BJGN05-31-17 - Project NOS - Wonder Woman

Wednesday, May 31st

Rev reads a listener email about Guardians of the Galaxy; Rev & Chris interview Peter Newland about his tabletop game Project NOS; Spicoli discusses the best Wonder Woman comics to check out; Rev has more news on the New Mutant movie; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Well yeah as a welcome to BJ she's keeping me Sheehan and I am the reverend en Fuego across for me is Vicky Barcelona full. And we've got crystal walker mr. walk like a flash and. Eight. Wolf kill enough. That's just the goalie joins us and yeah. There have been secure and a new home this week the only problem is. We got to Australia yet we are actually for non blondes really does okay. And I really early and all you noticed that after a half after. I'm today's show we will talk with a friend who has a new game out there were featuring racing car errors he launched. No. You we've got can't think both talk wins medical leave and of course he gives us he concluded BP DM VP how can people get a hold them as I say it's no. Plus I now look right now. That's. I have to. Friendly than it did you check our website at NLR five cats information at PG ETs and dot com he also like us on FaceBook friends achiever BH is key nation. All of them to an end Saddam's. Server how much I feed digging nation. Senator exiting the boy's 91802243353. We'll send you a sticker of any sorts if you. Colleen illegal voicemail CNET and now is all now know who now moved I want a new stickers now. I have a good thing that I can listen to news honestly I BG let me CT on the come up. U2 dot com slash B digging mean agent and does so. Actually dazzling as they I think is that we are going to be Atlanta like city comic con truth as we talked about on the previous vodka and yes I think this book does. My aunts and we one of the things that we do you better use. Is that we giveaway fun stuff. Yeah Allah we que me a lot of accumulate a lot of geeky stuff as were going out I thru all hard journeys. And now one of those things that a lot of times it's stuff that either we can't use or we realize a lot of begin nationals will enjoy a lot more. Great and day I might actually have a couple port kids one or two under new bringing them only half. Giving oil but to have recently I am addicted to Amazon. Of course plead the duties either my roommate has the primes so because I live with him I get it to you. Nice. So you can hide like a 106 Ers Freeman stickers freely can box. Fareed I got no no luck I got a 150 stickers hole leaves I went through because my little ED UCD burning Galilee and we really violate. Organize them only p.s are the ones I want these are the ones I might be able to get your friends like this from mining it's and so. And these you know Mike and then I had my roommates go through which runs they wanted to light truck tunnel stickers he took. I'm not going to be giving away and Selanne Alexi comic con. So how little little little bowl and now you we usually have people into trivia only narrow down what we wanna do this I get your hands on on types of police up by her visitor it's. The Spokane area just going to be honest they stick me Vicki. Sticky sticky snow usually never as Alan I have I had and yeah I remember that that's why bright. And if you do well and I think the entire song I will sandy stickers and oh yeah really I'm really anchors don't incentivize. In my own torture Earl K bonus if you missed our window dressing the harmony T shirt how Elliot looking back I guess our our Ali with like a safety if you get the full bands. Behind you on thing revel actually come to your house and probably beats and yet did you know yeah. All right what would get on with our normal show here you guys. We did get an email which it if you want you can emails PG geek nation at this came from key piece it all I geek nation and it's. Nothing from it. Bulger that I waited until after the guardians of the galaxy spectacular in regards to a question my wife and I are debating over this is in reference to start lord celestial powers and does he still have them my wife's viewpoint is that when ego meets his demise you can clearly see star award lose this power and that is that. My viewpoint is that star awards drew his power from egos brain the core of the planet and egos death and in with egos death star lord lost that connection much like magic the gathering star award can tap into another celestial brain for power such as the one from the first guardian move guardians movie that people are mining for resources and where the collector resided. Neither one of us knows the comics that well and that's where hoping maybe someone from the geek nation could shed some light on this. Thank you and thank you Keith for sending an email to not in there was one of those in this is a big point of contention zealots on a bunch of articles to see whether or not somebody who has a lot more time than me was able to feed here is how whether or not this is a thing. And the consensus at this point is that we don't know. And I don't know play bad maybe is typically do do you have any insights on this may not just enough of the comics although it does a news. It it's very much felt to me like. They gave him these towers is ready to fight the bad guy but they know you