02-07-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Gets The Call

Wednesday, February 7th

Today's Mens Room Question: Why were you talking to the authorities?


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. How all our friends at dollars and Portland's classic rock. Through three KG. All and and our friends of an Anchorage 947 Khazei Indy. Thanks for hanging out our question today why were you were talking to the authorities say 4499 and I know luck and we have CJ underlined this when he has since you've driven by the state to wade to visit your girlfriend you get there you visit her work she breaks up a few. Now I need to go get the crap out of storage. He had an agreement that's SATA storage my friend had moved out of the place where I thought it was that all my stuff is now gone and I'm like Hollywood at what am I gonna do now I try and talk a couple of things that I got had a a gold watch my parents were before I'd left base. Nobody would take it either pawnshops so I decide hey you know it's my 21 birthday I do it brought. So I went out picked up three cases of beer medical some friends that unfortunately it's time for underage. Three fifths hard alcohol we cross the bridge from Portsmouth, New Hampshire over and Gatorade name. Got drunk at a friend's house and at some point like 3 in the morning neither side man. I've got to figure out how to get back on base I do not want to go to break so I got to figure out what can I deal well can I be on the to have somebody beat you up on the. Call it a long time I'm outside review and Aberdeen. No I was indicator token posing in five states thrown right yeah on that down for the far right where you station now authorities you have to drive back five stabilized. North Carolina YOK farther than what I thought. So you're yeah I think your plan at 3 o'clock in the morning was has some of the tourists. Yes yes this seemed like a perfectly good idea to me in my drunken stupor. So last everybody in the room hey we got to beat the hell out of me and the like you know may edit what are you talking about like I got a call the cops and Obama got beat up or something in the Nike if we kick it back. Based not to worry about own. Great like no man you're on my down so in my drunken wisdom I would add to the front yard I cost myself the space I'll throw myself into retreat. What my ass pretty pretty literally in the front yard with everybody stare in a lab and it needs. How much and I how much damage did you do to yourself. I wouldn't get my cheek gave myself the black guys made my nose bloodied. We got my hands it's my issues smashed my glasses. I have to my glasses back on MySpace walked like four blocks of yours based on its call the police told them that I had been mowed. They came and picked me up in like fifteen minutes in the patrol car took the back to the station that data question the actress and I'm a good artist I drew some stick figure or are those stick figure people that jumped me and gave the lanes drunk and scrawled description of what it happen ended. And I packed out at some point in time while. While I was blacked out I guess I asked you to restaurant they told you this all the next morning when they transported yacht to the courthouse. They said that I have to go to the bathroom. I didn't immediate threat to anybody they followed me down the hallway I didn't tickle aspect to provide any doubt that the the garage well leased cars were and I had climbed up on top of the sheriff's car I'm onto the hood of the car with him and his deputy in there and continue to seek leak all over their front window. And then went right back in and passed back out that the interrogation tables. I was with the word of the stations for the rest of the night in Dayton not to the courthouse the next day and I got charged with three days in jail horror. Would be the first called public report and they put in a halfway house in the end because they told me they they have limited jail for somebody who only speak their own ass and what does resent this is. Different true. You said that I was so desperate to get on base they use my. My disciplinary issues that did not get in trouble when I returned but I had to tell everybody what happened in get ridiculed or market on an. Q you told to vary ridiculous stories about your about jury and the fact and like I would just assume. That you are really really good at your job. But does it seems I did anybody get to pass on something as far way that you know your being treated her discipline that. You must be real good he was in a really good marine for them to go like you know I. C today don't or are now but there's the flip side to it I am and crackled making that is going to be one of these two things so. Durable and and it doesn't matter what field you worked him. These two co workers exist right there is the person then maybe gets away with a little more because they do outstanding work when you're actually work at and vendors the other person who. They're kind of excused because there are always stupid. You look expectation of a broad expectation so low. That's basically. Every time you swing under your weight it's it's what's expected right you know and trust me we're surrounded by both types of those employs over 200 appointment if I don't win a murder but you're good employed got to have a guy like look. Don't sweat it goes everyone knows your more. And I would like right in between aides of would known to be a horrible marine in garrison which is when you're. Eric in the rear seat in the big debate masculinity banks but when I was in the steel that was known to be an outstanding marine night. You my job all the way up to the top but people started dropping around me I could