05-31-17 Seg 1 Mens Room checks their spelling

Wednesday, May 31st

Mens Room Blank Question: I couldn't believe that a certain someone didn't know _______


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Now done mid. Men's room legacy can continue. And he would sure love to hear his real. So this radio program are simply not that great. Trying to look. Let's send anymore. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. They say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan play in the Olympics Bjorn this. In his room. Okay. I don't know I really don't look good resume number 2650. Now. Along with Steve the pro hills. Read Ted's math and doing blogs. And demonic dark. And imagine a. Remove mark's last. What you don't need to know the would you lick its addition. Kudos to play profile best. Plus headlines amends or shot of the day fumbles or emails and everyone's favorite TV time would typically aggregated I don't know Chinese man steals two million and spends 84 of its. Online streaming more. Meanwhile a phone salesman emails they customers six video to himself. Which shows the spot where her baby will be able. Meant taking Celtic with girlfriend a waterfall breaks up with her in unique way. Why don't live in Florida as they woman finds python wrapped into its blanket today. And motivational weight loss speaker wants to motivate via the fat tax that is all coming Todd today's very special episode a Zemin drove. Here's a question. All that they did a good day to you and yours okay I'm yesterday's show may be deferred. Among other academic revelations are Kerviel be Ted Smith he confessed I. Don't necessarily know how to spell my own little man now it was a little baby were at an amount I'd get an example. But it turns out it was not alone in the struggle dispose Manama and suddenly takes game. And all kinds of people started admitting that you have in fact the exact same mission so spelling it seems. It's not America's strength. I mean hell Twitter actually provided us. With a fairly detailed list of the most commonly misspelled words by state so some of them were fairly. Diarrhea and pneumonia but the Mosul wire. Twelve. And grave honestly guys. Come off. A hundred dollar drop EG treated quote despite the constant negative press co Fe Fe. Ever wonder are cold faith maybe he's done me and you know toward the the select few then you have no faith faith. It's not a word most of us from this assuming that he meant coverage but the street itself. Covert faith in that obesity you'll be. FT at beat it should be noted by the way that an excuse me the message is going to be going down in Washington DC but look. A lot of us missed by a lot of things as well stated we all understand this. But there's all kinds of subjects that we just don't do that woman and sometimes even things that we believe are common sense. But not necessarily as common as we've applied so sometimes it did you on the receiving end of those other times it's a one that you would know so today. We wanna add to a men's room with blamed. Question. I couldn't believe. A certain someone didn't know blank ribeiro big show called dual 642 on rock like humans are month FaceBook follow us on Twitter admin survive answered those emails in the men's room and mr. live dot com you are listening to the men's room on the men's room radio network. Sage is your. Through. My Minnesota or 2600. TV show we have we're. But you don't need to know B would you look at edition we'll look I'm nothing to do and hopefully our cash money and cold hard cash we'll play would you like it's coming up. With what you don't need to know would you looted ticket we've come up with some interesting things mostly thought they had some good stuff with the bubble better stuff that I agree. Yes our amend or blank questions today I could not to believe a certain someone. Did not know blank and we have the most commonly misspelled words and every states and some are easier summer little bit harder but they're both hilarious and frightening to some degree. As Google just put together a map with a word that each state has the most trouble spelling. Based on the number of searches for how to spell that word and all of its possible ms. spellings. So there are number of those we dig a day tweets in the middle of the night from the president's. Who basically came up with a new word as he tweeted despite the constant negative press called they think Zardari who are going Covert vehicles they told me they nickel Brightcove. FE FE Ku faith and and then shortly after that the president himself addressed the did not unlock the mystery tweeting who can figure out the true meeting. Of cafe thing. Enjoyed no flower under. That's kind of funny that he said that the that was hourly that he just left that word out there for hours yeah well there was no alerted agents fell asleep but it was a not unheard of moving on those things. But he added that the map is is pretty interest in Google's a good source for this. As they say in the article English language can be somewhat complicated. Even for someone who is native to the country has been speaking English their entire life and that's where they tend to it and go south for the for the most part. Take asylum letters they selected V and plumber all right for instant. Maybe you would put plumber and I don't know plywood does but the crackling on thingy about plum yes problem Laura I'll probably probably