BJGN05-26-17 - Lilac City Comicon - American Gods

Friday, May 26th

On today's show the gang talks to Nathan from Lilac City Comicon; discuss the latest episode of American Gods; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!



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Our guys tried not to say the prodigy because labor that thing do you have anything in slow world beyond that I didn't defrauded he has Mike. Privileges and the trolling is already begun here today we will talk about lie like Citi common cause. American guys I will talk with Garrett fund Colin bock and of course the heat cheese wiz beat heat v.s Vicky how can people get a hold of us. Well they can get a hold of us via our web site has dollar pod cast an information missions BJP nation dot com and Mike is on base but I think you're meeting she's eat nations. Yes the follow us on Twitter and his stick grandparents parents that's BJ he. Asia near. Those effects and even toys 19802243353. Says any nine Vijay geek nation and And check out our video that you two dot com slash B Diggnation subscribe thank you subscribe to the fact that at least very funny story my man my roommate nephew because. This is the generation we live in new key they they watch she watches these YouTube shows in the funky stuff and so hit he thinks to say goodbye I it's. Think you blankly subscribe that's happy that I got my power losing. Using five that's adorable baby love or Siberia that's creating new because I've just. I had a avenues that going to be fired this year and it's a total legs yet she is don't watch a lot of shows they don't have cable so there's some. Different dvd shows and lights inside to but a lot of times it's. Netflix through the parent cell phone him watch gene that children's programming. And it's. It's I don't know why I feel like using the old as the oldest technology today that it is kind of surprising I guess to me. I remember when we used to have to sit at least three beat three feet back from the TV screen we'd wreck our eyes now look now like the parent banner and it wasn't the learning Regula lead paint to have back then Gramm huh I thought I definitely use some moser Ruder actress. But the I don't go. All right well this is a weird segue but. OK okay I thought that it. Who we have with us today mr. Nathan O'Brien from lilac city comic con. Because some big geek nationals well the ones on this program will be in attendance at. This show dad so without any further delay. With us on the phone right now is Nathan O'Brien and the the mastermind behind lilac city comic con Nathan how are you doing. Here and I don't mentality is doing great you know Seattle during the weather for now hoping it will be fairly nice how's the weather there like from spoke of. It's been pretty good actually I think we're turning the corner it'd be nice and beautiful. Well actually do we're going to be there all we can or have a parade time we love coming out here convention. Does he will live up to come on this is what the eleventh. Here now. That the learn eleven years now the first year that we're take in the net steep plunge and we're going to a few days. I'm okay. How relations I act I remember that the first year that we win many years ago and it was still the community college asked. And you've got to have kept expanding a spanning so congratulations on making it bigger and better every year. Thank you definitely that's always been our goal to make it it's a big here keep growing on adding to well we've been kind of establishing. At the same time most importantly making sure that the affordable for not only vendors but people in the community to come and enjoy it. And that's one of the things as you guys are really into helping out the local artists and businesses from around the area. And so I think that's really one of the fun parts because maybe people don't really associate a place like Spokane Witten and early in this. But you definitely don't want on your fans and all the people out there to be excluded in that. Oh most definitely not I mean I kind of feel like we're. You know Portland in light into the. OK okay. You were definitely a weird and our own way over here. But we have a strong. A group of artists. Not only professionals. But amateur as well people are you know just try to do it they can begin buying get there to work out there. And the same time some really cool businesses to a bit. Dabble on a lot of other things you know collectibles and comics but great isn't it great people in the community and so I just wanna try to have a affordable menu that they can showcase their stuff. Everyone out there not only for the one but now today's show that all year round. I'm actually taken you're faced a break now and this is freaking awesome and I wish I was as though he and not not because Amy Grant Booth there. But there's a scavenger hunt for tickets this Sunday may 21 that's. You get it ace bracket the common cat comic hack prize packed. And you find where you know we can square the free tickets in comics and stuff it all happening on Sonny to go to the FaceBook page lilac city comic con he can get all the information and. I. Now we have something awful she just comes out and just who wanted to exhibit at the. Unless of amazing that is brilliant touch come over that it was good to something that does somebody say hey you know will be fund to help promote the event there was this something you've been working on for a long time. My give -- credit to my body Matt brought the bit is our graphic designer he does. Drug rocket the comic cat and stuff for me that's that's I think and that they would all his idea that you really its spearhead net and I did go for a man coming how many ticket Q1 and I think at the great