pick up rifles like to act like it lead everybody on I get to the objective. I lament give us we'll lose the last Sunday made a good decision. Good plug your story there pretty epic but corals are incredibly stupid and they see my oil and felt like going out and try to pick a winner in our entertaining when they're remarkably stupid ploy was less than you made in the citizenry like you'll pat yourself on the back right. Crushed it. I have been doing that. I'd ever since I had my son twelve years I don't do in this stupid things and started in my life but it's and I got to be an example. All right now we know you look at your son because he's twelve years olds I assume he's at the beginning of the insanity stage. You see any signs of the apple made that a fall far from the truth. Oh absolutely. Every day I got a leg up once problems like Colbert does parts in stench and I'm like. He's you know he's gay he's used you know exactly that in news you can paste in things got a great way. That's exactly our gen I don't know I must welcome back I'm making this up because she does this frequency now. Every dumb and auto parts army I have to remind myself like. You can say something. But you really can't get on a case to know I can't do you know I try not far around her all the time we're treated poorly isn't for you guys even are trying to to do to run relate apparently. When it comes to nature vs nurture apparently. Florida got each other is part of our nature so she uses DNA for me anomaly. Steve Farley dominate the kind of girl belief we parting it's gonna grow spoleto. I can't really say that. I'll bet he's I thought this John Julia I know nobody is just so it's a stupid thing like Mae and you know and you get away with part of illegal that part of that. So you have kids now to write yeah like so you both tremendous and I don't know maybe it's maybe more than three of us than there are other co workers feel like sometimes it's hard. His parents are going on and on about their child you just gotta look at amigo. You heard would you say like the global they don't want to let you said that I dislike Obama that he's got to get he's upset if departed. Look I'd give it its poise it's just karma but I gotta hope yesterday of more ID did deep. Optimize when he got a big trouble school you know and the luckiest five males you're gonna have filed I don't really care which is still yet to do what you do right so. I'm kind of way minstrel but the whole time and look at them. He's so much better than you were when you were five years old right knee didn't Syria and I still deliver all my father and literally in my brain because it's. Once he did this not so bad for out of convince him to the world but based on the channel and look. Well with my father said to me that basically I'm just repeating exactly. The same crap but I tools essential when it but I see his face and that when I'm done given to him right in focus now he's. He's doing a little load my eyes are wet I want to film like hey look man comes to go out between you me you were such a good kid limit you annoyed and you have no idea I feel bad get a stop get up and earliest outs in the time if I. And if you're forty years old are your parents are 6570 years old it's the same thing. You're still pretty well reflection of that person at that point in time absolutely. I dislike I'll never changes you know humility Wallace but markets crazy don't east and I was crazy residents are getting excuse that well. It's going to be that way over eighteen to move on clarity for you mean it's going to be whatever it is it similar to you is probably going to be close you look what do you have kids you understand we're calmer where the payback stuff. It's television simple things. You know I didn't like in my family the two boys obviously take after my mop shore and my sister takes after my father but like. We're both me and my brother both kind of just giants swaps which this and I think this is my boss giants that's like his wife does the cleaning. A community leadership and they Chris you've got to do this or whatever like he just won't get it done in those vice principal like Jewish jokes the most organized thing in his life is that he'll trip. So he does the researchers I care. Right so let's listen I received a powerful adult chairman's job and stuff like I. I'm like even though it's a small crummy apartment I'm just gonna pay somebody to clean it yeah I don't think I won't do for it why are you want talking to the authorities say 44999. All love. Hello Laura welcome to the move drew. Oh oh in Iraq. So. To do is glow Baxter I'm a newspaper carrier can't. Our lovely toughest account at Washington era your love getting lighter and lighter and lighter by the week. Do you how ready. Oh well I am I've been delivering receiver than this area about three years and if not years so I've been delivering twelve Bob though statistically. Such which includes and stay highways and whatnot. And report logo there in the area doesn't have a lot of public pressure on availability. So I asked. I have a specific area and I know our community are certain blood and it would literally your squad and one way or the other supposedly everything flies there's just one or the other. Well it depends on which we have to go to number one I got a problem which start at God's side spot to rule area wooded areas what's got blitzed. This particular evening I had been called and I'll buy out of concerted decision which toward not related to about her but just because I'm amazed at the carrier and I deliver newspapers haven't crossed highway. Didn't like that someone called me because they I was erratic driving such so transport about an hour cheerleaders. I'm out little