That '80s podcast ep 5: May 1985

Tuesday, May 30th

Chris, Brandon, & Pete talk about their favorite happenings in movies, music, TV and more!  This was May of 1985 in the lives and hearts of three PNW Geeks!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells speed ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst sunup today and see for yourself BMW doc club next BMW dot club. See she bogeyed nationals. Shortly after the episode you're about to hear was recorded we were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of sir Roger Moore. We refer to him in the episode as our bond but he was so much more than that the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Moore was knighted by Queen Elizabeth the Second in 2003 for services to charity in 2008 the French government appointed more commander of the order of arts and letters in recognition of a significant contributions to the arts on behalf of myself and the other members of that eighties podcast I say. Godspeed sir Roger. You will be missed. Please. Gentlemen geeks of all ages you are no injuries he's Jewish he's the nation. Yes we're going to be issues he's nation this is bad eighties podcast. Today on the joke. We're gonna talk about may of 1985. Fu going way back on our home here and we were playing king's quest to that's right I believe it was a 286. And it was tough and Orion. Madonna's publicist she was crazy for us as he had number one on the charts with crazy for you busy for me crazy for everybody through you've heard. In the theaters James Bond John Rambo and Jack Jack showed us what it was like to be a man for the record I never learned how to be a man. What is actually three glowing exam I can't and they're really. No sign of death may Harriet. Listen if you'd like to get a hold of that eighties podcaster any of the seventeen other shows the walkers on. You can turn on the web site on the podcasts that BJ geek nation dot com Ian like us on FaceBook to search for BJ she's geek nation follows on Twitter and in mr. Graham that should act BJ geek nation sent a text or leave a voicemail 19802243353. BJ geek he shouldn't need if nation BJ education one word we say more than any other video mail dot com YouTube dot com slash BJ geek nation where you teenager Amazon echo echo echo just say Alexa play geek nation on tune in so. So I know that I have expressed repeatedly my. Paranoia about. Talking to your devices yeah I understand that I was recently visiting my sister in Arizona and two I was party to a conversation between her and her best friend where they asked. My sister and his and her husband if they were the ones who have the Christmas party had used to the household Alexa at the party. To order several marital aids her whole which it turns out elect so was able to execute that order very officially yet she's pretty good but that. Have you seen that little video clip going around of real excellent a little kid asking. Alexa played twinkle twinkle yeah act. And it's not and it kicked out searching for GAO an old until you're in thing and I are married yourself themes which is what we're here to talk about that. Then give a private veteran Pampanga and I think in the eighties were better our walkman wouldn't do this and this is what I'm saying a walk humans would never betray us in that fashion and treading too biased porn or don't devices do you miss the lock them. Sometimes sometimes you've been with a cassette move there with the mix tape oh absolutely yeah I'm I mean. It's it's one of those things where. Agreed I can make a playlist and tell these things but there was something something visceral something real about making a mixed tape and then having then you know it just really give it to everybody aid is I think it is great to feel like you had to commit more to agreed yet so while we've already begun talking about may and identify with so take a second to introduce ourselves my name is Chris walker walk like a plan to BJ Shays he nation those other two gentlemen you heard me speaking with just now are the one and only be Greenburg. Doctor Peter Greenberg. And sit knew who sit it's Brandon journal good dog good brain include job so. Guys Madonna. Current rates arguably the biggest star of the eighty's well okay did you Michael Jackson in there somewhere I suppose but. Prince. Prince as big as big as Madonna. And. Let's go crazy it's there the amount per hour and I don't get me wrong I mean for my preference always gonna pick prince by it as big as Madonna. Well and at this time he'd have like one out she was in fact going crazy for you Pete yeah crazy for you up from the movie vision quest. I'm Matthew Moline. Filmed in there was that one of the Arquette sisters. Matthew Modine I don't think he was no all right. Where his vision quest filmed Chris walker I'm gonna guess Seattle otherwise you wouldn't be asking me wrong I have no idea. When that Spokane and San