Loud and Local - May 21st, 2017 - A Tribute to Chris Cornell

Sunday, May 21st

R.I.P Chris Cornell. This episode is a tribute to his art and music. It also features in studio guests Outshined. 


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Oh yeah. And our minutes actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. I was noticing great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Casey is allowed. The rock featuring music ball. Great Pacific northwest. 99.9. Is the end of the weekend 10 PM until midnight my name is Kevin years. And I've been heavy week for all of us here in the local rock community usually here on loud and little boys play a lot of us. Lot of bands that kind of need the help a lot of bands that are up and coming out of danger may not have heard before but this week. We pay respects we paid tribute these special tribute episode to warrant only Chris Cornell. I am joined tonight by is being called out shine there will be playing before acoustic songs both Temple of the Dog and sound garden. Songs they'll be playing. Coming up here around 1020 that I wanted to do was dig deep into the Chris Cornell. Back catalog some besides some rarity some acoustic stuff some wide stuff. Just some jams by sound garden at temple and like I said his solo stuff so right now I'm gonna start off with an older sound garden jam. Your all. The old but this one is very old nothing to say start this off here on the Chris Cornell tribute episode of loud local after that. A very special sound garden cover the black savage Islam local. On the rock. Okay. I. Okay. I. Okay. Yeah. This is then yeah. On the and 99.9. KI ES. It. And tears were. AI SW. He's been a very heavy week for the northwest music community and tonight we pay respect we pay tribute and homage to Chris Cornell and his music. His art in his memories and for this reason we have a band by the name of outshine and I asked them into the studio. They're going to be doing a couple of sound garden in temple dog songs into. And respected Chris Cornell take it away guys without shined on them local. And. We. We. It's. I know. It's. Okay. You. I we'll. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. We. Okay. It's. I. Yeah. It's. It's. And. It's. Yeah. Yeah. We just wanna say thank you Chris. Thank you for creating this music that we all love so much. And Dennis. We've played this music purely because we love it. Like all the fans thank everyone has heard it it is touchdown pass this test us all so deeply. Weird it's treasured that we have the recordings. That we had his legacy to continue to listen Q. So it can continue to touch yes reach into our heart. And grab it as it has done. From the first time we heard. So here Rio. Let's play Smart. It's. And well. A. Oh. Yeah. It's. It. And okay boo. Yeah. Yeah. Comes yeah. I. I'm saying. He. It's. Yeah. Yeah. It. Sun and. The hall. And I. It's. I'm. It's okay. Okay. It's. Oh. Yeah. Tall cool. And T hey this. Wow. Yeah. Oh yeah. It. A wow that was killing. Outshine here on loan in local two songs back to back who did it. Temple of the Dog song and then obviously sound gardens on tonight as he tribute to Chris Cornell. He's allowed local here on 99 point nine KI SW. Bittersweet night obviously we we pay respects to the art of up Chris Cornell and we you know we're not gonna talk much about the debt it's a sad. Tragedy but we just wanna remember the art and the legacy Chris Cornell leaves behind. And he is in our hearts and he will continue to live on through our music. I'm now the guys from outshine I just wanted to put the focus on egos for one brief moment and and ask you guys like. What you're names but what's your name what what do you play for outshine Intel's a little bit about. How outshine got started and what was it about which sound garden in Temple of the Dog meat you guys really wanna just. Do you distribute and. Well first thank you can instead be referred you know honoring Chris playing his music you know all on Thursday when that the news broke. Going back and hearing you know that some of that did keep track that we're playing in Canada listed the ultimate versions and obviously what you're doing tonight. Just you know sharing and and celebrating you know all of that music that has been created and it's available for us to listen to turn him you know dictate thank you guys are doing it. And that's it exactly. Why we started you know playing this music in my life we love it so much. It's. It's awesome everything all that attracts the deep tracks. They hit so obviously what normally gets play maker is just everything. There is. That that sound that voice. That the risks out of the band. And shepherds base just everything with this wonderful wall of but the noise and it comes out to be the most beautiful thing. Ever. And that's that's what drew me to it to the music I grew up learning these risks and and figuring out how to play it. I'm GT Phillips I play guitar for outshine and and for jar flies. And house contains should be banned. We then you know honoring this this music from Seattle. Effort to