local weather center where there's a couple or a park east and it's still treating time that we had here recently and last cycle a running debate moderated miracle Claudia came back out. Like I'm back out. There's a deputy sheriffs standing outside. Scared the crap out of me by which I would like tiny. He's like hey tell your garlic yeah you lump we had you called him earlier period director having them make. Okay it's entirely Thai government stops you know everything checks out but he can actually Blake you know till you leave your car ready Walt and attempted. I played well I didn't know that so sorry I won't do that again. It's certainly not even called and what that. I like OK and he goes I'm not sure we can do about it. It was a more about the peeing on the erratic driving that you've been called beautiful clearly erratic driving apparently had been hoping what did you Thailand and start a state patrol by this I was there's I think. I need I think nor there's probably one no woman or one person and you specifically there's one that's around and looking out the window every morning with no waiting for. Right finally here we come back dad dad Marat who aren't quite aren't happy with how lettering. Why are you tie into the authorities say 449990. Boy calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you and should men's room. 36 year old man. Got pulled over the air Jamestown, North Dakota Sunday morning for driving to fall are under the speed limit Jamestown is about ninety miles west of Fargo just you know. And it's not clear how fast he was going with the count search destruct and they found that 407. The heat sealed bags containing just under. 500 pounds of marijuana at. Apparently he was trying to stay under the speed limit so he would not get pulled over but he was driving too slow. And 37 year old guy named beef or was in the passenger seat they're both facing charges of possession of controlled substance with the intent to deliver. And possession of drug paraphernalia. The guy's name grading was nine Lee and I leave I leave driving underneath the speed limit he got pulled over and live hundred pounds. But you figure that they tend. Ten miles an hour slower. He basically yes it's and he was gone too slow for the speed limit and he was on an interstate so either way. But it just go 55 plus I am assuming if you're in North Dakota that you got open road you discuss 65 your far exactly why are you talking to the authorities say 44999. All I'll a couple of comments Kamen says I was riding my bike down a trail. And I was trying to break into a change machine that he stole from nearby laundromat I call the cops they came to the statement but the only evidence found. It was a piles of quarters but the side of the trail but you can and this was pretty serious says when I was about five or six yet another about five or six. There's some of the woman who rain in the daycare convinced another kid at day care through accused me took you were inappropriately. I was stalled through sensibly about my home in my school deals assay. And everyone back to that date there. Good times she's honest I don't it's pretty deep for preschool hello nick welcome to the men's room. Hello America. Goodbye and nick. Sounds and the baton. Hello Andy welcome to the men's room. Poll on all. Are you guys gonna get any argument. You're dead it's a matter of fact apologize for the noise from work but I had to call in and get that done today. I know are so my story is and how revealed the authority. Oh my. Are on my birthday back in 2000 by. I was dating a girl it and we went to. What took bar and doubt that one of the best friends over there. All somehow after several drinks. They we all got an indoor headset have a threesome. And I decided to head back to my play I'm a little bit but not only drunk learn a thing. And thank god and that's going to be a pretty well and that's very little much want to know bull crap naked making out. And basically. We get pulled over and the cop out these first ball and did during game. And dad. Basically I. Had to explain to them that I you know I wouldn't doubt that no I have been drinking. You know that I'm club and try to get them home. And he's he's going back to the track he got a smile. And I completely flat out lied to them because I had a Budweiser. A Budweiser race draft worked attached to my raps. And early. I don't know is it your driver's license it's your birthday her right. Yeah I'm gonna assume that any officer who pulled you over looks and sees the day on that license it's your birthday and it's after 5 o'clock in the afternoon he has. Reason to may be suspect that you had been drinking. Look there is little more than thirty yeah I had an idea obviously had been drinking and but he was completely cool let me go and and yet I had a one night. American maize. Good back up ended up being Wyndham. As you in the back of the truck realised like in all but it's his birthday. He's about them a three you know what I know letting go I'm not gonna split. Ayers on how this thing went down but it seems to me like. The two girls wanted to make out what each other a lot and they decided since it was your birthday and want you guys were involved anyway. Well throw any of barn he can jump into. Wat a unsafe and Elvis and it's penny if they lost right now Zambrano won the lottery yeah yeah knob hey look. I don't win when I'm never been in this situation before and I am looking at it from all angles here and a leg. I've been on that too that's violence walk downstream I'd mound visit too goes like hey let's go like okay cool I heard Hillary can never been there are we judging down on some say I didn't care about what. Just wanna be with heard you're gonna use me