Diego wouldn't I don't know if that's true I know many Jews from the spoken and by the way it was Linda Fiorentino. An invasion question isn't when it was really I guess it really is he can season I am figure and has been sneezing and that was absolutely America dad that was yet I was present but not movie rental and I learned young. I'll be 25 bucks I mean 556. I really can't just it has not now. And we knew they would like nine point eight seconds organs we shouldn't be doing this early in the morning. I am. I was. As ever as anybody was at the time you know Madonna was a big big deal and you know huge pop star in the videos in the everything she's all over the place momma momma and out of an arm an ominous. I love Madonna you know and I'm still kind of a fan I I've I've bought item purchased any of her last couple of albums but. You know at the time Madonna was the thing. I'm very true and IE and managed to get the ire of my mother by. Around this time getting a Madonna poster do not it was really early on in the leopard print. Swimsuit under the waterfall. Maybe it was leopard of some merit animal shirt and your she was clad in its skin. But yeah my mom didn't like that very much at all. I will I will note to end as we record the show for installed purposes. We just lost Chris Cornell. Which means that only be better lives out of those sort of pantheon. Of Seattle rock gods and the point I'm making here as Madonna is our last big eighties pop star. Princes gone David Bowie is gone and you could name others but like if you the mega giants Michael Jackson is gone. Madonna is it wrong sir wrong to Huey. Lewis no not the thought oh my god go back to look at how many hits that guy had the eighties that a load affect bone crushing it now rushing it Huey Lewis absolutely. At a demagogue in the pantheon at best wrong not as good as during her and being. Who are all still with us thank you yes. Real quick just to the touching back the Internet has confirmed that vision quest was filmed in Spokane well I yeah now is never wrong no not of course not they are okay look at the whenever I'm done cheaper than I am looping back from the open Mac man I guarantee cheaper than Seattle that's why Oakland there and yeah but it wasn't like Seattle's expensive at that time. Well there's a guy who did not live there in no rush. Horror film movies. Or are so less grew up within a couple of hours of both of these cities and understand. Moves probably cheaper to film spoke at a profit and so it was like Brandon don't. What. I'm sorry I'm sorry for you as one of the songs that Ted did that says nowadays. I've heard it pops up in gentlemen's clubs quite a bit. Now that that drew archers Jimmy commuted in from now I mean I can't you've heard it pop up and gentlemen Gregory Q. Heard that it does pop up in the second one very got a second one the second one yeah I can neither confirm nor denying. Because one of the things that I think got a lot of eighties tunes especially Madonna stuff we get sort of a bad rap for or not a bad rap but just to definitely has a reputation for. Is that being very danceable in that way Julia ya know yeah I usually isn't as she was sexy and she was you know a sex symbol that was her thing to kind of use that influence that in a wave instead of letting herself be taking advantage of whatever but she definitely use it to her advantage as. Much as possible no I can really see where you know Madonna songs filter into that field quite a bit gets weird when it's Papa don't preach but otherwise raise. True Blue you. That's what also is play on music charts a view to a kill my Duran Duran ass. Song to the James Bond movie hang on. A view to a kill oh did you think you play and that's. Lucky break I'm gonna ask this question and I am and ask it poorly and I know that going up. All right so same as every week got enough it was the Buick kill to render hands on their last great song now. Oh absolutely not now notorious tomorrow. She once loose in the came after yes there aren't. Yeah those horror those are both on the same was that on our that was Arcadia that was. Sharpshooter can do an album that one notorious notorious was the title and you out an album and then got all she once I was on the big thing album big. They he had hugely underrated album battery doesn't fall under our purview I don't think 89 maybe was so we'll get totally on point. You know a view kill almost sunk after render and in the sense that they were not together power station Arcadia where sort of even off doing their different things abandonment fractured in the hadn't broken up Irsay right. But things were going well. So they got together for life made no rights and they performed viewed or kill and Simon hit a bum note it was Blake's third of the first thing out of the gate everybody went oh no. When they can't get it together and then they did but he. You can find it on YouTube he atrocious