05-31-17 Seg 3 Mens Room licks it

Wednesday, May 31st

Emails, Who Sucks less is back! What You Don't Need to Know asks "Would You lick It?" Plus the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. He's thrilled my. Miles and. Those fans are still inside. A forty minute free or debris were born after Iraq War there. How could you be happy via so. Some believe editing Darlington tire and whether you're exactly this is US regenerate and they are I don't know when you're ten and Aerospatiale. I don't know this is a forty minute free ride on my ten mineral station to station where. The Q means variety in a plane all the happy from the 80s90s and today and you should be very proud if earlier and they and they do a forty minute for a cause that's a program director of waves thing. I'd really rather you don't speak to people who could cut a check in spite of this being your job we are going to load the mobile music is frankly. Every time you openly and speak to be. It irritates me your show and I hired you so what I'm gonna do is just play is what we do that possibly can't look. Every time he atop your friends only maybe just know yes tacos now been along time ago it was always two for Tuesday mean. It's chilly it is here right now on Madison Wisconsin this station. Men's or implied question I could not believe a certain someone did know black hello Shane welcome to the men's room. We're yeah. So doctor my wife put the Braves to a couple years ago this didn't Eli. Air and outsourcing article are why the. The animals when new related lives and try to avoid what I want them call and you know we know you're thread about animals when you do not see a major normal oh you live but. Not today they do it all wrong you need to take the lights and wrapped them around the elephant in the giraffe like you know and I wrapped the lights around his neck. Now that's excited the last two times I've been to a zoo were for lights but the army put on the animals like put among the zebra and others like animals. Light it with. Polite Amelie layers like birds that fly and stuff but there may satellites that looks like a bird's run across this guy must say drinking our go to him blue in the life and go to the zoo is usually if they Campbell yeah. I egos do lights and what happens. So are they don't care right there error an asterisk or it or care or write to look at it like go to idiots. Why it's well because she thinks that's. Caramel we're only in the movies they're not real. I'm sorry check your wife did not how long had you been married to your wife when you found out that she saw the camels were fake. Why do white yeah it's funny or five years I guess I mean obviously Campbell's on come up much encompass we see an easy lay up early on Greenwich Connecticut yeah. I don't know why he got there at the usual as a fighter pilots who feels as dramatic good. I love you wow that's about it they're gonna blow your mind when judge we saw one of these menu foods that you see here exploration would go to the camel. Donna blame for the apartment you went and shocked I don't I think if I saw a uniform for the first time minute and then they realize the asking her around a thug and. Okay they fly you should know that the mega talent that I don't know why your course don't fly how little fly maybe they'll fly courts could fly they really can I could do a lot of gasoline imports have wings. No it's a beautiful well paced and out of almost. Pegasus does have wings right but I pretty sure and all of you know gore of course not all the nut on the native ones summer just normal unicorn wait what are you fury you know corneal Weems and equality something their Jimmie and gore portable form and an improved school literal whatever doubts but. Event Weems is this billion corners that you calling we unicorn to me this is a whole different thing now I'm I've never imagined in my mind of the longhorns could fly Google knows what can imagine you are implying you're gonna in Korea businesses has Wikipedia. When you're in court owing you know what are weighing is a horse with wings like Pegasus in the horn of noncore. This creature has no specific name but in some literature media there's been referred to as. Pagan corn or regular corn are no final line unicorn. I think that's taken corn it's it's as pagan com guide to tiger corn. I got caught or Tyco which is a combination of a Pegasus in the unicorn just the pagan corn but just how about getting unicorn on what the Wii unicorn I got damn weeks on federal read the article in unicorn slot and really good you know Goran you corn ruled outcome wow this is the site many people are considering these magical equine for the first time naturally the mythical nature of the beast leads to many questions such as -- we're not off here -- unicorn slot fair question. Now when I have to find out if they really do fly I'm saying no I mean weaned one short it's African wings bouncing in a regular. Four legged. Single hold uniform OK many people confuse unicorn with the Pegasus I think do the Pegasus has no horns or antlers but it's sports apparel large bird like wings. Hercules Rhode the Pegasus in about let's take. No