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Thursday, May 25th

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This is dumb men's room. You are listening to the men's room. Baghdad to play pro violence conine at 20642 on rival player profile this coming up in minutes. And we. And an hour from now the first quick check into my talk for some of the stories and headlines. Working out are at a burger critic did a massive search and found the 100 best burgers in America. That's at that deadline part. You have to wonder how many hamburgers he had to eat too narrow it down to 100 he would have to eat for 500 wrecked. More I'm sorry you had I think he actually had on birders like say I'm stopping here and rape them in order them saying you just ate a hundred murders that would be something. As well present even multiple burgers within the same change would have a different. You know right big Mac verses I did you guys know this guy went to individual places that are not wanted to dialogue open and maybe a black couple locations but nothing right and epic. So it's kind of more of the mom and pop your old legendary burgers and my mama always sticks would would be in that category even though it's not mean nobody knows it outside after. Or look at you get the scene which is playing cheeseburger each one. I mean either signature burger whatever that would be like but then Mike brings up a good point every place in a different stuff from a signature murder that that. He just doesn't seem fair. Owl don't you worry about the border people who just find him at and a top hundred doesn't seem that crazy to think twice a week. For a year. Think about it could affect Agha says that's O'Brien who probably thought Prodi added right. I'd and hammers and Napster Dunkin' Donuts is that in some orange flavored gothic to their menu this summer and no one here who can get. And as you know thanks for that thing when you see a commercial for a place its ordinary you know like I'd really be nice again that restaurant owner that is. Not because I think the echo like what's wrong W the success. It's because there is some deflected the texture of emails and missed our covenant what Dunkin' Donuts they find him everywhere. No they can confront here. In dollar bet and Erik I'll I am also confident I don't even have a damn ballot and into the Minnesota state element. I'll make it out that would not heard I don't would have bet there's one within like Bob housing bad. No there's not. Joseph tell a lie because I have the biggest fan of Dunkin' Donuts coffee in the world and after that also happens in my life the lives of my house. And we have coma globe looking for Dunkin' Donuts coffee and you cannot find. That's Hillary's nano. Oh and on a hunt. What Aaron did that the preliminary search here around on maps and that's fine and day out I just want they were he dormitory and have a dialogue. Did you gonna yeah. I went out thing. I tried the New Jersey emergency alert system accidentally activated an offense that nuclear warnings to TV oh yeah. Hey no cigar man hit a fifth fifth offense they don't yeah. Back up the gap a call you know to come at the good does doing his toilet paper's it's your I brought the bombs delta. Allow hide behind this Italian bullet in my chest against cheese balls can be a long time due to get that had been looking for. I fly back with a plot rules angle that you twice died this is Joseph warning. That the I. And what do they have a bigger say don't wanna forget about him is this patent are things in New Jersey of garbage if they get about Yang about technical but what. Mental State Capitol Philly get this thing care. While the lamb picked up. At a man was arrested after he fell woman's purse while she was grieving and her husband's grave. Yeah. Now. Come on man right I mean even in the world the crime like don't don't do bat and these liberty demand that would cause. Couple all of I'm just saying in the she's. The great what it's like it'll shooting someone has to open like just let me finish. If you robs somebody and a great site now why just came. But he shouldn't he's gotten a little on her look coat. On a month and that. That's his job opening in Ireland for somebody to cuddle cats all day long. How much they pay and seeing great I had no idea at. I'm now organize it. That cuddled can't stand still like to be coddled them not really man who not only on you right they let you you'll mother of them all the drug fueled ride. Strict cats league Milan hang out and in the outcome but you go do something else does that bother you delete the visit there offering to pay some confidence now does not. Yeah. While they're good of a bucket list officials in Kuwait Condit pigeon flying across the border from Iraq would drugs strapped to it back. Not all that was wearing a backpack in the backpack was color coordinated to the color of the pigeon. We average American although also really go against Campbell kind of deal like you know