Thee Podcast Episode 181

Thursday, June 1st

This week we discuss giant men, future cars, and Ted's big move!

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I. I'm in I'll discuss it and play. That's aren't quite as I always think of doing and actually you. Know. It took my headphones up. Dominated the snare my headphones if that ultimately latter part it's did you what did to my headphones. A refresh wants you. Did give a rap persona. No. I used to have a basketball once have you remind Camille bee county we that if amounts. Are in Ireland flow now. Dark side let me of my buddies rich people need to pay had a rap persona and I graduated I wrapped. I guess it was the hawks now been so long. And now Matt got a rap persona no no I used a salute was new a lot of Coolio. Yeah I thought maybe it draft and Ted as cool. Local did. Yeah Islamic Benson the rap yet these aren't my point to you and ask you hit the intra I'm ready. We can we get a Beers that just said. Sports. Stuff I would be good dialogue golf. Sure I'm on job and it's a boycott BOB not pictured young Toby SO deal homey dead kangaroo cronies froze like Roman. You plug it into podcast this isn't just any I guess just any podcast couldn't do this. He's he. Contests. Or indeed it's. Starting deep stuff and these. Starting these senseless and I'll. You'll let her Wear a helmet not. My dad if you don't want any line. Put them devoid he did it over the posted here my desperate podcast that I Hollande also ahead the Lebanese fiber body helped me. I have no idea what is that where it southeast Asia to real event David Cobb gobbled. Going on here. Just these podcasts tank in this morning outside investors turn to you know I honestly Ausmus who has unanimous in my notes. Where we are. Well. The Russian Ruble took a nosedive today as beluga caviar is he no longer delicious by the World Health Organization Wall Street analyst now phenomenal creatures great Fargo home land all the inventor as investor interest sisters and only. On the street in late trading today just goes up I'm a quarter some analysts predicting a share present 219 by the in the summer in the to a divine will find out more at 630. I backed that we of the steel at the studio set up in the water of course rocket tank top while I am with you today I'm in shorts. Carlos. They're not tolerant we'll get to Mecca of the producer MC TP with them its head. You know I have to admit it is funny when I saw Cobb and today I was wearing. Cargo shorts that happen but very Malik and and a matter really hard time about this for two weeks and here I am where. Yeah her back now the sun's out. You remember Austin now. I'll restless supplies in my pocket whole weekend how it is that means it will get into this and with maddening but yet you rout the woods and they air cargo short term must definitely. That I've seen new insurance other event cargo short I also asserts there are cars or the Simpsons. You know what you would call like plaid flannel. Flat and at the collar and commissions Cullen the wardrobe feel like too many guises and just like you know. Straight up like black granite. And I were a lot of monochromatic staff meet April pop and sometimes plumber and our instinct. Like norm. Yeah and I are both foreign grant that could affect. Sort of pop in now. And little blue Monster Park. You know it's happening out there but in the woods you need is cars shorts so I was aware of elsewhere in the full life. Yeah the tobacco I had a little bit of folk life on Sunday Oca. Has ever had those zip off pants. Not over temple and kept our suggest court yes I think we talked about that you're talking about this cargo pants. You have to like. I can be good like middle ground for action in Crimea and less desirable parent both cargo shorts and pants do just that there are some guys late. Abercrombie was making them. Abercrombie. Ever program. They are making those like my senior year memory do warmed each week but he bills not pitch. It was just like. Yeah and easily let you return assurances it no way. That you bought an Abercrombie like you get so rich. I remember. When I first silent snap pants euros with the buttons on the side the fastball hornets yeah I'm with a Christmas on us and just like you gotta have on the you know. Yeah if people. Some people might understand late. Ricky couldn't get all the gear. But now you see professionals and snap off paint it is hard to get snapple pain oh yes totally. It used to be things it's in the only athletes that now excel ET the athlete whereas at least open next year that have yet Natalie Wood haven't signed we enacted Matt liked the gap or old navy you know. Like. I think nowadays the only way to do you really confident and an athlete is inflate. Numbers. But you mean. Like lake. Drop like I was being right now we used to play for the Washington Huskies. Click that one husky shareware of the time it's got a number on the like rate above. If the top of the pack to about may erupt when what sport football. From there and he was a guy I met palace and if heinous act week. Three. DS are you're thinking you treat out pitching army gear hooked up as the year that's that the insanely that the new with a authentic upended by. It has number. How correctly no official practiced here. It's. Pests aren't like Marian and some restaurants in sonics jerseys around some back on the hunt he would switch CES Della. Number eleven my lucky number and be one the only side some government. The other one being shot camp took Charlotte the most Malek and time classless. Yet effort. Simone was posed semi Danny Fortson Jersey now is gonna surprise you guys are prepared never showed up the Amazon FaceBook. Got up pretty excited not super excited. I was super excited now that. Haven't gotten it I've tried it tamper earth here for my old excitement level but yeah enforcement's brawler. Sigh dreads is something that I'm not FedEx Kinko's on the UPS started this Sino matched injures he's someone he was mailing Polaroid critical care. Nice is it a lot like not my presence well I'll put it in my I don't take our. TV yet when my TV stuff but now I don't have cable service Oca via I'm cheering for the predators beat him. Mainly because I hate pink does a brutal game it's very yeah I guess not. So right summit in the new place. Migs text yesterday like I just. If you watch hockey talk now. This guy PK sue in the place of the predators he's awesome dude like my favorite hockey players. And then that Steve knows that he sends me attacks justice peaking you look at lake exclamation points. That is that the disallowed the goal of the what is going on men like us on Twitter like the threads were down three not been. He came back yes. I'm really lost for the. I turn it on in the third period when I was tied three victory the B I believe you announcer says the prince came back from a three nothing deficit. And then why should be tied 33 and then the penguins. Scored at like three minutes ago and they added one way and now the predictable people so I've. Yeah I mean instantly took place in March last. It was cool to step on to on return offers thanking us here is that when I was in third. Great time Tehran. Yet I was like that's a lot of hockey now that the cancer. And now. I'm all the that the predators tree. Cool brands for a feel like I didn't compute time arguing sent the prints via drag on the red strain an airplane the ducks beat the and a that the passion. But I couldn't talk too much smack because I righty didn't make the playoffs system. Oprah had quietly. Wonder. Or like the I wonder where. This happened for the first time you know like that that crowd went crazy the first time somebody pulled the keeper. It's like oh my god it. Another man gets on it's it's like I would lose that nap if I was like drunk guy in the upper deck I don't know enough. That's your call when I mean that's going on hockey forever yeah right of a originally somebody had to be a first some coaches like you pulled him open an extra guy out there agreed over