Loud and Local - May 28th, 2017 - w/ Windowpane AND Piston Ready

Sunday, May 28th

This week on Loud and Local I had two badass in studio guests - WINDOWPANE and PISTON READY !


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Oh yeah. An armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. I was noticing great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Casey is allowed. No rock featuring music full. Great Pacific northwest. 99.9. Gay and a loud and local ten until midnight every Sunday. The weekend is not over for a lot of us attitude is at Memorial Day weekend in a long extended weekend. Beautiful weather here in the northwest minus seven years. We needed dampening of resetting all the bits in northwest news tonight. You know guests in studios the first guess I have is that the 10 o'clock hour eight is by the name of window pane you know you love them and they're playing a you just show you'll hear all about it in just the view on yachts second affecting our I had this thing ready. They're gonna. Presenting some of any song from their new record and if it's pretty fantastic their also plans a pretty epic show starts things off this week. Last week I had the Chris Cornell tribute episode. And this week I present a song they cover of black hole sun has done by. Erin and Brandon Smith of seven horn seven eyes Jeff Loomis formally of never more. Currently of arch enemy as well as a Donna from ghost ship Octavia is doing a bit of a metal. But then easing cover a black hole sun and RIP Chris Cornell it's loud in local. Then okay. Okay. Okay. It's huge. Okay. The. It's. What Kevin Sears rolls. KI SW. Bet on loud and local and the game studio. He has seen studio the window pane Kurds. When no pain with a pack. Rather. Yeah yes so the familiar cast it in. And new faces Christine Casper welcome to loud and local was your first time here as a member of without being put in the past few Ben. You've been appears as a member of which spans. And it's better for. Came here. Pretty much believe. I'll get on airplanes. In the markets. That's awesome. Right on well window pane you guys have a lot to talk about. Not only. Your new basis but also this coming Saturday will be the final performance a year long time. Longtime member Mark Harris. But but more importantly it is a huge monkey should know. On Saturday so let's let's talk about a half first off hi guys do and I mean. I know Glenn he had held the day. Had to hold a couple months my friend you. Good man. You and good looking forward to Saturday I mean we you know we produced incidents were put on show boxer got a release strong lineup from. You guys get to pick all the other bands that play basically what we dues though we we you know. I for lack of better term we cut out the middleman so that the middlemen take too big piece of the pie artists can make more money DIY produce I don't know my yeah we've got a good relationship shoebox and we built that reputation has been the ban could really hostile and put together agreed bills in particular rate shows and as a drop. Yeah now you know to power of the sort work with them directly few years back so we do this week literally were advancing the artists were assembling the bills were taken care of everything with a promoter and the headline com. After it's a work for costs applied by the same token. It doesn't able us more than anything else to pay the artists were we feel they deserve to be paid on but that's cool for them too because they had to deal with and me and making they can just talk to the artists that it's been great to you you know some of the settlements where you know toss for a week advance in Hungary and pay you to pay structure when these dollars you know big fat check this is the most money ever made playing music Ehrlich will go. Can't get it is very. We we really enjoy our support and can throw down hard and and we animal fat check in their jaws drop open like hey you know you earned every cent and then we're all in this together to agree that we can walk out here. Not only having played an amazing man but giving that kind of money artists deserve. Rarely receive. Yes I like that I like him here man it's awesome. You see your big show is this Saturday the third of June. I'm and it's already Jeanne that's crazy crept up quick the summertime. Here in the northwest it's looking nice out there so we got window pane along with van Epps playing their tore kick off kiss the governor's daughter doing a reunion. Wyatt only and the wreckage and mocks societies so that he is five awesome billions in that's all going down. At shoebox market. Like I mentioned it is marketers is final show. You guys complain a long time together. Yeah I mean market. You know originally were from Maryland and in market. We grow to school together. You know skeet religiously together and shared many Bellini you know borrow roller scary rhetoric settlers well roller bullies you know we are definitely aids. But you know and we've been playing rock in the for a long time mark mark Tennessee newborn daughter and she's 21 B and and the mother. Mark's daughter and she's. Here and so it just got to point mark as you know I. I really need to be girl that we respect that completely in as far as the transition has. You know let us know Connell what it was gold it was sort of you know we started auditioning bass players and we auditioned few Christian Kane and knocked it out of the park again because you have that first night he was going to be the guy but we talent of course. We're terrible people we have Brussels. Sleep. Chris in the next the next time and and