one of the movie things to take a shift would mean that it was it's unlike clash of the titans kind of stuff. I if they mention Hercules is assumed all of African wing or gonna show. But you know gorge themselves on saying no. As sort of a journey phallic thing on top of its that's great and described as a that's the animals paid nurse described as goats sporting Cingular horns growing out before and it's. Yet you know what there are no historical stories flying in a quick sample your Adam I don't go through our doors are your record know there but they don't let us know I don't flip. I don't wanna get like that man doesn't fly right no he's a mystical thing that he doesn't mean you neither saw my horse my legacy is a flying squirrel muscle squirrel to still score will score the still flap in the wind unicorn that's civilian court. It physical until we change units of casualties a hamburger a cheeseburger or hamburger says she's done but he says they hammered fourteen to go make it easy context as fly and of course we're wrong but I unicorn don't talk don't let this go miles is look at the menu still says birders some have cheese -- don't shoot it delegates separates out the menu for Judy Bershard does say they'll say would squirrels can fly. Flying twice Arafat's article implies court which uniforms heavily flying unicorn we unicorn aside from the occasional mistakes and mix up it's very rare to find flying unicorn is not always this is there yet there rare one I guess that this little daylight the lights on seven and hasn't changed in the 1970s. When fancy artist started put the wings on the you know. OK so they are so think heavy metal there is also his widow the care flyer in the artists and creative license our red wings who had it. Men's room like question now you know I couldn't believe a certain someone didn't know black. Payloads you believe Ted argued in court fly hello Jennifer welcome to the men's room. Hey at all. And I'm. In that hair and my is flat out again. I used to bring anger then for everybody and one of our art and under I'm Michael heard at ER I mean they now. IQ actually it when he and how they get fertilize. That you didn't take the eggs. Can be. No idea but she works in the medical profession. I'll. Break out in little what do you do if it is live more energy and eat these things are was. I don't like he actually and kept our armoire and had a lot. To an act. Is that right nice okay. Does he names any of them that he ends up eating a Philly by given a name you got to lay eggs if your name was like you read them. You got a name like Foster farms. Now I yeah I don't know how I met him a look on court room blue canyon mine buffalo wild I also know. Yeah I like Lebanon would particularly like Tyson buffalo over here driver of the oh right yeah yeah lady and I've gotten I hate this colonel Sanders I hear that the pop idol or care that GT if that's Caribbean jerk. In Lebanon tie. I am and mr. modes and eight in Zain Rosemary if a school Rosemary Ellen Rosen I'm just trying to do the flavors and we have until about Julie my oldest spice it gently if it at act. Well I was ever sort of the flavors of ticket that's heated to exactly America lemon garlic absolutely miserable I question I cannot believe a certain someone did not know blank. Hello Zach welcome to the men's room. There ought our top. With a so. Basically. My group but why it and we lived there for about five years. And then we moved back home and we've been here for about five Beers now. I am belly who is over there. She African Americans. And my little sister at the time overloaded or there are suited our our respect and so we come back we haven't seen no paper you know forefront years whatever and she I was planning a trip to come back so we're talking their opponents dating get on the phone starts harping currency cheap outfit that you only see after. If you really are you still black who are you still blatt. If it. Now it now well it was just a day yeah it'll dole is our group could yeah. Disney and designed minded to run into the zoo before I need is love Zeljko governors and the I don't wanna he had you closed because of that the equipment the equipment that's probably good design that idea. You still black all right all right good on you tell my friends I used to I got a black rather it is still black men have all the youth youth at all do you plan. At the the add those delegates here that could have to prevent Khamenei still black man you out as a window by you at the same job that things to black. Mr. my question I cannot believe this or someone that are unbelievable and the kids eventually I think about it I mean right. Well you don't tiznow mountain Mikey is from school wide Kimberly Taylor. Why are you black you know I don't like we go to the well what do treatments country I was able dark like our no ma'am but in my book. Tomorrow as you some kid that's all the time no way the whole world for Blake beat you don't governor I don't know if we get a bit of American foreign country's what else have you as well little kid you know the way black digital didn't policy about why does Joseph wideout won't little white