the rule book her parents act against it had to be. Says six men on the ninth the craziest thing you've ever seen the the keeper come down. Like the last corner kick of the game and you'll get in on the set piece yeah and soccer. Already so once in a great while like once a year somebody in the marina country a keeper or score like an air and I mean. Everybody is pretty cool. As Nicole most was keep the pretty good athletes may get up there and it just so excited you know an open and a little extra effort. In front of that. I love a good keeper assist to. Yeah rare now a long ball Kasey Keller had a decent number like in his college days but yet seen him ball. DPS pretty rare it's Acxiom tackle eligible and big offensive lineman catches that they have touched get a closer you know. I don't know if that is impressive anymore as late. There's some plays that are community and you know why he's like the offensive lineman in the NFL now looks differently when I was acutely really giant fat. Are there yet they're all muscle now with a little Arafat yet. So I mean really they're just not out of it like it's still cool would it seems like they're also Frick an athletic now it doesn't seem as oppressive you know like this guy namely all of or like something you know I'm really thinking it was a got a plea for the jets for years it was a monster. He called wanna like Monday Night Football and it was like slow Mo like. Banks and from hand to hand you could see is eyes or Orlando or. Are restatement of jumbos news of his big sausage fingers in the big her love her like Diddy catches it hopelessly. Yeah yeah now those guys are just they athlete is running out can catch it with their hands they don't yeah. Yeah I. Using your whole test your whole body adjusts yeah yeah missiles and you know little air out of reduced to giant viking like human. Yeah right I mean we marketed here yeah I was used to use it to be mostly muscle yeah yeah. It's just intimidating to you on microbiological. What a primal level being here and at a mail that's that huge you know and I'm man. Assumes rant like market once again real fired up you know he's a podcast now I've her school with and a cook a puck well. And cancer free he's only on the Epson 20. Yeah I actually gets like a Muppet unaware until it yeah I just don't have the name of the film office have before. Yes. I don't know manufacture it to me right now. And write this stuff down you know we're gonna talk much but he's doing well and I I reached out to me today. In the podcast on the cool as he worked in two hours apart as the main gate. Need was macd it was a folk have exchanged messages passed by knows that in the northeast. Besides we get together for seafood celebration north east so you went to school like you know a thousand. Is he from the northeast and reformers. I don't now now I'm and I'm there are an alliance if I just Korean facility. There's always more than welcome to pick as podcasts are bought and Zambia and how cool did you write those dudes are so big you physically the church. Billy what do you need do. I mean I've seen a pro athlete once go after one of my friends low anyways. Yeah yeah I actually tried to choke out and off and if offensive lineman who's going after one of my friends mean they're both my friends by it. Now it's not easy. Yeah I succeed yeah luckily there was just another giant do that used to play football this guy wickedly. Poll often come on down yeah but I mean like how they missed. There wasn't any leakage you may not public trying to help what do you do you. Does that mean at the time has planned water portals like 200 pounds solid muscle and like I didn't make much of a difference in the arms Libya between her her. You know like Vegas on an a minus those guys the other day you make a move. Yes but you're right that's I mean it's a trial thing but it's just scary it's like what he's being nice to us that he wants to do you mean. Human and economic physically. Do it sank when. Sorry just had times microphones and I hit it I guess all where else microphone warriors couldn't. Think we see inflammatory things like that not not that I antagonized people too much. Speaking of which I've been listening to some podcast. Silas and that makes cast do you guys have you guys with the makes gas and while. I had no pin and boom minute are both new bunch when Glenn first showed up I. Right to Steve makes red and Fuego and then Clint came in from window opening. So I was listening of their castrate. In a couple things I picked up on but again this conversation about mowing the lawn and how much everybody hates mown lawn. I was like you and I haven't had a lawn in years momentum swing and bash our own apartments. You know it was Obama and salons less wind mart bass. Had a good time because under regularly in a sound like a chore. As would without you know talk about more about it'd. Big campground where make more campgrounds. So electric announced in the grass might you know make Mitzi good content there. And I find because. It was like I am helping out you know pick but I had a long that I had to keep mode on a regular basis now probably sell. I saw the future lawnmowers this weekend robots like iRobot. Sort of I was on I mean there isn't quite right in Seattle shut down the freeway this 520 floating bridge I ninety floating bridge and for who has north south. And that who have crossed. 520 and so were run by to return in this area called the Diana which those are part from the area. It's like another name fours like the Gold Coast maze like Bill Gates is over there thank the CEO of Yahoo! use little that I could just. Crazy money good obscene money and you go past. This golf course and we are looking through like the trees you know and have conflicts of poor people can't see whenever. And we like driving past and this guy goes by. On lawnmower but it was like in the ticket office chair he's gone by sideways like this. On this thing and I realized that I get I can turn any direction. But I didn't see arrangement. Is not related to the mower arrangement. You know I mean it sees just stay face that's Ericsson the whole time you return any direction you want and be moving them or any direction you want. And then they had another guy who's using like. How remote Mauer says like. I don't know our RC carbon is like walking near it could no liked him and I. I don't know what are automate those and those rubio rumba via. These guys like aliens came company wal religious mill in the long term on the golf course so I don't and the problem got the I grounds crew. That's crazy yeah that's pretty early surprised Skinner for the day but. It was a cooling them off ramps on using the size of an officer who's really small and noticed how big pass to how. The debt equity meet how big was that of those late this thing it was sit down like the late I'll just have to see through the through the trees for people trees yeah. Just as I put those trees upright support who can't look in as soon yeah I mean thank. I'm Charlotte in anyway he now but they expect. An announcement. And it carried around here they try to leave those trees repair prior here memories are like lined up trees are adrenaline to Barca and it. Keep us from CNN future lawnmowers then. And picnic and it tests run and Miller's dude you have people aggressively in here they're totally gonna have. Thank fully automated. Grounds crews like that feel like I'm like that's that's probably doable now try not as Norway asked him. Hoover just launched. Semi trucks fell driving. And that's where they'll be but they're not tough driving right now Tonka minded Hoover when semi truck. There it to China and it just generally appealing just X company is my guests for transporting anything whether it's groceries to people are. Freight piano's or whatever and does that mean truck drivers will. Do you work like uber drivers do like it click on an app can be like I hope this chance to take this thing is to go from Kansas to Nebraska. Maybe in the short and mid term