05-25-17 Seg 1 Mens Room takes a spin

Thursday, May 25th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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Now done men's room legacy can continue. He what you're about here is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Do you then that's trying to offend anyone. Doctors are. Lord and he invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. Thrill. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan. They go look at this November 2613. Now. One with Steve throw hill. See Ted Smith. Love Limbaugh. The divide. I do I wanted to let you know. We played big donor day. Did meat and potatoes the head simple lets you know how good of a coach you really. My Sherlock is back to display profile list plus headlines and they're shot of the day bumble those three males in everyone's favorite. TV time would take that factored into our primary in Florida where woman's ex boyfriend to China number one restaurants. With a plate. Pork fried rice. We stay in Florida where a neighbor pulls the plug on the bouncy house injuring children. Which is not nice. Moving go to Florida where Ted do Joker is seen on corner waving a gun that. Atrial decides a restaurant deck is the perfect spot for some three way fun and North Carolina man as scouts give us be here for my opium right. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. All that good day good day to you and yours. Today in the day that we played big dummy that would be the game show that rewards you. Where your stunning ignorance and here's how it works you call loss we spending category we'll. Yeah. Spending category real in the war has moved west and connect catapult but. Here's where big dummy separates itself from your average more reputable games. We will continue to ask your question into you get one right because as always we want you won't believe year smarter than showed. Now they are big dummy ever if two headed monster known respectively as the lovely Kimberly and the equally low we are. Both of whom violated the law of averages and found a way to answer nineteen. Consecutive. Questions wrong. It you do better of course a cancer doubles a goal and all we go on big dummy stick it doesn't play big medical tools export to want Iraqi to like him interim on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter at midterm live. And then those emails to the men's or mad men's or might knock out now. Back to the men's room. Here's the glass Jim Hendry do you buy to let them resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. Game big dummy easiest game of the world of. I think you one question right our biggest dummies Kimberly and air to them nineteen questions. You'll be playing for either team sober or team knocks over the contestants are lining up in any known as big dummy fuel are in the men's row. I rockaholics. This season men's room where miles and drill 99.9. KI DS yeah. Talking to show number 2613. It's miles central events or big chill Korea on today had ship in the house I don't know I've heard good cook or not. And today is a data would play the game known as big dummy it's an easy game to play you call the program would put you on the air and basically all you need to do is ask that answer. 01 question writes that will be spent in the big wheel by the way we always do a little men's room up poll. Poolside poll fortieth and last week. We asked which your favorite shoes. So basically what is your go to brand of shoes we have more shoes of what he typically buy it that's a you don't go out the way ever want to Mombasa notably the Debra but which are standard go to shoes. The number one response vans. Now as far as our listeners go vans was it followed by are you ready red wing boots at number two and number three Crocs. Believe it or not the one that I had a hard time yes exactly today's men's room poll what we're gonna ask you is. Basically what is being your go to call and maybe you don't like the car you're driving right now maybe allow the car you're driving right now may below the card driver right now so much gonna buy another one of those and you're you're you're stuck on this Lotta people are car people they by the same company. I Dixie company people my little car. Many of the same car maybe they do you get a different model are but once you're into a car company. And you have a passion for opinion below Ford Pacific northwest there's a lot more Subaru is in there are in the rest of the country there are few up in the northeast if you get up and a New Hampshire and Vermont and Maine and upstate New York for the most part. You don't see a Subaru because four wheel drive isn't really necessary right you know in a lot of people have bigger trucks and and bigger things like that to today and our men's room Paul we're gonna ask you your favorites Otto maker RIT game is big dummy it was our first contestant ready to play the game. Hello Palin welcome to the men's room. Although it's. Hillary fled the team over NFL coach. I have. That's yeah club program scale butcher. Richard auto maker which car. I'm at the end of the gas outlook sent here at. You and sorry they are popular and they still make finale. Yeah I change the name of the it's now called the came up with him and after a