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Tuesday, May 30th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Fallon, Will Ferrell and the Price is Right! Plus Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Oh that damn high profile events we have profiled is coming up and minutes Paul okay. From now the first quick check into a my card for some of the stories and headlines. Love working on I got a woman in Vancouver Olympics Canada hairspray and her hot car last week ended exploded. It's easy to picture this now on the market didn't see it all man load didn't exactly. Explode the way you think it did Mike it it shot out. Think of like a pistons shooting through the block of an engine block likely. Deep deep shots through. The windshield it punctured the windshield which by the way as protective coating and Emily knows who created it came out the other side and was absolutely lodged in the windshield. Please we just got a lot the airs all shot up like a missile. And then the car they get blown back at Randolph who do their best filly is a terrorist threat her. If we use different. I am hot chicks. It's the fifth that the united doesn't it and end up in bed and underwent a that you did post a photo of it on faith. All right a thirteen year old girl recently checked into rehab because she was quote addicted to watching YouTube video. Wow that's a good that is sane anymore. This thing is I mean if you turn herself in. I got enough stuff watching me I need I don't know. Well if she's watching them on her phone I would challenge any team to put down the phone for any amount of time regardless of what they're doing on the router on whatever app whenever anything. That's the channel. A nineteen year old man in Nebraska accidentally drove his car through a patch of newly poured concrete and got stuck. Nice now he might have to pay the Payton hit to have the pavement redundant and could be on the hook for up to 101000 dollars. We can take America doesn't clearly mauled them a means to add new event. Or did it on purpose. You know you can actually get stuck in any country like that. Well mindedness. Yeah out of there isn't slowing you down and everything else you can't exactly back out of the easy going at a rate of speed right right and then the tires are gonna think Kim likely end here and then a tabloid time like there's nothing to grab hold of because it's all wet there's no solid Smart is the tires right exactly as they turn as suddenly grab a hold off. I would say that this is just no hole depending word is out of leave god like instant sculptures like this is what it's got to be tired threats right here I don't know yet. We're providing right and you could have finished treat yourself then met late. It's our man. I don't now and I don't see how you could have noticed your driving on the west county that's lacks an anti Vietnam I read there's them and herbal copy called. However flow heavily. We'll help you look beat out. But it just got recalled because it contains some of the active ingredients as Viagra and has been linked to at least one death already Jesus being recalled because the kill somebody I read that headline and I thought. How many people are actually going to give back that count. None of them not a single one of them an elegant new Evernote clearly being don't design because it it it ups your sector and I think well. But then wouldn't all coffee to some degree kind of do them a dozen that did the business whatever ingredient they put all they've put it there trying to reunite their lack of my dad my own gun okay like Brad Grey it's always we don't. Take if you take. Now I treat medicine or something and there's always a very specifically heart warning on the medicine until the very thing apparently this is what I understand from watching these ads on TV. If you take nitrates and you can't take anything else on basically if they ever does it on TV. Don't take that. I thought he did what nitrates now people are taken on its I don't know I don't know I was too late now that I'm wrong about it. Some kid near LA recently s.'s face the problem by spray containing the words drama homicide of a famous rock on top of the mountain. A helicopter look at part. Yeah us on good government base zero fair. Slow on do reviews students on leave from the fifth. How big he minute when you view the drama meets in the Grumman it's a really prominent on Iraq. It's on top of the mountain so I did he's. Did he actually do what you're saying where he's down at the bottom of the mountains these brave freedom accused work that they problems he wanted he wanted to. When he asked her he wanted to be from a prominent. It just seems like some towns there's. I'm a giant rocky campaign on sometime sometimes. He's not only get rock like I know a small town everybody liked repaint the rock over and over well that's supposed to be very. Not the one of the top mountain national weather. I