but in the long term all who are drivers will be replaced by software and same. Then. Semi drivers semis of probably go first to douse the two it's mostly Longstreet pilot Myles but yeah eventually mean that he's also a lot of Rodham. Big machinery TV unmanned. Plowed down the free yeah I mean the software like the idea knows that hasn't smaller error rate and any human and it learns from every single. Driver at every you know every moment since learning software so it's getting better and better. To. Yeah to me crazy my Google wants to do a fleet a gray now they're in this competition with McVeigh's lead they organized cut off Hoover's usage of their maps. So maneuvers are developing their own maps I think there's now a partner Myers house dinner I don't know exactly anyway a bad. Because Google wants to launch a fleet of self from cars he Celek membership to. So you can dislike you enemies can under phone and a car without a driver shows up you hop and in the end however and on first part of the state fleet of cars I think over China's and winds now lets me. So driving car know like. If I put in an address and it's on like a city block in a pulls up and there's no parking like. Would just operate there and let me out when I was in no way it is. Safe and drop off Jacob's own yeah like kind of adjusts a good question. I don't know I mean I know in real time to concede. You know people and dogs and things like that. Yet but I don't know how I'd decides where to let people off. Mean I got to assume. Now I'm not sure. Through question. I mean and the and the day like that you do attacks Jarvis do I sometimes have to stop in the middle and you know like in the right lane and stop and draw on the hazard style. I might happen but. Still I still though and I just don't want softer cars. Become I have bitterly Tesla it's awesome. But in that's finally you're you're still sitting in the but I told you my theory I just feel like the cars used it in any news new humanly. I don't know. It's gonna take you jail and. Yes and do it out of you tell me here. And now on paid pardon to get the traction yet which is the league are you going to jail. That's what are they didn't twelve minutes the mountain. Nia. Yeah it for you know what you're in jail pain for bail. You in the system makes the self driving car member of the kind of things you worry about. And pension I was told him we at your house and our finance committee gets on tape Meehan and stayed off the grid seventeen years. If I think I don't think you're crazy. I toll think it could happen I just love you are worried about happening to year and a great idea bench warrants are important I don't care. The US marshals would implore you to open every movie I don't know I worry about lake the state changing laws and stuff and then you know late. What if it's just like debts and I'll let you pay that credit card bill. Boom three and a bogey yet now. And I. I was imprinting you more like sit in their house milieu we've thing about like you being in that Hoover car. Smoking we ran as a lot changes and insight and we've noticed a smoking weed mr. Smith. I take you downtown. I get another stayed on topic and it's not legal there that you smelled like marijuana could actually did you give it to whom the I. But I think. And now right you can try to open the door just like why are locked in her partner community it's so driving car you got a real break windows or nothing on this thing. We had visited her and her cut at all. It's not it is like being in jail before you get jail not resistance tend. Do not go as far now grant you know what I'll just say. It's it gets the point here with a self driving car takes you there. Right you can't get out and then the roof opens and you're like a human being. They drive the group bank teller just sucked and didn't do that aren't the only folks who've been to jail. Then in a B some might robot prison guard. Not ought to be brutal the of those laser bars like him in the movies or sang in the real bars now. Yeah and even though it's a robot also enough like word on her cheek. Give them physically or emotionally physically. I didn't. The Georgia jail that emotionally hurt a little bit I mean emotionally can be like crawling all your social do and everything in their account I heard you broke of the Danielle execs sit well off all turns out she's on a day when Ryan announced that point two million dollar whatever I lost your season and that's right and I can't Bear Bryant help not an expert at the yeah yeah. Yes it is it's actually Ted Smith it's it's how friends that I like Isaiah who got I got into Newark or a body fat content and data events you know solve our. Hopkins sucked through AT and we have renamo robot prison guard. Art. Hi I would like counsel Mike. Cool man knows what kind of cyber but kind of like trying to replicate human prison guard you know I think you'd mark this three something you'd like Gardner. Dynamic corrections officer. Art. That's sort of Doyle balls that's an apology humor you Jews from weird person live from each of now Vick the psychological attacks would be more devastating than the physical. As you could tell by her happiness she never cared about you. Thank dale Gordon three for corporate it. To the direction to really see installed tiger while you were still dating. God through you know you need to quit but I think that's it's a robot we do budget. I happened herded back. No man. It all starts to self driving cars. You heard it here first. Conversations go on like they street corners so their collective and then next. But it'd somehow gets word back its ugly there at a party. Junior TG prison guards. To be emotionally destructive to you when you get in there aren't totally Baghdad a parties I'll always there like wealth of misinformation all throughout crazy guys podcast that's an old time. I'd go the other night I was sit in my house identical people and now we're talking about. People learning another language of people speaking language we didn't expect reverend I was like yeah you know Kobe Bryant speaks fluent French not what. Speaks French don't like you're pretty sure he was born in France hearts you know Italy born in Philadelphia. And beat. Speaks Italian and lived in a tie Italy lived literally the end add nominees for best while there but that they you know I don't have to speak fluent Spanish. As well nice yes please try lingo. So that's always have respect human island to promote his very name or how would you not be surprised if coach Brad speaks French. All of some damage as a minute back me up definitely some sort of like oh you got the wrong countries duty its peak yeah. Kobe Bryant those people right now. Hey my friends just confirmed. Cisco. So right people's begin weird language you didn't expect. Both Saturday Cutler's Sunday either way when it's weakened cows are my house smile place and a healthy load up some stuff for whatever. He is giving estimates range of stuff and you know we only rain and stuff. He hit a Bluetooth. As we've got it a case of late pumpkin yearly just sit here is. If you have league to their guns and a giant bow and sorts and indulge yourself. It's. The light went on beer and Weytman day. Do his left or Flickr after my birthday I don't really drink it. Just it's him. Did use the box. McCain and NASA new place of people don't know you know you make a move out of BellSouth finally long list 'cause and anxiety are you excited for new neighborhood. Figure out the new neighborhood a little bit more I'm excited to have moved and I'm glad my stuff in there actually put some stuff away last night. But I sort of feel up the neighborhood. Yeah I don't have like like sushi bar Buckley scooped out that's it sound you're missing a couple essential to your same number we'd spot either which I suspect there's gonna be one somewhere around there. Until the closest one is he there uncle Ike's way on the back to Capitol Hill where the largest that belt. Now yeah I guess the surprise is nothing in my guests are terrorists