05-25-17 Seg 3 Mens Room gets a little chilly

Thursday, May 25th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has a new dessert! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Okay. It's. It's good to know you're a good cook are not kids in need of details is on the way in the meantime the game is big dummy Stewart on the line working on question number two law that is correct it started to question which author was known as the father of science fiction. Which on a side note that's an odd things in a new job. I don't know authors. I think at the mosque that was. And we're both wrong. Brad very. Another friend that if you're in Europe Julie. Think they're already out of my head I don't think gaga name my kids tools. I got back in the day he played golf Wada would of not. I know named Julie who go by jewel does that mean the male equivalent is in Julie did you go by jewels if your males use actual naming. Florida's a man named Julie but he goes budget or just fuel to fuel. A pulp fiction right. Jules so that was Nigel who are really enjoy its jewel like you Julie. Yeah here's part of what Kelly does it get away with jewels though that character. Well short even at his name was Julie you want to say anything about judges got to wrap it means. How many notes are there in an octave of music. All man. I think. Well I don't think that it is the problem here until I know I never have Rommel community. Yeah I don't know really bad spot. But. Yet. New York the father and everybody. Showed it over or it. You need to get the quartet. Our question what 70%. Of women said they were throwing what food to six. If that is what really built they go through my head and arm. Don't mark people I know like this particular thing but Wendell of what is it like look at I think his. You know got thing is that how many wounds for us over 7070%. From. Good group and it is why don't tell hasn't. It's to food off the food they prefer them who what who to sit there. Ice cream and chocolate chocolate. Does the black Gavin lead tonight do you both moment. During young kids still come and get that Hitler got. It can't let Hitler got yeah the popular vote. And I got a lot but I doubt I can't get there Hitler I'm out in the fifth I was going to win Erica it is I mean does it look like and one thing you know. There's a reason they don't really get Hitler mustache. Because we knew look at it. People think Hitler and the relief immediately think bat they battle it looked a mud on my stats but murmurs her style. I want everyone to vote that way I can look like Hitler but it's not the real tip off the bus that house a lot of those people they a lot of them do habit but I think a lot of people have home and I think. Like Mac O mores is pretty close that Akron today every not every school but he looks ridiculous. And all is ridiculous looking human being opened the average a look at it also when you're on top of the world who she was a few years ago it doesn't match you. He's the the reason at all these kids get their hair cut like ever. There isn't a lot of the all right people that have that haircut but honestly like. Thought it was like the thought that like six or seven years ago I had a body that you showed up when they kind of had that old school at beaver like in the week on an option to have batted it. The other winning leg right with the Hitler but no I don't think there's any one person or any actual movement and people just got back into the haircut the mountains are look the only person of them throw chaplain who rocked the I hit sash Michael Jordan editing go. Got a lot of cameras in the mirror all of you think that he lived in America sent all of the sweet little bit but I got going. He looks in the mirror what you know what I'm Michael Jordan I bet I can Wear him mustache and normalcy anything to me because I'm Michael Jordan did it because he had. Underwear he has friends so one of his friends at the look and Billy Gilman seriously your normal with a host as we look at. And you are Michael Dorn that he don't dom and sold them on board. Capture store got a document and on the phone. Are your question. Open diet of Christ thanks Mike. What are. All the die a phobia. Open died of phobia. Is the fear of what am. Open Oprah. Oh. The Baghdad. Much more and I'm really encouraging her spirit that's gonna bet deft well enough I had today and I was thinking that the bank handed southern way of responding. You're not as dumb as you look old baby that wasn't a bad against the disclosed in my hobbies today. So. There all right Thomas Jefferson. Which by the way sounds that he euphemism for your penis Thomas Jefferson had what kind of gaming table hidden in his home. Gaining and gaining able to take bold designs specifically for a specific day. It's about a moral clues I needed. Well. Rounded and well and tables. And OK but it said Greg GI and lord sent a scaling Dana so let. Game being at yeah checkers you know now it orally and an MD and Tivo just