don't know that is half I don't know. So I you can now buy fake testicles that hang off of your guns. All saw America they're basically the exact same ones that you hang up on your drug. Another forget we are gun I got threaten us again but it needs a better balance. He's no threat amstel balances of better that's all of the few ways to trigger the it's a true love good. If you have steps on this for you can attest to your mama mind it. Come into the surveillance footage to somebody that pulled the gun on somebody these guys. Philadelphia Eagles are doing now all done. We made him another gun previously we have reflect on this but I want to be scared of that here but I'll look at it and it goes there's death of little value from your government. I was what they do it but you in a while or something what did I do much about the size of the guy that hops out of that giant shock to these two I had done with the things I mean I'll apply how big dude and I love. I'm John you know while this does not clear how. Why haven't I don't have the I would never shoot anyone but it feels the wizards could somehow does what is the gun and you all are infinitely more console only blanks that's gone. Over a hole. I don't worry they're safe. Now again that our Canada and vitally actor Jerry Chris has made an unexpectedly new career move. What does he do on that I'll tell you all about it one hour from now prophetic you might not deadlines are coming up one hour from now the first details. The true street sense. Even throw how could you please tell everyone how profile this is playing that's our ten miles that's a civil game more we share with you will like new story. Something that happened right here all blended her. Her. And as you listen to the story based on the stereo types you believed to be drew people less wood and as you think makes the story a story. Hello Jake welcome to the men's room. Or locker off and I Jake I've as a morning Jake this are you wearing khakis. I'm now okay actual. Young fan of the game is played Jake. Your Purdue fantastic here is your story now look when Mikhail says you'll go right to remain silent. The ball on line up Amanda shut to fix this guy however. He didn't even give him a chance. This they didn't even give the top that chance and saying you have the right remain silent to cover the story a few days ago but we go to North Carolina. We're police knock some horrible guy. As part of an investigation. Now it's not clear why the Rivera and apparently they had no idea that he. Was born poppy seeds to make Opie okay. So that's what he's doing but that's not what the cops of that but. He clear hold that up immediately because as soon as he pulled the door and so all the cops he blurted out and I quote. I guess you're here about the open. No look I'm I'm opium trade. But we do mean you addiction you're getting good is no thing that's jobs and they weren't there for them they newborn other than what they ended ratings plays. And it's gonna get a massive. Poppy plant in the backyard and you're not hit the whole drug thing pot plants to be used to make opium. Perelman and all the hard drugs what. It turned out at about eight pure poppy plants. Grueling in the backyard worth how much you think that's what I is half an acre plot to blow knowing you actually million million dollars. On millions. This guy had about half. All billion. Dollars sitting in his back is now facing drug manufacturing and trafficking charges. The question is do you believe this genius is quite quite messy or Asia. And opiate blew it. I just be quiet I don't know what yardstick. Typically as far as who uses them who manufactures them know that the white pharmaceutical company. I don't know mound I think about the firstly giant heroin epidemic. Like in the seventies and stuff. That was when we ran a conflict in Vietnam. Neighbors and Egypt Sudan Afghanistan grows a pompous know a dominant amount in the country in the world and yeah I mean basically. The whole world grows it. Jim mum and there is in North Carolina North Carolina north Carol. You don't you know serve but we are now when it does sound like is it sounds like you could have any poppy fields and nobody would know what the hell does one learn every night you know marijuana field immediately absolutely I know poppy fields are legal that you started to manufacture. Well I think the problem I don't know if it's legal or erode don't but would you say to the cup. The opium Lego okay we you're we definitely look upon BC one guy. What did you I don't Gonzalez needs to but my actions because my friend owns a bakery ended may not like I did you know you can't believe you are. Right that's a huge part of the story are you now you'd have the opium fields in the when the cops showed up. He spoke to beat that's the first. Think he says he opened the door he saw all the stops and it's and I guess you're here about the open Gordon not even your your bubble