or anything you know but it must be too close to Parker transportation whenever. Yeah but they're not there I did find it doubles stores they're both kind of small and MT. And we too expensive for them as a gas station up there every. Cheap beer you don't want custard my house super fancy and expensive but this incredible sandwiches Mario market my boulevard market. Gas and now I found again 01 down the street weight and it. Motley boulevard market. And the I don't exactly that is you. I mean it's Purdue per well amount corner it's like right by the U dub stadium if you have got south you go across the bridge since right there may one raft the freeway for staying about 50 yeah. Yeah I was I beer and where I get Hoover's after games boat came from you after me it's like vomit on now kind of vote something aggregates or is there. They've once Alex it's really really good accident Reggie Sanders content and a sack all most of the super expensive but that like for a neighborhood market it's. Honeywell stock first time last week honey hole Barack at all. Honey hole is so good and I love that when I heard nothing bigger day than fiery Fowler tried it out loved it yet Jack hot temperature cold hot. He had put them right up there with royal cry Anders. It and got deer or through America right. Remember city market go to a Tweeter three of a top three stooges. Check it out Mac cast that we can remember the long time ago I took rob you and I talked about with a little bit but it. So the new place and he doesn't have a Michael is a microwave necessary. The modern for the modern male when a man self I would contend the producer. He's got a George Foreman right I don't have a toaster Norman's Heaton. I was eleven days from a four. You did indeed get by with a toaster oven and a Foreman grill without a microwave. And it would probably forced you to cook a little healthier there. Yeah it is pizza taste better coming out of Mike. What it just completely no he didn't hear pitches in a fortune to cook a little bit healthy yet and pizza taste better Apatow is now buying got a broader runner yet. Actually breed on the Foreman has pretty yet to those for years trying to think that what food needs to be Michael goalies I thought about it is the High Court if it's donuts pop. Popcorn definitely firmer points. But like at the market I want to they have like some time and play radio meals. You know they're microwave noble I I think I can get by that it would seem a lot of times as Michael livable meals compared department film you can put in the oh yeah you know and a regular of and I. Yet though yeah it's it's a whole argue that plastic in the oven. Well look at it and appeal bill phrase oh yeah it was clear to us some of the trees that are plastic to write hungry man dinners moment. A lot of the dozer that a lot of the news photography at your house out of fancier ones have a couple of preparations. I completely believe pocket as the most populous now. Circuit at that point I was gonna hop pocket there. I'm not I'm not eating lean pockets it is as a healthy food. Alitalia flight to just commit yet. I moved all my furniture with a big stuff over there Wednesday night. And Thursday in and it's not there Friday night. And I stopped at a gas station back from the fire wrestling. How does that. I looked awesome it was key off. The virus is it on a fund sent out deceive me and Matt farmer and related put that on. So arm yet. Holds that the mega man. Losing my age really early mid thirties in my racist element that Irish prime multiple math farmer's market continues there. Was huge and wrestling man. And Obama. Could be they missed I mean this new idea you via I think ecology probably would've brought up by these items aren't college my current. Maybe it is. Any house on the way you know I was drawn. I dislikes after the gas station. Port of Gates's I got up and see what would you have done of you brought that thing home. Might as you get out and hop artists their weight and did he get its act I toaster oven hot pocket. And came out frozen first time all of our second time epidemic beauty. It connected to howl did you put them for as long as it's had to put venerate your oven. I don't know but it was definitely come with our preparation yeah there and it tastes way better actress show like bagel bites. It tastes way better now amendment you program to make him cry much paso acts though it without a microwave they're forced to make that sort of food taste better. You know it's I'd say that's that's worthwhile you know you if you can make the time and then other than that you won't be picking. Equitable. Did years I've had it's worth its tried out dopamine. When he needs to. It you got one call I want no one yet to bundling the rights to redeem it makes everything the president pot thing yet they as everything from all about pressure ass kicking. Yeah who paint has one of those it was the coolest thing. Yet pressures due. To an idiot in the conflict budget you'd have. Eight exits to. Tears and some analysts like how you know you're in your thirties or whatever was arrested. We're sitting is to pots are doped dude. The coolest. Coolest ride and it took it remains to pot. Is maybe the first lasagna this weekend. Think this week and I 2002. Coats of any of the would you cook. And housing op pockets of the eggs again I don't know like electric stuff like crock I really like what like particles thing. That stride described cook in the moves tenderloin music. I don't know what that is that surrounds it but all right he's gonna use it like crop that's. But it would have been all about the walk and you just throw anything in there and entities in green. Back w.'s will sesame oil right fired up man for anybody that doesn't really not a cut and use cut up pretty much any vegetables any electric and me whenever. Toss in the walk and comes out yeah. It was easy to me. Noodles. Candidates rice noodles and some times temple on first. Months I'd certainly. Glad you said that. Filling vials walk and stuff like this with their renewals and new with the Internet may be good minerals act of personally Vuitton. Cup and a cut a there are. That is thinking there. Could. It. The small stands no matter and not done but. Also lastly that is not bring this up on the Kasten don't think. But Matt has the story come this distorts the funny story was now. He was in the podcast and in the movement in this play easily. Was gonna become intense guy for the get a handle what they do this and you ask the neighbors feel it out a little bit right like the whole idea was that it was going to be slow play. Right so this is. In fact that you smoke wheat and -- and Saturday period weed smokers at the role players and I figure I'll play like he was almost like I told colleagues he preferred like some of the neighbors of pitchers and index it to smoke and you do not care. All right team law. Mine here meant bathrooms. And yet what that people are so we'd launched yet. So. The rights that the open slow players on a slow player figure out of the day I might feasible to walk through and I call me he. William allergies again Agassi in a week. He just came out so quick and full eye contact yet now yeah I'll stand right Natalie ignited and and it he has solo now that. Which is keeping out there are signs he's just there's that downdraft that comes through year. But it's pretty easy to gnome people are smoking inside and whose smoky as the CBO itself smoking can. He's yet stairwells rate daily trust will. Keep an outside. Still a little worried about that but within a few days I've just been spoken holes on earth. Which also that neighbors that are above me negative of people that would mind the most. And I can't smell of their smoking lead but they open and close their door unlocked and I've heard this out. Kirk. Like he death and out of bowl okay you know you sound like a later. And like their door like every it's like every like 25 minutes of yours opens the public. They probably don't you know you mean they're