linguist at lake ask. Learn through your a great song great bond theme. Absolutely absolutely well one of the fun thing yeah top five for surely I LE. There was there was the BA TV special it was Bob hope's birthday celebration and I don't remember what year but at NASA to do one. Because to render and performed at at and as far as I know this was the first MI got to hear that song and I was glued because they were hyping it all over the place on MTV. And on on on them on whatever TV station was that was going to be showing the Bob Hope are they special. And the live performance for that was amazing and knocked out of the parking and so am console ready for this so how do we feel about a view to a kill as a bond movie I actually enjoy it Roger Morris certainly because of my age and our collective age right. That sort of our James Bond agreed that's you know for the time period. I think it's pretty going to be grace joneses is neat. And you know who plays Macs are and the idea of why. Oahu bowl with the bond oh no all gonna blow the world look Silicon Valley covered more I love you guys are both Jeremy locally and has a terrible. Remember your reaction earlier I know I'm like what what am I supposed to do here and I looked peeved I don't have Chris drew a walk and I can do all this negativity week. Someone just refused the opportunity to do Christopher Walken percentage. You're the best man in this room if you could give you around I think I would cry to be honest I mean I'm doing it my hander right now I know it's not gonna come out well. Is doing Christopher Walken in your head and you're not only our point Obama's again I just realized Pete doesn't do impersonation it's like out of all of us. You and I would let's face it occupy a lot of bandwidth his Kermit is flawless Mike Herman has fallen I didn't say it wasn't. Doing Kermit the green and mean I don't I don't really under repair the damage to our history crap now we're gonna do that in the right and I turned out all right so tune in next time for battle of the crewmates so. How technically speaking Bob hope's birthday celebration. Again the Internet now realize of course not and now may of 1985 served whole legal I come loyal aide. I I got a lot of trouble for that cup berth for Bob hope's birthday celebration are out there hates they would look at have to explain to ask you out so I don't have. This is the full full of it may name did Peter Griffin doing this and. Missiles before DVRs and any sort of digital recording media of course this was this was the age in the advent of VCR of the home video cassette for torture and we as a family we had maybe eight or ten tapes that we were recording things off of HBO and often deviant if all the luck. When the time came for Bob hope's birthday special. I wanted to record it so that I could have the to render and perform take. I could not find a blank hate. And in my haste and for revert to get this Bob Hope during her own thing on tape I've put in a car I've just whatever the first tape I can grab was. And I taped over my mom's recorded. Tape of that. Ten with James Garner and I got eight hung ration for it I can't believe he recorded over this great Louis now is there an edit them and that out of out of another. She was furious well IE. I kinda get a Kazaa it and Karl watching that on HBO yeah kid yeah tank was pretty good and I'm sure it doesn't hold listened moms love James Garner this is the truth Q and you don't let James Garner I didn't say yeah let's get that clear right now had I taped over her copy of Murphy's romance I would probably not be anything new right now. But here's the weird thing to paint was on HBO. All the time through right till I get like the parental mad men but how much I'm laying that on a little thing because like. I'll just wait thirty minutes and I can record it again. And I think it was just the hassle of it and the audacity that I wouldn't I wouldn't take two seconds to think about what I was doing. And then I just kind of did it without her permission without asking and. I feel like that's a direct quote help how I got the code you get yelled back. You're right oh my now you understand the long time ago take two seconds. And I I don't wanna get into an argument my mom when she's not in the room. But it's oh yeah wanna you know are you know there when she is in the room news we hear on the phone I knew Bruno who I feel like. He might have my mom's number group taxes OK all right now that's right we're we're going to be an advocate. So what does the report of the story part of the storied and ran the ran you don't kill great song and I you're not wrong about Roger Moore kind of being our bond. You know you had to have a view to a kill you had for your eyes only it was some moderate currency move breaker yet that they had lived there early to middle eighties Moore was definitely our bond. Don't get choked up about it. Where