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Tuesday, May 30th

Mens Room Question: What is the most excited that you've seen a person get about anything?


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This is the men's. I'm listening to. Hi Kathleen Parker Johnstone of the sick and today these songs that rocks your problem that is on the way was sentenced in whatever year we've got the most popular tune of that here will way. A few of those coming up our question today with the most excited you've seen anyone get about anything personally for me. I think obviously. I'm excited about our moved to Seattle will point I'm sort of the good based on the fact that we're excited about moving to Seattle in the fact that our job. Wasn't so great where was that correct but I think I think the most excited than I've ever been. From an opportunity and in his neighbor's window yet this is not out I was young and wanted to get a full time job radio and had a full time job radio. But I was working an overnight and I was working in West Virginia the station. In 06 nights a week. And l.'s all lots at like one day off I can never get readjusted to an overnight or just having one details I know life basically. And the one thing I knew is is that I did my time in West Virginia I'd seen all there is to see. I had done everything that I could possibly do and it was time you're seeing the hell out of sounds like a prison. I did not attack and Allen not payola there for a while I was born and raised the bridge to move its. I did my time that it was urgent and it anybody who's spent time there knows you either going to you make one or two decisions you're gonna live their for the rest of your life. In the same place teeth or your not so there's one or two things that can happen. You're just gonna be there or your not so I made the choice that I wanted to be not there I'd already seen everything I could imagine turning over in Iraq are seeing anything. That hadn't already been on terror and it was such a small town. I just needed a whole mentality of everybody knowing everything about so. I decide I want to get jobs also fielded by three people that wanted to be Europe as like. You're all alone at an all time in America are excited but I wasn't trying to run from anything as much as those trying to run from just being there being there she is being there. And so in radio you basically had to come up and yet this make a tape of some your best stuff. And then he had to mail the state bout with a letter on the stuff and I mean I spent countless and keep in my number. So the idea of going to the mail. Aids spending thirty dollars on pac. Packages and posting a mile and a half the time. When you since about radio program director at robes and cover over NATO's new today they don't get paid benefactor posted a job doesn't even exist. Seasons are always good to recycle used in all this stuff out and I mean it is in every once in awhile I mean every war every just. You get a letter in the mails IAA. We got to take visa you have got the thank you for a spot price tag will win this thing up and I'll never forget and I got a letter. And it was from the guy named David W Miller and he said hey man I like to tape alike which you've got we've got to position open. Would you like to drive down this weekend for an interview. And I think that when I read that letter. I think my response was just hands up in the air screaming now. I went in it was a Hagerstown is a complete hell Hammoud Hagerstown Maryland which is. Four steps back from where I live before that but. I wasn't a West Virginia know what it called. Oh god I guess yeah we hello I've been I know I was so such a big deal to get out of West Virginia right but that's the irony of the body fluids or worst play it didn't go that's exactly to now. I'm stuck in this hell hole. But I'm not in West Virginia and I have told you guys the story before. I was so excited I was so excited about like it's the whole idea of all right I'm out of here I'm on my own I'm leaving. And I always had the thought my head. The wanna look at their rearview mirror after across the West Virginia line I would throw my career here. Who would rip it off my my my golf TT and I would throw that thing out the window and it and it's done. It's done and so I like your mom symbolism and never looking back Mankins and the young kid and billions in my life as me and get symbolism run through. Well I'll pull in my and you're just a drop the rest of the way without about a review I am I out when no I was so. How many U haul truck. And I'm pulling my golf GT on hits. Obama stuff inside in so I go to look at this this this wonderful moment in my life where I'm with a vision and look into the rear view there. And I asked to use the West Virginia sign on the other side the road and you know welcoming people. Not pull overrides rip it off right there. But I'm in a box truck and it doesn't have rear view I know there's no rear view mirror on this box so I can't even do that right so I'm gonna look at now. My side here but it's not showing that slot you know I mean it's it's more folders are underground behind yeah decided Hagerstown thoughts for the world food. But I doubt but it was but I still got out after across state lines put my hands in there and illegal it and I think that that top. Out like like I got out of jail. The dead serious so that I went back and and I try to do rip the rear view mere off the inside of my doll which is. But that's doing it touched double points here kind of forgot rap pack those keys. Okay it's that I had to go back into the law. How bonuses came if they get a little time mistakes and dot all of she looked in the right do you view Mears in