he opted out of the park again that's like you've got this and to you know as far as how amicable told and I mean. Rehearsals lately and with mark and Crist at school and Markel play the stuff Chris shoot video that they can sit there and talk about parks and Chris would complain remarkable collection you got there if that's some good news and it's really been. You know as far as transitioning. A lifelong member of this man it's been a real cool and positive thing I think for every one obvious hero in this market were really excited about Chris is brilliant it was energy talent. You know amazing onstage was not counted show lose tonight it was his first on stage yes ages you know Neil. Says it's all been really good man and and the goal planned to show boxes we wanted. To do changing of the guards on stage literally we we want it. To show our fans that this is cool and it's dude it's positive really celebrate all of this the fans in general equals that plans and features some early this material and marks Kennedy and then now and final mile mark and Chris is gonna come up and then we're gonna blocks now hold others at the features. Legacy material and new stuff we've been working on some cool covers and you name it. Now we're trying to you really just make it. Hello show for the fans in the audience and really you know celebrate marks time in the and and celebrate you know Christians arrival and on stage cool things that's means. That's awesome yeah it seemed like a really that was Tony's and he easily do this is what I'm thinking man we all we hear so I think you know for. For fans of the band or else it's armies are real special shows that were never going to be recreated and that's parlor in front of people like well. You know you wanna see this one if you you know if you see any on this just let you be active and we've got a lot of special stuff. That's. Epic man. So my question is is what's the ritual going to be like is Egan can carve window into his arm. You know making an upper hand in and you disagree idea. We showed that he any sort of long long way yeah that's right. So involuntary hazing we're going to Lewiston me repeat and we're back here and there were by the seller you know Neil Sperry the whole area is details of that whole thing you know at the pillar of smoke was visible for miles around. Yeah soon and when we did find some water rewrite this irrigation canal so cool so we compound across this field is part our fans all these water bottles and you know Christmas Brian flexible liquid yesterday as the bank in public nominally over fallen there will be viking Hampshire. There quarter mile down there like on the river to go to loch Obama grow and the all of walked out and find out of that hole oh the worst part is I'm not down there in the water bottles and build them like man to sleep in. February about the pants and water out of Nichols is it going to be okay and there are literally as a symbol answers. Disease he's handsome handsome handsome man. Or about the snakes and he looked up and that's when he newsletters he just honestly every eight inches. There was another snake hole that bank and have been fifteen government. Knows it hasn't with the aid agencies there. Fifty different. Alec that's Joan and this is like why did you say that. Why did you say that images sticky foam balls do you collect tunnel it's more about what what it's gonna show up for the snakes in hazing all the good stuff like that and then and we're celebrating a changing of the guard this Saturday to come out it is a Saturday June 3 markers is final show. Christian Casper his first official show with window pane in Seattle. And I'm gonna play couple window opening songs for you off their self titled record worms and nothing more legends and liars back to back here we have more with nothing just a few of lab local. On the rocks. Is loud and local window pane at the legends and liars via self titled window pane record into. A man so window pane you guys are planning huge show this coming Saturday again. The whole lineup is mock society why it only it only and the wreckage kiss the governor's daughter reunion van Epps tore kick off in of course window pain. So aside from the the show box are owning escalate are there any other other northwest venues that you guys low planner that you want you love support and. Studio seven. Is is kind of bail home away from home you know we love plan that plays the assistant. That's our rock and roll club. And now and we had a great time at the net scene Peter yeah in a while since we've been. You know yeah see those are the best they could. The car and we've we've had yet again front shows attic rock. But I would say those are. If we had extreme right definitely you know show box around of course you know as far as. Just really written down on meet the Crocker studio seven and Tracy Nicole. The owners to use them cut off some time and spend Christmas there that's awesome and so it's it's home sweet home and we get on there it's it's all the usual suspects and were just among family yen. Just the vibe at that place is Mary until he said and it's kind of agree rock general Condon. Nobody worried about nobody in is to start in place. Absolutely. Well. I was wondering. About tickets for the show obviously it's tickets and an eagle on facets it's not sold out yet but how do people get get tickets. If people goats the window pane FaceBook page they can look at FaceBook dot com slash window pane music. On gorgeous search window pane you know has there hasn't logo on her. I think earlier it actually on the on the Cassidy FaceBook