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Wednesday, May 31st

Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Kimmel and Shaq! and we wrap with Headlines


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This is a men's room. Listening to. That that's a good profile does we will take color nine now color and I'll play profile this coming up. And minutes I'm headlines on the way one hour from now the first quick taken my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not supporting job. At a company in Japan is selling a lot of bath salts that smell like pizza and beer. Yeah I don't know ma'am thank at all pizza and beer but I never wanted to faith and I'm. Look at radish army or better. Yeah but I'm not beating navy with a beer relax in beat the beer has to go flat I believe before you can do that. So I know a couple times we've left out a can of beer bottle of beer in the office. And you come in the next day and the smell of stale beer on exactly would you look at some. It is just it snows there. But I don't think that will once Mali beat a rat a new study found that there's a different person at march sent that would throw the ball is at least when they're young. Dad's office. That does power OK I finally know girls so I was buried them reminder of other ago and I in Alexandria and you know what I think every time with them. The reason is daddy's girl so nobody can imagine right and I just spending more time with you know is based on site but I guess we'll never leave me alone I got the opportunity thought on the Brad I didn't Texas briefly celebrated his eighth birthday. But no one showed up at his party over so's mom asked the local police of a top become by the same hide because that's what he wants to be when he grows up. And about a dozen cops and firefighters came by militiamen had time limit resident in today's. Hunt up a damage that our pitchers to stand nobody's go to for the party member right. We have a story about the not to long go buds but there's like six year old kid saying I might descend on the invites and no one came to ball let me get an invitation every kid in the class that was. And not the popular hit. I don't know ma'am I'm nobody's goodnight. That sucks man we knew we Ariza out. But the kid throws birthday party like no one come hanging and they like the whole community gets together and throws and another birthday party ministers like all old people. Look the number of ground I don't know about the kids just old people are here a look at two other you know here. They'll veteran's story papers through all the good resume but there's tons of garlic when your little kids and share these guys here that she had that being ready dating get invited to a birthday crushed by a not yet that I know. I don't know but out that I haven't. 121 year old man in China recently stole almost two million dollars from an online video site. And then blew through about a third of it might have been women who were hosting there'll live streams OK and not to be out to educate me on this on and I get I guess. Yes and I don't see Larry yeah okay I think Tim girls go and all different. Clayton good and we're looking for lute will be a lot of that NATO is demo might just be prancing around pretty you know you pay by the minute. I mean he's is got a I don't know 600000 dollars in charges about right doesn't love. I got to know how many how many hours was he you know talking to somebody on the camp if you have that much money you can just drive over. But I guess that's what he likes them you know got what we would rather have size is a non comment on what you do whatever you know. I know there's a lot of people and help should that a lot of money there's a lot of people that likes of same themselves just you know but he doesn't. Not personally. And then do some TV I don't do it. Now to sit at home is whacks it. People at a mile dude I I bet I bet he is somebody I layer do that love it the old hairy men if if yes if it if I picture my dad watching you master me do it again I'll have taming the slower this Jerry would I these guys become anyone doing it yeah. Still that's a man tonight. It was almost picture it's. If you put on your tell you why these first models that does do the ones who sustain them. Yeah and it jock straps. Does that creep is a very specific vantage LA and if I. It's all right if it did at 54 year old men Nebraska had to be rescued on Monday after he is an air mattress to go rafting down forever. Fell off. And was too drunk to get himself out of the water I don't know a lot of this. I haven't. Drunk while I was well it's like never before I've always work out at a rate about. Putting me who doesn't drink when they slow river I tried to I don't raging rivers and I go down man I'm just a little energy of I can't tell why aren't going to raging rivers on an energy because I'm a thrill seeker. Well I'm right here death fear there's that hit that thing that I throws death of a beautiful black random walk around I'm thrilled editor of literally the only thing that I'm trying to get you know and most of it isn't home water that we're going through but there are some little. New revenue that we have to go through and did nothing you wanna drink that's like the whole thing when you floater