BJGN05-29 -17 Evergreen Tabletop Expo

Monday, May 29th

Chris & Rev talk with Patrick Day about the Evergreen Tabletop Expo; the gang talks TV with GOTHAM, Supergirl, Flash & Arrow; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells speed ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are no interim Vijay chased the nation. Welcome yes welcome to Vijay Singh is key to me she and I and the reverend en Fuego across for me is Vicky Barcelona I. He's cut crystal walker mr. walk like eighth. And and I Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday. Well why and I don't know if you did know a date is you don't know what it is days but goalie joins us Monday Monday when a man. Did you presents. Until only will sell you a ticket for the whole season but you'll only need the edge and jewels wow and amending the board then it might privileges then. The prodigy when he won at every Monday ha yeah. You guys are so weird. On today's show we will talk with Patrick Dave from the evergreen table top expo we will talk TV a lot of comic book shows. And we will get to geek she would be keep being. Vicky how can people get a hold of us. So welding get a hold of us via our website he digging they should not come call and call home. On face the prosecutor BJ JP nation it'll Somalis are doing an instant cranberries. Or are. PG nation. Symantec's early with my son is 1980224. 3353. Cent a penny nine Vijay geek nation at And watch her video subscribe I'm like it's seven YouTube dot com slash B dig nation shall I describe sharp sharp and try to ascribe the let's get right into. Our our guest because mr. Patrick. ETS tactic type nobody ain't I'm doing great great to be here end is fun because now you've gone from Tacoma to Seattle proper because this year it'll be at the Seattle center. Yeah that's that's the big changes were actually so we're hosting the national level of ancestors of the last. Being here we of people flying in from around the country for different things and so we felt that we wanted to kind of bring up the level the event and then he's so we're going to be right under the Space Needle in the Seattle senator expo and that's that is it's an awesome place because there's so much efforts under so much you can do right around that area in addition to ETX but if people don't know the evergreen table top expose happening this weekend June 3 and fourth at the Seattle center. And it is a massive board and card game extravaganza that gas and Ed this is one of those fun things were you can not only play a bunch of games purchase games check out stuff but talk with on developers from some of your favorite card games of board games tabletop RPG's. Yeah is the whole slew stopped absolutely outlawed designers and developers and publishers. We have a huge demo library where you can just basically check out games and play almost any game you wind. We have a actually an independent game design award where you actually get to vote here goes Lucy's last year was one of the winners was. If I saw the crown is one of them up in exactly. So. He had so that's a big part of what's going on and we have some really cool competitions both really casual and competitively we pretty casual king at Tokyo. Competent half. There's less Olympic its hand states champions going on April there's a national stuff that your talk gas so actually this year is the first year we're hosting fancy play games never honored and game thrown seven national finals it fine. Syria that's actually a really big deal and people are all over the country are really excited and coming out to be participate not that I mean what's a better place to post net runner nationals. Good and the whole house and around her daily place nobody flipped an error has created and then rate another Space Needle person I cyberpunk I don't. It never enters one of those interesting ones this started off as a CCG. Yet turned into. Is it was is it a living card game how do what is now it's a wedding card games you don't have to deal with all the oh by up all of the packs all the time and apparently it up with all of that you can get whatever cards you need whenever you need them. Now Patrick. You know how long has each case for going has been three years does this will be your number threes are still pretty young and but at the same point you guys have been very accommodating for all the people you've been nice enough to allow us to go down yeah they're just great knowledge in any bullets one of the cool things about Seattle that maybe people are realizes really the home almost a Hollywood if you will of the board game industry -- you know and so there's a lot of opportunity here not only for us to promote a stylus publishers but there's a lot Indian design going on and so we work really hard to make sure that we're accessible we have table space. So if you wanna come down nearly game the wanna show off we can hope you do that. Seeking index public and in and you talking about the Indy gains in and such in one of the fun things that we've been involved with and helping out is the plate test northwest guys yes sans are awesome and their what does it will be the first thing half pound or when you walk in the door and it's it's great because if you