05-31-17 Seg 2 Mens Room needs a lesson

Wednesday, May 31st

Mens Room Blank Question: I couldn't believe that a certain someone didn't know _______


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This is dumb men's room. You are listening to its real. Likewise I now believe turn someone did not. In the black quarterback Derek here this is the members of the the show that maybe concerned Erica I should use not be going dear doctor deployment or you'll get a directives. No I'm OK don't know prior government way that's all right I don't currently no idea we don't want you to mrs. thing now what are they gonna do today. Leonardo wrapped me in. Tell me come back and actually quite ill and you know do you look like a money. I did go back recruiter for awhile. Okay so those like openings or you can see your eyes how bad was your face burned. I looked ugly but it was not any move out of the ordinary he. No longer the new work so hard and are not as good an okay one of the better visibility only. There's you can get it this qanooni this matter. I guess I'll be OK and I get burned out did you refine it. If I was the worst and will continue scenario play what was the hardest thing obviously not taken a bath seat. I would be in love with what's the the most difficult thing yet to do day today. Get the boredom you know get them all right Gary can't work and I can't do much and then if they're doing a whole lot of very active in this dinner around now playing. When mr. mom is just driving America. Did anyone who did. This get annoyed that it wasn't gonna sunburned you're already. A lab is an aloe on the ground. No there was one gallon based birds seen this year. He had a little cut on her finger burn notice your burger self wanna. Well a bribe payers are not alone eating in the united earlier picture him in my full body air at feel so bad period though. Hold no false then and now he's. Heard so yeah. I'll tell you don't draw I do and I turned down a coral query remember how are you really think your kids they are you just you know yeah well I without regard to influence they need to know how to balance Obama let it if you don't brutal look your body Naomi kids still active in the rabbit. Am like you don't you're feeding in the got a bottle up and grab a holier Armitage and you're you're around him criticism. If that's been all right it's it's it's very easy to serve. There live from their grab them and don't furlongs down some pretty quick. The other battery ledger did your penis making it through unscathed. It did in round one of the first organized and you AJ said what a man and I cannot believe they have if there was anything below the belt let them know that god. OK so do you have enough down there or if they need to take a skin graft that possibly go ahead if you use your fetus. Are you know I think that down the fairway from their bread and live out there are sort of. He's OK that's enough it be convenient to not be circumcised in this situation resume over an assailant and here I. I look I'm an adult the united circumcised and I did get burned brand new I needed the extra skin bu no I mean right there on reserve right round left it. Friends and I know like I wouldn't want to get Robert horse you know I started so well. I play no matter how I went through. All these lower if you arms jets face and they say look man we just need one less bad guys before skimpy Gloria you know he's still say. You know all manly stretch it out so would look like chicken skin you don't mean it look like regular kid would look like you know like a chicken thigh or something. And we do and being hairy ear I I hope not announced an at large and it's. If if if if if there's anyone out there has inherited. There's no way all right I mean there's a lot around it for a lot of missile but not yet not on it okay so vital air we'll look at would you would would you as a that you could not believe a certain someone didn't know we haven't got there were still on. Right there when this is tied in third colonel you ever thought Omar Von ironies Donald once you got married so I can't believe that turned someone. And tell me. Dad hi Kim. Can figure out how it's knowing that they had heard these per year. Well I know you roll all so familiar you'll burn did you ever heard on Laura and I know well we know that lets you got it. Uno and you know I know they're. They're taking a marathon Papa everything else charred aren't sure and you know let's it's I've got to there's got to brought you I don't know why does this is nothing got to say how soon can you gonna be used to this campaign is gonna bother I nearly as much air and on the burned dead I think adapt baton. All over me well would that be funny though if you did get that you accused assume you did have the forced an OK and we have a -- break out of would have put on your forehead yeah. Are you guys have the common you don't mean you're out there and turn this transfer out month by sir but I do first medal but it's advice ever since he's from. I sat her previous there. Something we've run out of it it is daughters and can you imagine if he'd been named after Crispin Glover. There's no ma'am I said perfect. I have to tell people get nervous I yeah I