MigsCast 05/30/17 "Big Show This Saturday!"

Tuesday, May 30th

This week we have Tony from Windowpane joining us, as well as Wyatt, Rob, and Willie from Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage to join us to chat about this Saturday's big show at the Showbox At The Market!  Get more info HERE...or on their Facebook Event HERE. We also chat about Steve getting into a car accident, Rev's issues with Roosters, and Glenn sends us down the YouTube worm hole that will make you sing, "If It Bleeds You Can Kill It."  We also play the new Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage song, "Welcome To Seattle".


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Faster. Today in my life now no waiting room waiting for a I don't know why isn't what I used to live to come back positive millions and every Dixon. That's right just come back. Show on dorks are welcome to the mix that's where everything that could go wrong is northern rock the hi I received bad guy we're derivative radio I change that's right Glenn cannon yeah. Please visit clients and and we also donate Rem would know me as a window pane hanging out. Very low because we're getting more more excited about. The big wind of change at a city avenue it is so much this Saturday I know I'm going to be there I hear that the wind up paying guys are gonna be there as well ya know yeah. The bottom of my friends call while now could you got five members right now until Saturday night when. No we have done a couple autograph brings his fans order stuff glassware to be signed and whatnot where all this can read collectible hot hot. Com we're all five guys it's not that critical area that's a rare overlap there you know than me. I can't think of another bad that is doing the way to you guys are doing it because critters that don't know mark your basis that spirit you since the DC days yeah is now all leaving window window pane and you since added a new member and it's Christen yet christened Casper and more often than not a guy leaves nerves out. And tax in the get a new guys but you guys are actually having a passing of the baton onstage which is going to be awesome yes man. The other it's a straight up you know until we're in the front half the set with mark and you'll want to legacy material stuff that he's played on over the years and helped write and create no legged stuff and then amid sat we're gonna switch over and have Chris come up and play a bunch even old tunes too flexible the sounds records Christians because will be Planon passage saying so but we won there in those Tony's I didn't do it on stage in front of the fans for the fans. Are now cassette that's really cool yeah I had Tony brought that up man. Yeah almost since there's no bad blood or anything you know coming mark's doing this she wants to be with us his family in the you know read. He doesn't wanna be on the road doesn't wanna be away from his little girl and now we totally understand that and you've got rockets over 200. He's been doing everything that he can't make this really comfortable. Brands arm. And make it easy he's he's in coming down and helping Chris for the tunes you know it's been real just kind of brotherly kind of feeling and it's been really cool. So and you know why not just show that onstage. There before we talk more about in a wide tears well tucked in a second why it makes you see nobody did you bring me Dix. I do know that was nice having you do well you're like we're in the literally died is only just comment because he doesn't have any truth yeah. Actually reads had to get stopped every time I saw it on time Microsoft are working their way into OK until we get stopped like every time so we we just didn't wanna upset anyone by storage is not someone solo artist option will we you have to give him through that fir receptionist area where every tells you find out you mean you both know what does it say here registered burned just don't. And money. Why we're our receptionist has to come running over and look at me like is it okay that this woman is paralympic. Ask us to show and it ran an enigma. So we all just human hair and details next I'm love woman she's doesn't just coming completely hammered yeah. They'll get this party started. She got that important how I before we started the podcast we were just talked about one that was his ridiculously awesome because I am of of similar stories you guys. You recently in in the I don't know recently that some players back years ago. Born brought up on stage to perform the rock band game yes yes I done. Fueled the auto club downtown are from my course mom Mike Morrison some. They used to have a feeling there's 3700 TVs in their they had a huge big screen yeah and it was attitude and I think where they would set up rock band and I tell Howard other hang out. And there was a cost you wanna venables doing this citronella showcase real pros were little plastic guitars. And in front of I don't know 8000 people. We're now playing rock band and the thing about playing rock band is it's not at all no they picked back in the saddle was O. Yes it was it was yes it's a Merrill Smithsonian that I have a look back but now and the worst part was is people had really high expectations and I are like oh duties glint Tony this is going to be MM AIL. This stuff they don't play it is and and really had by far the lowest score on the entire I mean I probably below the moment you didn't did you lose loss. I really only. That's right. It's great yeah I'd actual people in the crowd or blue I don't know that we went yeah yeah yeah at some point you're literally rolling up Madison gas. I love I love the fact that I can utterly wrecked you guys sit rock band in both try clearly. What did until we come back in the saddle. I could actually I don't know we're trying to sit in the pocket where a wall of ethereal guitar and chambers are called auction stuff they. They are little pocket they are sure had a stroman bill it is it is his crackers Carter gets there's no that's all I do those dots. And serves giants at the pumpkin and press the buttons we just feel. And as yet it was his generation making that noise the only feel that they point blank explains why America and the crowd on the game guru ruins not an expert beer bottles and what we think it was on easy. Top oh well yeah yeah. See I I love that game so much I literally have a custom made. It's it's offender that has the buttons. Put into it. I got that as a Christmas gift and so it's it's a full sized heavy guitar I was the controller that it could already have only bit I don't look like a complete and utter idiot who could really splintered replying yeah it is on the bank to bank the bank the bank. I try on the drums I don't seem to come. I'm Robbie and rob from why only the wreckage is there is a lot of you ever tried playing rock dam but it's like. BCA like. I play drums is should be easy on them dominate and I try to come medium of one knows like the same thing there's no there's no mom no. I've heard the reason you're trying to if you tour also music and just trying to impress the appropriate color you are then you would nail it. But yet Tony IE you know look at you were laughing and sometimes when you set the bar just got hammered like literally it's yeah like on and I'm like no we talked about it mentally to accept it once did I go yeah. I don't know who else tomorrow did you have been great command of just. Yeah we were tonight. Wherever it is virtually Rudolph there is our job as we sort of I don't waste. Where in Iraq brand but we can't player until this is odd workaholic man that's so doctor yeah can I get an illusion. Oh it was clearance is really so lucky and things in the healing and hey it's funny there are some people in the eyes of them you are bad musicians because flat revenues pledge. I don't try like dude it's not the same there's no pocket and of course are looking at us like we're speaking you know Arabic but just. What do you mean a dude dog agility and a little time we mean there's no pocketed she and it's not eat a dream plan on easy. There are you actually get another O'Neil the Reid yeah he's on camera now did you give it makes you feel better like I've had people say that after Rio gave its. After that's just a rock and lady feel when you look at that and the particularly a little village showed why it deserves I dare I thought about playing just rock band and then I got mud of god not exactly one. Yeah. I'm Kurt also knows that season ends window pane video. You guys playing rock band to your own song and killing Israeli at a certain point where we actually were real Allison I am glad I don't know how to pull that off that's all. We know is there's an awful yeah I had realized the mall I'm about to move that is familiar but most of you or your annual renewals is doing whatever song videotape that turn the sound and clearer sound in the background and it'll be the same bank and then at some point like a Mike Ford might get four teenagers are kind of look like you guys. And they come up and it is an elitist could brush up that it could the next Leno and an ever people like our most heartfelt song and you have observing their noses that's like losers CNN Leon. But everybody there really like cart public lady Jessica and it's like yeah. Let you expect like this heart felt like emotional music video to go all which is an amazing that energy guys is failing or rock band. And I don't know why I'm trying to control your FedEx. But that's a smile ms. I was please share with dean O'Hair comes up and just narrow the lunar satellite and I love my sister has had a rock band I was early my sister and my niece and my nephews non back in Maryland playing rock band and put it on expert and did I think he was Panama. And nailed it. Cinema hard I was doing Roth doesn't look at. Atlanta now they're willing. How are you doing that I would basically am making fun of Ross and thereby mainly blue moon Alice. Yeah I have brought down a little bit yeah yeah so I don't relative I don't have to sing David Lee Roth and caricature I can play on expert. Singing rock tennis and AmBev probably dominate tied it with his team president golden microphone or left. I'm all right I think I'd do this weekend is just as late as agents karaoke can annoy my neighbors went dead just singing and loud as possible neighbors what's normal they're under streaky. It's actually fairly normal we still haven't gotten rid of the we called animal control they say don't give it two weeks it has been three weeks so I think remove the roost and you have me while I'm Bruce to know is no wilder. It's easy Brewster our neighbors have I done henhouse in their backyard and they have a rooster in there Paula so I don't either your door for a guy isn't beg you know insisting that C word change that little girl's history no it didn't have a choice Brewster that decides that every every hour is sunrise. And it doesn't shut up when I know why you did its neighbors see a whole. How can you then call animal roosters abandoned within city limits. Off. On. Specifically because they do this there a noise pollution what should not discount now the told agents sorted out for you don't need that in my life or I had chicken and you can make a claim. Thanksgiving dinner did you discuss why they had to if you just go ahead and then spun around the body comes off that's horrifying. Oh now it's eight. Yeah and you and your mom hunger have you reimburse their. Virginia since I was he's probably just like any other bird I would imagine a match I just like chicken taste like chicken children Jason Jenkins it and brought it to the same way a little better get out and I don't. Teriyaki iPod we've all had rooster that. At some point or another I mean that's seriously I'll probably -- unfortunately that documents across the street is very questionable they were soldiers almost one of the most dirty restaurants and all Seattle it's all still eat there I went the day after the news story can now I commuters no better time to go there are used to when Howard Guitar Center was so broken used to go to the one that used to be on the corner of second and where the hard rock is now oh yeah. Armed and it was right next door to the methadone clinic and they didn't of that great city at 250 teriyaki lunch special only two dollars and fifty cents I or is this price appropriate I would. So I'll walk right past the needle exchange in the methadone clinic in cinematic. Epic that and I mean news like the floor was Roland stop a post like all afternoon then again it was good. You've just you know what does this change. Yes oh the potato. She arrogant and Intel Marty dead. That's not a committee avenues at its sanitary I had teriyaki wrote I can't I wish I had like either surveillance cameras or that this camp outside of that area. In downtown Seattle. We had a picture. A camera and make a photo album and put it out I get a coffee table book because I've seen the weirdest stuff. Bright outside of the hard rock from guys giving each other haircuts who use a guy you saying that he's a billionaire yeah yeah I would have to think new haircut cycle of raise her eyes you know not I thought I was Unisys on the sexual do yeah Ali yeah yeah guys are giving guys. Yeah. Erica Ted additionally you don't watch that I am I. I could have put a new original show I just watch said shaver shaver. And you give me a draft feet outside of the African hard rock those Willie Nelson actually I was mentally didn't like usual good you're popular than you were back to America I I. I don't Lara. It might have been that your insurer might have been some element of user can really weird O'Meara and some guy got a new location another guy and had in my his sweater actually was wiring. And had a very large knife out and was gonna put the guy's eyes out magistrate cigars screaming and squealing and you know seeing people ran in new mega bon Gypsies Holmes dregs gathered in a witness to murder him and watched not you guys I don't. I doubt I'll lawn hi I'm at the corner what's that cross streets and and you know I went down. I think for second I'm learning it's one is certainly his second pilot and the course second time there's a gentleman here and as a nice too early as throw and I'm pretty sure he's gonna kill him. And America okay sir calmed down and Mike I'm really doubt I'm cool I'm cold I'm good I'm just telling you immediately altered under right away he's gonna cut this guy's throat. On the eve probably in my. Only is he sir calm down calm dynamite ma'am. I am home you need to get an officer down here right away a gentleman's about the murdered. You know I think she was a coach you know like you can. Yeah and yeah. It's important for. Here is as calm as I was when my when my I have my grapples car caught fire about trying to started there's oil on the on the on the engine and pollution it's casually walk up to the security good skewed and in my dynamic cars on fire peak freaks out loses my visit I just need the fire extinguishers they're put. I'll leaders admit it but I didn't die but you know in the limo and the what's your Naval Academy my name need to send an officer down here no more than gentlemen it's beheaded you know. Yes she did not. I love really feel I'm not a month ago I'd just rather carry a firearm disappointment and a first aid kit yeah rent it at the next decade you know not really bad day. And I got I guess that's why tell. And frankly there are you know my leg so I calmed down and come on the off Sergio and a belt OK well now we're talking to him. The sort of thing that I feel we were you know it's just calm down and now I'm fine on this script yeah literally history this is a look at this. No matter let's face as they calmed down and these are our man depending on the recent evidence that the letters that have come so. I miss Susie yes you're talking on the phone but dobbs I got into a car accident on Friday and moral guy who's sorry then of course the date that we don't. Work I still coming in to do work. And now my way home a Mike and the lab with cited