you can surprised when you found other bombs of like yeah Roger Moore was our bond GAAP. And then you saw the other simulate wait a minute yeah this is completely different blew me away and that the Timothy Dalton stuff compared to the Roger Moore with a quick blow. Yeah they can overcome the breaks I don't understand what's going on in the Sean Connery and the underclass in the death looked kind of yeah. I you know and once I discovered in that there were a lot more James Bond movies out there and make it popped out to the video store and rent a copy of in all the ones. You only live twice you know goldeneye or golden premier told they're going to figure. He's a man with a Midas touch he has no no he absolutely is and is that then there were two barns. But then there came the third bond and Timothy Dalton I. And the only bond fan I know who likes those and you don't race. I'm not come near them let let's let's not get off topic yeah okay fair and we're kinda discussed Timothy Dalton when he happens. Put a story short version interviewing it was great I loved I loved watching. Chris Walken Quechua the senior read my whole does. Oh Ben are back this notice are our next moving through and how remote do. Well sure kind of first blood to first locker to Rambo first blood too ugly with the actual full length title of this that we feel like they hadn't told enough of the story in the first movie or was this cash grab Obama I wanna say something I'll ever. Very distinct memory of my dad taking me to see first blunt okay. And I just in case people don't know because Rambo is such an enduring image of the eighties first blood is a different movie from all those other movies. Absolutely O of 100 has any thoughtful movie about what happens in veterans when they come home from war. And you know it did tackle PT SDN and that served displaced. Sensation that. And I don't the sensations not a great word but you were younger you react exactly. And it was a very heavy movie and and I Rambo like her partner agreed. Then Rambo was a cartoon. Also agreed to. I did yep Rambo first blood part two is the epitome of like that eighties action style thing. First blood was he was just walking through town like he was grievance and I really like. Trouble found him trouble found him. Definitely definitely not the same movies exactly so it's an odd continuation for sure. You're not right didn't feel like a sequel or direct sequel in the sense that a sequel is intended to sort of carry on the story of the first movie in and night. Going back later on in life and watching them again with a better understanding of you know things like story structure and you know natural progression of things and character arcs and all that jazz are like. He really didn't need to make that second one but I think. Based on the success of the first when they said well we can make more money on this. I don't think you're wrong and elsewhere thank I think that's an area off of money in jail why here's the interesting thing that I find about it and you as you're listening to this are probably picturing Rambo in your head yeah well. Yeah the mental image you have of Rambo is not from the first mundane to. It's not it's from the sequel with the red bandanna and tonight are sure unless I'm reading this today with the big like missile launcher thing like that. That's from the sequel so your iconic view of this movie is actually from the sequel and not from the you know started. Who started it exactly so I don't have the numbers are different near as far as box office on this but Rambo went on to like you say do you have a TV show I toy line how many more sequels 42 million butts in seats for Rambo first blood part two. There you go. And at the time you know that's that's big big money. And they say okay we'll make a third one it was their fourth Rambo or my crazy god all I know I know there was a Rambo three. I dirty took out I think all of of China to he had been invaded John Rambo John Randall was another thing I there was the thing that he didn't like the 2000 something yes that he had DA brought which. A appeared and disappeared off my radar without even making a blip it was amazing I had I heard it was coming and then I forgot about it endlessly until you said it just now. Yet they canceled it Rambo last blood boat every Gump ran the last blood and was. It mentioned back in the early two thousands OK and that the you know he was looking to Rocky Balboa the franchise yeah. But it didn't it didn't come to pass and that's probably does reject what the real quick how irresponsible Rambo Kuerten is like yeah I think if GI Joseph. Fine sure blatantly Rambo is it like there were Rambo action figures were then why it. There's a whole lot of like if we really wanna start going down that radical like. What's inappropriate for children like that Rambo action figures absolutely. Have a alien. Right right yeah Alex that