popping gardening in general just. Tends to lean white to me although farming universally is not if you have a small garden in your backyard you have a yard. Do you feel like I would read a little bit more wide. Yeah here American Jews burn out you know on her to do you knew you know. Their families lose one to your past say there right now. Adding that much and he knows how fast all billion dollars worth of of poppy not that's a book opens because the poppies have yet knowing it's gonna be used for the majority worth half a billion dollars. Any done before we clearly something about it that's have a start to think Asia. They just kind of assumed like I think poppies stuff I think that area of the world I think mental. Stuff too much you wanna smile. Don't even have taste on what you put on I don't know I really don't know you don't know how does the job and they they just get stuck in your guy didn't do anything in haste to attack. I've coached so I think I thought. Asian but then I figured if you're an Asian dude with this money poppy seeds you connected to a Yankee never would've given up that way. The fact he got scared. Between Lee white. Okay there if there's the opinion from the racial consultants yes I don't recall consult. To what he thinks that I'll wait. Here are the armed guards throughput Smart okay white final answer. Aren't aren't all right we'll find out if he was black white makes the or Asia next. You're listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network. Check the men's room at 77999. TB tablets that brought you by sending him a call 1800 extended many netbook okay Alyeska. Unless they're gonna airport and a guy was not paying much attention because he was nothing on blade and he has math right into the back of a police. Our heads like some I'd like youngster up ultrasound today. All my back home run on the senate completely gone and he'll be carried out the airline yeah you guys are all right sorry we're talking now one thing I forgot he's our top airline is the place. We have a guy who's growing poppies that night it's a mobile during the break. I did some hobbies in his backyard yet just a few jobs come those sounds they knock on the door when they get there he says against her here for the open put her right. As well weren't they learned they arrested him for the open. To take risk you do do believe this guy is black and white makes you or Asian. You went white. You. I'll Malone. John hope Ted you're drank agent it was it was close eight even North Carolina and on the dance. But I need it when you think that opium dens this. And I just think of the afternoon and I TV news coming up pilot TV time the dead you are listening to the men's room. My bills and I let my daughter coming up but first of all the TV news all the time is staff. We're TB tablets daily. Because your blood. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Good explosion nice but I think yes. Swim a stomach feels right now man that's not good to know I don't know yet how I was brag miles this morning we're due to actually muscles in Brooklyn Bridge problem blocked. The go back to home. They and their original authors and their two leaders there that I really look like you make a scramble. Not in a dead man I grow the last night Rossi it was morning and I'm like dude on the eat the missiles and so. Cut and I did that Friday does want it easy and cracked egg drug habit to merit through the souls day governance is good did. So bad July onto some bread and off we go. And now my gut. Not so. Little bit like a scramble to out vertigo but it's a scramble scramble scramble man oh humidity and it dried egg yeah and other non. And saying that he and. I. If prudent it's time to think breakfast dozens of fun words or you know scramble growth in. Go away. Whenever I watch TV right out of the I watch a lot of sports stuff short. Since sometimes it's sports you see people do amazing things and they set world records they break other people's records. You know just triumph. Of good victory victory right. Now a lot of times though most people are having these tremendous victories right. Like the fans my teaching at their name or something structural thing you get you know you eat your fans like jet chi at MVP year whatever. But you rarely hear an athlete chanting his own. This guy gets very rarely. She scratch and he can hear me out here this guy's not a superstar athlete but he dominates one game specifically in that game is Plato. On the price is right. I've chips and. You. Yeah. Yeah. If if I hate I hate those spectacular question of the day a little bit oh yeah well as those who say first of using the wanna play the price is right stuff. There's never been a time in my life Fred didn't want to be on that game. Please go I think to me like I was always thinking too right that's 11 ago quite. From when I was a kid right is like I think. Price is right with that big a show that I watched often