a minute goal home at a couple things and into character for came back to Seattle for defy wrestling to be the ring announcer. Let's get onto 167. Car for enemy stops. Here's my thing. And I don't know maybe my insurance you can help me with this I got toxins after this have been getting calls all morning about it because now it's a holiday we can of course is when it all goes down course. I slammed into the car in front me airbags go off and all that. I was fully paying attention to what was in front of me I wasn't messing around with any thing playing on my phone or anything all of us and look at the car from him like while they're stopped and I'm still going. I don't believe that they had brake lights. But I have no idea if I can prove this or not make I don't know especially if you hit the car you're right oh JoAnne in bright because I. It's also to blur but I don't recall seeing great twice because of I did I would have hit my breaks it just seems to be a blog and I would I don't typically. Seeing car front illegal gun. Let's hope. So all of a sudden I realize in my crap slam my brakes not enough time I mean I slowed down I hit the car it didn't totaled my car but the air bags went off. Which ever I saw if you hit the car yeah it was a weird experience in itself. Luckily I sit so far back as the yeoman I like to like riding low when I'm time and I can't tell who's running nerd into my vehicle in Yemen could sell these sits in the backseat moves like that Kimbrough is from Fairbanks thanks stops right like maybe about three inches away from I know I tried my pants tees broke the smell that I've never expect your hard on people mellowed out on the muscle up money I didn't hear you know I. Just birds brought like. Greg right robber and paper and it's just like a foul like. Thank I that was actually kids big wield even dragging your vehicle for too long that was that emerge plastics and and I forgot that I should shop and I won't mention it's your insurance generally denying it I don't know what might consider not doing okay and I. There's a fine you're trying to run in the instances truck and I still hold the other than to try not now it's enough I. I neuter I I'm so that happens weird thing is I never noticed. Hey when you're driving due to a big you're gonna hit someone. Comes and because the air bags smack both my thumb. When it's. In a weird way I was glad it did it because there was a little minor bruises on my columns which are fine now but. I was able to talk to those thing on my phone I've got proof I've got to bruised thumb tactical point right it's got to Bruce thumbs in didn't play on its own this guy yeah. I'd rather have. He's got the other people's insurance companies army Imad fault this guy I had a guy who's got a 180 dollar and 87. That a 187. Dollar ticket from the police for following too closely. This guy knew her says. Here's the night I got Tebow ground on Tony was follow me a nice that I got T down do you turn some guy came whipped up this this on rampant and it's really nailed needed yeah. Com I've I was called a fault for failure to yield even though I explained yeah. I came to a complete stop I looked over my left shoulder to check my blind spot there is no vehicle Lester across a line and in my illegal U turn. Arm at that point the vehicle hit me so the gentleman was obviously an access 'cause I could see about honor on feet down that ramp so he can do here in about sixty he was an access. And mailed me as I was doing illegal U turn. Thought wow because we didn't call cops the scene. From. That failure to yield so let kids chuck Douglas has its funny too because I did his dad called instantly knew if they were among when he Nino. Who normal can you say I was driving my nineteen wine and music via and Intel by the way your song was drunk that's why I was like get the hell out your money. But he's going Tebow and someone a few weeks back and he's prosper as we drove my vehicle. That was truly good guy realizes and thinks diva I got a failure to yield so I had you know I was fully fault even now. And at that moment I was against it here's why I was in such a weird panic like at first in my head it might crap this Sox finally in my car over how many and get back to Seattle at all these spots from him make some of a bitch. How does that even happen woman comes out of her car she's like. Just over dramatic like in and look I get it we're all struck and that's you're running just look at it is like well. And I'll make I'm sorry are you OK she's cute. This and I do okay well that he she's not okay we would treat our vehicle as yet no doubt about Mike okay are they in the car and yeah. It's a matter what why are you checking on them and now I'm freaking out economic did I kill her kids like I'm about to cry dressing your really on form good. Couple a whole whole whole whole whole war and and I'm not sending this podcast or insurance I'm I'm. She enjoyed peaceful quiet nights and financial solvency as a result in your. I don't feel like I'm crazy wanna stop freaking out about you having kids and check on your kids are that's all I start going to carmike. Are your kids okay lady are your kids okay and she finds peace ahead in the car and as soon as they're fine my daughter still asleep in my son's playing. Some are. Right there and I. Like on start I threw myself in front of all vehicle could lead that I children's children away you were talking. Meg in this net so all this is going on in my head I'm Humphrey can stress case that cop shows up he couldn't be nice serve until he game in particular want to make economic path I had when I get it I. And not even I was actually doesn't. To do points that does not not not solid point. You're now quite like the all time I still and then there's like you said Tony had that there's no way out on the top ranks or person that does is it is there any way. For them to be able to see whether or not those brake lights were working or not are they gonna just say oh because I hit the car there's no waited so yeah. Right well in its wire brought up what happened to me I think it's going to be one of those things like brake lights or no if he'd been observing a proper following distance and of course you'll feel right you're right you weren't there. You know we were cruising along until a boom but that's that's what these idiots on the other side the only. I think Agassi maybe is that yeah. If you have a lawyer some didn't check like maybe recall lists to see if that car had some sort of recall at some point in time then that might not really going my need to have an electrical recall out there might be a plausibility either way and I can mice look at your right like usually I will. Pay attention to car primary agree it was and as you view which is a little bit bigger and news just. It is what it is it just sucks because I'm getting now I got a call from because then she hit the car in front of her. 02123. Yeah and I just got a call that person is sort of saying. Yeah we're not gonna we're not covering it it's on you look Klein says her neck hurts she yeah luckily none of that and thank you gotta say. Of the if I was gonna hit a couple ladies who lived a summit Chris Brown that was not the right way to stay there. If it's going to hear cars of a couple of ladies at least they were all everybody was cool but everyone was. Obviously annoyed and I get a number like I felt awful but like nobody was like. Have you are any guy that won't like us get our information let's get the cop here. And an instant response Scott came and all the thought it was just such a. Freedom my Angel on the other side of that with the with the people mortar bomb. I was out on five and was checking my blind spot this is the car before the car and now that awful 1950 Ford kit color but couldn't. The albatross of Julio trust is in my life these vehicles with. Anyway he traffic's moving traffic's moving can you left any left. And file Iowa left and as I was checking my blind spot everything from we stopped it. And I put my right front corner into the left her car corners you'll going oh I don't know eight miles an hour. But a pain menial than in the plastic bumper of the car in front I mean my car was far less body kits are shattered the whole fenders it's finally. Over Cooper so when she gets on she's a woman and assume when Schumer let's get off the roads are quiet and I'm like let's get off the shoulder -- inconvenience a hundred. Thousand people want to write a good drive off like. No matter how bush just not inconvenience. You know everyone from here in Tacoma okay hands ran in changed I mean he didn't even hurt a little Carl trouser role car and then she pulled oh my neck hurts now. The and I got raked over the coals man and like that car was on the officer showed up music now I can already see what happen again and I just I checked my blind spot is under the B pillar in the scars huge. So I always sir a final glance before you left to make sure. And every stop using it happens here all times are times when a man and he didn't give me ticket he or she didn't give me take your buddy had a right at the accident yet using Digg this happens all the time. But Nam I guess she pulled all money ever almost believe all that happened to me and I was like I don't know 21 or so I was gob borrowing borrowing my grandpa struck which I found out afterwards wasn't my grandpa struck it was my uncle who was in jail at the times tracks we yeah barrels who's still on this. No it's then the fact that nobody had ever checked the brakes. So I went to the first stoplight hit the brakes in my foot with. All the way down so I just it was an automatic so I just I I I just put I didn't hear it up I just try to throw in the park. I hit the Warren and I I tried dead dodged through the cars that were started and I'm going through. Click to one of vomit who had another who had another. And one person in months later was from California like well I've got back pain now on how much I well don't let yourself and this huge I got. Sued in 2009 for the same things I was in the one to thirty odds. Apparently out for the journal first cover it on what here's the funny thing yes I'm asking for friends and yeah I. So muddy and it's my none of those are got sued for 249000. Dollars. And easier for the time thousand dollars for the cost of Hummer. And 200000 for pain and suffer almighty god Jim guy in a humvee. That's so he was hurt. To make a birdie gainers story Shia was address. The guy fell asleep at the wheel went over the center lane hit me head on I went out my windshield. I woke up in an ambulance. In the state of Washington at said time. According to my insurance company your fault if you don't give a statement out the scene of the crime. So you can get. So I was down at fault because I could not give a statement out time because I was in the name of its insurance crooks that's insane not very Erin for me the and people wonder why don't have never mind attempted the insurance company's name anymore. I'm glad yes so that was not easy. No way around I don't I don't go out Olmert has through the rock. Curtain thing man I don't know if anyone does you don't let us not unlike a little gecko anymore remember on N Amro little bastard com Wednesday alone time. Yeah I mean yeah I all I know as I hope that mine does me right because I do enjoy going to mariners games. Is it the thing is with those man is the end yeah hope it doesn't happen by Seattle probably cover it led to you're going to drop to your style we ought not off me you know be the first army dropped by an insurance company. Pastoral landscape current order telephone that and a security now or if you want you to if you want you can borrow my car anytime. Beaumont city ER 1966. Means you hit some he pretty much just into the windshield. Yeah yeah that is really elaborate but yet I add that when you also completely and utterly decimate whenever you run in oh yeah well yeah unless they myself so I'm I am okay. Everything under a dump truck like you might hit you what are those little Smart cars where one of those broad and you're so yes a lot of really good mega Trump's fluid I good. Hey why don't we are so the dollar didn't learn English German and I don't there's a cloud of dust behind the car. Sadly megatons now amputee let's get diabetes but at the local elementary Charles psychiatrist every risk I know Matt my other thing now people are freaking me out about it because the air bags on often feel my buddies I called ex dividend date and declare that you're you're Jeep is is a total I've heard that as well which is. Or they have to stop underworld sat. Lace is yeah. Thought it was like I rolled over six times and drove it right until it was fun airbag deployed right because the air to air and I guess not always put more often than not cars are declared. A total loss by the insurance company if the air bags go off which is like now that's a whole new stress on me because I just paid to African paying off now last. Okay me. This. And I remember last what is your car paid the last time fully paid off car. I gotta take action on the suns on the off highway because it's a black guys are my mom Bob Black guys. Are they okay what's the. Guys story you heard that story. Ortiz drew outside in his at a minivan was incredible driving from Lynnwood to Seattle to go to work and it's around time wintertime. Hit little black ice spin out. As a spinning out I had another big patch of black eyes full spin now facing other cars coming out we've fortunately there are like far away but I'm Mike bull crap or crap. And move us toward turn it around hobble because the cars completely but I slammed into one of those dividers. This is real minivan race yeah yeah and yet the old Chrysler Town & Country. And now I can honestly say. Very improbable odds on 99 to get to work. And parked the car might well the scars never gonna be touched again and there was total loss to nowhere then went off. We are Hobbits are called my mom it's not a matter how happy that my mom well. I'm okay two solid you know I got in the car accident. Didn't hear any name but and civil what's happening to black guys spun around Simon who divider. So on and so forth and and as we're talking found just what are they okay. And I'm like yeah I didn't know who she's like the black guys. That's why is it a lot got a bit. Make no black I east why when they're in the black guys walking under. I I had 3 in the morning and a one of the I don't know Arsenault. Has the good life. I moussaoui's recording act a little nuance and I didn't know I needed a good laugh at that moment. But I definitely it and it was thanks to mom in the black guys yeah so I I got it now yeah that's going to be my week and I got this for Kim giant behemoth of an SE VA gave me from the rental it's I gotta go back to bang bring him back itself. Dodge journey. And expect to fit like a whole soccer team in the senate doesn't fit in my parking garage I. I'm. How do you figure that out so well let's just say what I park and I looked on my yeah endorse gonna come down on and if I hit the bottle I'm as you pulling them. And our. Good and then on my head back out our it's eighteen minutes as. And you and it's like Dallas. We root for guys like sucking my gut just again to the vehicle to fit in at the brunt oversaw much hockey year just defeated in the garage oh geez. Since I gotta bring it back today on top of it I almost we will put up with it but. Any time I hit a bump it changes a radio station. Oh my god. I have no drive an hour and AM Mike Bliss in its totals from yeah yeah yeah. Took my car was final sorry men are promising a my iPod if I'm listening to something so if I hit a bump it skips to the next track. Which is infuriating when you listen to podcasts I get a Mike. I don't know are OK guys. It's just like after it's been a weird understands that while there are. We can be very weird again last night was good though I had been I missed on the may get some time Rupert briefly about a minute obviously have a big sort of talk about job. I like yes we do