BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-30-17-7A: What is something you’ve done or want to do because you saw it in a movie.

Tuesday, May 30th

Beat Migs. A man got a speeding ticket for going 88 MPH in a DaLorean. Luke warm topic.


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Are upset governor sure the rock shot usually needed T shirt this weekend it was a skycap. The fact. That's like me you may get the teachers working and we got a sweet one for you if you haven't seen it's the Vijay and makes eight bit shirt. It could be the best sure we've ever released I mean I error really is pretty awesome. So check out DA makes the maids or the media news eight pitchers don't mean don't don't need makes. So you wanna check it out it's good it looks awesome I'm throwing logs and Steve you gotta love that Jay got to KI SW dot com. Mean. Mac. Name John. Exercise and eating is some tacos today. Oh yeah because it is Tuesday at an earlier myself from the amount of pizza that I had this week low Boyle yeah. It's the hopefully tacos will be better for my tummy in the pizza once. We know that that's only done nothing is good for your stomach not. Will have to find out later today. Sorry life both indoors and we don't I send us your own tank gas caveats are Michelle sari gimmick Karl. Let's get to where contested today we've got Cora in Raleigh Cory area players that are. Yeah aren't an excellent what's the point four today Steve tickets to god Def Leppard with employees in over at the white river amphitheater on Friday June 9 courtesy of live nation go to KI SW dot com for all the details. You're gonna get tickets we'll get them through migration dot com all right Steve game. Okay. For those playing you don't Corey will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Corey you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three guess is her question. Are you ready. Yeah the European flag features gold stars on what color background. Act. We're now adult. Who asked what is the name of these snowman from the movie throws they act. It all locked. Asked what campfire treat is made up of marshmallows Graham crackers and chocolate are asked traditionally he drinks think three is a mix of wind and why act. It's. Billie Joseph Armstrong is the lead singer of which popular main aspect. What Netflix original series is set in eight US women's prisons. Ordered the new black adds to the gulf war occurred after Iraq invaded what country. Hiring and adult. Interval down to. What water activity is the focus of the 2002 bogeys blue crush it. Earnings gap 1234. Five current average performance Korea at a they are getting us on today. Well I don't wanna you know completely dasher postman tolerant yeah yeah and I just being. He is a Smart for help but for a tie for Corey had some hope that. I'm open for Debbie. At bush you are I mean if you weren't then why would you be playing the game thank you. We played a win this game yeah. Okay. I. The European flag features gold stars on what color background. Red note blow asked acts to what is the name of the snowman from the movie throws an act. Scar face no clothes I. Prosecutors tell the very close to. Steve you know. What camp fired treaties made of folks marshmallows Graham cracker is no laughing it off bad hey I'll I know that I don't relate you don't have tyrant. Who is less about what camp prior treatment of marshmallows Graham crackers and chocolates Morris yes. Traditionally Detrick think Korea is a mix of wind and why campaigns note podcast now. Craft opt. And it has not to shoot. Sharpen that oh I don't know yeah have built big chill orange juice no well I guess yeah but that was with a network Billie Joseph Armstrong is the lead singer of which I looked yes. No I yelled. Netflix originals and uses that in the US women's prison is that he's not yet as the gulf war occurred after Iraq invaded my country Kuwait. Asked 12345. PGA you got your wish that's. Yeah. Pass. To guy. Corey I am very surprised but happy that you got the price. There are rare. I can hang analyze but inside I gotta get I actually didn't think that was gonna happen senior U surprise me well in his bed and I slowed myself down saying it's a lot of questions that you've missed yet you missed a bunch of them out it the only one that you didn't get to that Corey did though was what water activity is the focus of the 2002 movie blue crush. Swimming new. Oh no diving no moon. Snorkeling down surfing aisles or does that matter now Gaza. I'm. You got you figure out Olof was the name of the snowman. And then traditionally the drinks are angry is a mix of wine and lacks. We just looking for for years has had just looking for fruit. All fruits yes. Makes full of or what's different about it ambulance in nineteen. You know I spent eight and a problem and congratulate to the Korean ties to even get the prize I was a singer was just a fruit juice and of those actually Ferdinand to towns and resides. Yep is Alicia is I have spent many afternoons in the summer drinking it and getting