Metal Shop Interviews Beltfed Weapon and Ghost Ship Octavius!

Monday, June 5th

Members of Beltfed Weapon and Ghost Ship Octavius stopped by to give us all the dirt their upcoming shows!

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I. Stage so what's up with metal shop we are live in studio right now with three of the coolest dudes in the northwest metal scene who we got mr. frank canceled from bell bad weather with sub didn't the gone and we got a Don and a map from ghost ship Octavia it's it's pretty you know there thanks for coming and we're stuck to have you back in thank you so whole element hardware metal in this room dude. You guys to begin to be joined forces and all doing some amazing shows come and appear in the northwest. First won't wanna talk about though frank. Is coming back would belt fed weapon in their opening up the show for morbid Angel and suffocation common appeared. Hell yeah Monday June 12 that studio seven morbid Angel suffocation. Re vocation weathered and of course belt fed went in man that's a big one back and ethnic it's going to be a great show looking forward to that a lot. That's awesome if you're just tuning in now what we actually have tickets to go see that show. At 1145. So make sure you call us. At 1145 but it they're not the winners is also another way they can get tickets frank yeah you can get them on line that my website belt fed weapon dot com or sees me dot net dot net that's pretty man that I have a weapon dot net and you can do will call thing so yeah SO. Phil put your idea and get them Tiki job. That federal banking regulations how long now. After all these years have you been working on this beltway belt that weapon project. Ole last. Two and a half three years and then getting ready for the live shows from the last five months and a lot of preparation and it's been eight years since Buffett weapons played. So yeah I'm really excited and I got a great new line up. My guard Jason by Brooks on base from he then encrypt incorporated nice and Easterbrook armed locals that it's on the rainy played album and and airway m.s on drums local guy here. And then nine Charlie honig out of Boston gonna be doing the Qatar. He and he did some work with ghost ship in the past so write this yes ma'am I'm really excited not everybody's doing their homework in over. We're getting ready we're gonna Kelly so tell me about like getting all these people together to what was the process like did you. Put up ads on line or you can reach out to your contacts I had to do that it's premises reaching out to my contacts of people I knew. Like for example Charlie Charlie on NATO guitar player he's sprint and DD mentioned him and then. An old guitar player turn me on adjacent by Brooks and know we've been talking for like two years Jason and I and I would frown variable that. Come together and do some stuff so now I'm really excited and those guys are all excited about it too and that's cool and awesome from and always from the East Coast to you guys doing like and networking over lying yeah but practice online together you send videos back and forth awhile made videos for these guys were to all the parts and then not play the whole song through it will slow forum from learn are sort of the guitar tab to for the new work off of that's awesome. The other we have three rehearsals a full band starting Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Fridays Saturday Monday. Rock of all time to make sure it's all together they that's awesome so they're gonna you guys gonna get together for what like the first time all all along wondering you know rehearsal now my really all get along get along that. Yeah I think so the talk these guys on the phone they're all really really cool guys and you know other (%expletive) together and get I'm stoked on rules. And really stuck to be claimed ownership has a love of their new CD it's great to and if you haven't heard it too definitely hear you yes you don't have it. Student can't you when you let's mentioned those the go ship shows that you guys are doing with felt that weapon and hell EM and they're also you guys can be playing a couple days of before he studio seven show both. Without ghost ship Octavia is one Friday June 9 that's this coming Friday yet Tony v.s in every ghost ship Octavia as. Belt that weapon of course blood and thunder and massacre at the opera nine is in the next day edgy content that's next Saturday and Luigi is in fife. All the north lenders can go seas off south Kitsap infidels disciples of dissent. And a belt that weapon as well as a coach correct. Yeah awesome. Nice so like two back to back shows we're going to be talking to go shipping just a few but I think we're gonna play. Open weapons on man yeah its with a good one thing we should play here off of reigning collect your most recent record home I was saved my underage current let's go with moderate guy. Let's do it all right here's Bill Bennett weapon you're listening to metal shop live here on KI SW. That was mined grade by adults that what being it is local metal north was stuff. They're gonna plan with morbid Angel suffocation re vocation and wizard we have tickets at 1145 if you wanna go frank. The song rules ma'am thank you it's it's killer a lot of nice and so we hear it KI SW well obviously were appear on the sixteenth floor mat net park downtown are you one of the ones responsible for putting up these forty. The seven story high rises right in front of artsy. Space Needle view here. I know it will work hard in a couple of them right now I'm actually. Able