close to a decade now. And it's it's it's an honor that to be able to two to play it and some of the best stories I get tired you know people that would do it here it. And wanna tell me about it that time they sock you sound garden. At the rot candy. That's all that the ones that remembered you know seeing Alice contains that the central. That's that's a true honor win when playing this this this music is so deeply rooted in Seattle and unites you guys and the music and in those moments and memories you know exit the community at night it made. Brings together everyone who is you know heard the music who's who's from here whether. They didn't know about sound garden Intel you know after the super known album. Or whether they Wear you know buying that that the font BP when it missed was first out you know about music has brought so many people. Together and that's that's what we do it with. Which are flies without shined and our partners and wash them by active approach in tribute. That's awesome. Though. Ronald and continue on into halftime the Bruce and I played bass duo backing locals and keep the speaking circuit will drop and all right. Get. Thing. Fossum. And yes so I'll let you guys continue on to two more songs for us tonight. All right yes. I guess the gift that the key for us to. Judy. In it integrates itself I'm Steve McKee is going to be here appreciate you guys and by him on mrs. Important things now to be here. The area so if if anyone can guess what's what's coming next you wonder what. We. Yeah. It's I knew they. Yeah. The it's. Mass. Its own. All the time news. And that. It is. Well again. Oh yeah. Sure I'll get. Homeowners. And it. No owner. I. Honor its. Others. I don't know. And oh. Okay. Dalia. Again thank thank you for having us thank you referred for letting it service. Thank you. Appreciate you hit her head hit her head. Kevin what it what did you say about Cornell. All of us to say America. You know I mean it's. It was it was an honor to. You know to play at a high on Friday night knicks you know and ask your to do this it's just chill worst circumstances. And I wish we were hearing wish I wish we didn't play a full optional. On Friday and I wish I wish everybody didn't need. A memorial to Chris Cornell. There. You know when we when we started doing this we did it purely for the joy. We started this almost a decade ago we've played some because. We played excellent because it. It was just the joy to do we listen because it is just it just brought joy. Did it purely for. And and it's never going to be again we never played songs just for fun you're never gonna hear the songs just for the fun just for the joy it's. Always gonna be. With with you know the fact that Chris Cornell here it's always going to be memorial place it can be. It's always good. You just a little a little fat little gamers never even just purely for the Giuliani. You know its. That's. The tragedy. It is but I also. It carries such great memories effort for a solved for the listeners furthered the DJ Byrd for anyone notice that asserted so. Whenever you hear. Sound garden over and obviously a whore and Chris Cornell saw. Just remember all of the good memories remember way. What it brought you. Remember all those good times have seen him in concert or our. Putting it on in your bedroom in and just jamming out and jumping on the bed whatever it is. Remember though us that's. It's it's an amazing. Collection of music that we have to listen to him. So we got one more Korea. And then. Kevin's gonna dive into Simpson's home tracks. You know I think we would love to hear you know first ritual again from our group here. In that that the singles the movie that it helped to put it you know grounds in the map and immortalized that. Absolutely you know that's that would be our request. You know offered the track and we'll we'll we'll throw some more regulator but some. It's a birth ritual right after the commercials but I wanted to mention you guys are going to be doing a show. The best of northwest tribute July 7 at the toll the casino that's not just going to be. A members about ten but also jar of flies and I'm washing black is that correct. Correct this loss mother love them for you this. Story user cool. Awesome. So again that's July 7 at Tulane with casino. Thank you very much a must know that. And an entry go to challenges the last one here by outshine. Israel is wrong. Nice guy. Yeah. No. County. Yeah. I am yeah. You know. And. And don't back. Day. And. Okay. Okay. Film and yeah. Here. And there. Don. And quality. Yeah yeah. I'm happy. And the and. And laughter. Today. And now. Yeah. Yeah. Helms. Yeah. Well yeah. Okay. I'm. While I am I have goosebumps right now thank you so much out shined in studio here on allowed in local you're just tuning in now he'd go back on our face that we have the entire performance life. And I just think he's so much for coming in here end up paying tribute to to the music of Chris Cornell to. To us sound garden is awesome so again go to the FaceBook why video and thanks again guys. We're going to be back in