care to make star lord god yeah and still have story so you lost is powers if and when I feel like it's not even think about what happened in the movie. It's just what happens in movies like yes he's back to being star Lauren now because you can't just be god yeah I also does a big difference between inheriting your father's power and tapping into any celestial brain. That that the idea that there's a big lead analyst Ross genetics sort of thing what's that and I mean it was very much explained a sad moment as given willingly yeah yes and I and it's also stands to reason that win. When he was talking with his with his father and his father ego was going you know you have your gonna give all of this a way to go back to what you worry. And it was like well he never change from what he was. He just. Was told he was something dear friend. And up until that point in hadn't mattered then and he was living his life to not like he was like a Celeste deal at any point it was just oh wow I could hold an infinity stone I wonder what that reason was. And now is how infringement you can basically I think handbag he's going back to that sort of status quo with the guardians and not being a celestial it was just sort of make a movie arc to be with his father in explain the whole the Infiniti stone. Yeah no on I mean I haven't that they you don't eat it's totally be read the comics that at all. I mean I've I've read some comic served with lawyers and we're a couple yeah I this this this felt like exactly that is just at that determines for the moving and it worked and how it's done and we can learn from and everything that during the movie like this. They're giving them making him a really really really powerful man let's put that genie back in net Bob oh yeah you know he still does have celestial blood and that still vacuum the odd day says market. Any points going forward exactly but I don't think that means that he's leveled up but you know he's the new century or anything and no we don't EA and we don't need that from my his character and owner. I did the best part about him is he is. He is an earth man for the most part in this great big galaxy and everybody around him is more competent that he did so yeah every single character regarding export carpet didn't start the grit and we love that baby Eric how. Ha ha ha ha I love about fifty keys for that question and I it's always finding get into that and get uber geeky and all that stuff glory in non Latin so pleased definitely do that BD geek nation at Let's talk with a guest that we have a in studio with us right now. With us today is a man who created big game that both Chris and I've already talked about and really enjoyed dad we've got Peter from I had in my in the gaps studios and that is talking about the game project not us. And it's kind of fun because it's a AEA fast paced high energy frenetic. I'd dice game involving cars and Peter how did you could come about two figure that you wanna create a game like this. It's funny because I was actually on a plane trip. Four words and watched one of the latest fast and furious movies now I am in Encino and and sitting there. Remember in all the racing games and Adelaide and none of them had the feel of in the movie is called race wars further out in the desert moon in drag racing. So I'd I just. You know Anita Borg and actually feels like a race because all the race games are now aren't we. Very plotting and planning and do some math and yet there's no there's no and sort of that that feel of you need to do this right away and you know and you know how that turns her you know when your Grayson and streaking down into the drag racing all that there's there's none of that really there yet exactly how am and that's for the to get the feel good. I was close they can get to us you know how do we how do we simulator race without having people actually physically removed through that glass half an hour and a super fun because you've got different ways to you. That essentially trick out your car and get ready for the race. And there you got different dice to roll into the different color coded Dyson it's a lot of fun on that and and at it I love it because it's two to four players and the games are pretty quick and it just like any drag racing room where there are pretty quickly unmet dread. What was it about about died dice vs say maybe a card game or like aboard a where you are about why you want just peace is moving around aboard. Didn't do it does definitely gives it more of an urgency I think because it's all happening simultaneously which is something that the Euro seen a lot of games. Right exactly I and good you know the diet there is a skilled mechanic and the hand eye coordination with the nice not so much with with courage you can take your. Deal him more time with current gap with intermittent. And I seven that nice. Analog random. Element to them because they keep bouncing and you have to keep watching the whole time yes and then you have to keep your eye on the track because Ohno so please just place. No wonder I had to do another thing I'm behind that guy and oh my god I'm going to lose it and that was one of the things when Chris and I we're playing we're sitting here and he once somebody gets closer to that finish line in May be they've got one guy