Thee Podcast Episode 182

Thursday, June 8th

This week we discuss SeanDePaul, gambling, and concerts.


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Google does not take credit for. Relief. Look from negative to positive. To my life from negative to positive much I don't know that that's and I enjoy life table the yeah just like that the classic big. I don't know what the negative to positive and so he it's kind of different now. Like similar. I just don't respect people as a Pam what about the police in the Shana Paula impersonator. Making their rounds there who Sean DePaula impersonator. Might a person makes his career as being shunned upon person. Is listening to Sean Paul. It's shunned upon. Mean red pants like I'd go with his pronunciation you know at the legal you know SAI Ignatius is actually. Acts on applaud governor David duke. Fight may eleventh audition did not date girls. And Debbie great career meant ninety and Mike at what point is someone might and we want books John Paul but it's too expensive. Okay than 500 bucks W descend upon person there flying here from Miami behind. Did it happens in rock all the time really. Yeah it would suppose rock guys are big enough names of estimate in my I can't imagine if Sean Nepal appearance that. Expensive. None of Sam Alito are the only to Israel says it. Is that not conversational it's how these things is that not you say this under ball but I think this is part of the beat in his accident. And nurtured by gentlemen mr. She on the ball in your alleged. Tony you know I am receiving some apart costs realistic real talk to go Wednesday birthday. It I'd say at least 1015 geez. When you think John per person costs. Few under. Few hundred. Why Miami three and about serious I don't know did you fly these kind of highs across the country to be university. I think it's more like he probably makes his living like in one general area tomorrow could gaze MI am I don't know I mean think that the rock band the tribute to do they travel. Some. All right then it happened to rock all the time. We all wonder Weydedat ankle not one MB keep venture wall my dad dead bride to embed Joba is a day. I spoke well what's happened you double click Diawara. Daily blogs and podcasts that this isn't just any projects just any pod cast couldn't do this. He's. Starting deep stuff. The starting these kids and dog. Fueled underwear I don't know. 3 o'clock. Have a good 182. With the would you Boise fifth fifth will be hosted here podcast straight vodka bottle let all the way. Selectively affect her body Philly here with. Somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels. The governor David Cobb got to go on. The meat guy here record highs this Japan's sterner than average GDP growth was announced Russian Ruble took a tumble the Argentinian dollar climbed and of course he podcast went gangbusters. That's strive for those who bombed last week you should be slowing him pools of naked women going along time COM CTP. Here's the puck has climbed nearly 20% on sunshine that we didn't white wine for the boys fortunes finally turned. We'll find out about 630. Fight back on the Wii is still get the studio set up Matt count the producer MC TP but them that they dead Edelman. Same percent that some. That's and crypto currency gains boom time maybe Chanderpaul. Why are you a sense I like the bad Jamaican. Team that's been my my in my dream to karaoke Sean Paul forever but they don't have it and carry places that. Or bombs over Baghdad. Also great song and I don't like last week you were doing years year. They Caribbean rap being. Even the picture we've however overtime want ally is not a copy of it totally unrelated to my shop called session commander sump offered good. On aisle five years or so I think there's got to be a link they choose you. The way you choose your raps out immediately and I've never heard anybody got to be that passionate about John Paul some pulls out from the islands and from Florida or something. And I know very little about a my 'cause this is like a Miami do it. He's from pounds on you sign the rust off and I must Charlotte couldn't be obsessed with him I didn't and I mean I was salmon the other impersonator grand. I'm now I assume you're going to 500 bucks again tens and over here it's always been fifteen geez. I did you maybe make all the that. Mean. Via the Internet use immunity like if I ask. This lake showed policy like Nellie out it just seems like a weird job ready to get really into. I just you know I got me into is like that weird jokes video that they did. I'm YouTube that shows all the objects that assumes leasing an amount but the potty lung and all that. Hot tub putted on my own a month now on through cinemanow. It's so funny it's like a visual representation of everything he's wrapping amount. But he can't really tell what the words are so they just like kind of made an up and went for it and it was big. Circa like point 20092010. Really funny video. Then in early viral video from well. Sean Paul appearance fees. Are your guerrillas actual appearance. Oh yeah I'm missing still going to be on the circuit work. Yeah yeah I think so under that. Tell rules still around pro festivals or was. He I don't know he was he was around. Welcome Zurich that's a rare Iraq is in jail now. Here's some mental surprise you I do have his appearance fee number right now although it. Does like very reliable given this and and government gave you casino that guy who. Went. Not that you're set this up. Like yeah I got the number I'd hate to wait before but you talking about this. It's related ten generally so you know how like when we when it. And federal worst of it or not in a tangent it's tangentially related I think Israel's armed and tangentially. And I samba whenever. It's like a slight tangent meant it's no Umbria background and a warrant by eight man this I get teased I. Casey you know and we go bass emerald queen casino. Like for the I've been driving down there for that's common bond firm. The past five years are at least like once every other month you see one name on the billboard with a picture keeps let Keith sweat. What do you think his appearance he has. I mean he I guess in my thirty I had never heard of Keith sweat until seamen billboard polls say that appearance fee 35 grand. Yes now what he thinks China Paulson us. 55. Who was brought in forty yet so now I see that maybe there's some room for a shunned upon percent yet and it's a sick. Like those guys make a lot more money I think people think especially. When you do the casino. Making just go around the public scene as it's like it's not just Washington State eater like Massachusetts anymore. Everybody has casinos. In the state of Maryland they just legalize casinos they even try out the tribal stuff on via and then the casinos. Big bank it may pay everybody. And. And so I mean. Think about. You bet is that like when was Sean Paul beta 2006 I don't know pleasant for. I thought it was later in that. I don't know manned the point is like there's a long much longer tail when I realized from those careers again there flashes in the pan but. If that's true like given Matamoros current heights like. Even if he doesn't put on me albums and it's a long slow to make use banks for years. Yeah well that's alluding to is there's so many more venues now you're really back in the day I think if you had a one hit wonder you probably did just disappear because there wasn't. There wasn't as many places. But like just the United States alone advent of all these casinos just as so many venues. Eight to you know think about just small casinos around here right. You'll still bringing in big names that you knew from back in the day and those are some of the smaller cristina's forget about when you get to the big you know with the Big Three here for they're gonna bring in and. Yeah I guess us troops need a lot of my revenue constitutes a gala and feed actually see this show in the drinks and I and they stain gambling and make an extra hundred bucks here. I'm in a box whenever on average. Yeah yeah kinda ice sometimes I think I wonder with the casinos if there's if them. If it ticket gate is even really with that word. Yeah I think it's against him on the premises it is at the bodies of canned and even if that means I'm not spend that money that night because of their familiar with the extra more likely to return to places will be banned rather than trying to places you know. Yeah now. I've gambled every time congress on three weeks ago. Yet rights a year so it costs aren't exactly yeah yes so for tense fight type Larry dumping him ever playing a hand every time slot machine and anything. One time I won on that thing. Mythical the worst odds in the in the whole scene that's spinning then it will be after that hit I hit on that and then later don't pull up to that things the worst on the whole scene of a threat heard what I told someone that I knew I hit I hit like at the that tenors and there are one. Forty boxers on that is it was a good hit good once been legislate. Both who happens I guess it depends how many spaces there are on the wheel ranks yeah I don't I don't know I think it's when he went to a casino and played late the big wheeled team. And then poll that just walking by and I went. The johnnies diner and in fife. I'm always on the way back and it's pull tabs in the bar back there now I want my 175 bucks for a map. Put our foot pull tabs are tired you out to move there. I mean for whatever reason immediately Alec should eat ice but I mean. It's probably been a couple of years three years back shot ruin my life I loved blackjack. Game which is not a vice ever got into two terrorist when one rule wet. Let's go for chronic relent but I only play one spin. And get all my chips in like the lowest denomination they have their way. That weight and weight in on the right moment I all in on black. Try to win it walk. It's and I three times off three times a victory if you're only plain black. Then why you need a bunch of chips. What school feels quicker