01-12-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Catches a Whiff

Friday, January 12th

Mens Room Question: Whether it was you or someone else, what was your epic fart story​


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This is dumb men's room. Hello good morning from our friends the night before seven K easy indeed pure Iraq in Anchorage really get back up there and get to a Bernie's bungalow and have a few more adult style beverages 96 point nine in the box and Appleton Wisconsin joining us now and rock 100 point five the cats. The legendary rock station in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma big show for it today bad jokes on the way Ted vs the FCC our question whether from you or someone else. What is your epic part story RD running like this thing wrapped. All right I'm done with my beard but I should be okay and Jack are right lately all of a lot of four million new. Thank you could make that are actually. The now beard come on the beard and dies. Out it's us. Hughes who I had. As she might veer off to sleep fart noises man remember getting old and I'm telling me. Now it's gone to. Wow. You can't make it department is now I'm not anymore yeah I drive screech do all my years. We think this is where I put my palms of my ears and squeezed OK and I believe I can still. Trying to make a farm and doesn't telling a fart. As a league sex without Lou does run have been Burnett. Knoblauch. I is reaching the warrior for her stupid I think at the American couple a couple I ask you a what you want to see huge screens you bet your together to I don't say this the moment I went through refuel more I most look really stupid. I think I want to stop and hello Joseph welcome to the men's room. All yeah. So well as a freshman in high school. We had this thing called silence has been reading I'm sure you guys are hats on solar mills threw an idea now is everyone reads it's quiet. I could get us out sustained sleeping so. I'd always leaned forward and that plastic chair with a hole in the back of it. Yeah my head down mama had folded arms on the desk and not falsely. One day while I was in mind that after lunch in the in the classroom. I heard the loud asked why are you ever heard in this thing went on for like five Mississippi east and it sounded like. Some homeless collapsing really fast and at the Bay Area and the thing that's super high pitch and I remember waking me up from a dead week. And I tell you looked around to see who did this I noticed everyone in the classroom was looking at me. When he looked like I had just murdered someone. And I realized that I was the one who departed and what might go about my dad's weak and didn't even know is yours. Did he knows mine I mean my body could I might might could even comprehend that something like that came from my body. I can't remember what we did or what we got involved evidence seem like an earlier day of drinking at one point in time and no one attends friends was in town. And he he's gonna just take a power now for whatever reason it just kind of just was drawn yeah well what we're all Marley and me I know wit. He passed Al guy like (%expletive) drunk passed out but it's afternoon we've been drinking all day earlier on the deal was it was a late at night or anything like analysts say that you know son was still up kind of a thing. And Ted's on the couch and he falls asleep and Ted fart and literally from the time that he exited I mean just that a millisecond. He's now suburb of all of god. I'm Leo woke him up out of a dead sleep. He will go like that advocate my throat right there armor like the dude is dead asleep at random the bat farm but. In Iraq mildly the amount of time it took from the time it exited Ted's body internally discuss nostrils is one million to 12 but I have been dead sleep UA several. Wow. What is that the I attempt part of ma'am that's part of that is they tend to get it up all walking ourselves not none did missile if the sound of afar but like. If harder sleep maybe isn't quite warm in your kind of dreaming but even in your dream everything becomes contaminated with the stink. And then you slowly wake up and realize all my god the things under the Covert with the threat it is that bad man. At one point in time my wife is one of those people that. She likes to go to the spot every once in awhile there's one available Aaron I'm not exactly sure what goes on the spot massage whatever the deal is either way. I agreed to go with her to the spot we're out we're on we can wham like all right how to do this and it's kind of weirdos like you your outside job and Nicole pools and all those records are great yeah I do with a different experience may. And then we for whatever reasons you said why don't we get a group Assange. We're losing group I'm real well I mean her pets are those dealers is two tables and there's two. Masseuse and so we're both on the table we both get somebody to start this are I don't know what it is about I know you're a big fan of massage I'll they feel. They feel very good I don't think I've ever had a really good when you know losing him like a really really good room where I'm like all right it is just I don't know what it anyway. Somebody in that room there's four of us somebody far. Okay and what they knew I wasn't making no wasn't me and I looked over my wife and I have this look on my face like. Do fared man. You know and I knew I was in her because nothing nothing this bad as ever I mean she wants you to believe it yet wrecked it and so okay so be it but it it's there for awhile. So at the end of it now are trying to