05-30-17 Seg 3 Mens Room goes to prom

Tuesday, May 30th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with 10 Songs that Rocked Your Prom! and we review some Mens Room Rules!


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This is done men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. I asked our Kosygin. What are they most excited to do seen anyone get about it they just like right now the studio aptly. Directors Grey's. Hello Jeff welcome to the bedroom. Rule yeah. I was down in the areas of my brother in law a couple of years ago. And wrote quote how often having Beers good time. We decided to go see a hockey you have that but I don't each know Minor League Hockey team yes I Don not an orderly. And so. Probably 1098. In my brother and a walk around that hotel and set up like Marty rather as far as everywhere. I think this guy and he is he crying. I walk over and it could well look what under. And who have died did got a bigger tonight with my life. Would save enough for the strip wherever she's passed on their legal right to block all the money which in Europe or are all my gun. Out. But did you believe on May we are skeptical when I'm like. And I know this sounds horrible acrylic that's the line and I would do if you're trying to decide you know someone in Vegas is Vegas is a little different to my animals we got to want to take the time I checked into rendering so. But you believe could kick. Yeah I I it lake expert. Kind of like to have a quote dude I go what about. Wake up in the morning under way the truth in my if you I'd ever. It's only gonna get worse some might have a great trip borrows money get a second job and get home don't worry about what goes on. The other guys here's New York governor says. You know it bigger and better get you that what you have left he's like yeah humble yourself out of and I look at the guy on the what you thought it will WA outer in my. Note due to go to bed or your way at the truth so lie. Was wondering standing on one shoulder to the guys to write on the other no I didn't look at what it is my brother and everybody. They did on the back. So. The other guy out and do what it was like you know regardless 35. You know put at all on 35 on realize the guy although you're 250 luck luck put it on 35 it has 35. You've got to be bought thousand to 121205. Blocks for fifty bucks. And then he turned elect the weaker pursue our buy you like or trays of current Cote and Paul outlaw all I want traded drinks. Certainly Laker guard duties he's freaking out by telegram like you it might have a drinking go to bed. I'm Mike there's an amazing story in the other guys like no way do we got to go party and left foot the other guy out. A law. Tells devil wins. Why did you guys again at the time you there. What did you see that guy again after dollar like I was let me in my cycle out right after it happened late maybe I am only chips where the change Lugar they Claremont hundred. And you know they know he's discrete you know he's he's doing Sharpton during a decrease in Lehman Brothers Gergen or a terribly we get. Can't believe he won all that and I'm just gonna blow that much of it then that would give a mind there's really no it was down on the floor in the first place. I don't know how my honeymoon my my bride is now a passer and a lot of them are reported blown all over cast so. There's more to the kind of pains me in some way I'm not terribly shocked that the guy who bit him. Hits big. On the lucky it's gotten him labels like Robert injury you'd agree that apparently broke 35 and it actually work or the odds. That when that guy gets 121000 dollars is firstly what drink and hang out by the thousand dollars I'd be screaming I don't think I've ever been in a casino floor when someone hit it big I think when you he. Either what do you shock to the point Regis do you sit journalists but I'll saving thirty do you jump on the ballot the first that run over and look you know regarding naming it like that the first out of Vegas well for some one as an adult but in my I was married and staying at the flamingo and flamingo is where people stayed viewer over the age of 470. Yours. And I walk in their checked in my room Michael diamond casino I mean. It's nothing but some grumpy. Looking old would meet every breach single one emblems smoke it almost smoker would it. So a guy walking through the casino on this front get myself sort out. And Ozzie is old woman she shifts around the corner takes another and this writes I'd take her old slot machine. A play imported Parsons was my second pool maybe fifty cent investment. We got him Saarland pops off on top and the ball is creditable by. In the air and it's only 960 books. But I understand that the time it does 960. Dollars would be the equivalent of winning. 