a practical revenue does the barrel and the few cool descent two chips on mariner he Gareth. Remember these bad move though I don't care and gamble and asked waiting for an expanded or do you hesitate Gramercy couldn't he I'm not big gorilla table for them Matthew. All right. And is one of them can't get it feels good news push alana I mean literally the last time we did it we pushed all end is a good final months and everyone on the table bad against us so. Miller yes and there are fans they lost some money. Michael of college boy playing right. As far as all that their strike hours playing playing kings in sea hawks numbers and in this sector about the player and injures. Dissuade you noble like a play the inside and just say one shift at time in recent times too from pop but yeah. Anyhow it's real fits as it is so real patriots say Democrats do it might. If I play craps 1520 times. Like. But I've had more hot table so maybe like twelve pop tables that I've definitely been on the table where. For whatever reason just nobody sitting in number is just cold. Yeah I've I've sat through hope Waechter issues like that reserve what is going on in the view urges. Breaks it and the whole time and Russia which position to take on I mean obviously mathematically being hottest not real that I have seen him play out. Generally know how to explain that discrepancy. Yeah I clearly isn't out there as expansion you now and it's just like there's no. Mean logically there's no way to be hot like every and is independent and aroused by. It does seem to happen and people go on runs I think it happens sometimes to just didn't like in my medical stuff right. But you are sometimes it's late. Somebody has some crazy theory about like if I eat this or drink is that the keeps me healthy or something minutes late. There's nothing to back it up and it's like if it works for you maybe just mentally theme. Well that though there is a really. Should ship between. Your your thoughts and some of the things are happening with you physically because there's there's a whole mind body connection doesn't directly linked by it. And it says going there we don't fully understand but between you and what's happening on like an inanimate object like cards being. Is users on the there's no. There's no physical connection between the two and so it's got to be on some some higher gambling Jesus level you know. I don't know obvious pattern all up blackjack but I know with craps batches so is that sometimes they man don't even go and it's a cold table. Yeah I mean energies solstice sounds I don't know how he feels about. Gambling quite frankly. He likes rule slate. Big gorilla attack yeah. Yes it's definitely it it's its have its a force that I've I've experienced a loved gambling going RO. Yeah CNET there's this there's a swings there are no carb you know yeah I don't make sense on paper by. They're for real and went to my brother Eric sat down. And you know the table as ice cold but the theater was packed resort place at two to open spot right next to each other. And we just came in with our positive attitude is down Palm Springs I think is desert ship actually. And then we went down there and and we sat down and everybody started win in. And Leach wac play over 200 books so. Am damage and hours imam of those casinos down magic cup they're all accounts scattered throughout the desert by themselves via the bizarre. African and all we go to. The other creeping casinos to like some people like we'll give fans a hard time ago you playing casinos now it's like number wind they're. May get good chunk of change and I think it's weird too how some casino who's seen. Better than others. So like foxwoods in Massachusetts I think the first tribal one I ever remember scenes and they get massive boxing matches in this and that. And it just it seems weird it's like there's bands that play there but won't play like other casinos and other state. The fox woods drive from such a big area and there's a wealthy area you know Connecticut Boston New York like. It's all striking distance and I am big band pianists casinos that are like in to quell it's just like. Yeah I guess I guess I'm just saying Mike if you if there's casino in your home state it's as big as fox with the teams we have to play one the other. You know kind of look at it in different ways and on balance for him to learn. Yeah that's true I mean I do I do you like. I guess mentally take something away from an artist and I like doing their Vegas stands you know except DJ it's charming that seems like. And thank. They've made it but like I feel like there's a lot of our music goes to laced guy he now. Saw me doing like long term gain in May use to top 35 years same motel. Same show night after night and then. I you know fished winding down a career. Yeah I guess. I don't know. And of that but those solid easy paycheck and you don't have to keep traveling the country via gas in the country comes to you. Yeah. I mean I'm with as of Britney Spears is doing right now. So almanac and I guess that's the treasury are my Frazier Celine Dion made me play. Inked rushed data for years. Rumored but Batman favorites and that's what. We're seeing. That's what Frank Sinatra and like the rat pack that Venus and NATO Ehrlich Elvis in addition right it is the twenty caches told them right in your right it is date. I wouldn't say the end the careers but obviously this this is in prime time to actually voice they're doing resident teammate. But actually buzz and Iran now. I think they're done I think there they are from like march Tilly early June. A Texan but he devious and Chicago. Williams lake I mean viciously insult Britney Spears he paid to go twice in two nights and he said it was all him yet. United has big Britney fan. I think it's more his wife is that he says the show was so good he is the next day he was like look it's expensive to buy tickets like super close which is going to. It shouldn't schoolgirl thing. Now I remember right from his podcasts he Micah Brittany those looking good but there was one particular cancer with a re air it shorts they he's really focused on. The blues went as most are cast. This week. You know since whoever lists the makes its gas more and more like. I don't pay cash she can't lift some of the stuff we discussed like there's no chance useless in our. Package doesn't even include her husband's one of two Bonita. Yeah bastards sort of third one now yeah. It was gross the world breath yes. Went to see you there I know is my question with Steve makes when does he sleep. I don't know. Honestly it. If I act Alice that you don't know it is again as opposed to it I'm grind and having this one in the mega cast what is his like. Aren't you could present makes for a long yes I feel like a lot of people. You find out like what they're they're superpower is an kind of explains it explains their personality whatever I like how does this guy have limitless energy. He during a lot coffee feel like. You know use in some crazy supplements you really into yoga like what. What's the secret to makes unstoppable energy. I mean he drinks coffee but he felt like. He gets coffee in the morning America. Now. It was Easter you more at night but I mean I wouldn't think of him like oh yes Steve loves coffee drinks and all day long. But I think he just. He just enjoys that stuff. You know like he'd like really likes grassland Cleveland you know he's getting into it I don't know right he's two in the east don't three podcasts. You know not to mention also boosting PJ meetings yet. Some sand and wind up super early to host that by the way yes and his other podcasts is way longer than ours to. Oh yes and you had a mixed gases like you what do they do like two and a half hours. As. Yet. When does this cat sleep what is his secret I have to give any stood out like defy wrestler and Saddam. He's working now with 32 or blogs every single day. Yeah the superhero America he is Steve he I mean that's serving Tuesday is. Replies the people on Twitter his skill of production and stuff like yeah I mean he's just he's on an all time that's why sometimes it's great. I think don't like a pair meet a mix that the unfair thing he's super human he's never really as free yet present. And everytime I see him too he's got this infectious energy about him I've never seen in my. It's not done great economies like I'll bragged of what's going on it's it's mean it's rare that you see him like super down and you know you like anybody you'll hear bitch about stuff but it's rare to catch a moment those days. Now let's mimic his energy level. You know. Non us. Thanks in mind. I mean maybe just taking naps in the afternoon but some days there's no way he's taken. Write it he's here till whenever and any eurozone. Now I am pairing as compared to. Her tea story about. Evenings haven't this weekend. Yeah so where it at the end of pain show and I out front row he has not been banned on and we were talking in and then there's this guy. How on the near being on the railing. The they tap says the has let nice camera and wants take picture of millions and act as we're talking swiftly into each other take a picture. You know and and keep talking. And then. Migs turns around and it looks at that this is this I waiting to go up on the stage. Right there and it is kind of in that back guys you we don't so I thought the twilight new us tonight. One of the at a picture of two K I still the guy is same station via and then the guy. Captain in the right move. Move. You're a mile away at a pentagon like. What did it are about to bring the band on stage and are gonna stand here. And as I move. Are you see here it was the most it was so uncomfortable and like jarring based on the fact this guy just like had a lean in and take a picture that to us. They. I'd see you man photographer know Hewitt they do the there was a photo pit. And there was probably. Fifteen photographers. And there this was the only guy. Without professional camera but did not have access to the photo pit. Every photographer