the west Virginia's behind you in the forum yet all of this to do right right and that he would drive being the the car the tournament or the mere thought finally find mice. Pair tees. And I go back and unlock the door. And now I've got one hand on the rear view mirror and grab and at a but I can feel a kind of shaken on the the whole car shaken on the on the on the hit yet and I can feel like pull back room and my god I can't I can't get dampening. So eventually I take to McCain's two hands on this thing. And by the time I ripped it out of kind of flew out of my hands on the road side wanna go get it in my dot dot dot. Close the door man and I drove wrestler he's violent phase. And then after about two weeks and figure settlement whether that helmet and I don't read it but I really get very excited about just the idea of of of just. Getting out of my own appeal demand identity and done that I was like the most uncomfortable thing about driving a box trucks and he's that there is an overview of where exactly. Think you went to your function Republican Rick Allen or download that sort of driving it yeah I just I. I just remember going back because I kept going to the mailbox and going to the mailbox it was like. One of those feelings like when your kid and you order something from and the six day weeks for delivery but you have no concept of what six to eight weeks it's a lot longer than you'd like to do it's like you had two birthdays in that time. By the way on the quick side no man. Everything you ordered with six to eight god and we ignore a federal laws. I give Amazon prime like I just out of sync with my kids now mobile to be here and starred Tom. Six to eight weeks M six to eight got David week's top man and never make that 2070. Six the gateway instead. And it takes 68 weeks now going to be a lot that's what I'm gonna tell. Six they were I couldn't vote probably due to the under fifty I had I don't like it and make what six at least. Just to be key because I had to other cork board in my in my apartment. And I had all the radio stations that I sent tapes to. All the packages that I sin in about. About three or four weeks before this I'd say about fifty different pack one person respond. Well no I had got a response investment business. I got to respond instantly and as I don't think that's tonight and he got remember like all these Manila envelopes and all these hand typed. Letters to individual spouses. I mean stamps on it individually addressed I mean who plays the statement Utah in this wasn't like I could Google. Who the people rather like I had to do research and find out the address of these places and all this crap you know it was just. I mean it was a pay it in nothing and I walk out of it. To the mailbox every single day man it was like I get a conditional exam music you know reject challenger and rainy on nearly every time we want to get to the mailbox likable Charlie Brown cloud following review and then that left him like that that music from the hall. And I'm like. That if ever the extent and the kind of right get them to call the latter half the radio station that return into the into the logo. You give me the whole deal like our man he's going to be the big when you open up like. Law yeah that. And sorry we don't have anything available room while we decent dude that is the standard thing you know why did you posted job from the you should know it's a Smart high school and I went through this process of colleges and they used to rejection letters the same thing. They send it to you on the college letterhead ya you get a little thing that's going to be at. This that you think may be one of the teachers that your cool high school has that in there so that they hate just get this minimum on that CT you'll get a cool ninety SE with the Obama team. Man a Pink Floyd how did reject the job again. Matt wrote and think yeah if you eat in a Maine it's just the letters. A just did it letters well when you got out of college did you guys I don't know about. Look knowledge of the durability tease I would come off of how many college they take key that is usually they don't they give you a letter this is like it's official your energy than most. Older pavements here's let me give you enjoy it seemed to let your right so there's really excitement probably was the end of my senior year and I found out I got an eighteen years something and that. When that was but I it got and I could walk across the speed to gradually. There are so fired up. And to want to have great chain restaurant had much from them without which interested to get to a wealthy man I would to a Friday's magic bag with a complete I won't even thought. And celebrated and eighteen they are there is only. And I don't think Obama play. Her. So I'll be cited how many how many graduate with the policy height. I think it's like at the chicken fingers loving life right. I fast forward couple months comic go to. Printers county amount to go to PG community outright. The ice I went to demand this kind of famous in this in the and it a lot of very Smart educate people as you geez some of us not as much bad. So the lady is looking at in my opinion she goes she looks my high school mister Massa. When you doing here and and an excellent as a team she should just as they as I take into the at bat instead Max. Cisco's open what you do in the air and its youth RC which endured through. Or 1 o'clock o'clock last panel. Did you say that they don't think your letter we unity community colleges and for me it was like all right you could take history speech. You gotta dig a Bermuda you'll pack this in. I decor and how long did it last all no time at all because I would show up to the school. Get them. And let