Joey Deez Blog "Sara's Buck List"

Oohhhheeey it’s Ooh Sara here taking over Joey Deez blog while he’s out of town. I recently was out of town myself visiting the amazing New Orleans for my friend’s birthday.


I had never been to New Orleans before but knew three things: 1. A lot of drinking takes place, 2. A lot of Seafood is consumed (not by me because I’m a vegetarian) and 3. You flash your boobs you get beads.


Now I don’t know about you, but I REALLY wanted some beads….and I wanted to EARN them.  So shirt went up, boobs went out and beads came falling. SUCCESS!


This is me after receiving my beads:


I need to let you guys all know that I just mother F***ing earned these beads!!!!! Life goal complete. #omg #flashed #everyone #icandienow #happy #titsout #beadsthrown #sobasic #yoloswag #sorrymom #butnotreally #neworleans #amazing

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Flashing strangers on Bourbon Street has always been on my bucket list. So that got me thinking what other people have on their bucket list, so I asked around the studio!

BJ: Visiting every major league baseball park

Steve: Go to Iceland.

Danny: Eating pizza in a Italy 

Vicky: Crowd surfing at a big concert

Rev: Wheel of Fortune (completed)

Uncle Chris: Go to Ireland. ​


What about you? I’d love to hear what’s on your bucket list!