figure out which one of these two people who were massaging his party because I mean who can figure was if you had to guess. OK we we aren't we thought this through. The woman who was massaging. Her. Was very hurt you look it was her and she look like a yoga type what we are okay now the guy who was massaging me. He'll look like checked right he was all jacked up so muted in lake so it could be protein shake it could have been vegetable diet. Raw vegetables protein shake we couldn't figure it out I'm sailor earth featured 100%. If it smelled that bad. I'm Warner I think I'm saying it's whoever you didn't think it looks okay. How is right is no solid through you Osama on the planes rightly union waited 80% next on older tutor Saturdays I'd do older dude or look at it short right. So everything you said that our own may have netted out those two it's probably the tiny little woman that was given the size next. Okay I'm saying they want you have you heard anyone far why you were in yoga. To me is Abbott a lot to me now we just don't acknowledge it you don't I don't know but I would disable all the stretches in the right frequency you're changing poses and you're. You're pull on these different things I don't think people slip a lot Garrett. Yeah aegis. I maybe I'm wrong every now might be and that's been my understanding that you just don't mention it and just don't let out a really stinky one OK you can't control I really say Davis coming out till now you don't know durables do you have grand bargain wanted to do is when will not be sticky Fredricka that I do it all rapid punches did you know sometimes. So I don't I don't know warning if you're based in your stomach look obviously you there soldier's stomach feels away were you know. Fulham V that every part it doesn't matter for goes. It goes that won't get it is in nuclear explosion of state right you've contaminated everything. But you don't always know because sometimes you think it'll make him to break quick squeaker. No big deal and go oh my god I cannot believe how bad the smells and it this year Beaulieu of the thickness of it. I think it pisses me off what they taxis a lot. Editor cab driver just understand it and view and me I know I didn't far. In remain a drama department can do it because I know you know it's going to be me but it's the same thing and multiple times. You're sitting in the cabin select OK one of us started and we both know wasn't me. Wrecked it only leaves and they never acknowledge they never did. Not like I hate sorry man on slipped one out like you can't sneak a fart in a car may wonder what we do people. I know did you did you know. That I know what would you and in a weird thing is I would try to make eye contact the rebuke mayor just to I don't know but you realist now one moment they will never look at to review their Angeles hope that part of gone. They want to look at to review reality they don't talk to you look at a teacher write the conversation goes way they turn of the radio but come on man. Yeah runner up from you or someone else what is your epic flop story 844999. Cola hello Tony welcome to the men's room. Lakers no orders Bernhard is there real quick elect give us shut up and Johnny you listen to the program right now. I spoke to I gotta go for his own network it has done it what to do to get it. And so I let's work a little early went back to my mom's Oslo live in there at the time. And I have to turn an eight this quarter I remember the exact moment it happens. And that's sorted. NL tonight leaned a little bit my left and it wasn't just a Florida man is you know it shot duck or if so as a way as that. Com and still totally in the long I would do in the legs waddle. Region that my crotch in my blog and then my mom's. And she literally happen a leg. Much you sure what exactly happened but so a lot of 5050 meg like gamble not a lot that know how do you. Up 1 o'clock. As is the first of medications. This is all yeah getting of a long story. Sort affiliates there's you will gamble less. But when you don't even know you'll gamble less frequently. The frequency that you lose goes up. And maybe get a one out of ten times before you've got to back to one out of fifty but. One out of 100 times it it it's gonna have some follow through. You have bad that it blocked and no look let there and gamble and lost that we should go. Never and we have a certain we understand it's it's how life works you know you're just feel like. In a one of the things Arnold growing up I understood the amazing human body does all of these wonderful things for you you know if you get if you get sick it's because your body's fighting something. That's and they did you you know you're. You'll you'll get the scabs of interest in Camilo all of these things are to benefit you or so they say in you would just think. One of the really small thing your body can do for you. Is wouldn't if you have if you believe you have to far but there's more to the minute the somebody gives you some kind of signal like. No no I'm just let you know go to the bathroom don't. Don't actually released this because there's more to it now to Philly. Our body lets us their in the the flip side of this as we've done shows from the hole the my gut and a comment I've got to go to the bathroom. You know rather ready for draft soft and there's nothing else and handle dude if I'd known it was just a far I would just started instead of homeless young recoup. My guts hurt and I go on and all this noise and nothing. And again my how does your body not let you know. Exactly what it is that it needs to do I don't know