pros donors to. You gotta go out and horrible and your dad and here open door. There's. There. Yet silly that you can't see above. And then this weekend count on taking your advice for the window closes on meet the neighbors and snooze yeah. A figure not just on ball. Neighbors and excited me. For cupcakes. But mainly you know cup keep pouring out. Over Bachmann too classy move question. But it's you know you just. Whatever the food item is a reverend it's just an excuse to talk to him anyway and feel amounts he was there about you know do you leave a note if they don't yet now he come back later. Only the food. Now the island. Now I'd come you know you look at this point in Seattle Boise talk to these things but when they actually come down effect mean knock on the door of no problem. Maybe put that old but they don't be sure come back to you don't anybody got a neighbor problem you know an issue when you're sitting there like him as a proposal. You know now that neighbor I take from zero under real quick. Now apple cup X four cupcake U 83 and a half he cutesy thank you can. President Santana slides tactic has more problems that's where it that. And setting your place up like the way you want it from the from the jump because people always like I'm going to be that project to me that project and the data about. I privileged homes like when they go to sell on May finally do all the stuff and they wanted to do to a man. And yeah. Yet trust me I heard you saying that the back of my head yesterday as Mac called me it was a gamble on up to folk life throughout the dynamite head back that way. And then I like opened up one thing and sort of put clothes away and and I heard your voice our. Just it's totally want like hang them up put away did two loads of laundry there student via. I was so I was really pumped too could lead to a new look like to a larger in the new place. Clearly see so excite me and I put clothes women who. The independent man composer there. But my bunny way to get point two teams like action like this place you that I might like to bed last night. Tell me as I said no breath of exhibit aren't there yet my career. The quote you. That's all right accountants and thing. But rabbit of good point series that you know he would tear in her like it's awesome they're building a house and stuff he's like. You'll have to worry about coming in here him like when or how long we spiders in the and and hear that today things please clean then ultimately a fresh start that's become. But he's got a lot of spiders. With the history quote. Yeah that's huge there's implies. On the deck. Lord of flies you. Are so we decided Roque would mowing the lawn but we don't wanna do an everyday. Those guys all have lawns and Britain they hate. So I was gonna make fun of on the that might mean it's it's a loans that'll walk around the Q&A member pitching. I don't I don't know I don't know teenager but like I feel like now pilot lived out the suburbs and Hammond plays in net and you know like if I was. I could look forward to it as a weekend day where acted just like. You know kind of zen out hopefully you know it's just suck and the winner of the summer like you Asher bring an odd in those Bennett. Spent an hour out there are just. You know be a productive on the weekend good feelings. Yeah I feel like over those guys has looked like rock blonde or like beauty bark or sign in now or just live my town home I don't wanna do more. At this juncture Woolsey I feel like I. Could get into it but I probably never would. To be like a homeowner who exactly Richard talk about like you AM if you do this and that's along. Not paid has got to come over Mo yeah. The main gate to remind Millen when I was the anti president paid Ford. Now that's like big Bill Gates like big things like how do you get so much time he's like Elmo mom won't. This yeah economists like Aaron talking points habits are different and we'll steepest Nixon saying that he specifically bought back healthy get in his development. If it's only the front part where it's like. Think it shows off some that homeowners association pays to have them partly instinct on so he never has the Rose Law. Let's not confuse. Yeah see I didn't really think about it that was the thing that pot I think he's a Smart man works Smart enough about stuff like that thing. May end up doing this thing you know the level. All right you know those here's an email. Our current. Commute to secondhand. Each shot away hope to see some people I do toward. Fourth for paying immigrants make deals coming out. On window panes planned the shoebox this weekend. On June 3. That's ninety mark's last performance with them. Oh again the first of the new bass players that some pretty epic. And then ten miles wide it's doing their tour kick off the next Saturday high dive in that two hour. Wraps up the finale is pain in the grass from the open. Sit out pretty cool to help. KI so we put we put on both those shows so. I'm all we have both mono and Els and abdomen and or go to Maui after that so yeah I won't be here pain grafts. He's now got to formally. Got to find some that still big strain ahead of my friends from lion bit ago. Yeah and leads. Yet. He's talking about it so hopefully this fall and upon. Him now anyway wow he is a silly debate thing and I really. I mean I sought out by some guided at a bunch Becker Dow loved it and I'm not astray as texted about from my friends. Beckham and his Williams wonder if you ever have that amendment Allen at a brilliant times that. I was ever being of my buddy's apartment down play them all from me. And he was like his friend brought this real Hollywood now it's police and it costs. I feel like my rap persona only smokes now it was. Hey guys there's. I always think about show not that straight for Sally little smoke and smoke in my hour while it. Kabila bit. And do its broken well and wheat duties I mean smoke in the economy now. But it's like he was an exotic it wants a from his own violence not easy to get a Somalia like low level rappers are smoking man. And that Jamaican bush sweet no way. Why has it in the Mallard allowed. Hey guys I was a little busy when. Just strategy but it hasn't little busy I was and could cast. And can take notes this will be short one thing I want to comment on with TC being an alcohol is. That is just in chemistry terms any molecule chain as an auction hydrogen bonds considered now call. I TC as one off the internal benzene ring so it's considered now call. Yeah I'll call it as in beer is ethanol you can tell most doc calls basically because they tend to end in oh well. For their name so ethanol methanol like that. Stun I would Lagos now I guess it doesn't come cool nice. Of which are that fact player or conversations. Amateur. Hey go through your drug can screw her. They tell us one time podcast Twitter first time podcast email nice. Just want to share some and I think fit into the top topic last week and after having read the slight edge thanks for the suggestion iced it to could could really book. I did give me a piece of advice when I was a kid playing sports that he noted can be applied anywhere in life. I'm where applied consistently it would make you the single most valuable asset and any team you were working on. The secret to his and subsequently my success on my side. He simply told me look for just one good quality in each of your teammates an emulator it. Seems pretty simple since just want equality has since it's just one quality and everyone has at least one thing they're good that right. Me and now doing this pays off in a big way. It's not so you need to be as good at any one thing has ever won. The suns. That's not to say you need to be as good at any one thing as everyone. It is on the team that specific area. It's just the one improve amassed some variants in example. Some are excelling at it can make you better by extension. Costly apply this nets who have skills that skimmed from the best abilities your teammates which allows you not be an expert in