secret super Phidget. With drugs we're gonna drugs in this and Ecstasy pills throw 200 on him and there thrown down. Well and who called the pitches were the Rabach. While Kuwait where nobody is playing in the corner shop will not ordinarily they canceled. No manic of the pages meant iso late IQ are you all. Right like how did they catch as pitch and I see pigeons flying all the time everything to stop this one but these drugs let it stubborn that did start run and operated an Internet article black lines we these are the Kuwait police that's good they're good. Racist Wal-Mart customer is now only one of those things. All they standard. I'm guessing not a customer who think that. But I don't they do work the racism out government that after halftime as deathly okay. Yeah Wal-Mart knock it won't I'll be damn racist and yeah I don't I wouldn't see that. It. Unemployed tree combines them on that list here queen drop by hospital to visit bombing victims. Well that's yeah yeah oh yeah president and I'm not organized and the band. And car rental company gets an F rating warning from BBB. Who of the I'm night and now working on the Internet act more. Just double clicked in great desktop. And at thwarted by the court ruled Google's most legs African continent. And a warning if that's what you know it's rented a convertible there you go girl adds fuel way you fifteen go through a crisis. It's what got enough warnings. First I thought now stoppage is new meat recall and no. We're all playing thins is a still maintenance and on working on it and now I wasn't happy holidays are coming across my death than men's reversal sausage still tasty delicious yes. And safe yes. Montana candidate charged with assaulting reporter did you hear of this coming up later that day. If I have to do it 10 yeah and wind as I know about you might win. He might win ruined he might win based on the fact like a lot of places you can vote at a time you can mail in your volley candidate or the election and he was the most popular candidate that time. There's a chance just based on the way it all fell out now granted peoples throughout the polls to vote. The dot saying that in Montana that doesn't make sense that you wouldn't have that mentality and of course we'll throw some on the ground they talk crap to me. Grass near regular normal question market report. Yes and finally let's put a real live comic book villain has been arrested. Okay news that Joseph. Her tell yelled at at one hour from now Baguio my cock headlines coming up one hour from now the first two duo. Group. Precepts. Let's see the prohibitive pleased everyone how profile this is played I can't and a well miles it's a simple game more reserve review. What new stories something happened right here on planet earth earth. And I do listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. We'll ask you what it is do you think makes the story. The story. Personally I was really did pay attention I explain these rules and currency and everything coming unlock the last thing you understand they understand a blocked it on cement him aria. Locked in to today's not now when yesterday to. I did when listening currency they do to be viewed. And again quite a story for. Hello Lou and racist guy off the drop off line. At some bit of a racial consultant. Edinburgh and racial took them to assault greatly you can help profile op would go back god then you drop off the Marines and army must story the story how ridiculous this story. Is were they actually they all of this one. Just come off. Does come under there's no need for what to do what states. This one happened in the state of hang on hang no that's his name and cut him. Marion county New York all right I believe with Mary Tony new York and we know Marion County we've heard Mary in town in the ninth. And a marine county that they California. It might be more a mature or Marion County. It is in fact Florida summer few why you even go there and you know god they well. That Florida hello Michael welcome to the men's room. In order to turn all arms Michael Jones and the games played. Are you look at a few miles from home today he knows aren't here is your story we go to summer field Florida where a 32 her. Man he's in jail after kicking a teen girl in the neck for giving his mcdonalds or right. Now the man. You given a sixteen year old acquaintance strict order to get him a double quarter pounder with cheese pickles may oh. And Fries instead she returned home with a double quarter pounder with cheese pickles Mayo. But no for a school. The partial stake. Hit a seven and he went and found the teen who was sitting in a different room eating her chicken nuggets. He then dropped kicked her in the shoulder and next thing quote. A thought usage got my order. All the girls brought to a regional hospital to be treated for injuries meanwhile the guy confessed to the authorities that he kicked her. And explain why I he was taken into custody at the Marion county jail and charged