ahead of yours there are like three into is so they're about to finish the race and I'm rolling dice. Faster and at one point I took a die and it rolled it and it went across the table that I. Dog and it's going on reading all the time about Randy he's chasing it has. Yeah exactly if you're a little bit a little more spastic like I am in my wanna make sure not have like a dice tower or a wave hit some way all right guys on the table on the real. At the tower those so fast. Laugh at Fiat the other they are better from earth does roll the dice and him as soon as the soon as I pick it up are realize that the number and aren't matched and now oil yet it's a guy that doesn't look right now. Carter grabbed it. Yeah exactly exactly and so on him for most of time with mining gas studios you guys do a lot of I'm downloadable print labors of the game but this one is on kick starter right now some people definitely go check it out way can do that. Who'll YA ELY going for the kick starter on this one as opposed to judge just up print play as before Iowa the game has already have to Ari has a different place now arms all my website the kick starter version has and much better art. The gap I am not an artist yeah. Pad it but I just to when I make games for prim blades to sergeant at the idea across. And some viewers actually experience it even known know a lot of times of scenery is get disappointed about the art when the in the countries to ask a knee in the art on the kick starter in looks really looks really sauce so good yeah I -- are you amazed with what everything with everything that was to her. The emails and play LA brings to mind a lot of the I'm a lot of the racing games I played like an Xbox and things like that and just just that really. Really slick stylish well it's a bright neon colors jumping off of it this is this is a really really slick looking game I'm very very excited I would definitely be tickets in my mansion for sure if possible thanks. And you also host a bimonthly game design and play test group. It would designing games obviously at this point is is definitely a passion for you how did you get into wanting to design games was it wanting to creating a better version of a game or was it just along the lines of I would like to see a game that does this. And it's not out there to meet my needs I guess I need to make a myself. Why didn't I have this curse of the DIY I'm because as. Ice is on the now like to do or that I think that I can do I just try to do it. But the really the the table Doug James came from years of playing video games and wanting to make videogames and you have okay every time I said on the start to learn the day learning curve for emphasis weighing sharp. And I didn't find a good. In Rhode turned to me you know pick that up so I thought hey I can chop up cardboard and didn't draw hundreds earlier I. And so and I do in Seattle there's a big influx of people wanting to create their own indie games. Would you have any advice for some people who want to say create something that's not out there are improve upon a game that maybe they've loved furlong time judges make it. Does it didn't play as days as gallery it I mean if if nothing else you've got a game that you liking your friends liked playing so nice guys. You know -- in your game designer and so it could happen right at the welcome to the world yeah exactly and again they project not is on kick starter right now you can go check that out there you can also find out that in more games from a mining gas studios really easy mine to get studios dot com. And people can find you want to putters loft a one a threesome questions creek leads him TGS Pete. Awesome peers think he's so much yet thanks tremor. Thank you so much again that is Peter with mind the gap with -- studio yes you can find amid all the social mid to social media talked about our mining yesterday is dot com funded if you like really fast paced frenetic game that's a lot of fun TI's got out of the gal you would love it yeah I was actually really really media and and I say guys what's that what's it does hit the shelves you need to you need her in my because I think what it's gonna move fast yes I know I see a job. It's. Still we're just gonna move on from that one and let's talk a little comic taught well a lot of comic dog act the way got porous so in two days there's a share some of you familiar with there's a movie coming out. Told wonderment on her hey we're doing now. And it never heard of so so what I've got a few plays if you want to read Wonder Woman. There's always jumping into reappraisal. If you like if you wanna go back if you like classic congress like eighties comics there was there was time in the mid eighties when DC sort of refit reboot I think is the wrong term but revamped the very three trinity right frank Miller's you're one of darker returns were bad man John Burns a man of steel with the Superman one it's an 87. George Perez plotted in drew. A bunch of Wonder Woman. That's all fantastic so there's there's army buses up that -- it's like 24 issues into the George Brett pres on the bus for her according to start off with. TDs are probably two local library they're definitely a local local bookstore was tons of places to get these comics so golf the world's the first one for Jorge