to take some time off work to prepare for the show oh yeah every aspect and am very cool boss. Costco card greeted sewer were foreign those guys are awesome. I did I see that you guys made a built fed weapon like. The safety feature for like construction workers county orange striped shirt there again I hear that though is letting go workers rock announced it's got a cool saying on the back which everybody loved and it was definitely hit you can check them out on the website as well myself that weapon dot net they are available will be available. At the shows lots of parts of the same. Don't tell me how to do my job yeah. I that sounds Bahrain are faster treasurer it's it's it until I have annuities that of them might he get there yeah I actually have that podium my word all the time but my boss keeps him non. And guys I heard there was a job side armed turner construction dead guys were wearing that coming from my job and they had a sign out front no belt fed weapon I don't know how loud and I heard that I'd. Thought it was the greatest tools yeah hammer and an immediate yeah. I think that there are an awesome rep. Then patients are right that we got refrain from bill that weapon and here we all look back and I don't from ghost ship by Katie is these guys are going to be joining. Joining forces Kevin let's get hit those other. Dates besides the morbid Angel suffocation show this coming Friday June 9 that Tony v.s up in Everett go ship Octavia is built that weapon blood and thunder. Massacre at the opera again Saturday of the day after add Luigi is in fife. Does offer built that weapon self headset in the bills disciples of dissent and the guys to my right and who ship Octavia since some solid line. Let's see has put together. While we thought but don't we didn't actually went and we've we've things kind of like. Fell together for us and yeah that was really fortunate is we're playing with a lot of really cool events you know yet some of the best in the northwest are on cruiser and we know. Every single one of those guys actually on June GN and Tyler from its often all those guys it's is really cool is often preserved kickass been open weapon you know this is gonna be really cool to to put these things together yet and I can't give like the belt that weapon record. Is really stood out to me when I heard like this wanna give it some praise there yanking guys are really great and really job you can grab it and and the big compliment come from US. And I'd I'd do you feel obligated to mention that the yellow jackets story is not actually true to that underwear that thing to work. Who they had these shows are going to be awesome as were going to shows are one and whenever it one in five and you don't use and Luigi and if you're in the area you know come on check it out we just bought a snow machine so dazzling round with that thing and we're gonna make it's no. Them and they you know opened his bitch. Let us know in June in Seattle you gotta love it let's turn if you feel like you've had enough hot summer heat. Come join us in the afternoon and Serena who may just seem to get huge AC unit to complete that divide you know. Make it thirty degrees nations breath one era there we have ideas popsicle stand snow cone machine and he can I'm off I'm thinking festival style and instead have pyro. Big snow can't add anything to ROK and chaos and though snow came less likely to get injured ability to get lacrosse players. You don't wanna get Michael Jackson there and I can Pepsi commercial you know who are now doesn't hurt so much bloated they blows the snow like. Right towards your proxies to freeze Hamas fighters. Like gold bond there. Yeah I'm done I thought both fun I think it's. So what are you guys been working on and I you guys put out the record. Early last year it's now a two year two years ago. Panic and in Iowa he hasn't been throughout injury since we've. Times are entering his studio lights of the brain like it's it's been on the available to the public for years we've been get a lot to get feedback on my go shipwrecked man we get lots of good call Los request for that. The rear cool great record good news well it we're creating a new one now Austin who are very we're very proud of the the first one so we kind of you know of course we we wanna put as much integrity as possible the second month and taken. Awhile for us to kind of I gotta say that first go ship record is probably one of the most solid like initial releases I've heard a long time. Are you guys can be maintaining that same direction are going to be trying to make any changes in the sounded all you can maintain that. That it's I would say it's it's going to be similar but the others. Derby have a bit of evolution I suppose it'll sound like us. But it in there be some maybe some surprises in Italy and and he'll. We kind of experiment a lot of bands do and and and there it is right you experiment with. You know what we try this what we try that no overtime will probably develop something it's more seriously okay. Kind of experimenting with you sound a little known as there is diverse and there's a lot of diversity on the first record and you know that I would say there's even more. In this 12 degrees so far as we're trying to. One upped the first record and I you know got to step it up I Bakes also by personally bench trying to do like OK what if I write something in a weird time signature you know. But what's on the grind that it W a NTT's and I wonder I wonder can I write something in a weird times Mr. Bush also make it catchy like that I