MigsCast 06/06/17 "Voicemail Spectacular!"

Tuesday, June 6th

This week we recap the Windowpane show on Saturday night, as all 3 of us were there.  plus we finally catch up on all of the great messages we have receieved from all of you with our "Voicemail Spectacular".  Finally, you will have the term "Scabies" stuck in your head...and we don't even know why we got on that topic!

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I guess my name's Steve mix I'm here with the reverend en Fuego had no wow. I'm glad Canada hello. Food fresh off a rocking our faces off at their show box not a fan base. I haven't always anymore it was a good time man who wish I had more time did you kick it within the limits on like a topple a little night me and you know I don't know what are you on match yeah he's good luck trying to talk to the bride and groom and a wedding and that's kind of like good luck trying to talk to window pane we're going to bring you know ran. Some cool moment was like and we went to emerge chaebol after the set we were signing stuff nude photos and all of slowly slows down on the OK I need to go start settling with the house because we were the promoters well also. Pretty good business and all I kind of business and the dishonest about front have a smoke. Yeah and I stepped out brass took the front or other street with a cigarette in all of my mouth and don't happen I don't know how many people were out there but literally they are always. And they all these cheers erupted knows what it was. History you may. All. It's a little cigarette and a coach jokes you know get a stirred my feet. You and highlights through that was cool we got married you know watch whites that why you saw. They hated us so good box deciding question why only director scratched it a kiss again her daughter crash did. And Manny Harris noting crusher but how one of the cool Wisconsin streets than ever witnessed in my entire life when they brought their dad their son Brady that was cool. All a big job Bob born three wild ride up yet get demoted around the limited Matt Matt asks. Before the show you sorting out credentials Matt the singer ran out music pacer running credentials yours or we're gonna you know click. Really. You can guess so all the little wrist bands and I'm like you do do you think you'll wherever they want to do whatever they wanted to use it okay cool and then they want to waive those still can't just elect. All that's gonna be so cool. And I that it goes right by where revelers are up towards the top bar area and no Sunday bring up their dads like us nice you know and then also know like Arianna that's gonna play. And I talked with Matt after the fact his dad has never played in front of an audience like a rock crowd no really please keyboards for a church group. And that's the audience he typically plays in front of any had a jewelry didn't twist his dad's arm to do this site yeah they come on and that's a guy I don't know whether he might might saying I'm not gonna BO. Thousand people showed box sure a sure thing but did. I don't like to add so how would he's he's a duty look Demi after returning late I'm so glad we did that's how I. All things cool it was to everybody likes of Greg did that what that they've gotten to the Brothers and events of course they have their dad Darren and I did. Sheiks data being played Qatar and matches on keyboards they have like this like seventies band at the end there's that. Madson the crowd singing born and is a sport and meanwhile like. You've heard this on how many times in our lives like a billion yet another degree his version I ever heard I'll close out so much fun man who got those it's a cool thing they did. And the best one another great part to his arm hanging out after Wyatt set to music and I think this other revenue might. Senior yeah. I'm. I thought the mother you couldn't possibly shared reds doing nerd stuff that some board games. And I honestly did not know the rivers there until I'm somehow I ran into you Kyle from Bob white only. And he was trying to get all the gear out summer came and I'll grab since everything that you don't have to like our wanna bureau needs some help you carry it down the flight of stairs go outside. And there's a bank there's a good tailgating thing going on with our big raid began his wife. And I look at like some of the big stairs grab it exactly I had my whole life. Vote was I did wrong. As well Alley out back and how it it everybody out for awhile there is yet there's it was a lot of fun and if I had to go see Wyatt LAQ is there one of my favorite local bands now lay your hands down. And I've seen a multiple times. At Louis g.s but I and Leahy was one of those things it was. It's why I'm so surprised he didn't break down crying. At any point during that night. Just because this was his dream and he said it multiple times and Iran and it just day hell it just to be there an experience that. And it was so cool they they just tore it up here is going after effect and he was in his car and I legit try to throw myself in front of his personally would hit me so I could ruin his night. I'm like great. Zumaya right now manually lovely and you're down. I mean luckily other people who are shots but I watch his whole set arm my friend Jason's piece that flew all the way up from Florida for the show and also mean him dare I mean so we stood at the upper bar and watch and I was explaining Jason like gay and I've been met this guy may be a year or so ago. Became very good friends and a much units millions really who year and a half two years old they really hustle on the really talented. And she was always his dream to play the show box. And so now he's onstage at the show box and I'm like and the you know on that was almost seems to their earlier man's draws like a little sore on that some thirty on a Mike. Trust me if the numbers are good at seventh for his children and there's going to be a there are how did Americans now trust me you're not gonna play the sixty people Kazaa or not there yet. You know or Sharon out. It guys we're just destroy and I I just was up there beaming with with joy for our. Absolutely and I try to shoot some video to take photos none of the that in any justice and mr. Obama my father who took out old. Ages and in my views are terrible and I got experiences yeah. I think for me and I think right in the center stage right in the middle maybe only about twenty people in front of me. Bomb fur towards the end there are so I just kept gravitating closer who doesn't like you guys. It's weird because there of you know our friends and sounds kind of like you know lobby W but I felt an enormous amount of fri oh yes really I always see the look on all like I guess I don't even think I saw rob stays Agassi's pearly white teeth. I have I drug just glowing he's playing the drums oh my gosh says so awesome I know this is a huge moment. Felt bad for Kylie because of what went on watching music beaten the crap out of his head of his stamp because it wasn't working a lot Chechnya. Now right one song the power cut out Tony was onstage from willow yeah I didn't grants. He hostility was sorted out did he just like ran across the stage raid into the back in the afterwards he came back up with another amp and act tells it that mayor works now. Yeah there's always an Oscar for our legs so I don't like the last night made it of their last song dabble. I put a run on Steve makes FaceBook page you go watching interviews he's a crowd balancing. And the band just be right. Did you warn that happens are battling those tall Wyatt I don't know what do what used to be in that building. But this is not a joke and not making this up but that floor yeah springboard is on industrial size springs Jack gas so if you get a crowd going in there on stage to wrestle Matt yeah. Didn't like what the tort reform like that entire flu resume morning loaded did L courses oh cores don't have that or is it just weird thought at the building just about to fall. Okay because I did I get yeah cutting insurance for the entire thing was done and I'm like all right maybe isn't a thing or not releasing the first tonight it's good doorway and you know I. I'll not because let's go together falling snow ice piracy ever clearer many many years ago first time ever experienced that places such balancing. And I'll might. What are we in the middle of an earthquake in I'm not always some there's something about the full orbit. Do you adapt place was rocking song hard best part was though after their set on helping them and their stood there. Glowing in beaming but there also stressing out because I guess he went a minute over that toxicity were so worried. A feeling all went. Gonna kill us I hope not the amount and I always Motorola did you see that those guys are large. I was like oh so worried and I learned that Jeff would Kurt Russell's idol and he goes that's the Broder did all of that I had. Kind of thriller that. I have a group tomorrow other up where he met my. Apple straddling outnumber men. Oh I don't even think like I. Have no idea that I will method we went a middle and Mike look at the end of the day Tony from we knew they was on stage he slowed you guys down if anyway yeah I don't know all the. You can't I mean there are men and virtue these things happen it's not like normal accrued to throw the switch on to which it did seem happen my buddies in jug head. Oh yeah. My crew oh yeah wash it happened and why they were midway through their last song. If you are shut off you've got to be kidding me yeah their dads the news at the Paramount they've done this contest all I remember that show how much I can't change camp might Milledge and all my believe Chris and clay that later will perform under ride their own band together called jug head. I remember that bad and they won the contest open only true and they were halfway through their lasts all and would then went junk Robby was singing I don't know it was bad summer re okay boy he's wind blow and I thought should. All right housing damn boy yeah. Here's your a couple of books it's funny and I. We went sobbed mommy could not the last orbit one of their final tours at the white river and the bitterness in the next four years ago. And my wife and I just ended up leaving the show because they would like the band is great Vince on the other hand. Just decided you know what I'm not seen any of the high note I'm gonna pull among reported that the crowd and after six or seven songs are doing that stick. We're like. This is not only different not working now you know you you you you're you're not doing anything that you're supposed to be doing man Tommy. Mickey and and and now Mick are busted their ass. And Dick Morris died in like 93 didn't he raised and still ignoring in the movie coming out this week the mom to mom yeah. Everything that Mars has been. But his hands. I think he's still shred that still heat I goes up there it is just lately lately problem mob and any distress when Willingham Carter yes that's criminal complaint that they can always bring it about a testament to what's yours and my interest is it happens I have. Oh well I. I think it's a simple big court on his back Q I. Know I have kids I heart recorded on his back on current error. In my boot that flooded the water all day and they did the did do we need to have the. My things are it's cruel heartless I don't like guys at the -- probably been sub let me prop make up it's time for him to play all right wind him up if you ready mid city. Perry goes to have their toward slowly retract my dad got a guitar that's the coordinates might pretend it is for Motley. Let's start now wound up yet both Gary it's pentagon now and I'm all of back in the. In the days before he became a crypt keeper. Didn't he hits a solid lead before he didn't mean really I think it. Coming on Thursday for the coming to see eight to normalize. Derek Kleenex in the trip Christopher and relate to watch her come to the northwest I think she still looks great judge she. And it's really afford yeah. There's her. And total opposite end of the music spectrum but equally as hot number Samantha folly have we I think we had this conversation before six days I've been lost yet but always go to games out there. A little strip for sure hill and hopefully it TrueCrypt that Becker that habitually set inside. Or others may Singler vomiting blurred. And then double double machine behind the curtain the underbelly of thought and why does change to get oh yeah. I think to grow you'll lap dances nodding off the club didn't acknowledge assumed it was me. I don't kind of boring in my voice is very soothing but said no one ever ordered foreign partners were really different soul didn't let that happen throughout resigned down dammit. But to show to advance Felix so how hasn't won tonight I'll ever wants greater ones I'm okay cool and were not anomalies show up like how his own and do not tonight one of the girls got -- this photo year old girls meet some of the Russian Brad has shared with us some stories that are horrified she broke human error report saying I am I can't afford wal mr. club has been broken it's like big curtains partisan there was ons like maps are it's just me and I'll. And a man behind extra preparedness hold on vick's co written page that we rich are awesome all the other bands were but let's. Let's is second to pump the tires of our boy right here going can only autorad mayor. That was. I so much to say about your show. The best way to sum it up it was. Amazing first of all our. Everytime I see as you guys knock it out of park emotional I did not realize and an and it's you make I wasn't the only one affected the mowers have been why guys men. I if you ever question the love that that Dan has for your music. I can test. They were all losing their collective minds why you guys are performing onstage. I had to tell us a quiet down from the crowd sing along and a couple times it was really cool dude and win. When I and we knew that didn't do the passing of the torch was gonna happen when Marky mark's been a great friend denied bubbly guy since the first amend madam. I didn't think it would be emotional like I know be emotional for you guys but it really emotional for fan you know I mean I think guys you know it's going to be kind of but man when. When he do you guys in the helmet cover which was don't tool yeah I'm on yeah guys I love this historian he always wanted to sing it. And out of that was really cool though if they can let you have your moment there we have mark from the band is a farewell gift yeah yeah man and that went over really well and then the passing of the guard in the meg there's a moment where I Jared. Bob brought out. Bob from the giant picture at your dream brought out a couple prints from mark upon great a lot of Serbia Muriel drummer Terry who is straight year we have that they in the mail straw Monday of the day and of course my phones are exploding in the day before yeah so just chaos chaos case of Korea head's gonna explode. In the middle wall that I got this can't get something really special for mark for the passing of the torch moment. And now six Imus replied like I do that's gonna happen onstage will pitch directly after you know thanks and many huge putt okay. And we showed up and should be what he had I was like. One super sorry I've received 756000. Text today my phone won't stop ringing it has been crazy yeah that's dope here's the say listen beat by the center stage this number one idea present the photos and that's kind of all went down is really cool. Yeah giant blown up off pictures of of march is rocking out the window pane beautiful pictures I could tell they definitely impacted mark and so mark leaves the stage had a great moment worries like complexes basin drops of course has some great pictures that I am Mike Cutler the. They've retired ET Beirut as we're talking about you know having him pass is based Crispin wanna Christa played you know. Which is a that's a funny story because we join window pane every he had he had a couple of from basis. But he joined window pane and you know lose the second nine were like same man you know you've got the job of course is that to you know he's just sitting there on her like. Couple things. OK you know what what is the guys who rely contingent on these few items. I was like you got a job but armed. You gotta get a different base armed you know were less balls and marshals tell catcher's I'm like dude. Anything Gibson anything fender 'cause he had what we would. Appearance wise what I would call it new metal basis is kind of what