05-30-17 Seg 1 Mens Room gets stoked

Tuesday, May 30th

Mens Room Question: What is the most excited that you've seen a person get about anything?


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Now done men's room legacy continue to. You what you're about here is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Lord and I'm in the invited to join the party. This is done. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. Thrill. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And your. Yeah I don't know why they go look at this November 2614. Now and along with Steve the throw him. See Ted Smith and Warren Moon. Even my cock. And mental. Definitely I definitely drug charges inducement and not today those songs that Roger from yet. We review some men's room rules. Plus headlines about their job and a fumble as her emails and everyone's favorite. TV time would take a class candidate arterial shocking news as a Pennsylvania man is charged with punching man was terrible palsy. Is said to be really bad guy plot. To California where a water park accident on opening day proves that some young boys can block an intense. South Carolina man in the kidnap alligator make a smoke weed and drink beer. Weed wacker sparks fire when the field man tries to clear and mad as a woman to marry him and hot air balloon just guess what happens next. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Although I think it's good day to you and your Bartlett face it we've all heard this. Third to stereotype here in America about Asian dry them frankly it's not particularly clever however. At 2117. Indianapolis 500 the winner while those Japanese driver to Google something. Could sit. Now in case you're wondering yes this is the first summit Japanese driver has won in 500. And that's the fact that is not lost on the Japanese amounts of that call into it will play his audio coming up a little later. You have to understand Japanese get that this guy is excitement and brings them there wouldn't. All. Hole Colombia won fourteen. World. Basically the same thing but that's what excitement does the excitement like one of the best belief or is. But different things make different people excited for different reasons. We're overly excited you know so think back about those moments of exhilaration whether it was your own or you witness somebody else freaking out about it and today we want enough. What is the most excited you've seen anyone gets about anything they're part of a show called dual 6421 rock like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter Edmonds or lives and those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network. We went to. He's most excited that you seen anyone get about any thing. Phone calls are coming up you are listening to the men's room. True. Paula just talk on the show and they Joey have worries and her whole 1614. Future. Right castle the drug charges in the Sid and today we have the songs that rocked your problem the year you went to the promise we have these songs. The rock your prop too quick on the draw today he said that you guys know front season's over. The graduation and a target of how to you know all these that I have two kids in high school yeah how do you know more about high school the media as apparently you are on the golf into high school game. More than and I I get emails every day at least two to three and it's xmas bitch about Malta. But you know more about high school and toothpicks number one I get an email from my high school once a week I know I want America do you read. Oh yeah are actually I never read her stuff selling never read an email from high school about Harry Reid or from a different school nobody lives and I duo that's beyond your kids don't go to my high school grads aren't auto show. If you could record a superb quote. And then the second thing is too is I live downtown a major city. So easy that many limos and teenagers that expensive restaurants you don't drop all the way so there you go wait wait. The urge more to it than just this because earlier today. At the request a while then. Brian castle and I had posed somewhat innate problem posed. Yeah we called Ted outwitted notes due looking at each other darted on comparable but I would do Donald I don't staged them. Yeah terrible like the wind up and does this you know that yeah drop letter you know was suppose are numbered but the girls you know front. From my how to you got your your beat it and yeah I don't know if I'll but I swear on my hair back when bullets are gonna go on my stomach they're right on itself and then I'll leave behind you independently that we take a picture I guess about 'cause their pleasure yeah. I shoot. Well hey great let's be honest you're instant you don't even if you put I around but he knows a thing 88 ultimately why do you know that. Because I don't know are. Here's the deal really Manson creek there's a two photos you take a problem is that one that I think we're together or there's like the Kremlin. But I labor got take a friend. Policy decision hello from Atlanta Seattle the little lower rate of assessment that you were living vicariously