river you drink you floats absolutely some. Mike there's laundry bags. That are like gun imagine Malia and throw your thirty pack of beer in their case whatever. EasyJet off he tied to your raft in the new lead in the cold river water dam and I'd sheep's head I have energy of that on memorex. Visit I have Palin don't you not all these inflatable beds I think this is a great idea to be on and you like about the kid in the head inflatable match is back in the day. Damn straight if we take a one of those down the river. Yeah as you're literally and in her to die might you keep closing the board asked river and why is like a big guys are to have them know and before you think a little slimy thing you know we now I got like a boatload had to navigate. I did for the owner wants and have a cannon rolling rock appear between my legs. Appear yeah. Just kidding drugs into the river and it doesn't amount an employer straight to have a lot to your torso 100 mile enjoys having time here to get in a role in Iraq now and I'm not I don't I don't aren't out of that area funeral and reverend and finally a man of the dissolved and his racks in the football at all. And vital Jimenez discovered what he believes they sure fire way to motivate people who lose weight and tell tale about a one hour from now I think my god headlines are coming up. One hour from now the first game and die. Newsroom recess. Brooke you're Milken to police everyone how powerful powerful example of Oregon's defense did the thrill hill could you please tell everyone how profile this is playing yes you can do good thank you so damn. Where was your your real life new storage something to happen right here I'll blame her for. Our herb and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make Willis who would do is you think it makes the story a story. Hello Kevin welcome to the men's room. Oh loud gentleman or a guy. Kevin you understand how this here game is played. I do it surrogate are fantastic now the person in question you may or may not be any good at math Matic. But clearly. He's not very good with basic logic here's his story it's a nineteen year old college student. And he's a student at Santa Fe college located and Ted San bank. You would think so terrific colleges in Gainesville Florida. That's we're on our society is assumed to be New Mexico and Florida are about these artists that I know all things go back to the floor right there goes the senate they come to Gainsville Florida. And few weeks ago. He missile test and his math class so last week you went to meet this professor and that's our duty to make a test but it's colleges that now. Wouldn't do he grabbed her and blocked her from leaving the office until she agreed to give him another test. Now she's gotten a few gonna call the cops and bad points you let her go ahead starting crime. There's Iran other rooms that whenever I went into our next classroom started teaching another class Q and when ago. But this guy he followed her into the next class and kept dropping back classroom Barley he did called cops. He was arrested for false imprisonment and better now it's not entirely clear why he missed the original tax but it might have something to do with the fact. Met earlier this month. He was arrested on six drug charges including cocaine marijuana and prescription drug possession. Now remind you why you miss that John Maine who wrote at the comic college student you want to lose your dorm mates. But the question is do you believe that this guy is black white mixing or Asian. Clinton report you better yet Santa Fe college mentally located in Gainesville Florida. After a game they'll. And he was arrested for drug charges third. Earlier on they believe that he missed his math test of the college because earlier this month he was arrested on six drug charges. Cocaine marijuana prescription drugs we tried to get his makeup test of the professor she said no he held there against a well until through the labs take the test. Eventually she was gonna wanna go but he wouldn't stop pestering her she found the called cops and he was arrested and it's black what makes you or Asian Asian. Multiple. Arterial plaque. I think floods that. Well cataract is heard tell a girl died America's most white kid in college you're doing you're our own little miniature. Back to be gutter admits he can play. So like we all know your silly drugs are doing drugs. Ritual blood dance wounded drill. Rick and the fact that he wanted to meet that test so patent during the quarter against her will. Made me think black because it through the white boy beat the pick his parents didn't pay for college. And that is that our final thought through what they see here's ride differ on this on this opera is a guy who wouldn't. He was in jail now whether he told his parents that he got arrested for that are not my money says maybe he probably didn't I think until they need to know I would avoid when Mariano I'm not now the fact of the matter is. He's not paying for this education because do you think this education right he's not in the not in the situation doing what he's doing. His parents are paying for the education and the people that he has to answer to our home. And my money says that if you are scared to death of how your academia is. Based on