think that's the that's the challenge right. Yeah yeah you know once song ends with all in 54 I believe. Yeah you know you have you have a lot of like melodic variation go and I'm like on the song we're working on right now. Yeah a lot of key changes and a lot of you know and dirty progressive music stuff like you know noses in the music theory books pretty deep right now yell you guys all do you rank Aussie guys are all really talented musicians to it's it's cool to see you know. Things here and onto you receive. So yeah I guess we're gonna play some ghost ship banned again you guys again be playing Friday June 9 Tony he's an Everett. Alongside bill fed wed in a bunch other Saturday June 10. Also with built that weapon now once in league cheese in fight. So what songs you just warning that the evolution of your favorite song to play out from your last record here all well and we got the whole thing sit right here many do you got a big one child injury and well as your favorite child again start with news. Seems to be the crowd favorites injuring OK I suppose great. Who works for me that rules we got frank from bill that weapon I don't nmap from go ship by Katie is Houston go ship Octavia some will be back to talked to them a little bit more it's metal shop. It's metal shop here on the rock and that was go ship Octavia is in dreams. Awesome killer northwest then we have a dawn. As well as Matt from that band and also frank from belt that weapon their you know playing to killer shows together if you have not heard yet. Go shipping belt settle. Then along with the blood and thunder and massacre the opera next Friday at Tony v.s and every and then Saturday the day after that EG in fight with built that weapon itself into. Kids that infidels disciples of dissent. They'll then let any Goshen Arcadia school. Sorry I got it all out apple and the whole Lotta bands of course belt then what did you land and hear the morbid Angel show that we have tickets to Madeleine 45 possible death thanks again for coming gentlemen so. Thank you we wanted to give you guys another opportunity to kind of shout out your projects right now and I'll go shipping guys have some things on the horizon and Frankie you finally. Solidified alive lineup I am really really stoked to see you guys play so let's talk a little bit about what you guys are working on here in the future let's start with Goshen. They have something. Petrie on page to tell a little bit more about what that means for those who don't okay well it's. I don't know I don't know anything it's kind of like is is it's all like a special. Take a special kind of club you can you can be a part of negotiate negotiate club if you like a big fan you really like what we're doing. Well any of the opportunity to get its early access to music we're gonna monthly bases. As delegate for the first time around when we did this we had cakes are campaign ran for so everybody basically pre ordered the record like okay. Tutors in 120 box and I'm not gonna get my album for like you know five months there are a heck is helping to fund the process of making right right yeah but this time around it's more like oh okay. Here's. Five bucks and every time we put out a segment of music. You get that simulate a song to be a very sad songs in guide you get this you get the single so nice here. Buying from our music directly from us but. Calls of helping make it out helping us do it as as more of sustainable. Means of income and operations so we can just devote more time. You know do this let a job. Negotiable all the time every time sometimes also had a time it's like it you can go without that Taco Bell taco for like a week in gives like a subscription service in plan instead of describing to Vanity Fair magazine mayor Oscar right into the ocean Octavia school and much better Arctic phantom monthly. Figures I know it it's put out politically cool because it's. It puts us in the position where we have to be continuously creative and we're gonna do more than just music to our revenues are are based things and annoy you too much to waive it for a really fun. And people can expect to hear new songs from us on a more regular basis like you know us singles like once a month. Kraft is almost like a thing or you couldn't like subscribe and have it set up to like an auto pay. So like when I when describing Netflix they take my eight bucks out totally and then you just keep moving right right so every time lazy it's something out. You know then subscribers. Will we will pay either whatever they there reg amount is it going to be different levels. The people that pledge a whole bunch will get all sorts of access the interest in things but you know eight in his. Pledge as much as like one dollar for instance they still get access to. Go exclusive kind of contents. Like on on the young nun and our future rises were just looking for. You know launching this campaign in and getting. As much support as possible from the people who. Wanted CS release more music and that kind of thing and that's the cool part about. Especially the northwest scene having been here for so long it's a very supportive community I mean like you guys are polling shows together everybody who's listened to this like they know. The hard work that you have to put in to be in an band you know. Never and go to shows rely it's not easy you know so we got to help each other out now absolutely MR ban should do that more bad should work together and musicians collaborate. Help make him make the seem better we still have a great senior note down a