idea. Well that is that is brilliant mean anger per people really giving away tickets to radio stations and things like that or you know calling contests and those types of things but like a scavenger hunt. And it's it's I guess citywide scavenger hunt. Mainly probably going to be more towards her front our share. Which is big. In and of itself quite frankly it's not a small part it's gonna be even more interesting because they're doing a lot of renovation right now so that's not gonna happen. President. I. And it was our and a baby you know the. And that's an awfully if you guys have been like there's so many awesome like gas coming Alli we have Doug Jones you know from held below a fantastic four rise of the silver surfer who mood and until there's been pretty much everything what we know anything new on your teller should act. Yeah unfortunately it Doug Jones is not going to be joining on the yeah he is working on the new Star Trek discovery TV show all. Your ass who give him a pat yeah exactly exactly and that's Allen and Rick when you you know your book and I fear that currently working and in demand Mike Doug. We just that the by the gentleman and he felt terrible haven't let me know that it just as scheduled not gonna work he's Miller and right now and IBO would get away so. The tuition up in the what best in and he definitely want to make it up and the people here and in the northwestern come out in the future show. We had and he's secretly from Ron he's local issue isn't news right Washington he he shows up to the a lot of Washington this stuff as much as he can I've seen him at tonic of engines are here. Yeah I need to cryptic on a few years ago and had a lot of great feedback from that and people are spending just like the type of guy either want me. So this are the ones are the keys are the one that I really want is just jump right in his Susie says starter. Timber us is going to be there no man. But straight that is a great debt man walking up to block catch yes so. And somebody I know might be doing a couple of panels with them cool. Move in thinking it had to walk are you happy that I've made a neighbor that's what you are notified if IE if you wasn't too much trouble would I mind terribly taking some time out of her busy schedule to do a couple of Star Trek and and up to my aunt saw ha yes please. Take your gonna be there anyway yeah that's a good. But you gotta get on what you've got a really great lineup the stuff this year so this is this is going to be truly be amazing June 3 and fourth at the Spokane convention center. What's Leo what's so put your website. Spokane comic con dot com. Excellent. Yeah all social media all that good stuff as well one thing broke quick I want to mention yeah they were really look into plug in promoted something new that kind of a twit stunt and we've done the past. We've always collected canned food nonperishable Aaliyah and we really Wanda up our game and really get blow away any participation we've had in the past. So for every one item donated. Whether it canned food nonperishable. You get a raffle ticket so if you bring in five items you buy tickets love and in the end though the show on Sunday. We're gonna draw winners or a one year subscription to Lou great. Six month subscription and treatment description. Well older during an old has amazing holy GAAP. Don't this spring and yeah command Kate I got me out of my guy whatever Mike great cohort are going to a Catholic chairs spoke and help feed. Almost community here and down so we're really that. He may actually glad he did I can say I am I ranked duke guard one through all the candidates I'm. Nathan thanks so much for talking is there and we will see you next weekend. Aren't you get it in again you can go check this out just go to lie lac city comic con actually it is. Lilac city comic con dot Web.Com yes but if you just search fur on FaceBook or Google searches its beard really really really easy to find who have links of all over the place and exactly one week from well tomorrow. June 3 and fourth I had Spokane convention center I'll check it out come say hi everybody yep we look deeper alienating. One week from tonight yet bet that they should be kept. And that up next we need to talk a little bit about American gods OK I. Schools watching it you know me to Dulles. We have Brad. I don't our children at some point probably out so I got to IIMSGA. Tour rolls around in the red wedding avenue like alchemy and I'll watch the show. Just watch a show from the beginning for once grabs. I can't do no right away gonna. The entire time and they need the free me up really sporty I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that it's already been approved for season two MLB Gary or Jason there right available so that these shows. I like yeah but tell us. Ideally what you wait until I. Is still very clear he's going to be around for a bit and apparently I'm not very good at that because I didn't watch powerless weakly to Indian he added they they they they don't do anything you. Maybe it is maybe I should I don't watch this very well OK show me how I take it all back you are the curse of a good TV well that's. Excessively routes have we just move on and talk about American gods got the story. So this is a great episode actually we we got a lot. A lot hard of back story on China with what Laura it was it was basically go more emphasis add. Start to finish so good so it opens with us just watching her at work works in a casino dealing dealing blackjack. And obviously in erupt. Having little trouble. Getting enthusiastic about life in general and in fact tries to take her own life who and doesn't go road doesn't go over she can enter into the end but that's you know that's how