have an idea there's so many people there that I do this is a hobby that are turning it into there there their passion and a lot of times are life's work for NASA you can give some ideas in some tips and you can just talk with people have some. Get some advice about one got this great idea. I remember going to one or the other board game conventions and had this great idea for a board game does that don't make a slasher board game and I wanna do all this up and realized they are to have one Tamara. Cardiac there or actually that's what I you know. All of that even to a new level because we are offering what's called the game design academy. Well what is the session classes I think there's still a few spots left on what it in the ocean a classes that are being taught by professional game designers. On things like how to play test properly doing the design properly I'd basically going to print you know what are your production costs almost a chance. And then that comes to a culmination on Sunday with a roundtable with. All large coat like a bunch of game design. Professionals all in a room where you can ask them questions and get information back and stuff is really well and yeah Anworth. It's more than just. Playing games and hanging out but that is I mean that's really what I mean now I I know myself and BJ and a bunt to the board game alliance people are going to be there true and that's what BJ does I mean now when he's down for. He has. He's the one who will make like the like twelve person resistance table and play until like I don't know Chris how late you late you guys have played until the wee hours or more he. Small hours every day there today and if we get to you started to laid on resistance will still play all the way through and then the -- gonna want a rematch I don't think I want to or not men imam just listen for all people shouting at each other records -- there's also cooperative pandemic tournament this year so you can actually warm your own team to go on unions pandemic to win prizes this pandemic could not gonna wrap pandemic was one of those ones where it was a layers we just played a couple of different games and then we're like oh sort of pandemic peace and when came over opened up the box a look at all the parts and a Mike. I'm cool. I thought I. I got here not just one of those ones that I know that people love and I just every time I look at Vegas you principally going to be kind of like. Hope but if people wanna check this out again it's the evergreen table top expo June 3 and fourth this weekend at the Seattle center. People and can get tickets and information ETX WA dot com as ET XY dot com. And also if people are interested in maybe they're not too sure about what's going on Fred Friday you're doing a free event yes this is great because all men are a lot of times people aren't really sure what to expect at a convention right to this is a good preview to see what's going on and still get a little taste of that if you have a chance. That's exactly what it is it's a preview we'll have our demo library available there's going to be a few exhibitors I know Wizards of the Coast is gonna be there like teaching magic. Mine now the real point is here's our demo library which is huge here's tables go play games have fun meet people and get ready for the big event tomorrow that now do you have a either a eighth favorite. Board game or or a favorite and I genre like are those two don't what are you saying hi hey I'm a big fan you talk about the resistance and a big fanning games that allow me to you politically maneuver moving through the game and you know while I mean it do you call above the table talk not just what's going on down on the table. And so for me lords of Vegas is always been my favorite I'm not familiar with lords of Vegas Solarz a Vegas is. Basically to attend a better so you are a rival casino bosses him trying to take over a Las Vegas. But unlike attain and where you can only trade with the person whose turn it is owned lords of Agassi can trade with anybody at any time on any turn. So you can deal and handle your way through that game just keep a known and I were him through a comedienne good friend of mine we kind of have an on going I would call a campaign were always facing off there are other people who play with us political. Cared about those people are really matters that point are you guys where did we end up I had now are you guys you guys can see self teach your nemesis yes not a word okay that and because that's a political game that means that a lot times worse sweet talking the other players are just piece it pawns on the board America magazine in this more epic along jammed in a lot of the times if I'm playing with Chris and BJ I really feel like I am part of that I play I'm asking them what can I see it or not Chris sewn up it's. It's really true if I. Sorry I can bring all that baggage into when you got him. Especially for the game we play against each other while beating their play a lot of resistance we play a lot of stuttered ascendancy against my oh my gosh it's really really difficult to go into a game fresh and they are this is in the game this does nothing to do with Atlanta I did you complete screw me over this this