but just blows really really UK UK dubious in the Galley which he does universal finger says it's just if you're. Sick man that I don't gamble I think that's a bad situation don't gamble my that's not a good time. Whether out from you are someone else what is your epic filed story 844999. All all the line Margaret calls coming up you are listening to avenger radio network. Coming up this time return of Chad Hart says they have CCA hang onto that are questioned whether from you or someone else what what is your epic fart story 844999. Cola double comments government says oh yes the giant mumbling church horrible wooden pew at Easter Sunday mass the wouldn't view carries a grade based owner of the giant rumbling form can be careful where you are when you do that. What do I mean you can feel it. Oh yeah I would be okay like yeah you might not be aware of it. But there's certain seeds that are more bench like and others you perform an aid on a bus stop bench him and a person that you and that's what I'm impersonation you usually do because they felt a seismic by break even feel right you know when some as far as. I would see my friend grabbed his dog's head and showed that under his lap and part of bird lover about a minute straight. The dog came out the goofy grin listen Rick you're ass is order with the perfume camera Macy's store dogs imparting on dog amazes me giving your district of perfume and does not care who. Almost cleared an outdoor volleyball court before everyone got a smell and ran off I laughed so hard that I cry. Members hello Andrew welcome to the bedroom. Alarm me. I hear it on and Andrew you. A under the topic with a loved one of these days we're all we know it doesn't move or. Not. I care America now anyway I was deployed one time I worked all right art. And I'd skip dinner on the way home about what straight back. And then I woke up in the middle that night I was really hunger but I have Cilic ought to go outside and all. So there are so quote care packages maximize our all and there was jelly beans and slim and sit there so that's what I asked. And the combination of those who must've served into. Like if you ordinary nightmare or something like that because an hour later I will talk but I swear the last ten seconds. Our complete bust interstate open outlaw it was a mix. He's into do you would smell besides you. I was only watching all the perfect guy and natural perfectly good. It is that the that it. Don't they well there or whether they're kind of I think there was a warning at one point in time on not only gummy bears could jelly beans. Make you foreign bureaus. Know who. Maybe no calories or sugar or like everybody said like the there are reviews. I wanna say it's either Amazon no doubt about the sugar free gummy bears gummy bears and armor and also put a warning other jelly beans yeah. So I guess a pretty close but whatever the putting in there that the sugar free element is. Certainly gummy bears like all the things are just like. I think it's actually been leaked the stuff right yeah you get really but I don't think they changed anything I just think they they tell you is they Arctic but didn't put a warning on the label. Like you either know or you dealt what you'll find out the look how bad that sucks for you right. But whether you got diabetes or something you're already eaten sugar free candy bright and now gives you the runs. They have yet to find anything funny about that maybe you should just say warning. They want I don't know what it does say and thank you you're already taken and now. Three and sugar free candy you're right there on out it's it's probably get your Bible we don't know you want real candy of course you do everything and that's the area of thinking pretty dedicated to give you diarrhea like that just are fat. Can we are written without proper sure Regis what did you now the slender and give me far too but you were disfigured he said jelly beans. Or slim Jim which one of these do you think is more likely to give you gas aren't they slim Jim's all day right. But yeah Fred it's been jelly beans you would think jelly beans are safe. I think sometimes combination of heat and weird stuff too. And getting eaten all day many just threw in slim Jim's in Chile beat. For the exact same if he wanted to review or someone else what is your avatar story 844999. A law hello keep JK take. And he's done you waited that long early in his name right and ya definitely ended hello Dave and welcome to the men's room. It just. It's that. I do in general and senator. Quite well. So few years ago my wife and I were flying backed out of area as a family and there are differences go in the club's six districts. There's or whatever restaurant there called the stinking rose. Which features Carla. Norm and I think I'm a legend yeah okay. So Larry we were there were no windows see him. He had to ironically as were eating the you know appetizers to spread we'll get a roasted garlic all world. Just glad we're all this garlic all of liberating. This car catches on fire. Well quite on the street. So they move us that eat into another seat and these are all over again you appetizer. And then we had good that it garlic equals. That they are here which is phenomenal. There we go back to the hotel that night. I got kicked out of bed the kind of Matt. Does that matter that I was a hovercraft. Exhorted got it. Though they had to queen beds in the in the room. Oprah's like I'm sorry do. Got to go up. She didn't part of all and just all you. Are well I was aware of because I was too damn busy it's just be reached I don't know how long