network. So make sure of getting high A and trying to take Carolina because she does you know I asked for bug spray later on this like how she's gonna try to ticker life she got into our hot tub. And to start praying bug spray with the top down on you think halo. I'm getting an eye ailment which used to hopping or I thought. I was basically her saying I've fallen back its yellow not mean yeah that's a result I yeah how does what did it take you guys to realize flashback. Oh curled into little bit because yeah it wasn't until after shadows late shadow with their at their table and I was like they do and that the could you ever noticed just like him and we assumed she was alive because the last episode she was an honor golf that I didn't think she'd call right back to work. Doesn't autism is the good points and he has not longer than it should benefit her worry about high probably I'll latter also aside from the fact that you know when we see her in the previous episodes she is sitting up like basically where this episode and that kinda ties up two previous episode episode three T know where you know okay how'd she get here and explained that playing QE. We would end up at the hotel by anything and I thought this issue of god I'm Katrina wait maybe she's really doubt you don't darn it everybody this and anybody has anything you got a lot of street and I have because I got a big guys are gonna take a look at this just doesn't actress Natalie I'm gonna do walking on you know. Princess over yeah did you prayed to him every time you do lock that you don't get hit. All. Animal studies of more so far out there as evidence all right fair but I still there is a automobile flashback has a Mike may be our wasn't a flashback I should say a sizzling or bad news is the god one know what it's like I still don't understand why but he seemed a little too comfortable with like you know he walked at a casino and he was on cancer charity in a minute you hit your wife came back from the dead you Buick. Moon. And president and she was very cocky it's funny to see the evolution of him with. He is very cocky carrying out their costs into the wind I don't care. And it's funny that up until now. Like you even here like even the first episodes Kiki kind of makes her out to be that this sweet love being like. And jelly kind of creature but then when you hear how she Daiei is with something you know in her mouth Errol. You know she's not as good as you think in this really show like I honestly thought she'd be one of sweet bubbly type who just married the bad boy but no she's just always had a dark side. And the taken this guy home without you know administering first. And he just sticks around. I think I think that's also part of a wider you cast and we brownie to this role. Yeah perpetually looks like she's nine you know gas is a very scene looks so sweet innocent scenario here it's great selling your doing dirty things electoral. Yeah yeah and it surprised and even in that heavy heavy role where they portrayed her as this. He can't get happiness and I have any evidence may have monotonous yes she says she's not. She doesn't present shadow she resents his happiness and that she has none of that and just but but you look early prosecute. Both of them answered over and eventually installed as a frontal cute girl and he's. I did love it though because I'm a big blackjack player and when he was thrown although I'm. I don't give Bosnia yeah yeah they are going to announce. I'm very happy says that if I think probably the first time in my life. CC and a casino Rivera like we just call the cops. Yeah like yeah it's not dangling at Vegas got fitted US club we're not gonna waste our time like there's jails for your act. Yeah exactly. Although I did find it very interesting where if they did. The a lot of close ups on the cards and they did see a new this on the air. And even listen while he's the casinos look at Cleopatra is on playing I'm not quite sure what the song was that they did make mention of Cleopatra. I had that vibe. So you know Cleopatra was you know I knew this was a god. Cleopatra and the not the other guy with a debit card in India underworld. Yes yes so it's it's funny as Cleopatra is. Egyptian and yeah. Well I was I felt like it almost seem like she's supposed to be Cleopatra. And I and I kind of wondered about that too but then then we get to see her when she dies meet up with I guess there it is server or whatever Harry Pernod is not a death. They guided the the basically the the Tehran analog to ferry men. He does exactly that he weighs your heart against the feather in if you are bad person you go to the bad places well. And then she has. My favorite moment of of this entire episode and that they ran his wife's that is actually I mean that's a new bit they column I missed I was younger I mean the doctor I never got though doctor I was a little vessels are up. Because they only mention his name when they're in in the in the mortar whatever the after the service Travis down. Is the one sport or she does not zombie death fish they are so good I learned she read goes back to her friend's place continues to sober arm back on after kicking all of about mr. mr. technologies. Garros yet we find our who actually was attacking when mr. technology year of tech noble or what I had taken a lad rhetoric or. Oh boy tries to kill. Shadow via public lynching basically has all is like weird techno goons beat him up and then hang on. You see her seat like cheesy shadow when she gets out of very you know her grave. And so when she sees shadow now he is a glowing colds. All around him and so she freaks out she starts attacking these dunes of which we've seen before we didn't see who saved him we just know somebody did