flip that there are turning them automated universally and as an all right well giving the FQB if we get the mountain named back. But Petaluma I don't know something that facilities long the deal parts of art gala are you an NFL fans. I I love you love him for a young fellow Hutu Caleb I want to the first player. So if you of the unifil in only bright get excited because right now on the and a pile of old age are going on with all the teams. Question we have. What is OTA's name. Yeah no doubt in your defense. We talked about this earlier and I couldn't and finally could not what the Palestinians like where were in the office and we like football we topple ball to turn drams is man. You know the internal GA's Mike right. Like what is owed to you stand and we were all star. Yeah I think. It is probably agent. Engine that's how we as a pop Farley come in sports. Where the any means agents. Aren't they like clear pattern regulators say it's. They do you're right I mean player and it that you're right and then but that. That's not it gets on it. Or seeing teammate in C. He labored I'm sorry. We could happen. And I think ultimately that we ever got into we talked about it when we could not protect on the Google. We just remember organized team activity doll organized all of that and off. I do it and a half a half a highway got angry and get it and I ran out of gas although that we diverted out with training and and even there we were wrong crowd and we're evangelical yet it was that simple just it just the first I've said it out loud and I don't know if that's been the head as minimally got Damon. What it means to me it's worth watching and called networking game and otherwise I don't know. Your second question. Multiple choice is little old to own more than 46. Or eight sex toys in Texas. It called text. On film it available and on that. It's probably just one of those old antiquated balls world's Texas swirls put into effect last year. She heard it and one of those you're sitting right in between twentieth twelve a Mac or or been on the books and eighteen there so. To the Texas you can never. Work in rural. Hello guys I thought Erica good idea more than six sex toys that's illegal until. I don't know if you can find that they cut late if you ate the accomplice beat the other two. When you can keep six them. So basically anything in the shop for the most parts to their six like six limit gazette reporter represented you know enemy like if you were to buy the torso of whoever whatever that's no no joy I want to welcome to you about the case then go for the full one ball and is that I had all the bits and did expensive dude. We may have somebody give them but you wanna Rio lake of the real doll don't look like people not like an inflatable can stoic yet I think though you're talking thousands and really. Yeah that's like didn't merit. Those constantly having such that we get our section wallet. That's a slow. Day on the way. Did it trigger may go to our next contestant ready to play a data as getting America I figure that might let me send you a fantasy. Connolly with all the talking now and companionship. And you said it was expensive. Worked every now I don't I don't know hey look you don't charge anything anything that they that people are willing to pay easily a quarter towards thousands because we keep selling car. And I would always sitter at the bar you know I mean like I am marshals you just always either. I usually hov lane and good idea for me that was the issue I am I really looked into it but that Italy would you do with their own people come over read it read bits and that's on sale ads drier owner saying agency but recently opened that closet she doesn't fallen out of it having governor Rick who is like it's not a sex dollars accident mobile incorporated that you bring her into a room could you bring her into restaurants and Adam today. And would they allow. They would allow you think so wait and I want. I could linger Altidore right now or put our lead until don't want table think it has been it deserves is they are not visible dressed person. Yeah I didn't hold out for you put it this spring a mini horse on a plane it's evolved to bring it says it's out of my comfort dull. So it was like your title at your compliment animal that I don't talk to a ship or read vessel you're a sex don't read about the public service McCollum again Brett things could hit it you can always see these series are harder the let you can buy a ticket for your dog bit and service but it Steve is that if so what do you have the local bench does it but I know service altogether. Apart and have sex with and I did the press. Back and told me and it tablet I'm a sex addict and I wouldn't want to. I promise sex that they have and not that you I would fly the same way people do with the dogs aren't. Is that rescue dogs now I'll rest or not rescue ducks are serviced you look at some we all know damn well you just put a flag you dog on the plate that I'd be like I don't have sex at this doll she's here to comfortably can do I I probably only do I just don't to a woman who told me. The G has her service dog on a flight and it's not a service dog but she said to order the best on him date later shows up just don't complain. She got very drunk