did the last. All right. Almonte had to do it like hours they don't just like every. Five minutes into it you're just let loose. Air and but this. But you can still probably smell of the unit you're just one bed over a mile grind the proximity isn't nearly what it was but this is still what we feel are better with garlic tablets I just about party need just oozes out people. Rowboat so it's also the fact if you're in the same bed you're under the sink out. Yet that and that's the different threat every way. You can smells almost fart but you would be angry if they fared in your payments I mean that that's where I have the right play at least partly Australia far but you don't need to physically he'd be right next to me plus I just do the restaurant he's talking about like correlate to use their thick it is a great place man I mean did you wells did he won. The nominal dollars it's phenomenal it's too great restaurant. When you go back into wired world with you wouldn't go about it because obviously she's gonna have something to say about it. No longer idea though when we go back we go back and I love it it's great restaurants. The a bit Bedard probably yeah. Take a little more. Eight precaution. Now you have Q I was just garlic I mean is is garlic it's doing material. I I would imagine I mean you know I'd I'd do a lot of the cookies and hope it and everything it looks like last night we had a bit more or less by the the barbecues. And yard. Covered in garlic. But he didn't make you far. But you know that's like listing heroes loan business being heroes do maybe that's why didn't name I in my heart Burleson that yeah I feel like I. I'm through with garlic I feel is just the amount. It's like you can eat stuff and it's like he's a mile and a pork loin or whatever that is garlic in it in its good. But then if somebody you're dating or married to eat garlic Fries there it's like garlic beats are not the entire night yet. Well there's also the thing about whether or not these. Like you know you open up a jar instead minced garlic. By grocery store now that's the memory for a for sure act as opposed to an actual clothes. Fresh garlic. Do you want he's got it on the midnight June so I don't go to speak. Because of the concentration at all what's historical processing of espionage charge doubts sit on the thing for months but fresh garlic. If you could something open you release whatever the smoke right. So you miss all the scarlet in the and you put it this airtight container like in the god knows how long Manassas on the shelves of time you open it is as concentrated that's it's gonna be but the thing that I use garlic and pretty much everything I cook as well. But I notice even an X bellhop in the shower for Arnold whose oil from the garlic but as a sober you up. It almost hour smelled great based on what it was sealed so yeah simple but it's like it's the smell of my soap. And clearly the smell of garlic in it's it's horrible thing to help. Oh yeah and as you mentioned earlier there are detected the apart and showers the worst thing you're. Like yeah. Now the odds out. I'm telling CNN. Because it should be able to leave because you're outside and it's not it's just roll in on the sleeves and roll and this is the name is loving it man it's and I'll ever to. Showers and take shower you have. Coaches Lee blocked off peacekeeper whether to shower curtain or feel like a glass door mode so you if it doesn't avenue were a guzzle it apart wants to hang out with you. But you've drafted and they are in the steam and then you put on the shower curtain went to you just. You just frothing at the department and heat weather for you or someone else what is your edit parts story 844999. Hole. Hello west welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. Yeah I think my kind of label and gamble and launched but this was more of I thought it was going to be an act epic on because. I already done my business I woke up early this morning. Because snowboarding. Took care of business and I tell you want. Charlie my host another blow today who. Thought I was gonna failures or more loud pop and the next thing in the book. Also salt fall down my leg. Com. Am in no way. Usually is just like yes yeah I had to mail out our full alarm b.s and putting you know. It was. If she loved aside little mushy marshmallow. Which. How that's why do you think that one's stayed behind it are really just don't you went to the Batman. You did what you're supposed to do you handle your business and I agree with you would like to think that unibody agree like Garrett. We announced a lot of the time every day I do you want same business every day inflate routine but I think the only thing I did yesterday it was. I had some fried chicken instead of bay. I'm not Google oil or what but I do it was like. A pot and then the next thing you know not vote and get down my my ankle because I have my national board here are. At all. I think I think I think ski and snowboarding gear may when you're in that it's. There's no place for it to come out try using the bathroom. That's how Europe on the mound and takes forever guns and bullet crabs and it's not while trying to pick out you know late. I'm good how no idea on how long that they can get out of you geared to get reimbursement. It's about five minutes. If government usually I dal lake here and then you're sitting on the toilet like sliding east and I'm home plate. Tight to stuff like open. On the mountain is not fun no wedge we grew we work call ounces and is now for verticals about the wetsuit fart and how call to god here for middle that is