473. Million dollars and model so as the one time I jumped up here with weird in the casino. I think if you go to the normal casino were poor or younger. Normal people barely if you hit it big enough that that was huge but if you didn't think people have befallen. Not their man and so like the sorrow goes all in one of the people to usher whatever. Internal dispute to one but when you look at it I'm smiling and sort our heads up people and real good. Would you look at people in the casino they look like they hate you. They do hate you they are shooting daggers Utah Colorado on hill and Tim to win the one point through two million dollar jackpot. Want that the only people yeah it's like congratulations. When she daggers and yet you know how long ago on the slots. I don't know that I feel like I see people at the craps tables you real fired up. G gathers excitement gone down the hill or right I mean there's only a few minutes. Deathly silent and it was just stared but he hugs and we're also with slots right that's just your winning. Right leg of I got a hot tabled on I'm get rushed a lot of rolls in on like everybody else the tables making money off to store every. What is the most excited did you seen anyone gets about anything. Hello decades welcome to the men's room. Lol I. Hey you know we're I don't doubt about bay yeah. I did today or ear before moving down the lovely watch and why what were you doing regular basis under the cobra amounts of cocaine prostitutes. What are there to do it that's why has not eaten much. I think I'm a construction work that I doubt they don't okay. I ordered my life like you are partake in Leon participant who advocate you know. If you consider what I considered are many whale workstation can you know which is a big casino property out there and cannot break. And she got invited UA all of all inclusive we get that red rocket you know. And on this Saturday night we were there they are giving away a 100000 dollars. 85000. Dollars 110100160000. Dollar could. And I'll be damned. If she didn't hit it felt dollar mark 50000 dollars. They speak out about a big check with a big number on Yemeni. How long just figured it's a gamble that way. Well at all gambled away and color what yeah we're about who ordered the proper they go. The first thing you bought that you had had yet 50000 dollars in Dallas they did you have been at since technically it's RC one. I have any sane and hitting it very act that would see willow the first thing is she box. A run I don't even you know I don't even remember I know they Aybar. Ever fired they want to ever 50000 dollars cash and were right you know operatic it's you know what if you don't all of well they gave are 5000 and and a 45000 dollar check. You know he bought a few things but we ordered. We had a good darn right decision Boston toys you know exactly where mine goes yeah yeah well our normal work we were young back then okay. Did soon. How do you know how do you think she's doing now. You know Arnault. There's no dolls of you we don't know I don't we how we don't go to Sydney or Melbourne you know the optic Barack Obama on letter. Bulldog heart Garza. Eighteen or have been very words you couldn't live I'm I'm not kidding you wanted to she could not Lou. And now. Wait and murder a couple of years in a row you hear what. Publisher and an addiction McGinley yeah any it's a lot more fun yeah. Yeah I think it'd get user profile wondered but when you could win you know when you go it 20000 dollars and an hour half. You'd like to gamble a little bit. Come see you at the white port card you know what's in the video game. And you played sky and hit seven out of seven you're 35 potter our bottom dollar that. Well reviewed it and you hit your data hey at bite out well. So when you hit ever an out of court and got it quite an hour how you're doing pretty good. Now damn man now is that no got the played you know religiously and when I must say lame glad this. Yeah it was very kind smiles and he owned that has big club Baltimore back in the day in at this point he's got to flush with cash to the club. Others they're voted to close its rules out but the thing is owned of this huge bar. Tropical theme for in 1000. People confident. People party art but the dude always going to you know always been takes out launch you'd like you know we it was always available to barbecues and bullets in the ball and he would talk to thoroughly ignoring you. Uses that to keep the machine and he would only take you to places that had Keno puree it and if this dude is Deborah. He has enough on the dead broke well. So I'm very close friend who knows amber well and that she was told me that the last time she bumped into him we only have to him as a million men and this guy. Properties our lead restaurants all successful. Everything it it was a sense in this guy is