down. And she won pie she's super strong like she takes one guy on the all woman no she picks on the ball off his body explodes in his spinal cord and Schulze up sheets are. The funniest that those who see all year was the first episode when it disembodied hand flew through the hair that this sort failed at the somebody's throat yeah. I laughed so hard at that I didn't like this again guys right here receipt need somebody in the Baltic he X poll close because of it back vacuuming the bunnies there and I did I know this is what you need to be seen this right yeah. Like our guys he's punching people they're exploding her hands going through their bodies she's super strength zombie at this point ask. On the one of the guys hit her arm and just kind of falls off to spoof. Good and and then she kills and whether other armed yep and I investing our secure access the Internet with good path. She. But it is that she did leave like that's how she'd steal on her and she basically told a new list like. Now as you this he's like she's I don't want to ever be wait I know it's heavier than the father figure gonna go to a place of darkness. She tells them at IPO now. Our new wrist hasn't as the greatest white small monologue of his response to her being like I don't wanna go it's a purgatory essentially even though are held Cornell you know like I've weights much is like. All I have to kill our I've had a lot of people there and you're no different and pretty much is like I'm gonna put it because the while it's guys keep using terms like purgatory and hell I very much got a sense like she wasn't going to hell the whole point was you lived your life with outpace. So now there's no face to meet you invest. Right like we saw that one guy who heresy so worship and a for the Egyptian gods to get to Egyptian debt. She was like when you believe it nothing's it was no after like for you it really is just darkness and darkness affect you as. We chip feel like Aaron Dante's inferno on high school I was obsessed with that we got a really good grade on it believe it or not if it I have but one of the things like every level held is different and purgatory was the first one or even though what what happened to atheists. Why is they didn't just get cents a like nothingness. They got torture to while they're walking him these bugs festering and like eat like steam coming everything in as they're bleeding. And the blood hits the ground more of these bugs come up and start festering with them again start picking out and and there are constantly walking towards the white flag neutrality. Just the neutral white flag and they have to constantly for all eternity follow this flag while getting stung in big and all that stuff so. Some people think that's up thirty schori is not a happy place and not do not like necessarily like Ellen just okay it's nothing now. Yeah Toews nothing to say it's literally enough and an empty since its which we are witness yes that's different event battle it's really it's it's it's just simply lack. But I don't think I really might not be about the Felix others to be pain in the you do academy make it seem like it was worse then act just nothing just nothing you believe in nothing so you get nothing right. But he also say she asked him if there'd be pain and suffering losses and he's like Moriarty darkness there'll be darkness I can attend unless they think there's no answer that question it will simply be yeah be nothing you'll feel nothing you'll think nothing that's how it all of these. I'm Corey it's brilliant and I -- have to destroy like it was a foray after the it's a little easier have been watched this and this up as a definitely felt like it was moving faster I think it was because we're just focusing alarm I fully with the slowest episode to thank you exactly it was it was 80% stuff we knew just filling in the details yet we knew they Thelma we knew that there are mild winter rye we got married we knew that she couldn't wait for him like. All that stuff was bound to happen in just you know that's that was the show don't tell the last few episode. Yeah I mean I think the pacing was good I mean FL didn't feel like he was dragging but it was kind of those things like in progress the story in progress the story we literally ended. On the exact same scene that we ended episode three and that that to me was kind of sticking pointer and are talking about it earlier it's like. I I didn't putt at I would have liked at least maybe a little bit more of the story but it just ended so it might as well have been the one long episode with both of those things crammed in together. I liked it because I'd like I said I had this image in my head that she is a sweet angelic person who made a mistake. And I like seeing howl what drove over to it. And then also we learn how we shadow was so incredibly on the lucky. Yeah I'm losing you know you know getting caught. And losing Newton and then evenly gig when she's like okay at a planned. We're going to rob the casino she got tighter life she's fine money to get the hell out of this right. She's like I have a plan they're working very years I know how everything worked I know there were only to look out for this plan is perfect you can't stir it up. Any its contents jail match how did you screw this up so it just shows you how much he shot a wave. But then once he meets mr. Wednesday I noticed his luck changes how the that he was able to get the leper cons. Lucky coin out all the point he had he managed the clock the lucky one woman to. And even like he did lose the first. I was in through the first yeah the first a checkered immigrant but in a bargainer yet but he he won the second one like after he had some help from you know some courage men from one of