they look lighten that would be an act out. I'm trying to roll a war or core battery had to sit it was a peavy was a nice. Had dragon in ways and solid and it just doesn't it's it's kind of bring you like a Suzuki into your Harley club. Good if you look at onstage you know you're gentlemanly affords you put the BC rich gorloks. Imagine if he's a lot of pain and I was playing one of those bright you wouldn't know why something was weird. You just know something's weird I got you talked about this before. Yes it was Larry yeah. I was on the drummer of your band rocking like a meal period. Eight meg three bass drums seventeen billion far more electric drum kit. That's his that's his daughter sees this this has something really go wrong about the snow and aliens or somebody really clear her Christian blessed his argues that dude no worries right on gotcha you know. Mall and we hooked him up with with Jeff Ralph's. And took him up to founder of guitars and Jeff Rouse basis a bruise or brass drug Jeff I'll ask I just taught bruiser Brody he's bassist Jeff Rouse a threat who when he has time he's a busy really brewery also won't play with the McKay and we'll we'll ending on bruiser Brody remain exactly reporting tonight. And it's. Okay. Quick enough no process and gentlemen my bush straight I mean Jeff I had a new Jeff and I had some funny stories about that to allow instruments and stuff and gesture discrete story about how I he'd done this beautiful Specter. Basin and you know showed up and and Duff was like you know play that mean. It was like yeah. Does wouldn't. OK good then but Jeff was like did you you played one that that footage of the guys at the Ritz back in whatever 87 music note none enough. I'm you know I'm Elena dumb and just did an. So I guess of how does that show. Alum Costello out of according distorted it was so great. Just called up the video and rotated the computer and should the Duff knows like. Com. OK okay. I drank a lot man and it's okay story we both had a good laugh about what you said well I've got more stories will move there's all kinds of funny stories about that kind of thing like. You know but anyway we can open jacket jobs oh dude actually get a you know why would she then would you do XP bases he's down. And to bring about the shops are mean you can't ask for a better cap I mean justice. The most knowledgeable base. Yes so you don't hundreds of ready really yeah if you didn't have gave. Chris that the full rundown got a bunch of races cannon and Chris baucus gorgeous black. Nauman. So we'll all just hand in the quarter so marked unplugged his cord and held it out and being beaten and held it for a minute and right is Christiane stairs he dropped off. Yeah. Your mother Alfred the great nation hello yeah. You should a look at Chris is crazy can see him laugh at like yeah we reduced that to me to follow and I think Chris said mark hugged him and whispered in his ears and good luck feel that it's. There's just you're evident ribbon and Helen backs though. Odd that McChrystal went up there and like we've talked about you today just wait just Wayne dude you were right yeah. The guy's a monster on her face and it just you could feel. Think what however long you guys are practicing but still playing shows with mark yeah sought imagine this is good and been a very weird not taken a negative way but like. You're in limbo like your kind of waiting fer one got a leaves today and you could become even though you're in the Ben you're still not official until you play that shall. And anywhere there's a lot of friends split I'm writing we we get a sneak preview of what we did the show box from an optional third we'll lose tonight okay. Where more play the first half of the set crisply the second half a certain that we were able really see it flowed well and it worked well in the crowd understood and it was school. Everybody didn't tell the crime like you create like a fake name and where mark passes out on the ground and and his friend and I crowd did you play Madison happy we did doctor racist yeah. All I know welfare lines and apple yet. He's a fan but rehearsal is officer Ursula literally men you know all the finalists. You can see like that moment wearers it's like OK now it's. Now on in the ballots are you seeing his face a deuce is such amount. To subsite exuberance and all I do nephew app I use now I really sales is a really excited to make this happen you know his mom went into his mom's is this amaze me equally she went through or. Yeah music you know my god you got the window painted in the and that's Chris is like yen they you know. You're there. No she reserved OAS permanent yet now we're pretty it's really cool stuff that she she put together a great video collage slide show that I think's circulating social media an awful lot is FaceBook page we've we've. He's a friends after that night it's now official pick up the thought that I was you know like a settlement on a credit to he was officially a member of when you'll have a. I think I've got a question what are the new 200 requests and I think I'm still capped at 5000 Sahara media view IE up that with all mind. Hardwood trees don't just stay you know on a happy friend of cursory yes they just put wanted. We see UF I doubt that friends can grad some like no had a few I have a thousand people that wanna be if that wanna be your friend. That I had to wait for people who leave the party that is Steve megs. I didn't have to got to allow new people listen to what I. Did Glen Jim and energy page you know like I would just do everything on both page strategists Glen Janet Reitman so asserted an artist page. So I got my FaceBook to relay my left foot hurts. Post I know Mars page my left foot hurts. How many. Among any element friend and mean I didn't tracked them down they want to hear from me the opening wolf though fer you know you can Bruce is closed for throw very dollars uh oh yeah. Money could make for my sister my hands up and all I can do is these people sometimes from a private message we know please accept my friend requests some like. I am so sorry yep this is what's going on you know and what I knew is when a couple fall off I go through and the ones they have the most friends in common way. And that's yours you put actually thought I grew up Nordstrom and actually try to EM I I just sort of burn interim it's like people that I've met. In person yeah I try to go with those people are murders has put him way more thought that I I don't know until the first person that shows up. And I say yes and I Google gets a solid bat is out of damn well do you sort aids kids RD some purges it's like if you don't have a profile picture. A result and you yet I don't have enough mutual friends. If I have. Too many mutual friends and I don't recognize those people like there's a whole bunch it has brought if you have a system dude I'll just like it'll be like a Saturday morning I'll smoke a huge ball mall just got to go to war it is time for me to do this because I've got nothing else to do right now. Sent me a single recently it was like I don't know it was a notice it was a legit like hope. You know we she pitcher very active on Obama lawn we would love your comments and feedback as we come in a blind so I wrote them a very nice very poignant like hey. Look all that Mac yeah well I'm an entertainer this is a situation I find myself and I don't aggressively off look for friends. These are people who want to hear from me and understand that your business and I literally was like amnesty needing money and Mike. For people on my situation where got 5000 friends I'd be happy to let you put banner advertisements on my FaceBook. When Karina RA go ahead you know new roads outright wrong again rather than you are dailies have more friends and her hologram now but I like program is way more effective and I'll track you're right there will vote no you know I mean Terri Els or from decider talk last night when I heard this. Well I guess but well you know my guess though I figured out move for mock society my neighbor only the wanted to do so must society at the guy got was this drummer denies. The taser anyone in your vandalism Puyallup make our drummer Mike. He's my neighbor these and I describe his karma yup I know that does that add these guys take their I had and I never see him that I always used car that was gets her killer they crushed it was pretty cool yeah great people great band man you know. Our news is just a fun night that look I mean I was just amazing night like it was it was so epic that I thought we are gonna cut out early after the passing of the torch. And the wife she had a couple drinks she was in full party my nice we will it back to the car because we had Taco Bell until we're gonna eat at Taco Bell and bail. She just needed a burrito so she could come back parties that war. So we quick car and came back to you finished double outlet you safe bet there's always amazing I'm so happy issue she did that when I talk about the emotional part it was when you guys in war pigs jazz like it was it was powerful crawled out there were these. It amazes me is mark. Knew that if it was literally if all Crowell who was who preached to by the crowd of the audience felt good of the room felt good of the show sold well we know any of that coming into it. So it was you know we will do this on course appropriate won't. The room was packed people go on knots and there was no way we can just sit. Next stop right so yeah and you call Martin back is something I'll. Are up front have a smoke yeah it is really good five. Miles an update and pretended to be mark your dodger Chris what you knew there were periods usually no blood and I don't know why is he that his eyes got saucer big win Glendon turned dual music oh that's what our lives and we never rehearsed and Canada Mohammed. Christian you were pigs and it was a straight up like. I know. Beat your ass from all these people know I'm not and Hillary there's our I would take is gorgeous UG basically caving in your scold and if it yeah my don't play snake and so that is security that's panic connected to the side Mario have fun on terror it's clear in my heart. That it comes then you didn't get a that I got a musical award it was cigarette could get up that advantage now watching the man we now. I don't know we don't know a lot of his eyes isn't the street didn't drink it was Cuba where. I have by any means besides our members more patience was incredible and emotional to watch you guys saying good bye Leo he's still alive obviously he's got a BO it's still always a friend that's another huge chapter right you're losing your five years americanize. The entire life you started playing when you were five together months from whenever it's almost we just threw dirt balls each other on amateur fallen out of the blue for excuse me in mind might have been loaders so you move but the other song that got was mind blowing when we needed apartment twenty year old son 128 into Cashmere today it couldn't get. Your sound guy I think you're trying to make all of us in the audience thank. Have our brains explode if we've got kicked it got tricked me during Cashmere and he was. Doing some magic with the same house oh really going crazy with the echos and make Mickey the vehicle poor dramatic even more. All. And I'm site. I'm losing my mind right now it's awesome I try to hold this speaker that are so good mr. Paul Stanley Hudson River we have the ball as your sound any time. These available 'cause he runs a very successful some comical guerrilla audio he's really couldn't really item very successful business out. Bombed anytime we can get and Somalis who took a show called Paul you're free. Awesome having a Madonna mixes us and not yet some fight took some liberties our nets are good and we want it what do any good what he's borderless front of your Great Recession he said did I just realized another marks gone. I've been with the bands longer than anyone else that was like if if if if your job that's true because you know we were going Paul before tone here were joined. We were appalled Porsche on jointly announce me and Paul if you can I think it's spectacular something Boise ever get a forum. I know is better in out varying ways really she's no Madonna jacket very very talented guy. And I I heard amazing feedback this. And begin a some tribute that happened guys you know love this story. This is a first of all walking to get to the show box and as edition have been like up foreshadowing a woman I would be like there was a guy in what looked like a nice suit. Lying on the pavement. I think he might have been a message tig is who know why he was. My on his side accuse him dead on the pavement like two buildings over from the show box right. And I Armond like his head on his arm giggling uncontrollably while he was poking the wall. Just not as. I don't know what is at the party all that up what are you on and can I have you know what kind of dean did is bad call eyes stray he would like a homeless dude. Make it look like he's got don't we'll work he said after it I'm doing Mac I'm a Boris is within civilian that's our answer me I don't know I don't know what brought you don't know what they're gonna probably asked if he's. Solid pass it with like you know seven pot brownies are Sumter on how pretty sure he was treating the wall like the Pillsbury Doughboy and he was feeling for it. You're you're praising how prevalent is like asset now any day any ways nowadays like. Even know washroom seemed to circulate court which makes sense around here I I can less sun paper assets although that's experienced firefighter and a very very good friend of mine almost every time I see him so he wants a message and how much I don't play in an hour man I know he wants a massive not to talk about half its regular rest up early is around. Admit as fast when we were partying on the party by some dude give Michael Heyman happy birthday any enemy so many put in my hand and Mike what does your passage. And my low hard as site and I got her shirt are you seem like it I basically just thanks Matt call X open up my handle and hit the ground some like. I sing I think that's. Feral cat got into that Shanahan now all I could I Don actually the last time but let's there's gonna start doing that today is bright people are missing the beat migs via we're just anyone needed little meal. Little Fuzzy and brow feel really great you're not gonna give anything to Kurdish zone really potent remotely essar then I just going to be go and enter your immunity functionally impaired driver or the back at a party bus has never been the same ever since he got really high truth aren't so that the during the show. I'm watching you guys on just feel and have a great time or maybe 23 songs into the set also I feel this. Pharma my shoulder might look over some guy at my. Wouldn't going on us now and then he's gonna put his arm off of me I thought okay mistaken identity. Now I'm watching him now inside in my eyes and he's filming you guys the whole time but he is so. Asked up in the video camera is now a whole lot that. I cry I'm. I have high and tomorrow this guy's going to be blow yeah I. Saw Michael Farah I haven't had good times still in the music. Puts his arm around me now and now he's on me like he's trying to stay standing right I'm like I'm so we can fit so that if he. Mom usually a good run get off of me you're I'd walk away and I'm like man this looks like he's struggling I'm gonna be his wall. So right now held onto it like we're jam am having a good time there's like there's a look at over enemies and seeing tears. No make. Who knows this case crossing their cultural. He's still filming this whole time if he's trying he's filming is holding me and at that put in my you know we don't move a couple people this is really out right so. And I look at this girl who I thought was his girlfriend and she looks to me and give me the I don't know who the hell yeah. It's. Not and then get America. I meet you America now we're laughing wrote so I kind of like wedge might sell itself off of him he's kind of just stand and there. Now we turns to her. And just falls on or not my fault like I physically father but I goals price difference hugging her. And she's just like like me. Thank god harmless it's clear he's on something but he's harmless he's not trying to hurry anyways I try to be Purdy is trying to get through this he's just a this is a now or she's patting his back like a baby. Abby starts. Yeah okay. Man holding him. No do you ride big guys now Mike wow. He's high. The plan again