does that sure play sick from school. So prices around one who's had to get the DNC. He McDonald's food doesn't take to exempt you check your excellently. They don't control it could occur and it is a sea of matter and here it goes all coming together those sets and tough and a half of the yeah but I was like watching him play goes always when my favorite one to just remind people write that basically. Today it's again giant round chip almost like. One of the things she death I mean clay pigeon Dinah. As it goes down like you don't have announced an error no jobs and an air hockey pot right it's got to bounce off all the things I think there's some skills to a bit obviously a lot of low debt. This guy did dominate the right in the middle is that and there's anywhere from zero to 101000 as you heard he had 101000 the first ship he got a thousand the next one. Chip three he hits the jackpot again and then 500 and then hit that 101000 again on number five which he had everybody chanting. Drew Carey the host of the prices rights as it was the most a contestant ever won the previous record was 34500. Oh really yeah we'll get about NIC tonight thousands that guy probably knows that. Mr. Leo and now he does he knows that he knows now. Out. Oh I don't know oh he knows that now I don't be good at that time or he just. I'm so why he would you would you OK so there's the range game now there's a Purdue the mountain climber guy. And then there's always felt he was also the number of these to bring out the putting green. Oh yeah you have to putt I don't Bob Barker would know that everything I wanted to that's what out onto the putting green or the mountain climber I believe. Everybody just agreed Plato was the best game now. The shell game I've played a shell game of the shuttle to say something bad. Three coconuts aren't three have coconuts and had a ping pong ball and that ended Astaro makes of all of inferior apparent fumble a slow and readiness just a simple game you'll play on the street to take your money and price is right. I don't know what goes he might mean one thing I like about plea deal as you gotta walk up those stairs to beat Borg. Token. No I mean if that's the appeal. Yeah it will organisms. Of British their rent I will say this the model game on prices writers still on a strong game. Yet now they Drew Carey hooks up with many of them are hooks up with as many of them. As Parker used all of our our resident brought boardroom carriers contract light load bro we know about the sex dungeon we redirect he needs just not you have still not be as dirty as Bob Barker because parkers were at all lake. On the up and up either know it makes them pay out there to hit good. You've got a Bill O'Reilly before Miller right that's what Bobby use the microphone like two feet long legs big phallic thing tonight Bob Butler trust me you are reading into the story like interview you from thirty feet away just by leaving the microphone. For those of you did it maybe don't remember Bob Barker hosting you also remember him from Happy Gilmore. Yes of course a great asset a pat Sena so the president had a senate passed senator as he tees escapade that's. Could it happen and yet the picnic at the. I don't know word of their identities. So the bride and I get accepted to college yet. I think both people judo when SATs and really he just had to get an 88 under like. Yeah are now without the tough part due to the Camille nearly a hundred as a former director of the PCDs it would have to take yeah ours or did PSA cities and he sat. And but will explain house where Ronald correctly essentially. You got it to fifty just for signing Burnett because of Wasilla if you do sign the god damn thing. Do you get to fifteen and obviously the better you do yeah Adam so. When the teacher that's just it he's got his name he'd. Oh. There are probably not so that the teachers taught everyone out at you standing and against you feel frustrated so we did better than others but. I mean ever what nobody even had anything less like 400. Living but anyways yes this kid. As I was Julius to be all right as last name of the each day. Ads are spelled a towards legal and 08 BB ES Juli is being. Anyway BR there via. All right so be able to me and Orson 200. He got Julius friend. Is what Leslie BE. Golf it would even handed to him aren't. It's just like Julius and and that's you know the voice the complexion changed in this day has again it would have released just need to get whatever. Julius 200 or rule out war and you looks back and give much he did the test so really get anything else right. But he's totals all Muslim and accountability to expect he's looking at his own name a home one of whom a Muslim wrong. It's three guys do it it's yours the only name I mean we're young men Philly game I think it's OK it's not wrong maybe your middle name. No no no no nudged up or may not your how often he usually full middle name you don't