us involves food back at the McDonald's. So how would the parking lot with the radio and that just wait my cousin to come out and we go to radio class but at no point. You have really you go to the school and I give it one speech in speech class but do you go to any of the other classes I've zero credit that was always with you I would withdraw. Before they sent them now. Before they still have a great dad. How do you left because schools didn't. That used to later this. Before they would today agreed to meet with the others aren't we you can withdraw quick enough that just says withdraw right as opposed that sent in home again. Efforts some that are passed I think it's. It would be wrong in his face and that is why did Al OK so that put your opponent you kind of for a nobody usually the bad grade I tell you the bad great there's a couple of that you think result maybe none of this matters. He's a pretty good we expect the Baghran he'd look what would you even guys that. Our question what is the most excited did you seen anyone gets about anything you are listening to the men drove on the men's or radio network. This question in this case brought you spicy. 7799. Now. 99.9. KI ES. You know songs that rocked your prom our question what is the most excited that you've seen anyone gets. About anything you are listening to the men's room. Our question what is the most excited you've seen anyone get to. About any thing Indy 500. First Japanese. Driver to ever went in the first driver from the continent of Asia. Not only did the driver go nuts the commentators would nuts everybody has lost their mind in the Booth and it was a exciting Mendoza. Indy 500 Indy 500 viewed it and a every alike I guess there's some wonderful for maybe. But in this instance. Knowing that a guy came out of nowhere to win this thing I would go a long time 2013 these. Pretty excited dared to cross the finish I would get a little taste here this is the announcers and him screaming. As he crosses the finish line. It's. Okay. This training here there is the driver who has also might as he crosses it's absolutely losing it by it gently we know. That that's a positive situation. No positives here happy but again I said uses. Do you more on a plane. You're having a lot of turbulence. You're like Japan and this is what you hear come from the Cochran. It's. We know that this is a good scenario for them again Obama playing him and her I'm up thinking to myself. I'm pretty sure the watch and they could have urged a shower in jail there's a lot of scenario where there are so again in just couldn't communicate if it is it is only two guys tied to a chair Tom explains the mob. How they lost the money and the drugs. The whole situation all right I and I look. As far as sports go sports is sports are played sports and you Hannity even if you played kick ball with a with a group of friends after work or summit. There's something about. Winning the championship on anything of and I played sports from the time that I was in third grade up until high school for the most part you know two or three sports a year. Always always active and all that stuff. And I do remember winning a Little League with the equivalent was of the league World Series how old I was twelve. Thirteen girl little stomach you can only a little league for a financier twelve. Yes the sixth grade maybe it was a cat was a cap leeway w.s have had an act yeah yeah yeah you play up until that point time and after that it's kind of like. That's done and we won the little league championship and on our member I'm sure we celebrate on the field today but. There were there was never championship back to who's never even picked early oh win you don't need and I try to tell people like. If you play sports. My daughter's team at 1 point I am soccer wise won the championship that's a name and even though you're you're so instrumental. Appreciate this because I think they did this doesn't happen very often in your lifetime if ever for any reason whatever my dad I'm a winner whether it's you would in the bowling league I mean it it does it's the truth so I do it my niece. Here's like twelve months on the other you better soak it up. Dude it's art store but this doesn't happen it's. And now that it is quite. Yeah get a sec it's bright right didn't put that celebrate as the thing like when you see these teams the rush out on the enlargement and all this stuff you don't like. I guess the most excited that you could be without playing the sport is to be a fan of the sport Reese elect. A college you know. Team pull an upset in the entire student body Russian nothing older than thinking your team's not or like wind or damage and the goal post coming down like I do remember those moments when. A West Virginia football team and when I was growing up and beating teams they were very good in the they got better and they're beating teams and beat him like eighty years and rightly deepened state in the entire town almost burned. And it was it was just it was so crazy you know such a rush of excitement as a kid knows Kennelly. It was almost the same feeling you get when you sequence of the from the store. Yes just like that I adrenaline rush him like knock fat. Those. You know like it's very soon also took it you don't jump up in the air screaming and store. Are. Got kind of started out there now Granger and Athens I don't shortly you'll some sweaty some bits like the because in this moment you're happy. Mobile commerce job with the back if I did a child with let's certainly denounced celebrated. Okay. Hey look I without throw off the plane I was in a bar for games seven of the cubs World Series of her game their Mother's Day. And I mean people were screaming people were