double. Know what I they're. It just didn't go go to the little kids and a six year old. I don't over did you blacks did and still blacked out whom I'm here to coach basketball team. Not compute you today boy nods Belmont park grandma my parents where and and then their parents were and I and I just don't know my gets. Like I don't know how the wealthy. Well it doesn't really like embarrassing to the plug into black into black. You know you've been out of course and McIntosh is what you know you're not gonna be like forever the good news. Yeah Sunoco a unitary. How are your great. You know contributed to you might turn violent and Internet and she's a good dream and now the bad. I study a lot under would shoot him nobody nobody knows originally going to be senators and you might get in because at that. What do you do that you always go to told you about middle school pool. All to be crazy memory card is seventy might be Asian black president might stay white I don't know. Out of Mona what do you at a minimum time I was other movies and a boom heard a girl who had a growth spurt out of use its via bush changed the but bought stakes will go black suit of the feel more at Morgan Freeman used to be just a little smoother boys why did he was a good feel for David if you look at him. The redheaded Greco John because the that with a retail outlets of Oracle's. Snapdragon reprimand. Goals little more holes where Israel based. Blank question I cannot believe a certain someone who are in trouble like we can get your emails on the way. Promote Israel mad men's or live dot com you're losing to the man drove on the men's or radio network Sebring. Israel with much else. My question I cannot believe that certain someone did not know blanket here come those emails in the men's room mad men's or my back job. Larry Dolan gentlemen don't get me wrong I think my husband is one of the smartest people I know I saw it about did Biden however. I was floored when he told me he thought Alam was a female sheep. At first I thought he was messing with me until I realized that he wasn't the man grew up in the church of goodness sakes. That from the happy lovely baker you volume of god in the church of goodness sakes. That a ban first church of goodness sakes now. All the news is my neighbors adult daughter thought Alaska was an island because when singer US map it's out by Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. Later guys at Comerica PS socket. I guys streaming from globally Alexandria balls junior. I hope you all a little you know little known but you'll almost oil lost oil along the whole bottle into a little while Arnold. Would last an hour halt I don't Belushi who is incredibly small and old school we moguls who is the real details. Do what you have gotten greater problem writing dot pop. Which are fun yes the creator of the restaurant was named international house of pancakes. Keep on rocking them from that. Smoke into Virginia today by the devil goalie we're so yeah there is no different that the bat yep it's it's it's is not exactly how whichever you extreme Elson and Germans are my back on it yeah. All of people homeless well. If you think that greatly Virginia is a big statement from Alexandria is only just a little southern river from defeat in any raw deal with these missiles. Other would you call rabbits over all the local diploma permanent on the launch side column Carl all Karl yeah hundred. UC cobblestone streets no we didn't. It's almost like you lose I thought yeah. You won't want an all you want your hat. Our guys that is my son nineteen and eleven particularly look at say sandwich and now living the window thanks he likes the journals like noise and how bug Steve but his mom said no eternal sex. All right you mom and I think that their that this. They're at. How would you give me a birthday shout out to buy handsome boyfriend age he would love to hear now and taken a little kids they sandwich thanks guys that from Kristol well look go. Guys my brother John just completed as Tony third trip around the sun can gill thing in the birthday song and give him thrill gets. Followed by an Al hitting the window a thanks guys are making the had they more bearable that from drew. Can. Did. Shot PO. Our guys is the birthday shout out to my coworker if I could flip her off to the radio I would but maybe you guys can help by singing Coleen upper announced baby Carolina. The birthday song and talking in German about middle fingers and flipping the bird thanks for being such a great coworker friend to work with that from Ryan pronounced. Why yen. I don't know I'm using my little finger I would use them all of you will do my coo of the road I want to be your Jim Henson and he can. John Middleton does she never know what they and now and in the end I make just flip your book. Does today's my amazing husband Jose's Tony good birthday to celebrate today he would love to hear. Wedding puke and drills saying something in Spanish in a Shannon Sharpe accents. I'm so happy to be able to spend another day in your this wonderful man thank you for being such a great father all children we love you Damien Emma. And Samantha sending