I know in Seattle is in the photo pit. X this guy who's only got there outside of it whit. You know a nice camera and so you know I didn't think too much of too much on him you know they've picture of us whatever it yet then. It is. How demand awkwardly demanded migs. To move and he didn't and then he he brought that he went up and brought the band onstage. As it's. It was really. Uncomfortably hilarious. Yet that's funny that sounds terribly uncomfortable yeah I got super big Batman and I I I it's notables and yes you know it's there's a fun on the to soak in this year and we're now by gaga it landed out of decided not to retire Amezaga got DR forgot about that really funny. Cut cut cut cut his country's. It's only a couple stories from that night. One I yet sounds like to also received. Yeah how Donahoe video used Ager. Yeah whose. Barnes Barnes did that we have aren't so he was out in the audience and then narrate mean castle today at stage that was a weird one to. As I got there castles that you'll go backstage and off like cool. And like as we walked average of Oxnard right. So as we walked down to go backstage scenes are great for a get music Ali out of your past yet. I know a lot of people shoebox I didn't not know this to mean here right now and that our our crew of this great. So then the promoter like comes out and gives me that one of the passage meaning is put on your genes beneath that you don't lose that they think it's crazy here and nothing rate. And then castle and I were just stay in them and their like. Just wait years ago exceeds the thefts at and we just we saw like an open moment you just you don't wanna be you know this feeling that like the last thing you ever wanted to use receiver bam exceedingly. You just sort of be the local radio guys that are trying to in the way. So what we saw an opening in between set changes that we do is bolted across the state needs. On the other side there's nobody like week to go on stage. Just chill here in a way. Yeah and that we did stress yet we artists staged announcement which was awesome. I don't have idea like that crowds like. In electric man. It was hot like he was cool outside Saturday night but it was hot sticky sweaty and airman it was a rock you know the big points to yet so castle but I still without oh yet yeah. And we narrative no beverages whatever route yet still we do staged announcement right in word like tingling but really pumped. And we so again we just go screw it was walk out the back doors we don't have to cross the staging it in his way past me that game is since he walked out the back door. So dude comes up in his late in the castle because Smith who were behind Roy it and analyze it against Google and others are man. But we didn't think got him. We related to electric might wish to stage after going back and tied problem on their local theater the did you just watch a baseball game that we are completely different levels and her partner a does rebuttal I a lot of people that night talked a lot of people who listen podcast I'm always amazed how many Lar on I get to. At. So ho fired and I was hero of that randomly muted. Yeah I know it's still just I mean it means it's the latest of a dumb funny thing to do. Here where we don't went on it and now Alex somebody who was it for creature tweet out today like this morning this Tuesday. Like now why isn't there like a film called lark medium or something her her professional artists agony and knives to cut. Also the other pressure suit refining and elevated stories yeah and I mean if you heard the may cast it is also he just couldn't be nicer. But he's had scrawled in any incentive podcasts and that's awesome. Crystal money that we I mean yeah. Elected to another along with a little more sober but it was fun it's not a great podcasts. And I do not Sally a good human being CNET news station after the wasted did it increase your wasted for the what is going on here. Bolster estonians Ted's statesman slifer and now. Just a public service announcement if you haven't moved in a while. Shower curtains are not well. It's not one size fits all you got to know of your shower curtain like mine hangs on rings seated by shower curtain with holes it. He's by one that goes over a poll. You kind so while Acela those easy to buy rings four right. Now outlandish our current rabbi sharper in that has no holds the rings ago through. Sounds like I only Diane knife. I do stupid outfit that looks so yeah. Real partner for strict set and I think I did so you've been there so much for this movie you weren't so they used overweight. Dude. I'm back in my room now. I am. I can and that stuff classic the manager been syndicating which site. You know Wheatley yesterday on Monday we started my new cities. It's an array index of Hugo. Well you know just do the show and do what you normally do at the cake cool and I get your coming. I also got to go sitting there for four hours and try to block it out of my mind talking to people involved. Or talk to people in this town after you know I think I think it's I get what you're saying that they now. It's like when you play sports right you know sometimes they got it easy for me say goggles letting you would swim in your whole life. This is just the NCAA tournament just go out there and swim your race rate within the debate. I think it's okay for you to feel a little nervous about that race you gotta go swim it's. We have and plus like the the idea of them listening to like then it's not total free for all or you know that Seattle's got your back like. If you're talking ass about Boston. You know like half shoot like this could actually have repercussions five years to announce them Jesse's mean an airport announced. Tiger has about the CC now yeah so it's like. Yes thing about that kind of thing. Yeah and iced you know I had no family out here I'm definitely in those areas her hotel and tell stories pretty freely. Our planet real fast and news for her by the likes of mild friends and stuff like. Mammoth apps that either change beneath eaten there so then Mike. And yet it's tough all the time here's our goalie Ed DB did and Aaron Michael crisper and like me and you can't be blown up in their own town yeah no kidding right. Like I ran out just the problem is at an account of the stories are badly. Anyway for those. Men have families stats what I think it makes me here on the podcast now has blasted off to London and you know the whole. Boston area like you my cousin bing is. A that's not true Meehan Patrick obviously due sorry I don't know lop put him under an easy man I know there are no easy. Yet yet to stress. Stefan on heads over here sprint on anybody under the bus mental. Brit if this the pike has been the suburb on the big show. You know some think your Christmas gift that is a real lighter this year salt sand is telling you me and Saturday broke new little bit. Like I I I really think it's down well. I came into work great ideas and beings. Would effectively to expect I done it popped right. Gonna have a target and MI cable hooked up yet or anything they set out to get one of those cheap antennas and just plug it right just like them watched. Sometimes something. I don't care which is you know whatever the weird free channel that now watch them. And rear freed the channel 45 below what's well there's some channels that antenna and I remember his my accent. Whatever. There right Jessica and Erica. But Lopez Jessica spoke get a pack ahead. She didn't have cable so I got one of each TE. And tennis and there's like these channel that had never found out and cable service that you can only find in depth. But think how some company and we just for that now watch it. Clint Clint cable Clark Gable I don't know I'll watch some old movies my appointment. Watched to maybe take a shower and they got curtain yeah right makes it seem to get accurate figure out now how old you are now. It broke me yet I work in and then like literally and you have to we've watched this now I'm in I was going. Like how is that I bought rightly there was not a good sign immunity chicken to a record in an ugly. Yet that's outfits and every TV well luckily I've bought this at the TV that was pretty new up my body to get rid of it. It's so fancy like it. Yet if that thing doesn't screw it I don't even know with the cable and he'd anyhow so that I said Matt. Countdown. Shows job with the water Smart right. Let's just paying. Much anguish Parker and take a shift our meat yet. And it's now a month from this like there's no holes in this one book I mean holes. Who did you not sour did you shower curtain Irish are a lot of white hot here now yeah I. You got it wrong but boy it's the cowboy up a liner parent. That's that's 80% of it anyway you have in the liner yeah. Mean my you know I wouldn't advise it for a long term situation obviously blood in on the short term Mike yeah the important part that combination. Yet. You're right. It was funny yesterday to write to yesterday's and we the first nearly new markets like mennesses early morning warming I did not sleeps and I I am. I'm wired in a weird way it's Monday morning. There's a lot and always in the place above me right there they must be doing some construction there's open. So throw and I have this theory that he can shoot me years ago Tony knocks nude or not sure who it is you just always aggressively. Just kinda swing it open. Say hello what's the theory the theory is that those on the war in ages candid in charge the person knocking on the door three equals yeah. It's how I did it once years ago we are really loud on the Sunday and we knew with securities these. Idiotic they would open mr. goes well. Gotta keep it down. A satellite that yet but it MR merit heels yet viewed. 