through me Tesla Jerry disturbed yeah I canceled coming into didn't spend the songs that rocked your prom OK on. The question today what is the most excited did you seen another person gets. About anything in Eaton whatever it is whether it's you got excited maybe you witness the excitement but Stephen I do get a chance to. It one point time go to New Orleans go to the Super Bowl. I ravens are playing in Europe and everything is loaded gun down Alexander it was a great time it was a great experience because Lou's line it was surreal you know it was one of those things where I think at the end of the game. I just sat there like oh my god. I can't believe what I just saw him Leo's witness to it I can't believe I am actually sitting in a seat at the Super Bowl watching this happen and my team walk. And it was more of and the talent of being an anti yesterday with an idea of just being in shock like a look at. How that I wasn't screaming and into the go work. I screamed a little bit of a particular play for what sort of -- garbage and runs well there and always seem to know their pressure right about the different kind of excitement of this to what is a marathon mile tang and global holy crap now rapist who went out what I will tell you about the Super Bowl is is and I never thought anything about this is an ever bent. But if you're going to go to an event in any just even if you don't have a horse in the race go to the super. How short those Super Bowl the parties that go on around. I couldn't believe what I I was under the assumption that just the team's fans who were in the game not really the draft nobody but he yeah it's it's seriously it's it's. People who love football from around the world come to this game but remember we went through Super Bowl in new war that's a good point I'm I'm sure it's different in every city in the right place to go by to say but under this like the Indy but our little party atmosphere it's like it's a New Orleans. And the Super Bowl and it's a massively endorsement in Minnesota but this is one of these things the Indy 500. If if if anyone who you know is gone to the Indy 500 they say look. You need to go. To the Indy 500 and you always say the same thing. Why in the hell would I ever be an Indianapolis for any reason that is generally the fall but I can't think of any reason why Debian and now you know why why. The the shrimp cocktail all the shrimp cocktail as Fred I'll tell you there's that famous war. I write or call eight Broncos and Indianapolis you know Indianapolis it's early it's nicer city I decide it's yeah you needs you need to make it a point to go to the Indy 500 ago. Right and apparently the source department of singles and a major city if you can specific event as they happen for anyone to want to go so bad that and the combined. They do have to come by and I hope that isn't much party into and out of the come by you don't realize elements of these chiseled men run to resume Sunday Florida I've Beers now. They got a rare fourth period it's accepted notice that got him up on the board now what personal board. You'd drop what Brett subject so we any 5400 of the weekend and Japanese Indy driver two with Soto. The Tacoma Saito notes gonna suck from sun up to dress up we and practices and this is a this is too in this discuss. I'm an open site happiness they don't look how anti. Go down the stretch John Horn and the red and Romaine ended it in game you. Two SATA who shocked the world when he won his the Indy 500 by only point 2011. Of the second. Those that quite. A few expected us Otto who had one other IndyCar win to his name in 2013 the windows. He was not expected to win and we get this audio in the story from the fine folks at dad's been dot com. I as the story goes perhaps the most shocked of although was a Japanese commentary team chore. Now we pick it up here was just a few laps to go in the race as SA to take our Saito black doesn't sound and W and two. He makes the pass for the lead with five laps to ago. That's that's the commentators off and they're pretty excited you can hear them a kind of nervous and they start shouting. But do they really go nuts when he successfully fends off a pass attempts from another guy would only two laps to go. He was one of the remaining. Under ready Honda cars I guess after two of his teammates had engine failure so he's the only guy on his right and still in the race aren't. And no doubt this added to little the nerves commentary Booth the staying silent for a little bit of a stretch there on the final lap. And then you hear him cross the finish line now you have to understand is. Not Javanese you have to understand Japanese understand how this goes down okay. The announcers go nuts sure right yeah we knew we hear this screaming. The screaming is of two aside though say that and in his car losing his mind this is the driver of the race. He is screaming his head off so we'll take you back with two laps and take very long and Indy 500 world. So here is the audio you're not gonna understand a damn thing let you understand the excitement is right there's an earlier go to throw the day. And. They know I don't. He