you guys put all those who were your fourth. I've been taking wrestling class. It's one it's my leg take us through our moods. Israel no no idea yes there was class summer to do and you're local Monday's incentive I know how many oil and we'll listen not yet in Australia I must give myself an oiled up between regularly by cutting yourself with razors and select hey if everything goes well yes. But I don't like that take bumps I don't know but you don't know how to take the how did Britain follow this guy is and I don't think debuted as in the game rock band. But I should they got to play better on the trail imitate the best experience there had played rock band as a little aside it was a when I was on mushrooms. Like maoists are really just noodles it's always forever where it was a may drop gas are all I have enjoyed every day and I can't do let's why do read this is rev wise yes you don't see the similarities there there was no announcement and what sort of a beard to head to head to beard transplant. So lord growing up I just cut all my beard off ma'am I did and she got the mavericks should only New Zealand. It's it's sexy. I'll. I'll. So sex yes I decided to do it what my buddies the weekend warrior who's a wrestler retreat to a battle Craig he's not good duties they can man. If I'll cover the cost of the class if you wanna come down and check it out and your big wrestling fan I think you get a kick out of it. Am like this sounds like a terrible idea when when should be there at all I sort out their last Monday. And mind you. I haven't told you guys it's not in this elastic may get you woman who Super Tuesday double I'm a massive fear. Of being upside down I guess my only big for your life. Yeah let's go back drama brought these sites hang me like like he was tonight I was Vanilla Ice he or she this and get some fun game is fun for anybody and your president right up there with his hand villages throughout the BB gun and shoot you in the ass in the feet past at our pace. That is the brotherly love that I have yeah I had a love him right. You know those are you ready serving his sentence was due to the annually by the feet brings up the hole he ain't heavy he's my brother I just can't get out of my head if I could put. I'm you have very anonymous until I get this impression is old terrible listener I don't drive always have. Fear by doing any kind of like somersault our role playing or I am trying I got a little bit over with roller coasters but still I'm in him thing that does it for me. The idea of putting myself upside down or flipping my own body is terrifying. First class was the first delivery duped forward rolls now I'm in line and I'm like I'm for people away from facing my biggest your home how Smart why did I do this. How does gonna fall my shoulders as you telling when you're flying your. I have a hundred I don't like the fact I think we have off audio from that time. And I dearly. Really sound like. Yeah yeah. So I get through it it was unbelievable experience and I'm like I'm coming back I love this I don't know when I'm zero intention to show you. You Ford rolled felt liberated the fantastic so terrifying at times it's so I went again last night. And again. Was able to get through it and bull helped my wife earlier yesterday teach me how to properly to afford role she always gen video of this I couldn't resist a living room thing never gonna you're yard liggett's mode Korea it's only about that always under the carpet which we did it better really tumbling pressure wrecked vehicle on the political right and I love everything I have I have one and videos and you can kind of see me practicing it. Who militants. If you're kind of feel more Q Libya's gala got as a got a shot of yeah that I'm. A little Sonoma I mean that's doesn't slow Mo Nunn I. Yeah I love and man backlog of one of those synthetic. Oil or slow illuminate using the incredible when his jammies in. Britain IQ because that's not slow Mo now that's pathetic fans exe O mineralized who usually grown and that's what occurs after on the look at the guy next year this is streak. Without any practicing yesterday as part about this clip is watching you slowly tumble forward. With a all the grace of a stone. And knowing that you terrified us. And so it's usually before Arnold doesn't lose lots. And seeing on who knows he needs quick. Of that does the digital and Adam had a bow gun out of the three yards and you are no no no no no. To take a look at that. And oh. No way that that is not that's real I don't ask me that George you walk away adds a Smart idea that it doesn't walk slow too tired from his role I'm 42 and a back and I. Yeah I don't know how or pro reform my life and you know what actually the four looked pretty good I was able to roll and get right back definitely only formation because moving in slow Mo as it has no intention of doing a forward roll ever he got it's easy for me this city and our judgment yesterday all right our state we're going outside or arguing for a broad range okay yeah Kevin challenged. Why why we don't know as a secret life as a gym Vista and it's. Dozens injure other girlish figure mix and match only about a doing this awkward tumble and popping up right in the rock girls who were pumping well you know go what will you do smash into a wall on the singer to a military take out to normal ordinary accident and there's a pin is stuck in your back because I did notice the last time. I pulled it off I was due and I mean it was definitely a slow but like that it's a beginners class in school right. There was one moment regular rolling completely departed nobody says anything but I think Eddie came doppler effect. Because I'm like I don't. So we did I practice bombs which is like just falling on your back. But here's the thing so we do it also we work on running the ropes and you would think Mo how hard is that right it's not hard per say. But it hit I eat avenue found respect for wrestler as it is costly run drove Agassi talked about their bodies get callous to it means that those ropes or not. Comfortable to hit it's not like a cartoon where it's like from. Wall you're going back right stiff. Right out here eight just to show you what it looked like yesterday spent like maybe have a every anniversary like ten or twelve times not total like it was like as if I was spending all night doing it in this is what happened in my back from our. Oh yes hazel is known Steve's old he's thoroughly chief we got some blood blisters and rips all opened on a sign doubt it is funny article are the same thing on my right shoulder and my right hip from flopping around them of that Molex wagon you know what I mean zodiac are protected unless you tender that our power or jam here and there she is ripped up boys and girls. Added to it was fun though that and I'm glad it is over the eyes you wish it was video Kazuo pride your greatest video while talk I'd get a standing flat I'd spin for why any position I flipped. The overhead landed on my back. Not gracefully but I did it. Sort of snapped my neck Christian army base player I watch him like he did in bed rom and then playing his foot a look at parking post into a full flip the limbless feet. Or like him unmanned Nielsen Mariah and remove mom they would run up to wall don't want the war course has done flipped inadmissible time and look at them on. You're crazy you're going to be in a wheelchair but let's try glamour no won't sit there and I got to the scores light lunch you guys think that. And a I'm too old for that yeah. I was too old Alice and me yeah right you're. Determined. Apparently I did Steve can it hurt your Vick this week on now means casket and. Tiger and stuff out and I hope they do little to do move around noon. Hello bill isn't that amazing. Is anyone out and he really tasteless and he's been talking jokes that we can answer those last year I got Edwards is a moment away from here I don't know they get males become NC mental attitude like Camille glad and then I know I'll get that every episode I think you have. Curses caddies and last week was it was weird because like the first day back a lot of my friends and wrestling community caught wind of what I was doing like young word spread pretty quickly I was and am I making a like a big thing on my social media because I like. There is no end result other than I'm getting to do something that I find very interesting and fun and it's challenge. Look silly week is one of radio I was talking to Kevin hears about this we can do a local Sunday. The music do you gotta come down mid to move the the 321 battle to steal music do is arrive in my nesting is window pane religiously is every Monday Thursday Friday. But I will say. That if Steve actually wrestles. Window pane will cancel rehearsal. And we will be there. 05 restroom window pane oh my do my entrance song can only get what. I hope you'll play it like not like I mean it now replace Jack Orlando. The undertaker down in Kenya go wouldn't do is give him that I had I didn't wrestle mania nineteen here in Seattle. I yeah. The rapids you picture actually got the ball well communal I have regular oh yeah and it an amendment and Darren thank you are just what was your restaurants had. If I'm not politicians. So somehow I don't jump up and I'm barely able to roll I birdied my first match. Rang underwent an end arraignment and an instrument and all these bulbs now you know how work. Are actually take Contra you'll be OK this. Plus it's really fun and my opponent safe in my hands. And until we you don't take our worried about hurting other people ran into a global kids the other day hey guys yeah. I'm happy I'm delicate when I hit he fought almost almost always throws it the other always trying mama's freaking out some of my mother hit meat I was still sleeps on top notch sound Alibaba Michael flowers and analysis equipment for me this is a man it was a great awesome awesome experience that I look forward to doing it every week yeah it's crazy act of doing things I never thought I had the courage. Or or the ability to do and maybe I'm not doing imperfect and maybe of doing it meant the speed of us now. Okay yeah I definitely am doing amateurs the greens insult on his car to be rolled through assumes no. I guess I don't see why they are deep dislodge migs a completely different you move would be a slug trail that you're hot I don't know exactly what. I happen without Torre dropped shroud smears is to you on the opponent's head. We'll go natural the natural foil and then as we Ronald McDonald of mulled mixed fondled shocker yeah hourly tag team partner and I'll like Mohamed up you know it's it's obvious it's wrestling if not completely a 100%. Real solid. Keep myself like maybe X all our place at the Hershey bar our hands all night noncallable so we'll tell you his team swing do you know all of them go more vision wanted to give this kid Marlon Google may construe the rounds kids are peanuts in everything. What kind of fun part is after the guys to some degree of market that is incredible for everybody yeah. Austin heart coming. That's all half cut the deals freaked him out except for just wipe it on your fingers in the minutes. I'll get deep on me I know. Everyone in the audience freeze except this one really classic look yeah we all know this whole free out of I was actually exactly in the streamer club just throws you TP. And then streamers it becomes a Cleveland steamer club and they have I. Yeah which are the bad guys at three to a battle so they were there for battle mania which is like there wrestle mania between embattled. There's Don streamers and south to mr. McLeod those guys are awesome video streamers and all the wrestlers. That that's the ultimate sign of respect we get a bunch of streamers thrown in a ring when the hellfire club came out which they're like the big jerks 321 battle. The do toilet paper and says it's already got my name in the funny part is I think the twelve people were more expensive and streamers so no way. The hellfire club got the royal treatment I'm troubled I'm. Am I live in Cleveland steamer club when I was at a high school diploma. We played mr. Walsh which was the Catholic so all I needed patient and I'm. See people don't know there isn't much a kid's got expelled because off. You know the Allegheny best hope he can on the on the visuals Rezko to get around and missed wall to wall cheerleaders were by the L you need bleachers. And these cats and I'm not only an amendment they were throwing goldfish at the media via its own what are we doing to miss. You cook. But there excuse embittered toward taste and every single drove through it could just assured you're gets Childrens are respectively the hammer is one time that's happened that in general what I've got a lot of memories chicks are highlighted through attrition live goldfish their flop around wish our manner like there's still a little like -- smaller small corner. There's a time of Florida panther fan throw Bob. Brats on the ice why don't they were dead rats and eventually got to where they turned it into like feet for acts like puzzle Tway 121 rubber Lee president of sales Demi and rob and your big hockey fan Detroit Red Wings wanted to be traditions is throwing an octopus on the ice. I just felt it was loves that. You have sort of people who work for their wrinkle of that and how does is all the time they tell me this is still alive I just don't think it's alive and that's what happened to be gets cut under the Zamboni. Why did they get out justice and all I'm so do you guys not a public Peter showed up thrown blood on you why you're talking to Robin I can. I thought why don't ask the guys you suspect and that lawyer advised me that it's like let's how. Theater streamer Manitoba ultimate respect I'm just to bring announcement he's defied wrestling events for mount a go mute true I'm working on my wrestling career ports are still on the the diamond Dallas page of independent wrestler we go forward role they started at 35. I'll start at forty tomorrow at least 35 he's sort of wrestle at 35 and had an amazing career yeah he did out. All fame career pull crap there is hope if I do yoga I'll be fine there. You're doing GDP oh does so I don't you in a lot more now I there RA I'm I'm I'm very familiar with the weight denial looks in people's eyes amnesty I see your sky seemed more confident that I wasn't at fault for my actual brother and I have got just like reverend. Rudy you go for it works ever slam lines are you worried over you. Myself through because streamers adulterous and respect I got us. Again massive amount of love for the streamer club I don't deserve to be streamed at these shows Mike Pressler errors and he could use the wrestler is fully deserved to be streamed N and the fact that they stream me is is. In and of itself. The cause some ankle. And they took it next level at the last defy a man and I was so beyond humbled like almost a new wanna talk I wanted to just walk out yet I'm good I'm leaving I don't need to ever do I check out this picture of that to me. Lose yes so yet these guys are shot from back from the ring but all these tiring is engulfed in yellow and white streamers and relax cool yeah oh yeah yeah polished good looks like. She was like in the middle of the that migs spider from Lord of the Rings and chrome and I'll modern amenities she's and they really don't erupting I muscular man. It's an unbelievable feeling and I thank. That is so cool today did a delicacy like of the brokerage is like someone took a picture from a couple of us aren't there I cycle it's insane to have that. And it's like so surreal considered basically just throwing things at you like a minute let me remind them to do it's not beer cans and such a good point. I thought I don't ask who'll be your key topics that I had a quick plug for our secure local wrestling this Friday. 