Aaron Mike what it and she's like I don't know the company. Your problem and these lawyers didn't sue them out and I go to bar. Opted that the other side barn door where we were hanging out the other one I needed another. The bar there what you dip I haven't bid into the show box since oh really the added that second bar almost I thought she. Yeah it was the upper morrow then there's the lower below the kind of runs along the floor actually there's and yet he bar up on the bear the upper upper corner yeah I didn't even realize there was that it has had one yet we are sitting by the VIP borrow GAAP mark. But then there's the other one it's kind of behind the sound board. More towards a men's bathroom. There's a bar back there yeah I just high tailed it enough that while Mike I'm now I can do this like I'm just trying to enjoy the show this is night this is not how one would join this joke or two I go to far ice. They are you friends in December Diet Coke and I'm like talking to some guy. And were PS gimmick do you want is a listener am you won't believe what just happened to me and I'm telling him historian he's dying right now we're just standing there. That girl shows up. She goes walks have been on bigs walking to me she wants it to that guy goes maybe you won't believe what just happened to me. Yeah. Okay. Cool. As you are trying everything. Our and a guy that was high on some things like how do you know about this is signals he was originally is that this these two Republican can't make it back. She was right there where you feel like we were a bit yeah. How quick are all people around I end up telling the story to their old man hit her boyfriend at the mayor was hilarious dude you so much fun. And do you divide that entire night was so it is so a static from all the bands from everyone there are so many makes cast listeners and everyone would know having a green screen time. And killer yeah no I. It was definitely comes. You know army season and he wants you might want it to be really exciting and fun and everyone you know I saw what truly literally called you know the rock class reunion yeah. Because there just musicians from out of the woodwork and you know suggests the Indiana man it was and they does well since around spin like a top honors a lump I wish I could see a lot more people. I we down gland had his first experience meeting Z car I got to meet Ziggy huge person Glen sees me right don't come don't regret ready argue Imad Ziggy and it was amazing. How they could ask. I got the reaction I had the first time it's that easy yet the bass it was so rigs were just standing outside and he's just like. So I gotta I gotta be level with you I got ability many you know does he just talked a million miles a minute time out and so I am like what's up man he's like I've never met Glenn and I was like. Duties right down he's like oh the curly haired back to. I gotta go and he just like week. All conversation with meat was done if the hawks are high until is is always so great distance see how elated he was always still a good thing that I don't think he's at CNET into any. Really reflect I've never met anyone that is excited to meet me as well as meet them in my food. Do you draw Emmanuel Arnold doesn't dude. You're so funny meaning you meant these yeah Gaza ads for some reason in my hand I did you discuss how old crusty new dreadlocks is that. Our men well a few general broke I. I'm a classic I. We're doing and I love it's oh all right rather like I've led Ziggy fine Mike is big did he exactly will you be expecting to I don't know how. Yeah I would need dug up my brother and so I don't. Where little crusty do you want the real mad at me here and not just pictured this gallery as a dog man couple as soon. It gave me a big hug you know I laughed I laughed really hard earned crews and always it was great to be Hebrew love you man you mess so what's next window panes going to be trying enjoy why it jazz by July 15 we're doing in the big jazz assist Chris and Chris is from Tacoma ought to homecoming and so really literally it's gonna be this would be. Chris' first full show with a man I loved the island jazz on Stapp yeah. Yeah it's cool cool place and on yes so we're we're going down their July 2000 you know voted ice cream social after the show you hold your own born again and got to be careful in the please cause she's were just and I had loose. Shots that cost me like because all our fancy bar that he had to adjust and I would move. I suggest that it had and there and I was not that actually sad I have but I dig or do you just the couple letters didn't see it's always good to see those guys might there be a burden means I am nick. Oh yeah nick did did he was there are unique to one adds we hope that it's still wields. Little daughters yeah I gave him a big hug man all I forgot the security guy because you're all cut harbored by the bathroom. You just because of the backstage right there in Iraq and I think. I think it might be talking to Christian at that point or somebody. And ended trying to get through in securities they kind of stressing because you know he's in a wheelchair and the getaway in a Mike hang in natter away for this guy soccer. I don't. We have a problem and and at that moment Xena I don't I don't know if I don't agree that you and I give each other big hug your industry gamut here of all catfish I ever encountered him right that's my brother out carpet gonna give you crap by. Yeah yeah if that's true yeah I've been having just that's a bad night already Enron can get ahead you would say that big clues lie there but I. As always you. Know that I encouraged by how small group I. I'm. So today I. Know it's funny we rom Douby Jimy is this morning and get in the regular on a ninety's I see attacks coming going are you guys do in the voicemail spectacular today and the mission at my. You better believe it broke up looking at the number of voicemails that we have on here she is not about seventeen voice must do this. So I think we should just get right in other promise I promise. What we like an hour later as product we're getting right into the voicemail saying hi first I got a good forty minute. Thrown his read about it thirty sediments and I don't know that's all gone now answer anyway enough happen not to show I wonder how. It was a big blur and megs and romance yeah. I forget exactly god. Who loves gives and explores. And every Trojan Alia we had all comes as hundreds and exports. A what's your opinion against an expert Polamalu is those who have always on one and he delivered quite Lanka's as a James had duties to buy back today. You told us key chain out and he is deliberate way to explore on his key geno and I understood that it did yeah the course of those like. What Tony is into its dual thing I had a preview to that doesn't I don't let it. Hold it there yet and. You they like under a bridge old Mike. Ford Tamara do you know I'm out here we you're among the show more than anyone else is a good man I try to sort our first words and always come out. I don't know how many weeks ago is where is known came from what will work our ways their list and of course you know was no prejudice and I'll tell you where they glued. If that's that's that's that's that's the I don't really ago he was dead set a lot of sort of makes bats do you have an investment must stop this painful just to call you guys. I even answered within this week. Are you a little list there are young. They have. They. They don't such as my tests and you're talking about. Can't span of one point later on star Glenn brought up pool. And a reminder we have a story this what Halloween no doubt over. Yeah I have no idea what I don't regret and are out at all. But I would imagine we talk we mentioned chase and tool on apparently now I face it who maybe I said Gene Simmons wasn't tool out a little crap I thought well maybe not with the proper tool you can enjoy kiss idol low but that's I think that's for pregnancies. Kiosk. Earl direct. Now it that L you know dress up like cutter content so relatively pretty hard but did a good guy and he walked then. And I are eager after the nine you know Gene Simmons looks old battle our current starter mark like the only time I broke care bureau good. You're. More oxygen tones you know horn don't regret that Sarah caught up. This this new. This man. And a one point I guess there any point pool I guess there was a bit Avaya occur toppled Canada and ended up taking a pool cue crop you base while. A move only. How great Gene Simmons and willow I. And pentagon showed up for some reason costs and has been very well you gagged it dean you know there's that little window. And I can't hear me David dealers can attest to the desert spoke to crush it clear when you're undoubtedly face looks likes. Jeanne with the blood and close ups I. I'm the thumbs up he's screaming and crying. Exhaustion and oh yeah. They've got to bullying Darren Gator ribs and real Barton. Yeah. Wow. So they've probably got to attack you know and you can watch live at the last regular role but a whole party watching it on our side. And and the last thing before you get pulled up to go get checked out optimal whatever we can all of everybody in the Clark. And keep their hands on him and a one million blacks need to leave the station tired out throw the ball or removal barges. Yeah. Florida until an analytical whereas now my son I had Blair backed the no way to make an exit that is awesome just alluded to adapt I don't know what the guiding him who's dressed as. Before you lose like Peter Crist race Dozier said right you're always trying to think you're looking good like who would lash out and Gene Simmons. But I'm just like an angry by because if you think about your play to bark. Buys it and I voicemail as great voice now. Hi I hate it Amman. And add another beautiful day we have. Well we did today yes TC out to this could be occured message. But it is an ally. It's one guy booted back on on May thirtieth undermines I got to see nothing over the shelf about it. No but he said he had some cool stuff for meat and then that money being one that money was I never got to reconnect with a I saw him twice I think as soon as well he didn't say anything so little security sectors. Are they don't lobby money and so are many then nights a better. Some really do you let me in the music it's in the carmike I don't know come your car mail they you know and just getting spun like it's. I'll still be stressing about IDR Mike Watt senior like being like but if you were not the president every tend to go would have been told by somebody. It is entered pleas even beyond him being spread too thin suddenly got fancy Manhattan bound to interpret that and then. Now momentum moms are well. I we know Jamal school art. I'm sorry eighty as bad I had ask about your friend is a bit as the ball. I didn't translated Stanley and it's been Evers band. And man I ever true historian wanted to tell you even my son and I don't think knows there's. But hey have you ever gotten and he asked that bush who were really cool and yet you couldn't really. Chill it to people. I have again. And I can't really show it to people so I'm Garnett. Or. I hope it doesn't involve ping pong ball. She's in film and it's there was certainly you always want to go that but I can't because it's mama I know and I didn't know tomorrow he would say you played ping pong even by yourself off the wall when I was gonna say you have a give thousand using only god she's an X-Men. But then they're just a gift that you can share two with people and then I was gonna San memorial must first build up. But I thought you can. Jennifer appropriate and lazy now back to mom obsessed man already in jail early show it to people and this is the Dave public Johnny Gabi. Yeah just go along did a lot of deny that. For. Isn't the most sense corridors stick around and it can do exactly who the good news the moment that hog Mino kills her. Read but I ask your question yeah and I still say folks banks. What did people so I'm Garnett. Or kill many people. Aren't she's serving exist for and I'm calling me I would say it again. But. I have picked guests to and that this is praying. For a others. Yeah I you know you got eight. Balk at the top of my list now maybe not and I say every morning before I get up every night when I go to bed. Until the end Hezbollah and says yeah yeah really yeah thank you so much sweeter that is really incredible damage it big of are you try to it was before your time or or maybe was again edited in an interview that we do with the guys and stunt double Posner died after its star while passed away I imagine it I mean there I mean I mean to say if I just threw it out day after he passed I prayed for. At that nightmare when I found out about a my wife and I really do our prayers for dinner and I prayed for them to Leo Brothers Merrick bank. I don't know them but I've only had great experiences talking to them managed to without their passing and it like stopped them in their tracks and is and it was like. I mean for a two and it was such a. Don't sort of says yeah and homeowners there's a gravity attention that where it is humbling it's very humbling it's very touching yeah so that. Then we joke obviously mama knows we are bunch of jokes yours but that thank you got mama again that's. And policy I think three miscues itself. Don't cherry marijuana so I'm very once I do. It gave every day thankfully. I guess origin Arnett and I know delay and being served well it bad now. But they're gonna get better be parsed. Yes they are it's truly don't know your letter yeah. And have I can't you know I can't talk about it because there's people that just don't believe in god or don't believe and I Wear whatever. So I understand that. You guys are so funny I and so we're happy to have. I don't you one time before I wished I had a big family but I was never able. And now now I've god can't stand it's not love it it's not just the task that's it's hot potato. She gave me today it's going bad I hear all right scared just dropped. You the last few places and sciences. But I love everybody else too there's nobody I don't distance nobody. And remember that. I I just wanted to say that. Just sit for a time. Because I get. Really. I had a late OK if I get loyalty. It can I get to win I can pray for somebody else. And I ask people. I have friends and I have neighbors that called me. On a regular basis can actually do it for me and I do it right there unless Sloan when they call me. Where there's a reason. Oh as a message to both he and the community timing to honor knowing you about that if I I remember as. I have a very good feeling I would think that the next voice you'll probably be heard I hope that the otherwise we just completely out of the slump and his ultimate cliff hanger that happened well. She really got the message across Michigan say hello this is in his Lesnar. And thank you mama really true. The three was a senator only reach. Yeah I can get access like. Yeah yes it. They didn't do much. I started to say. That I prayed for at least people who write standing there Wednesday calling me because you know you can tell a lot of people will say. Eight TUR yeah I remember you and I pray and you noting readying. But I do people know when I'm trying informed that telling us that they earn back. Does that thing I'm getting so excited for that third it isn't funny. But I don't know Palin. For sure if I'm gonna get to come my doctor. It's not really in favor of it because. When I get thoroughly excited like that my peace maker at. Sun yeah and a son and then I have to go and you have a redone. And it's almost time for a new one. So all and I get a New Orleans. Okay this is very inappropriate question answered that affect people watch porn make. I would imagine it a little big hollow thing I don't want Imus used these yeah both either pacemaker diet we're doing OK okay no warrant Tamil lives. You know I'm not OK okay. It. I went to Afghanistan. No wonder once fighting with the. Beat between now and October so that makes me really happy album art in this stuff over I love you guy. They've tried it is. And things will go to find the love you all that night. Not a nice thing and I think yeah so much always you know it does take one of the moment when you hear from my mama you know it's kind of kind of makes everything feel good yeah. You know then I gas think thanks we'll open immediately I started being full of terror I haven't heard that message that basically. The big surprise that helped me in good form it was probably the mama was asleep in