a good buzz. Nice we're doing now I was out of crow he had drug pockets with me if I'm Andrea. That's awesome I know that yet so it's wine vodka and fruits. Think cell blow to some residents of Maryland you can adds breaking bad champagne. You can add whatever you want to have basically as long as it's wine and fruit then that's it Romney can't run to it. All really route from a Roman wine together how Alec a coconut run. I'm ready. And have idiots who you'd get all alcohol as Conan they're making it happen. Shot a BCB and have a shot later at 8:47 this morning. As well as tomorrow at this time Pete makes twice each weekday morning don't forget the online on demand version played at any time go to the B Jamie's page of KI SW dot com. 10 we lost another rock legends over the weekend. Greg Allman of The Allman Brothers Band died on Saturday the age of 69 I was gonna yeah. Because who's just a maybe a month ago there was reports that he died in news who they were wrong at the time down in memory came out over the weekend as at all. Because this is viewed like people kind of already make dealt with that shock and then dealt with oh cool he's not he's not dead and in a month later we guys. Yeah he said he said he died of complications from a liver cancer and of course. The reasons it may be people thought he died are aware the Britney was on his way maybe is because he was having a lot of health issues he's got a liver transplant and 2010 so his new liver. Apparently had cancer. There or dot cancer because it had been had been only been here for five years apparently. And the cancer to come back five years ago. So. Yes so just a lot of tough stuff from health wise he canceled toward a.'s last year because he's under his doctor's care. Through two serious health issues that in March he canceled the rest of his torso I think everybody was just thinking oh he must be he must be on death's door. And finally it happened yesterday. From at least he got to be inducted into the hall of fame you know on Brothers rock hall then back in 1995. His last performance was last October. He did finish an album and it will be released in September now. Yeah and great you know what he said look at himself so I overdose in women drugs and alcohol before getting sober and ended nine months old brags yeah. Yeah. Lots of chicks what was it you Donna did that out of the chicks did anything bad. I think it was just the drugs and alcohol that literally got to amendment of the get a liver transplant because of a woman area now yet but maybe drank a lot to be a little like you know. Yeah certain women he's like an area have a couple of shots all I series as saying. Like you know like your goggles every Oregon election okay. Other are we your all the Brothers fan and my wife a big she she liked that music more more than I did you have in every other their hits a pretty good then don't I had a there're but I wasn't a huge own Brothers fan. Yeah I was never Brenda I was. I ever became a fan or spend any time listening to know a lot of people love them and Lotta people say you know you get the fish is inspired by them of course when Skinner and I could see that lol yeah jam band kind of vibe and a I as an MBA course and indeed they get they date back I bet against influenced a lot of people and they were big there's no doubt about it but it. It's 69 I was nine years old but my brother and sister were and to that end. Made sense you know when they first came on in the early seventies the kind of always made repeatedly that freedom rock compilation are back in the day all Odom I'll turn it up. They seem to be a ban that would fit into that. That John yes. I gotta say about this dude who got busted by the cops why. He's something. That most movie fans would do if they were given the opportunity. I'll tell you what he did it 77 team on Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI DSW. 99.9 KI SW the rock goes Seattle. This guy named Spencer he's from California air recently got himself a 1982. AMC Delorean which of course is the car from back to the future for the what it sees a door in all I think it's got to drive 8888. That's right yeah. And he was going 85 in the Delorean and realize why I'm only three miles per hour away from their magical 88 which of course is that that's when the car in the movie would travel back in time at 88 miles per hour. So that's the Spencer ditty set to go up the 88. As he did it drove right past the cop well pulled him over a game a speeding ticket. Not luck I don't accounts got to do his job but I wonder how many cops and let guys out of a ticket. In a Delorean doing 88 because. The cop has like a soft spot for that film. It's a good question because he's the second person actually got a ticket does that happen is some dude in England last year. And he got a ticket cock so but you're right we only hear about old people get tickets so we want Ali they'll actually have been let off. Because I got to pick anybody's ever been a Delorean. Is going to try to hit 88 miles per hour yeah you