just don't don't let us. There's no way this guy. That right now the. Okay. Until his cards very good video. And you have to understand the give my that is also. Mike and our listening to this or work my played again with the sun to listen to the one you'd picture. To pilots. In the plane crash it was it was all you can imagine he's actually see the it's now two pilots. Okay. It is my days going crazy that is awesome so yeah he won me the Indy 500. And the first Japanese driver or driver from any country in Asia never went. What's his old team an AT&T now see you know he guy who was in the amerasian rappers and Andretti Honda car with our asses the Japanese and at ten. It definitely yeah that's exactly how. Yeah pasta you give rice what do you the steps down of those making of that the Denver Post confirmed that a columnist Terry Frei no longer with the newspaper here's his quote about this guy winning the the Indy 500. I'm very uncomfortable the Japanese driver wooden Indian in Indianapolis 500 during the Memorial Day weekend. Offered jobs sanction Matthew chance bill I mean if he's been let it I didn't know why would you I think I need to know about that. You know Luna. Criticisms through the question today is what is the most excited that you've seen it anyone get in what was it about about what was it about the they got so excited. Hello Salem welcome to the men's room. It up yeah well not. So I orchids something known as an enemy an historic. And we just gotta be used in that at all critical hit it better then what. Exactly is this thing's a lick I keep hearing about these things there's a duty guy wants Duncan is famous one to swallow that Turner's story here about the parlor so I pray they will not get all the kids out all it's like going terrorist organization as they don't have a story I saw one and an alligator. It's so much what is this thing of the keeps ended up on places that I assume is not intended so what exactly is that what digits better. So essentially if significant or were initially created for children with ADHD ought to have them anything that would competent to be anxious and anyway. And the kid broke a created to you know help them keep artillery and fidgeting backing anything. But ended up becoming a toy. Yes that's exactly. What I would assume the rooks tuber anything on that tip would basically do the exact same thing right. Yeah it's Cuba jobs affect on me it makes me angry. It's certainly a sad but we had a grown man who went about if I had to guess like thirty. Each event and we got the pre pubescent girls scream. Like a there ego I might prove myself right there. Sorry you had no warning about therefore you'll. Three year old little girl scream is just absolutely ear piercing the threat if you are grown man anime that's all mighty men due in no gun is fired and your testicles. Yeah it it will. Not expected at all you little right in front of me. You like the real question that has digit spammers that point down to where they are and every golf in South Africa and. I it was even earlier with embarrassed every day it was the was decent amount of excitement that is like you did it right. He would like doing that kind of giving me high and are you shake your leg. One out it would he buried it didn't overcome sounds like down. He would almost like. But I as excited as I am sure. Prepared to grab this here do you look for a guy and I'm. I I am you know. I'm not that I was taken that home to a hot chick I'm not seen as an armed person that two brewers are now. I'll get I have early on for actor Wilmer okay what is it why would what is it is he gonna mesmerized Maryland. Do you probably if you're into that stuff so if you're into like stress balls that might mesmerized yeah. I don't know to me just hold it spent. And it what does that do does it just stop eventually it's I don't know. Eventually it does I mean I signed. My. That it brings to strong board member yes of visually you go to college yeah. It how stuff works our question what is the most excited you've seen another dead about any thing TV reporter basically loses mind there's a new ride called guardians of the galaxy and it's a Disney's California Adventure of course it is and that's an Anaheim. And it's a live report so ride with real trees and real live raccoon yes he doesn't seem scared until finally starts and then he had totally freaks out. In screen several times unsure of vote do we have the video rather on the act the guy from the TV reporter and then Disney. You look like you're confused like you're looking like do we have that do we just got a base I think she season. Now. No I think at that will get that where guys are yet with the it's around. It's around don't know Montreal that we know we have all I. I know Mike Lowell the finger if that's the only hand I saw it earlier urban I knew we were using it for the question itself and all I got an air like tiger is still up. But that guy comes up are alright okay so once again that this is a TV reporter for the rest of the desert riding a millions of reality it drags him best as distant he's California adventure. It lovely Anaheim California. So