went through letters and that's from what I understand is the is a common grace the standard rule Reitman and his legacy agreed upon circumstantial. It's all it's it's not good. It's not it's not usage guy OK for example. If you go ultimately our first day I in Gaza vital way I've got herpes. Maybe they don't want to have sex with maybe you know like he just he can throw out that don't know sort out their solar wind is the only appropriate time to throw it out. Right before it seems like a call menace might be on right you ended up playing time right before the good stuff. Right before all the fun out of it then you have to have like they. And you know if you're gonna relationships can like this. Can we have to talk and and you right. It's. What I got to have a talk about is that merely a sit down like a second I think I that's Rihanna talk you have to have this you decide to come rule talking and then. That kind of doesn't make things sexier. That of course so I don't know in Israel in the end if you you should note that debt very herpes now if somebody else does not know anything about herpes in they've never been to some new had a or they just you know like hopefully they don't know anything about it because they're the rubicon that with a you would need to although there are moving about I don't know this cool letters were like you're lucky when I'm saying is. You need to explain I parameters you know someone who doesn't know the disease and what's what's true what's not and not the result guaranteed because that's not true there is nothing section of the night out brought about thanks for real quick release going to you know if you have an hour ago herpes right exactly yeah yeah. Now what's gonna give you this food. You need to do everything in your possible world not to get food poisoning now we have brought chicken drop pork or all of this brawl that. Go ahead can you just have the herpes conversational way they do these. Late night medication so like invent whatever fake ass disease you've got written that they have the pill. And and a one minute and fifteen seconds our way. Have you or Phil said Everett alive through your current hey take this pill initial human riding a bike on the beach and playing with a dog right. And then the last 45 seconds of commercial all the things that potentially can go wrong if you domino to tame the Steve meanwhile poison a rabbit doesn't in the first place for it so. And they eagle eagle hole that's good you got to do that way K when you lay to have sex with me every judgment the low occurrence of side effects including a burning itching sensation occasional outbreak of red pumps right so saying what I. I think the sweated over miserable I question I cannot believe a certain someone did know black. I. Yeah I'm way you know having such a thing will be wonderful book the Rizzo look herds of side effects of did you testicles from the crabs that are recently got rid of 50% of the time parachute doesn't open what's happened yet. Hello Mac to welcome to the men's room. All I blew it. Sorry I could not believe support me that this that the federal dire work where. Didn't know that Norton saw Korea or now like Norton's optical. What is there were two states or something like that it was good riddance when it very well end. He just assumed that they were just report to the scene and you understand what acquire these aren't new Lola are ordered to resort north don't go there's not a big deal. There's they like North Carolina South Carolina welcomes yeah I can do fans think there are internationally you think there's gonna be you do you think the people you know for from Mexico like Hilliard New Mexico. The New Mexico but I know what is about and boxing will play the Cubans or Puerto Ricans and Mexicans are this is. This is their things on my box the intensity is a lot different from that Arnold beefed about but I know the guy. And get it that's for sure he directly vote in north and South Dakota. I'm sure nasty but here's the thing. Like they would get what third jabs at each other about and they might find it funny they might find it insulting I give filmed Russell possible. What are you talking about from north and South Korea and different. When you different and people always you always beef with like the border. Right you have yesterday. I'd never DC nice thing about project ever I primarily I don't really talk that well Virginia. No noted a far cry because we've been to Virginia to be fair we've been well yeah I just say it like to look at Ohio and Michigan like generally when you border each other for something that you're only issue is border to lose another thing to inflate. One know the door neighbors who we must hate each and I don't think I give them total before Canada and went on the error but you're like. Yeah then there's nothing really does likable and hopefully just seemed all right. It just to get Sewell Paul Kelly you know Canada is one of those things where and I guess can't against. I guess most Canadians know this but there has been a certain period of time in and modern American history where if you traveled abroad you were Canadian. And I don't know if they'll realize that everybody is Canadian a lot of the