one hundreds of dead broke supplies some different ran into him she said he's like hey. And generous and it looks like as easily. And a bar if you doubt cigarettes like that for -- that he said this to me like he figures out that he my my. Got real lucky the so good why are they how was my girlfriend of the time she wanna go to Ocean City with the dogs big dogs for the lead and right. He's back here to take my place I'm buckled up early and he threw the keys that are she at a place three day. And any at all oceanfront. Condo the holy drug habit to. Israel lacking a woman I don't know I know. An improbable and he and I made him a pardon now let anything else like you know I don't know I. I'm really didn't have a drug problem of them think of a problem guy who wasn't a problem critic of the probably can't afford it well we don't go to dinner at it. I muggy and honey it's not the thing like. I think DA at least it's creamy crab soup yet he would eat quality UN had soup my don't fill up all on a menace that is killing the American green grass and open the butter cream man I think it's funny that this got to drive robbed ES a meets the that's hard and also. Telling you don't taste good to look at he's so I. I don't Romney the day then you're good yeah it's a different and it's looking back at the the now now. Our question what is the most excited did you see anyone gets about anything we had your emails on the way for the men's room. At midterm live dot com you are listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network. My old friend. Are flooded Iowa as the most excited that you've seen anyone gets about anything your emails are on the way for the men's room Edmonds or live dot com you are listening to the misery. Newsroom quickly miles a thrill. I could do that I want the most excited did you. Seen anyone get about anything we played you the the outfit this year this is the Indy 500 write in Indianapolis. They're crossing the finish line these are the Japanese broadcasters you'll also hear. The race car driver himself screaming in the back. Okay. Okay. They're gone nuts in there now. Conversely I'm content and Steven are you found this we have some audio from one of America's finest let's say it doesn't even reported to him I'd do that enough that you can Japanese guys right and you understand what one pound or so. The most infamous call we have about what the Mexican guy discriminate gold. Okay. Okay. Yeah. And other countries and then we have America's beloved. Joseph booked now you need to understand about the script that is up four and remember the Mexican guys scrimmage go you got the Japanese brought in they're going nuts. So here's Joe Buck. This is the opening kickoff of an info football game and as Mike and I want to disclose the crowd is answered the F. Right so the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are taking off to the Philadelphia eagles' opening kickoff and all you need to do Joseph boxer point two points on one of one. Nobody take off this guy catch the ball a five yard line. And advances the ball. Seventy yards and his name his last name is Mitchell. And in this is important look at here's Joseph book with his palpable excitement. Thank you know how. The crowd do they have the best tool we've got Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell made it down to the 25 our question. What is the most excited you've seen anyone get about anything and here come those emails in the men's room. Edmonds or live dot cop you. Well guys genocide when I saw me shoot Tate's head the death until parade new years ago ideal Misha. She looked at me smiling and I got super excited Jill can grad student champion in real and then look to me like I was the crazy one. I guess they had no idea who she was thanks guys love the show what is worst the death adultery. It avenue parade is a suburb to the devil capital were already ordered the Rose Parade toward our armed sent abandoned that adores the death and operated in the guesses you would know you like this at all town. Maria you yeah you're adultery. If did you wanna be a I am not in the parade but people in my family. What if you were a martial parade. The last Brit I went to I went drink the most is that much separate I'll just now they don't bring them to what if you're like the grand marsh Powell. OK okay. Saddened that. Excite me OK I know I. Yeah yeah well I gotta make that happen I we get I have the only thing the grand Marshal of freight and this doesn't operate wanna go Babineaux is adept at doing your hair. If you had airmen and they're saying it. I'm not positive what adapt Dell looks like they yellow flower man I applaud him a beer but I wouldn't. Our guys are a few years my early twenties I volunteered as an assistant coach for you football team one year we made it's a league