05-25-17 Seg 2 Mens Room hits it hard

Thursday, May 25th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is the men's room. It's gonna realizing now how good of a cookie walk surged. He'll let you know you're a good cook are not coming up again bullying him details cookie yeah. For the chef bringing an end to know him know he knows so it does chefs that doesn't he just knows yet something distinctive good Cox and they're not they're not give me some tricks re Disco I've been a lot of producer writer citadel going to go to never do that major bad cook and all through charitable and they're just getting throat and -- being nice game is big dummy goes our next contest and ready to play the game hello will welcome to the men's room. Or are and I. Well I played the overnight though. Well it seems over right will welcome children will love what is your favorite car manufacturer. With regards John there not directly at one you want to die. Is it weird anytime adopted by social. And another good thing it's in the name people move you can hit this call we knew who openly dobbs. But it need airbag seatbelts and get him dodge Jeep chemistry thing. I don't know there's nobody that and company people have a right to take it for quite a guy is different than bound for high. Are here it question. Talk about the leaders are coated Scrooge McDuff earning his first done. His first job screw the route would and and paper now to Baghdad and considering the time were locals notice saying that he would ultimately Somalia. Usually we're sitting back in the thirties whenever they did so we have people all the newspapers. People root stands it would be another person for the most part. It's kind of works out or offers or shoeshine guy shoeshine. That's how he made all the money that's how he made his first guy. Perry wears on our dime if not yet. He became a billionaire John McHugh it was a story many years ago about a guy locally who I was shining shoes in the media saved all of those money. And basically came up with a water purification system yet decelerate or implement and Third World countries that have that short to block. And everybody thought it was grazed it which on the issues and it gives same guys every him. Yeah metals they've money that this is this project I'm working on the yeah that's good luck to everybody you know to turn off they bad guy who earlier later today. There are multiple choice question for the work plan becomes from the Greek word for what. Liberals call our Jules won. No law. That no wonder. My man knows his ancient group. Okay good job and he gives us an Evans who's over. No wonder did a big domain was our next contestant ready to play the game hello Jeff and welcome to the men's room won't. Are up. I did Leon keep sober enough over. Can't get connected. And you are being earth generally you on are you in a cave what's going on what your clone. Hi I'm. Probably. A good use of your labor team knots over. Our. What do you say oh yeah lord she's all your core OK okay our time. Birth about that parched and boy oh boy we'll also about a month or another beer. In theory could you did would you like I could drink a beer and drive home I wouldn't be drunk driver and announce you so sure I'd Jenner would you favor car manufacturer. Not hurt you at her whoever got licensed. Are there Jennie yours your question what continent are you going around if you're sailing. Quotes around the hole. I don't know or don't. AA. I got. Eric at. Wanted done for Jen and you know back to your lunch hot box in his car and you know things so gay porn is South America California keep. For what is the Africa cape. What Italian open the microphone Cape Town Cape Town but is it really called it into the town skate rat but isn't it like the cape disappointment. No that's over here deficit telling Massachusetts. Are on the Goodyear. I think he does a volley or Cape Fear. Cracked K North Carolina thinks East Coast right cape disappointment that they rob helps McCain fears and North Carolina it's the river and it is a scary as the movie Otis yes. Clouds flare. Someone on the caller we have the people there or the river both aren't gonna know that's the home of grave digger it's so bad. It's disgusting the river itself looks like you know. Snakes saw the trees is now. Where two out of three did you freshwater eel river and earlier for sure. Are you come from everybody that Beckett and game is that it does this big of a euros or next contest and ready to play the day hello will welcome to the Mandarin. Although it's. Number two win over and over. And over I will look in the field and relative their car. Our. Board at their first vote report today. Elect for Africa like McConaughey like myself I definitely more than Lincoln like coming here because he commands themselves. Sitting in the backseat of the car that he himself driving the Driving Miss Daisy if miss daisy roles to play the Morgan Freeman and then for no reason what it looks at his imaginary so from the back seat. He breaks in the laughter in the drive through water and I go middleman you sold me on my part. Redknapp aren't usual mind that