60. So rights of Sydney and it's like you know 8:45 in the morning right in LA and at August in my kitchen. No just shorts. You know no shirt nothing else on and I hear this knock on my tournament. And then B I can hear the key is going in the Mike. Would you like this I'll pocket I tired open. It's the maintenance guy if he like he's standing up right and he got to get Thaddeus I'm so sorry I'm on the wrong floor. I'm shocked I go out there making all the noise so are out before often goes to be above the he gave it up quick from her her her ha ha ha. That the strategy works. Yeah like that around and I just I. I don't think at any point you expect to see the hairy guys hanging out behind fifteen its currency is key as the. But. Right below it. Yeah they're getting it done this a profit of good. And a good I had a long Ghana just analog comedy it's one of my neighbors are knock on his store every time rams are washed and in my apartment for a year and a half did you go. Yeah and oh. My friend. I just you'd always see right. Night I would close my door quietly and you always hear his thing open. And I you you looked up to us to belittle people or you steal might run out into the main hallway to see where a person wince whenever. You really. Couldn't a actually speaking along comes this weekend has a bachelor party and might just as a quick story my buddy was Tommy's east of up to Bellingham. And he lived in this site to Decker could not town homeless are like he has two apartments. Above and below each other whenever but just. That was the whole building was closed to. He had this like it's dispute going on his neighbors like they kept calling the cops on a Mike wants month or whatever. So one. He is its regular time. At all so we strangest thing yea turned his outdoor porch lights so that they would be in the cops faces. When they would come news door and then he would come out of storage closet behind him talk to him. But you know they need is it is he he got a secret the other playlist. Including. I saw the sign and two other sons has about a twenty minute playlist mean these giant speakers who crank it any semi left the house. Considered go over twenty minutes obviously infuriating the neighbors but it would stop in time that and there was no way that the cops to get there on time to shut it down. So anyway you do that from a year every time we left the house. But he also could be really be that mad at the neighbors for calm cops how to use a drug dealer boy who doesn't like him active drug doing you psych. I'm not describe the relied a much traffic coming in and out of the house but obviously he would not be be ideal member also that. Yeah but they also did himself to man like I give you the full background I or is it in the right we'll tell you that. I thought he is version like get a call the cops off I want them up like for I think he was a drug dealer I think yup list. Terry do Boudreau doing. Notice I didn't use his name acts yeah. I was gonna ask who. I thought it would do it. That's that what is his name off highway eighty slang and did I doesn't come out how much grip. He I don't people at the bachelor party with the don't know you know Mona home thanks so I was about just my Asia Europe and that's party going right. Yemen there are many people there you don't know who's even writing I don't understand that some people that yet you don't budget book that mean when you're remains was that via. Wrote about them yeah. Bash for it was good man I'm Ben do much wilder you know there were no naked women no power tools no Miami. Coca mansion thing with blue sharks and I toll has now before but a school into account and outside a baker national forest. And down sixteen of us too much Ambrose can down you know plan. Corn hole during a Beers this fund. Corals awesome yeah it was nonstop like there's a couple times on the back you know you always hear the bags like hitting it that dome. Don't yeah don't gas and demos would stop everyone sort of like on ads on the backstop outside. Here's just like constant here. Dude yeah hot tub after both. But I've definitely done basher parties' written city in their strip clubs and this and that and we had a blast. But I've also done just the cabin with a group of guys. And like you grew oh you're drinking Beers there you're having fun and like. I really like both. Yeah I mean to they both have their place it kind of depends on the guy and the person thrown out. Can you read then how strippers. Yes yeah that's got to strippers. I don't know if tiger attack I like being able to walk away. It's like. You know I mean how like some people some guys McCloskey who gambled girls as they always play an away game and go to their house yet so that they have the ability to leave. Sometimes with how strippers I mean. One there's no rules which is nice you now McDade in must they have rules switched to put it down. Ike but there's no extra club. Manager watching everything in nature things about what you buy it's prostitute abiocor. Both of numbers total risk ought to hire anybody. Okay it my flight was delayed from Seattle a day itself. Sangamo my friend may have I'm not sure of their prostitutes or not it did bring power tools saying that powered Sony details yet power tools in normal. Yeah and aggressive but. But we ended up kicking it grows out of the house out yet and ordered them after awhile and I even annoy a man who systems are very weird seem to be a part of are so that's still that's the thing me don't have beyond that safety valve opium like you know what. Was blows popsicle stand because they are in your home. And on the red. So. It. Yeah I think it depends give and take right I think all that stuff right heading depends on the girls the group of guys and then also I think some guys that depend on the strip club you to to. Not Minnesota strip clubs are kind that was like not fun or whatever and then I've ever won bachelor party. I want to. Which is they was outside of the state of Washington they had better sure clubs and it was putts. Here and we had so much. Cheat us Miami great club and it went to strip club my. I've been really one to hit. It's like this is some added relies on myself like I don't really like strip clubs that much in terms I don't like strippers that much you know just never like. It's and that's actually attracted to make a few weird pain for attention for whatever reason there's not really like my my type or style whatever. Over the years is like having so many male friend gone so many strip clubs and now developed a real taste what I do and do not like. The one scene of wanted to hit it still haven't hit Atlanta. Apparently the clubs there my whole social scene like the bars and I. Of heavy bent. Are now well they're alleging to have their legendary Isa speeds data Miami or whatever and then Mike king diamond or something I think it is now live in a real popular when an Atlanta I'm trying to think it's how old club not honey is this guy. He had a wonder they fill much like rap music videos and when not. To Europe into with its sapphire in Vegas now. To wait maybe. Eighties is it like away from the strip Ben's own building it's its own building but I mean it has LE EU lake massively walls and stuff like. I I want in there with a buddy ones. And like we weren't really that drunk in Heatley Caribbean ants like I hackable lap dances that we laugh but I told him I go. I know this physically the space itself with the lights looks so cool that I wish you can go in there and just kinda like. It normal drink prices in just late kick it. Knocking out grant guarded mr. Purdue has an. 85 dollars all my dog yeah. Just the drinks yeah. K that's any avenue that dances. I sit down like three lap dances for like one point yourself in the that are out there that crazy yeah. But I have ever I would like I want bachus sodium safely or vodka and using reactionaries Iraq conflict are pictures are conservative. It was delicious. That's not take another one and Kenya it was late it widget was like I should I should be completely. Forty bucks that's obscene. Yet what's a bottle sir our costs like thirty box that's at saint Anna about how things and it's sent rocks a little more expensive either way. Com Atlanta retain a magic city. Is that it's like on top dyed our cap and then Nam. Give fans can say is in. Miami there's one that's basically your shangri lots of territorial imports a nightclub. Slash strip club and so. You feel like you're in a nightclub like you're dance around you know cruise around Escobar street presser regular I think missed three different bars stays open all night. But there also strippers who they the stripper poles on little areas and only make him dance there's like the private room in the back from the table two for. Like private dances but they also just mingle with the crowd so there's like sixty really hot chicks kind of walk around nothing sometimes oldest dance of the on the dance works they're bored you know like. There's really cool I just also Ziegler some like that. I don't know what those calls and trying to look now pronouncement that he's great place. Overall that was feature is being about going to the bunny ranch is like when you sit at that bar ranked like number one to drink prices are like. Eleven essence calls and stoke Itar. The drink prices at the bunny ranch like any major city like Seattle right. Doug and I am 56 bucks a tree you know by cheap but it's not quite sure club that's reasonable prices. And then it's facing would you sit here drinking with the budget strippers but at the crazy thing is if you wanna pay you actually have sex this year with bigger. And that was ballot it was that that illusion surreal sometimes oh yeah I'm sitting inherently. How those effects now accomplice America and am I'm a big proponent of legalizing prostitution which has kind of divisive divisive. Issue for people but at the end of the day I think it there's a lot of well I wanted to amassed a pox I think prostitution. In general can be very much more divisive because people are thinking about. You know girls walk in the street the stroll if you will and they're addicted to drugs in this and I think I think we knew legalize it never whining cut down diseases. But number two is I think years. Did the girls are gonna be a little bit different you know and I mean number one