the car and I couldn't break a way to go. Good luck both at best bet that the. Do you favor doing can you please confirm that that's not true that you can't. Sounds weird oh man it's illness are sitting in the car waiting commute come say hi and I couldn't break away because of the madness. I think it's a boy you would have actually said you have Joseph Ferrero Mamas and a car yeah did you places it's so hard especially to show that size. Com plus again familiar some not just performing and put my whole thing on so it's really hard to him. Dedicate more than four usually Q set on the what award the blunder plus our doctor Ronald Linda. It is just good to tourists aren't coming to you guys who's been the reason why so many people went to the show and everybody wants to get a couple of minutes with the which is. Also among the notable about it I think you always just makes it challenging to trying to dedicate the kind of dumbed liked to every one yeah. You know it's everyone know when it's a snippet which is probably they'll think I'm an okay guy. He's only in docent early and small grocery gets his gym minutes will be done if I was exclusive look at you please give media out here this vibrant city diskettes and actually I was where I thought I was the guy reviewing the show or Levy on Steve that I that I don't know I realize I just wish I could see that video. They would act I was gonna that I film all I got us is rooted in my tonight marks the guy. But I wanted to have been a perfect world you and who loses such that he can sees only crying face and just over the years ago now though we're gonna gonna dig a big listener and he's like I totally just like. Cried on Steve makes that hilarious. I mean my day in order but you know act of god we Steve Clinton EST reason she bar that I don't know why can't. Well on track and Beck has been a lot more H never told you get as the ski EB story oh now. All right so that does live I think it was summer of 93 year four no I mean summer Tony sixteen Tom. The entire day and we got the scouts from goodwill we all kind of rehearsed slash lived crashed and Tony's grandma's basement we as goodwill couch. And relatives SKB's epidemic in Cumberland. And we all got skin ABC we didn't know what it was only two point return him would sit there and pass a claw hammer back and forth to work on our backs a bottle caps were great moment. Are finally and we can shoot students crawling and we didn't know why. So my dad had a friend Mike we cat it was a dermatologist cinema and you know group. Part two in the skin umpire ruled seems to have him Brian our drummer Brian when we called BNP among other things. It becomes not simply more and more along can be a pain getting here okay his mustache who you know is smooth now ten. Seriously and daddy rip thumb. Anyway shouldn't be telling the story about body lice. I used to music you like so my gadgets we see doctor might. Pictured here they're almost all its debut. I excellent. Don't know so I go home to see doctor like music helped yet there's been huge rash of this in the team on TV that eats when we know exactly. It is remarkably. Contagious for yeah. He did not. Yeah. It's like them and you know you lows beyond moon. Think the bathrooms. You need. Yeah we are so. Did you live smelly and I don't know. Singles game. Bobby life. Now if you're. Yeah. Me. She's wishing body lice on this guy what are we did we need to cover that song I go okay I'm in. I'm totally down our lacks. Courage and he worth it blip we are a lot of songs colts Gaby colosio's forum doctor doctor Mike explains it is extraordinarily contagious if you got you some of the hugged and they've got ski resort microscopic model it's all so that's one like cool. You know all man you gotta be kidding me in and optimize it's totally cool it's really easy to treat. There's this stuff called bar lotion and they just put on your skin you lean on for 48 hours tools and into the shark goes away right course you need to wash all your bed clothes stuff like that until not a big. Then you know my dad how much OK some get my mind you know getting where you grew drew what do rams put and that potential economic what's the problem music it's kind of funny you. My Q now doctor Mike was like out. Does Glen know and he started these comics different girls that they can sit come into the office and they're all girls that either. Had run we're there are no answer fool around with. Would you pay to basically get lost games goalies coach Rick Smith. So Kelly dead dead dad and how little you salute Moody's the bodies so. I had told my. I may have my rat Iraq and gave ski resort is electric so. So we'd go I explained Mike it was like look I know the whole band hasn't so can you write me a script. For you know brand a brand things apple only got you covered my thanks buddy. So I went to the pharmacy. And I walked in and you know it took a court of all men to the stuff borrow lotion I didn't know I found out later is also used to treat the craps. So while walking to the pharmacy and I hand little girl prescription for two quarts. Of crab ocean right. Who do you have a problem do the look on her face I mean it was likes she looked at me like her eyes were huge like he must have the worst case of crabs in the world. And she went up to the little of the bridge with a pharmacist is that she showed him the prescription. And his head which drew quick he's condemned to a good god does even have a penis laughed I mean they must. Or perhaps the Chesapeake Bay do you flex co chair right. So yeah idea if they all you can you Anthony's already are so yeah I've been kind of camera showing up bomb we called the ass like huge kick ass. Yeah I got the SO go to your fast. And I remember when I walked in tune it was a good downstairs stairwell to the base we O'Connell of men and Jack diamond party and Tony we think was already nude. Standing Billick quivering you took a champagne shall we yesterday the rescue media at a breezy dot com Paul Clark like yeah it was terrible things that girls solo escapee Jeter and the final Joseph did was. The final chapter this is is PPP and getting your Bryant of course PP Shanahan maybe I don't know he economists holds on Israel how to. I don't know what time Honolulu it. What she took a train them this year buddy Greg in Florida. Many calls from Florida institute of of got a got us more like halt if you couldn't imagine saying he's a guy got it on mine you know I've got it. It's not my back so my arms my my unit is pitching. Thus he asks us to mail him we called the end 60 please no meat as some like OK ma'am we will. We get rid of so hard about the fact that he didn't panic and we did all payback we left him down in Florida and that's sweltering heat. I don't know it's a backpack and a half past. Do we dare try and others he'd be sure this would buy vanguard slam dunk. Again this song title. I'm your body your life. Here is awesome and the other side. I'll like the other one did try one more hateful young woman yes that's exactly what I was angry young woman I have one called scab of the wedding party followed up here and a chasm that one yeah I know Merrill amassed a song called scabs guns and peanut butter. Make sense. But this one is also cause Davies and it's by Michael Greenburg and he maybe attack migrate burn and the crawlers the new law mommy. That Texas. That is. I love. Hutus who lonely home. And tell you love. And it's even. Strain. Can stay. Gary as you know you can only. 'cause you can. It's worse than. They slid but he started seeing the use. There has. Tapping his fingers. It's like being prepared me. I feel like me I've seen dozens. My greater Bob Bradley and Mike is here. Blair masters tees dirt off the record called nerd that my. He's. Sounds like you're summing up. You're out yeah. Hey can you talk about it and you don't remember. But the value of crabs Carlo and own the media apex of that story was walking into the pharmaceutical prescription can you ask you first choose quarter. A Barlow. I didn't know I had the worst crabs every. Yeah I think that is really all my friends there was one guy I would want. Prescriptions through the core mother do you honestly when I order fast food for like a bunch of people new legs that's not for bunch yeah. Stop order huge added I nine nice cover gas here through the president of the whereas now. Yep so I don't understand why people interest on having a bad breath now and I cannot sound like a decent help but really if you go to check out counter any course restore our drugstore you're going to see what he did and then. Yeah there's so many dumb labored now the one I thought I chewing gum like anywhere despite what by it appear their options out there for a while yeah. People Bill Walker how bad brat they. They don't tell us some help them right he won at Staples Center and where chick she's Singler. Below you'll do a little magic territory girl all right judge she's still sounds half you know it's funny that must've had the time might be loaded dudes voicemail. But the same thing because this was our. And this is the original 10. Yeah that's her arm to try to zawahri usually July lumber can only by a all you announce solid companies oh. Right. Write to him. Imagine having sex and that's what she says she thinks that the bank and try my drive is right there right now. I mean it's like okay. The automobile bad breath Writely and among those decisions related. Patent. Can take it the right answer to do well and hole. Rice corn vision but hey there revs would easily you know I just got a big user beard it's an. Not. So Rachel Marley piano riding I didn't tell somebody said Rachel is there I was like no she's in Florida. Did shoot you lose you're wearing wearing jeans and a hoodie she looked adorable but she gave me a big hug. Kudos to lemon Parker along religious and the distinct impression that Parker was Willis oh yeah I I yeah out positive right. After I read another story we're marker down you can see him do all thousand. Literally Johnny Miller may god gave her big you know. And apparently she ran with them you Ohio for their concert he. Ice data and allied command you this isn't an amazing. Gradually got better out billions of tiny. Okay. Parents are gonna make more than a crazy at the same girl then all of the rich and happy inside. I just got the bullet. From my ex girlfriend. At least it wasn't Gaby. What was the whole instance for his food and again decision circuit. Do need to really I don't get anything. The question which she had gotten. Before or after you found no clash if you do this then that lets you. I got Youkilis on October you can treat syphilis are paid a cool. Is that when you can treat. This yeah. The you NASCAR typically Beck didn't pay. You're accusing me to make a mockery of the fact is usually not all of what a terrible disease. And I wouldn't come my real. That's the only lasted just saw Justin's voice is you now know not only just lose. Quote that I hope we wouldn't call it shares that. Maybe have put up to. It's. Good to have you here don't worry about it there. Sorry dude and then lowered some with just a year. Did she see guys broke up and then you hooked up for one malls and she brand new that sucks and I think that's why we get that tone of voice. And you know lead at that point she news she had it she birdie multipurpose bad that day parting gift yeah yeah. Here's your not bra. Duque is apparently it's treatable and also I think a brought up on previous shows that I am what's called morally negotiable. Meaning that for a freeze. I will hope you barrier in the desert like here's a thing you can treated in the how little I don't Jeter who maybe she didn't know she had it but it chicken meat train AJ she. That doesn't factor in my and I don't just say like for twenty cattle cares she's innocent or not sure I'm evil she did that on her it's awful awful gas. And I have a feeling he might be right. Get married ex girlfriend if you sit well it's all bags used at his guts of this my girlfriend it's like all of you and your three years and also when she doesn't mean she's been getting some on the side. It's a he is in the computer isn't it you were a loser of the season Connecticut. I started Steve has chosen to make a mockery of your I go I. I feel terrible for the guys. I try and get it from my and it drove it. It really dress it can be treated do you do you can you just get their college at all but I looked it up online oh at oral treatments or go to your doctor Lopez delta wanted to come here don't be embarrassed about it packed. Just it's going to be fine you know it is it's really easy to write in candidate at a retribution for what ever I am sorry. I am sorry man and I can't believe the rebels play all those droplets could Hillary knocks on actual. And if anyone else has a sexually transmitted disease please share with that by calling 253271478. Sadly the route the story too and how unhappy Allan Chernoff has sold genius in that guy's voice that you see you. Then I wrote you drive the man I'll dig the hole on but I do need money. If I do need tall and they got their bills are paid six months commencement here I mean it's just now story about don't make our country and the next 48 hours and few awkward relatives of the money little space. Now. Miss an episode today skis yeah. Got a brief. Let's I have no idea I don't remember like we've been talking about it for so long yeah. Motor. Why even why did you go down this Gaby her let's look at some forward fed transparency man I mean this this on my entire bands. Many many years ago that's key reason prelude to a lot of pretty young ladies and Cumberland. Which my father thought was absolutely hilarious and that is it was the green goodwill couch. It was the green goodwill ads don't get furniture. And don't get our mattresses. Just avoid those things we Israel dude ten bucks can Wilson's account tendered on of the pickup trucks and NASA must have a counts here then an. And wouldn't we be out well there's a scheme he's operating they had an X in human hand do you really Qian did the drama returns can literally passing a claw hammer back and forth. I'm clean now I'm I hope so now. But no I'm aging so I can't be sure coo C 100 no because this stay away from enjoyed samarra ocean effect we've exhibited quivering in new when they come home with a yes I've never seen we asked us if you know get a voicemail from the revenue sank. I atlas. My ex girlfriend and Glenn and Glen by the sooners what is now. Hi yes I'm an hour than an hour. I think you're rather hire an editor at fairer better. Alan and I yet you're in not looking out seeing as there are three to review. I am at the legal or plead get a yeah shots. Out there aren't ever happen be it Nate I met him to do you plead their diets. Thank you all. He says that voice messy the video message Shiloh look like if she drops the V and everybody in Ceylon and did you guys catch everybody eaten. Ice-T yeah I agree with that you can call I agree completely and I'm Selma man I don't get it like we've never seen an accident before. Commodity I don't rubber neck if anything I'll glance to make sure I'm a good drive over all of corner eaten but I'm not in a rubber necking when it's a traffic but then again the third because some tyrant and another guy and off and on the shoulder and everything safe that was in the section Steve. He does or not. Let's all give what we're going. The one thing I do enjoy it when I'm writing with Michelle their traffic is the fact that a might RA I'm keeping ahead you update me you tell me exactly what's going on gas you get a navigator yeah how Dan Wheldon who aren't have a say that she definitely take I love yeah you gotta trust to navigate for me you should you should not my druthers tulips and still bummed about that and yet that says she gave you guys a little bit of a gift a human life so. Oh thank you honey thank you so much for that really true it's only now being a so legitimate mourned two man she was really stoked about that that's cool it's really cool. As awesome as the great got a great timing gap there really was isn't that amazing. Right. Trust is an original and he's got this look who he's facing he's up to some legit trust you man nothing on us guys think I'm I'm ready our next voicemail lets you that. Aren't. We got some people that have a lot of complaints and experience it. Spoke to the complete department for what they've done a poor guy just sort of senseless micro Franklin I mean this guy. Didn't just got it that's rough waters cracked a month ago we always say I'm just wondering do you