can you think that would just be of course they would I mean yeah yeah at all because of the movie yes so here's that all of them back the future of the Delorean hits 88 miles per hour disappears. My calculations are correct when this baby edge eight miles per hour. Very menacing some serious. You. And. I'm not. Love that you like without tiger whatever that like orchestra type music to play while you're doing all of definitely am. And so that is exactly what happened to girls Spencer California he try to pull that move but a copy and he drove right past the company was donated his Delorean. On topic. He got Busby got a ticket forts so I'm wondering mad because look like Steve said in Vienna Delorean he would definitely try to go to 88. So how about you what is something you tried to do or want to do because you sought in the movie you've sought and a TV show he like art and I got to do this and got to make his real life. 206421. Rock rock is 7625. Texas 77999. What's something you try or you wanna do because you saw and a movie urban TV show. Calls and text after White Stripes. And they eggs mornings and naturally I K I guess tell you. And I point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. So a guy gets busted through an 88 miles per hour in his Delorean so not like you what is something that you tried to do or wanna do because she sought a movie or TV show. 206421 rock rocket 7625. And also Texas 77999. Jeff consultant you are on the rock. I need to know I just got worse buddy. I had one thing outpost I want to try to dial Bob Bob doing skydiving closed in did they beat Romney. Xxx let inventor gage takes the bat off the Braves in and all the cursory. All Tammy now. Abolish wanna be able to do that man I've always wanted to be and I'm just. Not that I would good. My scene is we met little Jim Kirk in the for ending in the JJ search a movie jumps out as a -- as the mustang goes off a cliff and he's like he's just hangs on but they've. Ready DNC's ease there I love those scenes you just jump out of a car it's about the job and I'm moving car sounds awesome but I know when. Jeff T get it done it is there there are there any services like in his apart services that will do things that things. Analysts and I don't have a good other that this that you either dump without the played like 8000 feet just all right good yeah have you done that. I have I haven't been out to get a ball all that you ever do you attribute that to do anything else left here. You back any old never forget it you'll never regretted. And do it. I appreciate the call I just feel like they'll be the last thing I do in my life like I wanna do like to at the end of my life LA a fight doesn't go Wellesley wealth in my life anyway that's good point yeah. Premiere of the one I we watch all those shows like on the Travel Channel or discovery whatever it may be and whenever they focus on like most crazy roller coasters are you know breast water parks have always think Kennedy Allen an alum of the one that stood out the most was. They'd talked about one of the fastest roller coasters is the accelerator and not very far OK and so we'd and it goes for a. Ghost 82 miles per hour in about 2.3 seconds while that's item wool it's a super quick ride. And we when we went to go to the amusement parks Disneyland California adventure and and we also went to not very. That was Isaac I don't care how on the line is I'm waiting in line to do it and waited in line forever for what it was like maybe a 52 ride. But it was amazing. It's like. Uranium like the best part was actually waiting in line and watching everybody's face would acting first just leave it just like guns and the look on everyone's faces pure fear. Now if I'm believe always expect a rollercoaster start slow noticed when just. Right now it is badly decked out which is all wise goes up it goes right back down and comes back it's like that quick way. It's awesome views as its sole loss men. 206421 rock rocket 7625. He Texas 77999. With something you tried to do or want to do could you sign a movie or TV show let's go to Paul polls well Paul you're on the rock. Very be paired all your friends from Peru. All Paul what. As might be the first time Rivera called a show. I have always told you well on him before they go to these eager to Peru with you he did did all he wanted to does with its pants up remain number two no that was me or adding I had a isn't laughing could be remembered upon Paul definitely remembers that I was. That's. Yeah Paul but I I semi dying due out in my dime you out is that is that is why I I would tell a story. And well I'm kind of dynamite right now yeah yeah I mean you're a chance to say yes or no guns too late now and then but he said he is free he said he went to new peruse those okay rule is the story wildest I always tell the story about how I saw visions of some ongoing attack and a guy yeah with Paul was a guy that I saw the attack. A whole man. What's good to know that he's OK after that the again he's OK but I'm lawyer it was weird because