that wonderful birthday wish to Jose used to a five so wedding you can something from Shannon Sharpe in Spanish please. And you'll may jumble ill men involved. And does reference our turn Sony's least today she's one of Canada looking to caller one of my best friends did she gets in dirty German doctor helpers celebrate. Thanks guys you rock that from area. Odd jobs a month they are too good to know the Joba China is like a mile road but I concede much since. This derelict in HMO that stands for a hot in the leaky like. Don't live generally I don't. That's how this zone a little liquor then you said the general manager. Urgent mood and neighborhood's young Luger stay tuned would you look at coming up we'll put you don't need to know no proof you guys despite such a big guys on the DA. And my way back for a lives abortion and it's her birthday she's made a request that we email you and give her birthday shout out for her long commute can you give her. Dirty German talk and some turtles thanks happy birthday to cull that from Kendra. God will have breakfast together well you can into my sausage for breakfast in the scrambled my. Job now smashing tackles while hall and saw her opponent up body. All eyes are beautiful Latina thirtieth birthday please never turtle sex without lady you getting in the middle. And maybe a little dirty German thanks Edward Caleb. Let's go to is that bad government team. Yeah and in case you're not feeling well and you have a fee about maybe you have the German measles can be a rectal some momentum. Down after 1000 would do is download them. And the safe powdered sugar. Is this guy you know James is thirtieth he's pretty doesn't guide even though it's a regular dating him I feel he needed something extra in addition the birthday song gonna get some dirty Germans are from thriller and Ted. Glad your shows doing so well Q of the great work guys that from Jen. Yeah I. Shop now teacher back apparent Aaron Paul box. Bush is my boss breast 37 birthday on the front get a big old mongering have been some dirty German talk about how old he has. Hosni guys every day while working construction in the shop thanks guys take it easy then from Ethan at. Are you might begin to old but does know but to age than sixty. And let's be honest she sold didn't need lots of little blue pills could relax. As a receiver Malcolm. Tell us there's our largest oil enjoys he's 42 approach agency is the most amazing mother nurse friend lover than I've ever known could you do favorites they're the birthday czar with a big old LeRoy Jenkins. And here comes the dope pusher. Thanks guys love the show makes dealing with the the law abiding people in this world a whole lot easier that from the deputy chair it's. Movie. Of course the I think the deputy sheriff runs into the dope pusher a lot you think you think and as travel to think out reasonably have been as is infused music happy athletic terrorist or kill Stan good come. Don't tell while more guys who regularly go LeRoy RJ again it is not 53 birthday thanks guys appreciate it and. Got a Lamar came handle wanna miss it I'll look to get a birthday is just amazing husband Jim Gibbons of dirty dirt German talk please you guys rock that from. General Han son. Jobs and we'll tell you who want to be just your wife several smiles in the pistol Whipple was. My love and I you know in Germany we enjoy a raft and just rhyming words. The boot camp just such equipment. But Jordan to save. Yup we like to run you lose someone to put my stuff when she makes clothes. I do rode storm. You did this offensive remixes and he remixed. Listen. I mean I got a good. Yeah yeah yeah okay yeah man yeah man. A day to day edge here do that today. Albemarle two years ago Ahmed casino playing black Jack I'm a buck fifty at the time. Clustered betting more more put that 150 in one hand into the lady behind me it's a 40000. Dollar jackpot on the slots. She jumps up screens or super elated. I turned back around the dealer pulls a blackjack gonna lose on the money on one. From mountain man poll. Now let's see here when this again after all here's a good piece of advice catching up Brenda well as you share the time when a consummate alive I'll make sure come a boyfriend physically cheating on me be on top of another person. When asked in my Q plus a couple. You try to clarify that it is trying to learn new things to do me. That's what he says there's excuse some stupid me Little League known if you have just expressed that he wanted to open up the relationship yeah. I would have been so down and we can brunt of the people in the bedroom where this. His excuse was just pathetic and I left his ass and be honest with your significant other there may be down what are your downpour and maybe even more. Tell zealotry do. My sister was dating a guy. He was immediate right but he went on some website like Craig's list or something I think email and girls were never. My sister caught on right in the my brother Wheeler cheat on your sister but we were just more pissed because when she caught him she does I saw you email back earlier as. I did did she reply yeah. Yeah deeply about is how Giricek is still hasn't