going to be in that one. They say there's no reason for most of those two exist the double consonants in yet there. There they are in embarrassments with two bars to s.'s. Psoriasis and Barack I don't know how to spell so rotten like if you don't have surprises teeny dispel psoriasis you do have psoriasis drugs are unsure they'll psoriasis it's it's so quickly and illegal dry skin. But like everyone has drive skimmed through calling it a different name. I just had our eye opening of a moral standard than just might think I look throughout English dry skin and any surprises is like you'd enjoy it you know I. Does it slogans of Ted's blushing of those who know brewers got reservation. Right always a much different debt as they got surprises you have little band of like knob on tomorrow afternoon again tonight that is coughed in my. That you've gotten emotional kick and Bradley added a net propel all right so the most common misspelled word. In the state of Louisiana news and as not alligator believe or not they do know how to spell out here if you script but it is knowing how to spell Scranton is happy. It's an African animal this is a little strange is just happens to be the most misspelled word when typed in the Overton and yes it's a July if giraffe perhaps lion big four letter word is on the got him down in Louisiana I assume our last. Who would like the last club if you know. I NG like a lying alliance figure that I. Yeah draft draft GI RA FFB that is correct director. I'm glad well mobile me. Yeah how about oh boy. The great state of Colorado the scope Colorado. The word is tomorrow tomorrow all I know how to spell out without you write it out OK okay and I don't go to the bench and in the civil way to remember folks it's Tom or row. That's at DO MOR. Is a horrible nobody yeah luck fit and it. Or. Remember how much I know when you we yesterday the other day when we're on the air and you said you'd you couldn't you couldn't spell your middle name Anthony. Well it might offense as a let me spell it out or writing out Sidney Bragg creek. In your defense the fabric. How would your god dam and let me a bit of some importantly oil without question and answer your first nine and delighted spokesman Adam goes over to meddle museum and he's well what you would have say hang time. You wouldn't believe you if I'm like the notary or something might win him. Come here now and confidence is down there that hey I usually first and he told us obviously mentally he has we've repentance and he dispose of them do believe I'm telling you the truth I wouldn't believe view my mom came up with a song on. Remember I'm six or five so it's you know at this point time I'm learning how to write installment name so it's MO NT. GO ME EU all RY. Today. Move out of that's my month's all of sorrow and it's Samaria he could have been a dealt to merry quill and special right now. But he then but I know them MO NT GO ME ET on why. Think that's tolerant of thoughts I get it tricks of the trade. There's evidence that is the song is the way Allard and happier less than MO NCAA and you'll live what his problem here's the problem here's the problem Tuesday are we talking like you know somebody on the phone payment bill whenever you mean like as prints and the things the medical bills this morning actually. And and I and I'm paying my credit card over yet so I got on the phone like it. This failure it was it was my email address. So I was like you know MO NT EU the Internet and Internet address of the same keeps him and for our MO NT. TO is he our. Like hey man I went over and live and learn don't they use is that the same right exactly. But still letting it ain't so MO NT and have a lot of words like that. A pole ice. For police. God damn old DP OLE your PO LL I did a marvelous job right got a smoke hole wrong to go and release it it's an allegorical but it worked at it like we're all old Leo go to a new poll POL Hewitt Cilic look at apple whether she's worked in the poll. I I'd probably just ES TR I PPE ar right don't have the stripper get comfort to the quest Croats. Some that is it national spelling bee by the way. Will be given a few days your week I guess so there on the way they are now. Ironically enough men I've checked out the website yet all the spelling B and have these guys ranked kids' kids the youngest is six in the sixth yeah it's kids in the rank and has like in other hometown the school turn on middle school normally there is a little under an athlete looks like it does run out of country and Europe so it looks like when you now to see a once indeed as soon you know me like they should step up and talk in a month. My name is Kay they tell how. Good ten Courtney Stevens. The mud island bit and in on any good that I mean they have mother like rock stars is crazy look and you can actually take the test. The spelling bee test which we attempted earlier left the well I I don't know it's impossible that it is. Yeah as I would start its start of something as simple as you don't spell your middle name but then you three words and sewage. They the words they have to dispel we will never even heard of these words. Spell and homo full almost gunmen being among them I've never doubt were before my life. Like these kids as a modest program man there are a whole language total language of our language but they're quite careful when I had. You can speak to me like that man had no idea what you're talking