yelled weight bench so far. It's. A logo are. Thank him and the Liverpool. Who. Oh. Who. Who had hired back gift I can do it don't backgammon. I'm in their whole question seventh. When it sort of not over where. I think I should say that most of was it like not cool to play pool a public I had no idea mean to drink it you think it was polar snuck. It's a billiard failure that make sense that they called it. It's also where you got political and ice box that little pool table that people all the interests in that fire and the goal I can move he's got him. Your question India ink does not actually go for India comes from what country. Eight in Taiwan. The other made any country. There was some. What organ has the longest transplant waiting. Our goal where we are waiting lists I had a kidney. Are correct area goes through it yet so I go to a restaurant and Angela the little buzzer and elect. We're expecting success in the months and on the buses to go back to the hospital that we keep our stand is that because it's so hard to match with a Craig donor it's a sort of people's kidneys. Are honest to god reveals kidneys writes on it this is so many factions cancer whatever else goes wrong. Poisoning your bloodstream. It's more it's. Was about shorted light of the shortage exists because so many new people on the list it averages about 3000. People and get on. And explains under way. Gave his big dummy goes our next contestant ready to play the game as you think of some really great listener who was gonna get it but it is not there you can get which in with the with them bill. I always have like look it's very wise I just as some of you have money your famous your you're going to be Mickey Mantle and number Larry Hagman and they're employed wherever we've got a little obviously that would give drinking yes I was a thing like the argument suddenly looked me leaking didn't you liver because you got the money we know that goes by. I'm Stu got mentally you have to slow down on drinking. We want to prolong your life we want to and other health and gentlemen delivered mom and director let's have a direct to people's livers. Yeah I mean at Ashe c'mon man gave his big dummy goes critics and doesn't read play the game hello Jeff welcome to the bedroom. Okay. I just young people go nuts over and over Eric jetBlue in the show and do what's your favorite brand of car. I don't put it up to help from Europe. To Leo. O'Leary is your question. What happens when the nerve endings in the mucus membrane of the nodes or irritated. Well you know. Please sneeze Hendrix yeah. Photo a bloody and you like this just a buddy in the high school those spacecraft in a Toyota truck that doesn't help. But he taken off the TOO and the other thing and they're backing VA and basically just that you'll you can show the students and. Yo-Yo. Yo let's tell hero. And listener. Spain declared war on what country and April 24 AT and land. Ignited column. Though it. Germany. I feel united states of work that was from that would be Spanish American war or if the after the title and former. What are other got an infinite. They're overloaded with up minerals opportunity. I'm just thankful my brother penis. And income. And little red skins on oh yeah yeah yeah right garlic salt and they do it yourself. Urgent question. What is the singular form of the word office. Who. I a year out. No idea are all right I'll. Osprey. I'll all's right but I letter of at a I don't know I I can't clear it up. A streak offering. Friends during this reform wolf creek golf for an academic. I've dabbled includes the verdict. To create. I just want to our act I didn't you know wanting to be no one's. What are the singular form of the word congratulations. Whatever it is congratulations. Oh they. An egg Jeff for quest is to get them right on the down dementieva skillet. He'll let you know how good of a coach you ready I really Harley got to it's meat and potatoes. Coming up along with your emails from the men's room and men's or livestock I'm coming up you are listening to the men's room on and it's a radio network. Yeah sounding Canada as well we were drinking and we will host. I was cleared of that time for a few emails on the men's room events in my dot com. You're abroad to Riley's a drug rob brewers have been rumor original red because we think is knowing that all the tolls electing an amber deja onto my body and star left fielder for the hog daddy's Patrick AKA patty mail. Today's is golden birthday and I know he would love to get screwed together. Can he get a gift from thrill followed by. German thrill in the creepy as the Australian Ted from Melbourne thank you guys and keep on rocket. Hit. This. Am. Output of oil a day you'll get yourself a couple of a German car opened a good look around so I can be young OW before I pull out now. There at the Metavante. Is have some great people good news Andover public in the wallaby. This is it too. Could do is my coworker friend and happy birthday the dirty