is a great game and let's just play this game that is so different that it doesn't. Actually why I'm better at that that's actually why tell people you need to play the resistance twice before your really play in the resistance react yeah you need to understand what's going on and as those social games are pretty find only problem is again why we're talking about I mean like. With Chris and beating the super logical analytical. So if if anybody has watched the indeed the quote on quote magic the gathering episode of the Big Bang theory where she'll does not even looking at the game he's sitting at the computer needs like net add a -- persons already wind threat to act like they planned it out maybe yeah audited out and most the time it's me just. Reigning cup that they can I got up output cut off the answers you hardly be. We're playing Burks gambit. And it was hilarious because they had already figured out that I was the the mall. Yeah and and I'm just sitting there I'm wide. That's that's that's that's. Well I can't say anything could happen to lie you do is gonna play the car of each other but yeah and that's eventually I won one game with that because they've managed to not talk myself into losing and I the other one I was just like. I was picked again as the as the Mortimer you know what I am I don't really care a return to kill all of you people and did I put a little over a dozen game. The secret Hitler and I've never not been a fascists. Really the rough it's pretty rapidly and it and the only time once once I was not the fascists we dealt dealt the cards are women aren't I'm not the fascist and then somebody admit still or something like that no they don't you deal. Heard well like it. You got to reach out and I. I I have been I have been Hitler more often than not. And they are not aimed just fascist I have been Hitler a probably ten games that. I think eight time eloquently possibly it's just crazy but we can't we can't be at a table together and that's it it occurred at all hell hole O'Meara. I mean the only thing I had going for me it's to everyone at the tables always like he can't possibly yeah yeah. Nice guy that's happy that's me anytime Israel statistically unlikely but now. 100% possible for ya Patrick I love this because people get a chance to play a lot of board games and like you said the demo library's huge if you love worker replacement games if you've never tried out a genre of games. You're gonna have people there that can help you and guide you into this gonna help you and we help people figure out what game might be good for them if they've never tried one of those game. Yes actually nice also mentioned there's a family area this year for the first time all so if I ended spring and down eight and under is completely free. But there is a full family area or will have finally games and people rated teach those cans again as well so. Actually it's now I know rev you're gonna be their at least one day right yes yes and obedient I will be there for Saturday for sure yeah and then I the other two guys from the Bergen alliance Josh and Sean are both going to be there Sean is actually be doing a little bit of work he's got a new game that he's been mowing for you guys until this year called click click boom. And what are his title that's a great title to really fun game there's a little bit of us social interaction and deception as well it goes into it I won't I won't go down that road to park as we talked about it on the last last at so but. Be on the look out geek nation will be there enforce its agreement. Awesome yeah I'll be excited to be there with you and again if people want tickets or information go to ETX WA dot com Patrick thanks so much for being with that extra mrs. gray LL talk another board air attack happens again thank you so much Patrick again go to ETX WA dot com. You could find out all the information comes see myself come see BJ in. The other board game align your genre doesn't mean they're two you are 200. No unfortunately like we talked about on Friday you guys will be the Spokane comic con like Alexi comic con. That having some fun over there but either way geek nation is representing in multiple places we've talked TV now and now first off Gotham. Chris and I are talking about this this morning and we word at first I was like it was this this isn't finale. And that we had to actually go and figure out that no in fact there are three more episodes happening including tonight and then next week there will be a it looks like a double feature back back sort of thing going ala pat. But no this was not the season for now I am kind of glad it wasn't because. While some story lines got ended art some people got ended here AE AD it was a satisfying really to me for them actually had this could be an ending there there are a lot of things that happened that felt very like just click paying aryan and just final announce that this couldn't bring this season finale but I'm really happy that it's not. Could it could have been it was setting up long awaited season four but it's morally setting up this beat Phoenix that we and it better be big. Here at here are all that build up especially after this last episode like you go to top. Alfred steady