Torres. If you like going classic joint eighties and that's really the comic that made. The Greek mythology huge part of wonder woman's story that's what really embedded Ares as as her probably most prolific violent. Now you before we get on the other ones I know that Wonder Woman is one of your favorites. What makes Wonder Woman such a draw for you because I love to hear about the geeky stuff what dry heat brought you into it because a lot of titles he coming in with the wonder Mormon Church I knew this is this movie is really. Appoint an excitement for you there's so much riding on it tickles ask. Act I mean I think that's something be said about how she's the only it Lister that breaks it was rules. As far as like wind it would when something to really isn't that a big amazing climax Superman. Punches that problem yeah right Iron Man punches that problem would that may have punted that problem. And and Wonder Woman stops and yields and tries figure out how they consult solution together to Garnett that got she's she'll rule approach kind of comes from a from a different side like they all claimed to be fight for justice or or or truth or whatever but hers is peace sudden you know and an and it's since the truth of peace that that really truth it's her things got this last so. As she understands she could see into people's souls with the you know. And so CC has this compassionate isn't really in any other superhero that can beat that big and kick that much acts nice now nice so aside that's what I think is great about her is that she's she's she's as old Superman stuff going on but with more wisdom. You could call on that. If you want to if you wanted to check out some solo books and a rating on dealings can get daunting. There's two great ones that come to mind for one woman one is the hit can he Catania I think at the end of cash yet. Not certain how it's pronounced juror probably breach comics yet technically does anybody's pressing who finds something for a college occur buck and like not be able to pronounce it because you've only ever CNET style racetrack is the great race she grads rising young Jared and I you know we all there's a read this thing for years and it started say something it's over it's got a base in pick your teeth. And then pick acacia maybe yeah yeah it's spelled HI AK ET yeah I ate a lot out of gas pedal. Right up completely and I got to curtail it tea yet you don't itself that that book is basically all about how Wonder Woman is cooler than that may affect how I. It's Batman Wonder Woman both dealing with the same problem in very different ways are the cover of the covers got bat man's underneath a Bennett underneath one Iran's boot. Nicole I've seen that have pretty slick yeah I have seen economics like Greg Rocca and and JG Jones. And endure Bruck also there's two more one woman runs a talk about that he wrote yeah but for other standalone books as Wonder Woman earth wind which I talked about on the show before and then hologram or some young if I can and that's a retelling of origin story. Very recently earth won the idea is that these superheroes and the only super her on the earth so the world is no Superman there's no bad man that's right you just Wonder Woman. So that was a really great that our panel and and that's probably the best of all things I'm listening to. Don go back to on on goings. Back to Greg rock got in 2003. He didn't on doing and Wonder Woman and he introduced. One of her biggest villains try to kill and basically gave alleged sleuth or to Wonder Woman yeah hall. And so the first volume of that is called down to earth that's one checked out. And that is drawn by JG Jones as well you can also check out his rebirth series in a rebirth just going on right now. I think it's gonna end next week is the 24 issue. I'm numb so Italy it's going to be for trades all you once called the lie is and it's very much drug dealing with dead different you know it is with lot of rebirth. Dealing with a different histories and continuity errors of Wonder Woman it's sort of defense. She's remembering different things in her past and wondering where they fit in who's manipulating them so for Jews top a lot of her villains and how they sort of orchestrated some of these things. Another good starting point kind of like rebirth is Brian as a relic from the new 52. Run where of course new feature was the big reboot from 2011. Brent as a road cliff Chan do three yearlong Greek epic with her basically. I think this has the very coolest interpretations of all the gods decide who's a giant fish. He's he's ten he has. A bunch of candles on his head and a wax is dripping down so it covers his eyes and know his followers like crazy of wax and a Malcolm kilduff super creepy Haiti's. Our missile that that oil and that's probably like the harshest Diana on this list. She's yeah she's very much does the warrior wonder woman in that book but it's really well done struck by cliff Chiang. But I think the best one my favorite Wonder Woman will be Gail Simone front of us are in 2008. Not long after an event called Amazon's attack which don't. Don't reach that total hypocrite for these bees. Don't blame any day. Hey this panel back may join bees dear god that. Yeah every three or four buckets already did you limits. OK okay so Atlanta. Amazon's