know exactly the moment. I'm Jim that's a potential alternate scenario for all you know he was like a gonna do and I'm gonna Naylor mighty music she was sick he would ended anyway and then when he is what I call post orgasm correct. This is a fellow sometimes you know when your just going to go when you break loose you're like oh my god you know what have I done by you know own one or lower installed caller I shaved my right leg of an eye on the on shaven legs at what the hell is going on but the move really. And so I wonder if that was the cold post orgasm at regret worries that I just got central. Us in a weird way. How awesome is it that the first people that he probably wouldn't call. It although we're goes that's usually sacked earlier. And them guys that's right there with a call from Omaha here's what's up for different reasons. That's how he prays for a super important drew gotten a policy were all pray for you brother just moved into the interview you'll be okay hopefully by now he's gotten it treated and he's one lap did this should go out yeah yeah sort of compete for an independent category maybe as chlamydia now let's look. Blue. And wounded. That frustrates me more than anything else. It well I thought I'd change like RJ recap and I call will not go out and all of although little tripped on the ground. I don't know. Adam from the morning when I. Save one I don't know but I just. Flip a Saudi man when you're handing your hand to smuggling gasoline I want my car fuels the rear bumper behind the plate like I hit seventeen gallons of this week. You can hum feed all due there was a deadlocked the thing that was holding you mentioned as it was cold. And I had my hands in my pocket and I blocked the thing open and just had mentioned applying pressure there are enacting shifted to that stupid ego thing any. Who's online and asked Nadal now. Or I came home covered from head to toe and gasoline to a strip need to look close in the washer and I'm a wash for smells like gasoline and a Romo washroom white vinegar and about eight times and they was the apps are with you honey yet it's the worst man did have some terrorist. Parents keep listening to know she's complaining about. Wasting that much money. The principle I think I mean explain it age that technology it will eat cat is. Re election but we create our gas not. Patriot draft ended I thought I can't I don't care experts. After he gets a little trip and fall when I got up and got a bunch. God bless your feet sweetheart. I have some very good reasonably gasoline by audio slave island sound. They do a lot of audio play. I don't know why but I also all but Chris Cornell stuff audio feeds you rising to the top for me right now. It out revelations that has. All shifting to calm and it's it was the third one I'd really like get this the one with the hell hole Saunders to bring himself to a dog. Change. I think it's really find revelations one record that I lose its honesty and every little flyer really good is not original fire and what dribble games Donovan guns. Tossed a revelation. Wide awake and tools summertime wide awake yet okay senses that revelation yeah that's a great record deal. It's just the record that they may be put out and didn't tore. They broke up right after record and records are really good man ask. I didn't think I would just do check it out I swear to you missed a couple of jams on the album really obsessing over their second ever. That's got to be yourself the remind me itself. The Braves got its okay all right I'm the man. What a perfect pairing you I never it always work when I first heard that they were working. Call for me. They actually reasonable. Section gap biggest relative freedom that you along a little or nothing then the other rhythm section. And grab really laid down a group like he's. Super talented drummer we have you. Show it off. So that's probably what kind of crazy around. I think Reagan nominated but didn't win but Moran was all hammered. Don't give comfort to go OK maybe trick because Limp Bizkit won the awards are lined up almost like the probably blocking it but yeah a month he'll live television wow I really like hero I don't know the main. Glen Jones javy gone sad to pass. This reads from it keeps me my least favorite part of it catches you right brotherhood why he's loving yourself pulling up restate its Ukraine's. Look like you need to fix. It feels better known. It's. Our ask him he's an entity is the music could be if he's right if it's just unbridgeable early isn't enemies. That amazing content. Was that no sir I want to mend MTV meat oh well I'm Hannah. Our irons great he's so mad oh yeah I used its shaky little holes properties in twelve years. People look presenting meal lords in front of emerges try to play it off like oh it's cool and yet eased his way out no Arabic it was rather watch FBI. Well of course are younger versions and I was older back in those days and I remember watching it and dig him he is losing his tomorrow so it was awesome I agree. Our goal was going on it's a little miscue one and not rage music over L yeah yeah he's just sitting on top of me like what America mockery of the whole thing those excellent man. There after we have some text messages to as a through a couple of those and here is well off the minister has wanted to greatest shows on Eric thank you guys you guys who don't grow on the show more yet half that I I. Arcade drilling as always a blast out where you send us some pickles lower right in here I guarantee it. We do have a guy that's beacon of Limp Bizkit is limp biscuit doing may express to that would be cool. Sure as they were willing still has I don't know here on Harris analyst at their pain stimulus is now here's. This high. Talk boldly asks this Joseph boxer was unbelievable on Saturday and seeing any band on the bill lives go on ways of pain destroyed watching markup on stage is truly a work of art and it will be amazing to watch Chris grow with the bad because he killed it. When you guys went to Cashmere out of my number 28 I lost my damn mind. Man I met your wife. She tapped me on the shoulder in the front row and said can you give me huge favor that's my husband about the play can I squeeze and choose so incredibly nice and cool even when you look at me when you saying let me put my love into you she probably thought it was for her know. How. Out I also academy why it outside the show and he's one of the coolest people ever even though he did bring me any Dixon's shot back I. I'm a damn group machine holiness on your stuck in my head all weekend. One of the coolest experiences they've been a part of kissed again as starters now my radar as well you know face melting scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark what that was me after Saturday. The incredibly sore legs and two hour drive home at 3 in the morning was born didn't. Also awesome staged announcement Steve as for the rev I did see you walking out of the bathroom what a shocker. What's you know he's Tyler good grief taxed so yeah. I write all of spot hades is at its Taylor from Puyallup here first of all thank you guys travel Meehan last week of course it was like a month ago if I have no idea what I'm saying I've watched that video like ten times also wanted to see a huge thank you. For all you guys do for us listeners I truly don't think you guys understand our impact glee guys are to us. Like I said before the last eighteen months have been hell for me in my family from my mother along losing are long painful battle with cancer. And then six months later my mom ODs and passes away. You guys have always been a bright spot that they can look forward to two with all that said it truly breaks my heart dear Glenn going through some stuff. I know and I've only met you once climb but I love you like a brother please donating I can do just to help. Please let me know thanks guys. Hash tag Titanic dutrow life Taylor from pew thanks brother thanks NN and it will save million Obama's gonna play makes that's all about your chest trying to sort of did. Insert things her. Slowly turning around the storm's passing a couple really impossible and painful situations and I'd been dealing with for way too long. Com have come to resolution and I think there's a bright future there and I think we're gonna being able serve keep the house reliving and I. This is where we were still the same as a sure urges we lose the house for us. But Alex you being more willing to work we know we know fire and old mortgage broker rom Kelly Jeffers a paltry bank we fired him and Rihanna new mortgage broker who's the main thing fired him freeways she gets KV I heard the last of me and she hasn't and we had an amazing new word murderer named Lisa councilman Maier referral from roars and you wouldn't believe the miracle she has worked. So mossy not even the stress of the homeless just in the coming on nice clothes so this storm is passing Nancy I can do is thank you for the love and then. Yeah I know I've been not that particular route we can win Cornell died make it rough then what I went through a personal level. Privately Friday and Saturday and then Sunday with the death of Scott MacIntyre. You know when I rolled in your Tuesday. Not as good lunch and was up to man I was hurt for certain stuff I apologize you know it's all you guys. For that level of transparency beyond doing good man legislative further up there's an update and thank you for. My guess what do we all where are our hearts on us yeah and I don't think anyone can never fault us for not being costs. Yeah no doubt no doubt me so I mean I'm glad to see you look in batter. The better spear jump around as I can hope forming an answer right. So we don't know if I were joking before the show expertly every April that's when birthday is in the interest all for the past 45 years I mean two remarkable low. All hell breaks loose I mean just blink you gotta be kidding me manage store about 45 years ago youth when I lost my apartment and my cat all within light. 124 hours is like oh you've got Norah bill all and you can't dismiss. Com which man that cat fifteen years of she was my my child math right so it started then in and that should trend seems to follow secede now we're talking about we're gonna vote look a little bomb shelter at Matthews junior or a month for May well. Not gonna Ellen manicurist your rich should do not open until June 1 cut its real opponent and what we doubt and that shelter next year you watch. But we have some like jazz like bad and even real put to a together that his birth there was a month of April and again you know. I have this one month in view of the year in its April leg go through like a really dark fees and I have no reason why I can explain it but. Whenever I have my lowest it's been April. And is either late march or early anything's that's the dome that's a must I don't like crap and Mike Reid. Bunker. Picture light you know podcast from the bunker Reagan though I'm sorry could join us hope I I. Janet boy survived another year what you wanna do yeah well Hillary is player likes. It's like to hold my beer moment hold on you've dealt with business and there's way all my beer I got from announced. Yeah men and it's just it's been a trend these past couple years were right after my birthday and it's not like oh I I broke my finger oh my car broke down. Those would be sort of beside new item to be on Trace gas you don't mean like it's it's tree hits solicited what are your well she does Samantha really heated it such a weird thing you know you're mentioning on the I'm senator press it's that life is trying to kill me. I hope it's Ramirez. Course I wanted to other people have that like where is about one month I don't know ray review do our every month. You saw that happen around spring time. Where I gained just really see is around the same time I really and haven't necessarily. Add that recently right and I April's pretty awesome because it's sad anniversary in some other things have happened during that time plus Easter weekend is just my chance to light completely. And utterly Disco nights nice and decompress. So I haven't really necessarily had that. And it might just be the fact that is getting an enemy obviously you know those the terrible things was standing but just that feeling of dread because it's. The end of winter but in Washington. It's not really do we have rain and all this yet the only to see some yeah. Yeah exactly and so it's one of those things where it's just your hoping to get out of that. And it's not. And in everything else is just happening in the boat with you guys it's on a whole other flat like a little earlier we rarely difference when solid years it was not even just that I'm glad they didn't pass slice man I really a lot of people should get the bunker and we can relive that moment. From Greece to I don't know if you guys remember the greatest we all time but he agrees to there is that scene where there in the bunker and the guy used the bunker as an opportunity to bang it checked. Not a lot I don't see any Saudi let's look Michelle Pfeiffer was an apology plus graciously shall find out she's she's the star of cliche was sealed the deal Libya for Greece to get a little wind this movie come out. Okay. It's the thought this is good for him different language version of the ten cents on the job for a how. All versions I find. You think about. What do you when he was to pass. They hit tonight when there in the bunker right this during the Cold War and our also then again you show earlier this bunker anybody outside of the bunker is putting into making this alarm sound familiar telling the country just went to war. Coincidentally do what I already so we better blues so we an 82 so we need to have sex for our country. Over to win. As usual my perfect. And this is gonna do and our bunker and I had the money and I said PlayStation include. It's good practice you know it's there for part. Quite check it. Studies within the images of Michelle Pfeiffer back in 82 he's alone lonely but I. And I'll win. I think yeah that's the if you do for our country he wants us to. What's. Your influence overly slow him I don't again to you much more recent trip and a yeah I don't get a listing on the last race. That. His for the Helmand alone and allegedly held at lunch just at home and I'm pretty sure that's a euphemism right there no she just put a helmet on him. She's still nurse's cap on my mother and don't even have the gold bond. TE. Harry ABC that is pretty funny and she's all that's sexy yeah eleven and he started. We've seen the footage of the snow and I don't guy and yeah. And slow about concerns it would be like this we we do measures pertaining to a bandage him up my. Yeah me and we'll get. This is a good idea to still do well you know well my house. The red white and blue. Is really bad. He says she's bending and damaging to head and he I'm tying her blouse. That is that's how that works mother in the hospital before. Nolan to and the CNN live on. All my approach. Shocked I power. Led the league that though if that's what you try to pound on me now nice getting out. All hurts his body today yeah busted how funny or not. So I've never seen Greece do that you boo and that makes me sort of want to not. Wow what a bummer but lol you know I like actually another song from their record now please don't aren't the Dallas conjecture voicemails emails and I hear you just punished for three minutes. I. Some how my body the other day Bonser went out. Sunni scratched and sure I grew up in the game. That's a no my buddy is he's he's going strong yours like 34 shots. And and we're well I ever have a good time and then turnaround cute dog he failed. He pulled castle as people don't get it struck music or not about selling units and he's known people who don't finish strong. Parish exit tires I love the Ayers exit armor king of that I don't want to run you SL when do they show in my life. Literally drag me back thus jitterbug fueled good throughout. It I don't. How does is gone no number no I'm I'm a big fan to moaning out renouncing his thanks to teach for every single viva people. Continued to people are like global war more drilling no I want to go yeah yeah yeah. Social scenario Tony now we called the stealth exit rolled up like let's just slip out who stressing in my 22 hours yeah the intersection is more like when you're talking about Emanuel -- the baton bat man's garden that's Irish exit does not know where you just vanished a mighty little puff of smoke or to Popeye cartoon cat hair pin spanning more dollars in I don't. After that at how