matter it's just the point like look man. You'll always go your own phone number you know your Social Security number and god knows you should at least know how to dismantle your whom the team that's all. Not as a lot of people. I just remember what it's truly are a litter our Idaho general like his name's work meadowlands which a middleman. Anthony I'm a huge vote wrong. It's happened to know you have really other. Fictitious and how I felt it. I got to write it down but I've got your name and tiger and AT&T. Eight PP PG. A YPHOY. A sample attend divested and in that area yes if it specifically as Internet I have been you know yeah Amanda and it's like I told me he could. It don't we go to our that's very good credit and our day you don't you think the males and you just put it in hate. We don't middle initial blood did it again authority GE but only about half the smoke a little color the I don't know. I don't make them that it's about art so we're talking about schools aren't ledger. And dumb person but you need to know we're not know android and if you and are employed and I bought. King of the Hill people who is employed and whose brutal form. And the. A couple of Akaka but quite obviously some subjects are part of the putters for everybody and yet but didn't Scoble. Each shot you know what let's think you'll want to graduate I went there was that the year whenever I slid by a graduated no problem. But I don't have means a good that's fine. We know you guys sure know the name of the person who is liberal guy but it's. You read up and a black person that that they didn't know you do it with a specific users under senator to me what possibly could try to back off on your ID it if it's a numbers that the but it's not anymore. They just put any on your drivers like a good Europe's and the paper in my whole I don't know a packet automotive though this medal at a won't be doing a phenomenal in my book opponent Manama Arnold spoke. Source or what. With their restaurant to go to the seafood place or as a. Generally continued do you graduate specially college. There it is they. Somebody gives the commencement. Speech yeah yeah right so if you've ever watched college football whatever if you've seen USC play you know Will Ferrell with a mass of USC fan I wanna see. Yet she went to university south Toledo pointed. Dallas' doctrine our Southern California so this is this is a while ago but here's Will Ferrell at the SE commencement. Serenading everybody. Yeah. I. I. We did only it is. And that's. Created you know. And it. Okay. I. Who is now. Oh yeah well. You remove. Less than 270. Yeah. We'll move as you. Yeah. Fact. Okay. To me if this is such a strange man yeah yeah I do love that. I was watching an interview while ago I can't remember if it was like a kid that was just getting out like he just get into the NFL draft or whatever. But basically they were talking to about where he played college. And he played USC wide receiver Karen Buddhist. They asked him one of the best stories in he had a story about catching and you know just like a small path that he turns into a touchdown. And he like dives over the pylon to score the touchdown and he says when he looks up he's on his back he just will Farrell PMI. It's hard on call and I. And I knew I was like you know like I support other quote touchdown Dominique van. Race is very rarely do you see a celebrity stature and status only USC. That's the Iliad the only school you could agree to that Canada is always gonna be one. The B a couple of Feller on the sidelines whenever do you think that all changed when when is LA now as. But two football teams. I don't think I I think at college climate still going to be whoever does Hollywood ultimately it's not that they don't care about professional football where. Know it sounds is Elliott the making clearly. Whatever is great but their but we got asked to do. Yeah and I feel like just. Lake university of Southern California is obviously for years it was just the pro franchise for football in that town that now great stuff there. I you know good date might be going no harm. Go to a gain scenes and excitement that our buddy Jimmy Fallon here has some of the worst the tweets. And I had a chance of my favorite my worst dates stories from you guys serious persons from that Heather DSM she said. Our first date this guy showed me pictures of his health plans and explain their different water instead. They miraculously. This is from Jeff Hoffman. He says at the end of the day asks you want to go out again she said she's got a good break from dating her. I think it's a total oil and this one's from the big shots he says she told me she just got bad relationship with a guided sound a lot like my friend mark my Texan mark. A look at. As long term and next time he says until they're girl to a baseball game I get hit by a foul ball and every Sunday trying to. 