open cigar and so it became SW FaceBook and and you'll find the event page right there. That is a discount link that we were able to post up and we we have certain amount of tickets that we can we can mile out. I'll that's also bombed by Sears people fees fees we are almost we are almost through all those and just to make sure that we have enough time to get people their tickets before Saturday. We're Gannett all the links down tomorrow night at midnight. I'll or. So yes so that'll be that and that so really yes if you listen in you have you have until then. To us every cell of a few bucks you know otherwise is twenty bucks at the door sure you know and down arrows look at like its. Well I'm not sure if that'll sell out earlier not but I'd recommend it minor league walls. It's certainly gonna sell out night and I you better get in line if if you're trying to show up day and I get a ticket but. I would suggest going to DK I used to be FaceBook like they said. And you can get he these two candidates who get to go see window pane headline their show again it's mark pairs long time member of window pain. His final gig with it being an increase in Casper. Will be taking over the reins of base for window panes so while we're going to be talking to you guys a little bit more. And hanging out and a talk and all things window pane but I want to play another song called under foot can you guys introduce this one I'm gonna have you guys. The media do the honors of introducing it. Do you want to talk about the solid decisions we don't need these at. I thought about it with us. Although it's it's funny on the I mean this song was written back before the sessions are during the sessions were writing for the daybreak album and we all felt at the time. But it was a little too heavy and you know as far as brotherhood goes we had thought was a killer piece of music and we've been kicked around one point McMahon into the right rhythm guys. All our you know more in the vein of what the song feels like a wonderful you know wanted to be harassment we passed along and we told yet she talked about. And that we didn't yeah and then well that's because we decided just hang on a Smart idea on ice and Hogan played oh exactly how it works man accused two years later three years later we were just go through our hard drives and just listen to stuff we kicked around mile an amendment. Actually this is really killer yeah. The clippers actually to earn too little it's it's going to its way to the show on jealous. Shot Echelon on his audition moments on the first and only mean he's like two wonderful. Guys like. That. Yes it was a hard piece of material is is a time changes. So yeah struggled together men and now we'll get through it it doesn't have speculated it was always with us like Sean saying on one and let's start with a foot you can and it's a sort of the foot and like. You'd pick him one of our heart songs for your addition you sure she'd just pledge on Christina you. Came in boom oh. Okay let me just hard to Tony and we got pregnant. At its. It's hard as we just awful we were we plan on tore. We were my finger down. And men that audiences went wild for that team and I think we order. Reopening was on the closing with them close in little closed at meadow Louisiana we gave 1000. May be will he she bounced and let's Ellis played here so it's under foot window pain more from them in just a few it's loud and local. On the rock. You. Right. This is out in the. Small. Igniting Roy not KI DSL. I'll. We have some great games here. That. Window pane hanging out here in the studio thank you guys so much again it like I mentioned. Earlier they're playing a shelf. And you've got to go to go to KIS of these FaceBook page and you can get a discounted ticket now. Again with van Epps. Kiss of the governor's daughter reunion show why only and the wreckage. And mocks the site T so you guys you guys are gonna be like a tightly unit with your new basis. Chris in Casper thank you very much Christopher coming up to the show and tragedy. It's. Well we'll see how that goes back onstage. As as they make the transition from marked increase in onstage literally. A passing of the torch on stage you'll see on Saturday that's going to be a cool monumental moment for opera when opening for instant. The sea life. It is going to be crazy thing now plainly passionate with mark. Kind of a bittersweet that is man knows his brother for a long time I mean gosh Clinton since high school. And you know it was in. In decades for me. And a minute this crash and in the FF. You guys. Good allotment of air cast Berman of talent from around Lewis and he was four for each year like songs out of his shoes first and first but Ted do you want to go on appease the knocked an actor but. This looks at me to start I'm. Scared now well as a way to go to guy yeah. That's awesome that megabytes yeah. I think it sorry salon whistle came from the crowd. That. And we'll keep the hazing going would duping you guys have any eye shadow if you wanna give anyone wanna think and any final words to me as for wake up. Maurice hunks of man I just. I'll thank all the guys although all the supporters for the third man. The guys in mock society are doing all the candidates are packed the place out the guys in line only the wreckage have just been really hustle and hard on another because company's single. Yes we're going to be slowed to go premiering them makes cast Tuesday come just. In our Brothers and kissing and his daughter our Brothers and van apps everyone's really fight hard to make this an epic events of more than anything else