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Tuesday, February 6th

Mens Room Question: What did you do? And was it worth it?


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You what you're about to hear is real. Trying to defend anymore. Doctors are. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. It is done. Thrill. They say. Or radio more than. Sometimes. Enjoy. At. At Loyola Arizona we're 2763. One was even throw him. Do you Ted Smith and then Bob. The buy time. Do I imagine a. Hey right gasoline drawing a charges include sit and spin not today tinged songs under the others. The return events the men's room. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines events or shot of the day fumbles three males in everyone's favorite. TV time would take the class period and got arterial study says you wanna grow your hair back. In order to large McDonald's Fries. Meanwhile that up 560. Million dollar lottery winner says she made a huge mistake but we'll still get reprise. Seen an employee finds documents important national security tucked in back of airplane seats. A woman boyfriend have argument in car so she jumps out going sixty down the streets in a bizarre case of adoption and incest and Virginia. Byrd Jr. This all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All up mentally is good day to you and yours all right 24 year old Adams fell mark. He says quote he is embarrassed and regretful. But he says that getting arrested at the Phoenix Open for streaking naked completely work serve he got arrested everything that goes along with that but he says look. Long story short I don't wanna get arrested again man oh man. It was work now go to the city of brotherly love Philadelphia Eagles went super bowl of the New England Patriots Matt Flynn the fans they're celebrate. And they have always act like idiots when you're really really happy boy one guy went above and beyond that because to celebrate his team finally winning the Super Bowl. He had a big old smile horse but. I'm I'm making this up I don't know why it didn't but that's how he decided to celebrate the Eagles victory. Over the patriots. There's an English guy and his band of six hours he drank 25. Energy drinks. What happened there where all let's see here he had a brain hemorrhage and we have three mini strokes and I mean based energy drinks should be banned. Maybe you shouldn't great 25 or six hours I'll leave that up to you but the point of all these stories are simply best. A lot of times we consciously make stupid decisions. We intentionally just do something that we know might not be the best idea but you know what we're gonna go ahead and do an anyway. We've all done it announcement today is questioned about. What did you do it wasn't worth it. Cipro they juggle a 44999. Hole you can like the midterm on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and and surmise answer those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio networks. Golf Channel I ally Michel number 2763. I have had an Afro drug charge guarantee future repeat. I'd targets are drag castle be in the since then today ten songs under the covers. As Ryan brings in some interesting covers. Some that you may have heard before others that you have not either way it's a cover extravaganza. On certain statements are logical covers a lot of in my actually heard one is played in the office in a day. And it seems like it's very much your own interpretation of said cover I think that's what you do a lot of bands into cover look at play in the cover band we knew the but here's what we figured out about a government and then I think you'll attest to this. We're gonna do the best retain and to try to sound like what you know the song from both were not good enough to do that so what we call our own spin the obviously as our lack of built chart that we are not many of our lives our own take is to everyone's a little tougher for real band gonna be good. You've got to be Goodman and every once a while low you lingered Johnny cash's hurt. And the phone lines a blow to go. Oh wouldn't want to know is this crap or go to Hollywood Nine Inch Nails is and we decided to point Nine Inch Nails people go hey man yeah we played. Hurt for mine and snails keep my current Rosner which is managed nail. He wrote the song he released the song for so. Johnny Cash does his his cover brilliant numbers the tremendous right in any kind of gets every about it. So we play the managed to build version Amelie it blew a political. Movie opens this they have no respect for Johnny Cash this charter were like dude that. Disturbed had a lot of success with the sound of silence one of the biggest selling. Singles in the in Iraq John earlier some covers coming up with the drug charge got some new instill. Her specimens or mono lake and our question today what did you do and wasn't worth it if you Laurie white male we refer to this as your hold my beer moment to see what you're gonna pull off here. Have a feeling we're gonna be getting a lot of white males on the phone today but basically just. What did you do in the end it was it worth it sometimes will look and see. People get in trouble with the law and then it. The severity of their crime we realize they got out on 600 dollars bail I mean it depends what you did amid talk if you rob a bank in the Boston delinquent. It wasn't worth it if you get native and the cops have to chase you for eight body to the ice it's stupid. No matter what trouble you give him aside