crying and I did have a horse in that race either but it's a World Series and it was a great series. And it's the cup it's the guy and you understand that their predicament and how long it's taking them to get to this point we watch some haley's comet had come and gone in the time wants to withdraw Boston you know enemy in a few years before that theaters to deceive you forget the Boston as they win so much now and how about coming to determine when they did it it was a big deal like that and then. The cubs were that next team that needed to do that India break that curse whatever was ends. Not the way we'll also think about Tom Brady wouldn't that the Super Bowl that he won. Wow man that's amazing negative. But what eight got named Super Bowls everybody loved tiebreak. Every pilot Tom Brady garlic and look what he did that's amazing now market that's out of a branch out of a super well yet. At Taylor though July. It that the cubs radio call you on that World Series will will put will will will make your hair stand up on your arms your back I don't remember it's just absolutely Syria but I remover but the screaming it was morally notable no it was it was it was everything it was there like oh my god like this is actually happened it. It when he handed the stands. You know as many people who are jumping up and down. There's people crying and you know and that was the same thing in the bar at Cleveland fans same thing in the barb okay and do no offense man but like. Until the moron did something like coma I mean they were absolutely lose in the mine. And it was cool to be there is glad I was there once that happened so you know like you just in it. And people are telling stories like I was sort of want because my grandmother camera in twelve years all in the lovable we did you know authorities delegates weeks ago when it was just and it's OK let's go to sometimes when a call BS and some of those people to. Kevin shattered they were worried that these were from Chicago. If you're from Chicago I get ago I was saying out there that would words from don't you don't zero. Where you rubble. From Mindanao I afternoon. Rule what is clearly gotten definitely very yeah we got WGN like I grew up watching the cubs and I was very happy to see them in that World Series shore but I was in a bar to the people we're going crazy decade who believe this is just so I don't think. You'll live thousands of miles from there it's cool to see should be crime broke. Wow. Yeah yeah jump. Oh under happy about it soon. Off word you brought okay judgment I hold yeah deserve to be happy he's got a don't zero when the club team that no one ever bought a is there and got them big league baseball ever what liberals are so watch when the cubs got in the playoffs this year we're doing now to simply does not go to your story and everything every little boy and see the Red Sox since I do. I got no. Her words Obama and wagon Brendan. It'll it'll Fowler bandwagon I jump on every year for hockey and have yet it is right but no job bottom. I'm not gonna lie you have that's gonna cry about people do that cry don't wanna start making up stories like. You're saying don't do your own ways and is barge out your cubs thing. What's the most excited you've seen anyone gets about any day review dish pizza you're to have similar to those who. Hello governor welcome to the men's room are on top. Editor good get our user. Pretty good. Are losing wasn't judo was excited it was someone else. You'll do a horrible excitement now about right now is a ticking time bomb dog to right here ready to explode. So gonna let someone else and we'll look at that you are over weight it was elderly that video. Since they died a month though it wasn't gonna sell out our mouths shut down I told you go into African nutritionist guy go to the doctor I'm hungry all the time now and click slow zone underground gas to door hearings. He Credo doesn't prime. And I asked an alum Claudia. Yeah I you smell yes arm and stomach distress please God's gonna do it again. And abdomen. Okay. Our guys were Gregg got an hour you I'm hungry I'm I do wonder Ronald amenities that are now all right we'll fall. Our sir you feel and fall out and you remove the aroma and habits in Iceland. So. There was a cure someone else's exciting Gunner. Actually my uncle who's excited. Yeah. Last year my uncle who always buys lottery tickets. You managed to win the lottery. And we're all better camera house celebrating her birthday. When he found out and Wear well over there eating dinner. And of course my uncle really he's that one you know distant kind of crazy uncle. Girl isn't it and agrees there goes that. Put it to Muslim Brotherhood and of the mogul these guys because he's the broke one knows that does just distance Cavallo Almonte stone and iron there. Greater or get it to voter yeah of course he's an uncle. But not a very. Anyway you can think that your Ali come on man would you give the uncle card like an underdog now. Debacle you all the little go bungle means like if you figure uncle before anything you can do no harm. I uncle means you can take the kids like 8 o'clock in the morning and go get iced it on the Mazda uses today and organize edit audio thing about that. A local man at school Britain Marley or whatever oracle rob and the other that's just been announced. I choose the other not a news blog about it. Anyway he had he didn't in the TV room and were all in the dining room. Lipton and my grandma talked to let you know yeah and you thank everybody for common over. And that they're drawing happens and he wins and he comes Britain into the dining room. As competent and intolerant. And Mike to cut my grandma off any he could've done it about a way he