just a moment with your personal request. Birth ritual will be back here allowed in local. This is loud and low. He's on the 99.9. KI DS. Thank you again throughout shined they're going to be playing alongside with members. Of washing black in Charlotte for and excuse me now my voice. Is is shot is because I was just totally moved by that performance incredible. They're gonna be playing with members. Of washing black in jar flies Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains are achieved and they're all gonna be one day and best of the northwest tribute again July 7 at Tulane with casino you can go to EKIW FaceBook. In case you're just tuning you know it. And didn't miss it. Don't worry and we'll continue on for the rest of the show until midnight we're playing all music Chris Cornell by sound guard but something Lou Dobbs Chris Cornell acoustic right now. It was requested. Body. Outshine off the singles soundtrack which was just released this past Friday. Kind of an interesting release dates now you know we're going to. Play this one birth ritual by sound garden party has his sound garden song sounds like he's guitars is they in my day. His birth ritual here. A lot more local. Okay. We're. It. Okay. Studied I'd want. KI DS. You want to see and the loud and local continues on the Iraq. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Okay. I. Okay. Ruin. Yeah. Okay. Okay. It's. Okay. It's. That. Am. Okay. Here. Okay. Me. The it's. Okay. Yeah. And you. Okay. And okay. I don't know. Okay. Okay. And yeah. And team. It's good news I. Do you. Okay. Today. Oh yeah. We. It's. Yeah. Jail. This is loud and local. Well. Ninety point nine KI DS stuff. If you're just tuning in now in do you know that he's easy tribute to Chris Cornell all night tonight here on loud and local my name is Kevin gears and typically on Sunday nights you play. You know smaller little known band absorbing inches kitten their start here in the northwest and. In all this week though it's been a very heavy week for the northwest music community. And for all fans of Chris Cornell for four. All of us here on KI SW Thursday we've played a lot of sound garden of Temple of the Dog of obviously with Chris Cornell acoustic but tonight on to dig a little. Deeper with some maybe besides a rarity some wild stuff we also had. Out shined a tribute band to to Temple of the Dog as well as sound garden command. And they did for song acoustic go to the KI SW FaceBook page if you did not get a chance to hear that you can watch it all. A video of all four of those songs and so the next three songs you're going to hear back to back. Are some hard blow up the outside world one of my favorite songs by sound garden I know it's a more well known song like I said. Playing a little bit of via more. Beside issue material into deeper cuts that I wanted to just get that on definitely love that song and then after that. Search and destroy them doing eight stooges cover lies at the Mercer arena in 1992. And others a few people listening they're like I was at that show. Well that one's for you and then Temple of the Dog call me a dog going out to outshine they wanted to here's how once and here it is blow up the outside world. Rest in peace Chris Cornell with while local on the Iraq. Things. We're seeing. I. It's. Yeah. It's. Okay. I. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. I. Years. Home. Yeah. I didn't. This is out in. He's bought the rock igniting Roy not. AI DS so. It's. Yeah. And yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. It's. And tears were. AIS still. He's loud and local all night long for the last few hours of loud and local we are doing all tribute to. All Chris Cornell music sound garden adios slave while acoustic Temple of the Dog all stuff Chris Cornell. And he does the last time you hear me tops I just want to say thank you to all that are listening and thinking floor. Sharing this with me in dinky to outshine for coming in and death. Playing some songs what Temple of the Dog by sound are named after defeating. In very touching words this guys are awesome in support and end just just. Remember the good times if you had a chance to meet Chris Cornell if you had a chance to see life. Sound garden if you had a chance to see audio slide live or if you just to feel any you never had a chance to see him just remember the good positive songs and the just the amazing art Chris left us with so. He will forever be in our hearts and Chris Cornell rest in power I have songs. To end the night I'm sure it's gonna try and do acoustic. Chris Cornell song gonna trying into a temple that out and sound garden but to started off. I'm going to do a some off the euphoria morning song and leave this is ranked pass the drug charges favorite. Chris Cornell acoustic song preaching the end of the world off of euphoria morning. Since some gardens in Temple of the Dog but right now it's Chris Cornell RIP Chris Cornell with our local. On the Iraq. Used to. Saying and. No. Mean yes it's. Okay. Yeah. The. This is loud and low. Bought the rock 99.9. AI DS. Seattle. And yeah.