'cause lesson is. Term and I am Owens he says. I myself more of homecoming the DJ announced the last song my dale final. But for a yeah like the one really got it here with a foul ball ever end. Double program and the thing is with physical pain most guys no matter what you've got to be in shock you or whatever the deal has been very rarely do you cry. As a man that's about a world without pain and hurt that much. Physical play right I'm playing right I'd much not much rather but I feel like I eat it much more yet. You can green was very active cry about them you know emotional guy who developed let me likely to human greed and squeeze your face together in ninety I as water up you know immediate hit another. Wow I you know it he knows Lewis well he knows he may have the GW oh man when I had hemorrhoids surgeries I've visited liquor. The pain hurt them but I can't imagine a baseball herds as much as getting your ass redone the Bob I don't know if my baseball before it is knocked priority didn't sit approval easily the worst on my god. Oh my guess a cynic as they drive the only thing I've ever experienced in my life. It was physical pain that made me cry if it now a girlfriend broke double B and ninth grade a ball for a week. But you know I feel like out of mine is different did you cry on the toilet. I cried and about the to pour myself like an apps and saw about 3 o'clock in the morning Els is such pain in his war myself into it. It did and didn't do everything I think that the U Akeelah wiper anything like that so when you go to the bathroom in the you have to. You have to pass from this area that's still trying to heal woods is not going to be a difficult times that. The pain in key and hitting you just have to go and that you dirty ass down. In the bathtub can clean up in an hour and I found out that physically crime cuddle time there. This brutal road. Well I'm sorry dude a. I don't wish. I don't know what's worse that's trying to mature earlier this ad cry and in the tub O goes from one side to the other illnesses and both everybody aircraft don't you think that that it. Oh yeah from their current toilets and I. I don't drown miles that. It's like there's some places where it's more acceptable to cry in places where isn't sure that. Had a wide sit on the toilet to scenes of a bad one Purdue it just seems sad and yet I don't think you'll want sanctuary everybody does it under Ubaldo had a little kidney stone that is all of them understood. Well I'm with you again I feel like kidney stone that's what those pains were hurt so bad you're like angry about it York. No I mean our merchandise Bastogne demand and you just think to yourself I hope I am never in the position. I would never cry if I get our ball on the Jumbo arm and yet. I issue right now yeah I think. There is some stuff I saw crazy yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Did a while it depended on where you live it's a nudge downtown and Selig really gently amid endlessly crack it jaw. Right and it bit a while I do women already heard about physical pain right. And he's on the street race and raven right. And you know that kind of like we puff up your chest when you wanna fight somebody sore but the ability to fight right. These kind of march it our best and intuitive. Just think gays there's there's a pager like much rather a more look at Bubba my attest that there is no chance of me getting smashed in place occur it. Several of the mad at them angry and alone. Until that mullah a very as coach. And as close funny because he was so angry right myself the people walking by an athlete judges say some tool but you walk in buy it was a bigger disputes this kind of stared at him. We didn't do anything and now he's all worked up we can right. So he kicks the crap out of a sign. Right to the way he kicks it. You could tell it hurt. He was like trying to keep a tough but it was still like if you can how. OK but out of her pocket about eight I think he's still flex and on nobody legal olympians and a relay about you sit in his truck look at this news you know that heard a good practice. I know it did with the pistol cam looks like he's thriving and aimed at right now. Bodily earlier that I Ryan that was going crazy on Plato on the price is right. I forgot to mention if you wanna check out that video and you should Ryan looks like you think he will by the way. That's okay Greg knows I'd rather think. Really excited now mr. white guy that's Bryan's car you can watch your eye and when that video and go crazy yourself over at the mention FaceBook page. More posts that seem to check that out and then that. They got to I 84. Thank you generally appreciate it we'll take a quick break in headlines governor we'll might not next you're listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network. You're listening to the men's room radio networks could tax the guys at 77999. And any night. They got their headlines go to bed dominant view aren't listening to the men's