321 battle. They had their big one that features called cabana. Oh cool colts like one of the biggest in the wrestling stars as an amazing podcast podcast called the art of wrestling and he's just an all around awesome dude and he's coming to town to wrestle three to a battle. I'm gonna react to the Mariners game so come on by go to battle palace which is a ball fitness. On this Friday night just look up one on FaceBook you can find any information just type in 321 battle it's not hard if you can't figured out that you shouldn't come. Couldn't okay. The user you are right dreaded meeting at the carrier 103 F but I find it the big thing happening this weekend is this Saturday window pane why only in their brackets mock society. It's the governor's daughter. And I ask that so now it's going to be an incredible show I'm going to be there Revver you've got to be there. You dig GAAP yeah the plan is that sounds come out and a couple of because. Hard to deal will we get ahead of the tool cluster near their support so it doesn't hit any good guys that's true we got a black guys there's a board game convention I have to go to. For a while before that but I lose your temper colossal new lieutenants and a tackle with BJ and that's where police and public that was an isolated incident Netanyahu's contemporary all his support came events that you go to shot you. I mean you have actually did note I want this weekend because I was does not feel a net and then I don't know I don't want and I didn't want to deal with people have to deal with. Can we have sonic attacks -- to go pro to whoever is with you always look white at you the whole time will be FaceBook lighting a lot of it just on that Tunisian they have to trade in my own hook you multiple leads you to check this pressure this work they do whatever you did this when I'm getting pissed because my face just address render its. Super super read yeah and just over now was what happened in Cleveland Indians a little girls are you okay dad what happened because I knew my face is right and I was perfectly fine but at that point I was over. It's just thought it is wanted to use the bathroom because of that one had to pee and had a plan is to be game for an hour and a half what was playing it's called Ponzi scheme. Which is literally like a Ponzi scheme where you're buying a whole bunch of stuff and you're trying to keep money going around before it comes to you having to pay your interest which is always super. Like life is challenge enough why do. You variety why would you put yourself exactly this game as horrifying I needed it all in the bar I was playing with. Hated it so we are playing super slow and super conservative which made it lasts longer progress slow as I am with forward rolls residues check it out right so yeah yeah yeah check yourself to this for charity yet and I mean I respect that we raised. We. We like the whole thing in Europe raising over a 130000. Dollar off. Still treehouse which is a local thing that helps us Foster kids and stuff like that so it's amazing an ad that they wage even more the place bets on how soon until you know massive nerd resolutions and it was being we have mission control it was really is a million dollars he was being streamed online so I had to make sure. And like just the miserable look on my face was about as far as I can get couldn't scream yes we all would just yeah I don't know I want it to you do that it's seemed. I really should have I had my big infinity dollar limit big foam put on the table I just wanted to like road across the room did you I have always is yeah in such a bad mood after that stupid game Soriano went though it took a leak and came back out now let's find him by the poor little girl she's just like. OK to. Kinda tough kid jam like now I'm cool talked earlier Billy Joseph talked to me when I was a kid. Tough and a half off half scared crazy yeah it's Barack star I don't need your craft. Our parents are back to affect. Look I'm no pain jello is robots at the market the old Joseph Bob. I'll I'll ask me I think. We would we we we got to figure some stuff topics we Tony just ran out this morning were were sold. For the tickets and we can't available which is a good problem to have but we're gonna have to go to mr. looks box office Newsom juggling. But on the show is great Nancy it's only to show it's mark's last show ever with the band calm after a legacy of Jamaican music without semi since Tamara Hyundai sedan yell in my mental or window pane and you have to come today show to Yemen do you know it's mark and I go back and we went to school glittering grew up together we've been. He knows the couple punk bands before serving remark where the name of those companies. 20. The first one was called heads children pets then we were disorderly conduct for Walcott is what got suspended for an article is good to have this a great and that's all right girls I heard someone who bombed a you don't hear about how I got suspended would tie right into fuel it sucks though as they figured out about a lot of it is a three day vacation and you know my mom's tennis community for an hour and I get to sleep. This sounds while I was worth it. Practice Jesse or she's rescue me for something else and you wouldn't get it guaranteed so they can handle the cold in schools. All I had one of them and saw it I did in school suspension club so I have to sit similar it was a slinky like the men on that making snow out of her life cern. She hits the giants and dander. Andrea does usually good things and she likes to I don't know laurel crush clinical once he did not eligible for would you shaggy on the season with no matter how she treated me governor and that girl now legendary war. If that I. I've got to pick her muttering all even when choosing her odd dandruff and you kind of monitor an Alley she LE GM and feel they Hummer yeah they're Johnny five way up to learn. I thought that more than motoring while now I don't think. Yeah yeah I was a guy that only she you know why can't we knew we actually analysts. How is she Molly would have called death amen I'm with you know it's easy yellow crazy Willie Nelson hit the ball very well he antibiotics all you re ordering mix and other movies from the same Americans don't. So long duck Dong min as well. I. Hi I hottest ball but I'll rock solid defense couldn't honestly have no idea who these people oh hole. That there is open and oh yeah just a news imaging camera now have a television about it. The putt putt yeah that I can swivel he's Amish. There was helmet until Lou Islamist he's still make your quote. We have an email me I have another Arnold you can have cover I'm telling you is beautiful one of those weird cordless leaders who no one can explain a little around the streets and I'm doing something right out of the best way plays drums there's is no power ball. Just plug in that. I learned how to play almost motor choose. I so our dogs and universally admired man who's not good because we get a while in Iraqi jedi is it time breast yeah. Have a new song what I guess is she'll go over illness might now let's talk about your single in the Coca. I just find it did just kiss and my little musical chairs longer shared Jonas gets like shown on on your guys. If it is unavoidable whom. UL zero million and a co perfect I would tell us about the first of all it's a song. It's a welcome to Seattle it is and it was inspired by that incident you have by the story's good we told on the cast which is why we wanted to come and bring it here before little rob wrote the lyrics are her had to been my mind I think you have who directed at that that is good news out there isn't a bridge thing but basically two bit. I think this is just a reason to suggest that people go back in podcasts. And try and find the story that inspired to protect it it was kind of our. Our message to you. Aggressive cocky LA bands who you're worse not quite important thirty years ago where you are now shining on that glimmer of nothingness they had from thirty years you know but we knew we came in into the podcast and told the story about a and I went oh man that's such a strong statement I just remember the billion. Edited I didn't like it over ropes tries so hard not to burst out amiss with the greedy man boy 80 yeah. Could remember bush and what was it not so handsome young men Stanley yeah. Another cool we have that experience a few times especially if spans from LA and no offense to any bands from LSU assuming your pets but they're all listening to jail I'll do it all of them. But so we've told that story on the cast and we have rehearsal that night I was like man. I have this riff. And it would be really cool if we made this a song and I don't know what would come of it but we'll see. Funny enough it's probably going to be the title track of our next record she battled armed. But I am so weird awful kind of crappy situation at this time inspires. Canada and how it goes back to a we had the guys from mom. By some revenge have been added had to deal with that idiot faux accent down SSP wrestling but it wound up round about way it also gave birth to 321 battle which is a way. Pay your gas production and and an app I not happened had not been for that they wouldn't have gone down to Olympia. Ranks as she Israel and I think about like you know window panes trials and tribulations of the record industry and we had a song on daybreak called you all stop listening. And we wrote that about that and it didn't change anything for us because in fact they had all stopped listening. That's actually cut song is about. About the record industry I've got a copy daybreak in my car for years and I never quite knew the meaning behind mount pretty much any given window -- record is the following substance abuse and anger and frustration over the record industry. Occasionally regime. Did and then substance abuse Giuliani a mile Ellis about drug industry Oakland's. Having trouble with substance abuse Oakland's under direct and ensure a really good. Those guys kind of a broken away. Are you realize you know about you. It's. Or self loathing I forgot now. The day break records. You won't stop listening to chuck to. Though they went right. You may think you're at home. I would like you guys via the having it open would just open the back having your whole kit you know great those great. No that would be his all valid there early draft. Yeah talk. What do you wonder what this will be one album now. Then there's one you mentioned. That you I'd ask her to do alive and well. Better than earlier we are gonna do alone well you know I had bosses go ahead and I was gonna ask are you guys can do title track from daybreak. Now. Only be closed. Which we only want a future ballot so don't drag the second. Extremely. No I don't know I know we we ended with a visit of the epic its varying on not on the we're gonna do you. You. The more runs here and then really come way September wholesale. Everyone loves to avoid the. Why love love love to get people ready for this Saturday night I think I don't. Saturday Rivera. He's coming back a lot of very entertaining and out. As revenues being an older on the board game. Okay. Was going on what. I started listening to smooth jazz one gaming now so please don't hurt me you haven't done I don't celebrating its machine in the future. I was listen and a lot of imagined holding some guy down there what is the in the shoving monopoly pieces of the guys backside you. It's cliche I believe is their goal. I have America. Think video. Just having a prisoner re killing people of that study finds. Around pretty awesome if it turns it's like a fine. Final four but I don't know what happened to be something like look she's ridiculous like he goes after a little flood the room and we don't you. I don't work plot that could very dead there good. Slowly lashing hello and happy I got everybody he's killing people with different for a game I'd like ice. An hourglass. Oh yeah. Whatever the whole squabble considered all the things yeah I am waiting you know little little little letters that hole in a rehab mode like fight someone's head off. Yeah. I'm never seen anyone joining killed bus traveled to Horton heard. I have great filmmaker did your would've made documentary maybe this is the future video right here it is. I don't know sort of traditional road every every morning a new dimension to cut the lead can you please come through all the film. We applaud you win your going to hooray my nose actually gonna mention the documentary because. When we've run at daybreak the other day I was really loved the song daybreak. Blue. There's something about the weight of the documentary starts with record there's no way is that the kind of static homicidal aliens that opening guitar line that is just so powerful man. John banks may announce that movie is. Perfect but so live beyond. Thanks dude yeah and that and I've always loved the sound of an old scratchy record and I Dodds said pay him. And simply because basically we're talking about the record industry quite a bit and then thought that was it's appropriate fifty million if if you don't hear that sound and in my edited. Whose area. Do in my house you know that face us. I tried other sound you don't hear like artist development you don't hear those sounds specific material off then or good artists you have Gordon certainly didn't want any threat to lie and an iron just drop undergrad and nevermind I can't salty or bitter about anything that's our men you know I just I got the Tampa when I was in high school from my guidance counts are now and we'll just looks on the NBA rock star yeah. I was like yeah you know on the market offers good money for nothing chicks are free like cold in the door on the football. He gave it turns out. You know none of that sound so anyway all bar you can see new Wal-Mart 167 but news com I share your current I'll be history and it's creating a really close. Orwell and we've we've we've we've said wade would sideways but that's with the Phillies this audible more the now admit and the you know we are Jews. Beyond grateful to be a part of the show on Saturday I mean. We are all huge massive window paying fans like I tell people I mean the way people were like man that new Metallica record unlike. Winnipeg and has left my CD player and like a year and a half and so it's. I don't know man it's it's the coolest feeling ever chew. It's really weird for me to deal. Such a huge fan of a band and then become good friends with who plays amount fans. So it's kind of one of those weird things like L all be hanging out with Glenn and Tony you know I'm like you know oh we're just thrown down and also and I slip into a fan boy a moment madame. Access ever happen. I cannot be that you alleges that scenario ma'am Anatoly I don't know I don't know world like that when you rail goes on Friday at their wrestling event I've battled that at times because like I am a huge fan of wrestling him wrestlers and there's certain wrestlers. That are doing these events from the John Morrison says. To go to moose and other guys that have been stands seven and one of them is Stevie Richards is originally from a fellow Washington is gone and have a great career a bout with impact wrestling. Him and Angelina loves his wife moves wanted to beautiful people she's like I can't get a world of women's wrestling. And now when I see them they give me like big huge hugs and allied. That they wanted to have my conversation take normal people conversations and my legs. Yeah I'm like trying to keep my head on sale Michael my gosh is Angelina love like I've been a fan of hers for ever in trying not to Chris Farley it right thank you remember that time when you have been straddled both the ring rope that was cool I was when I left us so I got all the time that's the thing about there are no data memory just turn your back on your body. That was cool it didn't I am goes I think it's so cool like to have. When you break through that and you. So I get what you're saying well. I'm a local level to I think it was a podcaster to know us talk about you know up well and had stunned no Michelle for years and a stumble into that ban him even now which I'm around Stephen Michelle I have to like be careful not to be an idiot. Nothing ever happened