times depending on where you are depending on the conversation that you wanna have a few because let's face it. There's a lot of questions about. Being from the Nazis America sometimes when you're on vacation you don't wanna have to answer questions about things that your you know not able to really. You just don't want to talk about that kind of stuff we've tracked understands politics of this and that applies to the U. Doesn't apply to mob like it. I'm cigar you know I'm I don't amenities are MM from state to let cool they feel for. You know maybe later Jaycee was born I'm an outsider a Canadian on the restaurant bill. I'm going to that probably wouldn't Mexico Brad you might like yeah they're gonna make your life if Al Amara because I'm not like anywhere ago so it doesn't really matter. And I don't say no no cumulative. A coming out of clearly a part of our travel also probably do that ours is strong this place you felt force. England and really god damn I mean like an hour and a water was Lama Northern England came. And everyone in Northern England the men and a little bigger than myself five foot nothing OK so I in this massive. Black giant walking to a tiny little hub attack on my kid man they felt a little that I. We title how did you editorial that did it well exactly these alleys and stuff that they walk through right but but there bit ago. Our roots. A solid silly now delayed five and a half he told JR told could not commands are more like crouched over to wolf the other city left the front door to build things that. It's teeny tiny there seeds it's like if you Virginia elementary school in new to go to Maria parent teacher council of the medical at all at their desk. No do today there are fascinated first quarter. You'll boxer. A lot of times that's a yen are the really depended on the look at the person massacre but they your profession boxing they will not with you what's the word no one room or they will challenge you for the job. And that's why you debate I want to go to every ethnic that is exactly how you Jews and but the other dispensing them I was a bank now in chillier than Iceland. Oh you get negative or no I salute to Iceland I mean I from the middle of the summit. We don't like black people would like you to your enemy here when there's not a good thing we don't just an airport you need to go wrong island market. Hundreds globalize its plan to get to sit at a dumb guy and I think that didn't. I cannot believe a certain someone did not know black we've got more your phone calls on the way you are listening to the man drove on the men's or radio network. Your life lessons I can believe they turn someone did not know blank. Google has put to get our medal award. Every state as most trouble spelling based on the numbers of searches for how to spell that word and all of its possible ms. spellings. Here are a few of the highlights a few states have nothing to be ashamed of like the great state of West Virginia and connect it gets. How they're word is super calloused fragile this thick XP valid oceans no one always and they should be a little ashamed is because they care. Is that really a word now. And on that hello the other thing and out of the sound of music right McCallum graduate Lizzie gave me that aunt and an honest I'm not an atomic at a track he can use it in a sense of the missing so. Right what do the I mean this guy Rosenberg go fragile loot depicts the islanders uses that thousand party last night. There and it was Seubert count fragile let's say as react on the notion posited on also the name of an outcast now. That is. Oh they just have one with close to it all Hussein's body Heidi what Iran and that outlook oh yeah yeah. Yeah other states that good old a legitimately tricky word include Michigan the Washington Alabama and main. All of which had trouble spelling the word pneumonia who had. Pete and now. Emma oh and I missed about one letter parent. EU follow in I hey. Another bad ones people in New Mexico somehow had the mellow stuff trouble spelling the word it. But now and now who dare try the word banana bread down belt how far out an anti and a bonanza at night. You're gonna sing a song for sale has already clinched a financing rank and as an amateur yes he has been mayor of the day and and they are paying. Coach. That I us. And NB eight in eight and Andy I don't know in Ohio New York Minnesota California had trouble spelling the word beautiful. Boot from the early ER go into. Hot I only go to that it's not the way it should be noted that he is the way busy with. And he did you beat me. Teach. I am happy. VE AUT I ask you that is correct in New Jersey. The word that they have the most trouble spell. Is twelve. As in the number. C'mon man twelfth and if I get it they're so I won more than eleven. Well you think they'd be able astrologer TV WE LBE. Twelve Christ almighty for the most embarrassing is a tie between South Dakota where the most commonly misspelled word is college. Call them ironic I gotta tell the girl culture and Wisconsin were the most commonly misspelled word is in fact was cancer. Our guys are miserable lifestyle I cannot believe a certain someone that did not know blank we're talking early ready guy who called he