with simple battery. Do you believe that this very very specific McDonald's loving man is black or white to match you were Asian. You got there where we're we're we're there quite Florida summer fields are. RW. I mean but but had they can't just. This wasn't a girl from a restaurant not misses an acquaintance they say is a monster of a relationship is but. She went on got food yes for the quarter pounder optical Mayo and whatever the hell and Fries she did not come back with prize. This pisses them off he takes an American Jews and a different room eating the nuggets that's gotten so. Women love nuggets and narrowly than kids. Mean. Double underground don't de Beers and think for me double quarter pounder yet hum double quarter pounder that's a big -- sandwich I don't know why this green light to me. Get doubled I'm like I'm white I donated by a quarter pounders a lot. A double quarter pounder that's a whole lot bothers all the hand out depth and there in that crazy about French Fries I feel like yeah I'm gonna go like to I think. I think now my first gut feeling with white if you gotta daylight you are now locked in the light. Highlighted the white vote art of this is a timely if that's good time to say that I didn't wire vote now final answer. Our idol final of their black let me. Your Jewish next. That was fatigue. Nine point nine K I still need a car accident profiled as once again we had to the great state of Florida our man who loves his Mac and Don stake now so much so that when the prize didn't show up in the magic. That pissed them off quite well it was very clear miles east into his sixty year old friend out to get it double quarter pounder with cheese pickles and mail he won the prize she came back in the surprised it didn't matter that she was enjoying your chicken nugget the in the next room he won over and dropped it turned. Does that tell you responded Michael we ask you did you leave the sky was black white makes your Asian and and you guys all seem to agree Heyman did do that desperate or. That particular about the French fry is all the guys agreed mostly white. Yes. My profile there's get into my all right now the all the TV news all the time just average Evey time a tale. Because you're pathetic life is confined to countless hours in front of a talking head in the mid drew presents. Didn't examine that brought you back beneath it thousands of its shows and movies instantly with a steady on them anytime anywhere pretty severe drive off. And how 191800. X and. Solve. No way does that affect how I can't I'm no way. Athletic note that yeah I'll come. Really sure don't know no romance no no don't know man you gotta use is it done is gone forever. A grieves. I have tribute. When you work in the industry news some things are called liners I have a lot piece of liner paper that I had for a lot of years how many. You gotta feel this paper. I don't know that's separate data and almost can't feel it. No it's so soft you blow your nose on that and would your teachers that are much of the printers gave the Dayton at the time the Jewish in front of this you know I got through a fax. Yeah this thing is sold cable wasn't even invent it. They just assumed it might be right and set a case we do this out. Here's the sponsors. And obligations over the way things different. The trusty friend in. And they throw out this. Speaking of trustee friends right that you saw. Speaking of trustee friends. That maybe work with or whatever or maybe not really friends. You guys you guys watch the NBA you know wrapped up in arms and munitions and so what are my favorite studio shows to studio show medium like when you watch sports the studio shows usually before and afterwards. Is inside the NBA. I'm at a huge NBA fan but I think that set. You know with Kenny and Ernie and Shaq. And Charles Barkley to a very good job of Charles Barkley and Shaq kind of go at each other sometimes maybe the best in all sports that's it and say. Like I mean. I don't know if there's another studio show I like that much tonight is constantly watch just edit I don't really care about NBA basketball but I watch this show was or is the show's good. Eternal winter time I can't see how many times late. It's like is that game over yet I just photo library inside the NBA autos is imminent but at another overtime. Thank you write is the best receiving game of the year but let's not with Jeff staff courage up thirty year forty or get it right. So Charles Barkley Shaquille O'Neal you think their friends I'll listen to this gets personal check you will look ahead to game five of the series. I don't know what. Some of the most were from Cleveland moment and these enormous drone chuck you know more do we don't look as usual real low scores of Austin because you bullied into the finals what's until I went rattled the way way up all the sculptor of the mothers children go to certain and upload your afternoon as well you know I've been rapidly lose coattails anyway waves anyway