and be in the world somehow instantly. It's worth because you can tell the story later life outlook ratified usually I got native. A random street I was covered in baby oil to think out of date we now make up slide that stupid I went to jail I did my time right but. It was worth absolutely work well those a streaker at the Phoenix Open. And hello the Waste Management Waste Management Phoenix Open and a little back story that I can now provide on the Phoenix all the the Phoenix Open to Phoenix and keep in mind that that area Scottsdale. Glendale Phoenix they're number one sports without question. Is golf as far as recreational activities go. Doesn't mean they don't root on the cardinals or go to the suns basketball games are the Diamondbacks baseball games is just as far as what people doom there's a ton of golf courses there. Yeah there's such people and there's a lot of retrieval of older retired the weather's not bad I mean topic but you know whether it doesn't ring but when it comes to golf there are more people than not the play golf in that area okay so. Now when you think about. The Kentucky Derby in Lexington Kentucky that is their big party every year is other than a run horses there Churchill Downs and it is just yeah this is the big picture race of the year. And with a Phoenix Open. And let's Phoenix is a city is hosting the Super Bowl or even like the NBA all star game nothing compares. To the Phoenix Open and there's a couple reasons for this. The first few tournaments of the year in Hawaii most people don't go to those tournaments short and you get your first real tournament here in the continental United States one of them. With the Phoenix Open or at least back in the day used to my uncle lived there. We have the same birthday usually coupled with forehead and every kicks nobody cares and then you get to Phoenix. And Phoenix where if you were to go to the milestones. I've been to the US open one of these tournaments a lot of people a sudden they don't get excited. Something they don't applaud and scream and yell and be inappropriate sometimes. It's just eighty more about tennis environment shore elect a little flat a little fulfilled today I not the Phoenix Open. Phoenix Open is we start drinking in the parking lot at seven raid AM this is on a practice round day on Monday or Tuesday. There's gonna be a band that plays that knights have a thing called the bird's nest and every night Davida for one night might be if you're in the country might be Brooks and Dunn are the next night might be like. Steve Miller or earth wind and fire or like it's a different genre every night different band to Huey Lewis Huey Lewis might play one inning man that you might find in the casino. You might go I play the FEMA and they do this every night and people get out there and I mean that. It is not. EE players talk to fans. Fans screamed. They're all hammered at the walk around out shirts on which I don't know conniving about a golf course those are typically payroll faster I mean it is in its all young kids to and it's older people and this is how Phoenix throws down. And I mean it's insane it makes you if you did not like gulf. And you went to dissidents you'll be like in a lot. Maybe I'll buy a set of clubs in the search for UK clearly if could you might think that's what golf is nothing out of a lineup like that right they interviewed a golfer. On sports and yes it's like going to a football game on Saturday afternoon. It is tailgate area it is a party you expect people talk in your back swing you'll look at street aired. Yes even even streak off the to the actual tournament runs Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. The industry can on Wednesday and it was packed. It was packed the stands were packed up and although he says he's embarrassed and regretful. Adam stall marked the 24 year old Goodyear man arrested for streaking on the seventeenth green. Said it was worth it because he made people laugh. He was arrested after the incidents been five days in jail tea room. Now faces 15100 dollars in fines aisles and break dancing mover tempted to elect. The only difference in five days for street or street I don't know much instead well think about where he is he's in Arizona's I mean Arizona's and have a little bit I. They're jail system is you know I don't know I didn't I didn't I mean they're they're basically running a profit business down there so we absolutely are we into jail you don't mean Wright alone you are or make it money. Like you know I really interest like it's like when years. Your company paid you on Saturday to continue to run into Monday but there's no real collective interest slightly New Orleans you know travel and the entertainment industry in Mardi Gras they generate money for them people go their for that they love the music they love the food do of the people. He in Arizona they go to Israel are gonna go to jail and make money at them they make money you know being in jail supply daisy says it's time. Jail's not fun it's not a good idea. People wanted to know what exactly was going through his mind when he took office clothes ran across a green so Arizona's family magazine decided to find out. Meanwhile buddy we're talking about somebody streaking throughout today we figured if you want something done right. Do it yourself as long as somebody laughed and I got a kick out of it that's why did that. They explain that he drank at least eight Beers an hour a combination of that and some wind. Now before