there's not the fear factor of random dudes pick them up and rape them kill them. But reverend sue them if they're using annuity you're not going to be. What are we shoot Harrell enemy in Australia on the back of that is a dentist this place at the bunny into something like that. Yeah or like the whole idea of the pimps you know I can often live in fear of their campaign don't get sold in the sex slavery you know people are tracking. Who their wits and what's going on and everything so I think. All in all obviously like the whole you can make an argument that. News is the whole idea prostitution is bad but look at the world's oldest profession it's gonna happen more and others yes and we. Legalize and monitor it. Gets a tax money won TP girl's safe to make sure that that's a job they actually want to be doing so I think it's weird too that like you have strip clubs everywhere. In light that's fine make money based office acts but if you actually have sex for money and all the sudden it's like huge cry. Everything's on spectrum just like advertising you know it's like you can shows much of the woman naked as possible but don't show that little. Dark part. We call on aerial otherwise it's like sinful don't show the nipple. Yes sex is really weird in the US just how we treat in general like. You're marketing you see everywhere sex sells and all that but then we're also sort of have that might come. That puritans here you know like ethnic and its list. It's weird US has a very weird relationship with sex is what Ross such a country of extremes in us we have like the most extreme sex and always weird like. So much porn is produced here in California and battery panel about. Kink sites and stuff like that but then also when Michael repressed culture sexually and it's weird for like women to be naked on the beach. Yeah. Yeah I'm with weird times points. We times. All right yes emails. Hell yeah. It's church each. Now I Vanilla or maybe 1111 Miami either way. I think Bernie means the only place I can Saber guy used to. So nice and there are so many hot chicks relate. I felt like the fourth round action still there's still some details on yeah Accra with the pasty users in like top right we both did. We both tried to act cool and casual boy we did not take as of those things I promise you. Now. You think those are real or fake. I actually you know I thought about that the time and I think one of two things I think. I either there or like brand new real ones like that and the new ones of the denied a little bit more sort of deflated. But my guess if I was a betting man. I would say that they real yeah they're great yeah they really war Matt you got to imagine this is lake towards the end of the week. And that that girls. Boyfriend or husband or whatever you the superdome opened with a and it's up like. The company worked for or in this and that like I did you guys deals in this strange I don't think she beat David two thoughts but she is kinda haven't won the on that was like halfway around. It's at least pasty super hot but I mean late. We were sitting pretty close and she just pops down with the third person in the conversation. So no point do we I don't think I even looked at you while we're talking to that Ted's Latin. I'm good I'm questioning everything from high up we idea like it's 1050 minute counts she's super nice to light it decorate. And then when she leaves I just you. The decently were you not figures that yes it's I'm wearing sunglasses late that we don't know what just happened. What hub patriots hello of this week's podcast how many guys get together just tired Marie and sir MC TP. Love this week topics from giant man to robot prison guards I was cute conversation instinct and hilarious. All ask should I forgot about that that was a great call. She office slept with your friend Erica. It as for the cup topic when it comes of the biggest decisions in my life I agree with Ted having a few good friends talked to as my solutions while. I'm like NAFTA have my two best friends roommates they're few years older than I am and we have all lived. Very different lives it's nicer in their perspective and using them as my moral compass thanks for doing you do you Alfie AKA Bobo Abidjan ski. That. You often. I'll be that there were mutt yeah yeah. Some fellows that they avoid maps that it's up to now call. Sub titles are seeks podcast you guys retired about self Trabant cars. I'm on the emailed you about Heitmann my twins two years old can't mark just not fast enough for them hi come around some of backpack to carry them. And you add drive a tractor into trailers and self driving tractors to be scary. And if anything they would have to have a driver present something went wrong so really what's the point. You've got an average of sixty kid indicate pounds rolling down the road and say there's a Clinton sensors and computers. If I could see this being haggard paradise that's extra scary part stop rambling but you guys keep Brock and Steven your FedEx driver. Steve McMahon I kind of agree with you but on the same token. Khobar up last week and tonight I assaulting two days later it was like basically I was when he when he five like. That they're driving those cars. Yes yes Steve I think the big thing. So. He says Stephen your FedEx Trevor I'm guessing he drives the really big ones that the truck with two trailers like you said you had seen those things right yeah he knows massive ones which. Props that step that is unbelievable. Appetite drive is that you there has seriously. And also the bus drivers were weapons through the city makes him a present but so the big things available to Redondo. Season these systems so the idea's like if one set of sensors fails then you know the other one kicks on and they're all learning from each other constantly and so. Base like once they hit. X number of miles. Driven you know because if they have. 400000 these trucks that are driving in each one us. Crashed miles everyday at some point driven that one computer from billions of miles learned from all those miles. The ideas had taken phase out humans their system will be. So superior to a human driver that it's not even cutting it close cousins. Learned small billions of those miles it's like one hive mind paste it all the data goes into. And that's really dead. The big idea with all machine learning is that like. The medical. Side for instance like you know the ones and they're gonna have helping with surgeries there watching every searcher on the planet. I want to their retaining all that information so. I think it's gonna take a little bit longer than people think in there's definitely some kinks to work out. But I also think eventually especially so that's demonstrated a long time there'll be there'll. Unquestionably be a time when it's a computer and human. I am RCA and chest now freestyle chess British check out. I think that's where medical's gonna go but I think also we are gonna see. That's significantly. And significant decrease in the human presence for a long haul truck and I'm parent my two cents. Room. Was handing that Philip more than two cents. It's my two and half half dollars and I think you'll know where I stand on the lecture could yeah I like electric cars just like drivers. And with the trucks down you know we just saw like. Well. And that's a long haul that mind there's a lot of jobs and again replacements it's frightening. Good afternoon tell us launch time listener occasional tour. What's on those it's but it always it's. It's frightening and a great Alex Hispanic unemployment yeah. Now I'm arid as I've heard about that stuff that is the way just casually brushed spirit renewed our right to load just because there's universal now you're right it's a whole war mall. Yeah I'm just super like negative about the whole thing into my vision is a major effect on our economy and I think. People aren't meant cluster ready and it's the I don't wanna go Don may have formal but it's. It's wild man it's estate is about a nationalize. What like. Everybody gets in prejudice can come yet if we get that. But if we don't Benoit what goes down. You know. T two. Tougher than her. Yeah it's I'll kill some machines. Diana I could give a robot. I wouldn't mind killing. But I don't think acted or killing human here's a best of me but I got wrote. Actually robot is a thing you know like what if they've they take that into account name make it look like. Something you don't wanna kill you know like beautiful woman. Do I know or. I mean they might have a chance of Debra it's. I do robots are gonna get with a sexy but yet they re hot potato buds RX. That would get me. As insane man like psychological advantage. Anyway yeah if Mary's it was a rope. And he you know you like dude and we should mayors of rove if you don't know. Ike. Like there's thirty people married to had to calm down I love golf halls real goals real dolls yeah real friends on this are real dull brothel mind the last. I told you there's porn clips that just dudes Mets and their real. Quiet who's watching that. Other guys with real balls toward women who wish they were dolls are like I I watch frenetic curiosity but yeah okay but I'm saying is like who is that who the audience on that I don't know if it's. I don't know is it guys with other real dolls with the duke is hotter. How man that guy's the real girlfriends much more of other girls so it makes sense that it's dudes with real dolls that went the other real dolls didn't banked. Half weird lead to have you do this sometimes frankly there's no way you're gonna bring him back but it and I totally stance. Jumped out mono crystalline voice you have a major hand. Harman known as totally dig yourself now I just didn't. And then what it's like. Called out cancerous on this thing get a day like this mean of Ike you know those did you spinners that are popular now yet. So there is some data are calling upon dozens include in my wife's did you spend them but it was a sex toy he didn't you realize that. And somebody had this great common I was like you know