needs his skin graft he suffered all these extensive burns right so. We just got to the idea of it'll do get a skin graft from a police under body of the Terry would hair still grow he had to know they don't dig deep enough. But anyway we joked about hair under pianist relate there's like nobody actually as Haram pledges. To me that's ridiculous and and I truly believe that communication but no miles. This is not true they're coming out of the woodwork and I've about nine random hairs that grow much after I called the mighty lucky. Beats a call we continue a horrible small amount of hair there grows about a third of the way up my lieutenant but the bottom side. Girls are girls on the bottom side some businessmen is canceling of as the Jersey chin strap. And and finally all the agents. Wilson to assure her comments about your penises well I have a very pianist barrels about halfway up mode once I have a MySpace but don't quote went into law and I distribute periodically okay. Over is not a single ladies are meant similar question I cannot believe a certain someone did not know black and floods or modified plan. Hello Jessie eco welcome to the men's room. Oh wow oh loves. Us and how to guide are well how are you. Doing fantastic engine I don't tell basically out of Barack. Three lying here about seventeen years they're now my best friend. We are middle school early Asian middle school in he had just started her track record you know monthly cycle. And I. You can really know on how to use the feminine product humiliating and very how they aren't haven't applicator airing your supposed to gift card back down. Well seen in your own brand. Think and didn't know that you're supposed to take applicator part Alley you're telling me how comfortable let you know overall in a lake you know it. If they continued picketed liner no it's kind of hurting them break old and you told me break you know. DL they can no I don't know how that can push unit having an older you know I wondered. Mr. not the kind. And it had to explain to her how you're supposed easy Spain there was a month I mean and and this is not there understand where was the mother. I am unfortunately at her parents her you know they had been kind of issue isn't there on the kind of wake arteries are Clinton's okay yeah I wasn't really. Internet and that's a lot of reasons why would you had to placate a sex Ed class and and health expert committee and explain all these things like ought to put on a condiments. And trust me we were not privy to it doubling time. The female end of adminstration they actually broke us apart in different areas and let's see how this looks so comfortable that question what they'll. Called us out bobbled around them and so I was at that age everything's awkward but what are we talking about Aaron Mubarak where you're already paying lower layer where an. Well he's almost condoms in Tampa on them you're not saying oh we don't read directions for and see if I don't think the time I had sex and hang on one segment on Zardari is as this thing right wrist slap and a man who and you think a guy res directions of a guy had menstrual cycle that all of us would do this wrong anonymous wouldn't rent her a ticket out of a lot of good cardboard. That's a natural cycles through and have a show. Hilton so well every week of shows we did really exist yeah. I am now they just allow assailant entered the village women will start to cycle together so some plot. No sooner they were ahead our bedroom and how dumb it down I got I Annan surrounded dog even same thing from my god it's all a I don't know. Female adult female dog they have a cycle yeah what I'm sanity and look I'm Iran I'm surrounded at every time I go to just take the trash out of each of the individual bathrooms it never fails to get two daughters and I. I mean password again it's like there's never a moment. Where I am not picking something off voodoo the network at all. If you never Omega to to the trash like. The little paper things that go on the wings look like it's always has always and elements of the pad or something something big decent leave of the Tampa on nearly two rapper you know like we could do it fund targets you know our. It's like it's like it's somewhere hanging out anywhere other than the travel literature I'm constantly surrounded by adminstration. And I played it isn't like a law that you cannot throw all of these things you relate most of them out this with a horrible thought but Arnold's got to admire my idea my daughter. Cutter should face Boston opened it does look like a brother and a kicker in the face the plan around but she got a bloody nose about time she turned around. It's flying out of phase and she's crying images or information only six and a half but the thought I can't and I know this is set his. Thank god it's completely Memphis like that is Arnold who went through mama Lee thank god it's your face I'm uncomfortable discount escalation. Are miserable I question I cannot believe a certain someone that did not know blank. Well that I'm sorry in the I think that to hurt yes the thought I had because I mean she was very sick if one really hurt. But she freaked out because there was a lot of blood and in Myanmar