the other. God there is so special about this guy is not just you know gas and not pawn always kindly any creating a bishop or something. And I got as a word of god through so discouraging that I'm the only one has read the book and knows the answer but I just I don't wanna say a young guy. Now you are forgetting it but they're there are things that I have forgotten but not not that that ugly shadow voice I heard that there wasn't nearly as much back story on the wife and a hole and know yet as was this was this was a grip so for me because he had this was a lot of stuff that information you don't actually get from the book so I enjoyed that. There is one of the things that we are talking about earlier today that Joseph and I can eat as for discussing. On the about the whole Cleopatra thing yet brutal war of Cleopatra she went to excuse suicides like poisoning herself and asked yeah. I didn't know what I asked was what is it into snake snake snake which is funny 'cause she dies in a car ride out with a different kind of performing some action that he was normally on a different snake and it when she tried to kill herself she tried to poison herself deal with the bucks braking zone. Mine who knows what this is all about. But I feel like it's interesting how to fly does play a big part community and when she's waiting for that in the room motel room. She put to the flight trapping me it's also time laps to steely flies get trapped. In the course of how her many hours I mean she's also mall during corpse at that yeah yeah goes out about her team data yes but the fact that there was lies even earlier on I thought that was an interesting thing on what are what are like flies gas cans anyway she was defeated two guys. So there's a great show and that's good. Yeah I don't mean what's popular. Ratio yes but if you know like you know how legion did that thing where they didn't really progressed the story that kind of just kept filling in details Mario and I felt lesion was a little slow I think bishop does it way better. And then there's both good shows official really grabs you with the back stories in the way to do it whereas at least I Phyllis just a little bit slower with it. I think it was like I mean they're both about the visuals but I think legion is more about like. Tricky drug visuals while this is more or psych and down a weird it's. Life without being crazy yeah this is about beat you over your head yes. Cool how guys like it's unless that nice that I have here yeah weekend Brad I know long weekend at I'm gonna make this happen they and a dagger element we do have to move up because I spoke with mr. Garrett on Cullen buck from skewed in reviewed that is SK and. Absolutely no this is very interest and stop those you go back a lot older than us and her parents and costly and worked grandparent Delray back in the day of the you know these. Black and white film Universal Studios. Basically. Really get a name for themselves but I do and monster almost regular. The mummy to. You know and invisible man things like that they have there have been various efforts over the years. Students must not forget the effort they had with the issue until Toro to try to martyr Ernest wolf as a yeah well we had bought an hells and back in the day and you know they can put a lot of effort and that's the point work. They even put up an attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood around it and things like that and can what does happen is basically they take a look at what marbles done and what other studios have done and said okay. You know it it probably doesn't work if you say. We're gonna do this movie then we're gonna do move beyond that. Gonna do move beyond that it works really well if you go with a clear sense of who is going to be in each of these films. Possibly have linked together similar to what Warner Bros. is doing with King Kong. And got to elect and this whole you know joining a monster. Seem that there are on right now what a couple films already in the works yet and so I'm interested to see what they come up what you know the first of it really is going to be. The new reboot the mummy with Tom Cruise ships coming and I'm. But it soon very soon we're gonna scream and a couple weeks. But you know its interest in you dig a little deeper at some of the other stuff they have out. Just rolling interest in you know character cheer Tom Cruise or Russell Crowe and they've confirmed he's going to be him reject was injured one. Hide any you have in he's just gonna be a real interesting part about this because you talked about they wanna share the universe not looking up some of this information and doctored jackal is going to be. A sort of monster hunter that ties everything in together. And the legal. And the majority of these crazy things like it's like you know this is actually brought clever he got the invisible man in Frankenstein's monster being played by Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem and her like. While Powell that the you know big insert some. These are some name people earned and then we'll also be. That I clear derby and very Smart because they've got an idea. From fort market as well which so they're now they're. Not just taking people that will appeal here they're taking some people that may not be has bigger star in the United States to they're gonna go for my expert or overseas and it is very interest and cheaper plan to capture. In its fund also because the next movie coming up after the mummy this year they have announced as the bride of Frankenstein. Which is kind of interesting because they're sort of going with a female. Band on. Antagonists that seems to put the mummy. The mommy in this one will be a female and then there of pushing the bride