small Bobby even if it's hypocritical about leaving them all by the I know you want Mo. In his seat that I just don't look at me. Nothing happened we'll ask him how I doubt it is yeah. I don't know. There are Michel fights remaining tight flag ten shiny car and I'd watch that we should audio program that wanna. Itself. Bowl hey come. William Grady high okay. Yeah rock. Steve I wanna get myself fired Karl just a few either dangers online sports cast them. Unless China specialty. Hello banging. What message are we so. Glitz and she did you get you you can listen every. Finding guys and women screaming and if if it. My mouth. This full moon. That they're all much. John it's like black velvet and oh yeah Flash Gordon yeah. Given that they can sit in this. Terrible with people dancing and only. At some open their eyes sluggish start shooting. And they're all crossing the line this reviewer might trim trim. He's. All right fine with the fire and I get the message. So loud and clear let's go back to tax do you why do you up with all these people all cars are an era don't worry you can you know it got your card read and that's my wife she's big into those white Hartley and on the guy pushing the cart or animal I don't needed I don't care about germ volatile previously leased. Through week. You might wanna white and everything now apple won't be clear the bar what went looking for a minute wiping out of every answer their cart. With these these little white like you people really think it's gonna keep them from getting back home dirty you gonna call would tell you what. Why what people like to wish it according to Freddie epidemic around leaked out why he's there. Thought I was doing extremely well as well he's not having sexual relations with that card you Mickey fine for me as my god keep you slim metal we got that was imagine Jon Stewart did doesn't like man. We are screwed no bridges similar to survivors and Mikey Buick made but you never know. That my girlfriend. And a cart and that art and the car. Mom I've noticed those courtesy worried should the cards I think one tunnel all school now what they handled down and now we're really what you should be no one gets an. Got a bit bloodshed and I'll be remembered that sense to tell them there's really qualifies well here here's another question do you use the little paper thing needs for in the toilet when you sit on the idea although free troubling answer yeah see I don't either nobody I will go I'd I'd take good size one of paper and I won't. How bush that he I absolutely do and and the area that could be hauled in the porcelain bowl this whole Josh yet the source and teases her loan actually moved PJS the other day to you which is porcelain can syndrome which is where W the porcelain kiss and then you go home and even he knows gonna burn like tell you still put the extra point to the town. And you're from your receipt from my. But not the street cowboy hats and all have finally understood that I usually save about pump blog but buffer prettier orbit that we ever have a look at incidents where it's stuck to your body year you booed on it and couldn't get these are typically I get that thing right on the seat so let's have complicated and you don't ever let me not a tragedy and all we know that us is that and it just looks like I agree with your loved us all without a guard early this is nothing but trouble. The worse when I gotta go really bad I grab it and I'm trying to put down and now I could gust of wind its own opening up between us some suspended damp. But buffer lands in the water and had to start over Yemen Mike I'd. Don't have the time now usually don't have enough time to put down a buffer I have to get out of awareness Soledad point and I was only you. As a group or as a unit. No but we should do different he'll get the youngster right Allison got those are right move sharply your bic pen free cowboy hats on the dispatching its cities and that's because of the way they're designed we needed big picture of almost random constitutes a threat they completed it. I'll be our new podcast producer Jimmy the new podcast challenge it's sending pictures as opposed. All we ask a total your street cowboy hat Jack cowboy hat channel in the literal did and I I still haven't gotten nav backed everybody about the other stuff too and I. I look back blah blah. Yeah I used for future links and data and you know you get mine to get the love and adoration a mall bus that's right yes are understandably Campbell had. Are there all night. But look I saw you guys. What an awesome shows. Saturday an hour though though aren't they don't want it all there bland man. It was targeted. I know my girlfriend a lot of people around me do it yeah I tried hard. I'm did it. And you're my outlook has ran generally are for mixed. We're Slava have been there. She got loose staying go on our own. Well ball low you guys love you much and we'll see in October. Well we explore. October 14 makes fasteners to studio says seven we know for sure it's going to be window pain we know for sure why only in the wreckage going to be there insurance reserve Brody also and perhaps all Erica termed as well that's gonna be awesome and then once surprised and I I felt bad big reason I think I know the band coming out now I'll make you very pretty. I feel like it was a really badly kept Seagram just waiting for confirmation. From the management and I don't bother them because they've always left year's show. Before we start worrying about that but he's on Tuesday the war as they. Oh wow. I think I will see each other meetings this. Hey I just you're there and he probably wouldn't still be headlining again I. I really I could afford say no more I would absolutely book fatal or man but I did I told a movie it was. And he was even more excited about that we could be your fan and values they were when you fell in love with the bad because we've got him on the pod gets you more and we always talk about themselves. Yeah hopefully I'll will be able to give you all the information when tickets on sale and all that in the very near future. I gotta say you are natives entire message were sitting here like. Just to hold my breath waiting for the yamana mama send a caller from 45 I don't know yeah I'll be assuming it's your time there's always Susan more easily as there is great love music. Great credit but yes I love you I love you until. Sorry I couldn't escape man I love you grow blood gets to get time. I'm just here guys. That's career while I was its. Whose ballots that apparently a glitch in my voice mails no you've got. Computer choose or lose this clears. Yes we're wild flowers it's a voicemail eleven and that's what I got we don't twelve is not gonna be in him the city. An error. I don't always know for must be up. There in. Spirit is. Okay. Not narrow a high. You or whom. Eight case they're hindered her as a public. And I. And. And his voice vote came in on a Saturday night yet did the post show yeah yeah I did. Is that it enough. Oh. Yeah. You didn't get. Well they believe. There are millions. It's helped front a shadow I had maybe in late eighty CCI realizing you sound pretty showgirls right now maybe they hear the guy lying on the sidewalk and good luck up. Until the millions lady. Didn't review it. Do it. And I really. Don't tell me what. I. Now. The wolves. All. Quiet. I don't I don't it is our hope that it eats me ignorant or are. Well. What are you doing a great message that you don't. Beer while. It's your blood coming. Out I think this show is still going on. Music and be social he's out front of the show but the gap. We'll be all right but let it all along that note the word hate I don't. I think Dario yeah yeah. Yeah whom. Easy to extract her lifestyle it's okay he had the. Aaron critic. Of. Yeah. All located at all people they do it higher before it. He had distracted Avery you talk yeah. But I don't allege that incredible glimpse into the post show party at the window panes shot blocker in Joel Taylor got tired man taking off when I don't. And a little granola crazy or did so let's say at the very end what they do is they hire people and hookers did I hear that correctly particularly a hooker I don't know the last. Few. A little easier on me but I'm not all of that no you're right I don't. I Dario got ran over our. Yeah whom. It's. Yeah he. And act the diamonds. Yeah. Listen. All located at all people they do it either you or hurt. In Anaheim hired him agrees hook yeah aids. Love you would use to hire people and hookers policies Gail hooker. Maybe had a voice and that's hell yes and if you put our show. He's basically you hired as good a slew of prostitutes. I'm pretty sure that was the man up guys they made should be on hookers they're bringing their dads on day. Wanted to play well every dad put this cream on. And listens DB on right as we got a few more voicemails and and our boys must for Perez to. And any children. You're. Hi Terry Jefferson zones are. I think we have my dialed some of abusing a child for us it could affect thanks I guess you receive the first Conan notes the beast master religion the kids into the fire because our does that got daughters were torn gentlemen kids in the flame. They'll probably down this road doesn't have won't be president if parents yet yeah I had yeah you ferrets in the he had I love that black tiger is looking out there to the really hot chick that he looked up with it and the other ardent watcher children. Hard to want your children and Rip Torn was checking kids loses fire near me that a lot better than me if I happen. The whole intent and I guess a voicemail. Our viewers does that really kids males lobby that. Here and learn. Who are most people. Do it. It. A yeah. Costs such as soon. Send out at home. They don't go to the runner along K okay you're curious. Why is my wife talking to me and I'm just gonna say actually go out it's it's a John carpenter's prince of darkness thing where actually this is a voicemail from the future this is use your child. They're all. Air sure that's Jesse is good news. Or. If it. I have to commit to share that those who don't look much can you know I'll put all turned out while potty training is important it's a little different now through a dig at their skills. And you had Marshall only men felt a little fellow little fall's gonna have the salting German notes on other deals trivial. And then things. Certainly it. Silver metallic back and we go there I don't really backed up anyway. I've been a weird glitch had become I flash drive now they think put me weird things in the beginning that's what happens when voice messages time travel from here yeah. That's how can I am using can't you train your stuff. Which I told you was a bad idea I think that success came. In from. Silver metallic magna to go close I don't really backed up anyway. I. So are beginning. To look at our. They botch. Especially Britain people regulate it like a suit I saw her whatever excited I guess. They don't quite what it. Because they're bummed guy that stole our guys from Florida. Somebody went there and it's all over here it's kind of land that only about that is I don't have heard I remember there. It's actually right here right to life can't. They don't always hear some of the sick I'll do it also I don't really order I am another. So that's kind of but we're looked nothing else mattered to get into that actually wrote about a girl. And more important. General slump. I don't buy cigarettes I'd do it or let's say. To maybe if you all are actually gonna go rat hole whenever that is. Somebody else saying place your leaders your and he goes on why that's happening this. Really tasty scandals you usually go well. Here. Steve from UN mismatch for most middle school who really yeah yeah I don't put your idea given their bodies and I would I got a good asset class last night out I currently cannot let my arms and I must now. Up I would do right hand stand back bumps so I get up into a hand stand which I am a handful over and then fall over but slam my arms down to make me and then I was also doing standing forward flips. Brought doing things I never got my body can do. In my body you know that they could do because they hate me right now to standard and standing for slip yes amoled you're not afraid of paralysis. Mean while the now he is good job back and snow at all and a wrestling practice rounds near Vineland and and it might Baghdad time I I'm really hot. That is pretty good or bad is 100. To cool things I've done as a forward flip side even he said look it it seems very difficult until you try it it's actually not that dogs are not planning on my feet Glen and your man am -- back OK he had an idea how the money in my hip sometimes millennium I mean like I haven't been lending very well on them hurting because of it when you can still one of these in winced he's in the year we used Chaka budget Jackson had. Hey that is extremely boom. In the casino deregulation artists that's easy god more clearly the badlands on tax threads on Lagos my wife's going on tax jump eight feet. Really nice because argued that it was funny because I just dobbs exciting news nor a 321 battle I am now the commissioner of 321 battle. So is this one we read film and so when you view the original you couldn what I need one cal worked on this for you know I know I basically going to read some of security character I'm not necessarily really run and I you know. Threats like. But I guess I go in front of everybody welcomed them and and tell them what big matches I have planned and all that kind of fun stuff and it was a great time goes your role yeah. And Jose thinking about the US and an eye candy bullying my arm out by gynecologists tell what is it isn't and is a I don't read the new leads to that says. He can't help. But it's funny to the Mike I feel right now I you. Music at the mercy doubles like about for the five but it doesn't work for a three to a battle because it's that song works well because is it to slow build and on the first thing. Of the night at three to a battle on not an easy to come up punching right away. And I was thinking about all beat big steam would be pretty funny. I'll give the instrumental we can bright new words and all this and then I've been working on this podcast that I have mentioned have been yelled the goal on this target is. Kind of trim the fat of the guests and it would be more singing the action cleats now there's a person familiar to you nicely and as a trillion that in doing very organized itself. Costello. Has some real. I'm Bob some like you know. Taylor pull off. I'm having other wrestler interviews I decided to wrestling podcast into stardom to episodes and it's just me having conversations are wrestlers that I find interesting difference it would Joey Ryan speaking of Don style and and alas always Coke about it which is huge because he's they have are biggest in the world to podcasting's. Bob and I was working on an extra. An intro for the show and I hit up our production guy Kennedy's gimme some demos are really quick and easy. And I liked some of it's I grabbed the vocal parts but I would I change that the music so I wanted to blame you guys yeah. And I may have a different version kinda sort out. For my 321 battle so this is the intro for migs vs the world of wrestling which is the name of the podcast. It's now time for me it's vs the oh yeah. World. No I. Okay that's. He's there or mass killer NASA appears. I got his version of which will be perfect for when I come out for three to a battle to become the three join battle. Help me not look stupid and do the big sports when I come out to be back here is. I'll break from this part out like. Different today about a it's already here. It is as simple. It's good news. I'm grateful about that I guess that's the answer is pretty don't know how I. That's all you need. And we'll bring this Richmond give him in the door with adult themes sold out. Now recorded embattled house everybody at the show Chan are shattered category it'll take edition is eastern knowing it near you know become a thing I'm sure did. I'll probably system like I was so nervous I doesn't put my pants and I get nervous and they're ready for the Winnipeg stage and you're nervous bluebird I yeah I do to cause I applaud runs a club that furlough before the show I did have to take care of business and of course the worst nightmare is when you open of that that's endured as a woman waiting to use it next. And it's gonna give her a look like past plug. Like you know you're doing. The chick that was in a year before we destroy this but older breast