you may need guns and drugs and passes out cut. So would she wait don't play the dog. They crawled go to first class and especially from the I'm so when you that they were buried when you're not thrilled with her to got off to a point where. It's like bridesmaids and encore. Yeah big domain who is our next contest and try to play the game hello color to welcome to the men's room. Although Joseph the wow. Kurt what would you think about walked into a restaurant with a inflatable man of them like that interest like lumber jackets at a better because they've supplements are starting to accordance with the Pope. Oh. Yeah I would need to be where they eat it if you if you played for teams over the nuts over. Yeah absolutely nuts over built around look I don't know I. Let the people never actually remember who some heavy generally when you're so over used to saying I'm not sure. As opposed like I don't stamps alright but now I'm not on the front aren't around the village the drug people like Obama though it's over people always miss about. Kirk once you're out which car company. I preferred boil it broil or whether Toyota actually you'll Carvey. Okay the definitely Toyota and Honda are always the go to. More broken in more on the problems lol and more Toyota's and. Had the they don't have a little. Fast four cylinder car the tarsala whatever the hell they have matrix is a really that supports the Honda civics in the WRX is of the world and Subaru the Acura is. Plays more on you so looking car that no argument you just right all good young trees street racing wise does the cargo shouldn't the kids like attitude. Doom doom doom doom. I hear your question. No basketball movie has ever made 100 million dollars of the box. These that is almost enough the closest is which basketball. Yeah. You're talking about a Disney animated move earlier border brother Michael were breaking Jordan and man Bugs Bunny and Nick Nolte Shaquille O'Neal. That's why do imitating art a way right the chips are great damn movie analyst raised and I don't wanna make an ideal but it's what is doors yeah it's one what was number two. Animal basketball we're. Policy hoosiers not blue it's not blue chips. Spaced him to Ted wants a usage you went to see this movie you've made annually like god. I'll call I make. I would miss that being. Did back then they go there next it doesn't read play today hello Paul welcome to the men's room. Well not yeah. I've spoken to show you play for teams over the not so. Not so it's over Paul welcome Paula Jazeera which our government. Part of it who didn't deliberately doing there aren't as I am feeling I get a lot of those today. I will say when you've you've spent any time in the northwest and start to appreciate it. Well liberal is he hit the one thing about super easy if I had a car you got into and I would sit there and wax poetic about all the reasons why have a great carbon seems like you know Subaru owner they are they're all about cars in Manila to oil about it. They're definitely there in for life. Or yeah always buying the suit. All right are you ready for your question. Live. Magic mushrooms were recently declared the safest thorough. However what was considered the least safe drug use. Or natural group. Go up tonight at the name narcotics and illegal. The most danger movie. Out. Of one more on the wall. Some alligator. Have a crack down go to Africa. Products at. The value of classic methamphetamine methamphetamine. There's heroine of these people listening I don't know him out of this though that's the sentiment that people give people without prescription. But in the craft for a and thinks armada on getting. At all is put into heroin. To distraction and make it stronger but it it's so strong that it's too much faith in urban Indian. And a question. Every time DJ jazzy Jeff was on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air only after that and for the same outfit. And it wore the same episode they could really use the footage of him getting thorn on the front door which care. And narrow and Russia. Duke how are you who. I'm drawing on our night that's fair. And yet you're you're younger alone you still think you're so we had a a man at the show went off the air probably. When the years ago you're right just when you go can't you keep taking you so I'll. Oh yeah there's one particular character on the show always Vermont front door so. They had to Wear the same outfit on every episode should also make a film that's he wants doesn't wanna responded. The man had with it there on the outer who got through that who threw him out of the total you know one out. Again. I bet on Australia. Why haven't. At river true false questions. The Energizer bunny ad campaign. Sure fault was stolen from the Duracell bunny campaign in your. It true. Yes so durst though had a Duracell bunny and this is what they broadcast in Europe and it. But for whatever reason they did an awesome licensing or whatever was in the states where energized people see that annoyed effort personal standard review and asked Annan. David big doubt it was our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello old Jordan welcome to the men's room. Yeah I'm. Jordan is over national. If there were a little teams over Jordan loved the show