people behave adds we're not a single happens anyway grand dad so yeah we saw a lot as the bonds little. An amount that really isn't in so showed this to go away I have some questions for you. As our resident DC expert. It was is the action Q Shatner a character or is this like what is is it Vic MacKey Michael checklist is this is just a specially made character for Gotham yet is okay futures are really care there was like an animated series episode has had a character called the judge that was sort of like him but no acts on his hand or anything like that. So yeah. It with golf and the people losing body parts by the way because I didn't know how. That is the comic books big gap hands losing our memory geeky thing busiest hours he can kill people and out of all of the comic book shows that we have. This one and I mean we'll talk about you know the CW universe. But this one feels the most comic book key out of all of the shows that I watch because you get in it's almost. Not quite like of vertigo title but there's so much dismemberment. Bloody just ridiculous and is that. Every time we watch my wife is just like how 8 o'clock at night. It is amazing the amount of gore the insanity that happens with this show what you talked about Alfred stabbing I did not expected to stab a what amounts to a little old lady in the hand while she's being interrogated I never get sick of Alfred Dewey bad ass things of that city on the Butler after path. I am happy to pass this is a really interesting one too because we see. Armed leave as she's been kind of a dark character at this point this year eventually realizes or is persuaded into being told that this is. All on her essentially. Like all of this darkness that she hasn't sire her self is on her and then we get to the ultimate part where she injects herself with the text. Buyer or overrule. My son Tuesday I I cannot imagine what is going on in these brain right now I honestly don't know what to make of this little confused because it seemed like she realized crap I'm making these mistakes maybe I need to go maybe I should reevaluate my life choices in who I hang out with or married. Because honestly you're marrying the son of a you know gal monster I'm not mobster and yours are all. And hello there how important doctor is. He is of the daughter of a multi cinema mafia boss you know exactly and so filibuster the first he really got father she goes like and it's not me is not my family it's I'm not like that at all we have now been ignoring you I leave act and act as if she has. Brought this upon announcing that she deserved it. But she's brought it upon herself and says and hey you should realizes that there when she goes in once we foods they later find out the she's still the touch virus that. She think she kind of still blames Gordon a little bit it's like okay do feeling that you didn't you weren't blaming. It is going to bless her and he got here I can't eat everything Sayyaf and that is how do you but oh my god called down got I got this. Yeah okay. And now a pretty well it's. I got the sense that like she was supposed to maybe have been convinced by borrowings. And almost like seeing his way you see that light go all these people that are hyped up on 102 virus are actually right or something and I didn't. Like I feel like she was a sheet it bit that the creators thought she went through a character shift that didn't quite come through yet I have this really confusing well an enemy incurred we are wrong about this again are our resident expert here by. Is that sort of the mad hatteras thing though too is too like infect you with his madness not embarrassing has that he'd pull its mind control actually used he makes hats that will control peoples by. Where abandon any kidnaps women calls and house. Those guys you shtick aren't that aren't as so I think that's it you kind of right though that the idea is that the virus instead sort of controlling them the way he wants them to death because you know he does she have a sit down with him men and they definitely a long conversation so I just that's where I thought it was going but yet. They I think I think you're right there was supposed to be yes she had a conversation with some villains of this episode air that could just sort of be you want in and find conversations convincing enough. Yet and I know I yes I've never seen and the character of Lee ever. Like it would never seemed to be a progression to this point it always seemed that she would be maybe one of those and corrupt the bulls. Where as at this point it's definitely not the case and maybe that's just. What got them does to people no matter what it will Wear you down and another thing I was talking with with my wife about his like. Why would you ever want to be a police officer and dot com because it looks like they just have to churn out people. Out of the academies and you ship them fresh just fresh bodies to fill out that that that the police department so they can get either knocked out or just what I just killed over and over and over. Yeah right I mean I guess that's much corruption there is there and other like. You can get paid off quite a bit of money. He just try to keep my head down and avoid anything that involves too