02-13-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Needs a Doctor

Tuesday, February 13th

Mens Room Question: Why did you have to go to the hospital?


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He would sure love to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to look. Inflated to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. It is now. They say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. Well I go to one or 2768. At. Along with Steve the Blue Hill. Really Ted's been. The ball. My car. I do it aren't men's room. And I canceled a drug charges they do sit down head down with ten songs that you hate to love. When you don't need to know goes to the movies you'd rather play profile list plus headlines have been your shot of the day bumble those thirty males in everyone's favorites. TV time would take the class period I Cardona go to California where 84 year old doesn't like noisy kids. So she shoots at them. The horror of our 7-Eleven employee dodges the Cuban sandwich thrown in his head and it was thrown at him. Why guy goes after Carol Williams because again by his hands principal offers cash for students who don't get into a spent. And a New York landlord faced six point seven for ruining graffiti. That's millions of dollars and that's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All are bad news good day to you and yours. Are a woman and or a kid to go to the hospital. To have fourteen war rooms removed from her eyes not that bad enough incidentally. She's the first known human to have these particular worms these particular worms normally infect cap. How mostly to love it but the warmth couldn't tell which in fourteen of them removed from us congratulations. Not to be I'll go to guy in Florida he had to have a brain EV parasite removed from his side. Because both of brave navy parasite frankly you license plate but also it was an aside this one apparently come from port. Meanwhile Donald Trump's daughter in law she was hospitalized as a precaution. After someone mailed or an envelope of white powder the problem turned out to cornstarch. She was okay. But nevertheless went to the hospital for a while we're talking about New York City three tourist in New York City. They had to go to the hospital and after all horse pulling carriages in Central Park got through with the Zurich and went running down the street with the folks sitting in the back there. Did that. They know have a common assist this. New obligatory hospital visit we have all had to go to a hospital for one reason or another and sometimes it's blended bands I would argue that 95% of time. It's not blamed at all sometime with something stupid. Sometimes it's on the embarrassing sometimes something serious but today this is what we want to know this is the question we have. Why didn't you have to go to the hospital where they jump on a 44999. All you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on tournament survive. And to those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network secret. He's real quick. Allied ally Michel number 2760. Okay. I have Gloria. And I did charge Brian castle coming into. Sid didn't spend with ten songs you hate to love not to be confused with ten songs that you love to hate. Truly love to hear the song Mo these are songs you hate to love not I know needing to love something that's easy but loving to hate it doesn't makes. My. I don't love that I hate every rose has soared. I hate it. But I don't load that I hit it I just hate America I love to hate sports teams shore actual parents were still lose during a greater anybody successful it's arrival. Without question I don't you have better falls in the category so ten songs that you hate to love these are songs that you have heard songs that are popular for a reason. But yet for whatever reason you won't admit it but you lighted you do like it. And what you don't need to know I'm going to the movies today as we have for you the most popular movies made. In each and every state in the United States of America and believe it or not for the most part there are fifty states and you know all fifteen movies so it's not. Like a state hasn't been represented somewhere along the line so that is coming up with a return of what you don't need to know today we're asking why did you have to go to the hospital. And there are some strange things that have been happening including. Basically. I worms I looked at it's it was moving and then a woman pulled worm from Iraq. And Porsche. Are coming out of her eyes being called the first known human case. Of a parasitic infection. That is spread by flies can regulations fourteen tiny worms were removed from the left die 126 year old woman in August of 2016. Scientists reported the case Monday Monday Monday the woman Abby Bakley was diagnosed. With the thought lazy go Los. Which is a type of my worm seeming cattle in northern US and southern Canada. But never before in humans they're spread by a type a fly known as face flies. The flies feat only tears of lubricate the eyeball scientists and she'd been horseback ride don't cry and I don't cry and fishing in Gold Beach, Oregon a coastal cattle farming area would be bad about Tom my kids and make some assert that care about pay. You know last verse one of the crash and forty more homes and rising and even brain while she tried to remove most of the additional work herself and I would find a way to suck the tears back in my eyes upon believe it and you know I think. You don't you see at times depending on the light. Maybe the way that that your eye is you can see like a dust particle go by yeah it looks like a little worm or whatever looks like you're seeing