 27 team and I. You know it fits all right that this will this look like smaller than today's medium and as large ball as this lake. Oh yeah. Fast it's taken off since then and we and they are near our past and they value last year and I you know Rica we get TV's video games 2000. While more certain and a lot lot more hours he figured out there. So convenient if that director. You're telling me that's another part two you know late but you live in city you can walk I don't drive through this as though aren't you tell me. What do you taker match by Angel walked but like most of the country everybody's in a car. All the time and Henson at their desk or to fit your desk like guitar playing some people right yet and he got. And I just think about people I know that yet husband though maybe a couple kids are currently has grab a buck Richard. You know he Glassman puberty and by courts to the bone in this country to you know audio that 23 jobs it's. Systemic. And I mean you go to the grocery store hours about this with one it has been with me is his Vietnamese just like very meticulous about his diet. And you have a grocery store it's like. You're not prepared for the fact that 85% last of his passport. Yeah you know. On a client that's really in the conspiracy theories and size Texan in my half jokingly about how. The human body once she eating cheap food it'll dummy down they can continue with their agenda. And that. Eating eating you know vegetables and things like that that are are connecting booster cognitive function is a great way to head to fight back against the men and don't want a Smart well educated right so. I tonight inaudible that is the yeah yeah. Yeah and I was like if you are taking a step further you know their friends over it. Big big pharma and big health care are gonna love all the ailments you're gonna come Dow fell. And the currency Ngo it wasn't like I did I'd set like kind of jokingly and that typing out like this the crazies conspiracy theory I've heard of the not at all now. So fat should really have. They're yet. This series and everything is that an imposter for dinner last primary domestic commissioners and that's costs like I have no idea what is a bunch yet. And you know. Ten anywhere be your labels. But certainly saw that movie right that was ultimately sit right seventies they took all the fat everything just pumped full of sugar insult your woes remember remember. The Fed up Rihanna and exactly what I'll pack my own. Mean law and a lot of and that's actually how that bad jokes start it was I was like just like you know and when. Coca coal low is funding studies that showed bit. Dietary fat is was a health concern it's that when the major macro nutrient that you need to survive. And Coca Cola's one funding those studies like you don't thing you don't think that there's any chance that this beer yet that's like. What led to my my health joking text Ras I actually am much beyond the sound then that's upon that this. I got you man big Mac build a Berg's. Room and ID on our board. Who's Roma. I think for me I would say walk. I just walk places. Yasser you know just just eat it if you do nothing else at least just walk places nasty active. Yeah it's tough we'll have to do living in the burned secretary my parents about that a lot like the Arab thank grocery store that's why workable. And Mike that's about it you know yeah. It Dresser. And a draw everywhere and I always forget too that just like you have the birds each driver apparently. Just walking for five blocks in huge thing. You know it's like him. Yeah mine minds this exercise in general I mean I've I've grown up and it ended team environment that's. But walking finds it airs just consistency like that's the biggest thing that I wrote I realize that I talked to people when I'm training is like. They don't have any consistent source of you know it exerting themselves physically and it's like do that. That wreaks Havoc on a lot more than just hear your muscular system in dollar or your appearance her posture whenever I. You know that's. That's not good for your brain out things. You know like you. Find find some sort exercise that you can consistently. Enjoy every you know I get may not always be easy to do it benefits at the Mitt. You know you gonna feel better after you know nine times out of ten as that they had say pay attention I feel we show up vs Heidi we've been. As I had no matter how cool. So like it it provides item a mood boost and it's your get your hormones straightened out a little bit. So yeah whatever it is and and my mom are get back in the swimming you know people who like yoga or blocking whatever it is that there's a lot of options out there. But yeah I got a got of. Got to be active. Such serious yeah. I piggybacked it viewed jurist who. Mine consists all the time I'm yes from the exercise half inch size initiation of the tube down hoping I'm hoping. I wanna save meditation but I don't have personal experience with. Consistently meditating but the book readers all about it and so I'm. Get kidnapped on my day my meditation. Practice and starting a but it also says like K. Stars slow it don't get too carried away at the beginning of burn yourself out which is that the guys through with exercise a lot faster ought to hit ours like. Dude you're not still exercising. 338101520. Years from now right. Then it was all enough for the best as the only state to Zachary. Artists left and right yeah I'm AM to about meditation. Lance thanks for coming on and you tell the audience the crowd here for you leave thanks very having me most be save up there. Radio store give Lance a must suntan lotion for tomorrow. Linda again. And and it's funny is Linux is learning how to save lives more than I gotta put the work we get loosens up as if I'm excited about it and pets are they here episode 180. Yeah good one we got at all land and a special appearance from Lance can't tell. We're huge fans still love the red TTP for cop on the jets this is the podcasts years.