this little tentative Boogaard. We're remotely that's. All right here is what the hell is Matthew McConaughey is supposed to be. Right now those car. Alleged delayed multiple say hey man and a drive his car to. Single this bad. It's got a field while he's just gallant you know way I'm stoned driver route to the clearly I should get it do you. Out of my mind I'm pontificating about nothing and if you notice I'm overlooking the rules are only the in my rearview mirror or Mossad. Or my imagine herself in the backseat but never on the pro. The Phillies were troubling brighten up films scary yeah. Your question which actors or storing role was the boy in the plastic bubbles. And we. And of course I know as a team neighbor TV movie we have our own plastic bubble boy and his version of your question bubbled in April or bad I was a little boy I do remember it German woman in the level. Now but I mean it is generally let it is what Leslie okay I'm tired yeah. You either let it. Do you know the ball I look interesting so interest inevitable between Louisville and the result cameo from a box and then go to being in a bubble of selflessly doesn't interest exorbitant levels saving more that. Triggering the pocket how Olmert. But they can fit like a few months OK so you went back to the hospital and it puts little plastic bubble yeah I had booked and call you are looking good you're lucky yeah. And teacher and I got out of golf it apparently gone straight to our ball. The data puts you know I will put an actual inflatable bubble. You couldn't like touch referral and Sugar Ray Leonard he reached do completely leveled at least it. He Hawaii must assume you were an infinite. Amount tells the story all right and ways I was in the bubble. I you know what I tell the story put his hands of the weird little bubble and any tax edit the other for it they lost aren't day. She didn't know 3000 bubble. Us again your question which actors are starring role wasn't boring and oh. Yeah. Our own. NC he has he's also an airplane pilots that is now this movie came out years and he can land as a grown man now. Now. It's not always lands safely no we like I knew he lands is gonna let you live at some boards and other uses lessons he lives in one of his homes and a Florida. Playing community out where they actually have a runway and labeling program instead of like a golf course than on the golf course everybody lives on this runway and everybody's got their own biggest plane and it does we went out of the garage and fly wherever they go. He also has had to rate is life. That's some some pretty veteran. And it charter boat. There. Doubt I had boy and a plastic bubble Jack Malone. Our number with a movie heroes are made for TV movie armored that apparently want me to watch it like they were excited about it John Travolta in what were so the board to open call. Would assume we're limited as it. Al TGI was students try to pull it off one at got a great boxer how long were you in the bubble. I don't know couple weeks you Bjorn hospital for a couple weeks Lebanon yeah. He was here yeah the fifth and like you know Bob I told Jerry as they don't want anything about nudity she Moses about it. Here's the bigger the bottom wanna hear the thirteen. Are correct. We have the third kid you just don't care of the funds that some of the do like Umar leasing it to go after. They'll survive the get through lately that more fun in high school right now let's pictures Louis woman goes off I know baby picture oh yeah well because it to be what did you mean that they bubble no I would think about it because apparently to little more like you're you're you're you're older brother. He's got like a book with his feet in ink in it you know and I mean in the book everything he's got all the -- the first time he threw up or whatever there's bigger problem in the Braves have just like duke they -- everything they wouldn't lasted comes nor cares. Soul I am just amazed that they actually took you back in like you know like all right this kid's bat often of these on directing him back into the house but the nice thing is so I just called the I'm the baby up three right now overtime what's the access to middle child actually gets forgotten. A hole you're right I thought our hope you're right. Hard to reform while her babies can be your baby so are going to plug on the cue that light weight what do we mean union. My mom has specific balls for Christmas around and there's one for 1980 when I was born in 1970 whatever American lives foreign. But the sisters now. Oh yeah. Can't do that probably dropped the ball. There are. Reject reforms aren't bravado of the floor and a brand them at him. I can't believe you have two doubles a needle here's the thing was probably around the same exact time the John Travolta was in the bubble until. The weight and feeling like 1768. Or eight and eighty south probably of the bubble 81. Why was John Travolta in the bubble that we finally you find out what is it based on a true story the reason that yeah it's my story. I didn't I don't and I thought that they did it. But in this movie if Marvin Hagler to pick up the