for them meet the medalist amateur cool all right I'm down OJ one of the hottest girls I've ever been with was specifically. To get back at her ex boyfriend did you care. No she was super hot. You really literally I'll do it didn't last long I knew that but I was liked my Highlander the duke I'll take on the team commandos to go at the restaurant doesn't mean I'm moving around them. Only there. Why are you on talking to the authorities say 44999. All I am just there for the burger and everyone I know you got a full and get a full menu marriages I believe the murder yeah and I really given the glowing review I might never even be back and I would never say a bad word about your restaurant it. Hello Levi welcome to the bedroom. Okay. About seven years you're ticketed day. I got out of work on my birthday and just slider relax. At a few Beers. Then quite at that time. Why did nothing to do with that. The meter guy and argue that yes you know. Our front door he let down flipped out or officers'. Guns drawn up a new ground. Broken arm dislocation over energy agency later. In all it could find but he this year. Why why are they breaking down your door in the first place what do they think they're gonna fund. All it was shouting at. But don't work so your life did not call the cops. You know neighbors it. Okay thing heard you arguing they entered the home and they slammed down pretty were you when your wife still involved in a conversation at this point. Yet in the back early okay and do you ever since the golden boy. You. They couldn't do it domestic violence. Quit after a verbal abuse. What did you wife say it in this army and its government didn't touch me or what. She didn't want it any target if you want any of that. I and that at that point that there at the prosecutors. And. That we are right there showed us the state yeah it's not that well enough for you would you and of having to do what what was the outcome of this. All the little it's two years' probation recovery from. Broken arm and dislocation order and the concussion. We still with the same woman. Okay at a word you wouldn't just based on how your shoulder works in the mechanics of it were you. Did you children get dislocated your arm get broken by your attending to be cuffed. Put that actually have any trying to catch myself where there are women need to ground. OK if you try to stop her fall in that happen. Get them. I detest only have a company boss in a definitive Boston man I was living in New Orleans and at the time working at commanders spouse and work their during the day. Sum up at 6 AM it's still kind of dark outside and my rooms and it's a two room apartment my bedrooms and back. And I thought I heard of them in the living room but ended up being properly daily key counted towards. Slowly creeping around Britain and like I just keep hearing this weird no listen what the hell was that I keep my sleep in make it okay. So I walk on the living room not assuming that someone in my Parma in our six confident a flashlight civil grounds out amazingly I see them. All flashlights Rami and it's almost all the to put my hands up and you know instinctively have cover my junk because I'm making it in my most normal people just person to do right cover Douglas. Now I. I know that I am not done anything would ever the situation is some statement awarding him silently he got the wrong place right so and I notice they don't put. Donna my hands of a wake. No may have some art. I'm just cover my. Why are you here I'm making it in my apartment mammoth 6 o'clock we would need things or not so. We're live the magazine district I would not say which. Borrowed of the ball capital of the bubble ball mark and the alarm at the bar downstairs on excellence I am alarmed because I don't hear this but silent alarm had been tripped. Somebody thought they assault someone kind of go work my apartment door would be in basically when it was launched upstairs my apartment its first. Which and I was the bartender lower to the bar number two player with them because one as he lived across the hall. In two he worked at the bar downstairs I frequent that place and he looked just like to run I mean he looked. Exactly. My Kid Rock so he was closing of the ball are I don't know what he did wrong but he each proposal essentially. I'm realizing Colombo no cops looking in things are kind of simmer down with my commanders put on her shorts you can follow me two bedroom room I didn't think whenever. So talking to them Doris when the alarm and then one would come after standing in the doorway to my apartment I see him walk down the stairs goes outside. Bruce is gonna run stop the ride that stuff and all of Koppel back on the hall and he's got there screaming the sky. Stop investing up the stairs ran to get in real terms and it is gas boys. Let our lives epic relax you a few relatives kid rock and hard. So like jazz guy would do not shoot this guy man I'm like look he lives across all he's the barbed he could probably answer questions guys have so. There piston and he keeps walking up stairs and I'm convinced to this day preventative good shot. We come back Brett stop advancing and they knew he was drunk but you do what he might do some battle. The countertop and just what the situation to be done. I just want to go to work in army labels and I want to Waco the tubby in the world source of life and now you're up. Don't my adrenaline going in all and I'm staying at a pair of shorts and the decrease followed a gums up the whole time talking to him. So now to talk any kid rock and he's being combative of course because he's distraught in the top obviously we're aggressively for salt. Indy can't let that go on drug to calm him down tonight his strong