in a microscope but really it's just your either does is that closeness of some dust under the weight that describes this issue digital TV things got a swimming across our Karl stop. Don't what was glug as she could see it hopefully gas and then she would continue to pull them out she would remove as many she can't. So they are long they are less than a half an inch long so there along I mean you can get a New York I think abandonment. More worms were found she had no additional symptoms. Two other Qaeda types of my worm infections have been seen in people before but never this kind of according to Richard bread bury of the CDC and other case was found in a Alaskan fisherman that's not a statement of a different type of work. That makes more sense. Think we work with raw fish dead fish I would say it's like people hurt you might get a Cotter whatever I can see somehow getting any table worm and fishing would you. I mean listen late. But I'm confident of that because I'm not sure I would have to think like if I would do that to that freaks me out so much does seem so gross to me that even visit we got on the mall. I don't know man I just I feel like. I would become rather those things would you rather have them in your eyeball or would you have to be like the guy a month ago who they found that huge tape worm. And has but right now and autos bod don't when he started to pull out. Geez he began to pull it out himself let's that was a thing he saw something pocono they decide to get a tugs he wasn't sure it was. And it doesn't get it yet in a yank and don't throw the long run as big as taped like five feet long or something like you know he started to eat again in his way when company but it wasn't sick anymore and so wasn't all backed I don't know five puts a moral midget. That eventually bawdy blood or the all the worms in my adults Haiti's TVs and burrow underneath your skin and they tunnel can only give your look at an ant farm yet. And they live underneath your sit skin in just continue to eat move along what they're mining knew somehow that bop I don't like that idea but that bothers me less than a worms in my eyes of Dante forum about all. Opposite relates ABC make the worse that sounds so you're so those three are taken skating is noted I don't know where it what do you think you know I don't think Paul Davies I tape worms Alex solution. That's how you got a salmon he was eating sent Eli Roth fans don't you remember that five puts a former whose blood this lady cried once he got worms in Iran abruptly left over he's already enjoy some food. I don't know I learn how he was just taking horseback ride yeah I'm weeping like gearing Ted that the people comic but it gives it serious if unbelievable this is a crazy awesome article you simply went were matched up for it. We go to loan before I get the word for you I let her immunity theory tegra dead and a mass after. We go to allow. Elizabeth City, North Carolina wears Elizabeth City, North Carolina Robin whereas that is anywhere near Fayetteville and our listeners Iraq one of three maybe they're per hour probably within our hands toward the toward beach. It has been a rough few weeks for the land cast her family. 27 year old bless you John Lancaster thought he just had a bad cold but it turned out he'd have very serious heart condition. And he said his memory over the last few weeks for whatever reason was affecting him as well. I remember having a cough and then I remember going to the hospital and Elizabeth City and then I woke up here at center heart hospital. He said he also didn't remember that his wife was nine months pregnant what. It was hard giving birth without my husband that was not going away it was supposed to go according to one Erica Lancaster. When he couldn't breathe January 17 his wife encouraged him to go to the medical center. At first he's a doctors didn't know what was wrong and with a condition got worse he was flown to since her heart hospital in Norfolk I don't know it's worse man with a doctor says look. You have bugs in your eyes degree of worms in your eyes or. We don't know what's wrong with your rights you know. So doctors detected an undiagnosed heart condition that was affecting his lungs and according to the hospital. They consulted with a pulled apologist and they brought in a heart surgeon who installed an extra. Corporate Ole a membrane. Oxygen nation device so he needed I kept Johns lungs functioning because his we're not. And for eighteen days he was in a medically induced coma during all this physicians discovered that John had an undiagnosed conditions. Called left ventricular non compaction Carty oh my Kathy but I don't know five index down spat me out right you don't want that whenever. They are. But they fixed him up their rock stars according to John the same life that means a lot there's a lot of tears and try my best I don't cry. On January 24 his wife gave birth as John was undergoing surgery. After delivering her an hour later I made my sister we'll tear me down before his procedure. Is girl was born weighing seven pounds eleven ounces ironically her dad works at 7-Eleven. If I'm not making that up. The kid is more senate counseling ounces let announces her dad works Sevilla beat it. Had something something Johnson holding his daughter for the first time was better than any medicine in the world pretty amazing although you have to remember he had forgotten that his wife was in fact pregnant. This is a completely shocked at is a shock to go okay Yemen and did do a proper way. Yeah a guy and because it's up a local TV news station that wrote this they have to close it with us I don't know I don't know what I yet. This Valentine's