of two kids. Do they still teach phonics. Yet I did the promise act they change all time that your mantra I mean this is read the quote fox writes and indicates that fox which. And and I think maybe this is from child that has so when I was growing abuse and elementary school yet reading class a remember bat boy if anyone else wasn't far makes it because they suck debris and at a time. Syrups and so it's our computer it's European I hope so clearly did not make its desire is Joseph Biden doesn't put on notice all. Corroborated what I'm saying yeah you need extra buck has so Mike did it now order a daycare right so there are we put him in the font class and to them it's just it really blessed every kid is an font class but every time they say he did well on phonics and white. He's struggling man it is not but they call upon exodus. Our moment today just sanitation what I never do well in (%expletive) you do when you finally got up when you don't Vonage filed with the except for the reading was hello. This is this is where you go to get help and you didn't even do well but no in Montana it surprise. The word is surprise. Check out Wisconsin. Check out the word that was consol my god. And most homes every every state has its own thing go on the blew me away the one remembers specifically. Is Wisconsin. Now who was Massachusetts or some like that are connected it's for the extra to Iran and I understand but the it's Wisconsin. Against fellow Scots and the most the only state where of the most frequently misspelled word is itself is the guiding state that is a major. To elude man that's OK and against other name in your down that debt had moved to Wisconsin I'm literally right exactly the action goes well my first name. Yeah. About the statement I will get passed it to Massachusetts that's about it and now Mississippi can you still mrs. Obama there are group whoever. How in my head of the ISS I PP yeah. That I stole the mood is out with a double letters that make Celanese. Yeah those they are at SS as as I PP. I mean I could spell Maryland's it's Mary land and Mary land it is a merry place. In now Montana I driver's door when I lived in Maryland this year's admired by our world there were dormant cross country drive and I think my father said they were in New Mexico. It's like getting gas for something but he shows ID and some won't behind the camera wears a married man and easily. Into Maryland my Maryland but it's like shields nor did he sounds just like got a nice place you don't believe. Dues and political might not yet but they should also have beside each one of these places Howell. How people actually closely speak the language yet that area and no one says her hometown were with cancer and it can can make you can't was kansans like a click -- can you would open my dad's from Houston and its Houston zoo why oh you're right but as deal where everyone there says Houston mayor learned to Merlin Merle ME RL you like Merle you know Merle land. The Merlin. Tomorrow Merlin Merle. You might known as the wizard. Abortion to him as in like a reversed not watch war bush W a RSH war are being ton Mozilla and Baltimore Baltimore both Timor or mobile. Ballmer Ballmer Ballmer Ballmer it's not boys volleyball. Are able Baltimore things like he named himself after the city. And it doesn't it Ballmer expects ten of those guys like on all the announcers they grow again all right your cabinet may be ancient right all you. In hazard to get out. And yen to Afghanistan irons. Little play foreigner cold as ice water that the 1979 pars Ramallah. Comments are requested to stick Fargo Pittsburgh still you know it. We love sticks man army saw him. Luke plays until he saw no one plays like Tommy Shaw the blondes a new number nine ranger who allowed them to. Mention in my question I couldn't believe a certain someone did know blank. You don't really the first band of the guy ever soul. The primitive dorm room nobody is creative he's thanks to a great great big daddy tall broad Clorox when he Teddy got damaged. Hello Patrick welcome to the bedroom. I really don't now as well in order Medicare cards. This story comes from a little. Eric guy or let them back campaigning in theory Mormon guy who lived this through. When give private schools so I have. Any big day ago for about nine months down there getting married this weekend on our. Yeah so we're talking about it we're in and one I think the American would he didn't know how to put a car tomorrow very a generation first makes a lot easier. Could have broken it off your nose off did you think I was there. Now why are present period had no idea how how old how old is it. What we want. One I want welcome IV's abilities never had sex before I don't know what I'm a mom on the Verizon expects that a condom which I don't know the one of those things and yeah I just tried it on to make sure it would fit. There's Arabs yeah I just wanted to say you're sorry guys I didn't know I was like I did wrong unravel I think for somebody who put Obama socket. You know and he impossible the last few question what are your thoughts are that way bounces would undermine those ninja Roland on the nude semi in theory. Did very well but you don't don't put on the suck the worst would put up your car does not like you economic on the you should roll it up. I'm your veteran and a literal about Sox in the little done. Right zero oversight Terrence declared another half hour now