Joey "Deez" Blog "Pax West"

The busiest weekend of the year has come and gone and with it one of the best gaming conventions of the year, PAX! Truly a haven for anything nerdy, this four day event took over the Washington State Convention Center with sheer numbers as tens of thousands of eager gamers arrived ready to get a sneak peek at the newest and coolest games. They truly have something for everyone, board games, video games, cosplay, comics….the list goes on and on. It can be a bit overwhelming but once you get past the sea of people your hit with some of the most awesome life size statues of gaming figures you’ve ever seen. Not to mention all the giant screens and crazy lights trying to grab your attention. But for most, the best part is all the free swag. It has practically become a tradition for each booth have some sort of swag, usually something small like an inflatable sword, but sometimes  you can win big, like a new computer.  Who doesn’t like free stuff?


I spent most of my time at The Paramount where the Magic the Gathering stuff was happening. They did a big release for their upcoming set Kaladesh along with their big World Championship tournament where people competed for $250,000 in prizes on stage while you gamed below. It was awesome and definitely set the mood for their future set.  BJ spent his time doing what he does best, playing board games. Well, playing and learning, maybe bit of buying as well. They not only have an entire floor dedicated to that kind of stuff, they also took over a local hotel to keep the party going all night. I think he was out till 1am, hardcore. Needless to say, we’re both pretty drained from the weekend. But it was definitely worth it! If you’ve never been to a Con and want to see the best they have to offer, Pax is for you!


 Did you attend Pax this year? What was the coolest thing you saw? ​