Day is extra special for this young family. John's heart is full of gratitude to the people who saved him his wife and his newborn daughter they are my rock. They kept me wanting to push to get out and get better said John with a good memory registered with. Course he could not remember any of the Manila fight they may wanna fight even though I had no idea my wife is pregnant I don't know I like no idea you had a daughter and I had no idea or an hello. That is why I'm fighting my daughter who I didn't know existed that made me wanna like Kirk but c'mon man and iron and about the way we're talk about tape worm verses. I worms. So bored and you could difficulty forma bro and I work. Yeah I'll tell you don't have to go the and by the way Ted mentioned your nickname would be Ted were mostly Democrats were there were times. Our question why did you have to go to the hospital a 44999. Cola. It's there and welcome to the the top yeah. They got it done today how are you all you know I that's better then you're not my parents earlier in the hospital. When did this is sure I am not in the hospital and so. Look back in time to back when I was young teenager and young and out. And I'm mad at church day edge and I admit is really cute girl and you know and earnings don't go to got a picture of my pocket and everything and you were 33 then Maria. Didn't know and found out good that would be weird yet Chilo. I eighty I debate day at a pinata at this stage. And they don't you're answering pinata. So I'm standing right next to the stage. And the basketball forward looking out of would hang him was right present state. And you know each swing at pinata. You have like broom handle some like that but in this instance. They decided that they were gonna have a 33 it's Louisville slugger. Great yes. Aren't I thought it was great idea. And when the person would displaying of the Kenyatta he managed. And correctly I think yeah. And did your head exploding candy throughout this. Cut at. Well you know look funny thing is why I got to the doctor when I got an emergency room. The doctor looked at me any of what happened I told him he goes it's kind of looking around on the Florida goes I don't candy to India I think your faulty. And yeah my tail on man I so what did it not Q how old or wanted to do that just. I don't know how wasn't knocked out at all it's just clean my clock go out as a college street date but yeah that's that's the miles per diluted didn't. There are mighty my dad was that the damage chaperone thing and luckily won the other chaperones was the captain of the local police department back in Indiana. And we ran license Arabs all the way to go. Always the emergency room might that was GO apply pressure my head and and you'd actually questioned Gallagher is spread the United States don't kind of stuff and I was out to be a look Smart boy in the old Abraham playing Kansas. That's my staff was like your client and that's. Whichever vikings might be delirious in my my dad's like no he's he's he's just being a jackass just. Kind of eased him. Yeah I mean an Indian do you have a sense of the girl that night do you think before this happened I would never had a chance. I don't think this was most times wire walking away bloody after median girl the good thing. Well yeah and I it's unfortunate never solid girl again and so I don't maybe the blood thinner in the way that could have been one. You don't have regularly on the guiding me through the Louisville slugger also like that girl but you had a chance. Pretended that he thought and. Yeah you're probably right maybe I need to fire in this guy and have some words really. I don't have you not above me man I would absolutely act like I don't know if you could have met the woman of your life you know I do woman of your dreams your soul mate that one instance you know she was right there you could have been together happily married for the rest of your life given that do the local slugger Antarctic Arab he liked bag girl too we saw what was born out pretended he didn't or that guy was. He cracked a bad game bad lie now why did you have to go to the hospital late 44999. Alone out of its part of God's plan for and get whacked in the head the back. More or to start is why Israel yeah I mean maybe she was the worst and unity among and take all the stuff I plan saves you from our came home from work weekend and the furniture cleared out there than it was gone. And instead it doors of the yadda. Nineties that a child. You just for the they're they're clumsy I don't think so I think it was designed to hit man hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. Twelve bridges over job. Audio did good how are you. A sports you're OK some. Action. Some very good day. Thank god it. We're where we were all worried we thought man a man a man we hope you're having a good day of the review is not every good day visit if you saw me I was calls probably gonna suck if he's not have a good day. Does he do the Irish yemen's air you know we really it's a lottery and hospital. Back when I was there I can't do that I words that you assured good. Under the new led by law I was well anyone know obstetrician and column that both. And I had LB everybody is monsters silly guy and he tried to pull our bottom ahead. What we blew it right back up a little bit why did monster of one particular that's what happened. All key we got into a verbal. Discussion. I it is like what I've verbally had to say. Andy came after me. And it ended cheer cheer I hit him it was harder like did. Larry got up front gate and it Turkish cheek all the way through pretty good yeah actually each other state senator I guess in the last hate you go I'm