we were all more friendly now no immunity and yet but I really as citizens I really resides so that I. Yeah I've read Stephen is surely just glad such an idiot he's so backwards like I cannot eat what I do well among this year's guru. His team and are now. Well I do. The same thing around Tony recent weeks I was like man I figured out if AT daybreak record and the self titled record and you burn Mona CD together. That feedback from the end of daybreak feeds perfectly into the opening of the new record. And I'm sitting there like hurting out on the head and my own business and honorably there are no more night and I looked like she had the studies like your burning our records we really need those sales. I've got a quiet. But we didn't use the age. I thought I'm good or would that. I want what it takes over the sun is welcome to Seattle let's get on the upcoming record which is also defeats in the sun that we played a while back called off the wagon dad yeah consultant caught fire. Everywhere you do. To help did you really calling from Justin Horry said like his his fourteen year old Brothers yeah. That not so well let's hope this one takes off like that you needed to let's don't look so red rob Brennan gets a drum solo homer in the song when you made me how does that in honor of the individual you needed to joke Robert. Bonnie yeah I love this song Kim bidding begin Peres the sun came together in like in the evening and we were contracted and. I hope everyone digs it pass check out welcome to Seattle brand new why only in the wreckage and it's available on iTunes right now yeah this actually leaked early we had no idea we thought that because of the holiday. We. We would be fine we're told everything would be -- -- oil went live on everything went live yesterday yeah I saw that post seems like all man you know like but I wonder you said -- -- legal difficulties these jail I don't know let's -- our initiatives are Tony I didn't bring your shirt I'm so sorry but the three viewed as all have sure this strip stood as a Space Needle it's in the the traditional -- only ten and beyond green and it says welcome to Seattle mother suffer -- only correct -- and you can see it's got IR Delaware but I can -- it's a free stuff I can see freebies and pretty much help somebody would react to serve frames that are gonna get thrown away if you wanna grab data that I do get there's a whole bunch yeah man I had amend that perfect Islamic put on my front door earlier why the sun stated it took about a year committed another. I don't move as we listen this is gonna make me sad because this is the radio edit of my favorite part of the solid has to be believed to Jack. On the sugar yeah it's a power is an awful multiple new puts on YouTube you can. So I know why anyone here with the cursed by this job there you want you fired did you if you want to hear me it's not really a lot of screaming curse is one you've what are the here next that there are some of them called you one that you buy it come off pitches you can go anywhere he wanted. Maybe pitches because that's got to be about it isn't there at some point do we need to just. All you could look at Dick's thanks and I'm bringing it job to learn her song called pretty believe truly that good for all we're basically it's like I know you love your dad and how bad image that I got back. I and I did that I have great. Confidence that the stereo while in Iraq gives in the sun it's called welcome to Seattle. Well throw the. The apple O. There hell yeah. We're just jamming Al's dad so yeah. Get off great and I think yeah I mean I know radio that is that are as awesome. Man now why you why the boy could Tony hadn't heard the podcasts retold the story about the individual the new jokes so he's got the back story on YouTube on what the songs about. Yeah I will listen I didn't I just Blake sort of bold powerful statement that was especially from rob who's the nicest guy on planet it's not so many times you've got to watch out for like that it can direct edit out here and all zeros as well I have what I. You can't just putting you in the desert oh yeah hey man I can't. In Helmand and he's still be smiling roms aren't your body and bigger as my legs I think it's probably just snapple mollify. Hell yeah. Turns out that robs in the mountains and Iran's neighbor you know why young man who seem very nicely always motor is grabbing him by the headmaster and it doesn't really have medal though drug dollar Romany can stuff through before they're ready to go out there let me have now. Bob so congratulations another great song guess solves a brand new singles jobs are we are all BS and off Mike and then missed a lot and train our kids you all have all downloading it in the video will be out tonight nice final was the video or CNN meant. Soo funny enough with what the title is we hadn't thought about this. The video looks stellar I've partnered with indymac hail from top left high and he Lola Manning and Barry did he's stellar and it looks so good but. If you're also grabbed killing people and her. There. It's a purported studio but it's. All backlit with construction lighting and there's a whole lot of fog going on. We hadn't thought at the time likes. You plan isn't good no pain than George Barrett hey hey. We visited for a sort of pour the water she. We have one more change your mind you can always Canada after. Words we realize that it kind of looked like smells like teen spirit which was superb not. Content anarchist you're not at all. I'll hug hello hope this unfortunately will tell willow like he had always Wear and actually the shirt the red Zorn right now. Yeah and will it was kind of wasted which is kind of hard and that's our our video shoe thing like when you guys have done your video shoots. Do you have one person who just shows up wasted. Not anyone else and show that is it for years everything we've got a decade of one person telling him when is this is the Pentagon but that's the only 100. This march it because. I had to and neighborhoods of the plug jazz loving brother will club relative or Guatemala does this Saturday as he uses to pass the time not too are less drunk. Can you guess that's how I dress and cool if he's he's now let's say you know. It's it's been cool as Chris has come into his own with the new with the band quickly because he's really talented calm now because we're splitting her or person who sat. And we did mark survived and feel in his pocket and the way he interacts for Sean. And then you know halfway through big hug see guys you know Thursday and then Chris takes over and it is different feel and focus and energy armed that we get playing with Chris and Chris is remarkably talented humble it's been cool. You know in those girls and blow you know this is actually a different gear and it's killer it's yeah I think it's you know. Just always Obama are don't want to make it sound bad but the band's gonna be better but that makes it sound like there's a problem and that's subtle that's a desperate and they get to summon up is. Chris is energy is gonna be killer for the direction we're headed. Mark synergies always been killer got east talent as el Amin got an amazing player. But there's two unique flavors and chris' flavors working really well where's there's a good way to put it as and I more sense. I have ever does have a new life and anything. Just breathes new life in everybody else is yeah there's nothing to do it could have been easily like a new drummer and stars and whatever you like. It just brings new energy because there's some really key data about being in the band in that kind of yeah lights a fire under probably you're ass is being like. Doesn't Nazi crystal just fool want to start rocking now at Hilton Hotels in which gives it -- -- and the next thing you know we're all just you know when Matt Lewis and -- images we understand now when -- when I know in this gig it was like when Houston got asked to be a Metallica that's what it was like for me really cool not just I just don't even like Madden are not just important moment in some kind of monster when Robert he'll find out that he's going to be the basis of metallic and he's like this really small apartment probably site great moment when his greatest moments and any documentary and he's just like five year old jumping up and down on the bed. Just freaking out I like I'm sure on these -- of a man and then ever before they even said hey we're going to give you a million dollars is now just a moment in the zone signing bonus so distressing get a million dollar Bill Kristol the crawler riverbed with a bunch snakes and stuff that was so welcomed the window -- popular Chris now has to pay our rent mr. ho she's yeah I mean -- -- -- inheritance. Area kept getting Pixar cars really ask. And then now you know these rehearsals men were playing with Marcum like man mark's really thrown down the bans on fire you know and so there's that thing of the damn this is what we're losing. And then when the switch happens and it's electric in a new way it's like. It's been really exciting for me these rehearsals gives little your plan Marlon Manuel on fire this is killer. Mean you know we're losing this were losing miss an increase steps up and it's like oh woo wall. Or on fire so it's getting messier didn't really great to fuel bombs to feel that from you know from mark to Chris that. You know there is a difference in flavor but not fixed our fans in a lot of Sasha were a lot and it. But it's especially you know the confidence we are playing with mark because McNabb and I remarked my whole life. You know so he he think Brooke obviously Newman is like losing an appendage. We had seen that you have but it's yeah man yeah you know and and so it's it's been really exciting reassuring because of the we've been struck errors for the show's. To have marched up weighing Chris stepped in five minutes later yeah and sick 00 okay were still on fire all this sick or no this is you know I mean like it's. It's scary it's like marks believe. Did John what are we live open and we audition a couple Catholic couple cancer really excited about two and they came down and really a swing and a miss tomorrow and literally we're going oh god what do we do. O'Donnell immunity on the moon we had Chris and we're like man what a Christmas. Yeah what are we gonna do then we're we're really in trouble what a real and it. I mean I can play like you know one note unload Laura rock band and I got Jimmy and Al man or I didn't have the dots on the mall and have fallen let me Chris came in the first rehearsal and policy after the first audition when he left we O'Connell went winning I think there's a guy and you. And then we were we are evil Christmas. Actually when that didn't we have been looking out for her. The coming years years back has mark wasn't sure you know now when it's this kid was more and everything like that romance dumb. And so we Chris was first we thought of back then. You know and so then yeah you you know we had a fairly short list. And recall the mall and had a mole down an actress came down was definitely he's the same kind of crazy to. Yeah you know marijuana as a guest outing where he came in fully wanting to you know like he did PO NYU songs in three days and and they learned go well you know you can mark doesn't do you do you do I mean he's pretty active well there's some you have some intricate stuff and prisoner Manila welfare line and stuff yeah it's gonna ask what he auditioned with just for the below you is it was underfoot. And then yes I wanna go after welfare line suitor that aren't really sure you know according crazy yet arrangements crazy I'm mark doesn't just play the roots he's taller places and yeah down there was and. And yet he came down a nail it and so the first pass he's getting all the notes right you know he's planet with a split but the biggest thing with finding a player Cobb. Is are they gonna sit with us right in the pocket the same where they gonna swing the same way is it gonna feel. They you know are they gonna understand those those subtle things that make a huge difference yeah ands. Like second pass what our start becoming a focus third pass there artists yeah that was really impressive. You know we knew we figured OK well that's going to be something you know maybe in six months will be able to get to where we you know we knew sort of where it's feeling your role as some need to swing like a pendulum yeah under the you know the via big balances that I mean that's a huge part of we really focus on the. Yeah if if we don't swing stuff right it doesn't move right like we all played tough as tight as you want but that's not. It's a Roland Robbie what wherein where we have a sums not right sums not right if it's not swinging like a pendulum. Raj General McChrystal might imagine a Hispanic girl and Ponce walking away angry. Mayhew out of my serious sin in the way her ass is gonna move I'm older I owner right now I don't I gave it everything about what did yeah way that's all Jimmer very good friend is no matter yeah the gas kicks right kicks left kicks right kicks left and if you're just going down the middle. She anger she's got to be chassis walk away is that every if we don't feel that pendulum. You know real consider that tight it's like man if it's not swinging correctly and yet for Chris to be able to lock in with the lack. That quickly mean when Shawn join the band you know we're like get so we you know we run everything to a click musical. And then Sean it wasn't used to that and he was played him in with a clip can really do us. Know he's got to understand I'm right on the click were like right. You have to play around click the click is there to give us a sense of reference are not speeding up and slowing down you have to learn to sit deep in the pocket. On the vs in the show forward up against it just. I did great without the click but all that would please had to learn how to use my advantage try to take try to be a robot who also have life yeah. And a weird way blind now allegedly did to my phone's all like no I prefer it now now these are really gotten used to that some say even for Sean Camilo do a live of course know that wherever that is just so that were her soul it's all treated live well every all right you could well actually answers the thing with rehearsing that strictly is that when you do hit the stage even the home and plays it fashioned home and plays it slow the whole band plays to gather. And the reverend swing the right way even if all our adrenaline is up and we play even faster. He'll still have that swing to it because we have just worked so hard to make sure that. You've traded to muscle memory well remarkably tight but still organic who ranked arm and such a shuttle women's yes honey I remarkably tight but still organic pet. Calm and in but and Henry cotton mill out of its shocking and my wife loves me yeah. It's just into this mess I bet there are a bit better car record I would I almost killed two children if he came and that puts me two cars further ahead in traffic ten years so my question and I'm I don't know I don't glass half full kind of knew where a lot of. Bruce comfort each one of those kids put aside swipe to me in ten years in autumn and stuck in line at Safeway one of those gentlemen scream and yell about the lollipop that couldn't haven't. You really could've helped me Ellie she's had gotten hit a martyr it's. Okay not the role of the kid I can't fix the plastic bag and shovel I just I. Yeah yeah yeah I. I have been good and I'm rob you don't. Robert so yeah do you personally newsroom who has nukes but I know there. No dog I got Karl now McKenna I would tell her that doesn't happen Saturday I would doubt it you know Calvin. When you balm from. Atomic outlaws to pass. I was down hanging out with his he was in California but my wife and I went to visit his wife knows how Allen his two boys and his oldest son CJ is awry patent. I actually shot random video CJ old CD was drawing these comic book stories. Cool lower hanging out and all of them involve people