we also not an action they had won it breaks it's rated. You saw that as it can mean you shouldn't have seen I should not have seen it again don't know mom mom who I'm so glad you took mussina has. You have the alien for you to and a big I was there's that I think was twelve inches you know and only was his you know more from the first movie yet. So you could sort of see almost skull in sound as Hulu site. And then when the aliens when it came out and that was that was opaque you couldn't see through there it was. A little bit I don't know and not quite as scary but it lose more believable to me to seem like almost like human skull ensure there. With a little bit not distracting now. But. Anyway I'm going to do a whole episode I wanna I wanna that figure bad that that's the motto fire you use distracting. Me. As a kid it's it was hard earlier this is dues to learn it and got it down as they did that thing fought and beaten god Villa many times. Justin and I know in my house terrifying didn't come up or nightmare and you executing what you of those things where what was God's still not able fuses flicking tong her his launching fist Al downing is that they that they never ran off and there was no way early does that fit the fist I was still launched yet so I guess is really figured this thing I'm I would say. I'm not saying the deal or once every time but it won a lot. No show and warrior action to fight any of that I didn't have to show them warriors. My name my neighbor did it. So everyone's all I took I took until over there and we had to show him warrior right. That haven't either and cheap plug knows Villanova and there were no children warriors that was the style and I I wanted to Shogun warrior I got Angela couldn't complain and right like back until it was so good how's her it was really really good so YouTube wheels on its feet in his McCann did open house he's supposed to get around peace of mind. Come on use your new business typically you have a right. Some points at some point we're gonna address the gods on the cartoon with God's good junior got no good reason you gonna come up with some going you know I have actually watched that cartoon in the last five years yeah yeah. We did that that high complaining boat that Hydro foil as I linger at all that's anger coming Snooki. Let's Cecil that's Remo and I think we may have. Drawn first blood on that exultation. Let alone Indian death in Rambo. Answers than last week ran third yeah adults read before we start recording today I talked a little bit about how I was you know culturally aware of transfers the transfers the I saw nowhere near the well I tell us they clearly exactly. But traders and that traders to I don't know if I ever actually saw tracers to know while the first one. I know for sure and I was kind of like all right but I didn't get around the sect went. Just wanted to give it chances ditto just now. Well yeah and I love this transcript cancers and transfers it's going to be Jeff I don't want us in the mess this up all of us and I love that movie when I saw as a kid have a cup from the future take special drug goes back in time. To inhabit the body of an and says there and then played arch nemesis crime being that takes place in LA where as a trench coated the sort of future no why are I'm sure it's borrowed from blade runner and oh yeah. Oh my god dad I knew for sure there were five because one has called sudden death. Yes ZETH. To reflect the I aim of Jackson's death the main character in this year's Jack death portrayed by the inevitable amazing unstoppable. Tim Thomas and do you know a different in commerce and. No just that one just oh my god like the idea I don't like the guy does business critical as a lot of high prevent I mean look I like him he's great hero death. Also when you're skipping amendment that was Helen Hunt. Who Helen Hunt I think that's her first movie or I would have to look that up but I'm gonna say that would be right around a wreck I'm that it and this movie is quintessentially lake. Eighties you have like the sort of oh yeah punk rocker faction misfit thing gonna go on on. It's not a good movie I mean it's gone now let's loved it as a kid can we talk about how. Eighties to still be inside five made it seem like punk rock games are gonna be a much bigger problem in the future you'd hear yeah I thought I thought I was I was generally I terrified of punk rockers for a long time because of all of the movies I thought is it felt like gangs in post apocalyptic movies they're in the future. Couldn't just be. I mean or grungy or have a lot of guns they always had to be punk rockers it was always a Mohawk dude there's always a duty let like his septa and pierced. There's a guy covered in a lot of tattoos and and one of whom said god if the queen or something like that it was always punk rock always got mocked her trouble listen credit where it's due. Treasures is deep