dawn it's terrible you know regular prisoner migs would never do that's and I am I gonna. Thought I would recommend that every terrible hollow where that passed a Volkswagen and your usual older Brothers so matches for God's sake can't do but it ought to be deflect deflect. Today they announced on the new commissioner and a place just erupted doesn't felt good you know I just never now let's go I like to think that people like me but I never know I don't know which means bright lights you guys people like Bob Barr sweetened special even if it's fire before it did the stage announcement for a window pane beyond talk what Matt. Coke odd overnight sensation lovely girlfriend who listens I Tyler. And actually made it done enough there gonna make so doubles let me down was across town I think I thought they might go to that instead it's a really an analog to match showed up. And it's so as always front row or to rent a fri oh yeah and so women are just be guessing me him not Tyler having a good chat about some random stuff. You guys I know you're not going onstage until I do staged announcement. So we're talking is a guy also on the frenetic camera you and I wouldn't set camera people like in and within the barricade. And I were talking nuisance because hey man you're gonna need to sit down. And I like well my quad news you need to sit down I can't see. Memo you but the front of the Mercury most I'll say right I'm just talking like. Yeah I mean his way but there's nothing going on on state and so I think I let him loose and nicely confrontation Steve doesn't need to come out tonight. Don't feel the love really does not so okay man. No worries don't worry about it I'm going to be gone before they even take the stage I'm doing the stage intro. So I'm just pulls crapping with my buddy nice catch thank you. There's no need to worry about me being your way and they will you better sit down before the show and a Michael. You know and I look Emanuel and look at Tyler and they're all like this it's kind of pot and like yeah man cool ought to worry about it sounds like. Bro I'm doing mistakes announcement like I'm not. I need to leave this area obviously everything you said you compute because you said you better to sit down for the right here anyway Melissa Leo wherever you are saying you're human what do. Donkey what she needs right took awesome pictures. I was like Q I. Like I'm not trying to be addict I'm not gonna stand here I debt it like you've got front row. And I'm not going to be I got its gonna who shin and just stand in front of you I'm 63 well I do you shoot it at that point I shoot a little direct content. Right should have been that guy I screw you man I got a theme song a. My ticket sales and wall seating wall get means you're Ryan and whoever's behind me is that went on the wall it's the wolf that's right this doesn't say GA says wal redolent here. Legitimate words now. Based vehicle owner editor at the Mike here earlier we have. Yeah or could not about any history and do everything on our Madrid or any particular candidate. Bush later owners them all. Technician. Has. He worked and what industry the auto body not a sure yeah I it is because I was talking about my car at all and I I CO OK okay chair back everybody sign me as soon as I said to dear Big Brother all total loss summit know. They can do that good news. Not a total loss or get my car back on Wednesday could really now is. I talking to my insurance people know like. As we're talking like well August is a case that I like almost like this can't be true sick you have a really good deductible with us. My wood Ohio after all this crap that is crap puzzle more polite than that man. And so after all those at a Seattle. Woman who aren't 150 dollar deductible. Oh wow I had no idea lower our. I want a channel fifty page through the nose Tryon yeah yeah Karl months and is in no illness. I don't I was like 500000. I just assumed he I think I've had 500 dollar deductible before but I don't believe this lead to lower your windows smashed dollars 475. Dollars licked oh. Yeah. It's. Yeah those are that was good news on my get all that all know is 150 that's Q that's pretty bad ass you. Source base that is stuff to steer and coma hefty bags and a NASCAR took its hefty I'm fine I don't want that dammit have been going up for Kenedy owe it all I got lucky I found the dogs are good can't move my arms differently I. And tires might not from Canada well another then yeah I think yes. Arbitrary rate or super expensive and then those leaders don't let that slip technician will liberate they're. And then that you didn't look at heart they don't give it is thank you. Save your podcast this Burgundy and needy and new ODS or you know I look at it. Was just in the hostility in the last our second child. And you get those all of them are your daughter. Please please I mean you don't Steve Owens and he's. She actually it is podcasts and that sort of integrate mine. Any yet trust them. I appreciate it doesn't show on ESI and today he insists its units that sit and smartest girl just the first. Wonder if any children I want you didn't have comparable period of marketing and sake attitude ever since then everyone occasionally been here as premier event and sell you know. Well it never would have been injured foot next. I mean it. Some truly. Yeah there are similarities. There but yet if Glenn and posting. We're. Gas yeah. Did very good seeing you there touched so many big scares listener I saw me so cool there's so loss salmon a lot man who added we've we've. Created this really cool community and it was awesome to see ever wanted to show support for you and the rest of the guys and and window pane it was a special night man who can I say something real quick as a drummer Turk. That was the bat I mean dude. Sean always kills ten. He was next level on those drums and I think there was some fills that he was doing maybe it's because like some of the suns haven't heard you guys do lied before. And the newer songs especially since you completely crazy and we were pigs to always err I'm not back yet great spin on on the for that Nike he does different stuff. So it's I guess personally I thought I was expecting but that was a cool thing he was you're putting on a client got my. Cities you're crossing Danny cherry bomb you know I like about Sean as he knows when did you sit in the pocket play for the sake of the song in the many Cust who Sheila. Well the unit and then hey yeah. Reminder I'm African amazing drummer just yet well every one that everyone was just on point lake Tony was a free in Tasmanian devil you know going around all over the place grow as soon as you said Tony gas. Tex I diskette. Literally right now. Only did. Totally don't you literally just so I ask the ambassador and I would have wow. Under the showed that these two years now so he calmer now Charlie and good idea and you know you gotta give you a number yet you Tony summer I do not have Tony's number here again this fiscal Tony really I don't know much. The future I don't know either so it's just under a totally different yeah I Tony Abreu. Yeah. Outlawed. He still typing on human 1940s number always at your for a 9920. Yeah. I had had let let let I had. Guess who don't know the tone. Rob RO ops. Feelings and I didn't match just mainly those little tenderness is now known as number and I should tell he still typing. But it always. Can you speak it's. Editors about. But when given the stage ace. I'll thank you we are some who do real. Big of whom are calling. You. Nobody can answer. An annoyance now. Martin. Went to any content. What do you have Tony come on don't want to rethink your man thought to be zero rally I've not gone out and. I had a. But I can write and his nomination. Isn't expecting him. Good Parker to the yeah right now has an amazing it was to call him into a game today Parker with. I'm really killed three US grade before he didn't. See if I end. Blue yeah. And where I'm. I don't know dude how weird is this a we're on the big stats right now and Brad we were just talk about the show railways is going into how you were just a chainsaw out there on siege and it's an easy said your name my phone lights up and its attacks from you how it should be is that. Oh that's intriguing to me. OK okay. We got to leave his lead singer willow made without mouth but that's terrible political economic and kind of bad cop good access. Sorry I'm suffering from a bit of a hangover and thinking oh my brain that burn knock underway do you know how did you Judy's last night Brooke. I am an answer that might seem I don't know all ships are gone. Understood and understood wrong. On yeah Sean showed up. Here's blah. Played at the song bit so. Yet and can be secret and yes it would it was really cool looks. Sean is from when you're laying around or correct are different drummer and those on the. I'm sure we pizza he's married on Sunday solid special thing not a visionary from Allison chains came I would use on. May I jump to conclusions but yeah I. I don't know why couldn't come up all legitimate shot monotone. Arm I'd say probably like twenty minute. It's too. You know we don't yet or three Whitney's. I don't know I don't know I can keep it right until time and labor costs and let's say you didn't need it. Dear great job I don't and did not cite. I really and the moment we get so they attic or area which area in the pancreas and Argentina we had a really good time. Kiss on each on didn't get to all. But I don't but yeah they got two point and it's like oh my god I hate to go home. School. We sort of I don't go to Tony brought this sum does follow German absence down -- Obama's. Magnificent stuff and it was literally are toast that the show was behind us and and minera marked beginning an error with Chris and that was how we started was we ought to a glass of Tony's lovely absinthe that he'd been sitting for awhile. Apps that everything's good idea when drinking and that's not a happy the motto yeah right it's like hey you wanna go ideology above the bridge yeah I so it's fun to. What is simply stuck to its its knowledge this stuff that I'd be very very he had it's it's is still real I think it's a double or triple warm good admits you know to lose brought back from Europe its not like I had to Czechoslovakia version of that like the greens they're leaning on any that's the ridiculous that kids it's not drunk you're not drop your hot yes yeah ramadi yeah. Different kind of thing yet come to a good grown up into space and did absolutely. You could get our lives every wanna give your rain because dude I mean Rivera told Glen this could. Incredible show on Saturday night it was a great way to send off up Markey was a emotion most powerful and now. Chris seems like he's an amazing fit with the bad. Are you America thank you do if it was. Yeah I didn't expect it to be as emotionally heavy. As it was beckoning call on top for me yeah you know it's kind of like during the show resolve. Yes like it was. Well via an annual thing for sure you know all the other the energy and it feels great to get lost command moment comic playing in them look at we're Markey used. I'm just trying to get punch and you know I'm just I don't I really. I anticipated that today but I didn't I didn't know what to expect. You know and that way and yet known and Chris I'm not the numbers all those beings even our friends and great you know I. Yeah it was the best way I can explain it. The 93 was over rollercoaster it was literally one moment in time arm you know just go right in the heart of it all in the next moment I'm like you all the tears. It was definitely. Which I think you know just got to just made plain English is there any way you know just my dad just even that much more car oh. For me anyways you know you are so yeah it was one hell and I didn't yet dude thanks again for her for everything you do and you know introducing Harrison. And all of that. If you want to know what pain in the in the text broad dumb you know I got these speakers fired up. And I saw pictures and we bring as removing well I don't know all the offices and wanted to think what he's. Six JBL. BS yeah they'll like they're like studio monitors basically in writing you know words literally Steve's like when you rent a telegram and T shirt frames literally get down that kind nine attorneys take all of those speakers are unclaimed in my half athletic guy as. Well the score is seldom. They send them made me. I'm times. Serious students like there's still clear they're so deep it's it so I just took him up my leg like a little bit and systems. News yeah my my whole foods Condo just it's been a huge majority I don't know what I know now I'm. You know -- in depth when your Kobe you're a good little god now are what you're on these speakers and it's. It's like we smoke we don't argue oh yeah Al's still commonly hear this whole. Yeah. Howard got to hear this song we'll record me all morning with these speakers you're definitely regret it merely WW we are you might get stuff like. I'll watch this match elements Tressel had to do I can't edit our. Look I'm quite cute it's been opposites. You unplug and I don't lay you know look at and had an extra Brian comes over. Well local creek arm these things can handle winning more power to my stereo computer printout so yeah. He can try to wont he game. We're getting into the movie if you are a few under power a little square wave humbled to do. OK okay yeah yeah brining attention these. What happens Ryan what have Brian Davis who goes some way that it's and discard his swing your guide once he's mr. Zoellick so be sure the springs air Europa and Julia melody Brian de LI yeah I'm awesome yeah I'm okay. Now the whole batch John well yeah in the back and Diane Levin seeming like. 89 years on him like an old friend of mine that I haven't seen it's dedicated to that was cool yeah yeah yeah yeah yes I have my only what would creep. Is. All of the people from mash arm into that lead did you warn his people at Shea Ralph didn't forget that because I thought I southern doings and that they were. Find your deal they were there were bodies. Then I go and watch window pane and I'm watching them bouncing around my different spots and I may give back to that area. And it's a whole different group of people because they are where they are sloppy drunk. And it was awesome app. It didn't to a great mere fact that they're not they're from compete more vigilant. I think he told me that they knew you at least seven or eight times in the course and not coming I know all I know how. And I have this conversation. For other times. Oh yeah. They they are really big show for them like aren't really out a couple tripped over there to our bring ticket people. You know because from what some. People on national you know they're they're not quite as into the whole Internet from the normally combined tickets go way and I'm like I dumped. You know went to a couple of border in the would party. You know what I'm talking about Pallet on the fire and I saw you sitting in order arrogance which honestly unions. But it it just brings you back I just you know it's I love those kind of split. Yeah guy do all of them were really really really really excited traditional yeah and it's. Yeah it's going to really get cute and those guys always. You know that's make me feel really good big you know to them have been good pretty big deal and and they always make it known and the more they drank the more they tell you about it. Audio okay Taylor at all until we they were drug is all hell but there are so much fun hang out with and talked to. Yeah yeah Amerigroup of people and they were definitely there and and and supporting you big time they were very proud demand. Now obviously there are those and you will get the crowd almost no doubt they're really big fans meant. You've got to come with the next trip glanced. All unedited and I think I was more over the match are near I'm pretty sure are working all weekend I wanted to alleviate that situation as well lead. Yes that's gonna happen soon nanny whom ever you say there were no drugs do a whole buyout giant increase of club my cold she. Of life and yes yes that is days that it gives goal is a little if I got to jump in Perugia one last thing I know in about a month. We will be seeing you in the rest of the boys window pain coming in for an acoustic set Todd what campfire to campfire actually here at the station. For the makes comments like a lot of they have national natural elements yup. Cool there's Roth on the dole and fired it this part of us that is not