semi final. And our game is scheduled to be played last that night game before us are gonna triple overtime before one team one on an impressive hail Mary. Head coach of the winning team was so overcome with excitement that he leaped into the air it when he came back down he totally broke his ankle. Kind of like Martin gramatica did in the late ninety's I'll never forget seeing him wheeled away on a stretcher by the empties and he still had a giant grin on his face. At from a doing the due Amanda timer if you extreme thousand Missouri miserable I've decked out. Guys know what you're shut down companies fourteen today sorry about the crutches can you give them a suck it up cupcake thanks guys oh yeah. John it's my birthday all caps today and I love you problems so you don't go pig did no digging an explosion at the David Monahan Omaha got 300. Look out. Guys don't get my body mats internal lax in wedding puke in the middle. Haven't seen this guy and a number of years it is always a good friend to me happy birthday man thanks for all the laughs. I guess they by day better we have no idea Alice from Matt yes we get the wedding. Puke with the turtle wax. This isn't. That never should. It's. Guys always my wonderful husband Hector a very heavy dirty thirty in a golden birthday can you please have your German and Australian friends wish him happy birthday. And given some new fatherly advice as I'm a couple of weeks from delivering our first child all very nice saying congratulations at from his very pregnant wife Lorena. What do those still blue and gold gold street you can see in my stroke like the holy one. And he Phil Gordon to. It hit hey dad here Dan Duffy of the males. Given Melvin capstone mails. You know my advice DB and stay healthy you'll need a little pouch that Biljana grew. Guys this model of girlfriend yesterday's birthday she is so much from me every day and I cannot appreciate her enough for all the love and support she provides. Could you sit at a birthday song and possibly some turtles sex. With some wedding puke in the palms thanks guys sorry thrill that from Jamison. Please be clean as is the beginning of this he's between he's the clean as I do not want my wife to get in trouble. But I love the accents. All the jokes. Wanna get a shot to the love of my life Megan. We've been together almost ten years and have been sentenced with a ball and chain for three of them. She means everything to me. Through the good and tough times I love you baby and hope for an old school fish sandwich and thrill from Germany. And Ted from Australia can Australia can tell you how inspirational of a kindergarten teacher. You really are again. Please be cleaned that from Kenny G. Fish sandwich. Shop enjoyment being clean nine. Inches and dad Kenny G and I got news way but just stick to the music but I'll stick to Zacks dot made it. And if you look you look positive recalls it you gotta go to New Zealand. Paula today is my 44. And my first I mean million fervor there request love Michelle summit drive home from work and map the entire way out like an oh look out now hitting the window and finally just suck it up cupcake. Sincerely thank you that from Tanya oh look at. Okay. Oh. Hi guys here ego. We have got it okay. Yeah I mean it's. Happy to have. Not a bad guy or they could he do mid. Guys let's say Texas sex toy law. Texas has more peculiar laws but since losing your guys show in the question you had on big dummy. This one came out basically was your only allowed on nick gets up to 66 stores in Texas after six and it's a crime are the laws passed in 1973. Holes do some religious revival and marriage and procreation thing. Also because they thought the self pleasure. Would leave to homosexuality. Events jays on the gays and and you have ever met so you does that reinforce my Davis just this morning before I got to Oregon plan on reinforcements than Dennis when I get on hold if if you do that yet you're you're breaking the law breaking Nadal never Chris who listens and seeing Georgia you talk went well what station we have in saint George Utah. KJ KW kkk to TJ KEW. If let's say air announcing yet. I guys that Jesse tomato barring kitchen has meant from original delicious right on draft in Tacoma the tipsy tomato barred kitchen crisis tomatoes yet as may finally guys my wife and I are eating its at least in just love the men's room sausage she was a vegetarian. But I convinced her to try to men's room and she loves that night we brought someone. I. By three pounds before we leave things Yeltsin's Oz beer. That for an MRI bears the mark baby doesn't we didn't know they even I don't know beyond a little real delegates those with a shot of the day but first they drug in charge ride castles in the house want to get it is time to sit and spin. And there's style once again dog