you know and especially if you're forty in the Duma and can't do predator missile whether that my old feels like how long people will hold far people held apart during sex of all this but as far as I know. Divergent results for the longest I'd leave you to be cigarette on a flight for a month. Were ever to beat you know the Salt Lake City. You held the in the time why. Did you hold the phone when I totally horrible. I'm sure worldwide and played all of well the rumor I over the would you get up and go to the bathroom to get rid of the fart but you're not too far. These numbers did you stay in up to doing my god it's like I did think when you don't like your theory when your in the bathroom and it feels into BB who withdrawals sound and fury I don't know but I sometimes I sort of got on planes like there's nothing more wanna do in parts of Santiago. Are on the go to the bathroom to started out. And then I'm like now with the guys stand in this battle at the note absolutely yeah they knew that wealthy wash your hand I know the regular water rolled in Hamburg and whatever it. The thing I know the press from plan affects a lot of people in make shift yeah and we send us a million times but it's true man whenever your flight lands where ever. There's always the hastens to the bathroom for obvious reasons and I don't know destroy women's bathrooms and certainly for guys fifty resuming as a walk into the men's map America flight. They don't go to the map and they just go on their troops could lose these monsters farms from all we're pressure and and a walk right back there. To break it was like aware Dave and his people look eventually. We'll put general revenue yea yea yet or curator for eight seconds like. Are looking man and a door talk about I just had blown before but Holmes bad boy it hurts it sucks in all. When you don't use the bathroom it seems like your body builds up a lot of gas anytime you're camping. Anytime you're out where you haven't been able to use the bathroom primarily some of the worst parts I remember we're just growing up and and I'm basically lived at ten for the Summers those organ at a camp and mark my boat made man I mean it was. It was just too in the top month. Well blue or status of so I was outside us and we're like an army tents where there's vents on the you know like you. Does the ground is the ground shorts on these tents it's more like just two polls. And you have your sides an edit edit edit trying top ranked. So theoretically you could open up both is you could walk into these today yeah okay. But that did not stop the stick enemy knows just. It was we were just absolutely kill each other and now's the hope I mean because. Around the woods you don't really wanna go the bathroom where we want you go when you really have to go right appointed to Biden says I'm going to cripple you futile and here's video of one thing inherently true about where we were all we are doing any time that you into the bathroom. You're gonna get bitten by about twelve feet. I think that so by the time he sat down it's a damp area it went in there you know to me like you are going to get lit up your ass is going to get something it's gonna be it's could be lit up so we would avoid going to let's look at. We are good they're trying to burn him out with thigh aerosol. With dealer what do soon injured. Armor backed me a lesson not to blame goes away in the late game this to say you are dreadful I want Mount Rainier. You guys and about this massive blizzard it's it's you'll ego and asked him we got desperate enough to earn as little shelter but the thing that you eat. Just a birdie 91 bean burrito is seen burritos in his mouth of the dude how bad was that it was it was pretty bad. But who's to gather fighters opening shot because like any thing you know everyone's home did you read that data into the field first person to falsely. Dogs. No it Niagara enemy like just like anything else they don't like grit your consciousness. Really there are stopping a form coming out all night was just just blow that up. I mean there was bad yet tonight parts of scary it was bad what whether from you or someone else what is your epic part story 8449990. Hello Jessie welcome to the men's room. I. Only got to lose a first and a ban on any radio show ever heard but I'm glad we could bring your. Far do you like the radio. OK it's semi authoritarian. Do you need gaining a Brazilian wax. Oh no run no no. So it was my first time ever getting speaking over. It was a shattering which is a little bit different. Aren't they need is in really dry actually used baby powder on your skin first. Well this is because so many flop hours we're going to be fly myself. I didn't. It's so I thought she'd do her business and how when you. Lover on the inside so that she can get my backside and other Bloomberg. I feel this fire coming back I think to myself like you've got distance you you can. Girl. Got a piece yeah. So. The but then I'm just and so curious when laying there and it is how Oscar and sit on the need video hurt no arguing about doing this. And she says it's a little. No. Regulation and no I laughed and harshness. And sue I'm pleased I. I know if I don't I got Larry it's not a hundred yards or so did you just called your show Huff didn't really mean yeah. Everything she think you did this on purpose more. No she didn't week I went so grateful that she was walking along with these. Because blood and then after a while a loud scene she goes no no you don't understand how it went and where. Okay. Mean yeah that's like Miller evidence I agree find out whether on a worm