German talk police thank you guys so much that from Joshua. I just glossing with output Bud Black lake Indy is Reggie white's legs how we do do hokey pokey and desperate to. Now on you'll be surprised the notice that I only have one. About the how much general George journeyman Tony he's honest Tony third rotation around the sun thanks for not being as big as a piece of ass as we are not firing has yet. Gorged turtle wax with a no look out in the middle thanks guys appreciate information danger. Overlook God's. That's fun. It's gonna go beta fish sandwich from my amazing wife and baby mama Alyssa is dirty thirty thanks fellas that from John. Guys of the area October lows in the show while driving for a card girlfriend Brittany get only grow our Jenkins. And some dirty German talk about turning thirty. And having me move 2000 miles to be their plays and. Yeah does he thought he would make it does to you talk about 2000 miles throw in 13. A very excited to have a special because it's written can't wait to surpass either. Audio mode that. Awful good goods and I know she does she. Really cute guys is my friend herald's kid's birthday he's the drummer from death to Harris did stiff and he's drawn. Please give us a mobile thrills German kids Australian miles west Virginian thanks for the wonderful show many last of all the best that from my bell. Our luggage drama we replace James Bond a bit like double 07 spy inside the school did you Michael. Ad did it from now that they've got direct and then you into bad name we don't like the night with no not. Like being with a band while Blackwell why. Tag team back again and then we eat bamboo. Sadat. You'll be bamboo. Just. Is he creepy here in the germ. Under yacht table for them to West Virginia and you like. The thought of that this is such a threat to departed today and four victory islamists suffered no one one hole personal work. No one knows a seemed to be the owner members. I don't know about brother only two years younger even knows what month that was born and much less the date. Every single year I take the week of my birthday often this year my bosses forgot and thought I called in sick Monday or Tuesday before someone found my vacation requests the most. Loss last month. This morning my mom woke me up when a bad mood. And she said she had a bad night and talk to me just enough to say she wanted to be left alone when she gets home maybe you guys can. How about a heavy gym and I twin. Said loans looking at a chocolate bar and and thinking she needs another bottle thanks for being there that's and to. That in November. Another bottle to be yet another date there. Hi guys that today is my wonderful girlfriend Heather's birthday she's turning 43 loosens you every day Al's wondering if miles could do Elmer flood in thrill and Ted do some sexy German talk. The dirty are the better. Thanks guys that from bill. I would would we want to win Q. Yeah we about it we have seafood usually a tuna show human cry. And a woman she. Without my muscles. Can come up front I mean yeah. Of course the general view of the white variety classic chess match. As ago. Yeah I did OK. Obviously didn't. I'm going to be. I created the energy group Mitt ahead Hillary animals and I just as you guys ask for no salt prize is not mean they come pressure I've worked in such restaurants. It's busy we just dropped prospective friar percent in France all that tradition is Denver for a laser pointers big cats. Cut to the quake yes it works with right with the right light. I tested this browse volunteering in Africa you went up one of the few times we were allowed in weld between not in the predator camps IE lions tigers I mean as we try to now. The laser is too small to be seen on the grass etc. in a larger enclosure with twelve foot fences along the electric wire but one of those nice flashlight you can focus to a small dot alight. Makes a great alternative. Cats are cats they all love chasing dots of light and playing with boxes. That from rob on guys over goes far miles you'll write we will bring that god namely his guys and I was a kid three and a half my mom was a keeper at the Washington park zoo and organ of she took me what they're still I am the only person I know who can file open toenails. Packed killed the last keeper by the way I tell my mom got the job she should. Wow yeah that out of emotion too long from all body parts gas mileage departs a little jacked up I suffer from police. Septic ovarian syndrome and a week's cervix. A week servant that I don't know how long we've service hard for me to get pregnant when I do the doctors have to go and so my cervix shot carry the term. Ten years ever first get we not three. Extremely envious of those women who have uncomplicated pregnancies and to do the whole thing at all or water surge is doing hard work all that stuff that from a you've got to want more guys my huge boobs are the problem I'd love to trade him for smaller ones and so it was nine. An issue that