price is an excellent but it. Well there was another movie that came out like last 1520 years ago simply called bubble boy. When that the comedy we had probably the guy's not funny but can't make a movie. Adam Sandler no no no before Adam Sandler this guy I was the guy really does keep making movies Paul we shall without him. A short movie I think so much and now that was bio dome. Which is an honorable and even bald Glenn. And you're thinking of Jake Gyllenhaal is bubble boy could we see if your mom has a picture of valuable I don't I've never seen one of my life that'd take any pictures that you're that part of the of the baby you're correct there's not a lot of baby pictures of me in this and my brother has a full photo shoots like props. She's the first. And got it if you're a few months of the bubble don't even know yeah a little bit so so my Christmas balls though that damn jury that Brian. Christmas bubble. Did his job big dummy will take a break and come back with a brand new contested and more of big dummy you are listening to the men's room on a men's or radio network. Now back into the men's room here's the question and Ryan teel Mike to let live resorts casino 99.9. KI DSW head Jeff coming up. Does he do such you know if you are good cook or not Ted meat goes it is. Meets in January oh you know narrowed. Over notre lavandera doubted that need love and that they had gone in its lagging the whole thing in a brand new to desert bar big of a got it up you are listening to the men's room. Men's. Yeah now he's now nine. Ride so far about a double one and done Sunday game you know as big of a Kirk and I will for teams over one and done and and that's over. Jan who is our next contests and online ready to play the game known as big down day hello patty welcome to the bedroom. All. Hello mandate. Love teams over peanuts over. All right Betty welcome the show. I lose you're out. What is your favorite the car with your favorite auto makers. Well my favorite has occurred. Captain Martin and I just behind. Are they all got our act like it's playing I hope I've ever go 10 yes not bad you really like that car that much. Okay well that's interesting I mean I don't know a lot of ladies who have a specific passion for European. Car the most people do not know. Brink or disrepair. Can act as a selling point for you they breathe their own cattle for the leather from their seats. Man oh man does that effect catalyst. What makes you happy about them like Hulu. As the Morton canals and there. He bit one. Now have you had dinner Rolls Royce Bentley and ever and ask them are with a with the patty what's I don't know the base price of the lowest Aston Martin that you could buy. I was gonna cost. You all eyes you got him out there that's okay. And there are bad is your question. What ailment do you have if you have a by liberal faction. Of the heritage going. Surrounded by. Barack got to be robbed yet prerogative of the pro rotted my. Or is a pretty good out is because I did something wrong with my run blaming other surgery meant a big bag and Yemen. There. Good. RO. There. World. Noon Saturday here at moon. I left here isn't it much. Poll uses up. The better known as what singer. Paul Hewson. Has not been named egos biodiesel and it was just and down that it. Which you wouldn't know it to the local Houston. Oh and they want the name only true it is below is my. I woke up I thought well. Yeah you are generally employees so if your barn right internationally. Recognized mega African star. When you check into a vote so we did his usual room and Ireland. Right I don't know gonzo with the the alternative name and I'm Ron Mexico and enjoyed the water but they are going to hear that goes well no why would you just put down but only saw on the street you'll pay Bryant woody turn around. Please call. All Paul had a similar I don't know OK Paul good credit and call the dog actually turnaround is probably not we'll let Jack asked. Well Chris. If if if it now. I don't think you would have the it is the public enemy fighter I says Earl slated for a little Saul Saul Hudson gives a soul. We did in you even have much still turn around though right. When the lesson you even heard me com slash or borrow one of the last time you ever heard anyone glee. The people that all the salt you think like his friends like his girlfriend at the column bottom. Oh yeah probably like your highness or something he's probably got like I like title like you know I am afraid to change his name the pronunciation of it and from what to. From trader to prop. All Mo and I refused column that. Just won't do just hope I won't let me people you make a difference the products nine of the Braves didn't get the OK that's well that's I would do too late somebody like that to change their name like so are you still call them. If you knew him before it to look what would you call it do you think has more from called edgy and it and I have no idea what Israel you'll do that when you move. With your new friend. My mind yeah brother comic seriously he in the name is Tracy Adrian hill and growing Obi admin treaty. Two girls name among those