he stripped down to his now grass stained socks and ran across a golf course putting himself on full display in front thousands of people. They actually set up temporary grandstand area around the seventeenth and the eighteenth eighteenth Mora is more of a bowl area so there's a natural place to sit on the seventeenth. They set up these grandstands. Temporary where you walk in their seats there's all the stuff I mean he is in the middle of all this stuff. He explained that the alcohol definitely helps I definitely wouldn't of done it if I was over he did grabbed his gun he doesn't have to say that. Right nobody. People that are at. We said this earlier if you are running naked in your mouth cry and you were not drawn the chances are you're under duress. Right and then something horrible has happened and that's why you've made a conscious decision to soberly. Run make it public something's chasing you yeah otherwise like do we know you're drunk or high and. And so 15100 dollars in fines. And not only that stall mocked just found out he lost his job as a bartender at valley restaurants. So he did set up the bill fun mic down hope the people album papers mistake. My last words before running out were just wanna give the crowd something to cheer about in this fund will go toward all the finds at Tuesday. He wrote that UNESCO find myself a page that mean let. Is that a fireball offense for your bartender with whichever walk into a barn go I can't drink here because that's the streaker I would ulanoff might have put his picture on the wall have afraid of revealing even more active somebody's we're choose how we regard our Zedillo's lead the bartender here's the speaker from Phoenix overnight while you shop remember where this how far they go down there aren't so he's a deadly one wanna do it again I do want to apologize to anyone it is offensive Scottsdale police said another way it is another angle they got. Aaron. There's a fifteen year old in the ground. I'll laugh off the guess of this it's a guess what were to launch an attack on this sex offender charges can ruin a Korea alana. Yes exactly that's that's there Rangel Arizona. Could send him except that that could be problematic but either way he says there was Martin when he district on on Wednesday as you said a practice where I double comments Kamen says it's a big party I don't know if it's true says it's a big party the Phoenix Open. That's why Tiger Woods refuses to play in Phoenix. I've been there a few years it's it's insane I had more fun there than I would think tiger roads based on what we know Tiger Woods would love. The blame Phoenix. Yeah and then we'll do some W comment as best friends and snaps in the tournament. A lot of sense you don't bitches that's the comment I will say this too there's a lot of famous people there I think a lot of famous people. Live off season and Arizona with a good basketball football baseball baseball players in the bird says there were probably a ninety attending this screen MLB players wheels. That area Scottsdale itself Scott still has the track train. But I like the Mariners are repeal or like it that whole area is just full of spring training put in or NFL guys there there were Hollywood types there like everybody was pointing enticing. Who was who and grow it as just one of those things grow like I was amazed at beaver just mainland about being decent. But man I'm telling you what you couldn't. They don't in the Beers there were like three bucks really not like one of those things where they're trying to just know oh god it is a free for all the entire thing is amazing country for our ballots move on here. 56 year old nick Mitchell. He he lives in northern England and he wants to ban energy drinks the types like Red Bull and monster because they almost killed. What I found out they didn't. They did not listen to this story until we were the energy drinks or the manufacturers. Of energy drinks should be held responsible for this guy's situation he was pounding energy drinks while running a karaoke night at a club awhile back any ended up overdosing on caffeine. It happened about eight years ago but now he's speaking out about a for whatever reason it's six hours he said he drank more than 25 energy drinks in his brain started bleeding. In another the hospital the brain hemorrhage suffered three mini strokes over the next week and still has a minor speech problem because of it. Some people say he's not just an idiot. And drinking that many energy drinks goes against all common sense yes. But nick is worried someone else might do the same tomorrow especially teenagers I don't know of anybody who could drink when he five. I guess you drink 25 Beers and six out. It can be done the most people choose not to look someone might do it but. But this is based on the type of their stupid as those guys like eating the tide pods like people gonna do it. You don't need to band it don't people make dumb decisions and I don't know how an adult can drink 25 energy drinks a six hour. And I think they need to be done and go someone is a stupid as you. And you're right that's you're concentrating on the right is now doing the math right. Since we had Hewitt seven hours 666 hours or 25 drinks 25 energy in order to probably bigger than a regular smaller is suddenly have a little. We have our our war that our energy drinks more than like more than they're always a told a little bit older sixteen ounce there generally see. Yeah Israel either way don't I don't