Sometimes when people need help, they start a GoFundMe page. Sometimes we help them with a segment called GoFundYourself

You may have seen the aftermath of the devastating fire that took place in Bothell not too long ago. Some of the local bands have put together a fundraiser concert and plan on donating 100% of the proceeds to the Chamber of Commerce to be dispersed to get the area back up and running and help people get their jobs back. If you want more information on the event, here's the link. Thank you for all you can help with!


Cheyene is the mother of a pair of special needs twins. She's got everything under control in her life EXCEPT the ability to transport her boys where they need to go. So her friends have set up an account (it's a secret) and plan to surprise her with the amount they raised to help her get a new car. If you can provide any help, here's where to go 


Melissa's husband Corey was involved in a motorcycle accident that left his with a broken shoulder and other injuries that keep him from going back to work. The bills are piling up with no way for them to pay them. If you can provide any help, here's where to go


Dannie has been diagnosed with Crohns disease and the doctors say he needs surgery that will put him out of work. The medical bills are piling up and could use any help they can get. If you can provide any help, here's where to go


Bill Walters unfortunately lost his battle with cancer last week. He was known for his love of anmal, so his wife started up a fund raising page on PAWS in his name. PAWS is an Animal Welfare Society and Bill's family would love any support you can give in his name. If you would like to donate, here's where to go