attack I've seen banished up into punishment and install TV Amazon's from Penske era and so they all got disbursed throughout man's world without their memories. Man this is also not long after infinite crisis so it is an in this book one element is dealing with being alone in being human and not being a god to these people living amongst them just an apartment she's Diana prince. And so did Amazon's of course comebacks throughout this run guns. Final crisis happens it would limit a theater was actually pretty good message don't worry about all that's. But anyway dealt Sandra and I think that's probably the best Diana writes she's she's so well written Gilles loans understands the character she's the longest running us long tease has the longest running female written run. I'm from 2008 snow until the 2011. And volume one of that is called the circle. And that that I cannot. Recommend enough to strand mostly by the dog since an error in the press the night it's really fantastic Wonder Woman. So that's what you wanna rumor get started after or before the movie nice thank you so much and. I IA I am really excited to see what they do with Wonder Woman and I'm very very stoked for that I did I did read a review someone did like wrote an article or whatever and they said that he got when he watched it he got the same feeling as when he saw the first Captain America movie through rumor that's a good dad and I have I have praise indeed we shall seek. We did talk about we did talk about the fact that the new mutants are gonna have amazing Williams and definitely yeah yeah and so we've got some more news about that the fact blue jays smacked a boy. Will not be in the new mutants trying for not because some people wondered whether or not that he would be in as professor X that is not true. Also the fact that I cannon ball will not be played by now wolf. So we don't know what's going on with that casting news but we did find out from nerd S and its directors that indeed new mutants will be. A straight up horror film and who. Kind of interesting because I don't know how they're really necessarily going to be doing it I mean banner he who love. Then there's the very beginning in new mutants were endorsing candidates joined you have artist that made all crazy the first arc three charcoal the demon bear sock yeah. Where basically the spirit of Denny movie stars dead parents is sort of haunting the new mutants. And like while she's like dying in an emergency room they're all this other universe like trying to fight this giant shadow bear thing occur that they can't fight because it's not real and that's a gallon I'm doing is going to be a lot yeah yeah absolutely I don't know how little or no good to go ahead tell I don't know six have experienced and I guess he needs your read the article it's a sin exactly leaders say they did not go is okay well you very much and why we have experts on a I like comics. Maybe and director Josh Boone is liking it too Stephen King meets John Hughes so this'll be a really interesting thing I like the fact that they're willing to explore. More genres than just quote unquote superhero movie and I really am I excited for the new mutants I mean this. For me it leads to acts force whether you like that are not or whether or not they're going to do that that's what it is in my mind. So I assist telling that I exorcised the death of new mutants like yeah we took out Louisiana and star resources board but also dead balls gone that direction so you got him got a lot of avenues to export so our I don't I don't sub guy like O Carol all the way they go and even if they don't explore that at all with the new means to keep them as their own little set of group of people. I'm excited affected their moving in a different direction Tennessee and we're talking about Vietnam on the fact that I think they would also work as. Is kind of a body horror type and I get the Symbian so there's a lot of ways that they can explore. Different genres with superheroes and or just comic books in general so he really really really really stoked for this. I think he's so much for all thanks so much for meat never really know that information on draft still kind of hung up on the internal John muse me say Stephen King things it was going to be either sixteen carries. Or pretty including last. Why how. Wow I got more I don't want anymore so I think now it is time for us just to get to know. She Swiss TV you can save us please. Maybe not go noise stops and who don't to there so no fine thank you. Yeah yeah. Now. And it's it's no surprise is no. Yeah. We're still waiting for this fight every I don't ever still also waiting for the sequel to make a lot that I can watch a good point of his Biden and I are even having the television is saying something like Al OK and look this is that right now is the perfect time to do our Resident Evil franchise. Because there's been one going for twenty years and rally like Eminem there on time to victory is the way it is right now so that's ever gonna be in this problem I can be another better window to start Resident Evil even though. We're slightly more right now ever Korea's podcast we are between the movie theater and dvd release from last Resident Evil yeah exactly yeah that's how recent it'll sit there isn't really everybody