the fact that your parents bankers school you're here you got your monitor what did you say you know what I told you once told twice you've done. Right but the expectation level I think is a little bit different if you're. Asian. But he has yes the jobs may be used pained for school he selling drugs gifts. This picture what they come back home. Like keeping it as O'Neal money but I'm telling you somebody else is paying for this education that's the way college sometimes words sort of stuff right. Your mom's or whatever you can make your money some of drug but you can't communicate like. Because again yeah if your brain or do you listen to ask you elect what do we go to school and mom or dad or both does it deserve why your grades and learn to spend as much as colleges charter does the explanation is the reason I think for the fear of not being able to take the test. Now I mean we like Arnold take a class next semester right now that I'm out whenever. Mean yeah I am leaning white or Asian just because he's so in in that he's asked to take this test. They held somebody hostage. I was always happy when I didn't have to take a makeup tests. Like in a widow and high school and admits to our leaders say cutting school what all my god is that sort of drug doughnut chart yep I know memo forecasts are in sharp. Cocaine marijuana and prescription drugs. He's a cell on the college kid I'm not only why are these just got what would need to for cod and condemn and isn't going to be cocaine marijuana ultima and there. I don't really know live and I'm Rome white. And that's what I saw the college kids are gonna campus okay load of drugs that. Yeah there have been afraid of answering to parents that don't make you long I think Asian also but then again they wanna think black golf you don't wanna go. Only black Mormon Dillard's. You know. I am I black mom died and you what is black and admitted. That the union would do that. Writes know what your final guests. Good to go read their door go wire. I stood YC. I know I'm going to demand. All of generally relaxed after Mi Mai Thailand are gonna find out if he was black light makes the or Asia next you are listening to the men's room on a men's room radio network. Tax the men's room at 77999. TB tablets that brought you by sending him a call 1800 extended 99 point KI DS. This is not an. Miles it. How does exist and they Grayson a Florida and we get a part time drug dealer. A young man who I had been busted for selling drugs but that was the reason for the crime the reason for the crime was maybe because of that he missed test right math test there and he went to a teacher and Mason would not let his teacher leave the classroom until she would let him take this test like snowy search crime whatever. She lets it go goes on starts teaching her next class he comes in their ups and again this time she calls the cops he gets arrested. It's right in general we asked do you believe this guy was black white makes your Asian and you put allowed. The bottom of this and you went black eye correct. Yet there at its arms can resume the tax payment. The white. Prescription drugs decried wife I'm from Gainesville he's white and we have you cried at Asia not long crying equals YO. Broke he's out of jail on six counts. That's why do well. You went blank wouldn't have so much and I. Nor is part of vibrant visual hasn't rhinos are aghast at its business. And I guess after this oh I didn't even ever knows pictured it would borrowed. Is this the right guy you never know on profile SR ITV news coming up then lead to a TV time but did you are listening to the men's rules. Listen miles. Am I in my car coming up but first from the TV news all the time and attack. Or DV camera today. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presidents. Now. You know not that long ago I think gallery here in this they're sake and I talked about Shaquille O'Neal. And Charles Barkley kind of get into it they're both on inside the NBA. Studio commentators and and check done on the Charles about southern Charles basically just Jabber back that. You little one NBA title of the wasn't for Kobe your Alonso or whoever your ride the coattails and basically recchi they ask him something about a playoff game Jackson as well here's the deal with we've we've gained five sort reverent and check out as a and he's like in injections to whom would you know what you only played him one final threat you never won a championship right which got its fair statement yeah. Right so then chuck started naming all the players like are you count on Kobe in this and that I yell yeah. You would have Kobe is under team turn probably town Monrovia or it would Tom Brady or whoever diner when you Asia we went when he went to Miami I don't think anyone would ever denial that late. Yeah I played with a superstar we've we relied on him Sidney Crosby. Or just that he backed. Process relies. A lot of people don't act like he did you first team in this country. Pastor of a home. And I think that he's so good right so I mean I I got today. On this argument I think usually I'm on Charles who suffer a bit late. Yeah really you don't Shaq because he had good teammates and don't forget not only did he go in when I was championships. He also I wanna say with at least once if