totally. Pick up a lie dead affiliate partner yourself in the crew by only going with a Vanilla of multi ball. My Jewish movie Moochie because he brought Sochi much coach you've run in chocolate too. I didn't know he had had them I wanted to start with simple flight right into Japanese ice cream treat to the Japanese experience in legal red beam or my favored the green tea and I'll see the green tea is great all the delicious the other ones caught red bean paste from. You're not familiar with it's not exactly sound great. Well and one more email all just wanna say thank you guys I'm in Iraq have been listening to you for years love the show trying to get to podcast every day over here when I'm able listened. Yeah I mean laughing every time in May media in my day so much better love Michelle some of the soldiers all other soldiers here. Had not heard you before incidents are played the show. Definitely see the morale go up especially after I should tell you donate to the Fisher house really it's on the men and women over here to know that you guys care Devlin missed a delicious men's room read. What are the chances to be able to Medicare package for our soldiers over here we go to air drop that into you which could match. But I agree we called to a range for free some Beers falling from the sky yeah. Always that convergence. Standardized and Chad are no different at all man had followed the brave dude you know I doubt. Happy bottles of beer every mile we be nice but it obviously didn't know you lease and Chris. Josh thank senator does play again I have to refute resistant to say I'm pushing the hell are used parachute you are gone jab parachute yeah lower she more like five or did let me assure you oversight and I'm wrong. You know. They just drop it. Do read drop meant to right there in Iraq veteran Travis Travis thank you we appreciate you go to daughter through. They got to go to some care package right you have to think so we know some people we might just a disabling to generate I don't get sent a care package. Could be cinema boots hey man. Our broken every goddamn Lagerfeld that I needed to break in the moment and I would say let's just break that well I'm not you personally know what I Travis. Well right and digging we don't know the rules. So willow had learned doesn't lessen it and what are the rules even if you can hear consumed alcohol to Iraq went into overweight is that people there were weapons to deal with all the people that are weapons aren't. So late you can go to your shot that we can and will be your. I mean really man is that our priorities come out hey I say yeah voice of god damn beer what do you do during of them Palin could smuggle it on a boat. But some global beer to Iraq at Santa debt that's a great idea I don't like on a navy boat. OK let's use the Buick has now generated embattled always airports homeless dropping in half a million or how I don't remember whether you heard today that a big goal on get married and thought Dante's trophy ceremony particularly I have literally under the beer guy can't drink and all those guys. I'm there you go I still drama to donate to know the wood June they did that vision but first yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah John. Blue. We'll see in time for who sucks let's do throw you bring us three stories in the news it's up to us and determine which of these three stories in fact. Suck the least that is true and a quick synopsis of each of the three stories we're all familiar now with the city of Sochi in Russia they hosted the I want. What are fourteen winter games Tucker yes I'll go to war there the data are tempted to smoke made it well guess what remote from the Olympics and now we're actually don't they run up to our World Cup in soccer I believe you can Russell will be hosting the supporting eighteen so. In the city of Sochi. They are hosting camera room which is an African nation at a confederations. Cup match and about a month's total welcome the people to the city. The mayor led a parade of people down main street. A lot of them the black face and carrying bananas. I'm straight. But also. And wanted to stay with a good samaritan who sees a man pulled to a river well he's fishing that's good samaritan thinks nothing of it. Runs out there in an attempt to save the drowning man. Unfortunately to get to the guys Tom wasn't gonna disappear but by the time he gets back ashore. Then realized that someone took an opportunity. To steal his wallet his keys his sunglasses and use debit card that little ways down the road that the gas station. Why isn't always the gas station if you can't afford the vehicle I know but still like come on man a little bit I guess over the like look dude I'm getting brittle I'd totally totally at all and is just a pumping your way. Zip I'll run my card he's right. I'm finally the two of them will be competing against a man who's really regarded as quote the angriest man alive. We cover the story few days ago but. This is a guy you would to a children's birthday party. In other children birth departed parents and rented one of those air bouncy houses right. What you unplug the goddamn thing so the