of Frankenstein which will still have Frankenstein and Jacqueline a bunch of other people on it as well but the kind of pushing that. Email. Lean towards it. Exactly and I think this is very intriguing you know its its I I liked the idea figure out. The good name capture and you know people can say well light you don't have collectors have unlike depth that this person has done. For the most part these people specially with Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise who have an actual quote approached a general economic church themselves to another may be eight. Passion Procter cured or were they say well it may not be the most commercial but something about it attraction I mean they obviously saw something that they like you're actually work. We're thrown our lot and that's and some remember throwing an alcohol from multiple pictures. And I just love being able to see what they're going to do it that I'm really excited that they're going to have a shared monster universe I mean even mention the fact they're gonna have the is. Sort of tide you universal way of with God's still lying King Kong and I'm super stoked about that some people are kind of worried about the shared universe things and some people like well maybe we don't need to do this all the time and have every movie tie in with and others. But I think with these ones it really actually does make a lot of science. Or exactly and that's the thing you have to because there isn't an interconnected. Universe to them. No and we're you know the source material may have all come from their for rockers but let's be honest when people looked at the cinematic when they go back and look at these even though they came permit her nearest you. Yet Dracula. Than people think of Frankenstein can maybe you know and then eventually your thoughts or you have the wolf stand in the mummy and oh yeah they were cranking out all those shelves in the early mutineers part to point out. They're all considered in that goal mirror and I think that's what they're basically looking out now saying audiences will accept linked films providing they're done with quality. And there say you know. A building point you're not just throw in the same thing out every time like marbles done you know you know you can look at a film underwhelmed us it was mostly ciller. Yeah it any you can even look at us you know it's building something and end the civil fact I'll sleep can have a tertiary character in one of these movies that might be a stand out that they're not too sure about him might be character that. They're like OK maybe this'll work we're gonna put it in this movie seeping gets a big audience reaction to judge and see whether or not it can carry its own movie in the future. Exactly I love it so. Moving on from now we've got some casting news about the uncharted movie wait Jack has a a somewhat familiar face now at least if you're looking at at some of the other marvel movies going on. Now there are correct charm Holland has been captions the end Spiderman. And he'll be playing young nature and break in the uncharted. Film and this is good news because they're the stones have been kind of often on for the better part of six years now that everybody with a and then you would hear like this directors attached in her own before cameras and sort monster. And I'm almost certain this director laughter burst than you would hear the usual. You know usual nonsense of creative differences meaning the studio wants less than men that the director wants them surrender the actor wants to us and you don't sing gotta remember Vermont always set to open your game -- research -- anyway election this any different all of this is kind of new work trend that we had started to seat where the studios themselves are much more actively involved in development should know a lot of the old stop in the days are talked to some of the directors and it didn't matter rather as a global org doom or wing commander -- say well you know basically we were out skip writes we were at nick you can get names you can get certain similarities in story lines that we were you know immediately you can't make the law. That things looked like they do in the games and can't do anything that might reflect our future games storyline so essentially you're kind of left west. And name an abate as a loose concept loosely based on the game you've got to do something completely way off states in the mature answer like well wait a second socialism when I signed up for a yeah right. And if so you know and then you have those problems and that's why in recent years we've seen more of a studio involvement with the video games where there are saying OK if you're gonna do best or at least gonna have a hand in -- some of them have cut deals and you know looks like what someone told me why we've never seen perhaps what movie because well Peter eight as they said there's really not a pressing need for at their opened their IPOs but. They wanna make sure it's absolutely downright not hurt it's like script control. Door to an all you have to horrible final cut Pro Bowl and so many studios are like yeah no. And that's the big problem with these because also the fact that everyone I mean it's it's the unspoken rule that if you heavy video game movie it's going to sock and sometimes they can buck that trend but by and large. They're for the core audience who loves the games but also at the same point they're not gonna having a whole lot of pole for anyone who doesn't so why would you make a movie that's just gonna kind of fall on its face and all that time spent all that energy on something that he borders basically gonna forget in a year. Oh exactly and see you know people forget. That the Resident Evil don't the