much conflict I don't you think they do the other part is they meet factory that Red Shirts are me and I guess I. Actually I everytime ungodly meaning it going back to the point you're saying it's like she was on incorruptible and I kind of have a feeling with Barbara at first very first season because you know I think you know they're gonna eventually you know give Adrian the daughter named Barbara. Sing like she I mean maybe she'll go through Smart times among one of urban. Jim is the common denominator why inequity and she even said that like at least said that he'd just leaves a wake of destruction behind and that's being kind her theme with him the entire time. So yeah I could definitely see something along those lines and I did not like Barbara at the beginning of the show. And then when she became you know evil Barbara I really enjoy her care you are a lot now so maybe they're giving giving a little bit more. A little bit more about character development sort of thing imaginary and real work out and then you'll see what goes on what that mom I really enjoyed the way that there is the honor among the villains especially with. Penguin and riddler or a thing as sitting in their birdcage is in the figuring out OK we have to work together to get out. Are because they're there to sabotage each other yeah right doing it alone and just interns together just like all right we we probably do it until we get up the property and now we have to wait six hours and just actually kept to it mean yeah we. Talk about the plans like well I've got this Armey. Even like made those taunting him and then payment like he had no you're not gonna bass because you want to stay quiet and pay one as a businessman respects a deal meant the most part right. And then and often Arafat is still relative success with rules and was ruled an end up being perfect so it makes sense of honor of the deal. Component in I know BJ. Has a kinship to deal 66 bat man and I think they're kind of stands true that. I'm pretty sure that his favorite character is the riddler because essentially it's BJ rules warrior. Yeah. We had. Rule that I didn't play them all those fish yes you're right back at how. The riddler and these days counting BJ can pull off screen. Do you have bro win out there are really pupil blip if BJ is the riddler who does that make the rest of us. Baden. To eradicate rather have a kid thinking I cry oh yeah and you just jokers daughter Dan Quayle since I android just based daughters are jazzed up and I was anti women that's. RSS is Matt and Andrew and Richard which Melamine a little gallery area I would may. Brad might be to face because he's really chill. But then when he snaps he snaps there's no known up and you can't you can't talk don't like when maddening game it's like Brett it's OK let's he had no parent. Iraq Iran face which is kind of funny because we had. We have just recently did as does the mock got laid. And one of the gains as Ponzi scheme which I'm not a fine then and so good though though the worst thing ever and we are we talking about purgatory in the last episode. I was stuck in my own purgatory because we were inning game that wouldn't and yet you the last ones we were the last ones in it was an hour and a half long game. And it so the time was down we've finally ended the game. And outages like our I lose I'm out I'm done and it just wing and I just like I didn't stop off but apparently it look like that they're Jason really Brad because I was just over it now is mad but I was it. I wasn't super lake lake you know leg. Nerd rage executioner mad about this I didn't have potential buyer the I have to I went to the mat there may come out and one of the ladies who is helping judge and organizers like are you can. No like yeah I'm fine what's up which is that you looked really really mad I was like. I know I'll find it's okay Izzo is like yep yep there were stunning game that you doubt. But yeah I'm really glad that there are three more episodes left up in the season and now hopefully will be able to get to a nice tidy conclusion on mats. We do need to talk about the F flare OS CW DC universe 'cause. Super girl aero and flash all had their up season finale is right yeah. So what happened here is over so army. There are there were varying degrees equality in this so that's all good except for one of them or red I'm going to be with you on this one about cliff hangers 00 when I get the last 01 super girls on Monday. Aware then the deck tonight's invaded model's mom's super evil. And it's it did do that so. Opened the Superman being controlled by silver Kryptonite because there are no rules of the political Kryptonite Garrett there's yet everything has created a new Kryptonite every shot however I am here for writers who. What this bat. It's it's worse than that little rhetoric anyway yeah. Silver Kryptonite control Superman to make him think that he was fighting is audits of super girl alt metal Laura style oh wow so that was called there's didn't see them and a cast as odd we haven't actually seen their only a little dimension of generals I. So now all we both Seymour that's next season. The decks tonight army was repelled by basically poisoning Earth's atmosphere so no tax mites can be