the other people break with a lot of reports about the two acres in the studio like are you okay right he's he's just score pretty. And no one else on his little is one of those things relate you're watching the that the seats move up and down because it's not like you're really moving anywhere it's one of those virtual rise the dissident like back to the future I thought it was going up and down they are going up and down in the inning did you feel like he's more basic order agency it's opened different moving platform I had a bounces you opened down and in moves you forward or backward but to watching a screen. In your taking it all live like it's actually happening in front of a but the 45 people who are sitting whether we're watching the same exact thing his tennis and like act whoa we are I mean he is our other. He's losing his mind he's reject high pitched voice. It's yet. This is not torn off the stereotypes winners and under the lights go out situation was a pretty little trip ticket if that's the bottom up a I could well well the last time you remember the streamline that. I mean I was the dark. I. Old little things freaked me out but up until the honorable playing man and it was scary. But I just I don't recall ever screaming like backed I think and I don't ever want to. I think honestly would be Disney world in Florida. They have some alien and hide. Who Wear the room goes dark and aliens in there then it's lakes aim at a virtual realities of feels leads breather on your neck. Are you and there's agreement touched I until the time I'd be about renewing and a thank you bill and Ted are you okay this radical ideas is so scary. That like if there's a little kid and a year ago I don't wanna go Huckabee take that kid out room but he's not gonna make it one of the what I will now is to. It's gonna alienate our. Good performers were equally and I really like guy movies have a good producer Carol why don't go out and goofy and everything about that places have you played her that you meet Mickey Mouse Francis and walk around. We've got to ride in the back that. Do they heard the god zoom to Jesus look at everything else that didn't go to the Rebecca. Religion turn to borrow equipment to consult that written warning up they're like human had a heart attack and all that stuff. That's OK and Arabic sure oh yeah. I can't just promoted look at the wide sales you know mayor indicted iridescent terra energy all of finally totally excited I didn't scare go to our I had. You don't get into double core problem still pretty terrible 50 I think that's I had. Real police water and I think looked look you. I think one of the one of the times have screened Alatas was probably going down that large water slide and she didn't skirt you go all well I don't know I don't think. Good. A okay. Good good break you know how excited but I couldn't land but look different excitement like those things that are exciting life. Anything of them put on this would like to get mean to scream like that and Reid to issue or. British Obama bungee jumping there is a very good chance. All the way to I don't know why that is the message that the worst idea ever but it's a different excitement that we'll hero like if you haven't suddenly you are useful to OK all right first of all I don't know how many of you have block steps before. But you know like. You bear on them purpose of giving someone you barefoot you know and and you go up couple floors not a big deal. Got got more black guy out of walked up four floors need to like five or six you're like. This is getting pretty hot and then in nine your legs start to get tired and you're looking damage or injure injury like going around and around of this tower you're just following people as ago and you know you're in your realized. Are meant we are up here like you know when you're still out is still just going up the steps to climb into the doubles and I encourage not only that but but everything like that with the good you're a White House knows what the thing we had a proposal is why. Well we'll just talk about it might spiral they spiraled be good and that big slide their biggest well water mark for the water parks is right. So here's the thing all right. He did this like right now that's really why put all these data with a with a bit of a this like drivers are you so the top they have a red light in agreement and so okay degree Legos. Took the money gets to write the gets to do you get sucked and did you guess it general quicken your next right OK with the thing if you've been here everyone these few livery dirty tactic. It. Please tell that you killed the Larry great thank you why you're waiting to get on the rocks it was going through your head terror who were absolute sheer terror is every thirty seconds it's. Different stream from a different individual the sounds like Bremer wasn't there and your next. Who's the most excited you've seen anyone yet and will have about we'll figure quick break a mega your calls right after these. Question of the day brought to you by stimulating the resort's casino to extend men's room. 7799. UK I guess. Our question what I think