like within twelve years male penis can replace completely. Think that guy team now. I have no idea he. Good afternoon tells my time listener occasional Twitter actor first time you mail nice guys what's up a free monus. Top topic kind of hit home today somewhere years ago my wife almost let me get my inability to communicate. He's that moment as a way to learn to deal with large decisions. Man nailed most patients ski. House or recommend that you take at that time to put yourself in a position to picture. Imagine whatever how your life will play out based on your decision. Take capacity fuel lead you closest to where you're trying to go online several long email to a podcast makes our commute flyby. Rock on he gas Q do what you do dust in Lincoln. Thanks Dustin. Two road pretty gospel yeah. And nice. To have any was on the brink came back like yeah just in communicate well. Yeah and usually it's like they failed to admit that only recommend that to himself ten years later he now. Yet right and I moment or make it down. Their communication. Death list tougher. From both but I feel like man struggle with my communicating their emotions nine I have in the past might. That's just can't go on to us. Impressed. Hey guys who was my wife and daughter in a small apartment we don't have a microwave and get by us fine I. We have an air power of popcorn nights cook whatever when he. Did buy some admitted it at all and my grip instructions and just make up of interactions based on microphones. It's okay if you mix of the Al call chemistry thing I'm most people wouldn't know if that's true and spent a lot of time learning things like that not only use it when doing home experiments my nieces and daughter. But it has and hasn't come. I will say the only thing I feel kind of stupid about without the microwave. Which you're seen as uncle Ben's like. Late brown rice Ben assure my bags yet. I get a daily in the starting spot to that I have it. I don't think William. By real rice now via console each get a Wrighster anyway is like ten bucks at the the goodwill tip Tanya I gotta get that instant. Yet mr. Rice cooker for awhile I didn't like it how Long Will it always feel like he came out not done enough. Paris region. The wild rice guess you are putting enough water. I had just hit a week based thing I think says stick I don't know whenever I don't matter anyway it's probably don't. I. Goes Maliki kept clicking might each dot. And then I try to turn it back on earth is like is racism that tender accidents if it was more east. There was no standing water in the bottom right. Now what we're now trying to they're standing water correct so yes I think most that I've been evaporated off to the point of the week. Who's not keeping quite it's a really simple. We'll system that's so funny and I just acted acting out thousands thinks not the race those. Yeah yeah I'm my guess is that it was in the form but rob I know well in the back pain no rights expert yeah. Did you decide you get in my wherever now. I've got one yet it's not how my list. What do you now because in the dip is made in the island. Trying to think I quote critical item intense this life. Necessitates a microwave for late tonight rightly my friends last night it's on they were in town for a wedding so I have a bunch of late checking in. And play you know it there's a bags out to me that easy to chicken out in his Steve thorough in the oven or throw it in the toaster. And toaster oven does make up for a lot of no microwave yeah and then there's like there's some pulled pork they gave me to announce late. All right how this kind of heat that up in hand with the outside through a lot of stuff yeah. So I don't know I mean yeah. Now what's your prediction on how only those who don't like we did I think he'll adapt. I gotta go adopt lifestyle and just never never yeah Lauren yet so until he leaves the house. They resent. Your prediction at least yeah. Concede that. Am torn thank you could be like some items they just absolutely need the macro four. Mean your for sure Iranians to pot. IC is. Yeah it's hypothetical list them minimize the way for Israel that hi John. Yet is that is the plot by the microwaves on the correct list via the united him. If you the add on does this change it. When I'm move out of my place in August and do have an extra Michael. Table top. Top. Here's I don't know the other lives I think that's some real dude you've been evidence like I don't know if I had counter space legs are like at least leave the memory of LaSalle behind Minnesota street not leave. Yet never one that gets cap space the toaster ovens guardian they're pretty muted. Yeah isn't nice to like and elects a crisp makes you appreciate the food more it's like dole bagel bites in retirement at toaster ovens smaller than a microwave. They're probably about the same I as I've ever seen having them both on the counter the predict threat. That's too much yet you know there is that your simplify Yemen. I've been having a crock pots and this week every popcorn. Real actually I agency I never Epoch ago only tell me move you bought a giant bag of Smart threw popcorn. An honest I don't know that I even public a handful if that's what would you say that to gimmick now I don't. Like Ali kettle corn once in awhile like this I understood it hurts apartments. It. Parity guess tiger about how you could give the NHL game sincere enough cable. Those lucky not to be added to private owed I think this matter private message yet armaments on. Joke that humility. It's our. Well I mean I can and yet you afford and yet now. And our final one. Is this the podcast email. Just checking in via my apply yup cop and he can Covington. That is just a ball and shunned upon. Before we get into mats weekend I just gonna say a big thank you again. Skiers several. Big thank you again everybody to see the show accounts at high. I was have a great time seeing everybody in just announced on these guys and and a guy in and I'm sure you guys who say eight. It's awesome to meet people America our party you're not covered no ma'am I can't explain you how much I. You know so I just I always appreciated I think it's awesome. It's the best you know like I reckon as ma'am my voice said had. He's laying conga RL it does lead the best moan about summer. So yes I was appreciated having its whom people combines it with the suspect yet PRC assailants it that's like dealing 'cause like. People you kind of forget like listening to that we just sit in this like. Studio talking to each other you like our share of people are listening are now listening in on and we get emails like yes some reprieve she knew we did mountain area. Super cool. Yeah. All right added do we can. So Friday it was my mom's birthday are not over yeah island that. To. It's a quote and got got some food in a rash from other house is pretty did. And and how Ramallah and you know my dad and had a great time and then. We slept there that night and it is it this quad brew house we've been there tenth. Issaquah proof the wolf I think down and is plot that you would love it buying it's a rogue brewery. I know tons of beer on tap but really good food buy everything or have there's been great and there. They're Kobe beef burgers or this team it. Can I ask that question I just think you might tell he was a good burger all yeah all of them I want my favors what is down in his cause I pray that the trip black scissors a smiles. Xxx is right off the freeway if you took front street. Down further and a town that's right. I guess quote unquote downtown OK hold a cautious. Yeah call. Rolling logs down there and approve house and as know by a largely cigars you. That the brew house by idol for the food it's awesome. Grape murder gray wings. They're they're not like. Monstrous way zip but they've done while the united as it has monsters one's a little bit like all right well as well as this chicken. Good had growth hormone fist. Being eaten later is an embryo eight and so there's I out as a prize from a real chicken cool and the and grow really flavorful though we got this Iraq to once that of the regular. Traditional hot sauce so. Yeah checked out this time. Visitors across aren't. And then said what is it bin. Lists 101015. Years for Iron Man I might have been there however silly the first time Owens for a hike it mounts side. We met my buddy's dad out there that might even land. Lake the active us coming out from a height that is deep mine I'm dealer on the back into his eyes young go to north embark grow or it. It's Bob Rouse. A real torrent. Yet they're they're both real solid in my salad voucher like M both menus its eye on Gonzales so popular last president. Root beer pulled pork Seau it's they've pulled form to make. Marinated in root beer whatever it was so so god damn good the associated repeated their two so severe that. And yeah does dough and then. It's held Saturday night. Blair is the window pane show us that other show locks as a shoebox market while tethers that Soto. And fully Hewitt digs are the market be captured on its at a gas gas started though you sort of when is Bartok and threatened with. Move. Yeah I don't remember today. The exact exchange has there ever being really uncomfortable and being right. Is this guy for real and migs being confused. And then the guy affirming act. As their own business for real what the hell as far as disastrous and picture. Oh so weird but the rest that is awesome. The we got there and time from our society but there is like. Thirty people outside that. We knew it had to make the rounds of solos and hang out and catching up real quick did and actually see mock society. Got inside in time for. Why don't in the wreckage set which is awesome because why it's just. A super rad dude it's late. A great guy to have in the scene of great representation in my super stoked on at all. And sell boxes legendary venue is first time playing there and you know they're just haven't so much fun in their heads in new songs sound killer and yeah. Yeah who's in who's really really cool