room. Please tell you Swiss miles you know let's see what's happening in the real. Todd Helio started news there's a Pennsylvania man charged with punching a man with several policy is described as a really bad dot com. To California where water park accident on opening day proves that some young boys can fly although not intentionally. South Carolina men kidnapped alligator make it smoke weed and drink beer. They weed wacker sparks a fire when a field man tries to clear and met this woman to marry and hot air balloon. Guess what happens next it is time for your headlights. It's Sunday it's. Here's my car. I. I look like Terry Cruz has branched out into yet another one of war the ones NFL player now actor has launched a line of furniture. Terry crews furniture every Turner's furniture come on man you lodging it for the brand of Bernhardt design and was inspired by the idea of modernizing ancient Egyptian culture culture. For a contemporary context. It makes sense and that's exactly how he calls but I'm excited exploring new and old ancient Egypt started to wanted to break him two more modern concept and other Lexmark. Because it's there hoping you so much. You know what I'm Derek whom would you do Barack. Right around the world a man of Massachusetts is on trial for robbery. That is on trial. For robbery pleaded with the judge to allow him to show the jurors that he was just quote clowning around it that it actually robbing the convenience star. By letting him juggle at the trial to prove that he is an actual clown. Yes that doesn't make it accidentally in the trial that work out for him no it did not know candidate. And we believe these guys go either way. The problem is we knew how to please them. Yeah that's a do you let. I think living in a business for sixty years would allow you to have seen just about everything within your field but a 73 year old fisherman and why else. Was completely caught off guard winning nine foot shark. Jumped onto a boat over my car. It knocked him down he did yeah a foot short it was a great whites yes. 440 down. Animal fold jump out of water over the engine and and now knocking intimate that a legitimate his pectoral fin which guest of the formerly that he thought he broke his arm. But he he's sort of you know move this to say what they call a young plate full great. I play Beaulieu. That's the go don't don't don't play like all right one goalie and team first shark melt to just jumped up a brief stint went into his vote of the those shorts on relates to whether he would he would add sharks around his bow before they've circled as below it they come up and and not have decided vote. Never has one ever act. To jump to let the way he described it was he was he had a pretty big big fish yeah Annan is line the bait fish is still alive is get hooked in the dorsal. He's reeling it in hired the shark. Sees the fish it comes up to strike in a vertical manner. It misses as he's reeling it in through bridges up in the air but when it comes down lands and the vote because he was so close to the ball when it was you know league officials. OK so he's not played well he's hungry in the event any exact now there's a hunger free the realtor dawn shark under boot him entry user radio for help the shark was taken up the vote when he forklift. You're saying it was short and use the radio for help yet that we look at the present he was on a boat out of the water are very very birdied man. Are at a man Alberta sun opportunity to ride and hot air bullet or romantic way to provoke to his girlfriend. But valid the most in thing part of the decked. Shortly after the proposal a downdraft forced the balloon into a grove of trees which led knocked it in around enough to force it to crash in a farmer's field this is an omen. Startled back as a Sonoma. None of the dozen passengers were injured in the crash. I'd die every man does that nobody knocking mayor don't get married just changed. Seriously just as you would get asked again if she's said yes in the guy's name balloon crashes yeah I'd love to be superstitious but are there. Nobody went scuba diving on his honeymoon losses ring cities to get the signs are no do don't say that. Now he's divorced. Yeah and although a little get divorced none of those countries. Our ideology out of started in California has a silver lining they'll produce a new product at a California oh great coffee. I'll just doesn't is much water exactly 44 all the cattle farm between San Diego and Santa Barbara converting to comic hard to say that the death toll that the other countries provide the perfect shade. But it got a much that the drama tonight when that might. I heard her sit Jose tomorrow produce nice lesson profiled hasn't dated thorough. Until then please do what you do best and poorly conceived. It's day. Rumor has been paid before I'm. In my studio audience wardrobe and makeup provided by Manchester limited. Their presentation no. Through real.