panel Russell Arnold stuff out of us who have little girls and there was talk while. Fox. You can question what you call it a new ball. That I've I would say this sect most of those that did so pushing a lot of talking about it come I can focus on those that are a little bit chunks Baltimore to a beautiful as and levity. You it was going to be a over the furniture OK okay. Executing deter further. Well go home at the autograph Lola birds do you do go home equity and I don't know there are normal and don't get results. I don't know I don't know. Think you hit it he's always shown by the way you can watch a video pact however it the men drew my FaceBook page and that you could see that. Jack what al-Qaeda egged it on more but the funny thing is when you watch this I. I didn't see it's I don't know what happened but they have a ton of food in front of so when he says it is like. I'm gonna throw these chicken wing actually he's not kidding you get particularly did it look like there was a plate of late we didn't in workings is kinda hang out in front. Of about. Right and you don't like. You almost feel bad for Ernie Johnson vision that DC dad's voice and the ice is so personal now the oh. Yet those two guys by the way. For the record I. Do think they had a scuffle once when their plane and India have a lot of wind get flustered there there ago that it now. Well Charles Barkley let's be honest Charles Barkley is a monster and but. The session the other day it's like one guy Phillip originally from Shaq is bigger and his reach is bigger I mean look how long shacks arms and he seven foot something's no matter what even before Barkley closer wanted to stick his fist out judgment place where you their clothes. And it luck I like both those yet but. Charles has great numbers but he did never win a championship you only want to won the finals. Shaquille O'Neal. He did have a lot of how he I only trucks wrong in saying he had help with those guys are good but as a team sport but cheap we can't did not I Richard Kiel and Gil did I mean he was MVP's final he's one of those. However it and not to. This isn't it. When you look at two guys he used to play in the NBA and look at the shape they used to be and compared to the ship Lutheran now that's Corey Mandel Jabbar doctor. They still look like. Physically they're in decent shape. Maybe not even ten pounds more than they they played you know Bill Walton all these guys look at right. Where do you where socialism usually when you thing about the two guys that that you would be afraid to have heart attack or completely out of shape are probably need like these two guys should not be fighting to simply because. They're in the worst physical condition of their lives like this is not a good idea. Billy blues Charles Barkley heartedly agreed he was friends and I have I program. With. You're right but they are I will see that there's very few basketball players. Those guys were notorious even tougher for their weights then what I mean I and they were round mound of sound a rebounder round mound of rebound right I don't like you could tell it does it had to work hard to kind of stay that it can yet they would always make a check. So that they look if they'd be that fat but I think they try to look fat targets were used to CNET and again we some on the street price without a giant cute and it is a job I would I chalet in embryo that is agility Alon and drove mark. Do remember there was one got to play the NBA for Disney but he was like notoriously. Huge in fact yes I just haven't seen more among drug to me in the form of direct Sydney added a run all over why I'm pretty sure he ate his way out of the week. They're close to famous but he member of a guy used me in his tractor trailer whatever and well. The taste yeah he's explains itself and they got any tractor trailer is a bit of a large man. That's the Kevin Bacon. He's doing I wrote a note down low and Mike asked me earlier today he said he didn't eat. Did we do something and Ireland I don't think we did that counted and when I said that weird deja Vu as I'm sitting here talking into the microphone might. I think we deathly did that yesterday way say just doing this is due to send it out to find out of the list are those of you to learn. Just do it we'll do it again a little even though it's kind of like an instant best though yeah I mean that that's a little rerun okay I'll set it up that this. A lot of people like the bachelor and the bachelorette mountain but everything there's pros and con. So let's take a look at the pros and cons of the new season of the best for a period. Broke every week someone else gets sent home. Just like the trump adminstration. Walled room. Okay. This is throw a living happily ever after and come until you're contractually obligated to have a public breakup of let's. From the. Pros saying Leo except those rounds. Con meaning you're crazy but the producers have you make good TV series save another weekend. Pro giving roses