Joey Deez Blog "Favorite Sport"


We finally made it to May Rock-A-Holics! It looks like the sun has finally decided to shine and with it comes a bunch of great sports weekends. We’ve got the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, a ton of baseball games, and as of last week, a whole bunch of new draft picks for the upcoming NFL season. This is a mighty list of things to choose from and if you’re anything like me, you’ve definitely had some trouble narrowing down exactly what you want to watch with what little free time you have.  I found that when it comes down to it, I almost always watch the sport I most like to play, basketball.


There’s one thing sports fans all have in common; a favorite sport. And while playing and watching a sport are two entirely different things, I’ve found that if you once played a certain sport, you generally like watching it more than any other. It does make sense though as you are become invested in the sport and have a deeper knowledge of the material; so you get more out of watching it. Plus, you can learn ways to help out your own game by watching the professionals at work. That’s why during this month of May I’ll have my eyes glued on some great playoff basketball games. I can’t miss a good Lebron dunk or Curry shimmy. I’ll switch over to a Red Sox game now and then to catch a score update, but while the NBA playoffs are on, that’s where my TV channel will be. But that doesn’t mean I want to miss a potential “once in a lifetime” game just because I don’t know it’s going on. That’s where you come in Rock-A-Holics, if there’s a game that I can’t afford to miss this May, post about it below! Or about your favorite sport!


What is your favorite sport to watch? Do you play a sport?  ​