any one thing but. To be incredibly burst style enabled opera pretty unique perspective and approaching new challenges the phrase Jack of all trades master of none comes to Mirant. This phrase has it may have contagion. It's not ever fully said. Full phrase and they've sent a semi I didn't know this time of in the seem over the weekend. The full phrases Jack of all trades master of none but often better than master of one. In any case figured I'd share a little gem for pops has helped me on every sports who work situation I've been placed him. They destroy you do for this podcast guys and have you ever if you're looking to talk science including Ted's favorite topic of quantum physics Comcast. And needed Joe Schmo and a couple engineering degrees hit me up Bryant AK AB hearts AKA the independent variable AKA. Mammoth pancake. That's pretty awesome Brian I never knew that there was more of that quote. Yeah I didn't either armor Arkansas that he said I said the yen yesterday outside elements and almost you know the Mac meal. So what is it again Jack of all trades master of none but often times better than master of one. Yeah. I'll coming across somebody next time they say it to me the ball master trades. Know. Jagr all trades master of none of it did you it was more of that. So Cobb Ted and Matt. Hi Cobb I talked to the dope riveted on comedy competition about the elevator union apprenticeship you'll remember. Went in for the interview and Iran went really well now it's got the email and I'm ranked number sixty out of about 250 to 300 applicants some super stoked. To you to hell yeah Michael. Now the weather's been nicer than we should do a deep podcast hike and then of course go to the north Ben farm grow. And my hope to see you guys that the show on June 3 at shoebox you know thanks in part cast guys it's best podcast on land although it might appear to brewer. I'm stoked for you that's can be honestly I mean we talked about it but that's like one of the cushions gaze out there. The construct roads he does know much about elevator technicians. Now Chris is gay in the game if you've. Talked about before a Comcast I don't I don't know staff. Yet they make they make great money they rarely get dirty the users have to like you know decent digital suffer the elevator they get paid for travel times as soon as they like. Leave their spots come basically like if your elevators dead and you're a giant building you'll pay whatever it takes to get it. Going again right yeah obviously for the emails of flight that's what I do you mean it's not that Kush. I mean to like sometime I think they're install a well argued. It's a lot of work but also like they make hiked twice what a lot of the other guys on the site are making. A lot of times I did not get dirty than a tight unions and Alex stick up for each other make a troll the elevators in the city so like. You know you can't if they have a tight unionized there's nothing you can do no house knows how to fix elevators you know so yeah I crate gate and a lot of times like their overtimes double. So there's like. Past double cause like I don't want to like aren't while many of North America like in a thirty stories that's. Yeah health I got a little bit of that and some real solid and it's steered. Yeah so anyway nice yeah I mean when ray used to be like overtime was what time and have them. Weekends like double time and think how these Sundays so please triple time. Yes I like of these guys sometimes don't come around hit a sequence of like ten buttons but they got to go to Spokane to do so. They're driving traffic to an eight hour job for literally like the job itself takes them seven minutes. It's crazy stuff like that. I enemy double it's like a Sunday and then the only ones who aren't cut back check you on this and asking how you know all of us. Yes so I know from when I was working for food shake construction has organized. You need to search rounds like nineteen in the Summers during college. And a base that was just like a glorified side bench so what I would do is sometimes I'm like help lay concrete. Most Summers like sweeping floors cleaning up after crews from that come through select the are that tapers like monitors and stuff they leave a lot of debris behind them a clean up after mammoth as a framing acting up scraps. So most of my back and I got stuck with one of the elevator dues one time he was the only downside is a site. I Chris pants just like freshly dressed in clean. And only me came man he was there for maybe like an hour and a half two hours worked on the elevators you know as a small like tilt up building. And so couple stories and NASA site mamet seems they could skate them and also. Mean electricians aggregate. For that. That's cool I was odds in that I mean sometimes you talk perfect you grab one red raiders I thought I don't know it be okay cool I mean I don't know her out I fear optic net net. Every piece of that isn't exactly true but generally speaking like cats and it's a great game to make a ton of money. Need to work a lot of overtime and they hold all the power because of an elementary and huge. Yeah I don't doubt that it's a great game so Arafat and towns in the but she's skiing in the game. Well I mean I don't mean it in like a demeaning way it is a Salmonella. I mean in back and like dude you get one of those gigs like you're so lucky it's really tough to get an air of sound off. I would love that job as an awesome job. Think they were like. Oh its debt is unquestionably work mean anything deconstruction like. Maintenance and sack a lot of their calls to make great money and now they've not been set at a Kabul bonds to ice it takes years of experience know what buttons to hit. By the strongest one as a long shore. You don't just affect affect city. Much less just. Yeah I think some of that power's going to be chipped away. The next couple decades. Parents have been erosion of that. We are now Winamp and hand like he might have been Amazon announced it would send for three days we talked about it in. Anymore ego. That's it I'm cool which let's with. Yeah. Word well I had a great weekend. A buddy Brad to meet Manhattan has accesses really cool spot out by still only fault is like not hundred acres prime property. Like Forrest playground. Basically. And bunch campsites. And every year for Memorial Day. Days throw big party out there. It's a work parties that during the day clean up the trails like Rick Perry mention winner. Umpqua senate's new campsites and just kind of do his general maintenance and clean up around there. So. You know we do that during the day and paying out party all night rule it was out there. With a body lands and who's on cas last week and know our friends cast and my goal for of course and a couple of friends actually drew from dirty dirty and John from ten miles wide a couple of friends from. The Roxy and and test whose and it into Sar. Were notes were up there. On the bunch of brats firm friends went to the duke went out guys nice there's one point grads came out on fire and the sudden this guy views from Hungary. Antsy he had an awesome accent and growth in the Czech Republic and so like outages and accent haven't sit around a fire you know at both stars out in the guys spent fire and you musica owners to stock. There's a real rat time got a good work done but I had a really a time bomb Saturday night however the work days. Hi depends who you ask. So they've worked harder than others. You know and that list you know we got a lot done now strength in numbers. Being so. I somehow sometimes it goes hey I feel like you get a couple few hours at every of every single person then there's I did forty of us there's a bunch done I am I think you know forty gonna get up from putting the heat out yeah nutrients the habit no the guys that arm. The catalyst. Ron in the show on on the maintenance and things. Dave said I was like the most we're ever gotten down on these weekends are you super well so. The and then just. Ton of fun at nightmare we're up all