divided five brawls my size they would be thirty TJ or large Karl. 32. I didn't know that I and the countless days in the net project coming up it's our I don't know I Sherlock but birdies I Intel. People are pretty exciting this. Is a lot going on people wanna know a yeah are generally I say what are you doing in the kitchen and is. That I think in a familiar now restruct work. Get out here and use that have mics that most people can make one or two things decently. People can make food right so well that would make food causes can you make good. Right I mean that like everyone can make sign that something like Errol could make one or two things okay you good to know what it is like for Ted we know for a fact sauces. Of the Fed's gonna come to your boy's pleasure to bring everything that is yet crock pot chicken basically crock pot as my. Might just shows up with the heat of vegetables. And they don't pay you back at. It but unlike children today gentlemen. And later you're very lucky that many TVs and dessert before the main course really yet look at chief plate. Except. To let her you just eating there and just fancy ride at the right. Your reasons are eating cheese it's. If you cause something I did and it does not mean just desserts when I see the news or manually we have to abdicate we TK we have but and a spot and we achieved without dessert I prefer my cheese before the main meal but I it's often served after that I Philly you're just. Just at. A dinner food or much through the Jews accepted now as a dessert. Like it might like him my place to legislate no proof for dessert you can have chocolate cake cheesecake. Key lime pie or French and how. The front and Huntington French fry what I know I did in my culture we -- truck suffered an odd that you be surprised how many people were of the French Fries and put on the as a woman and you would build out of the brought tell you different they would yank it would be that argued at a crowded just fri am sprinkled like cinnamon sugar and have a dip themselves license. And cook for you thought you thought this through how to react adamant that but when you roll off the tongue financial Leo when you're head chef and throw might understand. You can't just make recipes for all the talk no Carlson that's Scotland but today but it give you a special dessert okay. Now even though I know I'm well traveled in a culinary expert. I just got introduced to these Japanese delicacy not that long ago but kept. It says do not eat on the top four I segment yes. While this is there Richard Lawrence segment etc. if I didn't know who also respect. Overall I would I would normally be not a but now notes for a segment at none up I'll give you had not done this before. If you plus opened the refrigerator and look and new Yorker of the million people so people's loved it and it's right. Here clubs I put because I look I go again. Because I think got a good fire anyone that I would be scrapped it just might do that so even knows what is a rally here loved them into something you would never eat let them. I rule I was old meets. Out of it but rocky mountain oysters on there and a few buddies I just you've been justified so what I wanna introduce YouTube is an ice cream from Japan. And multi multi mode Chia I don't know why did prayer about it. Proper credit to the upper hand does brands church there different hands and talking to pain like this is my prayer handled pain much. Yeah that's a tad too did you get in Mexico. Can no hidden. Osama so bring him the with the Japan SA hello equipment and if you look at it this other markets open to use I'm to push them at the one of America is due some of the biggest visual thinking I'm not that it isn't it. Is that they have years and Brazil are at a Lugo did an admirable personal number like did you bought you call on fish it for a it is this but it. I that the whole exciting thing about this dessert is going to be we needed texture who'll get close to a rolling around in there. So it's a rice a it's rice cake in the inside is ice cream you guys went Vanilla or chocolate and now are you kidding. I wouldn't wanna know I don't. Threaten penalties aren't what are your you'd have a hard to get. The is your first all right it is the first set I thought both you've never Hadley that I've had it once now hang on don't despite into a couple Robyn what went. I. That's telling the texture is going to blow your mind all right that is not only got a yes it's just weird this is a good thing because now it's almost like having a chewy candy but ice cream at the same time. The but the face match and are you happy or not I can't tell. There's a records which pardon is just say it's blown up. Little mom. A perfectly round around and what we. Want them all. As volatile out of the bar at the door to avoid. Culture. All in agreement. It just weird because the eat that he'd literally the textures like you're chewing in decomposed or like a W Cuba right. And then all of a sudden