and while she's great site and running poorly. And I know this is bad but there's no way I'm alone in this as a father just the thought in my head thing die and that this emergency been involved this much blood is her fate. Yeah I said the true man quite anger that you don't wait another couple years there. Carol Mac tip mount bachelor supports kind of match seemed fitting from. I had a buddy and he was having using a senior high school he's gonna have sex this girl for the first time. Right use every sector for Somerset for this girl for the first it was her first time I OK so they're not really they really easy into it she's kind of practice. Record so early in the cold right. So then there's some. Now there's glut and they freak out because he'd ever really knows what's going on short late pop in the shower. Which you know if you have something green it looks like it's profusely we paglia. In the shower right those are very bright and her brother is one of the biggest due to my high Solomon and mean. But he just beat people up for fun. So he freaks out so bad used to call his sister Buick you come over and help us at this party. Is it you know was going off and then she had a sister was like he just kind of. Right yes or no down slowly count everyday lives wrecked at. Let those after the whole academy shot our don't know this matter at all to respect no not immediately go oh my god who they're mad as leader of men. I was just happened yesterday as far as you can believe someone there are certain someone didn't know blanket a flat earth or. Confronted a NASA worker was called proof that the world is flat well god I sat in the past cavaliers YouTube channels and filling up with the idea of the flat earth theory may become more. Common and believe in and others group out there are known as the flat earth there's isn't true unmovic and or vote. Two weeks ago. An American basketball star came out and admitted that he thought the earth was flat other players in certain to join and and retiree Irving said in a podcast this is not even a conspiracy. The earth is flat on telling you it's right in front of our faces they lied us. This week a prominent online flat earth are named Nathan Thompson founder of the official flat earth and globe discussion. Finally confronted and asked employed uninsured in waiting a long time for that. Yet that's just what he wants hey I've organ part of the day let's talk to an idiot he said on his YouTube channel I'm here with a real mass employee a legit. NASA and Bloomberg wants. He then immediately bus up proof of the year this flats and ancients. An incident where an Italian astronauts Helmand. I guess filled with water and space walk yet Yale's earlier and Thompson said and I asked him I said the astronauts have almost died in space. They get water in their suits and they almost round and he said it was because of saliva. This guy right here hang on I would away from the get to the front line and then when asked who's more questions. The president is then trumpeted by flatter birthers as proof that NASA missions aren't in space at all but in fact. It was simply a water filter failure in the suit. And may even entertain. Guests that I think that's a news pentagon had so here well to GAAP okay aren't like that. At some point when it's a grown adult like it did not kid anymore I no longer feel compelled us to explain things you know I mean like kids again that you need to know. I don't what you grow to be as dumb as this guy's saga. An astronaut but like look. A problematic guidance you know you got us now sadly. They gave an in depth explanation to this. Why won't we don't know that it knows that if it didn't satisfy it. You can't give an in depth. Explanation to someone who is more now you can talk a long time but. In depth there's an impossibility they don't have the comprehension to get some basic stuff. I mean you can't do much I can't really in depth conversation might give about biology because 95%. What I tell. They're not going to get so they're not Smart enough yet. They unleashed a breath until they tell the guy all the things that he's he's asking about and he still doesn't believe and so than that it goes. It continues he says. Look he was all nice and ask and I he was all nice but I believe them he gave me NASA cartoon of African emblems and now we will talk to me at all. You're not the boss of me bro OK I'll leave because you asked me to that's fine but NASA's fraud bro they lie about everything. So basically he claims now that NASA employees of stop talking to on the that is proof. That there is in fact cover up because like we've had enough of it. We don't want to explain his name are now they all talked Allegheny basically said that is a reason for the straight can you know an elected public take them downtown. And her two particular streetcar downtown were all of the crazy people go. On this particular act guarantees so there's a notorious vigilant and for whatever reason she's very. Very very angry at the patent and every day manhunt. He makes it her business and try to catch these sons of bitches and smash them and other and the pigeons even though from the Deborah Wadsworth the flyweight she never which is always likely