most successful and you have I am now just were Tomb Raider and a revamping it but this is where they're going back you know. Warcraft did not do well in the United States that did her well overseas so maybe not enough for a sequel to happen but you look back at some of the recent things need for speed at all right about now assassin's creed not so much in the US did okay overseas you've got a new revamped term rape to murder come and you go Rampage. Where. Blocker per currently filming. And you know we've heard things like you know buying crap and authority announced a name or virtually all of the number dragons where and I think what they're wait force they're waiting for one of these live action games to religious pop up and go kind of like Gretchen and people dead. And then I think you'll see more coming and the service was kind of worse he has witnessed. They know this is the bigger uncharted franchise start. If you believe what you hear this next uncharted game it's pretty much kept are not saying this is the end of the line they're simply saying. Beyond this one we don't have anything planned for the foreseeable future mats and hands and take on that. Story now there's during the film franchise and it's like so in theory. This movie could come out after the final in maturity. Ships that pass and yet RA. So I can tell anyway you know hail but heat but due to the business behind that the gay if the movie. Well hold them I guess we're gonna have to make another game. Iran is there really good point and as Leo have to see how that works out on that. Another thing it seems. I like I've been hearing ever since terminator Genesis that that was basically the death knell for the terminator franchise. In a here Arnold is touting that there's gonna be another one. Yes it's actually accrued interest and penalty traders Summers as quickly as I can basically. James Cameron walked away after the second film because he no longer have the right cheek he got out that for the rights to the franchise. And so he's gonna open up to in his own thing and you know Irish you know we kind of had some good work saying about terminator Genesys. The plan was they were gonna do two more movie shot back to back. Is terribly debates when he nineteen that's coming up com. Robert Wright's or were fractured arms camera. And so the plan once record rights holder one which do you Genesis of the sort of a neutral outreach and get that all done before they lose the rights. Well Cameron has apparently come around said now you know of course he's busy what do you. Or avatar films at this point his intention. Is to co write and produce someone else shall direct. One more terminator film. But this'll central will be one more he has had a hand writing the story he is gonna oversee. Former producer standpoint so that is going to be one more film to basically type whole thing up the weight that he wants the story concluded. Inner SEC that'll be fine even if it's not done by hand because of his million avatar but these it'll be fun to see that finally maybe get that little wrap up that it needs and of course that'll be the wind that blows a big and then Hollywood executives Billy boat we need to make Ariza like well we just. Wouldn't want to blow them. Exactly and I understand it it's pretty much assume they're going to pretend that the ones the James Cameron didn't do. Kinda didn't happen her rock McQuarters somewhere and it's it'll it's basically going to be a recorder James Cameron felt. If you can have he's gonna pick a director he's gonna have the script and he's going to be producing answer you can pretty much spiritually and watch it washes is hampered due to his schedule which I dealt conception on how we operate this was going to be his position get up and screen Eric. I cannot attribute it to Ripley study which are tied up with alien covenant and and hopefully getting the next one to the other fourteen months he knew we couldn't direct. Labor reported 49 now bought TD. Oversaw all. He you don't have a script approval made sure they Gupta rituals screenwriter Eric and was instrumental in who they picked as the director and he has been overseeing the whole thing what terms so you know. It's going to be a big chunk of its trigger pretzel local almost well. That's that's always good sign for that day gears again get bunker on bought from skewed in review before we get out of your Garza's hernia a little quick little tidbits you got porous. Basically French comic con this weekend to panel from the boot to pure around their real outcome and we've got to. Special event from SeaWorld next week and and we got a few other things that are coming out from option. Are right five which is gonna have a spirit repeal later stay here yeah typically not in the old west as expected it's actually going to PD. Dealing with any religious cult in Montana. Sets in the modern day over me. For more information on that so. One posters that just came out so much that can looks like you've taken on ducked on restrictions I have to cash apps that matter from America. Rock god figure so much getting Guerin on Colin Barr from skewed in review you can find all of that at SK an art dot net. Think he's so much man Eddy current thinking summit geared against scare bought common bock SK NR dot net. And now let's get to rule and she twists the TV. Big key I. And is including. There is movies. There's no there's no no movies about piracy year and I don't know what goes on and that parity at tickets well. Rules for my mom aren't mom. If if you originally if as a right now is getting twenty peace it's terror right here early in the NN's Allan hills 20%. How my. Most of bring it back. Of Johnny Depp really needed more Y money this was his big. How. Yeah