you hate your goal but the equipment out of there are. And he's at the bailout and give Brent for his quick to ask the that the until eventually until around so I don't now. But in my mind it was like a little fluffy thing. I think what we're learning your kids this lady had dessert after. This afternoon you know I thought I can put your belts up with a fairly disorderly balls again real or fallen apart here. Depends on the restaurant where you buy and these were free range so I just captured six Newton root root. Notable work is offered another country and for people pretty steadily differ Iraq vote she this group and yeah I got caught it Moochie. And it's like well doesn't want anything from you just want you to enjoy an ordinary me. Marketed. I really think about the textures what did you guys that it doctor in this thing and talk. Yeah but my crazy on a really good yeah my friend introduced me to a him and his wife frank. We're seeing at their house and I says they had a packet six of them like this in the in my body each have a recording affect. Labonte and they like just go and eat them. What did you keep at the moderate heart beat all six Mo cheeks is deemed to be able to meet you my body EGE Herbert. It's at the house or rent artery debris yet now I distract other vodka I. The real textured but how would you perhaps yeah I don't know how to explain how it's not it is almost like a sweet. Pop star ish I don't almost. No he got me into another election not right now I do I but I I would say I am not paid by the mode. People you can tell by its own bed this idea. We wanted to Jason had to. Motif and the other in the mood at the book which they call them will try it on the mode that. Mike taken up by now. The joy of it would have been that's interesting is one of those southern insult to do it so what does that mean you like it or not. I mean I'm I got a positive reaction to yeah it had never react to a woman LA again. And it's like to do it sounds like his first senate voted rewrites god they are not sure what I think the mature about love it but it feels nice but I do like it. Well it out of the room well and noodles originate in the east. Most of them know that most. I hate that now you've been great all day Mike gives it a thumbs up Ely the folks. Yeah. It's proofed. And the top ten signs that your a good cook OK I finally. Yeah. Got a gadget all right all right. You can cook complete deals with out following a recipe. I am now yeah that is funded deal. Always one of the best things about cook it to me needed that attention is their pension and also my problem is legislative authorities have dumbed gruesome Islam and as soon as you finally make it the way that you know is the best you can't remember how you that exact. Hundreds. You mean like you experiment with different recipes and add your own twist that is Iraq and yeah sure sure. It's you could caucus state perfectly. Without cutting into it to see if it's done by. That you are honoring her dad did it but that's just Armisen got its jaws from having coached professionally and otherwise people. At that opal I'm still little. Well don't always easy no it's not for me it's a thing about big gas flame and out really well that enlightenment. To Spotify. He he can guess the ingredients just like tasting something tour. It down to get the chance to confirm it right good like you'll go summer some friendly to win is that a double take sabaya and Laguna outward breath thing and amount. Charlotte's coriander and got a great Korean and any late as the way payment with the Korean mentally now as a ground salon throw. That Hillary Edgar is these seeds Elantra is to play I. So you'd approaching it. Oh yeah here in the warmer does a lot of these OK okay my people can't make. Of course yes you can finely chop things fast. But safely as Lou that's the key I think our neighbors as they please. You know which herbs and spices go to get away and Tomas and if it. It he could cook a multiple things at once. And get them all done at the same time entire county has there that until that's that he had and are the main thing federal drug argued it. Again it's just from the years of dawn broke first you get used to it but man I want to start summoned you don't have. That's are coming out there. I think I skipped one OK as my dinners or do. But whatever version called local things a lot arc for a joint took a you can whip up something using random stuff even if you look groceries at LB import and hope we beat oral you'll need basic you cook things from scratch. Right. Inaudible flower. That is on the time. I mean I'd just like man like baking at all like nothing not but I bet you go mechanized room. To certain. Look at the flower died go at it and they couldn't however I broke. Tell you know flower. Yeah Mac. Called you rumors of whatever and. Thank you had snapped barely go to the Saturday coming up wields a gay quick break and come back with no end Sherlock you are listening to the men's