moved into the outfield patient and actually get to light a fire. Oh that's a good point there's a lot of on her so immediately ones left in him that that's why it's going to be a pretty gut it out building yeah. And it's serious he took does its word came that they would while there's even less less stuff around and out lie again I don't want to kill weird Myanmar we got a helmet they you can put on Tony you Rogers a malls. Just talk can I ask what happened here moving I don't know. I'm downloading out of the garage band drum set on my iPad down to be ready to play I. There which we did all the time still what's onto an award uglier have a like master of puppets are yeah I don't and actually. And Steven turns out it's propaganda bank to bank all right so we're gonna do and it considers the master of puppets is to be very fundamental right you don't want. But I thought I don't get on your brother an odd thanks again for a great guys Saturday night. See you soon rove. All right let Richard go out there answering I. Answer we are not a bill collector the yellow I don't have restricted Boehner and don't forget no one answers those. No we're usually I tell you and you like Glenn it's merely. Really yeah sure I don't know. Who is this and how did you get Steve's phone. However you are we have one more voicemail on the we have a couple of emails we'll get daddy nice aren't. I just wanted to target on the net you've always urged me like all of a fact you are what every well but. I do all we do get government can so much from people I am one of your story I don't understand is like let me finish I have I'm in good that they. It might pause that. So did I ever tell you guys about what the other regionals were good until he's old slash. Just tell us who I am just trying to you about that I gotta tell you about my wife's new car all do you all believe along ansari who could resist please can you know who is no amount. Coming in here are what your study that you just deemed better cruel and police think you know. It just it makes me so crazy. Duel and I. I have a great service on who you got crazier stuff yeah. I had a service so that wasn't being policed regarding their BS stories. And interject here we're told us a little story that little yes. Not mean at least I tried my best to be better about that I'd. And it's human nature when chug your best to be better yet who felt he let's get a little mess that is this better view of the men's room already and don't. My own opinion then. Could accept other big hang out of people looked so fun story and all I've got a great story and I realize crap I'm being the one opera. And I've I've gotten to put ranked just tell myself even if I have a story that goes well with whatever they do set in my you know what it's not. It's not needed to sign needs some thought let's let's move someone shined the alimony to outdo them be like well that's a great story about going to suit from Friday's terror towed at the time I'm out with Dave Grohl and he played their songs. Now I had just trying to relate to their story but then it turns and that means and you don't need that right on you guys know me man I'm I'm story after story after story every gallery to escape easily. Don't know how we got it don't vote Ellis on the gas literally. That was the moment but I'll meet you on the I'd like these that it's too late like now or if it's so sure round Robin thing where people are telling funny stories in a like being named Kristen and mark were tellem funny S stories about just total disasters and it was just. It wasn't about one upmanship it was like dude and then the next guy we don't have duty yeah yeah that was a circle and it was yes so I mean that's inch. You know depends on the set. Lebanon is setting humans are. Stance and the people he and the people that and they could be you like I it. Let's just be OK with the fact that I loved when I tell a story so one's got a story that could piggyback on yes that's that's. How awesome I doubt we'll see if it elevates the whole rank group and us situation and scenario we do like I mean that's really what we're doing it were all sharing stories we're just got bouncing off each other. I never take it as someone trying to one up me but I know that some people feel that way. And blood pricey Barry Obama thing from what she just has probably all got to do such and such in the that persons are coated your religious yeah am I mean these same person are very time that's always having to do that knows the people and as macho well she's gentle little jokes after going on the air so yeah I don't know that vibe and I've been there before dad. Let me tell you about all. I got a couple emails are by no net cost. That's even refers themselves simply some dude with a walker the criticism basically everyone who meets we can tell you I'm a massive Fannie amazing Japanese band known as baby rattle back so I heard they're becoming a pain the grass he new immediately had to be there I've posted a multiple groups are numerous days but it's true I need to get there don't wanna do any we get myself there. At their recent on suspected surgeon thoughts I'd rather not get into I owed them for keeping me going I have a ticket I just need some way to get there and home. Yeah I would just try you. I mean a FaceBook you know I know you're NBC has group may be conceived you give me I cannot carpool with some people are. But you just don't want to have to get out there such a good fit guy that sucks that was stupid just. But so are getting more confident that's the same kids are way out Kyle from why only for weddings yeah. And I as bummed me out down like always kind of yeah yeah all of the invitation only at Kyle's wedding man midafternoon in that same day. I think there was some more often heard from Jake but he'd hit me up about basically sort of helping road crew for ten miles in the not even segued into commuter -- trailer I'm sure he has over green Merman. He looks bizarre as the production pictured satellite forever. Emailed me. Asking what vehicle. Would be driving and access holes doesn't suit you to try and I think it was a typo because the email was sent to life Jacob her Carlos or something on the call you know the wrong cat. So I get digital and everything you're Glenda hey. Let the guys said it three somebody is waiting here for me unhappy and they are every year. It's. Like that he's just doing their habitat is hardly humorous mood and the guy doesn't know word ago at Citigroup is all I know what's going on I don't know he's not getting back to us or give him an absolute total diva Goodell met Robbie and a brown sugar pickup truck. About six presidential okay is the bear which gave do we jump zoo here shirts. It's because I do all that is what I do little good yeah it's a word of my credentials yes I started a dialogue right now next you know my wife when no code due to the net a little red Glenn you know that's naked and covered and alcohol and stuff like do it and and yeah a party on Garth in his little grew quiet Glen in the white residents do. To order do they'll go through his kitchen and did so I'm. Lamar email we're gonna wrap it up by us from Andrew hey guys Andrew here last time I emailed explaining how angry I was not my break up and all that. While one a share basic you guys particular advice only sorry and the viewers thinks she's now dead hello Glenn was very inexpensive and did help with the Bay Area across. She's that I figured vice sort of working a game in my adopt me in doing things for myself step one was getting out of my comfort zone so I got tickets and went to the window pane show on Saturday night it's. Period was period awful enough getting shot. Wouldn't every bad blew me away also seated at the touchy for a little bit if you remember I'm the guy who died I saw she's as it. Remember out of the guy who thought I saw the rabbit in the line outside yeah you're right that was the rap I'm sorry I totally. Red is not here very nice guy. I saw guys not. Those stepping got a comfort zones of all the stuff all his shadow we stand. All of the stuff it's like it could have been easy for me to be like no. But I really really want to go to the show dude I genuinely dom rep wasn't there. Either you were to be it was birthday goes from literally a decade of me flicking out all right is I had no. But you can't walk up a shoe wonderful beautiful and how good this. Thought she will result all look yeah gorgeous made now and the ninth premiered here another Timmy she works from home is one of those you she's a I'm going out tonight and I'm getting dressed up next and out right now I don't of course supervision she looks stunning she got amazing that was awesome task killer I'm sorry did it. Talk about I don't know I guess not rescue telegram's not only are awful I feel assistance to shut out a man he's not here ansari. But it was nice to talk to you on Yeltsin said hey glad I got to shake your head outside right after kissing governor's daughter at the say you were much bigger in person and adopted thanks for that it meant a lot. All right on bro you're Japan's now. That it had leaders do you are very Wallace feud I wrote that roller coaster right change can. Pennies if Saddam IE was over serve then had a slowdown looms over serve and and a slowdown of one point nine going to fire energy then became concerned and then I. So if I seemed off my game or distant or. It's 'cause I was pretty much in some stage of trying not to be inebriated or being inebriated. It's my before we sort of like an anti Obama grads to make something was going on with you in the first like. Twenty minutes of the show you like. Are these are struggling. Well you literally lately that you settle in great but I got first I could tell like he did didn't seem like your usual self. My inner voice was going in this war pass and three songs DC's chief minister didn't concede it's gonna feed my morale more real sweat more office and played. Chicken so go at. So that I hate that whenever I'm on stage from inside mount headed all it it's terrible and so like I think at the united did really well it felt good problem not profanity or friend me on leadership and my internal dialogue was going more all Nosbusch. Okay it's more launch you ruin everything that's good you're like don't you move could yeah everybody Karlinsky AB. It was going on in my head served great to meet you bro I'm sorry if if it was too brief for a price seemed disconnected I it. It was probably nicer thanks god meant a lot so I think you do all right Melissa cool and let's go to dinner sometime I exchanged names and get ahold of him but you know he's. They zoology guys know that it meant a lot that night meant a lot to me and I'm so glad you two could be a part of it rev I hope I get to shake your fans in Sunday's Sunday we will be able to do this system ask Steve upon their web sites your feet behind she's he's not. Here. And L is all over the place we stayed until the bitter end and we were horrible about seven. Studios it's. After the show I do tomorrow ansari. Yeah dammit. I feel terrible I lived here would not trying to I I I generally do not think reverend bears club my brow you got he got him confused looks. Two I had I had a dozen guests listened in TE did explain. I really wanna be there you had to do gaming thing that they were. He had to go play board games is DJ in the morning actuality I drove all the way up to Seattle had a field all the BS traffic. Have to drive back down to the common pick up my wife and go back through that BS traffic again. I spent about six hours on the road losing UN Jonas you drive around town really can't be let out right that is just stayed here. Early on beer. I'm the worst score well I mean if I would show to more events in the past media my tracker recruit would be a little bit better. I want along with three guys and a longer history and I never saw me I'm sorry and you right completely let down all those softball games that we had words like everybody showed. Now the he's gonna light that says now. Saw both chambers is cool called serve GAAP Fiat an absolutely and that's one of the things actually that I got to give you a benefit from for being on the show. Since you've been on the migs cast you've brought ever the fact we've had so many more local band down and they've been able to broad down with us a lot more has become a family it has been in I've felt more like I can go out to these things and you know well cats now yeah get a no you are in the same day it got us up tonight isn't this like the cheers. Yes you do then it's it's not going to be one of those sir I'm excited to go to these. So it's breaking me out of my shell and I think a lot of with all along the listeners as well when we you can come to a show where you know a ton of migs fest listen armies cast listeners you know the TD drought there now eat you know that there's going to be people there that you're going to be able to bring down with the Mac is a big thing. There we can what you all we can all and yes and it's in his spin there's no. There's not that weird where you can get bum rush to know got a variety you know these are people you genuinely happy to see. And lose. So many good people yeah I had fun conversation if Alabama one guy came up by Tony just gave me a bracelet to go will be able to go backstage right some try to put it on. And some guys that such things icon he was losing you're having a terrible time and I wasn't like I was enjoying why only now like not amount not a great time. And up next front line trying to like knock at my own hair is its own I want to bring in other words prisons and hardest you've got to be releasing an idol that's. Yeah yeah I don't have the I thought I'd like I. And he did give saying do you look like MM I'm not a good times and I bracelet all let me well. Sorry to. I realize though win none of those did jazz hands to Wyatt during his set. And I forgot our students too busy just. Airing at Willie late wait. What Willie what Willie we know what she meant yes exactly we also forgot to come out would strippers and a bro and glorious by Bobby retiring and these massive obstacle as me about that up like I I think you and so does he just say things. It was weak showing hey guys kind of jell -- with a lot of hit meals and I never hit a Steve for any kind of an intro let's talk to the band like this is what we're thinking about doing an immense said wood and a manhunt is steadier introduces and then do blackout and then yeah traditional and so that's we did the right and this got thrown together. Friday at rehearsal for Friday night we're really boot off let's do this this way in the night I. About it and I think women and then I'm Mike you know I think this is something that's funny you're just to talk about out of Hollywood possibly follow that gas. Right except and that it would have been awkward because there's like. It wasn't about me is about you guys are about mark and and Elvis and think he would strippers and from robes and aleris OK who's sort of movie ticket. Sort of watch you do it next a lot of birdies you really learns what other bands that way the next summer coming out of that one little lower from the ceiling fan I saw it is accurate this depicted a double commodities saw. Text me and let me know well I'm not doing. Felt I always frivolous none of the show at all within a day or so. And I will illustrate mile and by the way this is what triggered this TVs memory help put on the league's Caspian never play that none of us remember. How we got down never none. Well I think it's time to get out here on that note. Tied it got us Davies thanks everyone for me in the shoebox so special rights and July 15 that jet moments like into the it's just rounds that you mind and now we'll be back next week do what we do. Thank you guys are listening and thank you for what he did come over and say hi at this show it to show bonds we apologize to everyone that wanted to be relevant. You could. Does your group the group. All these Andrew. Got apologies to the guy who got us coming and we'll talk all categorically I'm. I. I don't know if they need to apologize to do about it. They're announcing got a and I syphilis RT are you are great I am sorry about that movie that ultimately it's clear enough so I've brought the ladies that gets Davies from window pane misread it. Hugs never really just what it is I thought they'd he's an escape he had you opt. This all goes to college stand consistently now the biggest gas at gmail.com. Stay positive and also leave a voicemail 2532714787. We'll see you next week.