fine. Yeah yeah I want you saw that it'll all look so he has sort of be grassy center drive ala. Yeah he actually got his finger in their late oh Glasser reading my eyeball with just fingernails was there anyone else in the mood Stephen miles or enough. We were down able to adult all Libya accused actual Al that we were doing you know RBIs. We were unloading the boat. To your daughter trip. You're already done the trip and then you gotta fight. Yet we're alerted on position we were wary and say eight your YouTube photo look at me you don't know how many bond bill won't forbids them from actually repeat your eye ball out of your head. You pull an honest and as part of their terrible lions. Would have been the scanner. You would also true voltage to sit emergency routes same time you is that there are these other guys just sorted out against this one. Day we worship her room there was a little bit slow session as we walked by each other. So the most hard we maintained our our dignity a couple of long did you wanna scrap those guys again. Lol lol you are afraid of the did you rent to work with the again. No all we know we were actually strangely elated job on the vote. And soul would what did you stop working there it is heat. Well it just a one time trip back into disputed here do you just five days a solid dirty. You entered and you know evacuate their jobs or whatever or you may do you remember how much that how much you made a mantra of how much money made. Yeah we didn't do very well I didn't make enough to get my pulled out of it. Yeah I'll just say that's the source said after I had an. A vote and lose over Federer my eyeball that might just stay away from him about the next level right there may have had about point 20 we're fighting like that it depends on the because there's a different level like spitting. That's a different level sure yeah fighting that's different when. Ripping out all out count on outwardly. No thank you level we just think like you know you get to this point your life and our motives ma'am for whatever reason. You're just going to find yourself in a fight when a Myanmar he didn't come have been fighting. I thought that's all it was like this like we don't like he doesn't want to hurt you but it Opel and among them actively tried to murdering and generally much this is something that's started because we saving the guys that like we started talking what are we gonna insulate you we want to fight we want to boast Ito's face. You wanna punch the guy but like. I'm not trying to kill you in its I'll let them try to group rival ought to write a government that angry so I got to find somebody did that it. Think it was up to readjust late. Oh my my its on off near Emilio I was not prepared added real as you were that angry at me when I say I think street fight ranked American one guy to be on the ground it and you've got to tell who won the fight sure when you get that stop and a junior kicker and a guy that's low all right let romance out across the bar the best what I solid Abu Dhabi that match I remain Brett he could be he could he could fight anybody and he could hold those up he was he like fighting yes he was just a fighter and and if there was no reason for the fight goes like. If someone walked up to Brent elect. They may wanna go outside bodies that do look different grow could do that's what he did in those another guy that was just like that on our street and they had a big house guys we get a big house guys. And they had seen each other fight in bars separately but never fought each other. So although there mistake they don't rather focus on each other's trees kind of like you like that they know each other is there there smell them they've seen them fight. So one night in the middle of the street the do the most professional advisors like to my knowledge of calling so and so Jesus walking on the street and it takes office back back in the middle street and there were some reports in and brats like Carrasco so that's all it was just put so. They got an historical and the knees both these guys how good was this fight it was 82 fighter it was a great fight it was a great fight. They could both fight they've both got a couple shots in that they've both got on the ground they were both pretty good wrestler that both of seem to be wrestled in high schooler rented some of the other got a he wrestled to visit before and remain all that stuff so there was not a lot of punching the oil on the ground. But I'll never forget men discussed at his finger you know where. Dole oh yeah Willie and bring his blood operas or its content through his pants were. More Rowley he pushed it that's next level is one bag flow like nobody's prepared for Mac OM Gloria let it that's an obscenity. And it could using something good idea he's like in many just started beaten his head into the ground man to beat the guy would let his finger out of simply get out. I should've been like you can see his hand look at his hand disappeared in like the back of his pants a little too he's gonna and equipment and included people who already beaten that bad the only thing I had to resort knows an equal fight admitted to not look like that was necessary but gonna go low level right exactly what you did did you do that there's a guy pulled out a cruel really like applied for the problem I have never seen a group of guys are just fight through immediately hey man and I don't think that. Like what kind of defied a court has met each other validated stuff. And a boom I don't know anyone thought to do we know so Obama will ever look. But I've never thought to do a little fun I don't even like a physical a poor people laughing guy. Why did you have to