getting group gone until he died. So I'm I'm like all doubt he receives enormous put out because he was like to know illuminati Lou not it is is step reason screaming at him. So that he would like he really told Jack jumped over the candlestick but he draw the Illumina trend on the channels that can do it. He didn't see who salute Houston its cars. And Alan. So anyway as it was hilarious and we sure dad is on big case are British Open libraries I shot landed on video CJ descended to Calvin no context you all do the if not all kids some ideas coming to operate I just say terrible things I don't like getting blue dog until I die that's Verizon's it's all about all three elderly to those talk a little push and senior citizens down flights stepson he's more general re likely elderly cars aren't my first camera doubly destruction passing a I'm anti Elden just got to get him out of the way gas smell we whose dad in my way. Put your hands just seem so K it's OK you don't children because you can never read child again. PG on the elderly because that's where you're headed. Out of Atlanta mile per the actually man. I think elderly people realize that you might hate me but eventually you're going to beat me yeah you're going to be told me they get the last laugh forever plug and you think it is yeah. I don't know voicemails or emails or text message is almost forgot they were doing so I won't consider a BS and I'll read about that at this list of the seventeen things that local band system can't I don't necessarily agree with all the menus on web sickle. A Baghdad named. Beautiful quickly fly through some of these and see if we agree or disagree. You know Mike. Yeah. This is fine I'm OK OK I solid and honor. It's not like you did this list going to be about you exhibit and the does well served won't do not know is that Simpson is is Ali name now all that's just. And we pause the podcast for a second yeah. Yeah hello everyone kept missing and we will be right back everybody on it pause. All right so I you've probably heard it believe it because apparently we know the person and this is amazing add an ogre but I still debatable whether not to go through this I think we're all really excited to get Toronto it's that's good I don't know I wondered this list was a direct result of the beef that. Both of your fans is how well with the owners of beef are not rub you guys are wrong when you we only are we lost it all the bridge. This isn't really terrible thing we're gonna believe the names I don't think you think do we would see it they say it's a Turbo things online I found I don't think I save this for like months because of like one day when we have. A bunch of local bands and this would be a fun. Conversation receiver there's no relief it is water under the British academy in this individual talk to and that's water the spring weather is nobody here but I really thought about it yeah I have a friend Alia. Is bomb. He had it. Hit a setup. And asked Tom I was talking with him he's saying that he really must play the show box with this time Tenet and he asked about actually the show that's going on this Saturday. And I was like you know where it's this this bill was booked months ago but armed you know what what's your guys is try how do you do you know people have to meet certain level of the moment. In a shoebox insists they can pull their weight class retirement and our show we're on the hook financially well I look at a massive risk when you play the show while. Do you mutate they hit it and does well come from bands that when we were teenagers we were selling 200 tickets so it's like a good. Did you know you and yours was about this this is how it goes right but. Com anyways I total man and he sounded bitten really cool is I guess you'd actually weaken we can do that we got a great dry used to be in the span he's been that man. And you know we can totally do that and I was serious when I said well. We will throw your hat in the ring next time around man you know yeah and I'm serious about this. And then we won that big we're still we really has done you're finish line yet oh yeah yeah I can write comments continued after we crossed your rational mind. And so there were comments on these post did not sort of not only are these guys was crapping on new guy that's true yeah rocket that's correct or not not happy that they crap continued after we want as pathetic even after you know I spoke mom asked this but yeah he was he was putting up comments on other people's pages thinking that we wouldn't see them apart Concord what was great is then I got to respond to one of these comments. And and I did. I would love when Tony gets angry and post something on FaceBook because he doesn't pull any punches and anybody says in a very eloquent answer to it's. Totally. Yeah Zanzibar repression does not tell us always broke he's always so he'll kick your teeth in with his brain trust I thought well I. Well. I've also been very Sony doesn't go off on FaceBook from his heart he comes off like use these things get through everything you say is well thought out and nothing is like oh I got caught up in the emotion and a proud nation has said that it seems that you really vetted all out before you throw it out there now look Danks and and Melissa will. If I ever need anyone ranked in the meantime other people everywhere guys you've you've got to. Its arms so. I have basically just said amen you know were were to stick. We're excited about this our fans are rallying behind us we of course didn't expect to beat Jimmy Hendrix or an edit and it no way to we think that we did. Just our fans rallied in more of them voted for this you know Jimmy's got a lot of eight you know and let's say that he does. My silly wrestling thing about how I know I don't deserve to be stream heard as silly as that is that's a guilt and they're really tackle or Indy wrestler and has made it look and I sure is still not gonna pull aside the streamer club guys really don't do I really. I'd like for you guys do it are going to be doing more harm or streamers. Hi Ed Ed it's serious Israeli border about it but I never would have expected yeah I don't know whether to goof on the podcast that I jokingly said it and and those guys. The greatest people ever met. I and it's so awesome so I don't I don't know if the opportunity happens how can you not do anything other than embrace it and appreciate it yeah will. And that's exactly how we felt the and so I've basically just kind of stated that acts. And then I. I. During this conversation somehow I quoted though the band name so he knew that I knew who he was right. And then at the innovate I signed it. The guy you recently asked to play the show much I remember that post and I OK mostly on their eyes glued shut about and I guess who will get it from time to time in his back modeling personal recipe I came in shortly after that after Gonzalez. You know out I don't. I know. I was really really mad about let's alias I got called Y and Y and close we talked there's often as we can actually dated but YouTube set by the thought our call was for his talent saw like men as a part of needed it doesn't just wants to withdraw combat there's a part of me that's literally furious suspicion because this particular guy was trying to play shows with us and being nice to a subtle one corner of his mouth. And then making really snippy comments out of the other and like I said. Even after this whole thing went down on he continued to run his mouth the power wire when talk to on and then even after that went down. Lots think someone re circulated our cover purple rain or summit for some reason and he got all that was like recently voted the bus calmer and share our. Just didn't even though he and I talked nose like he needs a dude I think there was misunderstood him economical that's a problem texted me be meeting in the context and totally blew it usually get. I don't care. I don't care it's all good you are fine I wish you nothing but the best I don't care Fatah and really it's like I just while letting go good luck bro good luck to you I'll never. Leadership here you have players show us again if he does is burning you know did okay he wants to make snide com now apology accepted but you're never gonna work relies not forgotten all men and so maybe this might save weight into this a list. I'm just commit suggest in my own root things that some local bands don't get. Don't talk past periods of snow all so true it's. A small town girl I know I mean putt on the number one trashing other brands machine isn't hurt. I know. I know bottle on a plot this is the cattle call it maybe mean I don't I didn't accidentally. Learned this come out maybe this maybe it's I don't know why he's just maybe like you know it is no go with this hole after April 4. I was writing you know I don't have a time to oppose the idea was liberal and the birthday April somewhere around the city and what are the odds at W the first things. Number may be learned the lesson one of the rattle and prayed for a bit and let's live find out more and as he was honored as a graduate. School. And to put numbers aren't Jews do not speak ill of window brain and purple heart. What he did exactly that great it was going to be in order to get that action has brought you know it's it's even in our band room you know it's it's OK to have your opinions and thoughts but I mean to the point where if we're gonna see something. Imus at least night Bieber let's just say I saw all those guys are really nicely the got a way to go or a great band still little green. We step away from the damn mics. So that that is only exchange between the four bosses everyone knows that that's not right you know my family you're talking among the I am no great band unfortunate the guy has bedroom tone marry an additional stupid stuff that is just for all us guys brought about me I don't know. Hello Roberto Carlo I am not a bit I play once there we're we're not we're not good and hateful cats like that I mean generally but it's there is anything that could even slightly maybe kind of be construed as a negative comment. You don't take it to a public forum wish kept them away from the mikes and our commercial space you don't mean Kerry is what do we report all of our rehearsals lately we we have the camera running out all time who. Who heard from the slow here I will sit. Have glad I don't I thought hello there ought to desired I don't know I was camera always real salt. To help it by a Marshal out that guy not being honest how will say I will sit there and listen to myself afterwards and what an awesome like. It was wrong you glance yeah. I got a load brotherhood and love the way at least you guys on tumble forward very slowly when you watch yourself back some video you're practicing your precision that's two point that's what as severe when you played it starts right you practice your first and lo and rice conceded. Brother and I. CEO tells me. It's not about being perfect it's about showing progress and that's they told me in special education do. Hey you know we're an element in the war in Asia itself for a gay men out there programme a window once today. Well number two Georgia we just rerouted number one against two year old I think she'll hook or tied number one after all that hoopla. Trashing other bands and you're seeing is inheriting their rap it's hurting your so hard to believe that's why I agree I am blown away I agree I. Mean that I ever read the list so when I first summoned you have to talk come up as a make. Oh sweet Jesus number one he's coming out he's he's basically talk to run a little bit sort of wondered from why idol who's one of the nicest guys in this music community and in my notable. You're getting in his second Sean Morrison you can bring into the gentleman smuggler near Obama could get the maximum political show on foot. I shouldn't say about that I like everything is double our schedules made and though it was a good saw muzzle hammered. Mindy she was he was a gentleman star blue ribbon UA. Now why didn't Wear and tear it to say men's and stop we need to quit running near. So fascinating is the frontman this band you know but he's either drummer is launching a new names and that band is. Currently during a few things I I just said. It's a very small community is where and we are very. We sure Herschel space handed us. We urge your text and at least once or twice a week and we talk more protective of each other German what does your friends they want to friends and family and it's. I have I had to try and set it straight and just say do. You were new band is gonna go nowhere for everybody it's your doubts like. It and it's tough rhetoric makes the most of inspired him to write examines those guys might be really Giuliani's joke you don't realize that he's not so I really like this tournament all of our listeners are probably on who is it who is a view is that unilateral jam yes exactly what are they going to Heyman didn't you just talked at Tony guy and I mean we like what's gonna show Plaxo so wedeman has another show coming up or we -- now Japanese school for the sake of actual your professionalism we met over discloses individuals name in his band I birdied what hole on it's pretty political yeah I don't just. I don't some. I don't did that if they seemed very like there's no way he's not targeting anyone he's not it's. Acting disinterested with folded arms in the back of him and other ventures to not make you look cool singing along the front of the stage does I guidance or support advanced on just. Sure there's there's an aura of act like you to. You've bettered independents up on stage that's not fair I always love when I've been in shows and played shows. I love the band out from playing with or even like the band like I'm always trying to be as close to the front as possible just let them know I'm there. If the crowds huge I can't stand in motion yeah I guess so I rules sometimes don't appear there and then splits are that these main facts but I like to stand off to the signs reckon watch T I there myself born you know even taught she did that makes it smells are the summit tiger mom and why it's momma was the coolest thing. There were watching want to rock the house and saying there was small nominal zero got to be so proud you guys every so that's. You know I'm not looking disinterested damme action molecule anyway and and I are innocent yeah yeah. That's a funny about that thing on the list is Tom and then when you go to a show. With one of your buddies. Now they don't know that rule and they don't know that there's a lot of people in that room who might know who who Glenn is who I am. And then you've got your your buddies now like golf he's got so. You know do our sport about it all week and now they're run his dad yeah I'm looking I had just walked away from boom. A group that I'm with you yeah and stuff like that goes down goes on I don't you wanna be be here guilt by association. Is that you're announcing they don't realize you know they still feel completely anonymous but you know and learned yeah yeah yeah and then now falls upon you. Which by the way I wanted to say the crossed arms thing I feel bad for because I always call you to. I do it's so when I guess if and when I saw you behind us the other night. I actually became conscious of it because about halfway through your sex I was standing right. Funny yes you sang house of cards along with the beautiful actually but it arbitrarily. Higher do you let this. Let's have some idea. Wow virtual iron I had seen houses cars the color that is you would urge you better have your arm from across disparate you have more lung capacity that's good but I was act. We caught isn't it halfway through your scent I realized may have been standing here with my arms crossed that probably were quicker. Knew you did her arms crossed chatting with the person next year and you know what I'm thinking what I'm really thinking man it's so quiet came. Well I got I've had lots of shows are people are chatting right economy won't sing in my heart off. Com