care how many ounces right like I'm with you late if you're trying to do that with beer be dumb but you'd have to concentrate. The drink that much every out every fifteen minutes he's opening and drinking and that's basically how worked knicks problem Moses worried someone else might do the same stupid thing especially teenagers silly things all energy during should be banned because there a public health hazard as bad as drugs. If you drink an entire handle of Jack Daniels kept it shouldn't be banned because you almost kill your nose on alcohol and replace it looks at bay and caller threat of some guy drove aggression to a tree and footwork. Things happen man. The difference with the is that you know a car accident. Is an accident you shoals to drink 25 African energy drinks six hours in your concern. There's that old people are stupid as you. If you ate twenty hot dogs run a mile come out and whatever it either way and energy encouraged in a way you can Britney and if you look if you rub your brother don't ban alcohol you can everybody if you don't want to introduce every night. But you'd almost turn too much every night and died people drink and drive to get in fight to do students offer alcohol mobile release of better decision because. I I item by a type logic brother type budgets and I don't think we have a listener out there that's that stupid. And I would really hope not but all all here's a good thing so I open the time but this is I get them home one of them had busted in there I hate that is us all we are iPods like have this Shani you know. Tired stuff already on them sort of region my whole hand is covered in crap. The wise just tried popular realize what I don't use tide pod for longer and but I realize of the rolling the dishwasher of this morning caddies don't go right they have I guess cascade pot and they look equally delicious. But in spite of not only that you recognize this is this is like this those plastic bag. Full of chemicals and again this is not children eating these are you hate kids. This is teenagers who got there well no matter if your bad stupid I mean this is the door when at war that you're cascade pods are underneath your kitchen sink that they are re more accessible to children than anything else to me. I don't know if you know anything about children they don't know a laundry room exists until they move out. So I don't know if you had kept him out but not in that room they are Mac they are not in that room and if they were than someone would RD left their wash in there and they couldn't get in there even if they want to but they're not consciously going into the laundered Ramona. I know know a kid you would it'll. The most he's trying to pick up compared dirty underwear because these out my daughter will not walk toward the washer and dryer for feared that I might ask you to do something. Outgoing she's headed for the drug does appear that I asked her to fold something she may result disappear until look like right from. But you have a cascade Republican out of this morning like. They do look delicious. But as someone over the age of six I recognize that this is death that we got just a news. As far as what went on to Philadelphia I'm sure you've gotten most of this in your but others couple stories in there pretty interesting about what fans they were they lost a month our question today what did you do and wasn't worth an 844999. Hole. That the thing is bright so we do have a story coming out of Philadelphia and I will say this we've already heard guru for a Gaza came out of Cleveland Brett but that is we we just talked about it. But house like look. It's Philadelphia the win the Super Bowl and we all expect them like maybe there is look you flip over the course of the light stuff on fire went all the typical domes so if people do. I don't say what it is more rights from reading today that this guy did. Well the Cleveland Cavaliers find it normally is has this become the new trip. Is this it's like tied popped right it's tough fight stuff. Why is this what you do now to celebrate when there's a long drought as far as championship goes for your city when your city finally went and something is this the go to movement but I did get bagged dog according to him only did or did they tell me do it. Our question of what did you do well and was it worth an 844999. All we've got two calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Age is you. True our top payout try to chart track gasoline now today ten songs under the covers as we will sit. And spin arts we've got a guy almost died from chugging 25 energy drinks not a Smart idea of a because of that he wants a ban. Which might seem a little excessive being that he was completely excessive. And now we have a streaker at the Waste Management Phoenix Open who says quote. It was worth that and still to come the story of a eagle fan who celebrated the team's Super Bowl victory our question. What did you do and was it worth an 844999. Cola hello Matt welcome to the men's room. Oh I. Like I let her first of all are welcome to the program. Don't know about. What about a year. Not the girl but I didn't grow wild. Pilot called Gatwick. What bout at light blue golf. I thought god we're on it and went over here while on racial about it. Her roommate. Who was way confidence you look at their. Energetic I would there. Well it went out and I together and eventually I found out then the guy had her were not gathered to a single. And I took her on that standard