went ahead entail as you did in flour and look forward to fart currently blowing and dandelion noted dries out. Why do you still Sugar Bowl didn't go a little like there. Oh we'll know sometime. And IE I didn't go back they're those released. Eight years really did you are monitor you real asked her anyway if farther on are you promptly far daughter and a blood out of patronize your business very DUORG. I ask you now you do this because you like it or do you do this because his request. Oh total change of subject now and as I did you get them because I don't work. Eligible OK but what Leo I look man I don't know under through ensuring and waxing of the man I know what waxing is I've heard the Truman sugary but I don't. What is the difference what what are they don't. So Liggett said you need baby powder with DeShea drink coasters and try. And it's like a big ball low release sticky substance that they just spread over your skin. And it pulls the hair out when what do rolls over. Yes actually sometimes the donate they don't TA cannot. Currently quack. But does sugar isn't that the effect lasts longer is on the point of it. It's supposedly helped split anger haired lawyer I got assuming that you need to grow this outs before the you're able. To grab ahold of them makes sense right correct yes correct. So what is it like how. How many weeks or months of growth would you do when he looked the more you go to Indonesia. Bottom line I had and then the whole deal yet and therefore. A guy Lou if you're gonna get at you know it's it's it's gonna work you have to go out at least a month. We've got talent that I understand may have known as seven Afro. You know to to realize the first time you've ever called radio shows is surely serve when you've fared in powder I don't know if you hate. NN it's incredible I couldn't be more proud of myself. You should be to go look probably farmer I love forming a think parties funny but the one thing exam numbered and I've never I never blown power. Particularly in fact I remember good professional athletes get up off and never had a white powder shoot out of my backside all right asks Brady another human being put you know what I would be willing to take some talcum powder. And now put it back there and then far to see what I would have that you know I don't think Iran would do a debate Galveston to bully your flowers. He was just sit in a bowl of your flower it's remarkable some over the edge right manipulate science first off. And you'd be very specific that I get dust volcano. The defense that you sit on a on a coffee table a glass coffee table flour and that is someone that neither did I hit it. Look about that you like to do until we enjoyed watching that you are amazing for Ito we college carbohydrates like. Whether from you or someone else what is your epic part story 844999. All all the lineup Torre calls on the way you are listening to them it's a radio networks. It is you. Bad jokes coming up leaving no match goes to the men's room Evans or might not downloaded those bad jokes going right before during and tells with a shot of the day our question today whether real or someone else what is your epic fared story 844999. Omaha hello Dan is welcome to the men's room. I wish you all all car. Ali and all right well hopefully it's is that figures the last call the Brazilians are blowing a big camera is somewhat daughter. What is your home run all got you course. I'm honored. With the Sunnis oh uses sounds like your lovely woman I speak for all of. She's trying to approach in my family there and she watched dropped the ball. And it was a perfect impersonation. Of Cuba aka. We load. Just shot. Get out there you spent eighteen years we still talk about it. Do I go to the Star Wars movies have never damaged or Julio like. The sounds weird for you my mom party. Yeah exactly exactly. Check you oil and my absolute chain Judy if you casserole. As she QL Florida. Yet problem and it was so bad it just hit eight cannot eat tuna casserole. As not a bad thing. That is not a bad thing going you won't even Big Dig it PCs that he thinks of the sparked. We're showing her rendition and the memory could stop this image so art. That he cannot eat tuna casserole. You re used there were your mom started ruined his tunic hasn't ruled. I would like Toyota and another wrote I will get. An answer happily married. Our. You're now okay. What is the EU like look what what is the what is it time. Period where you you can far too and if you're in the dating world. Look at how long. How long did it. Adds a second date what are away. Everybody's lying on the first date anyway so by the sect or like what we imagine trying to address global I'm going a couple of months three months oh yeah try and now would that mean look I'm so far but I'm gonna be very nice. And try to use certain things like. It's not a big trip that is usually try to open the slider and put my butt. Announces on old that's not the most subtle things on all what did you do when you're just hanging here as you have your own hours on the slide that slogan there's a lot of their verdict so you've done a little more you love hoses are meant it. If they don't know is he is sometimes they ask I know why don't ask the fit for your parting my brother with the slaughter of keep it well you try Alvin walk throughs letter opened the door bars for a fifth. Gotta keep docket if you hit it. Shocker of them single day here weather for you are someone else what is your epic part story for four or 9990. Lawyer tells an appearance seconds. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.