who that we named that it was a unisex and it was a there was a list. Sort of this is 95% sold human by Adrian much warm. And and it was good after that we had to move. He started and run another you know sexual thing he went eight yeah I guess they're lever and open border girls. Mariners Adrian it got the Clinton. Game is big dummy here is our next contest and ready to play games Ted knows it is change and it well. All right guys today. And I can guarantee sober not soft not over answer to welcome the show James what your favorite car manufactures. Our. You know I drive whatever I achieve. By car for a couple grand run into the ground that I actually able of the many different vehicle that I've had my favorite. Is hopefully the the ultimate. The all honor I. These yeah get little. He won't pay a lot of money for one but no new. Saw a new maximum via their regular soda I'm with a person came out my father bottom we thought it was cool thing in the world. Because it talked about what your door is ajar at by the way through and learn what the Jordan into. Public and door to goddamn door probably get all of that opened wipe out. The car lost its mind. Here is your question what former president was known as the great communicators. Twentieth century. Letter adult organism to. Aha. Would that. Carter. They're going to. Great community. Go to the world and don't hear much about Reagan. Can. Who act we knew we forgot about it. Well Christ dudes Gramm what was forty cricket years and you've elected for things go by and are you what kind of fish lives in a group called the glee. Gone into east. And Gordon and Clint. Makes. Him. It's a fish that lives in England lives in the hood pasted it in a Clint. It sounds certainly don't talk a lot lent if you put your finger and Agilent is someone offended or are you hoping. In broad segment. I don't know what you look like. Failed. I'm I'm thinking it the patient the lamp off the top of the head is like all the land fish. Yeah I don't talk about their interest in fifteen Finding Nemo. The big goal for. Few dependency. Question three jailers are. Question number three poison ivy is closely related to which not. It. And I believe not is actually not enough to literal owner first or does help. And that's I think I I don't know yet my favorite not. But not. Yeah out of my hair out here. Here. Few days they've called attention to celebrities need someone else that's what. M I'll just finish up OK if you've turned and they are the best. That's got to assaulted two not world because catch your movement action as he had. Created treated. Our it would actors motto was quote progress through pain. That's the way something that Iraq might. Not bags he was. Arnold Schwarzenegger. He did disorder. Arnold Schwarzenegger about going to not known as the great community. Now and I don't know why don't you would you say. But no nobody said fifty news. We'll probably smarter and you want that's. As Beaubois while we'll Google you questioned five James. Which country contains every climate to the world war. It is not close to us. I. What is it with us. Continent as every climate in the world country country. A country and has ever climate in the world it is an island nation to be that. Or no shoppers at Australia. Helping New Zealand. Your flow. Put and with a different part of. Tropic sub tropic. And some public that I don't know Mike Espy and about the different climates are forums are bugging me glad to Economos thought it was going to be in the United States. The would have been my dad's honestly I didn't get bigger and Hawaiian leg of the Eagles on the floor and all I ask you look is out now operate small from the report from the mountains got desert cold tundra tonight. We're only sure. What does New Zealand have climate wise that we don't have any. And Obi got rain forced. A rain forests we just want a mound but it doesn't balk enters volcanoes we got it all and true or false old soldiers from every country salute with the right kind. Oh who. Contends that if it it won't king. I think moon and stroke in my beard isn't saying who went to be. I'll be bit chin beard. Note golf hall. Totally dedicated. Now with the knowledge doctor I'm sure denounces military rules would just throw people. Our little secret. What shape it was a pencil. Destitute at this enrollment and actually subside stewards of what shape is points. Our. Candidacy in Atlanta and what couldn't find it. That an octagon. Yeah. Emulex beyond. Nine questions left up until I don't know doc and all that stuff. That's 66 I think that's an out and eight. Things are that you might. Triangle square. Pentagon Pentagon's articles on some sides. And we just get set go straight eight. Can be done now camped and I kind of wish you entered in the octagon. UFC fights in his independence. Each with a standard good night. With the letters and editing the what country invented the paper clip as a hint it's a Scandinavian country who. We didn't. Known. Paper clip you know why we are harder to benefit from a brilliant Norway eight feet equivalent IKEA. I gently. And I definitely need giant paper clip to the