that's been very that in. And I go where they go to the merry. They hear that Abby yeah. Out Graham man all right result. Okay it would be old girlfriend act I guess he had to be cool matter did she there's not too happy about situation. Around the camp from Kurt this but. Birdies out again now you're not happy they. But how long did the wrath last with a like a weak little month wasn't just one night was. Well they get paid to be your roommate that extreme might. She can immediately all this year while we could be there. I didn't blew up themselves eaten. Let your apartment. Left all the built and they're the powerful water got shut out the girl looked okay. A guy. What would happen like the first night that because it was she calling you for political. Yeah we are got dirty drunk. Edit out the hard back at their apartment out of our. End. She got it all going on. The guy there. Then there originally with a girl landed out where it's kinda. Thought they opportunity that I girl out bagels and I'm a little wet third debate in the water don't know they'll. And as a going to be Bay's got a dollar a day you're almost did a switcheroo. Pretty much what it added up like we have got out of Dayton Jack in the Box you brought out that while we're on our bedroom. It was pretty I guidance. You are what food was the masters know what all the Jack in the Box menu I came flying your direction. Well Waller rhetoric like the door but develop then. And the girls and that guys are out shut out proud that's what ended up the next couple water. And the next morning when we got we bowed to keep up. This is a result says that has crowned desks. Are asked Blaine out studies when your kids like. This is I mean your mother met my luck I was getting a booty call from your mom's roommate but your mom's a lot hotter than her roommate was under the bad session for. Well maybe bet there'll come out until it altered it's. I won or perhaps they know it just dirt or and millions who happily married. Well apple is happy yet. Yeah I mean you never know when you're gonna meet the person you're going to be I mean it. He just don't everybody's got a different story did you draw able and write in if you would think that come arrest to do whether it's gonna be worth. He seemed quite happy and she's the one taking the risk because she's the one still living without remains little thirty mar her she's a what is got to gamble that time like isn't worth it. First of all I would not spend the majority my time at that apartment given this relationship right Heidi that's why shows like law for a I would most games will be played in my home stadium. And that whale when you get delay as Brown's early you know and I mean Jack in the Box or in my head but that add that to me seems. That would be the only thing that's its say in hindsight looking back I maybe wasn't good to throw this in another person's face and to be in that apartments knowing. Situationally with the deal. It's kind of being that you are right with. I mean I don't he has the the trump card that and we got married we've been married for seven years vitamins I'm saying they're not rights is just like at that time when it's going down you don't know there aren't you don't you don't shoot well we I should've asked him is what like you as your scene right now like. Was this as random as one that you went over there was this lake every time you went to see the actually refer you guys report. I don't know if I think we wanted to just I got out of this and they weren't one night they hook up in and every time he went there after that specifically. To me let's take. No and I'm sure haven't I haven't the sex making colinas. I was with miles like. That's a great story for those who who obviously like it I don't know we've all hooked up with the money when you're drunk or whatever door and then like aren't. Though like you or make it work if you still have to show up to pick her own as the U the something. Bet that's 600 actual photo. Happen there's who's a Sports Illustrated article number years ago in this goes back to the seventies the swing in seventies and all that. Was two guys for the Yankees and the Mets are unruly I know the story can learn the specific so they kind of they were kind of two doubles a really enjoyed spending time together doing things together so Carolina all that. It wasn't swinging seventy's at one point I'm on the road these two guys like you know what. When we just. It's just that split up our wives for awhile you don't mean and go out just gonna change things a volley well I'd like my wife and me in my body decided that organist was in Jerusalem tonight cuckoo I think it and they were both cold and all parties involved are cool list. It turns out though that the one couple really was a true couple as far as they're still married to this day. The to have kids and grandchildren and all that in any other relationship like fizzled out after like three months flora. That is to swallow are in the works I know a girl that was clear and is now married to do just one. That's and I also those slivers that to have some of the nicest best. Marriages of the world or just later because the next best option hasn't come along. That would be the way I would look you try to given that the I know without it I mean that's just me that's speaking for myself that would be played I would think sure I mean honest draft. What did you do and was a word that a 449990. Love. Shenanigans continue. How many Israeli radio network.