drilled on the bench or radio network peninsula and we must. Nine point nine. Yes you know we will very good throws the shot of the day is coming up but first our own steam liberal hill cold and all its exploding birth stories and headlines it's. When I. Coach and show. They start this first one let's go to wherever you don't want and five. Hello I heard the headline I'm not a 100% sure that she's just not trying to tell me a bit confused but. Study says fathers pay more attention to daughters and sons. Oh and she cannot. Yes that I'm proud parent and their announcement they just never leave me alone. You would like excluded evenly somehow my daughter is always opt in mind grill always. Up in my girl always on my left telling me whispering he wants to do it does not what you portable pay attention it requires more. Susan and Regina now we know that Chris Cornell and right he passed. Dave Navarro humvees diction one of his friends but the headline come says Dave Navarro was saying that all the sprinter. Yellow. Chara not unlike most people that feel immeasurable. Joy went for a guy's big to borrow. Apparently hinted he's friends with you and your parents are looking news about the guy but and it takes to come home care. The round. Recanted. Ex NBA players as they do glory cart bashing and killed his career. Gee you sluggers are you kidding I cannot believe that knows Sherlock. It gets to that India. And I am dating and slowly slowly ruin his career is he still leak and Rashad McCants. John McCain and McCain camps or Caroline Denny McNair Aaron wrote mr. City kids more likely to have psychotic experience according to study. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I know. Sherlock. Antarctica is turning green due to rising temperatures. Right well. Sure I look back. No I thought we did good so beautifully seeing green spring has sprung. In Antarctica at a Sunoco on the action beginning in August. To Moscow homes on. The music festival makes hard core investment in opinions drinking alcohol well monkey's uncle I. Sherlock you know look at investment was no oh my god this is in Germany apparently. De Jesus Conan and and and and you want understand like the way into beer. And be having about a mile long underground. Million dollar pipeline to distribute beer from the one hour. Ruling facility. Piped directly into this festival in one giant underground to vasser is spectacular dance just so you. Or that house like that is awesome. The hill with birth. Damn man you wanna dig underground or not there we don't want on him to be where you are home to an eleventh. Trump gets chilly reception from European leaders. Yeah and yeah I mean I know and. I Ontario unfortunately get a few pictures on this article is a picture of the bag people's the next headline contains peanut. How. Shirt on. The Pentagon and other leg of its answer Alan I'm now very used to very don't have related to bring your dad. So bloody out there. Deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just who it is it's. That it usually had visit during to ask this even throw vilified on nortel's. Yeah it's a bit about the way today shot brought you by the fund folks it's smoke only tobacco and liquor. You don't normally will reduce shot of the day which Osama and his eightieth or somebody had done something stupid we know every ounce and on every so often. We like to pay tribute to somebody that did something good or did something kind and in this case today we toes. A man named an all we know is his name is to be jamarcus jamarcus probably one. Poll that I didn't get alcohol if the gap. A race that got stand up. Its major markets. Or reward to me out of our jamarcus. Is the ball well duke losses were different and he won't turn to nobody answers unsolicited. He was not trouble it's not an anniversary of lot of holiday when all it. Ballmer flowers. Console and gives and to which lets face it makes most of those guys look kind of bag department. But I double but anyway comes home and he brings her big bouquet of flowers his girlfriend is very touched by his kindness because again comes out of nowhere and maybe 2024. But because she was so touched by this you're gonna hated to break to combat the flowers that you so well fully bought for her. Actually purple lips. Home and all the. I guess you isn't broken session and there is a picture of Reggie posted this on twit and he's very kind but this is what god. It's beautiful look at what is as far as levs goes as refinement and levels but it. But it also looks like this pleasure I feel much better about my wrong color of rose selection many years back but it got roses not birders. That's that's a big star he that purple letters that does look a little bit like a guest host this man. Way to reduce. A report whose image very big boon because we think it's yummy on OK so over the hung his head down the world at LaGuardia are Tommy's. Down now not Arizona. I shenanigans continue. On the men's. Rumor radio network.