night to a sun came up. Both nights and then. Saturday night Sunday morning I'm actually. Hiked down to sell quality falls it's on the other side from my observation deck so are you yet you know like caged in here on the opposite side of the falls through and l.'s and it is a bird freezer burn we senator Hammett. And we just facing that falls is the sun is rising. And then took him out and woke up and then. Went to my parents house canoes is my dad's birthday last week. There's little party going on there. And my brother Tim was there and my cousins my gran paso. At a good time went to cast came over to heavy late in Anaheim on your dad you have a good fish are good state boat so it what is EE. Unlike his birthday vote with. Well the what did you put that vote today gets out they strapped stake for another eighty Fiat does some really good salmon incinerated steak and teriyaki chicken. So you know he all right if it's not as great weather Sunday. I have some great Al bit Andrews Sunday so. Oda yeah there was no matches order games on point oh yeah yeah Disney still cook I mean it's his birthday the Dahlia he loves yeah. We could add great entertainers I've rademan new gadget for the pitch in effect this cutting board. They collect pulled up in it they'll turn into a straighter and then you can turn it the other. The other way and it just like side everything steal a top of your vegetables on it. Strain on. And then flip it over the other way elect folds up and they can just. Cost him the ball real quick so that's as a pretty cool all right. What do you guy has everything she just similar random it's all I'd just look for Kitchener wind stuff that he doesn't already have. And so he's pretty stoked on that and I had been received premiered. So we got Lance out on the boat. We got Lance out on a jet skis I mean that guy. On he's obviously he has vote is these great poke guy but seeing him on that jet ski. Would he is so in his element just the biggest smile eyes phase and just proof if they're a bunch of votes out at Memorial Day weekend eighty degrees so I mean it's choppy out there. And he's just gotten it is he's been on a jets the but multiple times they had been on in a while so he was comfortable enough with it to get out there and really go and I mean. Those things are supercharged. Today they hit it and also I noticed. It is made by Kallis sock in the arts jet ski said outside a brand jet skis the model. Of that but obviously that people refer to the whole thing it's jet skis. On you know if you have a seed you don't runners in CD west and those are other brands. Models models makes I think Yamaha does sound OK so a model that is a few brands and there's a years from models and I think jets the ism is billed most. Used term. To describe law and contact Kleenex I use someone's aren't jet skis the unit had I'd put the keep referring to them. In the voters test but Graham voters lessons are kept referring him to something personal water craft or something PWCs or something like that on. I don't remember. But I am a voters license that's all that matters so. The act didn't get glance out there was awesome of course our parents loved him on as a first time meeting himself. News is really cool like on the last day. We are on Sunday who we are about to leave the falls. How it's gone over or is it you'll love it is his I okay cool and many started like having second thoughts. Does that I don't know man kinda wanna go home and I was I know you gotta come site. That being selfless those late. No for Atlantic he's gonna have a great time their cues so I kind of nudged him in the right direction you got a shower and banana and and the split was feel better and came over and had an awesome time so nice out school a then yesterday Monday went down folk life. Wander around for a little bit patted. Have pretty good time got some. Official name brand she used to be Ares they're still in business aren't allowed and I Safeco anymore but there is delicious is that and there are fully. Dipped strawberries not just drizzle and glazed look chocolate Safeco. On now does speakers you know. The chocolate shortage or whatever you're talking I don't know that that's trying to do it at Safeco I just know that their pretended to be just today crown which you you are anxious and I mean what I. When our Safeco and they didn't have the actual Cisco Beers I was very I compared. I did go under like what's the deal here Natalie arena. Yeah and they only have a one state. It's just a Mary's in the ashes party Ono manners games and coming down the aisles at the end of the game on May still come down the bios but it strawberries just like the drizzle like so I got the Siberian tiger she's few Beers. Which is I. Dipped in white chocolate and then drizzle with milk chocolate. They are the strawberries at that Safeco now. Are like. Just drizzle with chocolate. Did he yeah it was sad via that stance that. Cut her problem. I think what else happened they changed parties prepare for a our and Fiat. At least you're there you an idea a great town falls Johnson and had a great time you backyard. Cobb view as well that Ted is on offense actually coming out. At one point. There's so there's a lot of things I would have liked to have done this week. Did you make the sound enough. I did Saturday was like my day off Erica to Saturday I just went to the Sanders matched engine night doing housewives. And then right and Sunday a top to help me and and Monday when that down and then took everything else. Who are you basically fully move now. Yet everything it's gonna move is in my place so I gotta go back there and to clean out the freeagent a couple of things. Dumpster fire underestimate. Yeah I wasn't positive and trying to think I might. Think I meaning less but. Either way I was tired. I took your rights. They are tired apparently bugging everybody at phenomena do this and that's latest thing rent a car for tomorrow pick up the morning. Afterwards and go over there throughout the trash so they need to be taken back Covert spying and out yet. Got rid of the bad for him. There are rid of the debt owed an old slow and when you do that that I sent you an idea I don't did you yet but there's like hundreds given that so much. It's about that. Yeah. Used. Always tough to remember the genus of these these questions to cycle come to me like you know 1 in the morning whoever own pride and down but this one I think. OK so Ted. Moving out of belt town after years of being there you know serving big decision user trying to figure out where he was gonna move. I. How in the room where this came from I guess some big decisions come up my life that makes decisions Rollins are making big decisions anyway. The point is. As you go through life there's. There's like. You know big decisions that need to may be made their veritable like crossings of the rubicon decisions from which you cannot turn back. You know the big fork in the road to. Road less traveled Robert Frost all of that. And my question. Basically this hike. How people approach decisions we have to make those really big decisions in life that are tough. What sort of system to use her for. Sort of like trying to. To come up with the best answers so anyway cop covered this week is what framework do you use to make him a big decisions in life. If free mouse he not be podcast dot com or has from the twin machine. Hat and the podcast what framework do you use. Or four framework system motto whatever it is for making the big decisions in life. I think patience. Is the main ones that I practiced and tried to sometimes. That's not always Ollie just sickly feasible. I guess you know I sometimes you're living situation needs change on a dime or you get. The fire whatever you ought to mean but if you have the ability to. To be patient about from direct that you know and and think about the big picture and and weigh out your pros and cons. And you know because your emotional state will changes we are really emotional emotionally charged wanna do something. But