that put her maybe do it is to a retooling it then you know. The songs to a richer than him bill is that he got receiving medical X you don't have season begins this time I mean I don't I don't know I just that is surprised. Any fuel and apparently I have a list of six long running franchises then need to and the Florida. All under world. And the could give a page and. They should be on the list it was not it should be noted. None tomorrow yeah probably should for the space cousins outsold so much that will also save our ending that a lot. If this guy I tell you oh knew that I did Rihanna says same thing ever sobriety like the year they're gonna rebooting even though he's minus. Well yeah element to disagree with this list even though it's all gonna be right anyway to pass. He really won but it dentistry and think of one like I wouldn't mind at length when you watch on their along transformed me up. Heading into the say that I'm not fighting scenes you'll remember and things that happen and here's the thing Michael basic he has like sixteen movies or something ridiculous like in the hopper and his brain and there was a loyal to the lights on like what five avatar movie Chinese men and honesty and can't see any James Cameron avatar into it's -- yes but I already what movie it already did so well enough van load carry out so I'm so transformers is one of them that I don't think that's the funny part because I we don't disagree like amongst ourselves right but they are hugely popular and they're making tons of money. It's one of those like I don't wanna think I even like some of the that the secret ceremonies began nowadays there's a little bit of mystery here the shows are watching between my. It leads and our shows like American nod there's a little bit of mystery you have to think mirror people. Just want to see action yet or two hours then their money's worth have their popcorn and their menos sodas I enjoyed civil war. Did you hit your ticket if it nice I just enjoy the smash best fifth another kind of smashed asked wow. And another one on this in the terminator saga. Yes and that's a funny thing because last Friday eyes that we spoke with Garrett who said that they are going to be making a six. Well really there's no exact cause talking about your right. This should stop making terminator movie or listen I like not try to continue wit. But I can't get enough I don't yeah I have never say have loved it and how did you leg on a myth police he. I I did this like yours just how serious was all right I was fine with it I think I don't like that it played with time paradox is just like just like four other like. We've stopped this like four times what he keeps till it has to happen anyway somehow what's needed to happen. Interest in a minute if you did not making and that's gopac. What better necessarily wrought in our I'm not a great movie and I thought about that put loved it I don't terminate after G three I'll take whatever the hour after. Another Andre is thirteenth. You yeah I mean have they brought out one recently I mean they've done the Freddy vs Jason but I don't know let the last 100 and I gagged. I think I don't necessarily it's any of them really he has yet any of those eighties horror movies they had their time in place and if you wanna go back and watch those when you with the whole bunch of friends you haven't every time and a party they're not scary really anymore so and there were funds slasher flicks yeah the last one is that the Jason X in 2001. But a crap I don't know maybe 2000 snow I didn't fretting Freddy vs Jason must have been after that. I've you have without again that was awesome and Jason and CA Alec the only trial their loved Jason. I think we have a lot of Jason and space you know I'll guard the dad Frank Luntz is 3456. Cents and heats. You know I think that mixes informed somehow then. I Thursdays and calls it acts like a magenta I. Hey we're actually really tell me why are you surprised or was it Jason millennium. Benson tomorrow do you want to have a draft humanities and out. I'll drag dress up like like put about 2000 yeah and these are things I saw that movie theaters. Jason goes hand held. And we infringe on the moon suit though than 93 so a big gap I think we're improving our points yeah yeah hey. Also it's not really new ways trying to keep the guys who say it did this list seems it didn't and less topical and you talk about bringing back something that hasn't actually helping any and he is Halloween has an academy all right yeah I am I really they're gonna eventually try to reboot it like they're doing you know you know that's true I'm an -- you're right that's I definitely going to. No I'm not scared of the hockey mask anymore and I need something scarcely you know but I guess he could be even. Hockey masks have been too many heroes or anti heroes it's gonna be the mountains helmet actually yes through immigrants and yeah do you Wear those kind of hockey NASA anymore you're very articulate that's not a realistic film. Sounds I don't like to thank everybody is hurting like collegiate hockey helmet now you know you can play cat named guys got to melt. Okay. I'm adding I'm. He's the grand what are some the other movies or franchises. I thought well. Their parents securian yet and we were just talking about that