just wanna thank. All the amazing bands that obligated to do this within and thank Kerry you know course you friend's son Kevin thanks in my and even you know there's there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes it is to make a big show happen or even keep the band afloat so. You know Holler Holler friends are our fans or family in and then all the bands were fortunate to get to perform with it always means the world so. We will see you. Saturday June 3 we'll see you guys to Saturday June 3 up on stage but we will see you. The listener of loud and local and we expect you to be having a great time support local music. Do you all that you can't because these bands need your help and creating this amazing music community that we do. In in window pane always happy to have you guys appear in studio we're gonna put a couple more songs from your killer. Is self titled record and you got to pick this up when you go see them live I know they'll have copies on CD's have definitely picked this up. And likenesses support local music again window pane check him out. Formal social media and go see him this coming Saturday. Hell yeah. In reality yeah. All right here we go without being allowed local. Kill him. What makes. East. News. Sees. Okay. When. I. Okay. I. Okay. Dad and local. Years 99.9. KI ESW. Back on loud vocal you know what you're doing next Saturday will receive window pane at shall box and then after that. I know what you're going to be doing on Friday. June 9 you can be heading over to Ballard to the tracker tavern. To see super sucker is Zeke and the band in studio right now got Vista ready welcome to our mobile unit. Now of course not only use Vista ready but it's Vista ready into little dog eat too cute little garden at. What are you introduce your cells and in what you do for Vista ready and also a I don't think the dogs can talks Elaine treaties then a. Ocean. And little group and talks. With a little graphic. Oh. Hey Knight what's up man I'm the seawolf but I also have a great remain the audio I've played guitar. And that's about it. Okay now about it. I am liar and and keep me and holding Nina Uzi BB accident. It's all good so we got us army dollar yes racecar we dug she says hi. Undeniably drugs. And pain and and also Misha is not here right now. But she had a long day and those who doesn't claim with the which were on weekends ago. You guys awesome to have you guys appear you guys have a new record that was just just came on fairies are correct. Awesome sketch packed 68 in now we're going to be playing some songs from its so I guess this is the first sign you've come up to allow local while I've been hosting the show. Oh Jolene of course of the old loud and local regime had you guys appear on the show and I wanna know like against any. In a short form like what's the story behind this and ready when did you guys first start playing together. And and in this record how wanted to did you take to get this record together. Week we formed in 2010. And we've had different members and we all kind of means are you met through mutual friend and we just like cats and music taste in me. We found ocean couple of people and then I've always been friends with me Shannon. When we've lost her guitarists we had her command that she's awesome and then she was in and McCain and amazing. Dean Kamen and helped mountain. It's at Kansas albums probably about you know. That seven years in the making it nice. At long awaited. ED we've perfected. We haven't seen that you now it's like the group that tested time and flat related it's definitely a better product that when it then. Our that are musicians. Ant that can. And it's that's awesome and you guys were project indeed on this record via. The US house of it he'd. We had slam recording issues with its having Jack come and fix it and you know it is. Be awesome Jack be Jack in Dina Lohan nagging me. That's awesome. Very very cool so you can pick up the record when you go see them. Again on the ninth a leafs are in a little bit about that show will be talking more isn't ready stuff. Got two songs let's let the music speak for. Four what you want to hear right now to Vista ready songs back to back hammerhead and break down both off of the new record I hear a little doggie in the background. That's daddy you know that is adorable. You can does he wants to sing okay all right we Kensing Mina to sing along scene along. And you can go to the a 99 point nine KI easily it's against the picture of these adorable dog ease. Here's hammerhead in breakdown by piston ready back to back its lab mobile on the rock. Right let's turn the channel. You're listening is allowed in local history already here that was some called. Breakdown I believe all of those breakout yet and. Before that was hammerhead it's allowed in local and a piston ready in studio. The band you just heard the last few songs. If a new album called scat packed it was released in February and you can pick it up. Because they're gonna be playing a show with Zeke in super sectors Friday June 9 and a tractor tavern Ballard is a pretty huge show. Thank you rate. And that's awesome you guys. Play quite a bit around the on northwest area what are your favorite venues to play. And quality okay or zone on grounds. And the excellence and as well as we. The first time we've got to play the tractors really out Alex. I'm only vendors spectator I mean if you include tractor in my zone he owns yeah I mean that's that's definitely again as they do him good memory. Just not our relationship with that place is absolutely managers can attend a house down. I. So