Hawk on Hawk Action: Shifting Pieces

A lot of trades, politics, and schmoozing is going on here...

Hey 12s!

A TON of news has come out in the recent week about trades and deals going down in the NFL. With the combine over with and the draft right around the corner, our boys have been making moves and “politicking” a little bit trying to set us up for one hell of a season. Let’s break down some of the prospects Carol and Schneider are looking at.

1. Jamaal Charles

Once a power-house running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, Charles was the franchise all-time leader in rushing with 7,260 yards and was a 4 time pro bowler. He tore his ACL midway through the 2015 season and never seemed to bounce back, his numbers steadily declined until the team released him last season. Bu the is expected to meet with the Seahawks and they’re said to have a “mutual Interest” in each other. For those worried about this pick, I’ll remind you that Carol took a chance on another running back whose numbers had been dwindling in Buffalo. He came here and blew the doors off the place and his name was Marshawn Lynch

2. Russell Okung

Sound familiar? Not surprising as he was the first player drafted by the Hawks back in 2010. He signed a 5 year deal a couple years ago with the Broncos, but it seems that he’s back in the market. As I recall, Okung did have plenty of false start and holding penalties on him, but he was a solid linemen that gave our running game the holes that it needed and our passing game the blockage that it needed. The issue here, is that we’re not the only team looking to lock him down. We’ll see where it goes.

3. Luke Joeckel

Now, we’ve already picked this one up on a one year deal, but it’s something that we needed. Granted, he’s an offensive tackle that played all his years in the NFL on one of the worst teams in the league (Shed a tear for my away team, the Jags), But the jaguars’ O-line gave Blake Bortles all the time in the world to make crappy passes. Beefing up Russell’s O-line is exactly what we need to have happen.

Just a couple that Carol has his eyes on. I’ll keep you posted on others as they roll in

I’ll admit that I was devastated when I saw the news about Hauschka leaving us to go to Buffalo on a four year contract. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Pete Carol’s administration, it’s to trust his knowledge of players and the game. A ton of people, myself included, freaked the hell out when he traded Harvin, but it turned out to be the right decision overall. The man knows what he’s doing and deserves our support and trust of him


That’s all I’ve got for ya this week 12s!  If I missed anything, let me know and I’ll do some digging! With that……Mike Hawk is OUT!