gas stumble into his apartment across all. Also tomorrow Barbara does the door vote in collapse that I myself I have so now stimulate. What I've got they met public you guys break into my apartment does little Laura look. The different places more often now I have this A hole dead asleep quite. Come on like look man sorry we know who's found a one for more into our name only got to do so. While search for I go to war might Evans we mark let's go to work when I get home. He's still there may have been watching TV and we would you don't actually conducting an email I feel like crap today and I am just mean mug. So what's up a new arms to god don't remember anything from this morning's sleep. Now they would have a party last night in as little Bulldog to crips may have. You don't got shut almost certainly who's gonna obviously the home he's. So it would but I do what you just drove dumb as you then do what he thinks I had to explain to him hey you set off your silent alarm. When your articles of the god damn bar which of these guys tomorrow placed the new drug test came upstairs. And the humans are not to kill you in the for reasons I can't explain you walk into my place went to sleep on myself. That's how he got game day so at you what I got a free bar tab that. It is very careful the sunlight place to work in the park. In ours have like a minute and a half right but sometimes you said it Munich Julia Waldorf shot or key. I'll at all. It could you imagine when you excitement yeah except. Clear like what guy would just Bradley three kids appears classic listen so kids of the year so you know as class Larry talk you through the authorities say 44999. Cola. Hello Justin welcome to women drew. Don't know does that. OK I'm. Don't tell my entire area authorities yes we are here. Saw that Korea let's first night there. Where polygamy. They don't have any remark post or a process is older so it put a so called post and hotel. The no really meaning beyond the bus by there on nine. Journalism let's do not ought to go. So old Austrian who heard in a new country in nineteen toward your goal we decided to go find a place on the list. We found it we walked out this Alley door opens Mossad comes out says can enter in or go down. I looked behind me there's. So because surrogate television looking outside so weird guy ordered about that let's say our surgery again and girls go to our send back. Or not the part Saturn. Girls sit down and actually you know look over my body. The girl are you a list slogans. Critical second base for the and I'll let it go or my action that. You know I ordered an action to move until I do and I'm gonna double dating than doubles McGuire I get some action on the table like you guys did us. And I applaud her eyes as he's actually pleasure we sit here. So. You're certainly go on and I try to go kill myself and each job like pushing doing a little girl gone. And and up there and I'd say order didn't go in any name. The MP was stated at that yeah that's for sure. The fact that one arm. Sure are now being hosed like Kevin another man's penis in your hand not a doctor so I don't know it was a fun was it exciting and we have. It's pretty short flight if you look at the lead. What are code on the issue would be to feeling that there is the Davis their careers or how to beat radio and regional levels president feels like a pianist they have a PAV guys have held each other isn't just a job like an elephant walk you know or what are. Old I don't judge hold on to each other drugs in the. Home. As soon after him I stood out like they're reduce. And all orders for their search for the never got out and we ran out that door. So we're in Korea really glory back suppose okay now we're getting word anybody you know our seeker. I knew plus your hands yet as the story like the identity this urgent or there. Use your money hadn't been out this other guy who's the good concerning any. Early morning or dawn on unknowable okay. And story we minister may get to this I guess the last dale being in country. We report formation and the aura processing. The new Indian and interpret and they're there and they have their formation could. And first our calls or name dollar and we all come out there. You know I really is so I really over the Borough or Earl gone. It's hope. Next thing I know this tree in at. Least so and their translators. And yeah I had knee then he's got another marathon. He says firstar looked at me and you say you're gonna translate. Or this guy tells the other larger ladies you're talking English. The translators are marketing know you're injured and lately he says you two you're behind you're. Adult. So they went on to tell the whole story about how we were in an error and we ran about 300 dollar tab. The incident happened they had an on Perez and that they want to. Get their money. And they got there they were far less from. Got it and did you tell everybody that your Graham and penises and arrows that left out of the equation we. I don't know that that's. Kind of came out they all kind of hard to skip that part. I would I think the incoming people though we're gonna. You know the authority eliciting so little there are leaving us now hey look here's the main question. You're kind of aggressive right and you couldn't wait you like where's my action where's my action. So is it better that you finally got so when you found it wasn't what you wanted a what do you better not to be as aggressive she looks over the edge and you never know when you go home. You know actually. This sort of story that I held up to three years and I'd never vote OP will be in drug know about it did you wonder how important they are a lot of avenues do. On a memory if you will lose its. Not