to watch and then. And his daughter's daughter was dealt by and seeing them in a long time. The bitter. Back in the day at their old band tempered cast as top lines leg. When I first started on shows that the militias appoint one back in the past San member kept the yes baby came to its governor's daughter and they got news there right and then it's but different without their first show like. Four or 56 years on board that Johnson that was that created them. Death is always was a good time they've run their dad dollop on stage the last song. Present us pretty dove. And then. Linda Payne please. Awesome PSA about mark their bases who was there when the band started in Maryland so he's been in it for. Close to twenty years since like that. Kris but I you guys move in Iowa to. Two raises baby daughter in so you know has to go be family man and play out as is really emotional. I said you have cold times there are set logic then we are we're positioned right. On his side on the railings and rises you know. Saying about Watson had a good time and it's I didn't. I realize how most awesome again but yeah a school the school Leo we passionate or whatever so. Decided you know so at all and and then. Yet the rest and I who is a lot of fun when god dumplings afterwards in Fremont. Places Soviet. Czar GAAP czar. Whenever they had better Russian named Dave go wise. Coming filming his own news via I don't think that's Kahuna pronouncement but that's the idea time I'm assuming I was him out of the dumplings are. So you've been there to the parents yeah their open way to oh so talents for Garrett we think they follow her Huntsman now. While relations super prompt they have arrested checked in there aren't they don't want to put up a standard melt down. Didn't think might MRI dialing down then we kind of an Arizona shot and don't hammer out a food truck. And positives of the dumplings and I was the mayor gets us probably. Lifts our criminal Aaliyah. And that's probably them so I got the big hit onion relish ones for the first fourth. In relish usually I go Mac and cheese that I love Mac and sees. And by Gregor Mac and cheese and their neck and she's dumplings are super good to. I hope people are hungry with thinks that it. Now I'll be all right I had an apple earlier sun actually right not meaning for fruit quite a question as usual that I can't wait you host crashes just. Good. It just knowing that I guess I'll have to do is warming up via him pretty confident in my group and threw them back backup fact. Yes a bigger and relish is I was in a new favorite al-Qaeda was there a secret. I relish teeth no a lot of video was and I think like you is a well I now relish big Canada and India. And then that those stuff let's. Dude I don't know I was super days. I thought you were saying it was bacon onions and relish Freddy that's what I thought what I ordered him but I notice any relish sized lake. So might just be like a lot of things to be called a rally show might just you know being an onion relish inside of the doubling. Drives will more on top of what is their relatives jobs out. Yeah we always think about pickle relish that you could have other fruits her Ursa relishes. Yeah that's that I think is going on. Yeah I've really get done over his right gesture of my house that's that's clutched to know that it is right I'd love that place bit. You know like explorer acts. It explore exploit rather explore and a place that I've exploited many times didn't. It paid off big time cells. Does delve. And then Sunday. Well rhetoric he has those kind of hung my guns aren't there you want. Yeah yes that's cool. Take the shuttle man has as a pro active. It didn't take me long to figure out. The shuttle yeah. Yes settled his job to job prior front right in the front and it's easy get on and it's just like two blocks away. On the new IKEA. Processors Nolan it's in the old ones party line intent. Nine to woo action against him in Kent yeah hundred candidates up some. The in this current body the main artery not one of the main parking lot is the Le flake isn't fully expanded. Maybe the main target as they are close to big enough you are so textiles a complete cluster and the you know the shuttle parking lot BO we do we timed it vote really well both times that we pulled up. A shuttle buses pulling up we got on. And only walked out once showed up but if they drop you off right in front of good ago. Without fund. Got a bunch of food from the and it's hard times that. You know it's so good it's so cheap and in retirement thoughts about half and at the manner while some people yeah Beatles far I've tried the Swedish one's my girlfriend at the chicken ones chicken once tasted better. And so know that for next time. I think we're gonna go back this weekend it's news gets them through those issues started. You work from home so we had to go do that and I came in here for. Early Sunday night. Guest host loud local which is lot of fun yes I'll. So I had to be ends up dirty Garrity. Is an awesome to peace kind of like. Cut royal blood and that it's just a drummer. And a bass playing frontman who makes these days sound. Really crazy and it's awesome groups throughout so their ton a fine. As actually drew is up in the camper with us open. Of falls over Memorial Day. So I am a fan and Ian and they Europe for the first hour and then the three quarters of ten miles wide who is for the second hour and I fail kind of hung out during each other's thing. So others it's. A bunch people here in light at a great time and I've. Just barely pulled off the radio side of things and take. You know it hit everything on time in the you know they've. There's is a lot going on that I was kind of trying to wrangle once you know as though. That and airs like nine people here I was the only one that works here so you know lots as if Kevin has abandoned their ongoing there. You know devalued. You know at the bathroom and every announces its. Yeah I was I need to key that is wild that is a lot of fun so people educated or talk in studio yet am. It's. Yeah exactly. And but I know me. No and swore I'd need season. Dump button to that's. Tim out lied. You know when they wrap up their tour pain in the grass. Are they coming straight to wire ramps theater that nap time like go home and shower and stuff and and I was like yeah I fully plan on going home and one out before. Off before we had the view out I op. Can't say that that actually sounded really funny but I with a dump the dump timed out perfectly bet public now would it dump that you haven't no swearing you know I hear you can't fault musician Aziz you know just to stock and and you know. Think we've said right before and I've OK he has those seven dirty words like. Let's say it's because that's just kind of a general rule and then he found it found and that price and made itself. Yeah doesn't because telephone. The united carlin's seven dirty words yet that's color comes down to it like I wasn't sure which kind of receivable the other rule. Yet he Percy right there there's no light. But the FCC never been like these of a seventy in strategist his bit it's been taken. Can see America that the whole thing. You have to plan. Top news and. He's a love them some cool Genesis story but honestly this on just I was playing in bed this morning thing about this. And where we went. The flower sheets and time and wasn't hard to notice him nothing so I was wearing. Like extruded beech wood. Boxers. Which on the cal but to scale very soft. OK give you some cool I'm. What makes men and women so different. That was at the Korver I was thinking about as clean about like. Just how like so many issues of communication and different emotions and whatnot and a lot of time like men and women just LCI and I. So. The cops out of this week is simply that. What do you think makes men women so different for every now see monkey pod cast icon yes elements that are chain BI why can't we we communicate you know. I mean I think there's glaring one is and I've talked about this before and how sometimes there are some of us last week. Whereas some friends you know obviously came in I'm just venting. They don't. But with guys a lot of times that's the problem is that right in and I've gone this of their relationship I've been when they come home. And there is sometimes I think they're just kind of venting their pitching is the just when it do that wears I'm currently sitting there trying to figure out how to help them fix. Where's like sometimes I'm not positively I don't think they want it to be fixed. You know and means I think that's a huge issue men and women have extra. Add in is not my fear you know everybody is of battlestar no matter is that the winds are man as well that's good could balance yet on the same way you know and does that kind of ally to address problems in general in my life so they have you know the grow laws talk about her problems aren't just finds we. And maybe she's wants event. Yeah and the but they say like her complaint is without substance. On about what she's complaining about you know it's more like. The emotion in an attempt feeling frustrated with something and work remember. So I mean I think this is the big difference you know late. And it you know I I can distinctively different relationships they've been in this thing and recurring themes in each one do you want me to help you with this or not. You know than after a while I would kind of and then gained turned it seemed wildly here anymore you're gonna do anything. I like your current hairdresser who yes. Erica yeah right now I don't think and wants your help now. Right she just wants to kind of talk about it every time about the sinking stock yeah honestly my hairdressers Melbourne is cannons and one. There are answers yet site. He's the he's the woman in his relationship I think. Yeah. I mean I I just whatever you do adding that it's a very tough one. Down attendance. What that man. And and I think it intentionally general and deep upright nothing that is a massive question yeah without decisions. And