into the Helen Hunt catalog my friend oh is it that she's much older than she looks and I mean I mean that's very clearly I don't know if you started very young what what do what do we have is a very very first credit scoring is certainly we drill for oil and move probably first movie or first TV credit political movie. Okay Swiss family Robinson 1975. You are kidding me sir she was Helga Wagner she must've been a very very tiny girl and then she was on the TV series as well okay wow yeah how. How. Issues in a movie called rollercoaster. Okay I'm sure is great yeah yeah I was a lot of TV credits lot of TV credits I don't Tourtelot as a kid you know and then. Really you know what it's fair to say that as an adult transfers may have been the first could go around so guys you're not wrong I am not wrong. You guys you know it's all wrong you know. Now. Is you know we don't we talk every now a man of like movies that could stand a remake this may be. Maybe I mean like the concept is that it's basically borrowing from like. Assassins are assassin's creed a little one and we were borrowing from the sort of sure sure framework I'm I'm certain that both parties are aware of answers. Your answers at some point I feel like transformers. I feel like your interest performers it's is one that has so it's got a lot of the puzzle pieces. That he would definitely seeing there would be suited to an update because I mean new technology being what it is and special effects in movies and things like that but. Is this one of those franchises. And the like like the evil dead that maybe we should just leave it where it is and blow allow it to be the classic that it has. Become our. Classic sentiments were filling out I'm on the very dumb very generous with my prince will I will throw this note out to you know the the listeners however many there may be to this episode I. We three on the podcast here actual friends in real life we were on together by the corporation and whatnot I don't like where this is going and I we're not a manufacturer. We're we're not a manufactured now honored kind of though we need to come up with a name for that but go ahead beat Barry yeah. So you know middle of the night I like to send text to my my pals here. Ran can't confirm here at. I watched that movie like three years ago and send you both the methadone like I just watch this think that unlike Netflix or Amazon or whatever that I got zero response from I got there. Like not even like because it's late at night but like the next day of the day are nothing Benton. I grew I was ashamed honestly that you'd taken this long by the way I've fuel for really doing some digging I'm not gonna do the work for you. There is an episode of special ops back when it was good when I was on a where mark primary night discuss the criterion edition yes of train enters this is true. I am and you had amassed. I thought you were regular listeners pops did you just missed that episode Pete were you out of town or killed my computer broke that day there if oh and you know you can put it on your phone aren't. Memo from the broken. There's one more movie honestly I think they got up. That we haven't talked about that was actually very very. I don't wanna say important but it's definitely one that at all scene about rich it's important to write birthers millions. Moon and shrink deal. Brewster has not important. But the good I'm I Lugar millions we want we want to spend doors overtures moon just understand that I as as much as I've seen flex which is a lot. I've probably seen birthers millions almost as many times because I love that story and I love. The back and forth between a John Candy and and were you retire Ryder prior oriental Angel and I think I do have to ask in the pantheon Richard prior movies that I find barely palpable tumors which do you prefer. Brewster millions for the toy. It oh roosters milieu I got the one where the luck. Jackie Gleason the one minutes away less racist yeah I was gonna say sure it's uncomfortable. But it but it but it points it points a spotlight on racism because without it makes this more than just German joint action news mobile against the reds against white entitlement let's get -- this labor you to get all of these things he does an amazing important political movie Pete Detroit when's the last time you saw no I don't remember where you turn out so thrusters millions though has been in Los compliments flash yes flash flash flex flex four pledged let's watch it oh my goodness Blatche and let's talk about you know movies that are going to be re merely booted they've been threatening to add an older Salma -- along for two decades now now I'm not opposed yeah I know I would not say listen we got thrown around a lot huh. I that'll be ready feel like he could have really really given us a great performance. The well I I do myself would like Adam Scott from parks in Iraq I think he'd be an