and Jordan which your which card company. Well and I'm slowly and I told him all of you know okay. As the biggest car that yet but I'm from the health there you know who you're ribbon though north of here hey don't go down. Another reliable in the few binder. A little thing. Let's do we got it or. You know America or Jordan I don't know where it when he duper look at that are going to. They've got that going independent. Yeah. I had incur the noble the ladies you know I've come over glee you have. Okay no no no and then and now and then and an hour. You can you can put them you may do you think it's our real you know I think that's ruined it but I don't know I mean yeah. A proven leader probably yeah. Garber. And you had that yeah. We'll. We're gonna start yeah imported into the moral right yes there. Opinion all right so look just like Harvick leading three rooms only a 129 dollars. And in a couple I do my rooms and it's like 200 and learning how does that happen and. I really didn't attend the situation and your credit he had head you know I was. It's. What's the worst thing you can get out of my car and MM the dog dirt stains did puke on me as sort of a similar blood on garbage you thought wouldn't be someone who. The green tea how to help wonder how one that's definitely important budget that's now an entire network. That means you're gonna talk about it yeah he's hoping of course. Don't think I'm at the net and you just yeah I had no useful because just like a your dog urine whatever. The carpet on the but I know it's very Lucci and then they. Middle of the and let me you know if you changed your card that lets say one year but you know like when bad. When they're you know that this yeah that's on me every now and then you know after a political thing. Elephant that people like you can have then there are no like well liked people anyway. An operator that you get that and an expensive. 10 yeah make sure no one knows the bed at eleven urinate on the floor. You can you can do it and yeah. Hired McGwire and Clark. Locally McDonald's realm of McDonald's itself 300. Billion believe sandwiches a year but can we get this and they stand eventually. Americans. I can't remember this chair I never had a real never went there and fish. Or they're just do yourself a favor that but anyway they sell 300 million later that same year and almost a fourth little animals 21. Million of whom are sold during what religious observation. Okay yeah I read what. I'd go to we won the import. I've no idea yeah yeah. I didn't let let down and if you're not ready he's never had officially there's no way you can look at it. As everybody here with eight at unofficially we're up to this day of the best time Rama down luckily for us and that's let's start who don't why absolute. Yet there was one story when I say. Like in the midwest or something and the guy first Catholic customers he started make their stamp on look up for in life. Then they it was a success lease and right and the rest of the auction of Bangkok. But it won't condemn it river wrong. What. True. I said. I'm about an anti future and is it it's caused tornadoes the most likely to hit places with a landscape makes a big change like from tall buildings farmland and thriller part of usually build. Just on the outskirts of cities and although air comes crashing down the next thing and it's is that girl not only that but though input on flat ground like that Manning and a lot of room against the yeah that's kind of the point as exactly. This does not big dummy will take a quick break and go back with a brand new contested and more a big dummy on the way you are listening to the men's room on the bench or radio network. Men's room returns here's the question that brought you buy to let live resort casino 99.9. KI ES WR. David so big guy and so. Our one and done for teams over that would be Kirk as far as I your favorite auto maker on our men's group already right now. It is a five way tie between GMC Toyota Subaru should be in Jeep as far as you're a favorite. Outside the car more big data coming up you are listening to the metro mobile's three. Would miles an. Any nine point OK I guess double game is up big dummy to add a contestant on liner to get a gold once again. Yeah we do resort to speak with please. You know be more clear about those. Hello Dan hale welcome to the bedroom. All thought wow. Had a look at the show. I bet millions on team silver tea nuts over today. He even though they're cataracts and you look at what's your would favor car brand. Iron and it got okay. Heavy. Scent again. All right and here is your first question. The first time. I am there was nudity on TV in the United States was nineteen and 73. When what network. Aired the play scheme back. I don't know anything about who I don't think I'd like to see it now. Steam. Yeah it can be very. It's. I'm guessing CBS. Fellow. That makes more sense you. Good news entered our. At present government funded its own TV that money is final and work the way I want it to you know. Proud of those tax dollars are here to quit. Which is worth more than one pound of dimes or one pound of cores. And on all important. Comic guy. No. That's quiet guy yeah. There were about to say it so 200 down and weighed one pound it. Let