I just I just had to say yes earlier we have. Yeah what he's hit a power yet troubles my girl listens. No I don't I don't know if they're that I certificate at all. It. Our detailed report ago by the time. Half of the dew dudes on the family feud. Steve armies that are right we asked a hundred married men like what's the most annoying having their wives that and they both just stand there. Like either. Didn't think the first question would you both did or did that go ahead but Eddie and Alex are you or I don't they do so honestly I. But because through there by Steve arias is family funeral do you have to do the dime out of life watching the knowing yes I'm his dues on fire. And the conversation you have to prod it went in the basin in her garage with a friend. Yeah. I would say. Probably a combination of hormones. And a different experience societal experiences that girls live through growing up. Well that's a massive want to meet you. Now we think we just put these ridiculous it's kind of high up on the literal with it. Yeah absurd standards in any Intel I'm right there are gonna be a princess in the time their little girl listen Natalie you know leak. I met I don't know. Part of me feels like that whole princess thing in. Number one is like Disney in the winning people together in cahoots and that's how I I was complex like Beck spears here yeah just like everybody grows up thinking their wedding has to be this day with their princess and this and that. You know like. Granted this is very easy for me to say is a non married person are veterans of stress may grow out to a minor dent on but the whole idea of weddings that could be giant weddings just kind of ridiculous you're talking about a bond bygone era. Were you had to try to show off your family's wealth. By having these giant Sam. So it's just funny to me like I know people that are like they're not doing well but yet they'll spend in. Each Droid Miriam how to on this wedding to kind of like. Okay. Yeah I mean. Yes there's one piece that I take issue arrest which is the word by Don. I went to that wedding in Vietnam and knows that that tradition is very much alive there I mean so much so that so my family so we. Yeah a cousin of mine mail was marrying a female. Vietnamese check. We literally had just roll up with a dowry and cash. And Buick cut the Michael played a much relies. But basically if to show up with that saying like were willing to give this much. For your daughter to show that we're able to provide for her going forward but I think really he just takes a small cut of it and use that help pay for. The by the way is 900 person wedding. Every person their village and violent. We did two banks in a western one and the enemy sour on and so anyway a massive blanks I believe they just and a pitching and and help pay for part of it but. He literally was in cash and literally some land carrying so galleries are things. The prostitution. Well I mean this is in Vietnam I'm pretty sure they are prostitution on our Ali Al legalized and I think Germany and us and it is nearly chain. It just seems wild like there's still parts the world works like you're literally. Taking money for your daughter which seems much Krieger that a woman to selling a body yourself for six to. Crying like oh you're to a system I'm Russian neck and that is not be enemies at all but many current and anybody. But I left sex my daughter marry her give me I know Guinea I. I went to war acts yeah. Total cows lawyer out of Libya you know. Not a chick not payments went to a couple of dogs. Now he dug there should give there was anything we literally so all that a lot of food yell the grooms men we Chad and I there's a photo of me in this. Crazy outfit that's like and and Murtha called as a pure silver. And now we walked out is to pitch to as we crossed the threshold of their house we each had to have a big basket of food smile was full fish. But by believes over the top. And there's like. And there's eight of us so and we all have a good giant basket of some thing you now all these gifts to basically. Showed this camera that our cameras were able to like provide for a it was very. What's the right it was very lake. Thank warlord. Asked you the other thing is the demand changes throughout the day. Originally they thought like. The dowry was ax but then like throughout the day. It's negotiated. Basically like while bring back in our daughter must you bring this much and this much and went up three times during the day. And this was to be expected to get ever not finish shows the fingers for what it started that he get mad Donner. Really but they knew it was gonna go up like they did kind of like. Yeah am I mean to you in its warlord and Matt it's warlord over there do that's all I can really describe to you like were into fans heading out in his village. This many hundreds. Increase him over the course that day wow yamana stress. That's a big well frankly can't really just pull that out of ninety emomali pants are yen as a hero and Myers is eight endure all of this out of gas and I there're there're issues. Recent weekends ran a personal check and the Russian government cash so. Anyway that's just crazy system I don't know I don't like Vietnam has that might see you at logon. Is it is the currency Dong that hall Huntsman as a recruiting her that include not only is Don. Who heard of that anchorman of the gates and on what they're darlings will play. That's an Oregon man who is it paper until now went over that night turnaround classic dual those reasons and no I don't cause I was just curious like it's a stack of cash. Yes just like you would be a good Monroe pictures tomorrow guys you. Looks like a drug dealer cash it's like bundled with like rubber bands. That's why sorted bills. Yeah it was wild I don't know so that's the thing is I think a lot of that is just liked that show and then only very little that gets transferred. I accession asked the managed to numb the balls to ask how much was actually. Going no I think it's just like a smaller amount. One of those two of the got to say hey we can't afford this if we need to and it will help bow with the white exits bank. To do you know so I don't I know that that hole now wasn't transfer I don't know what percentage of us what he's exit difference in men and women yeah. A mom. I think. One big piece is our aim and what we prioritize. So like. I think men tend to be like very. Project oriented or Mary thank. Men women schools oftentimes are very different and so I think thank. You know guys tend to react very focused on my work an accomplishment in that sense and women. Oftentimes. Of course there's exceptions for both sides or not times tend to be very focused on night. I'm getting a family and having kids and and emotional connections with people and my you know deep. A friendship connection select as mix sort of there their priority tears a little bit different and then man I think. Some of that oftentimes relationships will come after work or woman off times like work. Or projects to come after. Her relationship and I think man value money more than women do. I don't know. That's another when I wonder if that's. But Matt same society pressures to. My talent I'm mentioning that. 1 AM really like that kind of all any of us ours just light up. Appliances and hormones and chemicals communicating in my press human suit and then. Program by our lives our life's experiences. But like for men and women those life experiences. In America are very different. Yeah so that's gonna lead to the differences that we deal with and then coupled with. Obviously physiological hormonal differences. Yeah I agree with that now also like get ten you mentioned the united sort of absurd standards for women. I think a lot about like. What kind of psychological effect it has for like a girl who. It's like 161718. And maybe is like maternal and of that beyond her years physically. And having Mac kind of attention from guys like that's kind of at a whole mother. Wrench into it again tonight by the same token. Hank Aaron just how men are supposed to be like in the role of like. Pursue our sort of you know like asking Iran on data are approaching a woman whenever. Canonized just like it's bizarre like what some of those how some of those experiences and you know poorly or or well we'll shape. Palpable interact with the ups this next in the future. Yes and I mean that to them you know. Mistress thing of the day. In his pants on my dads and daughters rates and headlines kind of funny just basically you mean if your dad not there. The percentage your daughter the chances of her kind of being more purse promiscuous go up and stuff. But if you read the article I thought it was interesting because they it wasn't like. You're not there was like physically you're there but it's like are you went EG with a light or is there like around my house but are you like. Parenting. But I use you know engage children men and that means spending more promiscuous tomorrow we're just saying it might. Review your pitch they do is. Start the bottom line is there's some parents that show a lot of stuff there's still parents. They don't need a license to be apparently just physically being unfairly doesn't I don't think always cuts are anemic got a yet the interstate and be taken apart two yeah sure. Selling heroin it's like to have a healthy relationship with male yet. Right from the get go. Yeah it's the same way I mean I think and for you know. I think on the flip side means a lot of lately people you'll their mothers is gonna be for guys are you independent deals women's. Yeah it's your call. But I always said leg. Use you Mary good ago live on wall like at all. Which reflect I don't wanna put that theory yet. Like here among its way here at factory the act that and a third and but I do have one more he asked the question what was the original question. Mormons and bitches you crazy. I easy kicker is that let's not let it eat at opus. Will be back next week there frenzy TP forgot the tips include the podcast years.