that I want you. To go talk to her okay. And listen to what her theories of what part of why she's there question peels away about pit mine Libby says that after she gives you. That explanation you won't want to talk super. Death it's the same thing you realize you're talking to a lunatics is yeah. RA did well do I mean. Maritime disasters was explained to. But we explained it here an explanation ever changes because the explanation is what the explanation and you give asking different questions conflict. But the explanation. Is whether that you cannot wrap your head around that that is okay but believe it alone answer it doesn't change because answer doesn't change. Stupid people are just often stupid yeah I was trying to explain how did you have a pivotal role is out of the Chinese legacy and it was back to the point retirement Jessica Simpson being on the Ellen show yes. Our rights and she just said some really dumb stuff but she's just really don't and she's just but here's the thing about what's okay here's and I just the Simpson it would not surprise me if she got like an alien calculus or something and it took advanced placement calculus and I would be very surprised but I don't think of that transfers over to her social ability to communicate. Like maybe she smarts and maybe she's dumb as a box rocks on everything I don't know what subject in school but then and so distant schools he said all right Jessica Simpson. What was her best rated about her worst about to a you do distort dark arts in English and spelling spelling. I she just doesn't know stuff. But I would miles I bet she defiance I think math I think things that maybe that they could be computed. Because of the police coming into a theory whether that's geology or geometry here statistics or whatever and you're telling me on terror I think that you can put them into a theory and I support G I sell over another there's a fear that there's an article at the very real possibility you read this an issue question about what he could result school as kids. Read this when I ask you exactly what you do well and I think she can do bad because just remember lyrics and stuff right so. We know she can re we know she can see things and retain them enough to build saying I. But I act anything that's remotely theoretical yes I'm Sanders no chance she did well late burst out you saw a plus me equals C. That is that is currently have no that's her blatant and importantly I would I would always go the way the world works the way we we work DC this stuff on television like. Miss USA pageant was awakened yet. I seventy flipped through it miss USA they're down the top five tennis gonna take judiciary is certain the flood last year. You go you like you got a team in this thing DC in a window. But they do that final question of like you know like. If you could save all the hungry kids in Haiti will lead to an electron. Because you never know though is going to be it's it's just you know. And then you kind of learn a little bit about someone's ability to BS and eligibility thing in the top of the fee but what OK what what crap are you dispute could satisfy these people you know like right when you're not telling the truth resonate with yeah right but now the challenge I would hire a couple Seahawks gonna build homes well okay. I know when a bit literally bit with the jeweler in like. If for whatever reason I can remember is it was a criminal activity involved a we're basically talking about that woman. Who was all of you as a model or whatever Playboy model. And she took the picture of the 75 year old woman that you Playboy yet clearly and and put that up on FaceBook or whatever basically shame this woman for big for her body being naked in her agent or whatever else used those stupid but. You can't get the idea like you do know dumb people and like we would Ryan Lochte got him. Trouble and wherever Brazil's. I just knew that like if I'm his attorney and when I judge lets everybody Sears seriously. This kid's been in a pool since he's 56 years. He never went to school he's been a championship athlete his entire life at every age. Ranged he's gone through the best swimmer he's never studied anything. He is the dumbest human being on the planet and there. When you look through my client's eyes you'll see past his brain in through the back of his head just like he does when he looks in the mayor. Please Ron if it's a big deal in fact overly sensitive personal what you look I just think he's never seen his own face I'm telling you right now like. He'd in many knitting means well he doesn't mean well he's just dumb my client is dumb your honor just to give an example. Yeah no he's in Brazil he could you. Together we turbulence is out of you know I only did he actually got his. Front and backside all lacked the cleaned up if we thought it was about. Mr. blank question I can believe a certain someone did not no blank we'll take a quick break and combative warrior calls euros into the bedroom and amends or radio network. Did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. Most on misspelled words in the great state of South Carolina. Also in Arkansas Chihuahua. You guys spelled Chihuahua at CH. IA. HUAE 828. That is