and that is that what it comes to get into the front of a compromise them you know what you do he stuck right it's just. And a morsel did you explain to a lot of how to put on on a level of I had that I didn't excel. All of those who thought this gather around one of ascetic fun and and are all it coroner has always a guy like that the guy you expected to have the compliment Lance got a gun of oh and it was that the guy you'd expect that you know exactly at the coaches do we know that person here by the deaths by the as a as a compliment pocket. Yes I know whom I'm okay. I'm like I'm not I'm gonna write those down if we needed economy right now. At 20 yeah good call right you don't call there thank good call man you could find I was I did my job I'm there we got to that. A guy and I'm very enough. I think it's gonna from the guy in eleventh. There are gathered here and there and I do the following what laden. Stern is getting married this weekend then. Or fully fit that he would. But also what you don't meant good for you do look. Good for you explain until my obviously no one ever had before so is embarrassing that is probably less embarrassing with a group friends doing it than anybody else. And you wanna make his stake in doing it wrong. Oh yeah. Get marriage or my guard duty and have stirred up this town works in a part of the reason to get married. Well not just of snow on the ground now let's the only reason is that par then it what are. It ain't poor woman just to stop using it got out of debt Ed madness and a break on your tax hit a bad rap that's at the moment I told order of the compound you know carry around. A tired give borrowers like you gotta get married at the back no nuclear threat constantly that need to tax break. Miserable I question I cannot believe a certain someone that did not snow blank you know what in this guys case maybe he drives you see it's crazy but Stanford's a devout Mormon guy goes to a private school saves himself from matters reasonably speaking. That would be the adult body be shocked right now but without question is just. Who don't currently I would map the one was poignantly dude. No no no man. There's a demand for your practice and gotten to them and rightfully idea just out of I'm not gonna tell you the practice nominate the idea of not evening told about sex maybe being told about sex but not then being told a practice safe sex chore. As the problem. Because of your right there in that and that world anyway muzzle cover at all just covered this is that it don't matter but you know the argument towards Antoine. Due to abusive situation of such let. The more that these are the I understood would say such laws I had success and you know and I didn't do. Have sex well the it's not like just because I know how to believe you put McConnell and the women were chasing down so I don't work like that now about well just like anything I wish you work like that I thought it was gonna work like that are like at the end of the 6 o'clock. I'm an order undone and somehow I'm the reek of confidence. But it doesn't happen it's like on the front page you can take a shower man you can put on your best stuff you can go out for him to you do go to four different places like yourself. Still open on anything managers looking your best that your best everything back issues got money your Roland. Nothing moon man but you look like ass the next day hung over like walk into a Taco Bell next thing you know like you're not subject and you know you're currently is my number right exactly and that's where you that's where you find what you're looking for not at night you had three self. The two Luke. I gave the flu threat yeah there have all the way it happens at a remote that time it's never when you're like out looking for it seems to just kind of happened. That's the thing in my nose is a bit of good news CNET and you're young it's the same with sex and you either known that you're gonna plan it out. You both of your boyfriend girlfriend or whatever you decide it is going to be moment or. Here's some random party or some crap or whatever they are on medication error on out of town you just happen again late in. Most people just don't walk around with a condom all of at all times at the age of sixteen years old 1718 years old. You just don't have an on what age did you start Tehran quote unquote yet. Lucky got them all in the phase were we thought like OK all right to do I go to the bar and went home got them alone are on Seattle. At that age I was like 1718 people like Eddie got to use condoms on the court bringing with me everywhere Aaliyah and my thing I reckless acts like my twenties but I I'm I don't know go to become more Indian bit to accurately. You don't need to put your seatbelt on that you don't plan on driving anywhere when I was sixteen manna I have put my condoms because got a car up about condoms and in my front seat because I did not want parents to know what the hell's going on. David David don't have a drastic like call her parents and tell them which they did but the site comes of that did the problem that is the car man. You don't realize what he does to a condom and I used to buy these comments called lifestyle. Yeah and I think they were real sheep's intestines where you can only hope with a one there did you like to look for long are those you know like when they run down all the crap that's on the back of the you know the end of