exchange in drinks having a toast arms crossed her and all convey is that it's so cool thinking now so are so I think they're here last three unplugged show Larry I'm a gorgeous sun thanks not a lot of might recommend June 3 at the show box we all sort of cross your jogging jazz hands dry and. It's good to have half. I am doing doing OK I can play odd thousand people you know you know we watch and why it sets to one side to the other and if you make eye contact who got him and Jeff president. Trust amounts yeah. Better Qaeda number three look like a rock star isn't as important as sounding like one deeper hole. Solely brings out. I lived in my god but you know Los Angeles for a couple of years you won't get out of me give you table I just wanted to show how he contradicts himself would the next one. Videos look at Iraq's president furnace on like what. Number four image is actually important Carter search for dads at a barbecue not from musicians on stage so does a one statement just negate the other. So I actually becoming angry with number four every time I see you. I hate to beat this dude their are bands I've seen. That I have taken less seriously. Bias to hire the whole show so get totally makes sense why I believe the pixels to little overworked cargo shorts instead I ended early got mad at my guitarists in my old band but we finally reunited play this year at the show by at the sunset tavern. And he showed up wearing shorts and it bothered me an hour and I don't like Mitt do you just look like you're on the beach man like. Neil looked the part leg but I don't see bands playing analyzer like the drummer of I if you don't have an army here and Def Leppard it's totally fine Wear shorts and otherwise how would usually play Wear pants. Suit also will go well like the other anyway and I. I haven't experienced it yet. But have now done two shows or I wore one out where to any human show. Bomb that were surface of the sun hot one of the McCain lost stage and voted for ten minutes from heat stroke new fun I was Putin computing up foam. All right by dove which against her boss actually had unarmed black man. And the next one com I didn't lose consciousness or anybody was so he was so hot on stage of my guitar the threats so we require risk physically guitars are gone out of ten there was. It's terrible. I will say if I find myself in those circumstances again. I might rock compare cut off Campos or something just because it is the surface. All vause Sandra. I've got to wonder blue jeans it's almost a rags and award the oldest and press show flush photos can also up. I know why didn't cover you just point to the hole in his genes. Speculation do we trust the guys but surely and you guys rocked with thanks rather renowned Toyota. Why would you do that to yourself what are the dude you were and black pants a black T shirt a black you're outside off. We're outside in the sun cascaded they can't be and we it was surface of the sun it was so hot that the audience and because people ran for Schuettler. And the driver of all Kerry he was just Mozilla. This is not dead. Or don't they went all wrong sure we'll see it was so hot that we blew five of the six tires on Israel. What an irony because the road and what I. I need drew crowds. The last name there are about figures it's up to be frank cut you off obviously I. Bull that was so one thing that was. That was of huge difference moving from Seattle to LA and then moving from LA back to Seattle and just that that a whole perspective thank up here. On one thing to them. Don't come to be actually very proud of just being from this this city and seen its armed. It's all about integrity. In the scene here the rock bands that's that's like number one priority net integrity down in LA it was looking cool now I want friend and employer had crowds you know it was it was so weird because it. I'm all the bands then that I was and we were always fairly image conscience you know we were to have one guy and a neon pink shirt or something. You know we're always OK we got to look like we're babe a unit. But moving down to LA it's like teachers never again I was nuclear unity and repair it and there were guys zone. I'd down there they're literally ran like each members 15100 box were to close. And it's like you couldn't get a cooling and you know what the end I. Yeah that's the difference between Seattle standby time like delay ended and it was crazy these guys would have their their image together data have a thing down I would see the same maintenance. This is kind of big is on the same topic I'd see the same man two months later. All exact same guys completely. Different sounds. Still rock band but now we're chasing this thing and chasing well this is these guys ever for pot and we need a song like this and they'd totally ready and Aldridge and imagine I mean they probably and they spend another ten grand on clothes just me this. The girl's name and you see that and it was nuts and it was crazy but not a lot of good musicians. Integrity didn't exist it's funny news I'm sure there were some great bands down there I just unfortunately didn't see him. But it's. I was just blown away by that because I moved down there to hopefully finding good banks. Right and I can get after about fashion as AL a year or were OK that's enough for that. You know move back here then and then that the total opposite effect come back up here. You know go out on a Thursday night see some amazing musicians. Playing some really you know playing with their heart. Do not and one guy looks like genome he's from a metal bands. Another guy just you know and did you stood to over The Grateful Dead or something and then you got its Arab emirates just. Yeah it was it was so not cohesive image is so not important appear which I think is kind of a cool thing but at the same time happy what you what I was saying it's like dude you look a little he's guys all belong your you all have a statement you'll have a thing yeah what are you representing my Hussein on all these years but it's nice yeah O'Neill and you're an entertainer we just you just jeans and a T shirt colds it's on everyone's cut on the same page you know you don't want one guy and a big part joke. When I played OK and to be awesome. Tomorrow window came conscious self much do we do when we played in el sombrero really had a couple saw it right and nada and in the California route and Hollywood in the band that we play we I'll never forget this. Rim of the band name but I remember the lead singer. I don't even think he sound check his own voice he spent more time on stage positioning this giant fan moment and making sure that hit him in the case it's because beyoncé fan dude it's owe him a good she's fifteen minutes of making sure it was in the right angles whose hair was going headed and that I think maybe he went. Check once you check what okay good if you look at noon and semite why you spent more time Mr. Big fan on your face and think your microphone. Memo represents just saying no I show. You might know it all figured out now because he's in charge of that approach no because the approach I'm pretty sure that's gonna be is one and only fan so he needs. I'm not gonna take then I'm reading this for anyone to be there for your son keep sorely miss and miss understood spend a lot of time it's your thank god that there's an old man okay a lot of it is sincere answer there were so many. Right before us they drove the entire room I never cried about a band that we played with I religion was crying. Believe we can do the club we just traveled this far got a broom which path we play with is all girls ACC cover band not off the hell's bells are called whole Lotta Rosie its bread and my friend crows in the band. And they they hooked us up to be on this bill and we were like. Who was packed this could be awesome their whole band loved us. But the other band had a play beef in between us for some reason pride because of the fans immediately so much and it jag media just. Did that in the testing room and now Michael my god we just went from what felt like it was to be the highest of highs and lowest of low. Well they're all out that door open that are really well like Seattle overrun and that like of the first couple dozen redundant Linda Freeman play the whiskey. And the place was packed. Alec this is gonna be. Kill footage of that and you too good yeah I probably won't OK guys are still three piece into times yeah yeah yeah places and so the documentary to and then lidge is written it yeah opening band would leave. And take all your friends with a yeah and I watch Celek what. And then we get on stage in their six people and I actually have told a story about like we were the first to replace there was Diego state is in my head on a nightmare has been security guys been bouncer came to music. What are you guys do and here. And I want house did word we're just now from Seattle worst urged China grow the brand. BC keep you got no business being in here. And I want a dude you know we just we drove down from Seattle we're just trying to showcase and then he again in Iraq recently got no business being in your Thursday. Doing the best bands I've ever seen what the hell are you doing here and how slick. So we should yeah. Are you breath questionnaire please let me know you and I thought he had alliance Saturday I have never seen anything like it more encrypt. Yet that first thirty seconds I was. You're right I am being chastised. By a guy. Every man that really has to offer from bush EI. They'll never get that but the group when that Soros I watched that happen and LA were these bands and that is huge crowd and after their set they would leave need to defend with a Manama computer. That's Sox you don't want fans showed up to see Austin then split and didn't hang up while they just wouldn't they just don't know that a party and support to show and be a part of the scene then you're right. To be here all night that you. Opposite feeling to it it's like down there it's definitely come on doggy dog. And rust and the support they probably tell their fans please leave showed them or party in case there's a record label and or show them that you're our fans are our friends are and so bad as that that mentality just saturates an entire scene. Swear up here. We all know grow a scene. Did community via community him and what time do you guys like what music will play at seven. Just that's exactly and and rain snow Eurostar says and about mixed fast and I have said that. And every show we've played since week what time did you guys yeah. Just turned seven so bottom and I also do better showtime is our window pane on human and sick kid I. Their doors are jealous of them all she no lie I'm gonna recommend all joking aside. Yeah it Doris because Tony and I are looking at some numbers it might actually by the time we factor in guests was senator you might sell out of don't mess around. Yeah if you don't have your tickets. Your ticket you can still get him on eight SX dot com just look up. Or hit a big little hit up why and the boys. Not all you guys are you have to move we're. Right there were runner where we had a problem we did the math world you'll get more ticket item anytime we get home we might yeah oh yeah. Yeah so. Oh really don't mess around on you you really want to. Do you wanna get down there this thing Manson there at six Aussie meager six comes she's amazing show. You'll show's going to be over before midnight you know I mean so you're not. Clients are out and straight up you've. It's kind ma'am whether all heroines bring each other pepper spray and we're stoked by all means I mean mark societies killer killer has got to see my diet and I think really you know and yeah it. If you guys remember tempered cast. Being in the depth forming accused beginners daughter and they they were round trip for maybe two years is there's gotta slow man you know yeah and so they it's been how many news. A certain group it was Sean angles from sift. And then it was the core members of tempered Shas with Aaron falsely from spike in the U Taylor's only guitar nice and then Aaron had the mall and so Josh that was formally enter ever cast was advocates against arsenal weird way what you goddess tempered -- little Hillary go over and that's ever guest vocalist from sift. But Kuwait and amazing guys really cool mom and you know believe they're due in this reunion show they haven't played in a couple years so and of course been absent their belting hit the road this is their tour kickoff event after our snow out you know stellar kill and great human beings. So who we were trying to find out win this article is written just trying to find times yeah would you find out I found out that this guy that we have believed. To not write this because it's a three year old article. So he shared you shared. I don't know well yeah. It would GDP claim they zeroed it conceded I don't know you'll who I I just found this article and I must have maybe maybe I put his name down because he's a guy who shared it okay I'll. Still I don't know if they can't really great I don't think you Renny get this morning as he had all these things are completely wrong when I hit I know we got to run but here's a good one I you're scenes gatekeepers are friends with each other get him with one you'll get him with the mall I don't think he's right on article considering. If you (%expletive) one off prepared to be blacklisted it. While specific your bright red so they covered that you know maybe I'm. We'll tell us sisters all BS. No. And friends with the guy he must shared an out there that's a pretty good there are more victories are a couple other ones out FaceBook is dying if you're her entire promotional plan relies on it you're doomed. Keep your eye on our hours ago. Her scene Twitter do any favors yeah you need no onions you have to pay to post a uniquely FaceBook seems to still be a pretty powerful tool and I would say MySpace have been challenging. Our friends are confused friends or taller faster throughout our lives journal in Augusta or not I don't know I. Ali may start coming out there are gonna say when MySpace tank's side that I am one of the putting good in my mouth yeah. Oh yeah Morgan's Orwell. Sticker out well who did he felt it was a sinking ship and it was seeking Bastia was the Titanic it just got torpedoed you know and it's radios and other social networks that. Where do you deem the one that's going to do what FaceBook did to MySpace and somehow to Dubuque I guess Zuckerberg is is way more dominant and Tom yeah yeah. Well I think since they've used in Europe nation divided into it is yeah a bit on the ball gag in Banda now that's good birds of power festival's top what I what I don't know do you that was YT shirt with a perfect fit. But aren't you got Autoruns. You need to conquer your hometown before he can hit the road if no one cares about you locally what makes you think people care about you anywhere else. And boo. Okay yeah I don't make for a group called her own talent felt no jitters about as anywhere else stuff. That's partly because you you have fans all over the place or die you're out to about I'm gonna take potshots at myself whenever possible because. That's how I roll. Pot if you suck you do not deserve to be paid get to do it first and you can start charging. Ma. Man that's that's tough for zero oh. You I did beltway talk is subjective if you can get people to come to the show and pay to be you deserve a kickback. Much everybody in this room started when we were little little kids so our sucked phase of course they were for what I see you don't let. Yeah. I'm bands that are you know not that good. But boarded not a hostile in its heart and soul so not only Lance phantom because it's heart and soul and a look at an item in about three years he's got a general rule clear com. But don't bring out eight Johnny people and so yeah. Her right and all of a hard you work and how much you care to 19 under cool and I think could pay is oftentimes. Determined by the success of the event. Absolutely just