excellent pledge I like him a lot I don't know p.s leg smarmy enough. He might not like slick enough to elect a good but I wanna fewer goes orbital hater as clutch of Bill Hader fell today pushing you want that my goodness this is your call me I think. -- road is the perfect cast her clutched thank you Paul read thank goodness gracious me that would be great what if it was a match up between man and flinched. OK we could just talk about why actual movie flam man. And chief Benjamin inch. Flange man. This is terrible so flagship a dash I securities was still funny and much beloved. Unless you worked at SNL yes OK I did not so I'm gonna go with what I said originally wait what's that. Are you a now you do it does not mean I have been dollars a gallon of false pretense that was Jim brewer a low amount. Eleven year old Chris walker was not working on election or SNL. Perhaps half eleven year old Chris was I thought. Hi this is one that I didn't get denouncing the Peters. I think I think my mom had decided that this was a little bit too adult for me I didn't hit the theater rather this was and after after the fact Tokyo may remain. I have middle fingers for both of you tonight. And in the middle the may oh Chevy Chase is a reporter and he is trying to bust a drug trafficking and investigative report in LA and eighty. They Eugene. And and it's so it's it's it's a great investigative reporter detective sort of movie I'd give and what actually is is okay. And a woman as well no not no not nearly as much as it should I Gregory McDonald reflect books yes and there's a you know some you can read and you see your general I think Garrett or any really I feel like there's a lot I'm I'm I'm picturing and it ended this section in the in the books or that they used to work at and yet I feel like there were. And say at least half a dozen. Ya know you're you're absolutely correct the last one coming in in 1994. Aren't. Flinch reflected own reflection did refer to them. Good murder were hidden and areas so half. He stumbles are and what he thinks is and I murder conspiracy. Or no no no he I easy he's he's hired by a Tim Matheson. Two. To investigate them who and Tim Matheson says is plotting to kill him. Turns out it's not really the case though what Ted bad real toll spoilers for movie that's thirty someone like Arnold. Turns out that Jim Matheson actually. Tim Matheson get to medicine not to Thomason that the different human person. Tim Matheson. Was actually trying to frame latch to make it look like. He killed them and then as soon as identity and flee the country and despair forever for money against. And yeah I remember Jack and I think there's like big oil money somewhere gas I have a friend named Elise and and she's probably not listening sort of alliance that are name. God are doing this but I can't tell of its elaborate prank or not but she claims to watch Fletcher four to five times a week and has been doing so for a year plus you know what there's a time in my life and I was doing it with a movie aliens so I can't I can't fade it's not possible. I just saying it sounds. Unlikely little extreme yes. I'm not judging herb no not at all judging her little un well let's just say this that's dedication to the thing you love what's wrong that. Nothing yep. Yeah yeah yeah who raped okay so okay so you know. Jim cada I think I don't know we need to re we don't if I got into my book classic then movies for 1985 that's all we're just talking may 1985 Jim Connor came out speaks for itself though I think there we go below error and doesn't need us now. Despite if before the nature if you wanna go watch it. Go watch it it was a movie that came out in May of 1985 which is what we're talking about the thought of and I don't think. It is way over hyped as a relic of the eighties I think like there are people who like. Fair do you use to get together and lighten rent Jim Connor from one of those places that you can't you know you have to special order a move leader and because it's too rare. And you know they over at the battered some point the thing fell apart we thought about some TV real quick yes let's do that and I know we got to get out here but. Street hockey guys yeah it's so dream hawk so street hawk was about a guy Rick Smith. References this may be titular street talk moon and he had a an experimental motorcycle. And you'll just street talk his way around solving crimes every week and make it may have been like Beauty and the Beast for the use the same sequence every week. The show on prop what three months four months yep from Mike January 2. Other elements in spring water badger you know that was a great show so. Does he was the water fracture was this entire show me. Your phony food and drink. Moon. Be 25 bucks yeah yeah you got through Philip after the show a man mowing the. I don't know I I seriously don't actually remember this show specifically now maybe you're