not twice the finals MVP threaten. I mean he is still a neo earned it. So then they can't beat him back and forth a couple of things happen they talked about throwing chicken wings at each other I don't know why I thank you I just think the partisan way. Mammoth I would I commit you know there's such a waste. I don't know man I mean I'm such a ferret chicken wings you cannot or throw the chair to the seller right I draw a throw blue cheese in my face the oh. Labeling them the G sorely lateral the celery in the carriage and all need to be there nobody here's the thing it seems like a waste to you to meet the ultimate disrespect. You know like like I am I and so annoyed I would even waste one of the most which is things I love chicken wings. Just to prove points and clearly throwing down the gauntlet I mean that I make no mistake governs I would be less offended if he would just use solar and care to I don't understand why they think they have a place so much again I tells Matthew chicken rice and a brother wants and finish street the fight yeah. All right the fight in the street by street the site. Yes both because it's food yet. And I'm assuming you hit him with someone made it yet and that's why I don't imagining the neighbors were on the street now project that they think they must look so bad image again. My dad you don't feel that the I think the but I was like thirteen or whatever decided I can curse in this and that these Taliban mounting outside and be a mountain Arjuna my older brother mode which he did that end at some subway and it looked like knee against the wall on a four armed about it because. Talk with a chicken wing in your face I don't drift yet. Yeah. Whenever now know Chris does this mean. Eddie House they may go back and forth they started before what each other I don't know when this came up. But somehow shacks toes and feet came up okay if you haven't seen these things no. Always disturbing growing should I Google us well we're gonna put the video up. Of him getting up Medicare and the men through FaceBook page Robin before we play the audio I said you that you looked at how would you describe his feet. All I can describe it pretty actually I can describe it 40 yeah. If there are you gonna hear I hear right if he's at a place just getting his foot scrubs which she keels foot. It's half the size of singer who won our war doesn't pay twice writes that she scrub and you just hear him Greg Oden. Itself heard stunt and I don't have this in the Pentagon your knowledge does not know it feels great they massage your leg are they scrub the stuff on his feet and they feel also I don't know what they're NATO has not paying enough of that the mentally pained you. I don't know whether again and said this is obviously his feet is as plain as I'm always pretty and it might have hurt again. The selling pleasant. Zoellick helping him look like there's always has sort of flung businesses grind it down and I mean I need to if you did you Google is CT now my dad is a delight and a stamina of the man who faced a page it's on you could see videos if you're eating don't look at ran well early on yet Jeff but it is weird I. I don't know how is foot can get like that weirdly deformed like. He's a famous athlete late. He people must have been wrapping his ankles and at some point leaving some to milling at eight Shaq man. That they does not tomorrow. Maybe your shoes are too small for a long time not knowing where I don't know who here's the story from the Washington Post. Checks big ugly feet and Medicare. Huge checks big ugly feet or not that's not that's my losses yeah. I grew up a bit with a father who had jungle rot and his team which is pretty growth. Jungle rot. I don't know man I guess walking through jungles of Vietnam in my water would get in there and stuff. I'd just the colors of his toe veils were wooden. Look like that you look you're exactly right and good about World War II grandfather yes then. I was petrified look the dancing or am I using reds I wanted to donate one of those fell off like you did like people like it's a shingle on how you know that that. It gives the ultimatum that Hillary areas. He got a single that I thought draster. It. Fan it was a pedicure now at Iowa's winner with the pedicure people must he think when Shaq shows up. Then narrowly tell them. I shall be I had 11 time and with the with you guys knows that. That's the only donor had about a O'Donnell had only done it all to a story has these yet they're and then make. They've got a lot yet Allah done here too before my wedding and end and anyways I'd. It was quite lovely. We have this idea taken guys and night out you know it is getting on emotional stuff go to bars far hobby regular air our idea didn't quite pan no I didn't that so this is the guy comes back is turned it. We're going to spy on a first. Which I never minerals Bob before it's not that man it's they LE seventy dudes like Haney change in plan let we're gonna go to the bar and a decidedly small slow deedrick was to start. A particular looks different. Still got a massage from the adrenaline or you won't tenants are role bush is gonna touching noses that I'm skip the let him stick arose due to the hottest chick my guys are Eid begins Maggie forty breathing fire right now yet