Simon is yeah yeah exactly exude miss it Danielle knows there's a movement and making money what we did really well. In fact a close lost more money by booking you can see it appears security staff did his bartenders you're sorry I win the bands are mad at the club. All of America that nobody here rarely do they used to book to a lot of you guys run on him yeah enough to give. You can still has personally we get there you drink it drink tickets and they did there's four hates. There's four debates. Who do you drink tickets oh wow you don't get in and what are you just don't understand. I usual morgue go idea waste and help others junior scene you'll eventually come back around. Why does a good one based on the stories are hearing about guys aren't brought so why you have this idea. This is really helpful to loan tried to be I don't know people hate us I'm pretty sure. I think it candidate mean at this is like silly the seventeen things that the candidate it just treat you local band mates with respect. Be supported Hillary devoted their shows showed them some love. And don't talk S about each other behind each other's backs and let's take a moms obviously we all looked chatter but don't make it into a total. Yes sold social media and then I think that pedal when you every call eat and then enjoy it and then post that they say in general totally out and admit I've always every day is this is think of how many friends you have. And picture yourself on a stage with a microphone. In front of that many people. So you have 562. Friends on FaceBook. Make sure that what you say you want. 568. People say you can't even feel like that now because now the wait algorithms work on ocean media I know friends of friends of friends of friends we'll see it's a yeah yeah everybody in your area it's always wrote things and they tell their friends and they tell their tragic. I want to Delhi wanting more credible if anything I don't tell you once you should imagine you're almost two Key Arena do you listen FF my life my coffee was cold and I can hear this headache I do that what you gonna say we're onstage Erie and I introducing Cuba's government once I. Like I do is go to. But you have very few girls and I don't guys value city gap now yeah I always good and General Motors at the azalea Zia a well. It oh. Experience thank you still. Pouring sweat have been forced to do a series of forward rules looks pretty good I'm not have a yeah yeah. It loses its all the benefited. I couldn't. We are invited to my first wrestling huh. Writing this I know or don't words the only advice I have for you want them to be successful wrestler. Starts in wrote her a lot Barnes right did you yeah that's it. I've never heard the job I'll try to find a lower road get ready to wrap things up the odds there's a YouTube clicks clip of somebody grabbed a bunch of Hulk Hogan Brothers. And saying all hope I think music man with a few different ones but my favorite our cup qualifying to monitor in Iraq I was enter something like that as I look at the mirror every morning my airline I realized that I am becoming who can convert more every yourself a Bandana Braylon isn't daughter is really excited you know she's relevant to my interest you I wasn't on the wife I don't know I'll put away a little while I listen well hello and yell -- -- done the baby mama offshore by having his run. And brother brother brother or. Okay. My fear everyone is this once somebody turning into assault yeah they gave me but I don't really think it's. Didn't do well there are lush yeah. Other have almost certain culture. Yeah okay the group that he just made big news anchor woman who took away yet. Oh yeah. Finished. But that's back into. It. You know your brother brother. Rather dated older brother brother brother brother brother. At the Arnold won it's every Arnold scream for I don't know. All my. There cool I don't. Unpack it now years. There was a period of time where I was gonna start aside projects there was just aren't doing programming with those is and call me box. If they're good. I. Path. Barbarians and did close yeah. Good good. It's good I'm Tony. I was so it was a way to just isolate vocal. Let the Sonia. A lot of the running man great movie. They have the what's your biggest field. I. The running man. But totally go full blown through the musical. Like that some consider you've never heard them all didn't we'll kill it oh did you love come up. Would the plow mode he's driven leads we could kill that I hope it's incredible it's incredible man. Stop shaving you don't have a beer and if yeah. It's pretty sick man what are we had a commercial tank barbecue that's because sing your barbecue sauce thing. I'm an action some other time you should look up Kermit. Doing the voice acting for Conan moved to music oh my god which is hilarious and this is how we fought through YouTube worm hole yeah sorry guys we're gonna play voicemails and emails that is in zones is that this is. The falling and this is not into the European. And William Brody sat at a company doesn't have the tools digital movie footage. Yes this is it ladies and gentlemen I bring you better the musical. Finds homes for. Talk. Yeah. On May. You must. It's. I'm not okay. There's we can. The Internet is so weird this is great I love the fact that someone took a tumble right at this time he's adamant in this studio there wasn't feeling. I another three point one million people watching us well stay my daughter until you. I'll just miss the fifth that gave her a break. And Billy. Okay. Okay. Every fan out there at the moment. Cool. The long. Pleasant it was. Yeah you're right we may be. A lot of times. We break. From the Mac. Okay. This count as Y Jackie when she opens the how close I was gonna say. Was it offers better machine evening I know so it's yeah. Yeah on tour. If they don't you locals like at an impersonator ball and all the lyrics are quotes. From the movies you with the pop do you lick terror around this could not out well. I don't think I don't want to over death metal heads of these magazines or took all the Donald Trump tweets over the course the last few years and some band made its elegant Emo song 09 and a half guys hometowns. From the guys you really need YouTube anymore you can just join us here on the links gas price cut Hamels funnel nonsense you're right Julia. A message from you modes from vs New York Times. Let's go with terms beaches and early 2000 you know song. It is their lives of his speech. His life has never been more unfairness of this he both trump I'm sure. Yeah scroll. Save it but the. I mean. Guys. Just my. And these are actual quote story of David on the video shown saying. We. Not the way. It's. Yeah I children's. Thanks buddy we're all. Always remember and I'm learning I'm. Acts don't. Good while. Pain the bulk. And well. Hey it's great wine yeah. Big time. Know some. Actually don't sneeze and it. Why we can't truly Cooper oh yeah. CNN. The items are worries is that Al I I I don't have all right you have thin skin is when he was a younger and then the older one it was a nice guy and I don't have thin skinned little. Predicted to be so wrong sneered shocking right less shocking than your big I made otherwise alternative flax gentlemen alternative but that's very true very very just show you mean not the truth no I mean ultra right Waxman and. Mozart fifth. You're making music in Seattle. During that period of time like he you know I was too but I was young enough to get caught up in that whole you know way of how I thought look to you. As someone who's a little bit older than I am original. We're seeing it's it's an interesting David Simpson the instance of musicians that are really really respect actually I've seen them. I need to put authorities essentially limit chase various trends have seen them change gears and pursue a new avenue. That's uniquely. Different from what they worded I know I never. I eight. I've always sort of done. What I wanted to deal now that hasn't equaled. Q now I'm not like you know on the Corel and stolen or did it my way you know I mean some are saying that but descended. I shored up playing music that allowed to play a stove and he's gonna play and I've seen a lot of trends come and go. But when he you know was big when he she was gave me one rap metal is created are still kids run around she went one's own T shirts so allows talent while. You guys are talking about don't always tell time I'll just stick with the clock. Curse you works and the clock will always be there are so you know it it didn't affect me on the signature look I was really cool and unique but I mean I even in the eighties and and I I've done you know until Tuesday AME you man's killer. Minute work of course and that's stuff unplugged I'm not gonna fire kinda you know finally got to blow sacks in win the paint. I'll Zacks Hawaii and narrow. Usually burned tires got bought out exactly I can't say yes give more and thank god like the big picture here really didn't get the he's an easy Lowe's home when I launched the clubs. Cater to the trend and yeah despite. Terrible term councilman were frightened to two million in this it's been there wouldn't be the time and then doing their enemies and he's cheap and mr. Anderson was incredible planet twelve people among men and and it was Peter Parker can. I have had not I don't Parker I would have liked you guys. I'll but I am I gonna give this and a member finally I was able to Meyer kind of a back door roundabout and didn't go to the Booker and I put building and there was window pane. Under ride and indirect non point one. Don't know if I was. What they call that sort of them and it wasn't putting sheet is akin not the merchants whose emergence under item window pain and the place was. Packed wall to wall act you couldn't Marie. And at one point got rock used to promote chose locally introduced me to one of the women that's one of the co workers in choosing this is glad he brought even in the night chizik. Oh my god thank you this the best night we've had in like eight months I can't thank you know we can't stop selling alcohol this has been killer. It is that you won't go home. Tell your booking agent to start calling the rock bands back because they actually bring an audience in New York club. And she said well that's the thing he just doesn't really know anyone from that scene. And I said beyond what does that I have to do. With anything but what are you in a book I was like aren't you in business to make money. The cheers well I don't have I guess I should talk to about it I'm like what is it what is soon he knows that what does that have to do with anything. And I'm I'm shaking your hand looking at her like EU so your any. A year later the place was out of business decisions that has gone but I'll never forget that she's a ball just doesn't know anyone from that from the scene I. And I said what does that have to do with anything. You're literally. Freaking out and ready to drop now on your knees and take Jeremy because your club is or fact flyers got. Our tires accused gonna blow my sacks. All kind of attitude Paul can't stand. You know window premier single Sunday. That's the that's something that's if any of that Wyatt. The thing that. That I saw. Was I was frustrated the point of just you know I'm of the burn everything around me watching these clubs who refused to give window pane of Friday night he never bring in 708090 people on Wednesday were Colombians can we do on Friday and Saturday is now could. I was doing on a weeknight. And I go outside and it's that same club that would give me Friday night that some geek chic band on stage played eight people could to strangers and they were great. It made me want to purchase a high powered rifle and just start taking care business. But that's solely back over our enemies are great guys feel the same trends in the music industry still it's only an act element that Coleman that go out. So I knew Australia we got to wrap things up presented this studio is going to be needed very simple and someone would write more I know I does I bet I do wise you mentioned zeppelin I want and you get a quick shout out to a man who just put the tattoo on yellow Kevin had. I glory for our Mabel rally tattoo we my wife and I finally used our Mabel rally tattooed coupons. Guys out there were great results he got a great angle in to BS not hot rods and motorcycles. Awesome club to guided a beautiful job I got the Jimmy Page zones so on my form there. And always got some we both when he gets on the was real important to us Tony got some real beautiful site how stuff and sanskrit on her left arm. But yes shot ultimate mullah tattoo thanks so much to I lion revitalize a lie and tried to give interrogated those gift cards. Arms so yeah I got to do that's so yeah thanks and thank you guys Kevin cheers man thank you so much. And this Saturday night window pane why don't in Iraq excuse the governor's daughter mock society event that's all playing at the show box at the market. Did you tickets before Saturday if you don't wanna walk up and get denied. Mass. General and lots of times being denied. One of expression and Josh thanks we shows with emails text please. Oh. Let's do start yeah well. Well I say they'll be about email voicemail text message that tax. Yeah our apologies to all our listeners we love you guys yeah I know we love you know how it goes you know it's my fault if. I come to the show I specifically do you real everything because. I lake listening to the should get the music side of things so I just do you really doesn't know whether it's not meet these are coming here in the liberal time on the kind of started talking no gun. Now yeah. And so worried on the grid it's my. We expect expect from your. But I think I should deliver when why it comes into being just a much. Otherwise there are being about a backup and that's. The problem until there are a lot of good majority. Last thing very sad news Mary Taylor eternal not really fool now have just broken up it is Ukrainian government. I think. She's a missile missiles with over the top red lipstick she's diluted. Ringer who's not on the road dirty little song little yeah. Was hooked and got a full moon from this that that that was the big. TJ having sex with the student was feeling like dealer all candor something like keep her Ichiro opened she was he was too old for now she's got a lot together and I like to candid sort of cheer know what he was doing here was that deny these excuse 34 and 1996 they got married in 2005 and 96 when she started having sectors sixth grade student. Billy sixth grade how old was he has like twelve yeah yeah weird. Sorry now for being able rock that lush at twelve of the this lasted twenty years that's pretty good that's mattered the most expensive. Yeah. He's now just don't inflate Ers. That totally you don't want to ever miss a hit man up why isn't she he's done he's like acting keep doing whatever our longer it is time for change at all Americans are paying an average. I'm homes lose yeah. The final they're. You Donna for me they're great she takes her dentures out of juice of the EC. No matter who. I'm again my how it all must earn big show this Saturday night. And that's June 3 over the show box of the market. I get more information is hit up while we know we don't FaceBook we get all the information right there are any justice and the bands playing you know why it's social media. Get up. Law. My excited social media minute social media almost nobody is that we tickets alternative and the fans in the bill that the pistons got another guy that really. And tickets available at eight XS. Dot com yeah I'll get a major as we realized that back. I don't know how it lacks the zero to give that I'm not a big guy I know my bad okay go man look at your boat you're tired I can't show extra yeah that's why in the boys thank you Willie Brown love you brought your singles killer cradle available on iTunes now yet. Yep yep and that's why he's here this little field YouTube and I will see you next time as always stay positive. It's.