plates the merits of the worst part that's just an easy thing to do. But one of the fleet demand some of the kids got trapped her two kids accidentally crossed that nothing super serious but spelled like 56 year old kids. Governor also super hot there on that so again. With the city of Sochi who in an effort to quote unquote. Say hello to the soccer team from camera room may be able marching down the street in a parade in black face. Carrying bananas on sticks by a string sector sector of the marriage is well we're drawn into the were opens everywhere let. Yes that's how you do it the Klan burning across to let us know what the correct page one joined mark. And then you have of course the guy who tries to save a drowning man and reverend. That sucks man knows who doesn't know the guys who runs out what is going on there about the time he gets back his wallet. Keys and sunglasses were stolen and I was in person and an old insane unlike rail and New Jersey or New Yorkers to me and I jumped down to. Pick her up and help brow when he did dismissals backpack and I don't run. And I know what is going on in society bit and then your blues guys the guys like I don't like children's parties. I'm going to. Unplug. The bouncy house album thing collapses on top of the key he's being a jerk I don't think that he was being malicious to the point where he thought the kids would be injured. However that probably not however that's what the hell man has what happened. He injured two kids. Rises jackass. It's kids in a bouncy house it's the middle of the day you went late still daylight like you I didn't need to. I don't party you may give men teenagers before my morning. I believe but there were injuries here there are now with a guy who tried to jump in say the drowning man they they found in the few days later they did try to go and save images could reach them when you come back summer you'll get exactly did the guy delivered the bat do the guy and I tried to save done blinking an hour someone stole walls closing ultimate entrepreneur. Already upset that you denied India do to help the person who clearly was in distress and you genius a donor to Washington on the river. You go back to the side and Clinton got to be kidding me that thing was is basically what happened as yet to see it happen. He's standing on the side of the river back he sees the guy in trouble he's fully closed yet he takes off all his clothes we get into the water. When he jumps into the water those clothes and shoes flawless phone thinks he needs to a company take on those close to make runs a grabs politics and law. Tony don't make the story has no clothes. And you have Russia. What is it about soccer in bananas in the whole thing around the world it's amazing I soccer seems to be the one sport to brings out the black face the bananas. All that is done more than any other split suddenly the world sport because they don't care if it's a world sport too I guess it's all over the world so. Amid worries the everywhere the most suitable they try to keep it somewhat in check use code words brought straight up wire hey baboon globally country. Yeah I mean I think for me amber room. I have backed by bad commodore the nicely. I think the Dicey and somebody that gets robbed. I think that one sucks the most. And then I save a guy unplug in the bouncy house. And it's a sound weird. But I must say the Russian story sucked the least I can you say oh we all know right now is CNN's is hello I'm gonna say that the guy and the bouncy house sucks the most. Because her two children. And analysts say that the jackass who stole the closes second followed by so she Russian. It in a hum black and I have to agree just based on this one. No one actually got hurt and if you're black you're used to being treated like crap I know some horrible look like you're not surprised by this and and did resident. And will those kind of events million outwardly happy I have the agreement now. You know if you like to make sure among OK and I hate on the debate is going on right there until my god dammit. God damn he sucked delete amoled Q which is sucks believe that's how they were gonna they welcome this case. That's what the Mariners front sick until they off accounts. Relates to hear ya think people got close to a movie and started and the comments are coming into the men's room on the FaceBook page there if you if you like it's on FaceBook. I decided today is a double double take a break and come back with the would you lake in addition of what you don't need to know your losing to the men's room on the men's or radio network. Safe is your. It's true. It's Santos coming up these shots of the day is minutes away but first since. We're full of useless information you know men do you have hard too many brain cells not to let us kill you know. So Lyndon here on the men's room shares would you don't need to know. You'd be shocked by this. The fine folks at bus. You all right. They come out with they news service. Boston bus speed yes yeah you know I think your favorite cheese and we'll tell you your favorite sexual position that is not the one we get today in fact we'll get today is. How