Joey Deez Blog "Iconic TV Characters"



Take a look at the clock, take a look at the calendar Rock-A-Holics, it’s finally Friday! If you’re looking for a great way to breeze through the workday, I’ve got water cooler question that is sure to distract you and you’re coworkers for many hours. Today on the BJ &Migs show, the crew discussed which iconic TV characters they thought would make the top 5 of all time. At first, I thought this would be an easy topic. Homer Simpson, Kramer, or maybe Fonzie; these were the first names that came to mind. But as I heard people list of their favorites, I found myself constantly swapping people out of my top 5. Think that you have a solid top 5 list? Let me go ahead and give you a couple of popular examples of iconic TV characters in some of ours shows top 5 lists.


Lucy (Lucille Ball), Eric Cartman, Archie Bunker, Jack Bauer, Ross and Rachel, Big Bird, Sherlock Holmes, Bill Nye, James Bond, Scooby Doo, MacGyver, Urkle, Peter Griffin, Al Bundy, Captain Kirk….and this is just a small sample of names.


While a lot of these characters are definitely generational, some of them have found a way to stay relevant even today. 


The one’s that really stand out to me are names like Captain Kirk and Big Bird. I feel like if you showed someone a picture of either they’d probably recognize them. It’s hard to think of just one character that almost anyone would be able to identify. Cartoons seem like the easiest to make the list because they usually wear the same outfits and repeat the same catch phrases. But everyone is different and they have their own criteria for what makes a character iconic, which is why I turning the question to you Rock-A-Holics:


Who do you think belongs on the list of top 5 most iconic TV characters? ​