Paul was out on a hard time I saw I saw like these these figures he's creek is going towards him right before start now and a hard time that was really terrific. We take a quick pit stop before he tells us Astoria what was your experience like. Traveling to Peru and doing. Hiawatha drug with BJ any fun stories about BJ. You know they're they're bigger figure comes up from here with these areas be bitter bitter very. Problem with the food yeah. And it was constant problem as Eric ball I was always kind of you know trading away from the group to try to find someplace they're characters. He had to god there goes BJ that to occur again our dude it was bad he's actually right to where I I I mean it got to a point where I didn't care who saw me it like we're drop Trout in front of yeah because you have nowhere to go we're on a bus going from one diocese to another and it was that bad it was the it was that that like. I had never had the runs is bad as I had a because I basically had the water without I didn't realize there's water and salad saw there was dumping water and I'm having all the salad and Judy want to write also he was the only guy that was constantly doing that. There could emerge. It was bad hands awesome IAI I I got it's I guess it really bad or there. And I'd wanna be known as Baghdad I'm not does that guy that's me. He's had an noted the beast and for bowel movement all dude I was I was the mad dump her it was just every for it's it's it seemed like every minute I we're outside cycled on and letting go find Iraq or something because you just there was no stop and there wasn't like in there was no bathrooms. Things that you made that not every UN or that the gonna happen now on the arts Aardsma and got that out from there. So Paul what did you get to do or wanna do because his son a movie or TV show. Well while the much younger man and and in the year or so decision. Smaller force patient on the falls short and there was just one club. You know they're they're called the Ngo club but I. It was the only club on the basis so everybody was there officers and CEO of the players or what ago broker. On the various. And out bears sixties night you know everybody's dressed up in the car and watch and our. Building. You've got a picture this kind of a rectangular buildings. If you go through some glass doors to hang a left go Bruce double doors and yours. Large rectangular room. Error appeared a bit to dance war and nurse they're small orchard started off the dance floor you got that Oreo. I'm sitting there everybody's party were listening to 50s60s music. And that scene from animal or else with a guy rides a motorcycle through the front door error keeps replaying in my all. And I had a bit too much to drink it I mention this. You're my you're my friend you're Rivera and of course their lawyer or too little or no and I'm like odor out. And so I went back to Derek I a black guy or earlier diamond our spirit are bigger well. I think so why it is way off and I'll disguised myself and they won't know who are rare occurrence. My particular in my drunken there there's only if you are legitimate on the very quiet wonderful Smart but this didn't occur to get our. And show love. I had this old World War I whether aviators GAAP barbaric what brought this car that I put this February Morocco have lower part of our series. So they won't recognize alana. And I arrive out of the little bit rainy outside our right after the base in my view renter waiting orbit they open up the double glass door and I. I ride out this. Is there are a little bit difficult to get an up the stairs you know because the work fires are I ended up Paris where are the two and burn out of the stairs to get there. Her later I've visited the base and met mark was still on the carpet that was on the stairs whether they rated. God animate the left hand turn I get into the building. And our star riding through the club and everybody do. Art I like it happened in slow motion is like everybody in the club rose nobody's movie. And I'm writing down and revenue fell out of the union am pocket or just making a lot of noise everybody's standing staring. Well in my excitement. I realize that the last minute I was going a little bit if you slow as I hear you hardly works dance floor at the end of the building. And I will break you know hard when I hit the or eyewear now. I swear to do is start hired Larry Sanders is the boy I get out like yeah move on display in the air but still. Nobody in the club as you move. My if you re considerate of the opposite side of the building run the whole length of the building over pick up the motorcycle. I get on. I rabbit out. They opened the back door I ride out the back door Margaret I'm not completely sober and really really scared because I go to this could be. I'm gonna be info on their commander in Xperia. Oddly you know nothing ever happened and actually hurt bit. She was in the room what are its. That is tell ya the fact that he was in the room and you didn't have to face any punishment that is amazing