I mean that's eight that we we've heard the fact that he has been in dead so maybe he's pulling his Nick Cage now and it's just you know out as much stuff as humanly and people loved the pirates of the Caribbean franchise that I immediately my dad and I we. Seen every movie every here's the thing like that or a flood people right realize. They produce some awesome awesome soundtracks that Santa is counteract this is true I have almost all of lamenting the missing the second one. But even though I think the last wanna had a very Spanish influence of the Alley cat I think it's. For the eagle and Gavin land they're like pick Spanish guitar is played OK okay and it sounds so beautiful and they even did a couple of techno version of like wishing they would be really like. OK but it was actually a lot of fun and incorporating the traditional. I think it's Han Zimmer does the originally the scoring. Since they take some of that and then do knowing following stewing in it's a lot of fun to have that kind of like the guitar that way to Eritrea Edgar yet. General check them out but yeah the last I think the fourth. It's album making out with a super awesome. And even think the third one had like a lot of Asia into the weren't seen import like a lot easier. Inspiration into the music on social science scores Steve early run to our. I just use it like whiny just background music filling bright her whenever. And we talk about the fact that pirates is only getting 20% from the critics but I mean 90% of people want to see as a now you have so I mean these are keen at this this is what your kids movies absolutely and it's one of those ones where I mean it's what the fifth wine yeah. You know what you're getting into when you're going goes you pirates movie breath so at this point I mean and even if you've missed maybe one or two I think yeah things you can go into watches have bee park has Paul McCartney and oh yes I have seen actually you Rhode alone post on the FaceBook page Arab blood he looks weird man when it freeway tacitly lately. Palm a car. Okay. Then. I know nail Nassau. Yeah. Again yet as Keith Richards and Theriot at a price that's what the lake Keith Richards doesn't sit and three to like person a second incidentally Roger Daughtry is going to be six says yeah yeah he's somebody. Who Mick Jagger. And we aware got there I know I got a little extra there are enough to graduate Steven Tyler Tyler at all. I am on the card now basically great actually I reckon it was and my persona he looks pretty good lake Keith Richards looks like he would use is probably one of the ones that. Came back from IRA and then be at a very very tired and they have now got Cyrus that it would de Caracter was inspired by Keith Richard aware that. And I and I don't expect that but we did have a Javier Bardem as carpet turns on a sad poor and grueling look like they're coming here like he'll be underwater even when he's not like that half feast yeah Luke has seen the previews of any lift creepy is that you know there the fun things about these movies are the the effects. Are fantastic. Nobody can throw it now I mean at these these are busy money yet it's vis these are the blockbuster movies and everyone talks about Nazis during the summer. I'm excited to see the CG night. Johnny Depp to look like a young captain Jack Sparrow because this is kind of a slight origin story we're gonna find out. How he kinda came to be and that's what why captain salas ours kind of testes like how many do you back for what you did your own but we do see young Johnny Depp CG I'd very much. What is like Tron they didn't get to Kurt Russell in guardian of the galaxy now remain the main opinions. Tony Stark civil war yeah oh yeah and yes I so I'm very excited to see how it all looks on getting better and better are there any other geeky movies this. I'm you know hey you know music can have. And I guess I mean it's the rock Baywatch. When he went for. I mean OSHA if for some reason you can't get into parity build these they liked out of water based their ego and a little has always retract does price we offer Baywatch how he people wanna see it. It's 09 B oh for me lots and Austin all the peoples that is not a tricky 5% liked it. So there are. Our own people going in and watch the that the satellite and I mean I I ever sell itself what quality right if Phil AJ you're right I mean and that's maybe why I enjoyed you know the 21 jump street like what they're taking these these TV premises and putting him in the movies. Again like us talking by the parents you know you're getting into when you see these are not going to go see some high food mart you're going to have some fine record run at the camera. Into the ocean you are a little bit and middle aged woman or your want between the ages of sixteen of 36 so we Zach GAAP fraud in the rock are right yeah we are not crack. And even upper laid it on the I there is uncalled war. War machine in has Brad Pitt and it looks like one of those goofy movies like and men who stare notes at halftime Rudy gets laid back rent out. Funny I like tag line is word deliberate and sent you couple that I'm I'm feeling it is in a beast goofy funny Brad paying Anthony Michael hall and Topher Grace tagline what actually something of a underwriter Goldman attorney asked used were. Violates the right. Who analysts and just serious actor okay well I actually Beazer nice guy like 62% of the now so it's may be so it's continued to question with the tough. Okay. Nothing good piece of the so. Until like some guys stay in any. Your inner geek wants to come out and play plug where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flag fly and Vernon whilst yeah. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot club feet.