says. Grandma. Shut the F. I just why and other mothers out there yeah honor birthday I just won the mother happened lottery. Out. If and money that. I know. I was just doing that for your uncle say Hollywood's brightest dirty words I'm gonna win man. There at one point three Melo know we didn't hole it was gonna pick three man. Now we're a lot of alcohol monopoly all day you know I you know I've player were annoyed pilgrim ought to shut the F up. Because once you want that money you don't have to be the have you seen that they have a headline tomorrow AI ABC news guys sense. No question where is he now wears uncle rich. So my uncles and actually Uncle Sam wound up moving across country to Florida Ali did. Okay to Denver. Allegedly made to bring to that the genius brain trust that your uncle Liz said if I ever get a lot of money on would have fulfill my life fantasy and moved to Florida. And I mean he's though he spoke around. Or holidays or whatnot and you know I mean everybody. Everybody everybody always get their president he always along shorter than across how exit Vince is he won the Lotto. It would it was last year are still very much use of the above last. It's how old's your grandma again. Mike Graham. Well our last. Glad you're if you would have interning there and eat sushi they're into recounts and these it has done in the capital of -- 170 is that American diet quality Jackie got off lucky dog lover ever allowed. Or keep the government that Pluto Woody's ribs shut the apartment. You moved to Florida that dudes and me back three years of all that money being Arcadia he won one Roy Blunt at one point what. But boy three I think he's a one point threes let's assume that about 900 granola assume that he does the Smart thing that Nolan doesn't just takes all the money at one do you think that guy. What you've used mortars they don't want notes martyrdom tape that's overtime so each of the lump sum. So I got I know that got cut in half so you got to figure he's gonna get about 600000 dollars. And along comes to be lessened because NBC ordered after the attacks are taking anyways he's gonna take a lesser amount than the total based on the lump sum. He can't wait six to eight weeks probably got about 500 grand on them so how long you give uncle Tim until next year with 500 grand donors and not very long now is gonna buy a boat you bought aisles you know neutral on Nazis what works well don't really I don't know why do you drive in pharmacies down there is the only thing you get a bad addiction quickly build it back to be here and guess what gives gonna. But that's not a bad addiction because we know from Tiger Woods that's completely accidental I was not gonna get. I was not pregnant you can take as many drugs you want I was not thinking behind the way. Okay. Pharmaceuticals where is that again oh. What is the most excited did you see anyone get about anything hello Eric welcome to the men's room. Or luck or top. And go okay good Erica are you. To get out and check. So. With Kremlin. I was actually I didn't vote for actually excited about getting death. So I'm getting gas I simply against Asian not like eating broccoli NB means we need yet to get a slew of Africa. So. That at a gas station and I only had a hundred dollar bill on that I just got paid oh my god it would have. What are you drug courier from my parents. Yeah I there. We are going casualty toll to. Bills were due Bob Dole amount over to implement there I that in some towns MR and with a it was sharply myself but you know what sergeant 100 no one marks a one with a sharply to jail and scares daily veto it twenties and up. Sharp he's only touched twenties and up so sharply it actually is like a specific and you know it'll turn to different color what color do we wanted to do what color is good money. Whatever color you generally don't see your maybe there's no color is general I think any of us do everything are they do that matter to them I would never know when we have counterfeit money and white. I don't know when they look at this thing. Counterfeit. And or Saito of the sort who aren't so that make up forty Ellen. This death angle here and but I assured that you're back my clothes. It's often a solution or not an iron into. Won't quit. And so I go out below my car and had to let things go back inside alert they had we'll change up so it all pulled out. Thirty dollars or twelve full forty. You know it OCR to give my change or you know the sixty dollar for learned is that you don't know where. So I donated viable. And metal band and the guys. Well you are probably I love I love next got together and to get their back right. A hundred in total dollars worth NGOs. And I'm like. OK keep your mouth shut so they know Weirton. Easy. You I tell the money. They got outlawed thread there iPhone security guards in the air there and Lego. Who don't want to look at that that the and as he runs up against it. Never bit. Ripped off downloaded to guess this is the most excited that I have it's a hundred and there I go to all the time now a lot wrong change and that is a lot of wrong change. I don't know about me I feel good as I found money but I mean I'm not gonna like I have finally found in his hand which he gave to on the person who gives them money. To say now now now now again we now this when I'm his age may be not how we don't know how old I haven't had this opportunity I'm telling you what I'm going to do what age is the cutoff of what needs. She started giving wrong change back like Howell. How old are you just kill except it it that that's driving hands on it when you realize that someone could probably get fired based on the air and you realize how important job is to them. That's when you know the