to contestants named Iggy and digging. Kinda having to eliminate Huey Dewey and Lili L. Other super rich. Finally throw wasn't there when guys compete for one common goal Condit come in the next best thing they ever. Now Ted good news. Not from a known and I'll never awesome not much that you didn't do it but if you dated it was so and memorable yesterday that it was new to me today well in the office right I don't listen in this clip track side which I don't wanna play yet so it's sometimes I'll listen to like the same clip like three times manually to -- -- boy did I listen -- doesn't just very confused that I listen to it in the studio on air that was I just listened to in the office. This even happen right now. Yeah that's where oh where am. I. Federal cheese steak if this all day is crazy. But. Jimmy Fallon obviously does pros and cons always a good time there with that. But you know I've talked a lot about Jimmy Fallon house ratings have gone down and stuff and you can basically pinpoint back. Two when he had on Donald Trump and they call a lot of flak for like not asked him a hard question and also for ruffling his thing. So in an interview with the New York Times. It. Shouldn't shock yeah it kind of sharply rejoices in the controversy. Hit a pretty tough. You said after it happened I was devastated I didn't mean anything by it are just having fun sure. Right aegis up they're doing the show. I'd like it's too he said I didn't do it to humanize them I posted it to minimize them I don't think that would have been a compliment. Yeah about a McDonald from certainty that is. But also I mean I don't I think it does one really have anything to do with the other. It just I mean is a really a correlation or does that just happen to be that they were Israelis are going. Oh good yeah some backlash OK I don't and and a hole tomorrow that I don't understand it but whatever the case I do distinctly remember those. The recital back what's the problem here. I was is the the other problem is to his slate. The other late night host. I've got to take in the the president to task here there and I think if it's right or wrong the same they all hats obviously there rains keep going up. So I think that's her Fallon kinda. You brought out he's not really doing and given the flip side is you know Donald Trump or actually took on Fallon. Because he's not going to go uncle where in he's not going to go into yet and I. And I mean little and I look at the office right and you they say we want to melodrama and late night TV show of unity addicts and while. Felony two guys Kimmel did you guys it's that cold air. Are you don't want to go somewhere just to be ambushed I don't care who you know ones that. So late whoever's friendliest to you for outlook during a break in house. Two dogs were growing one wagon of stereo sound bite you will go into the one Weis is potatoes maybe it's crabby guard dog but. If I get to make the decision by our own I'm going to the police were killed at least resist tour wouldn't and that's why I'm. I was impressed by the people who were who oppose Bill Maher who go on a show is normally decent one on one of the beginning of the show on the note yeah entering a Firestone that they could relate to George Bush yeah that's the major show so. What it's like plug on CNN senior Republican on fox and a Democrat you understand or two walking into its one assistant to grow awful crap on all sides but you understand doing that the show but if it was Ellen DeGeneres and gone and she just ambushed. Her braces that go with that I church I did not see this come Tulsa not with the viewers expect. Exactly suited to a bill more than that say it's that you can accomplish this his whole show was built around him having conflict yet. It it but I'm very glad how I am starts record and have a main role if you being down to the plan that you're going to die. It's just how these things were. A popular brother with the talent quotient. Well but he was a main characters are really get whacked but like you're never seen before is that a determined Johnson like. If I'm mag I'm I'm not be down to duplicate the look I don't know if you noticed this every time brother goes diamond and go about it. Ideally to accredit all these guys that I don't want anybody to lose their job but ideally for me like I would. There's certain guys like for certain things like for Fallon but I what do you pros and cock. Sure I wanna hear thank you notes on the does that Thursday for you know to me like I want those bits from him. Now Kimmel Timmy has the best mark in five rather watch his monologue he knows what it's weird like it's funny because. Michael Blair's monologue bodies in my opinion horrible and there were. I don't you want to bring I really watch it once it brings up a gas I got it goes tomorrow. Yet yeah I mean right in upper of probity combine I don't know like a food court I finally get some Andy's breast army as a famous and cookies. But our rules listens and