the uniforms in a commercial flight to lose an oval will move the good thing that ever says McConnell boxes stay out of heat yeah like yeah sure that these things don't get hot and I never really paid attention to that. So I put him under my seat and Africa my condoms and that's okay in the winter months and everything and really thought of it and then during the summer. A look down your major condoms were along you know I had well you sink on his bottom restock I thought I'd go to our logo are blocked slow I don't know if I go to I took the recycling bin and one vote. But yeah I'm sorry about the book all yeah eighties hair from classic go low one out and gently used on your kids have some god. Know that I Alex cracks opened up its allies. I look down this one point time's summer it was just done under on the base our noses in everything else nothing was everything is and the rest was golf. And I'm like oh god the rest is gone. The rest this could garner and and fish that I didn't personally object and hence they sent out but I think yeah I had to be blunt as well hey it's. In only one I kind of look you have regulation and made an attempt like Houdini the disappearance but I don't you're. Yeah he's still a I don't want to be able to give the in a got to go and liquid gel and get them and it's. It becomes so I'm sexy as that moment I was the Madonna's most beautiful sexy thing on this earth in my opinion. In that mode it is like this horrid monsters staring Hewlett. I don't want anything to do if you late this right now man you know me well it's yeah we have an agreement on. I'll circumstances that we hang how and when it's not that you're very strange looking thing. And I don't wanna be around you would you know the ability arousal stuff you all also we are best out of the book for you put. But right now like now you're just is crazy looking thing that I have to deal with and away I'd really rather him in this on how section it. Well because our president stopped his dub like base that was just gonna switch we're doing there and then a guy got shot. A guy. You know I'm likely to get ribeiro Heidi sedate you wanna get up all the pieces gathered. Bullies like a fire and gaga you completely you know I mean you'd put the oil spill really supposed to. I mention in my question I cannot believe a certain someone did not know blank. We'll take a quick break and come back when your calls you're listening to the men's or Obama mentor radio network. With smiles and so. What you don't need to know is going up. When you look at it there's no need our Reza Mike wasn't today I cannot believe a certain someone did not know blank is we have a list of the most commonly misspelled words and each and every state thanks to Google. They use their technology there to figure out which state had the most unusual words. In New Hampshire people have trouble spelling diarrhea. DIA. AR RHU. And that is correct I am that's not an easy word to spell on me having to go through but remember again if you have a condition. You're not throw these things I think are remembered stuff more like it's. Some people think it's funny but it's really hot running dye your re it's possible. I area. You can tell about the smell you eight billion will die I don't really walking downtown and leave the trailer brown I don't really hello I don't re. Effusive and running has some people think it's Funny or Die every year apartment complex question I cannot believe a certain someone did not know black. Hello Eric welcome to the men's room. Boo our mutual oh wow. I don't marriage. It has been known we're down now know. Are reviewed for unemployment. McDonald wanted to get well I got burned pretty bad few weeks ago. How so or we don't. No words in a prompter radiator cap off one or pieces of equipment finish out of that new life. I guess stricken volcano burned about half where the body might basing. My arms so that happened about a month ago. Right before me and my girlfriend. One year anniversary. You know he's very own version they don't. There are no I mean you have to her barter it you're in all of us so we're in our own. We all came back through surgery on skin graft surgery and really take in the skin from. It could operate side which and we're. They clearly undermined by SharePoint merit my so good. Here bison looks like but. It's you know I doubt that are gonna have when you're biceps and I. I don't know maybe I'd primitive no mud there is. Well how does sound board if they take a graft skin from Harry area right so. Do those hair follicles Dario oral you've got hairy as easily and have Harry biceps. Well I guess what the doctor explaining news that they don't go deep enough to get the follicle lit it's great the top layer of the demos are. And I you don't get better than I thought it would have been pretty cool you know he's there's a what are you doing man are you are you the point can you put on clothing they have you wrapped up in cellophane like what to do all yeah I'm not a done we're out Gotham independent news. Incorrect I rule we will find now looks what does this dumb thing a certain someone that knows all hang on orders for just a second banana seat angle on that way and I. I don't think we are now really don't matter to defend our homeland are hundreds of empire. Movies. And their black lesson I cannot believe a certain someone that did not know blank. The shenanigans continue on the mend. Radio network.