never had a facial studio from the really hot chick Kemper open up free knows they're holding prisoners US dollars a month. The conclusion of that version. But it is there is Cora enjoy it squirrel. I stunned who's going around now we're talking Shaquille O'Neal and athletes. Obviously tiger. Tiger Woods' target I would jump ridden. So he's a famous golfer. Who who should give him advice on DUIs in and get back Kenneth John Daley gets atop the John Daly on Tiger Woods. Color trend. Yeah Holler fresh call Lugar called me Kerry transportation to the tour has been so great with us our I mean anybody can come pick you up but. Tiger probably didn't think it was they were that bad are still bad for the guy at enemies got all these surgeries and because he's an athlete she get away with a movement your message be right to scale back on the golf course man at this shuffle pass it always does and you know it's. Hey proved he's human he's one of us there and I love him. Judge donated their time there not a fit under your talent easily got Bruce is one of us hello. My theory and I think my argument agree with me on this. My theory on Tiger Woods has always been. When he needs to do besides that the surgeries and stuff to get his game back together. Is these guys are running through nineteen and twenty year old waitress is that you do and it's 88. Yeah grandy was cheating on his wife every level not also Greg but he's not married. Yeah it seems like I don't know maybe that was part of what made him so good. I aid yeah birdies Hamas T you have to think so plus the fact that it you know. I I just hate the fact it is so easy to discount. The prescription meant. Like that's OK it's like you and adjustments like I can come home and and and in your wife is he. Baby you are aft up what school you are so drunk yourself. Don't Wear your good amount of blood you know what I have miked or whatever like how did that makes it okay no no it doesn't when you follow sleeping above is a run over stuff in your car and you know these drugs affect an and I get it it's the taboo part is the drinking part illustration he was he was asleep in his car on the road credit all the hours he's like I did it get like. Think the drug did the prescription drug overseas drinking is an image thing. Britain's own law doesn't care he's a little dialogue doesn't care its IPC is still a do you watch his statement which would be owner reiterate once again you know was not but do not have any alcoholic. No one's questioning that. And why is that like it because I didn't do this then this is okay drums they Motorola's Amy Winehouse Streisand's GODs to the shock of absolutely no one. And the way they spoke and after the fact is we got so tired. But won't say most of what Amy. When did the autopsy that was not a single illegal drug in her system. Like when bush was ordered full of powerful legal drugs but she's still owed each discussion and shoot heroin and doing artsy order over doesn't that. It's the same different the other sad part about that is it also tells you the Tiger Woods doesn't have a lot of friends. Now maybe he was the females house before he left whoever Paramount but normally he's in a ball hard someplace else he does the most good say hey. We'll call you cared Tiger Woods like you do your best friend should be your driver if you don't have anybody else working at that huge compound in Jupiter you've got somebody who can drive you around. You've got Hoover you've got to deal with Hoover you've got to deal with anybody game played. Senator McCain loses sleep in his car. But I don't it was 3 Sunday in the morning might even got his car and not even known. He's in it to ghosts of Azkaban because a similar hit curbs and stuff oil until I think you need to three point because ultimately drunk driver driver mole popped up on I'm only Garber and sell people is simply list. 10 you're at the moment. That you are drawn Gree your stoned off grass on the you don't make better decisions like if you ported replanted them tardy to Brandel daylight and they knew her home state if you brought your vehicle with you. And and you get messed up in a drunk driving and it's been pounded their bones had some much. People broadly better dissident but not so much yeah it once these people who stoned or drunk. I think it's irrational to think the wrong to make the right decision like they're probably going to text someone right now that otherwise they shouldn't they weren't thinking about the sober and undergrowth. Orders stones I can traveling alone I got them back to backs a worse thank you need so many milligrams to kill that pain whenever they're giving him for his third fourth whatever back surgery he's got is some serious stuff or yeah. Because he needs it for the actual physical pain. Right now the driver and right gap should be laid up they had 3 in the morning. Good bet he urgently. Well that's nothing I mean lightweight immediately at the time off you know this relies Graham armed man moves by any just a minute didn't have vitamin. And if vitamin CI. I'm double bottom revealing around. I try to stay. You know. That too political. And here but this one I think everybody pretty much is an agreement on a high and it affects TV because I Kathy Griffin. An actress she would also be