games six and spend the I gather around the old radio and listen to Arizona's well. Twenty years of my life that was scrutinize them promptly Bartlett you're out and now you're going to the prom experience and dental and just taking the prom photo movement as tremendously comfortable at that Ted staged open instantly. Ted came out to several brought an intent was founded it put an injured right this we are all really uncomfortable when you know with thrilled. Okay was comfortable with your little softer I'm two do you said the united go to the prom bulking. No I. I looked up from Ted did you go to the prom he acts and I am I boycotted any organized school function Robin from. No no old I would say I was any dead serious hater I want a weird kind of like gave a speech a prom my junior year he unfortunately I can't once. No homecoming king -- OK I you're. It. Well I think 2000 sue. Rob it's close to Gaza war. I won't work during a by the way yeah and yeah those jobs a month away if you're born in 2005. You apparently like the song and rifles regards. You're conceived and yeah I did my best man realize your age if your parents are high school sweethearts in your lives out. This is what their let's write to someone listening right now someone got to third base with your mother to the song someone great so someone whose look do you review mirror there kid and Childress no I don't. OK okay I didn't want the name Jonathan. He's the funds Iraq to try. I don't know early. He's nineteen night. Ninety I guess I wanna hear both you'll regret the things we might try to would work okay car bed and threw limbo. A long time ago you over and no one year to Madonna's vogue was huge and not may have 1990 I was whatever that look yeah I remember the song being huge with. You know obviously it was a while before I like my mom for did not go to micro songs into rock dropped. Then I had no idea why. Search tonight goes into this further reason. Not Allah ominously elect and I don't want you. Other toy thirteen thirteen yeah I don't know thirteen I was gonna twelve plus twelve to. And they felt OK it's not so much love song like he's. Clever negotiators now literally somebody used in Africa have packed into a full beard. And this is a new songs that rack your round. Okay. And red car. He doesn't try and I think. I mean you have the Colin bring your a I'll examine things. Number I'm an L 2005 compliant one's surprise I know it's. So stupid but you can't help but liken him. I did not admitting I heritage graduated there into the round of the songs that rob son arrives at rock. Curse. Goodness I asked Italy Italy Italy it. I'll say 92 yeah I. I knew Dallas. Which is I mean that's different thread I won't there were. Few of the songs are comfortable Brahma they. Somebody cried out. A lot of money they stop them. Send more upset after that I don't twenty. Can 120 on fourteen. Yeah McLeod went fourteenth when you look at top down outfit I. There are just the most popular song that time of the year. Under false. Commenting on 97. Oh yeah and everybody was sure that the world was 99. The night a night yeah. I UK today please other phones that rocket from today on. I. Montel joy until George young ladies and Jordan had a good move. And totally. Good good now Les Miles says. In any follow. It's at 1992. A minute Robbins on the again 1995 and I. Okay yeah I didn't spend the songs could rock your problem. Another two. It's you know him yeah and then. 2008 pesos to 2000 the outcome would be a matter 2009 just. Now I want the best clothes and I think that's overlooked in Iraq had evangelist and remove. Isn't the saw that doctor Brahma there's been we have. C colonial and I'm just get the feeling right now loan. Sure he does not only home for 100 miles. Am going to be a number of four and then once she fell down ultimately what color be married. And divorced and I thought yeah. What do you think ninety Burris. Housing. He's got more now yeah. We don't know it's. Expected before her eyes were all for less. Bringing back the sweet sweet memories of the front. Some are travel with the song and health right now and we know again that's that's the end excluding same as the army stormed the field erection and I tell you always president of go up on the program a dragon tells with a shot of the day we'll take a quick break and come back but men's room rules right after this you are listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network. Shot of the day brought geo vice knows only tobacco company liquor store checks in men's room at 77999. To 99. OK I guess W with models and. You just go to the show today is Bob Doyle also some men's room roles you are listening to. Coming up well I drink it tells the shot of the day is minutes away about burning. Crews are just murdered. Joseph let's there they complete