most excited that you have seen anyone gets about anything you are listening to the men's room. With smiles and thrill. Concert that I like the most excited you've seen anyone yet about any thing. Hello Megan welcome to the men's room. Oh man yeah. Hey Harry you know we're good man are you Magid. Number I can't forget the Omega and NGA and MG UHA. And and the EG HA and my mom said it would make its signature look better Alia as a result I have a high point in the middle man. Magnetic Edwards relevant because nobody can rent cursed and murder children because I was huddled under right person moms leaders and to you know. And oh yeah can really read your signature anyway that's not even colonel. What does get the ads I've kind of hard scores of them and became the quickest way to get something the first time you learned to sign your name called in return it was Versa now it's something completely Denton. Make him tired mega who is excited to be made me make and who they cited your Somalia had a. It was me and I work that I don't get a fine dining restaurant I what happens when it's on like Washington. And the rule one out here two weeks when you quit yet to jump in the lake. And of them aren't quit you have to jump into the yet after your two weeks so lucky few weeks he jumped in the lake and afterward you go out you get it. Add that though. You know I had been there are. So you give me two weeks notice professional and you're on your last day at the end of your shift. Your tradition is that you jump in the lake. Yet every all the employees come out what we have a big deck and so every line. And keep. Everybody watches. And if they are not primary drive you know I my lap they would in January. Match how cold without water. Well I would like I I really thought it could be different had been there for a long I had bullied a lot of people that didn't wanna do it. In the doing and what are you don't do it he you've got it is. Yeah are you happy to do you know. And I did and I tried to get out of it. And I did they wouldn't I mean my hope that good you really can't but people don't these people that they have with them like your you have to do it. Well apparently the regulars from the restaurant everybody showed up because they didn't. It would not score I think there were children present and I watch the fun is if he jumped into the cold did he got deleted stake first. No I didn't but there was a lot of swearing I was extremely barely got I would immediately uncontrollable. Click my hip pop right out of the water. And like there's these little kids that are just horrified on the deck of this restaurant and there is a. Really it's gonna take your kids don't bend. Venables someone jumping in the water. During one of the coldest wants went totally kids you're gonna hear some things well but you brought your daddy says Iran house responses to go but. They have the know these kids did you and you have your two year old who doesn't even how to speak yet. Throw imminent Goldwater and he was there after 9000. Comes words all the ones aren't that mr. Granted there are written him in it literally is gonna jump in the lake and it just like it just to look at just. Horror on their faces the but the key moment now what did you yeah. How dark did you go was just some curse words or your relationship like I I heard I was Smart the I mean kind of blacked out for its second like in a way that it does but I don't know that moment now so damn cold like I really did expect it like this is going to be bad. But you know it's not gonna beat on what would it be used as bad it was it was no I want sandy. When you jump into a lake effect cold I've only done once and I was very confident and then as soon as you gain everything in your body says get out before you die sure. What do you do it though not you understand you guys ever tradition. I don't know why you decided to quit in January knowing that this is are traditionally the poll ones right every year. Like this big thing you have raising money in the new shows up I get it raised my kids doing. Right so open than ever gets out legal it's so cold that well it's called the polar got big plunge. An experiment I don't want went out and help people get drop it do it all the time. Nobody else marital matters a little note to me. Yeah a lot of money Meghann most of those glaciers have melted their for the water not as cold as it used to be. Well it out I I don't don't debut it was really bad and it was I was a horrified and like everybody clapping and laughing and it is the clock it. Well jobs you know in a weird way jobs do bring you a lot of highs and lows whether it's. The excitement of getting another job. Quitting the job would you have itself is not usually blows like that the temperatures that. Well throughout but the excitement of saying like I'm done here this is it for my last move them to jump in his leg whenever like. I get that excitement. And now the January minutes. Our question what is the most excited that you have seen anyone get about any day there calling Elena back up to twelve many not meaning to the future. Shenanigans continue I'm numb. Radio network.