Joey Deez Blog "Baseball Wednesday"


Welcome to Hump Day Rock-A-Holics! It may be the middle of the week but with weather this great who can complain? And what better way to take advantage of the weather than a baseball game! That’s right, BJ and I are heading to down Safeco field today to watch the Seattle Mariners take on our favorite team, The Boston Redsox. Originally being from the lovely state of Massachusetts, Boston blood runs through BJ’s veins and he’s taught me the ways of being a Red Sox fan; mostly suffering and disappointment. I think the last night’s game is a good example of this feeling after losing a 13 inning game to the Mariners. Hopefully today with be different though as our ace starting pitcher Chris Sale will be on the mound. Win or lose though, I’ll be eating a ton of great food, and that’s always great.


A baseball game is just one great way to spend a day in the sun and if you’re not a fan of the game then you’re probably looking for a better way to enjoy your day. Here are a couple of things that our show loves to do on a hot day. You could…..Hike, Camp, Walk Your Dog, Garden, Run, Swim, Throw a Frisbee, Annoy Your Neighbors, Fly a Kite, Picnic, or My Favorite, Eat Pizza. Turns out that if you eat pizza outside, it’s considered an outdoor activity… or at least that’s what I’m going with. Our summers never last long here in the PNW, so get out there and enjoy it Rock-A-Holics!


What’s your favorite thing to do in the sun? ​