lot of people do support of the there. Let's toss it back and as the underdog and a man totally you know makes it stronger so make sure you follow ghoulish about tedious on FaceBook on Twitter and on instant Graham they got that information coming up this week so you can help them out via port of sort of legal action fan club. And a subscription service. And Dahlia or very still descent next week wolf once you guys launch that wolf we'll you know we'll talk a little bit more about -- areas appreciated and then frank like now that you have your lives your live lineup for belt fed weapon are you guys going to be doing any. Venturing out only be doing little tour I know you have a lot going on but like now you have your beauty got your crew together you know. I'd do I'd I am really stoked about it not unfortunately. Lot of us live in different states so it's that. Little difficult in the low cost the to get togethers so after the shows we probably won't be playing live. For at least another year till next summer the guys better get out to the show this man what we're gonna be doing after this is we're gonna start working on new material. Cruel in a dean have been talking about that and so. Keep the momentum going in parsley who can't go out play reliable all the time as much as I would like to you especially at this point but. It is what it is and it's is better than doing enough and so early I mean to do some and in my pick up you know down the road not just. But yet that's the plan for right now get through these shows work on new material and probably be releasing a single or a three song kind of deal. It will be years on the a half and EPO whatever at the beginning of next year and the often so I'm looking forward to getting all that done and definitely looking toward a plan live again. After the shows. Right on so those dates. Again Saturday June 10 at holy -- and five sock built that weapons south Kitsap infidels disciples of descent into a ship out to AB is the day before next Friday at Tony Beason Everett go ship Octavia spell that weapon. Blood and thunder massacre at the opera to very cool northwest showcases. When we get back hopefully two more songs from both Bildt said negotiated metal shop on the Iraq. It's metal shop here on the rock back back with two awesome northwest bands we have frank. From bill that weapon as well as a Don and Matt from Kosher about TV is both playing together Friday June 9 Tony Beason Everett and again Saturday June 10 at Luigi and fight. Both those stands alongside a bunch of other awesome northwest and apparently in the tenth that he got some assistance from some some local sponsors yeah I got the stranger. Austin and the three guitars which is my endorsement company. The makes my guitars and I will be showcasing. All three of my brand new Dimitris. Now overall I think the jealously eyeing the same with the comparisons and guess we have some killer guitar deals you know he had a cool and I got the DR stirrings on with them now I really really happy with those and then GFR productions. Luigi is the stranger decade tree and DR strings are kind of opened up a little bit with this and public kickass movie for you project in house or hard alcohol hurts a little I think gonna drive much of the designated driver for sure and great pizza great venue and great Saudi visas a great many was wealth of June 9 is going to be an off the -- show they got great food there in great drinks. Cool so yeah it's an audio and be great so how do we act keeping contact with you guys both belt fed and ocean park devious. Belfort you can get almost to the FaceBook page Buffett weapon and then mapped belt fed weapon dot net. You can contact. Maybe through there as well knew about tickets available for the M Monday June 12 jumped more rigorous so yep they're available right there just click on it into will call and eager to have your idea to Dora nobody went for -- and the great way to support the band you like by the from frank of this website may I know how helpful that is actually firms it helps I guess you're a little bit breach tickets so it helps to go to the caddies so yeah any help. From anybody as much a pre. She did negotiate how to via sync contact with you guys torrent check out. We have going on and basically like the idea here for our website ghost ship are tedious dot com. And FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com slash ghost ship Arctic as he did any easier Aoki well I kind of goes Davis is an amount a way smell that. VGA pillars the news on phonics for any. Lots of cool things going on with both the band so we again over a belt that weapon to a ship Octavia is June 9 and June 10. Both Louie Tony v.s and Everett and Luigi and fight thanks again guys. Up thanks into the Bay Area all the things we're gonna hit two songs back to back right now white guys that we got built that weapon darkness falls. Can I interrupt real quick does that help robbing tonight. In two karma is metal church in Hungary and get down there. Don't know now yet circus tomorrow Angel corpse at the highlighted headquartered in the off some. Monday an autopsy out of my body size and great metal shows dot com minutes is the great week a medal. And then and then mills of the gods by ghost ship after that brought on gentleman and a pleasure I take carriers so we'll see guys that shows and I was we'll talk against and things are going up things everyone thanks very nervous yeah I'd metal shop here and there. Shop PC and. KI ESW do. It's. Okay. You're. Okay. No I don't middle shops backstage pass.