I'm glad I did it could be an enemy gone off the renegade and yet this is Vicky circle moment here. Mean you don't want him to go away thoughts and yeah exactly another one Indiana Jones especially after the whole crystal school fiasco and did and they're and they're making another run gather making another one and Spielberg has said that the only person who wins Indiana Jones is Harrison Ford so it's up. And Harrison Ford to stop these snap lake we have to plead with him to stop please. But I think out of the next one's good but they also don't necessarily have to like they can keep Indiana Jones or about the character with the kind of tried to with crystal skull year it's continued I I still think that moves vast army says it is I have got back in May watch to hit actually it's not only is not great. I just I just think if you get too upset about there being aliens involved. Yeah like it's the fifties Indiana Jones that makes sense to me and it got to complain about realism and Indiana Jones remember the part that do melted his face off center. The real magic. We are open up the other then that's threatening guy he's close and I think I thought I had the last son on his list is diehard how dare you know no no I agree with this did you see die hard with a vengeance. Diehard with a vengeance and one after that as soon after that all this is that there. I don't aren't diehard yet his diehard 1988 diehard to in 1990s when I heard the lens is a 95. Live free or die hard was 2000 man named year and a good day to die hardest when he they're. Seeing little playing even know that livery was an. Horrifying but I think that was the first one that went to PG thirteen route and they had I think to with the old man as the bad guy tea. He was fine and he's he's he was good bad guy he's a good bad guy so it was. Mostly tall tolerable. The last one. They radar actually in his the last one not the post they went back to that they went back to radar I just heard it was it just I didn't even bother with it isn't going to ask father son team up on this one yeah early and made our hands yet his SI and ends up in Moscow or something going into east. John McClain was C. Regular guy just a cop off duty. They have going home for Christmas sort of curious eyes or don't getting stuck in my in ridiculous situation he's got all cut up on black isn't normal dude but live free or die hard he was the strait of superhero yeah might as well have been James Bond only more ridiculous. Kinda like with the whole lot of fast and furious. Franchise going to pretty up there just a bunch of guys who like to build up cars and I cannot fight really lived on the streets and know some guns now it's like and we'll I think. The IA operated well here like fighting costs are driving skills are here's. Good deal where that. It's because Vin Diesel used to be a dungeon master durst he played a lot of DNC this is the natural progression of a character or characters in groups gating their hello. The phenomenon known as tower creek assets so the live free that it very serious and die hard movies are both guilty as tower creek I take it all back and you know what at that point which you realize that that's what those are. There slightly more acceptable or just leveling up yeah you know I am back in and you know what you know what's more powerful than anything stupid dean. We admit I like a lot of the remake stuff. Late I know that they're gonna make a million Harry potters I don't care about those necessarily you know like even with the new fantastic and this and that's. As she prequel and stuff you're not just trying to like squeeze every last drop of already beaten Tennessee is that way for me this when they're putting them all out and taking and making what five movies out of a book that wasn't necessarily even really a book eighteen feet and I notice link yeah holiday in the learning math yet GAAP well hopefully we don't have to worry about that anymore and god they don't need to rebuke those are anything that is about the whole so morally into movies out crap pure wanna wasn't completed that. There's a book one of his books so I do able says yes this elegant encyclopedia of game with Rivera the regular Palestinian I had an idea at the unfinished tales he riveting and maybe edit it just like that. So what. King I mean taking on oh yeah. Sorry I'm sorry guy I mean I think well I call King Kong great I have to I gotta love. I see you know that's the problem is now they're doing the whole shared universe stuff you know where they're deciding to put God's Villa and King Kong in the same universe and just literally you can boxers. They think it's gonna be awesome. Universal monsters belong but I. Disable like origin story god don't get the urge my story doctor Jack is going to be in the money that it's going to be great but I guess he and idolize you are sick of the planet of the apes. Sid yeah has plants are you sure that's a fact of all I'm rides Jan IA of this Saturday's start volume two to pat. The RNC I think you're really to have a bad answer on the Iowa named the top half and next time yeah its been staining it. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where to know this joint. Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. 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