bar and I think that wanting to founder Sam that the others don't is just the interaction with the band the the musical stuff or they pull off for there to musical guest is put some money and a I don't know I just I think that adds a lot that joke. Through watching Gordon. I just don't not so much no bike he's pretty good Reggie watts the kind of runs his areas bandleader that their their relationships Reggie watts is legit that's understandable from the content alive and his stuff is absolutely. Hysterical yet I think Courtney really edit the story I heard that he really talk him into. He was alleged to be the family it's definitely think mentally I. My own thing going on in reality in you know like now and he should be in. And to be growth go it today at their relationships pretty awesome. Sometimes people get act brighten the attacked by a computer and asked or acts. Should get hacked. I am coming down the judges that don't we use in Norman with pounce on his business. It outright but I definitely. Got hacked at flea bag it would machete. Yet Ehrlich what's the term right like it's crazy now Mike people can get viruses and just on the computer if you say I can grab a traction not that. You would generals it was a healthy I've virus boat and school Microsoft put dude I'm sick. Well speaking of bullets they executive toward daughter happy yeah ransom where you. After seeing this the world's biggest ever cyber attacks spread around the bug infecting 150. Countries. Guys pretty are. Are buying computers have been totally destroyed in some cases. Extreme cases people forced out. Actual face to face conversation. The nightmare. The bus involved in the attack his school run some way act. I'm not so your computer and tells you that you could unlock it by paying back hackers 300 dollars. Something when you think about it. That I if you want to life back you give us. 300 dollars. No that's it that's all I'm left. 300 dollars. Now it was interesting the virus was stopped by computer security expo whose only 22 years olds it's incredible it's the first time. A 22 year old dawn has stopped the virus without putting ointment on it. Favorite that you are calling the new security system through computer ointment. Viruses download. The Alley into weird where. Ointment is that it's a good thing would sound hole what is point. There a humanoid to Unita ointment you to be a nor is it. Like that night. You're going to be all appointments and in my anointed ointment. Yet yeah. Well things are bad need to put on pace to put a lot of strawberry ointment but played football they got the call Joseph Barbara. An article that pro glide. That was better than Chuck Robb. Note that. About pro glide with the stuff you put on fortune abroad you just don't say there was this job Robin and now it just does runners each of rub you guys have been that. A we'll look at a nipple bleed and ultimately leading I guess leading the ovals yet on why. Why does running appeal be like the ultimate thing you can do is around 26 point two miles and wait that's goddamn ridiculous you know and when you have to like do bloody levels what are your doubles do for you would honorable due from India let me know what it's coal mine my old car much this mine beliefs and it's that only native of the credit as he Allen did. Generous announced that that she's a she's gonna do a comedy special on Netflix account she hasn't done a stand up special in fifteen years. She's a quote I'm right now I can't wait based on what you know work his. That's pretty cool Netflix. They've been doing a lot that you are a danger though aren't they artist on there Chris Rock signed a forty million deal to deliver two of whom I should Powell made sixty million dollars by the way. For those three comedy specials. In all those people started out that way so it's got a nice to see them do the craft again I misspoke Dave Chappelle now he did make sixty million dollars accounts. I misspoke not right you may think tonight and I doesn't sound right another. I can't believe the lower ratings on the lose a mom won't know why not a guy that has to be a mistake cites the million dollars man. Sixty million dollars. Upgrade its subsidies to write a comedy special but for six million dollars over the putting up until we're through her mind yet a make Duvall for the gentlemen thank Tim ripper sit there you go with TV time with Ted all right we will take a quick break headlines of my cock coming up bad to these you are listening to the men's room on men's or radio network. That's just a minute drill. Nine point now. You're music do the men's room we've got your headlines coming up in minutes. Don't allow rockaholics. This is the main newsroom with miles and drill on I 99.9. KI DS to. I did get a quick check on headlines they're gonna Michael. It's time that kids. There's Mike call. Aaron. I had a fifth there after a Florida woman has been arrested for domestic battery after he dumped pork fried rice all over her boyfriend. Then