in a couple days that'll subside a little bit and then you know okay. You can you can think about from a different angle sides say patience and this is the biggest biggest luxury to have with. If possible race. It's a good call. And yeah I'm trying to give like the one that I use and all because I was the every situation is different than your dislike whatever and I frameworks you've used her like always you think about. Big decision. Sometimes two man for me. I just. Yeah at a couple weight really good friends that you count to be honest with you not just slate. But there's sometimes you know and cop I'm sure I've done it with you have I don't buy insurance and I haven't bitch Agassi they do that is one event like. Like I just wanna get this off my chest let. But does that just kind of acknowledging like I know you're always in the on Sudanese it's like I don't go around the Internet hasn't pitched. Have to have a friend I know will be honest with you you like the subtle mind turning to those people that I'm in need that they look he's. You're she's always super. You know that. They're really good. Really Smart to clarify Kate I music event BOX. Q yeah all come back to you when I'm ready here advice thrown right or it might be something that obviously doesn't need a huge thing just he just pissed me off that day. Do you know it's because I am also a fan of that you know I think there is sometimes a doozy events. Odyssey and Hank I have little patience for. Mr. bitch him out about the same stuff all the time here you know but lake. Some values when event but I also think you know dealing lately though Joe's the one probably say to the mouse that he'll laugh when he hears that her I don't think joked just turn off them. The cavium lawyer Mayer thing like I'd just what a bitch about this I think it took him out of this for today and then we'll move well. Yeah having people you can count on number one not only do you trust them which also respect him for what they do. Yeah it got through rigor and and allied that distinction a lot of times. In my process of patients. Arm. I'll wait until I've cooled down so that I can. Come to one of those friends from a more productive angle you know they want inject as opposed when I come if I come out emotionally charged. I will be well served by being like hey I just need to get this off my chest you know I mean at what stocks solutions next week right now to do some complain. And you know straight up because we hear that state whatever if what they say doesn't vibe with you even if it's way better advice than what you're feeling at that moment. You're gonna meet it was some insist. You distract a lot of no interest there the only created call. What about you. For me I like. Mike Jeff Bezos sort of like framework that eat black. He just he had like a really good little video on autopsies are used because of like a regret mineralization framework when it's actually just like. Which stand you know regret not doing more you know which one night fifteen years I bag man. I wish I'd done that rather than mechanic well this one's like Chris here is an ass like a batter. Chance of succeeding about whatever you know he's site attorney and regret not doing a cool good now. Knowing about it. Yeah that's good and that right in there are following their heart little bit total lease choices come up for everybody ain't. Mean it could be just a simple choice of flight. You know let's say it's ten years from now on Matt's got you know two kids or something. And somebody offers them a different job for summer your enemy they. An assailant and get every day like this happens to people there's chances that they even though you might not have taken that job they catch you paid millions of dollars. But on the same token you might be at home a lot of the kids really like that so it's like. He wouldn't regret that necessarily yet totally your enemy but I remember coaching based on with a guy years ago when I was teenager. And he it to. Through the grapevine. And equity he just kind of let it slip this job he turned out how much more money wise and I remember thinking that's really cool that time. Now I'm an adult comic back that was unbelievable car got help that he was already doing OK but just lake. You don't meet many. People that would do. You know but he was like no like I I want to coach myself. Yeah and I mean both the oil like he's term member countries on our mornings have been our members in my board meeting you know yeah. Yet but that's that's in its toughness that's violate the which when you regret less because it but sometimes too you just got to put in work as got to raise. You know totally. Got kind of serious this crazy up there in the streets through a series is good masters and I'm not necessarily a bad thing. Their decisions can be vague about a lot of people senator Frist I'm right now you know. A good a lot of people have been. Facing a lot of big decisions and change in points and Mike has been a team I've noticed a lot of people. Which is I agree that via pattern just thing you know it went through the arrow is really bombed out. This chaos in the territories and team ethic maybe people are doing something about the the does bother man. And when sixteen but I just though a lot of friends that are due with different situations. That are that are you know pretty big ones that are constantly looking man with him face change trying to figure stuff out. What's can be your local markets had she listener replaced buck place. Weary and you sushi exactly the real issues as sushi thing is on lock. I've had been made yet but there's allegedly there's a little kinda area there trying to build up there's a fancy coffee place at a sushi place and that's when the fear to market and it's like. Three blocks and up towards as a terrorist and other winter now and he walked over the house and that's going to be all brand new idea of time. Now wants to their have you heard against the terrorists now I'd Albert has. It's game in the new house and I did did you keep records he'd let people know it a little no or yes Larry. That's of the and you don't know. About stuff the expecting. That is being out there that click that it was that big lot and now that B and now it's got that light time. Elevating. Our as a good time on that goes to substation assumption I probably the only thing. I was so excited. To. We were here Reid didn't. Know that some owners appeared. Told me I call it dealt well with the. I am looking up at the planning department. Melissa available public I want you so excited side dish yeah it was JT DT Phillips is appear doubts. About it. He did do if you did blow my mind when I ran down slightly like wind and those like I guess he and I of Neitzel who's gonna come somewhere. Did you know that last week. But this time I think I knew that. Three weeks ago or so right after we were like. Can I keep kept walking by announcing what the hell is this thing extend the we have walls and everything makes no sense for it such an expensive parcel. Now but then. Public utilities. No way around it. A few defeated by two united I appreciation ransom for me but that's honestly that's how I learned 90% of us have noticed people. Knowing that damage to tell me so. And we gonna deck in Cobb knows everything about every building and every lie and you know gallium raises totally available most of the time it's posted right there at the construction site a what's gonna become but it. I don't pay attention to it and so he always right on deck he's blow my mind there's is one thing is that what the hell is that. And JT knock came up told me and now I was excited blow caused minor to work. I like to use it like you so excited you crush them with it but I appreciate you. Certificate. And peptides they got a lot of it I mean that's all they overhear as reported in the womb how to better help. I bet you go both serious we'll knowledgeable but episode 1814. Ha ha ha ha hey Pete. Fred GDP for cup and beat it smitten be podcast chips.