go to the hospital late fourth and nine number nine Illinois golf governor you are listening to the major radio network. Which is you. True. Well I think also here horse pulling carriages near Central Park was spooked by an umbrella. And hysterically crashed into three parked cars according to beliefs. Three tourists who were in the out of control carriage were taken to Cornell medical cinema minor injuries the horse and carriage were stopped satellite on 59 six. On the south in the Central Park when a pedestrian just. Opened up an umbrella. That's startled the horse and the horse Bolton Ford and its handler lost control according to police. Horse gallop down the street with a passengers abroad are onboard and then struck three parked cars before the horse could be contained. Police had to handler was outside the carriage at the time so it's basically just they run a runaway horse carriage and and what you do go on down the street. Video from the scene shows the white carriage squeezed between a parked car and attacks seat in front of the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Another video shows a white horse with a purple feather on its bridal attached to the carriage. A spokesperson for the company said in a statement that horses remain the safest form of vehicles in downtown. Central Park in terms of collisions per miles traveled. Everyone on the door carriage industry works every day diligently to ensure the safety. Of our passengers that are horses blah blah blah but yes three days in the hospital after a runaway horse carriage what and did his thing in Central Park. So the question why did you have to go to the hospital late 44999. Cola. Hello Ian welcome to the men's room. We don't yet. Well. Historic start tonight LB yields on ten on your Leo we're camping near my buddy Paul there was other people not just have to us. On well we decided to go I shouldn't you go about 10 o'clock at night after a long daydream and and a good idea always. Oh yeah so we get up on top thirty. I'd probably put up not their only told the snowball I mean. And and a bit Miller read the pace so it didn't upset me a little bit so I retaliate he tackled him. I only when he when I'd tackle then it's like my wrist open. Indy too much Bill Bennett is and how long till. We come back to camp and wrap it up and kept believing. Well after. And you know they shared white beard like on their thanked out attacks. Exactly. Well I route drama written up about our own up it's now completely dripping in you can actually bring it out local blood. We decided that got to go the hospital. On the way to the hospital of the white alto at about two hours to get there. But one where you ought to the hospital the doctor looked that he doesn't appear here he goes what happened to judge told the story we didn't believe me. Because called a top had been a nice site. Until the top yeah I can't go and interrogated you'd think that I live in a ninth site. The figure in the big test of westside story barrels less I've even heard of a knife fight. I have no idea but the weird part of total my buddies there he told the cops what happened was like oh David did did you hear about your dad tell. The burnt down tonight that a little small town and a Morton. Your father's house burn down the say no it's my turn my buddies audit our bodies from OK and you realize that if you were offensive lineman in the NFL the running back could run through those holes for over 3000 yards in the season. And you know Jessica and you'd be the greatest offensive linemen to ever play again how did you risk it sliced and tackle them. Well Tuesday we don't know. Hope we were donuts in the chute and get up there there was glass a misdemeanor clay pigeons. When I hit it's no just we don't know much it would come I'm sitting Bob. Aren't the southern underneath. And owner it was still straight to the doctor later on but I think would collapse but it on the continent surged intent did you believe all everybody's car. Are you shouldn't see entitlements such a look like a horror story. Oca ended eight your buddy's father OK you mentioned at some point that his house had burned out messing. He has recently passed away about it was fun to look sire. Got an asset OK OK Newton threw me. I mean why did you have to go to the hospital late 44999. All. Do what you do Betemit ease you waited so stores and it was just uncomfortable during the pause the normally don't worry it was a bad start it's like you're a moment I'm waiting you know I come I'm ready to garlic I'm trying to final and Batman movie but that's keep hitting Paul almost took place in or remain so in the in the middle of the movie it's like. I'm gonna hit Paul's register root for everyone else. Wait for no reason that I can think of it then hit play it reminds me when CNN was initially on the air and they had those big clunky satellite phones. And they would try to use them. But there were like there was like three seconds in between even when they were doing something lives so they would say. Or are stone is in Cape Town sat out the South Africa. Are you there. I'm. And here Roger. Things are getting out of control I don't know part cameras are showing you can you guys see this footage. Yeah Robert Buchanan you know footage you've gone we can't see the footage here at CNN. In Atlanta now you say that there has been. A lot of. A lot of military presence in the area is that correct. I'm starting to breaking up can you repeat what you just said the military is not giving up residency. This is not a holiday. No I think Joseph the story wrong Jeff. So no pride or upstart. Police didn't. They should many games continues on the men's room radio network.