on our CNN a lot. The basically she took some photographs and tweeting out pictures of her. Holding any. A fake picture of the president's head decapitated. And real pleasure necco okay. So I mean when I saw Ali and I was like Jesus Christ that's really aggressive. This is that the track gets a little aggressive right to the backlash from all sides even Anderson Cooper her her body has been with her forever for like ten years or nearly not stupid writing and he was like come on this is ridiculous. She sent out an apology basically they demon within an hour of tweeting the picture out. I don't know I'm not shared she buys Denny's you still looking for attention. I would say so I think everything she does dispose of which are gonna be fun role and houses which she strikes me as someone where her entire exist. Not much different than the person she was trying to in Salt Lake you are similar in a lot of ways and not just your freaky read our article details as they how Kathy Griffin brought us together. And outrage like both liberals and conservatives can agree there this was tasteless. So we're finally all on the same page on something here. They're crucial requirement right exactly was this was knots this as a football you're going to play stupid she lost her again. Did you look at CNN now and MI Florida's if you like me and she'd just drives you crazy you find to be one of most pretentious and annoying people to ever open mouth on this earth. Cool I'm black no and I know this sounds horrible but like I'm glad she did it if I don't have to hear from him more and I notional rob ounce back globally yours now or you're gonna special summer about. Just getting that little bit of a break in my. Kathy I'm glad it was you did at the vikings then listen to it wasn't bad I wasn't that bad on Snooki went away. If it's that I solicitor job on CNN you know the endorsement she lost. Miles. You'd like to be endorsement these people Metamucil close. Squad a body. Oh really and on love that I'm getting bigger than unicorn and brother ask yourself how does jazz didn't whereas I muted. If it hit packs yes this. That's me just your record must go on about it the prophetic. She lost she lost both those gigs obviously ever even squat you my body fights back now on their menu you use we like you so little you get in the. Talk about whooping. Circled back a little bit with a question of the day today we are talking literally about spelling and how stuff can be hard. That can happen to the best of us he can even happen at the White House is. Well put so I'd Jimmy Kimmel talking about basically they are Lou the White House the president we're trying to find world peace. I'll blasting peach. The BP's but who knows I mean. Has got a lot of fruit on his ladies. Trying to make peace in the Middle East he's so that's sour grapes about the election and every morning he goes bananas on Twitter so. They've heard the word impeach so much it slipped into. And now we're just kind of funny. Again now somebody just I mean if he can happen anybody for sure looking forward we'll see where peace in the Middle East. Fairly tough. Yemen anytime cobbler it's difficult time to did you see me grow anywhere outside. Another famous in Georgia and do they grow and make other places do I don't know them that I'm sure they are you might lose a distilled nowhere you know I don't know I know none from there. Affiliate grapes grow wherever and Welch or amend the vineyards everywhere it's let's see two words normal me rotten from start to learn about Seacrest coming back to American Idol. But sounds like that talks have broken down and why pool because of Katy Perry. Katy Perry well supposedly Katy Perry's and 25 million dollars short refrained. They offered Ryan around ten million. When he heard McCain use him yeah a little salty. Haven't hosting the show the entire existence of a you bring in one new per. And the Israelis and the identity is just another woman didn't pay more than management equals and Amanda all I'm not so Amanda I am right so I've been sick of this man about how hard guys one on we have SpinRite up man and dread it even has menu we repeatedly in more than a woman's right forum because he's like yes yes I'm sorry he's got his back against the war here's his wife got that get a good look ended. They're already you know what I mean get through the day and skunk announced a government run just got a you have no idea stuff I do not every day on you and every day I cannot imagine who never knew nobody thought to be sensitive and I hit the biggest. Did we like he goes bland food and that's the it's. Glad you won it. For corporate front I do think it's added there ya oh with the TV time would then we'll take a quick break and headlines of my cock coming up you're listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network. Truly and Swiss miles. No see what's happening in the real. Are there a Chinese man steals two million fans a fourth live on live streaming bar. Meanwhile phone salesman emails a a customer sex video to himself. Which shows the spot were baby you'll be north. Mentally until they would go for a waterfall breaks up a very unique way. Why don't live in Florida as a woman finds python wrapped in a pets blanket today and a motivational weight loss