busy those three months could read Pete showed me some images. You and I feel like I recognize the motorcycle but that is literally all I have on the way you also know what a motorcycle so it major to answer Mandela fact a motorized bicycle played I was surprised to hear you say that you didn't quite remember it's I have a feeling watching a video could retrieve Buick. This thing it was like that sped up lake has yet there at the motors and the super Turbo boost thing pregnant. So is on and hit the Turbo boost and it's flying through towns like electron might like a cute cute cute you. But all they've done is to sort of sped up the film. So that that's how it's getting from point to point B and zipping around all. Super style may be if I so Rex Smith I was sort of a superhero on the street hockey or use sort of a bad man type character if you OK you look at it that way. Rick Smith went on to play daredevil in the trial of the incredible. We are heroes just thing. And a black shoe with a black Bandana with no I holes. But nobody could figure he was blind attorney Matt Murdoch but I -- like you're Nelson and Murdoch church thank you thing you know there are areas sailor my fans know you're aware of one blowing your minds come over here well Carl hey John you match yourself but when Mike for a computer I think. As a as a GI Joseph collector for awhile I was getting into. The Indian GI Joe's you can get your goes from India where they're slightly different and colored weird and they have all sorts of strange variations. And I have probably three year four of these bad boys why our. Yeah this essay GI Joseph street hawk figure it literally says the man in the machine street not. And it's totally just to repay energy NATO figure where they repainted black motorcycle. But it's from a fund school. In India which is sort of like play school. And not. This feels like not the most legit thing I've ever seen I can't say it's a 100% street legal hawk but it is definitely a thing that exist. The you can have an I have multiple of them. Yeah I you have less than you think you do. A. And and I was just a reproduced radler with the with this undertaken. Or can you tell well to rattle there was a plane both a threat there was no this was the ram. What was the most typical the ram no US O'Brien no winning all right I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say you're wrong because you are the Jericho got thank you no seriously I I I can't remember what another radler was the work hard dead as a cobra work hard JAL the Atlanta which by the way if let's sort this one out there and her rapid fire motorcycle. Ran right now. And purple blue firm. Mer from our thing. Much OK but anyway the ram but yeah my mistake I didn't I don't know why am I stayed while my goodness me and I'm glad you crewmen I had the radler. I didn't like the ram over and then I had a lot of the rattle in the ram is actually new hipster restaurant that opened here in Seattle last week. They specialize in and sneak. And horned mean to an obscure eggs mean. We're way and it makes them delightful I don't know where you're never. Touching back on the street talk things yeah correct that please please. Shirt and riveting. Clearly street talk with someone someone incorporate TV then went this Knight Rider thing is pretty popular yeah right so we have a super car when we have a super motorcycle. A super motorcycle kind of thing way way way way when a guy's got a super skinny port. No Gucci now. Welcome back right after these Massa. You can even occasional good iron and I can't get up should we get out of here yeah yeah I did the Philippine food we know we mind you may of nineteen couple I held her career records from the time oh yeah life yes of did. And dead or alive you quick you have the the whole how will the big cut on on musically he's been here or use premier around that was on your way you guys yet but that was on the record for its on that record and the follow up single brand new look. I'll brand new Glenn Ellen on the past few hits you probably know from dead or alive right on that one in record absolutely love brand and the perfect kisses your your great cut off of low light plane to order and the vigilantes gesture you know no matter and it noticed trigger some great stuff they're gone as well OK I think it's just. Probably just about time for a few less. Wind things down a little bit we're almost getting good yeah all of Lulu where we're at. What hitting our stride so we're we're. Gonna talk lowest down. 80 no dog there it is for their for the win you just won the episode. Tune in next time guys for that eighties podcast I want a New Coke. It's. Your inner geek wants to come out and play the blood where to golf joined. Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of sod flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst yeah. 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