send a few so desperate to break it guitar over the bed of the badgers started like my other Sunni animal house and have you went up to go the wrong things. There you don't VoIP Arkansas set out throughout the night getting into trouble is smaller or station commander fired. A kernel. Who was a fighter pilot you know the fighter pilots are a little brick courage. Bjorn they are the trigger wire what damage or guards Eric. Paul got him from anybody. It's good to hear from YouTube by. I'll see you soon they go there goes pawn by my Peru body and that. That is cool I ordered out of the guy egging them on going yet is I mean I loved animal -- -- yet do you got to recreate dancing with the motorcycle on Tuesday as he got to do that and after it happened you know for the guys that I can't believe you did that kind of idiot does that I would have been negative I just text says because people doing them things I was six years old I jumped off a hearty Storey deck with a big umbrella. Trying to float like Mary Poppins you they work well I broke an ankle could have been worse. Him or knows someone in the or are all sick. I never have another moment where BJ you'll have a proud father daughter are you always bring during the talk about religious. May. Know this is totally PGA and I think a lot of girls have this fantasy the dirty dancing it. All adds I've always liner create that I wanna go in the water first and practice in the water. And then I want like at my wedding or something that's our dance that's the end list but then I'm holing the drug and I weddings now I think about apps you like. Allegedly run at him like that job they. Damage you keep her future husband sober. Yelling about these incidents as a shock to rejoin that your own wedding honesty I can miss that it. To be fair though even if the guy I was over Sarah would take two steps fall flatter her face and disturb bleeding everywhere highly I simulate creating a scene from Carrie yeah. I Kerry when a missile we've always wanted to. An Australian born address or something immediately if lake. I will spread opened a lot on that who knows you know like I really got to think about that we're actually happened in the first. Letting me Wear underwear it yeah. That these stats you know I think most people enough he's just feel that way batter out and tell you I'm free right now god don't free no thank you. None is nothing. You know analyst and Nigel says the remake of that now I heard it was awful although all you it was such a fervor. There were people online to losing their mind while it was happening like so many commas in them heating it's. Also I think just. Aiding them de de de hated the changes they made debuted three did some lines. And the people around lied like you know Twitter and everything just the women we're losing their minds yeah my wife read. She DVR it tried watching it instead choose to last very long she loved the original it is even to the list and every. Other they have no water and billing in it's not graceful and all did not look at now practice. That's great if you if you need to do now I can quickly remarried Richardson that she these house yeah or husband moves ahead. One out of the movement and continued downstairs watching upstairs you all planned out. Yeah I know you're not getting the upstairs I spent too much blood sweat and tears me and Elaine nice place you if you're gonna live anywhere you live on the shed by blood sweat and tears you need money. What do you didn't do anything in their house Alitalia though. It's another and pack up your kids and I helped pack up and protect the term I had a happy and I definitely sat on this. Yeah I go through all the process of picking it out in the fighting with the contractor and everything and I really didn't lose Derek public again I do this one yeah thanks Vicky good job and it's a pretty I love how you can you can hear huge basically because you helped pick out a comic publishers and I like it a yard you think yeah. I did everything I'm pretty sure mom that I'm almost yeah. And even live and how out. My didn't do everything like you think that she wasn't in the insulin and Obama hide sized fly with those vessels right. Thought the husbands bosses go ever honey and write that check I had to write the check in pretty much do a lot but is not what I wanted out of the blood threaten this year's. Yeah because I'm doing this clay over hard radio station make this happen they got a paper cut. You know and I'm tired on an idiot if you don't understand when I put in the life. You know and my struggle. Your right we don't yeah. Only five it's not funny movies of the 1980 some others only five of the top funny movies of the eighties haven't had a sequel. A prequel or read the hoot that's amazing which five Alltel is 747. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. I like rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy. How do you rebuild it you know one creditors time by making your payments on time. 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