BJ Shea

They call me the "Champion For The Common Man" and that is something I believe wholeheartedly in. I am trying to do a radio show, but I'm surrounded by idiots (cough... Steve... cough) that make it nearly impossible. I made the mistake of hiring my daughter, Sara, and am learning things about her... Read More


C.C. tries to balance her inappropriate, dude like behavior by wearing dresses and curling her hair every day. It doesn't work. She wants to be a classy lady someday. She never will be. She's a coffee and red licorice addict with a short attention span, waiting to rock your Saturdays. With her 4-... Read More

Danny V

Danny came to the PNW from New Mexico, but has been a KISW fan for a long time. Thank you streaming. Plus he's had a crush on Steve Migs since they first met at a radio convention 4 years ago. While he loves all things that rock, punk is where his heart is, and he loves discovering new music,... Read More


Games, guitars, guns and gardens. Co-host of Metal Shop alongside Kevin Diers since 2010. Resident head banger and hair farmer. Always keep music in your heart, and get in the pit and try to love someone. \m/ Read More

Joey Deez

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree but standing at a whopping 6'4", it might have been a very windy day. Son of the great BJ Shea, Joe... AKA "The Prodigy"...brings you the behind the scenes madness of the family that has been literally growing up on air. You can count on Joe to make... Read More

Kevin Diers

Kevin Diers is fueled by strong coffee and fast blast beats. He admits to owning more than a healthy amount of pro wrestling action figures, death metal CD’s and crusty ticket stubs. Chances are you’ve seen him throwing up the horns at a metal show or cheering on wrestlers at a local underground... Read More

Matt Koch

Matt used to skip community college classes to actively participate in High Noon with Ricker and listen to the Men’s Room. Some say this was when he found his life’s purpose of being on KISW. He says he was just determined to find somewhere he could wear sweatpants to work as an adult. Regardless... Read More

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk is with you everywhere that you go and everywhere that you will be. He pops up at some of the most inopportune moments and sometimes doesn't seem to show up when he supposed to. But in the end, you know him, you love him and you can't live without him. He enjoys football, the UFC, and... Read More

Miles Montgomery

Miles Montgomery came into this world after a night of heated passion between our own Ted Smith and Mike Hawk. Some say Thrill is the real father although it has never been proven and everyone involved refuses to take a paternity test. Interests include family, running, and playing. He also once... Read More

Ooh Sara

Ohhhh Heyyy! I'm the daughter of BJ Shea from BJ and Migs, but you can call me Ooh Sara. I'm a fun, outgoing, party girl who likes to have a good time. Oh and I just love to make my dad cringe with my ridiculous stories of being "ratchet". So tune in, take a shot (or five), and enjoy the ride! Read More
Robin Fox

Robin Fox

Robin Fox serves as The Mens Room consult for Dirty German Talk, translator and innovator. Hailing from the land of sausage and beer, she also serves as the show's hop shepherd and pub mustard apothecary. Interests and curiosities include sharks, puppy delivery and people that say "supposably"... Read More

Ryan Castle

I used to work at Sizzler. Business was great. Like a Curves the week after New Year’s. It didn’t last forever. Just like all you can eat shrimp. Don’t miss the Morning 12 Pak every weekday at 10am and The Hook Up at noon. Read More

Ryan The Beard

I'm a massive music nerd. When I'm not playing guitar in my band, booking tours or on the air, I'm headbanging. I probably have a bright future in headbanging related injuries. Tell me about that one weird band that you're into that nobody else seems to care about. Read More

Steve Migs

Hi I'm Steve Migs. They pay me to talk on the radio, so I spend my time on air trying to (successfully) annoy BJ. Whether it's at me or with me, I hope you are laughing while stuck in traffic. I like expensive hobbies that take up a lot of space in my Jeep...drums and ice hockey goalie. When I'm... Read More

Steve The Thrill Hill

Steve "The Thrill" Hill got his start in radio, coincidentally, right around the same time that he started in radio. His motivation revolved around the idea that he could yell at so many MORE people via radio than he could sitting at a bar. He was right... but that hasn't prevented him from yelling... Read More

Taryn Daly

“Well hey, babes and babettes! I'm Taryn Daly and I'm #TarynItUp every weeknight on the mighty KISW. Human jukebox. Dog person. Serious extrovert. Outdoor enthusiast. IPA snob. GO COUGS and GO HAWKS!” Read More

The Reverend EnFuego

The Reverend En Fuego is the BEST GAME SHOW HOST EVER… at least in his own mind! The host of Beat Migs is the thorn in BJ's side, an uber-geek with a stomach that cannot contain his flatulent ways, and a gamer whose nerd-rage knows no BOUNDS! When he's not yelling at BJ, or screening phone calls... Read More

Thee Ted Smith

Thee Ted Smith is originally from the Washington DC area and has lived in the PNW for over ten years now. Ted enjoys college football and soccer as his main passions but has never met a beer he was afraid of either. Making jokes and being Head Chef of the Men's Room are his specialties. Read More

Uncle Chris

Chris was born and raised in the wilds of Eastern Washington. He spent some time travelling around, spreading the style and attitude of the Pacific Northwest everywhere he went, but just couldn’t quite fit in anywhere else. When he met BJ he realized his true home was Seattle and now spends his... Read More

Vicky Barcelona

What happens when you mix comic books, board games, Netflix binging, dirty jokes, and an extensive knowledge of internet memes? Me, of course! I'm Vicky B, and if you ask nicely I'll give you an "Aye Papi"! Read More