mentally refrigerator magnet I'll as the what characters in the jungle book had the same first name as the members of The Beatles. Ringo. Paul Dorr and over. Women's and men's Dusan so the characters which characters in the jungle at the same names of the members of the views. In the jungle book and movies correct and book. Made a book yeah yeah well yeah I know the original total movie and been released the book arsonists and damn man. What we call us jungle book. And how many were there. Beatles are full war. No no I mean two characters. Right to characters have named one of the for the do you care available and fortune are yet more up there close the door all the hype all this but I'll. Yeah exactly what character he looked at me and Ringo John Paul dorms that you have kind of animal bit. There. Guerrillas. Won't rule. Other than to grow older members of the most. I created in the grip that the number of the brilliant George George to a dual blue jump. At. Are what you are they aren't so what you wanted to. I have. Classic scene. You remember the scene at remember the name. Soon use edited it quick in my head all day and seen by airplane bringing us over to. Oh yeah I'm I'm really hope. Hey. And it's happening. Leaving Henry knew me to question nine and don't forget to. And so had to stretch in my neck. And she went through that really in my mouth. What state drinks the least amount of beer per capita. All I think you've got this exactly you thank god it was chaotic millionaire and might dog it was yeah apple a decent. You talking earlier the dollar. Who know him. This one is Laura I don't know I don't want you don't do audio man conversation. About what's US state drinks the least amount of beer per capita. Oh at W at all. The fun and games of Utah oil boy though was gone. And man they have a list of the top ten drinking cities towns whatever the United States and wanna say other day and bin door again. And a couple of others who were and there are I think was dead and I'm not sure but either way it was just completely dominated by. Wisconsin camp and Iowa and Minnesota I'm just in Minnesota we think in New Orleans to show love for Los Vegas when Joseph operating those in the know a lot of the land it's it's about everyone who visits. Did I knew that the laws are politically as well Yemen were used. This big W is our next contestant ready to play the game. Saying hello all to Chris so Chris welcome to the bedroom. All wow. Hi Chris you governance over. Cooper Chris love in the show what's your favorite card of the thrift. You both for death. What this c.'s rock and roll singer was nicknamed the killer. Almost foreign Renault a number of children. Oh yeah. What deceased rock stars nickname. Was the killer. It's the do don't wanna say mayor read his thirteen year old cousin that went. No group. Very little humility and. I don't know I know that he and this I'm not daft. The same guy got murdered thirteen thousand yet we it was straight talk I would not just withdraw troops of the Riverside authorities just from Italy and yet that is related to eighteen that we care about customers no way to know how. No we're still we're about a browsers can be greenery. I. For rock flew told ball Sarra obsession someone's name. He's better known as legendary sink the student born in Zanzibar he died back in 1990. You've heard his music on the station. For many many many many many years. Good thing for. You better at the avatars which of those Brian may. Primate is guitar and a ban on this guy's you know singer does throw a ball American avatars can you name another member of that note I can add you know and I want our guys go. It's been the same four guys I mean up until the singer died and actually this band they they have gone back out on tour. Fairly recently even after there are single dime and the use former. American Idol that it can just handle it ever did a great job. Being a better fastball and I want to your hard immersive. I question Draper and outsourced I left it so it doesn't exist. You know what's in that Madagascar are areas to what we hear them. We love him how regular Zanzibar hydrogen Zemin exactly they are grossly Dorian old. Presume there. Are we take a quick break we'll come back we'll more of Chris questioned three and more of big dummy right after this you're listening to the men's room on the metro radio network. Men's room returns. Yeah last year and but too late resort casino Mehdi nine point nine KI DSW at Jeff don't look at me details we'll let you know how good they cook. You really are a little before you buy people or for their hours ago that. It may turn the game is big Democrats on the line with team so we're working on question three more of Chris and big dummy coming up you are listening to the men's room. The men's room where miles and drill 99.9. K. During the break there we have. We hear from air club. Comes running in so that. Jerry Lee Lewis is in fact alive now it back from running and telling as he came and yelling at me and then patted me and so as a man. I thought he was dead eagle global obviously you do it because that's code during those alive