probably steak well I thought depending on your job being how much you make that's what I thought well outside of Utah to pick I don't know I don't know golfers I don't know I don't know I don't want to do lose their job I don't want to hear it that's the way this can help. If it was good. Stick to draw holes and we've got more vehicles coming up on request to have the most excited you've seen anyone get. About anything you are listening to the men's or Obama men's or radio network. The question of the day brought to you by regulators resort casino to extend men's room at 7799. Now. 99.9. KI DS. Hamas cap a drug charge innocent friend today the song that rocked your prom that is coming up with sit and spin. Our question today what is the most excited that you've seen anyone gets about anything you are listening to the man's throat. Throw. Because no what's the most excited that you have seen anyone gets about any day with a guy calls. So as the most excited he's got. Resorted to what's changed back into gas station yet. And the wondering what will what do the mark in the back of the beltway so it's not a sharply. Tricia like to let us know it's an idea that marker and apparently as far as the codes were looking for the Sig gold means money is good. Black means the money is bad. Puck all right so I don't know now we've now seen the market go across our money bottom darker. It's and I did but I never gotten it must disappear because I've never gotten money with those markings on its compare. So live it just me you know like you know like the invisible paint used as a kid so fantastic. I'd it didn't work from what tea man okay one of the most excited you've seen. Anyone gets to about anything LO Rondo welcome to the men's room. Or oh. Rhonda. And I won't do not. My ex husband head pot they blueprint reading class surrogate work and owners gave him a limo right outside our which is not disintegrate it. And we live about human toll from there. So go limo driver and really quote I kind of account class. An agreement to go green and walked the golden little pool and it. Showed we want my parent child and my mom was at work my little brother Tom McCain and you won the gold level. I don't know Howard a prisoner round please them as. Well. And I think that we get there and my little brother turned Bowden let more low Wendy do I am I usually do and a publisher's clearing out. You don't want. And we won public could not all medical need and demand to get our chat. You've. Opener and beyond me aren't. People he's. Looked OK okay. So. We believe in. You know wherever we met that the storm imam mark later. Our species let working with a deli worker political bush person start gently so he's in a belly work illusion about how. Weighing younger act now. I'm so it left work my brother culture left but I won the publisher's clearinghouse in street not Q. And witnessed or later in the butcher came out looking like her congratulations I heard that really sorry. Parent like oh my gosh that my little brother totally believed it and he was a freaking out. Does this in light snowballing out of your initial intent. Species Sheikh Al all count IN anchor and Covington went and having commander. Aria everybody knew. Hey I had taken about publisher's clearing house because you see the commercials that's very exciting and make. They bring the van it and they show open the door and there's balloons in the they have the giant check. I'm doing right right as I'm a real for me and the exciting thing is like when you see these lottery winners are published there. They have the giant check in now we got the opportunity to actually hold NC a giant check because. Wouldn't we basically it was the presentation of the money. From the men's room original red beard going to the Fisher house all the beer you bought all the money that was donated to Fisher house based on that. We got to and it's it's a big check we got to give that physically think you know. To the Fisher house which was like it's just cool. To have this giant check automatics to blame but our. Are yeah decades even bigger. Physically because a dozen went to the front wrong or something but it ended up being. A giant to check your average until the judge rejected that card gives it yeah that's great extra lose more money but the Jack we get to go to like a god damn bill you know Atticus at him it was almost two day. I don't know what the problem that's the weird things like you have this giant check and to be able from the Fisher house of there and realize that the moment you hand until. When sounds awkward because they come out. They don't know what to do with the independent inside the mat and then you take it to the bank Lieberman not good to play. You take camping at your drinking my buddy wanna Jarrett Jack. We had a blast why don't what do you legally went you when he anyone injunction he won a giant check for some I don't know summoned some process. He's like he's nineteen made the business he owned won this giant check. Then we attic and we took it out is it physically like this big guest Jack they'll do when you get from publishers clearinghouse that gazette this with him. It was better than cash because every bar we went to people reflected in the woods giant check from. But let's buy you drinks no way you tell them all so we create our own guys in check giant said. And we act celebratory and walk into a bar some. There's a chance of people so excited for us that they're going to buy a sports. Year couple years behind at a group friends that Google type guy and yeah and yeah donated clipboard. Back to clip of them at once both excited you've seen anyone yet about any day. The shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.