speaker wants to motivate the other fat tax. Finished after headlines. It's kinda hit. Yes there's Mike Cox. And not a former TV host journal weight loss expert has come forth and what he thinks is a sure fire way to get people lose weight cocaine a fat tax. So well like. By how many pounds overt some modeling holdover players thing you suggest every judge put a higher price tag on larger clothes sizes saying that motivating people lose weight. It's not about being nice all the time you've got to be firm and thought they did it was cigarettes both years so many close aspects they bugs index I'm cigarettes to the salon. You're gonna start lose no money made you consider quitting and I know work so where my heart disease or lung disease. Yeah I mean. A lot of stuff there recharging if you buy something over and excel he does say here he says quote if you want an item that is a size twenty or more he should pay more. Thought a fat tax or premium it doesn't matter there's no excuse for a woman to be a size point OK let me say this. On the same token east side at five by a pair of Nike sorry for myself a size twelve and a half yup and then I've got a young son and now my kids' shoes. Those shoes are ridiculously expensive in their half the size. So they're gonna do that up up up up up there on the smaller stuff like the menu where Lincoln may be featured as we like to bust the number dude gives glow and let's let's say you have about that is close to my wife is one dollar more expensive than mine right wingers are twice the size device material. Still that if that theory is true you need on bigger and the more whatever have you look at it you know and at polite smiles threat. Yeah they do as a very much identical but have you guys I finally give the states I could just pop downs aren't you know I got the light went teenage mutant ninja turtle. Laid up usually you go wheels on the ocean. Turn up our. All right around the world in Washington State a military the Columbia basin of his girlfriend and like the Syrian have to stop and take itself but with his girlfriend of the two of them on the goods edged. Unfortunately it's little taken a photo and fell forty feet for a living in the water. He did not make it out. Again not to play devil's advocate do we believer. In the village it's a guy a gave the Sunni Muslim and I wanted to my door from which had pictures she fell off the edge of the cliff would you were under investigation instantly guide them. Timeouts they should do everything on the thing that. I would be a little suspicious tonight on lifetime. Wonderful hike. What you didn't expect was for the employees to give apologetic email himself the sexually explicit video that she had her found no. She should of polish president to do that you addressed until infinite felony offenses. Against users of electronic devices outlets thing but having citizens of over gather would email himself like a video. There's good looking guy and all that. A 100% down into the lonely yeah yeah he's got appear exactly and he's also in Florida so that I'd know that there yeah. And he showed that those calls for instant. You take charge Dell guy he had an interview as a pathetic given yesterday with. For the I like visibly is a New Hampshire felt it necessary literally is a PSA after the department arrested a man for possession of marijuana it says quote. As a public service announcement it is illegal to possess recreational marijuana in New Hampshire even if you only quote smoking in Massachusetts. That's the south but I think Tony says the guy at Logan minister Adam back to lead sitting in his doubled and it is illegal in in New Hampshire. And when he was being arrested as a nun I just always wanted to messages advised Euro that he's just jima runs on natural growth doctor you know. I you mug I'll let you know I mean. Credit a woman from Delaware was on a mission to reunite with their daughter in Canada but sadly fell short. The 57 year old woman took off on foot headed for Canada but with sadly found dead in northwestern Minnesota well. Half a mile from the Canadian border down. Have I guess she could not get any candidate. Four averaged in most able to just drive across the border. Well I mean you sneaking past three just trying to get in your back well as I write their Joshi froze me you know obviously results are pending but whoever you add them up there in depth. Rule and ham Hampton and nobody saw her I at least measurement. That the variety and we go back to Florida where a woman had this ad does quite the scare all doing laundry. She was good in the blink of that are used by her rats. Went out of a pile of blankets struck a python wrapped around one of them one of the blankets on the rats you out you listen. So you found snakes. And the towels that smile like with the snake when Mac community yeah exactly ladders and yet every headlines tonight and that. And now what my. I don't know who's good. We'll see you tomorrow for big dummy goods is no I sure like dead meat and potatoes ahead Jeff is back in profile this just did it is all true back tomorrow until then please. Do what you do best and pour a lead for the sake of its day. Rumor has been taken before a live studio audience wardrobe and makeup provided by Manchester. Truly feel that way.