rules available at the web. I take out all the rules that you made over the years never wants allow a single time that. To put some new rules may be into effect and away we go on to your suggestions here for the men's room and men's or live dot com. Alec this. In this comes our way from rob fits Simmons gnarled old Riley rob must've seen this happen is that we submitted to as a major role sometimes you have to visibly see something go. Oh my that is not that get into the may have never crossed your mind exactly and this is Alice windows no matter how good the soap smells. Never ever walk out of the restroom smelling your fingers I agree I mean just look. No one assumed just Mellon so ma'am. Right I mean it's just that easy. Nobody fight the church did not tell your fingers or your walking on the bathroom well you know. Available you is yes a leader in the bathroom never let anything ma'am now you're out now to walk out the door like Hulu tonight. Oh wow is that aluminum floor lavender yeah. It is is growth and how. Hi Davey Missouri alma fingers Manuel Australians but want to open the door I act like I'm the school Laura debuting number two ended washers right people don't know it. I like maybe it's not out that uses an island body. Birdie where did you worried you most likely please your fingers on a hot day in the yeah forty put everybody are taken the fifth on that and we noted that at corner and Florida. All those in favor no matter how good these so smells never walk out of the restrooms spelling your fingers say I. I passed look at that it's just for everyone's benefit Mandela. Double comfortable. Nevada personal one come up too with that did you throw away a real. At at lake act like a dump or is that not very mainly to be thrown which basically like if you don't already have another grow purchased can you throw a group. I don't know why you have the economy is does not or given some money is all there is still useful in a breeze to use it. This one comes from Canada. Do we take minerals in Canada and been a man lived there I hear ago how I get this comment at all but it it's locked. Love the show. Guys I want to propose the following rule. No men can peruse the magazines at the grocery checkout he can look at the covers and read the headlines. But never touch. Pick up by. Or fondle those magazines not there. I think you can't not old magazines appeal to me. Did to the same magazine Billick put of those regions say magazines that you're the funny when you're waiting for the Venice. No man show all peruse the magazines at the grocery check out thousands neighbors. Name. Yeah of the sentiments are ruled issued its of the men's room Edmonds or live dot comic the subject men's room roles have imaginary attacks. Nobody else there deserves to be ready. Men's room. It's just the way news. Your dad did as good as usual we had to the very best chance even throw a little find out who overdosed yes indeed this was said to me by a listener but today we chose an unidentified man. From some. Whatever the case his story takes place at sea tac airport so that's where he rear and the police cruiser. The Khobar about the way it was part with lights flashing at the departures terminal but when a officials pulled from car froze them for weapons they noted quote white discharge was coming out of his allies whoa. Rights but that's only because he was huffing played her fresh. I'm sorry I only can I am a glade we have belated here Mohawk that do what happens if drugs give weight and day out like it was true. I know I do to do with sentence often but oddly around the candidates for pocket so he was put holding so. And every pulls up his pants and begins kicking the dull. And I wasn't annoying you know he refused a breath sample sample him sort of creep streaming of the guards and he wanted to quote. At that. Forty Kate but I'm pretty sure reportedly was not yet worked but in spite of being a belligerent pamphlets reckless driving glade tougher he was not George. Whoa don't I don't I don't want to the Joseph records away as into the back in the police car slammed into the back of the cruiser. With the lights flashing gets out of the vehicle he's hoping glade air for a few refutes everything they say it threatens after the guard he's ripped off his pants he's kicking the door. No charts. Edges. But here's that I am smelled great parent. It just makes no sense. You're wrong. That was your goal of Florida though I don't know mr. brown is gonna start live let's close this man. Reportedly moved the majority of the booze because when they get yummy gap national over the tone it down the throat to Barney in arts bombings. Down knowledge I've had so I. Schedule are not right now the profile let's tell our guys played profile is coming up this mess they should never again. Radio network.