and well so I wore a family member of a Jerry Lee Lewis and you are living within our broadcasters and I'm sergeants gunned you know but he is in fact still alive and on how you feel about that personally maybe it was good news is bad news either way it was not. Truth stagnant it gives autograph you know you're gonna open I was right and and Obama were leveled for me Republican. Told them as kids normally that's left them. Military and my brother told somebody and somebody who's not only minor shall know when my dad died this into my. Jesus I wanted to autograph of the lightest metal yesterday by homeland and I crystal there were gonna question for hello Chris. Well. All right the break was good you. Are here is your question. Notch your penis. Who would under body will expand three times if you're side. Not Europeans. A record of holding like Clinton well that he's a little doubt that can't exit. Yeah it gets dark. A thought your face. Your diet. Technically it's your iris but I'm Mike Brady down get our yeah yes housing and a map. I was yen and was blown through its map when he's that excited I just I don't know and amount of. 200 so it. Right now Denver's does that mean you like this. And you know he's happy to call the doctor. There's big dummy euros or next contest and right to play the game hello loss do you welcome to the men's room. I thought I. You're guaranteed overnight over. Or I love in the program Stewart but what are friend Carmen manufacture lives. All work probably a group both the first woman in here. Hank the tank that's a time as the favorite on government. You're one of government tank. Hello in the week you go as a civilian invited dealership ability to second choice Subaru. They are true IRS Hebrew it is. The what you say Subaru you make a solid someone's mind to new book went through the room and what do you do any regret the horrible right about a barbershop. Rob barbershop you Ron barber shops floor. Oral many of them southern we're gonna make you feel good measure to of those reasons. Again and again if it's an email so you know oh my god you run. Brother can nine enemies and okay to boot geez and it's under on this. Eight. Or where you got an Arabic network quartet yes we are. All right barbershop quartet in any of your barber shops. Are we at Oregon onetime little what is virtually broke out at all okay. You gotta get a barbershop quartet McNamee tell the Eagles on department source against them of playing chopsticks on the got named him. Snorting you're allowed to give your customers of beer. Who. And shop okay well I doubt I'm curious because I went and while playing time no place. Where my wife was getting her hair cut and I was going to go in and meet up. And the woman who was working their said its user. We'd like India finally it. I laughed and mind you know on beer and wine while I wait and I thought to myself why is it's not offered in places where guys go and get their hair cut like a manual and a beer. And a good you don't want a beer right. It depends like. I know it's legal but some barbershop just gonna do it yet you have a beer lightly Coca. Your salt and Cortez Stewart. Beer. It is here in order for my own death and everybody. Is our shot you make it more like dude command that you women are too. No we do it all ourselves liquid that we haven't a clue about the old school barbershop kind of steal the community I don't know but don't have the quartet. I know I don't think there are so bad about where. You should. We'll talk to our guys did you know who really run seven businesses bottom you know should feel bad about so yeah. I don't do double digit general Rodriguez of the only other weird experience of ever had in the retail place for someone asked me if Allen a glass of champagne or beer. I thought expense yeah yeah. You can place local jewelry boy it was a jewelry out a disaster it was a jewelry store doesn't look one just then you're you're spending this much money on something that's not for you. You deserve a break. Announcer guy definitely you can I think roll this much money it's not for a child and it's not for you. Have a drink I'm gonna make this decision a hell of a lot easier yeah. And drawn to you get how much. Aren't there to question the only digital Rolex watch the only digital Rolex watch keeps time. What sports. And even then it's only in one specific location. I had no idea what the question is. What or. An annual. The Iron Man. Tennis I can't win and specifically on Bryan and Iron Man watched. I didn't put it on didn't understand that we have our Internet I don't know man look at stake right there are not under pressure to get that done I'm looking alert but at the end of the look. This match lasted three hours and twenty supplement. I started getting there. We're on the question number two here are gonna have to take a quick break in a letter station identified so far you are you good to hold on for a second. I'd have to Poulter thanks so much different power of the men's room and at least 7 AM and fast enough to do some business and the hang on the phone Stuart. The shenanigans continue. The radio network.