would you like it. Things that you would look for twenty bucks basically. About speeches went around asking people feel like different things virtually locked so we've got some of those nuggets in the Seattle on the list to make a little bit more and today. Would you like a dollar from a convenience store yup yup no problem that you like best friends but no no now I'm not now. Now would you lick your girlfriend wife husbands boyfriends. Mom. I mean you would up for twenty bucks but we like looked you don't over point. But I mean I'm gonna just licking your feet. I like the top. That's their goal and got the pilot to topple back would you look at random dog yeah Koran and not some reason I feel left rear bumper ahead and do a Red Hat. Let me hear a stranger's iphones screen. Now. Twenty bucks Tony books the fingers on that thing all day by the dirty thing mail and text into Scranton but it's actually my heart. The UN on an area. And I got my by the over the phone that they think that they in the win the open man. Okay for a time so you're saying yes you would know on not my thing out all the tournaments short of the glory of angrily like just lick their codec take it back. You're the McDonald's no now now. Okay so much traffic on a stranger's ear buds. And I'm just. There aren't enough that they put into the I don't know it's good growers have been linked haven't they send you read the book is all about the things we're eventually person would do it 92% would not for from about some of how to strangers armpit. Now that would be good I could you imagine Lincoln hairy armpit tomorrow. I'm already getting an eighteen dollar bid is Tenet is kind of a rough scaly skin and unfailing is not smooth. I don't know man overcome our kids didn't. But since puberty I don't know what are never seen that I tank top guy man he's got like six inches all right cliff just I can't I don't know him he's that guy like when he spreads it looks like a bat. Yeah I was very normal for you today. They keep alive at the other guy that I area fearsome Aaliyah had to list. Would you lick any Major League Baseball pitchers cup on the inside man or a thousand dollars I 2000 these are all for a thousand. No no I ask how honey bucket door handle it no yes. Someone else's six with a wide net on the been beautiful yes rim of Tobacco Institute no you know moms but we do liquor out of love I hope. I don't know mom hood I used future. No the outside of a dog poop bag filled with warm warm dog group. But outside know know the mold unstoppable cottage cheese and see if there's no and finally would you lick out pizza with pineapple on it. All right there you go have imaginary attacks. Bloody heads is serious to be ready. Men's room knows just. My news. So we had visitor and ask Dan Stephen Drew hill to find out who. Are toast it yes indeed today we chose to stir when he. Yeah Brenda all hi Jewell Guangdong. Province in China a gas I'd probably miss pronounced everything just. But before it into a story. You need to know that what they call growing based on food friendly. It's summarized in China for example there's a video students that are dangling heavy wooden boxes from the Joker. Well army and we need. He is known as mama making the sub views known as the iron crotch compliment mr. So you hang a big heavy weighted box off your penis. Bad for those kids there isn't a different radio our man today Chilean taking strong blow to the porn but today that's not what we're hosting a more toasting him. Because the crunch Kung Fu master. Recently attached rope to his testicles. He then attach the other end of rope. To a thirteen. Time on the bus. So the question I have for you all know that possible way he K. Rip his Jim looks off. Or did he do he know pull that thirteenth ensemble but more than six feet so the question what sport has 62 bowls. Coach who boastful. My opponent six feet with a junk thirteen ton not boss he did pull a rope. Tied to his testicles he pulled it over six feet. That my friends is why he's the iron at crotch come from America. Better all of the ample legal warming and that is are not believable renders video if you need to see it if you're like me. You want to about two seconds and I'll martyrdom go on. And I was successful I just I can't imagine policing the one where they got that I've got to do the same guy. May have almost like a small telephone pole like a law or that big yet actually these two strings. And they just swinging up and let it. Hit America jump like these that you're in this dude. It's crazy but he swears that if you do this crotch iron content from training says and LT ED like all these benefits. But the other kids or just hang in boxes off their job. Yes Jesus dharma and I'd do it. How old is this gas. My biggest. Okay. I. That's very amazing in his fifties I think you about the fifties but yes of this guy. Told the videos you watch it but his latest thing is important because they just don't have sex plus those moments. I was more the boos imagery does boom we've they get yummy okay over the endowment thorough to Barney in our tummies. Down now all about it Dunlap. The shenanigans continue. And radio network.