if it that the that the amended its Chinese restaurant to exchange custody of their son when they began arguing about her constantly keeping him out of school. And an SPX to leave that she began screaming at him what she did after he tough to play lunch on a power houses that they have to share this. I'm not taking him to school and you don't pork fried rice on people. I am doing judge hey man what was the thing is man with it in the world of fried rice did the house fried writes the for the treatment. But man there's nothing better than pork fried rice have been fried rice was invented for the port to be an. And actually never had more progress on all it is speed of the Obama combination yet. You'll even own a pet is bacon fried rice who worked we have that man we. Police have got kicked out. The are all. Republican that's right all the pleasure you know if you don't ever borrow money you ruin our own do you rent crap reverent note. Next level OK I ran around the world we stand Florida where a man was arrested after police got multiple calls about a man pointing a handgun at passing cars. And get a creep factor his mug shot reveals that his facial tattoos are inspired by the Heath Ledger portrayal of the comic book villain the Joker. Mean I saw a picture of that guy that's what he did I don't read the story and those patients you know you look like someone who does have not just standing on the corner waving a gun around wasn't enough that I wouldn't bother now I don't know. It's the treaty tattoos I do admit that I'm in there that's what really bothered people each. I think that the I would go to Mississippi where three employees of a restaurant had been arrested for indecent exposure. After being caught having a threesome on the restaurants deck and broad daylight quote in front a god never batting for America and ordered passion fruit and Portland. I think in the middle of the day yet yeah man. Now the restaurant was closed it was pleasant enough political. All the Laker so yeah like that it was on a patio deck with the chairs and umbrellas and everything else to reassure those somebody back in the kitchen working are getting ready today and being close doesn't via AT&T all right I took prep because sooner rather and stuff up on it and there are no guarantees Mike what was the gavel with the ratio at ratio it was a struggle for women. I'll do better as the devil's triangle of him. And then the sheriff comes up with some BS lines that like when you meet this and that on the course and golden never harder tried a couple times trust me. All right proving that it's good I did exercise your right to move remains silent man and North Carolina sold himself out what police came knocking at his door. The reason for the please visit was actually dual phone call about a possible cock fighting ring happening at his home. Well when the man over the Daria and such officer staring back at him figured that would quote I guess you hear about the opium Jews. They don't feel the poppies on the spotted he had a one acre field of pop was. No one knew when he was nobody on no one even understood that they were puppies that the market I wouldn't. Identify a pipe blades and it's all so he had a growing and they knocked on the doors regularly for the real freedom though it we are now you know almost every night averaged about Bob. And I meets the strict limits I have made that mistake. One time in my life my father pulled the page you know wanted to talk in general and do includes a bubble bubble bubble boy's leg no but we'll get to that one of the medical kit so now you know why I'm here. No why are you here yeah fitness. He was arrested for manufactured trafficking by possession keys this rise and I'm guessing no cockfighting ring notes of this that please stick a needle the cops would be able to identify a poppy plant. Here you can identify we've all a couple of department plans I would. Obviously. All my Tom Harrell and the best my son and heroin crack the case a proxy. Yet. Yeah they're good for getting stuck and he figured I would be able to play the motorcyclists on the level visors. Erratic out at all the government has struggled for seventeen years to have children gala they want and it's fades earlier this month the couple welcomed sextuplets to their goal. And it's a bit on the children are quote thriving at the hospital. Well Lisa got the money back god. Yeah have fumbled man he got failed and he throws and now they'll come back to its and finally get the lottery I get them all Wyman. When fifth foul. They realized that I would that. I I. I've heard Brazil's its proper bed till Friday profiled as and the return of did verses the FCC yes indeed it is called troops until at least. What did do best and poorly this thing staff. The men's room has been deemed to be for a live studio audience. Wardrobe and make up provided by manned testing is limited this has made a presentation out. The men's room radio network. Okay. Plus production.