bigger have been barred. It could happen. To memories you have making our music doesn't allow no no none of that happened yet okay got. And did their career and translators and by the way you a warm hands only got until Americanism that I may do last night you might not remember who is so gentle so he. That's why they gave me the list exact line that's why they would have Al Gore making his Leslie Leslie you know this guy here. The pending would still like I think it might maybe it's for you and politics why were you talking to the authorities say 414 I can hide behind all I have to do to. You are listening to the men's or radio networks. Israel went to my. You also from Minnesota Barnett. Or resource is Ralph patrolling Ford deer poachers in Duluth Minnesota when they saw two people with bright lights in a cemetery. They got the reports of people illegally shining lights looking for deer in the area and it's often called spotlighting. So the officers swarmed in the suspects into golf but when they officers finally tracked. People down they found they were not poachers no no no. They were two women in the late thirties. Who were actually ghostbusters and Lee women admitted they were looking for goes in the cemetery and they ran because they didn't want the officers to mock them. So now dead people all over the world now know I thought I go out there epic. X there on the getting off got to take it however our question why are you talking to the authorities say 449990. I mean lucky you don't wanna get called off Megan dear poacher. But even a bomb goes bust thing sarge police a would have lied to you said anything else if that's the truth like governor ghost bossy I would not have told to. Yeah it really have you guys look you gotta tell the truth I mean. All right not your cup okay you're atop you've chased me cooking when I ran. When you first approached me and I saw you coming few identified yourself as authorities and I still take off work it's already a cow kind of pissed whatever. Finally tracked it down and talk to these two ladies and what they'll draw on for dear Botha Bob bought and then fingers say to me keep my I'm supposed to believe. You turn around to tell me hey man. We're not near approach a believed were ghostbusters. I don't know that I believe. But we don't have it on delay you don't have a deer carcass you don't have I know you're not dare poachers what you're trying to convince like we would agree are meant I believe the Jordan not deer poachers but your tried to convince me. A cure for acting goes but I gave up I would Ali I don't believe I would believe UN high. We're ghostbusters 230 year old women. Why don't you I don't know I don't know I will leave them. I wouldn't believe anybody was really only want to Murray who they just thirty a little bit older I think there under thirty ease as as into it and authorities are ghost busters if you pass 35 acceptable goes bust. If her overlaid 35. Yes well why would you believe wells that were both over the I think are well you'll I would look I think could be obviously would I don't have deer poaching. Oh just you were doing something out of the woods I think I'm eight I don't look at it was shaken down left eye or perhaps hit it without a weapon everything we may have a better chance to be like you were to Osama is. No but didn't say ghost hunters states a ghost busters and see here's a definite right. So if you even if you want to Wear these TV shows will say I am a ghost haunt your alma paranormal investigator. The one thing no one actually calls themselves the ghost buster got pharma probably at this and hey man. We're no paranormal research until you are probably you say I'm a ghost buster when your NGOs to eat your fifteen ABC here ghost buster you saw the movie you know to me like I was on busting ghosts do I believe the candidate gives every desk by the look of the few women get older we get all the drama gonna believe I think owners do more incredibly a ghost buster your kid with a flashlight hunt goes Boston right. I have certain people in my kind of figured out that if they said it's an idea but it. I don't but it's the terminology man goes buster I just I don't look I think these two women got I don't know what they were doing. Just I don't remember us by decent but not out there and goes bust a feel like they asked what are you doing on one of the women impenetrable to ultimately the process of Boston. And are firm probably give her looks that are on the organization that I'm just saying there's no doubt they win there actually ghost busting. Actually a new term for something. We don't look like dozing off earlier you know better and better than me and I really what you guys doing like I would just go spots spin for why are you know and love talking to the authorities say 44999. Cola hello John welcome to the men's and. Kopp. Teach bookmarks are intensely about. 2002 iron off alcohol. And not open a video game and I didn't I get kicked it aren't you arts and I needed to increase cigarette break my controller. Slower cuts in a storm all apparently whenever. All that you wouldn't slower and slower court I wouldn't use the remote control equipment in this year and those who knocked the door. And I got my eligibility. Bubble yeah shark there's two or. And this year they're looking at you like we do insert. There is like oh no it's a little little almost. But it's a done deal yeah. And a lot on that point it's also the domestic violence. You know you're screaming at your video game to come in at my video game right sunlight plan likely have to come here source. Now for my yeah if you call home. At what happened Mozilla and those who industry. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.