there which meant some girls girlfriend cursed girl's boyfriend Mon el had to leave because he's which moment since he had examined and as he's often space surviving from the deathly of earth to get sucked into a portal and we don't know where. And I we're really hoping to get there is the future because we've seen legions of her Aussie girls Reagan. And the four consulted super girl Mon Els just leapfrogged the legion he's character from the thirty per century so. We gotta space sort portal and we'll see what happens next year though we beat the decks like the super growth of the hero. Like cat dragged his back I think that they got their Ally McBeal money for these. That's a nice goal. On flash we don't whole season has been building up to this we gotta say virus because Perry read the future of sauce avatar kill her. And that actually happened and the penultimate episode we saw the stabbing and begin this episode. We see that oh wasn't actually her it was adults are capitalizing HR using. Technology itself look different and we see him he takes its ability often it's actually hurt. Does that feel like a cop bad do you listen when they do something like that it sounds kind of goofy the way you're explaining yeah a little bit and it makes sense with what they did it just think it's the kind of thing where I think it would have been fine if it wasn't between episodes it and they just didn't have to happen you know the tension was predicated on a weeklong break and not on writing okay gas Vietnam which is that the act you haven't issued in general panel also penalty with drones how to sort of aligned in time to be either real tension. But anyway so it wasn't that except for that they did the wrong time. And also we've got this is the third character Tom Cavanaugh has played as some guys get rid of the. Okay. For next year that's how horse of the show a new Harris the parallels ever you air. Killer frost beat her frosty is she still cold but she's not evil just got to figure out what she needs to be between seasons she'll be back next year shall be on the team solution people cold blast area. And then up to speed force of the abuse avatar who was drafted before prison. Jake Garrick the original flash ran out of the prison he had been and Erica there was a big if you'd need to be filled by its peace throughout spew forth were bused to sell that are happening events before started exploding all over this that city. And Berry had to run into it and put himself and speed force prison. So the flash sacrificed himself at the end of the season. In a way that is so believable he's definitely yeah. And he never I don't know ever coming back had to act every every time he goes and does something like this is like go well that's it I guess no more flash death yet still look like you could. You can get a cliff hanger overseas where I think somebody dies but not that much plot armor new and after just do the arrow finale can normally. Don't do Natalia fantastic episode with a pretty terrible ending I'll know this has been I think the best villain that arrow has done since he's too. On this Adrian chased from previous guy who's just always several steps ahead of aero. And it's because these two we got slate both the death stroke back tow he teamed up with aero to aero team to go fight at Marie is on the island whole season episodes on the island in and this is a big deal because for five years they've been doing flashback stories of it all the army I was telling its origin story and so it ends with the seasons so this was the end of the origin stories at this is. Particularly special season finale for arrow. More facility in six or seven will be. So it was a it was really emotional over have a lot of good. Final moments we learned that Ali has found slain son Joseph. Who's out there who's a big teen titans character in Jericho. Civil double BC's exceed that next season. And then at the at the end all the chase is to refuse onto a boat off the island where he saves his son. And finds out that all that the whole island has been rigged with bombs. And went from previous dies down will explode so all he saves his son and then refused kills himself and the whole the whole eyelid explodes. It's a beautiful explosion but. The whole routine was on the island the listener rule and dig all death stroke nobody I don't hold you can't put that much plot armor. On an islands yet and blowing up and have me believe a second up and they're definitely hiding your slams bunker he's got a prison that's probably bomb originated from a season two when the maze of parliament island. So great episode with a get BS. Flashback or you know kind of die and you I know. My area is what I really want we can see we see John Barrett his character dissect breast self sixty. She just she stepped on a land mine which is just it just feels so much like our ridership reaching into the script and polluting character out of its when they just step on our random land mine explode if it's always that. It seems like a weird sort of like I may be just because we're Kiki we know we like watched the business side of it sometimes Selig casting news is that like that elect. Oh yes he just about a random Landmine it's like a contract. Contrary