correct and car. Yours wanted to ball. Never know I would never want I don't know if something if I'm interested and I do not like a disease theory like and you only know how to save the disease if you haven't given the Chihuahua in Mexico. I all of a few Americans that large Mexico you vigil while I have not been too long while but I'm new into law just because. They named dog after you think they know that's the dog they picked the name after the state got beat this like really bad dogmatic think they're meaning. Two hours yeah I don't become a symbol soc and yeah but I had to brutal wreck you know where murdered our rights this is gonna be tough this is talking. State of Delaware the word is hallelujah. How elude. Like Leonard Cole how Louis H a LL. Yeah L loses. Yeah your teeth any features almighty god does wrote yes our. Yet I don't know how on the right now go back all you're blessed are you ask your ask the U they're regularly around you feel that would fabulous food. Our men's room blank question I cannot believe a certain someone did know blank if you would have us believe that's right either of those present hello Larkin welcome to the bedroom. Love it so why. Now I have a friend who is now 23 years old he has heard Matt bachelor's degrees. And directly and that she didn't know you could indicate without going to the storm buying a Bachmann. Didn't realize that might be box mix is. Did you have a day every hour or better. Could not long. Yeah so does she think that. Like people to get wedding cake to be able to get these really expensive case of do I mean did she think that like a baker. Got a bunch of Betty Crocker boxes don't them to a big bowl and just made a giant take. I don't know man I think must of got there at like some magical ingredient. But you have to work in a bacterium got to have access do you know generally loves Rafa do so do you baked can you bake a cake from scratch. Yes I am quite the baker okay see you're quite the baker now what do you think when you go. All right because I've attempted to vacate before and obviously not a very good baker so it's not that successful but I will say this. Whenever I've gone to the grocery store and and to the deli bakery and just picked up that basic sheet cake that they have this delicious so moist is so delicious it's like. No it really legally. I go to the the cupcakes specialty stores include big you know all right that's fired but just the ones they have for the season like with the sprinkles on amendments Valentine to get the Pawtucket. Those are fantastic. Like so. Can you make a cake that tastes like that or is that like the antichrist of year. Wanting to make a case experience thank you to meet that is so moist and delicious you know. You know I'm sure I couldn't. I think the reason though there so moist and delicious that could that you a lot of play. Shortening an oil based yeah that's why it's I don't know if you put that in your you'll you'll put that in your cake don't I mean I cut I don't. I don't make a lot of regular take any cheesecake that's my all I know are all right all with a what is your cheesecake specialty friend. I my favorite that I made in the pumpkin cheesecake that are made around Thanksgiving I made eggnog to eat cake for Christmas. Yeah. Get on any order but it's over for dinner so that I my teacher she's here that's not a euphemism I mean specifically your actual cheesecake. You know I'll offer to make united one currently. I know I'm not a crazy person you guys don't know. I'll try those two days it'll do what they're doing heroin the limit it to outlets Friday it's commenced a euphemism entities here to snicker doodle I. Well how black art and threw wide to media or go he's. I could make artist it is they're okay he stands little girl may get Orioles unity and then I'll have Pete you can make I. I can make without Steve had a direct. I licensees get I want differing get a bachelor's degree in. The psychology of Jesus overall they're always shocked everybody didn't wow she analyzed everything you say break it down. I'm not really known your face but you know she does. How do you not I mean here's a driver's side I was like minor and I nude people I'm not talking about. This is true if I go out of town and I turn on the radio I cannot help. But instantly scrutinize it not because you're trying to be that guy but all this as my passion that is my profession toward Europe of people go to UK he can't help. But kind of get down about stuff or say wow that was really good right into fuel like a movie critic in you go to the movies and the date. I'm sure you want to annoy your date. Because you can't just say would you like to look you're not you're gonna break it down so they get to your friend adds that the everything you say he's breaking down his forgot what's wrong with my wife hates it that drew in the radio from. My baby I'm not we're inside a forty minute for your eyes and had a happy back act this is a forty minutes not 38 minutes forty million human in Iraq I mean don't you feel good. Forty minute for your hate the planes Steve you mentioned in my question I couldn't believe a certain someone there's no blood shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.