Young Monica acheived her dream of being a jewel designer and owning her own business. She makes beautiful one of a kind designs that have even won awatds for the wonderful craftmanship that she posesses. Unfortunately someone thought the same thing, but just didn't want to pay for them and robbed her of thousands of dollas of metal, jewels, tools and blown glass pieces that she had dedicated hours of work to make. She's seeking legal council and could use some help covering the costs. If you can provide any help, here's where to go.


Shaheen Saliman suffered a tragic loss last week. His mother and grandmother both lost their lives in the terrible housefire in Everett last week. ow his family is trying to pull together as much funds as they can in this difficult time for him so that he can lay his loved ones to rest. If you can provide any help, here's where to go.


The word recently lost a good man by the name of Troy Sullivan. He was a man that would radiate a positivity that knew no match. he constanly showed love for his family and friends, all of whom are heartbroken by this loss. Now his family and friends are trying to raise funds to ease the financial burden that was left on his loved ones and they could use your help. if you can provide any help, here's where to go.