season is in maybe this person isn't gonna make it to the next season but there's better ways to her right somebody's dead old Abby had just happened 'cause I say it's itself like a banana peel like you all I'm not it's not an American hero and that there had on the edge of a table exactly game it's all her movies are you kind of tripped over something anything on the grounds he didn't kill you didn't know goes right through I think only time I'm OK with that if it's a final destination because usually pretty cool anyway let me ask every form of you are really creepy sound and it really does take a -- good finale isn't bad but fingers on the flat averse less super for a first. The effective thinks they're going to all right let's get to. Teach she'd Swiss TV. Q what news he GAAP forest and he has heard that we have casting arm and then them. Cool yeah I mean little had tired then and Ron Jeremy. No he's had taught you over here and tell our a couple of a mr. Thomas hired a madman. Dana will be our venom any heat finally going to be big baby. Yes finally I guess you've got a guy who has veneman whereas black and white. Funny that escalator right I don't know all of this time I don't mean vain when Danes venom there is anybody hears the one interesting thing because. Tom hardy has played. Some characters whip mental imbalances. And he does that really well and that is really wet venom is I felt at the core of what his character is. He Mitt didn't necessarily consider himself a bad guy he just had a vendetta that well he and his sin that Sadat had a vendetta against Spiderman the museum just to go for that ended it evolved around that that would be really interesting to see where he goes with that but. He's a phenomenal actor so yeah I'm really still weakness. I love him so anonymous Baston bay in the business right now I would say without any hesitation no I have a feeling new moon you know of you know venom. Yeah I heard it and I did find this article from cinema blend it's like the things they must include. Like. Think six important things that need to be in than a movie today we're talking. Oh god I crappy town and ask them out spikes I mean it was Clinton ninety's who is on tonight but so today. Next thing to happen from secret wars yes. The but one of them being the Sandia Cindy knots. Candiotti EL and be out simulate tonight did a really nice there is a dissenter on the Internet or via video yet India gag I sit around if. In the B movie it's well the alien origins and you know. So I know let in the easy spamming into. There's an Easter egg apparently they indicate that the series was going to go assigned to the crew with and I am. But for the man movie needs since explore the actual alien origins you know like a cycle thing yeah. Agree that he's steel to grow I think that lake is bent on getting a solo movie that means you seem recipients. The very least I asked to be opposed and that they are. And that's the last thing analysts and again that Dalton know you'll get to that day with a dizzying okay what's next up. Next up says because my computer decided to freeze girl you once you have Eddie brock's. His journalism career to be saying OK I really think the problem Lillian at the switch it up to dealing a blogger for like abuzz happy about how excited I because there is no real news journalist anymore not. Really topple out there. Don't like. Still I newspapers only pitchers can't get through get what he believes newspaper for the all the DIY projects that buzz he putts out. You have to accept a ten million subs is you don't want your money number three will surprise you have to act. App app app I care. The other one is having Eddie's life being ruins my adult yet and yet. And that's one of those things that is is very integral to that it says to the character because. He gets this and has this whole thing and it's a part of them but it also completely ruined his life and what's key spirals and let's keep in mind so far Spiderman three has had all three of those states. And that did not mean it may for a good spam is now an interesting point remember take out. Dance and I love this one what it's saying is that any brock's like collapse when he started investigating a serial killer called the sin eater. So he was contract to buy a man name and heal Gregg who claimed he was the sin eater but after Eddie rednecks let's say about his findings. He'll land that's Spiderman had captured the real thing near an a grade was just a compulsive liar. Who was fired from his job and humiliated. And Brock with a sense of getting revenge on Spiderman. And then the wind has sent can be note her nude yes then I'm. I accomplished that goal so they had a show that his life was like his reputation went through and. And so on Hillary and Burke's wife is is completely wrecked because of one lie and Dave Brock alive if you will okay Carlo here yes. Green forum. Wow Joseph with the assist that's in those cheesy but if you had used broccoli it's great awesome. Way on that. I don't next next son got his weakness which we all know is primary weakness is intense sound yes yes he does seem all powerful wrestling when horse vitamins they're accurate yeah yeah I mean they didn't have a big belt on and I