I was talking to you guys are faring you're mentioning how some are you guys are mentioning how you played in. Punk band stands you know just it to other kind of bands like growing up now. You know honestly you're being and is is hard for me to classify I would say you guys are just straight up rock and roll. I mean. Is that how you guys would call it like if someone like what are you sound like we just feel like we're an F and rock and roll began a much. At an Italian name yeah not only. Apologists on like high energy year high octane before bronze in that worked for me angry. No no no power balance this and where where we tried ones I've really no 100 square feet and still let me and drew. Not only am I feel it's on him and we're trying to find his niche category that picture yeah. We just one appealed everybody's. It. Yeah absolutely. Now if you guys had the a beer. Like if there was a piston ready to be year. What would it tastes like in what would like the style of of the year would it be would it be like a dark beer wouldn't be a light beer with the red. It tastes just slightly ahead. Yeah yeah. And be more of the whiskey okay. Nice. Right aren't so probably. If I keep he was just tired if you eat. Pizza flavored stuff. Ally cute that's awesome well the cover of the record it has you guys racing into bad ass cars whose car lovers in the band. Are okay cool I've got a few. It. We actually won. This thing done here. We. And it's that's that's the camera more or. Cool. Not a Daewoo for dinner. Honda and which. Exactly geometric mean a little too hard court for an. Awesome will we are going to be playing it's you Timor songs from this and ready ready will be hearing more from them shortly. Got highway and last word both these songs are available on their new record get packed 68 which you can pick up. On the ninth and will be talking more about that and you can hear from them. In just the fewest allowed in local with pasting ready on the rock. Good. You're listening to loud and local here on had a nine point nine KIW. And that that was this is ready. Here in studio there hanging out in the air going to be playing a huge show in Ballard the tractor tavern. Friday June 9 it's just in a week and a half with Zeke and the super suckers. And tickets are available now I believe is there a special way to get tickets or do they just go to attractive have a website or what to do that. Just a tractor and I think tractor sales or tickets are taken away. Okay cool round. And I'm sure that tickets are are going to be gone fast for that one of course because he can supercenters. And and also has a ready that is the only. Three the end late punch in the face as far as like loud awesome interface rock and roll. Very very cool so again thanks guys for coming up to the show and bringing your Q dot he's I don't get opt in. Dogs in the studio stuff that's appreciated. Awesome so why you guys that are how do we follow you guys in had we get a hold of the album. In thing keep in contact with you guys online and what Nazis steal your cool. Online teen needs. I'm a few like us on face the markets as FaceBook dot com slash his ready I'm announcer on reaper nation and being camp there are directly to buy our merchants TDs off of all those pages. And as well as follow last few. It updates on modern action will be in his rectum and shows news and rumors and. And also just to be clear because you know if you're not the Miller were there bandits counseling piston ready but it's like PI STO and piston that's carpets so like if your. Punching and pests and ready and you're not find in us it's because it's playing on words. Exactly. I was telling someone that and they relate and it's an EU that sounds pretty article I was like actually. It is but it's his skin ready in can instantly and I. Carter reference them. Here now like it's so any any shadow anything he has wanna say anything keys before we we eagle with the show and kicking guys at the studio. They. Are and we'll come. Actually got a text message from Paul Ortiz medicine they need to mention it on the radio. Yes I'll it is. Saying it. Dollar and look forward. For the world. And of course enormous in number I mean East. Asia. Awesome Amin just. Obviously. So give you dog cases there's him. So pissed and ready awesome checked them out. And this thin. Ready. To take the mad at them on FaceBook followed him all the good stuff and he can beat up their record when you go see them when Zeke and super suckers Friday June 9. At the tractor tavern in Ballard. Is latter local will continue on. In just a few. With a Gatling gears rules. ISW. Saturday June 24. At the white river amphitheater wanna see you out at pain in the contrast when he's seventeen. It's going to be awesome he can get to his AK ISW dot com you easy corner stone sour. I'm Dan I'm very exact seat Beattie metal is going to be spectacle pretty reckless yellow or red key islander. Eight there's gonna be an entire century media siege as well as mainstays local artist. Ten miles wide opening up the day I'm so pumped to see ten miles wide killer on a on a grand stage of pain in the grass so that's going to be awesome. It is bigger champion of ten miles wide. I'm so proud of these guys for doing it big they're going to be doing a big tall order on just before this join other going to be finely tuned in just sounds so so good time I need to get there early again Saturday June 24. Go to KI SW dot com for your pain in the grass tickets. On your ticket needs its ten miles wide the mother ship off of the gross album. It's very very good stuff of local on the Iraq. It. Yeah.