me quote yet but both were thwarted if you got about a dime or pound quarters and were one. Who acquire content. If you actually knew the answer is that we would ask you why you know that. Throw those questions and find tonight not our energy go hit the shot which came first dinosaur or flowers. Who while. There. And it's. Lance we're here plow works when. But it's easy to pick. Out of thirty the flower they weren't ready to play a life or death. Play and I'm Rick Perry. And think about Valentine's Day for Don or. You went into. Well it is no other romance there Weathers got him. I don't like is that a lot of those first. There was no flowers no hockey for the T Rex. All the little are all the all Ireland and now you're learning that one of the hug and loses senator had a other dinosaurs lap that and that's why the little bitches and bounce it again right yeah. Don't get me Obama. Like clo. Are the RA your question what gaming pieces are also known as the doubles bones. We. Won't bomb you aren't the doubles bones gain peace Domino's. Old. Close tight Knight I game. I age limit otherwise you can roll the bones or play booms for the two entirely different role evolved from my community. It tightens up if it clear that I am in an even though there. Who'd go. I already know that ultimately come in if I Rihanna who normally are gonna buzz when you do that. Who yeah there. I don't. And I think it's packed. He's the local. News. And you didn't do you know yeah. It's all the corporate blues. There are art I hear it here in court. What Patrick Swayze movie was the first nationally released film with the PG thirteen great. It and think. Harlow. Hey let. Me see here he'd pretty roadhouse heads are rated thirty danced by the way. Equal parts funny and disturbing. At least there figure out why he was doing what he's doing like oh that move to hit you I didn't want to. Oh no red dog red dog Oca from an hour in an article I read down and it may have brought the gun. A couple questions six Daniel. True or false. The mountain in the Paramount logo is based on Mount Everest. All. I'm yeah. Finally news network against Sears he's Rainier good you know. I'm zealots cue doesn't. Is it okay give me a continent. And in the continent's. What is only be one of two I would edit thing it's well to be three to be South America could be. No matter what you do you're gonna over think. It's just brutal it has elements of different landscapes was not based on how it's it's not really amount I compliment. MGM lion and Israel. Yes you look at overseen the film of them filming the line and what's frightening. Their stated like ten feet away telling things change and a look it's a god damn wind like stools that agencies do cameramen huddled very close together. And millions and ground nuts out there somebody who's like an older I don't know if that's the equivalent of like a Jane Fonda or somebody out there. But their parents were very wealthy middle of the Hollywood and there are pictures. I can't remember who this actresses. There are pictures of her with her lion. And home as a kid oh yeah you lions likely him by the pool. Lions went for the family lion is likely household pets. And I'm I mean pharaoh war silence of the lambs is turning Jodie Foster the jury thought it might be Jodie Foster it's somebody like that who you know for a fact too is like get a well thought out backers. But her parents were loaded and they obviously were loaded enough to have a lion and a swimming pool. Prison with a picture I don't mean it's like her laying around or lie and I got my headline I thought my god man. Your educated obviously. Very wealthy. And anything to yourself hey what do we need when an African headline how educated are you go under renewed kids in the backyard to Kauai. Melanie Griffith Melanie grilling Griffith yeah Griffith Griffith. Sacred wage and start insular don't know reported that Bill Griffeth and why why did they why did she have a line because they were rich ultra. Why are you Liam. I was like there's no yeah I don't have a lot of shark attack. It's it's like a way of showing no official argue the walking around delivering it you'll swim with yeah doodle jump into the tank with a short it's entirely yet have you seen at the documentary and I remember some incentive to those muscles on TV and I was segment of the movie. But as you watch this documentary talking about a guy that decided to film a movie he's like in some remote location of the idea was that he sensible campers. Are dealing with the scourge of one to pressure short NATO. But at lines low budget and they show is seen in this movie and her inside of the Staten like four people. Fighting off lines and hit in the chair signals don't think so the show and seemed like are definitely cheap as movie. The cut to the documentary maker knew you need to understand one thing about this movie in the guide me like these were trained line. But he's got a bunch of god damn lines but these actors in the room. So look when Elijah acting aggressively there could really tell everybody mildly they managed to survive the filming was a really blew that out that you as early how to follow backers. Already a for a loan market data coming out. The shenanigans continue unarmed man. And radio network.