think that a lot of those things. And then this one is venom being an anti hero. Yeah because you want eight U he doesn't have to be bad for bad sake. Because that will get us to the sixth one and so he does try to be good and do good. It suggests he he does it that did dumb way he had at that time. It doesn't venom life doesn't revolve around capturing bank robbers are preventing car crashes. But there have been times he has committed decent axe for the greater good Al be it through extreme methods. Thank you big visit venomous of villas like keeping Wolverine as a whole you know that ASEAN was once the Spiderman villain but he has grown far past that. Which is amazing for any characters in the ninety's to make it past the ninety sincerely. And then finally it did does say that they're there. Hoping that it's aiming to be an. It needs to be because iams especially the chatter suggested that the case sooner especially after dead pool will be in all his movies spray and so of course the last honest first Ellis not Angela Spiderman movie carnage and anti aerospace a four to six Letterman's very good at it did deep by the way I. And widgets there that I did my problem with carnage is is that. It's does that no rules triple XHA. We Mountain Dew version of venom and what is which is funny because I'm venomous the normal rules xxx extreme Mountain Dew version Spiderman. Yeah it's so each is go to that level and it's. It was ridiculous. In it was dumb but it also turned into an interesting theme because of all this and be oats that I don't I don't I don't carnage anti venom we got a bunch of stuff. Least economic. Internet. I have one more thing so I promise other article that saying okay they if there is a venom who should play him so let them for those who don't know was another send SNB note that attached himself to serial killer cleanest half decent increase in North Carolina carnage at tournaments I asked him as a man of the greatest and thank you the companies like well. He he kind of thin muscular has curly red hair in the books and then you know who should play him. Toby McGuire any NFL. Of Arizona pilot captain Shane Clark yeah hey you know big Carrot Top jobs data out I had just as a guy so heard about it. Protecting guy and I. Dylan but is India dot com public a list of who they would like to see they said any red mane because he's never really gone full evil and it be nice to him like he's not just an original holy place. And he doesn't mean like getting there counting Jaber resenting dilemma Arnold I don't know I can tell you what the hell was he another one on the list Adrien Brody who many belongings. Song he's kind of battling he kind of thing therein I Gainey Lewis from homeland and billions. Oh sure and I'm Matthew McConnell aide says why not yeah. Yeah around that are I promise and I ran on my side I haven't heard that out of my resume and I here's one hero and if it. I don't completely out of left William met Matthew McConaughey hey now we Will Ferrell. Now I mean yeah. I don't I didn't I don't while Will Ferrell in any comic books universe is now they've been just integrated our. You party in the movie wasn't the Lego movie that doesn't account I would watch is in the cellular account. I'll never gonna get me stereo as the character or what boasted he's gone. I did the villain I think he's the best villain he did play was aside from Italy a movie yeah we got to move got down there. And it was Murdoch is good ha it was like mysterious yeah yeah. I got bracket pay in teen if they hard to make a man ligament metromail high and they minding your mind yeah my values of all thousand Americans die each year another one to the peace Simmons. Our Simon as he was indeed if you want to know and I are gonna this one might be my favorite O yet gag gag exact here all I really do it. That's interesting I like him in stuff I just don't necessarily know yeah I bypasses the weirdo yet and that's really know if I like him in anything where he's in established character. Okay like I was OK with him as rorschach. We don't really see is based on yeah in but I didn't like him as as for weaker because will remains was terrible. And not his fault I haven't really. Maybe just haven't seen imminent now creatures stuff yeah preacher he didn't fit nominal fury OK okay maybe maybe a. C preacher brutal as the carnage like carnage I feel. I she might just be totally liar or bust with carnage at. Pass. That would be kind of funny if these would you kinda light cast by a deranged I have acted. Why should be a dead pool movie and somebody in spite of the universe as someone said Norman aired during Arenas is also on the list so that's you that's great that is a good one to react. Or on Brad duress. Yeah I'll man that is a UN Tyrod aging Hubble although he bull least Chucky in child the child's play movie C 67 now. And that was us and recently too he was worm turn he was I mean I only way back Q and is this even there the Stephen Lynch. I. He was on an episode starts are playing a easy mentally imbalanced yeah he's he's so good but he's he's an older dude yeah I don't know less well on the son Jim Carrey. The outcome I don't general Manuel colonel. 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