02-13-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Breaks It Off

Tuesday, February 13th

Mens Room Question: Why did you have to go to the hospital?


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Hey welcome our friends jumping on WA AF Boston's rock station and 989 the rocking Kansas City. Kansas city's right station and our friends and Blacksburg Virginia. At 105 point three the bear congratulations on beating the cavaliers the other night in hoops that absolutely can't stand that team so nice work guys. A big show for air I guess a drug charge command decision Spanish. Ten songs you hate to love which you don't need to know goes to the movies we've got profile is going up into they were talking about going to the hospital and why. Did you have to go to the hospital late 449990. Looked grim new government there and so is my uncle have been working in the yard all day after finishing going to the houses here started above the next day and now starting to hurt pretty bad. And improve from bad to screw she giving him the boy into the ER. They are dark to look in his uncle's here and what he finds is a malt the sizable quarter puck. I was out of there infinite there is beyond that GM and sometimes over 57 might hear like I'll have that it could be days. All have two or three days were like there's a guy ringing but it feels like that's. You know I can't. It's almost like I got off a plane and might air will pop right and then I like got an oral go puppet also. Go oh my god I get here again like it on the what was supposed to pressure or maybe is dirty Yakhouba Diawara priorities. Yet to retreat is walking around like I'm basically still at 30000 he used he just everyday. About every day but I don't put it in there therefore I get voted in beautiful yeah I mean I just. I mean while I had like there was a one side in my head like but I would showered felt like it could hear the rain drops on top of my head but the Google didn't have the right to filing with the doctor and don't ya a lot of unit general wax volley there. After they suck that bad boy aren't exactly a New York. And then you could hear again. Yeah I mean basically should. Did you get to see it I did how growth was disgusting how do plug. Our youth noting it was a good black jelly bean. We love to keep it that level you know what I shouldn't say that unlike you I did not Alka. But didn't cross them are gonna do that lasts is loaded into the just because you're only as good as yours because that. It is so I was like the lakers' one other theaters out of the hospital for being blown up in training. Being shot and Iraq in a motorcycle in the India but those little problems to get blown up and shot. Otherwise some balls and hospital I was thinking my friend who jointly decided to. Do the stone cold stunner to a goats off of the porch Lou yeah I think that ended about as well as you think you hold a beer. Why did you have to go the hospital late 449990. Hello Sam welcome to the men's room. Oh a doorknob. Pad this is by about piracy here you go out. I was out on the bond movie no doubt a lot of equipment repaired hadn't. Is driving. I have that success you don't turn our other gentleman on the property. Data needed to. Crime of passion so I got a date determined lost a load. And it turns out that the ditch literally saw. Though. It sound tired this. Am and all the way down the actually took a and I didn't really have any other option that the time and I would I would love it so well there would have to do whatever it is. You guys know what a bombardier I didn't like death offered gaggle but on the Digi. Yeah I got. So that was pretty much only two iPad available. And you know it wasn't on the front of your truck. I knew it CNN Mormon okay art yes I would not lend out the bumper Jack. And to Jack up the chart compared to crib and under the wheels started in out of the ditch. It's a great idea very painful at all. I am a lit up front attract. The barber to extensive underground but I got to go low and under head. I am so I can eject dump truck. It's got about four foot level on a lot select particular a lot of lay our price overloaded this thing I learned about Turkoglu every. And I had indeed used mice could I would put a lot of weight on it. So I did the lever down about ninety degrees. I thought they collect. It didn't click I let my foot out. It's slipped off my side and out or put lever smacked me in the Saturday's game. It's like ninety degrees why Andy took me out. Do don't you dear I've publicizing this avenue woke up and realize what happened or were you conscious through. So it is C a blurry commute but I can tell us IE never actually. Passed out. And I must've gotten down on one knee. Allowing under on one knee and hobbled around a lot to our unity religion played in and out from this point. Toll in and out I cannot have a slide show me behind the truck walking in and then another clashes on so I get my car. I start the car turn on the air conditioner guy he's just it's hot outside auditor and on air condition I'm having serious issues they came. Somehow I have the ability to make a phone call and I call my girlfriend expansion but why now. And too much it tells me if I couldn't talk that ought to resist I was in mom one outta there could not say anything legible. And obviously you need some those or the wrong location and look that's where Ludlum properties work and it takes her. And act like I packed out. It added it was a serious depression I district outside this. She says about retirement to coach he got to take you a little. And it everything you do in and out. And it. We utilize every week we tell those break them. Up yeah I'm incidentally. I mean it it wiped out some great about it. They went and it's not remembering them Idec in our little you sure how to run. Yeah. Out of grand met lug our might get it down for an hour and I don't have an excuse. I mean that's easy I mean that's what I real concussions duty. Ryan O'Neal bloody matter up there and hippo campus after a while little spot there where there should be brain activity there's not it's just as I just the dead members of a black bow out of nothingness yes. So I delivered to their Hernandez's Braden who at all boy lucky doesn't have any brain left as many in the way. The Brady head still made poor decisions well of him generals better gas. Died today disabling or maybe CT scans enemy is that just look in there and there's just large pieces of the brain that are just not active anymore. But he was horrible before it started taking it. That is an army did not tell you don't horrible person to begin with so come lord I just don't feel the same thing with people Hillary Angel dust free throw us this orbital plane a the football while you take that eyeball prudent thing and make it he's hoping to dust like. He needs a dramatic step brother crew. Providing air Hernandez is a bad example us. Yes I do too but that's right you make a five point you've just been the problem birth. So Ajay Jack and questions. And killed people out there and leg are standing on the field. Why do you have to go to the hospital a 44999. All you're fighting terror deliver you the truth and people at eighty he's 71 of those people words like. That do might be just people run and in addition to all of that he had many concussions it yet. Hello hop single welcome to the bedroom. I'm it is chaos. But I brother still joked that thing and ownership and art so I got a body. He is sister lives in house with three of the two little girls wonder girls just move out so my body moves in tonight you get two girls. And a brother living yanked Clinton and she. Apparently is not. Can this guy in the world of course we are all hang out a little much attrition type treatment second period and playing poker and the girls what you don't want you know their houses. Kind of getting taken over by a guy. So at one point there was complaint that she was leading here on a partial. Yeah I think as I've heard that bill is so I've heard that complaint before the. And now we'll get off to chicks right so. So it came up we can at least so. Someone decide who would meet to add additional here onto this opens. It's. Always good thanks amounts and on the other little file. Got it was broad a brush or simply focus and some assets I don't know if we're gonna do this but it was all the way. So I took the dog brush. And showed great golden color. And I took a hunk a hunk pumpkins herald it brushed. And I'm mattered it around a bar of soap so you can nearly you can keep opening more I mean it was just. Just for a ball over soaps and the plane was tootsie that you would chill out. Calm down a shirt to no big deal so this is tracked to. Made the point that you're you're going too far. So she comes home and imagine if she was at my girlfriend or five more definition. Honolulu ladies and I've made his twelve Fuzzy image up you don't hear you sir I'm Euribor and oh yeah I'm fortunate and unfortunate. And clearly. So she can so men and she worked she would get a restaurant it shows and want to smoke also closed up to work into Russian so we all ended the first thing should do is. There are rumored to dish out. And so she came in and we're also Merritt who knows what play Nintendo or whatever and each discussion. You can tell she Newsom was rampant wherever she went upstairs and she was. These are the Sarah c'mon we all kind of giggled and in trying to suppress laughter and Communist. I don't. And so what happened worst. She saw a BR. Oh so. Thought it was correct. Slipped and fell broker are. Oh me oh no. The men and learn. So we had an instigator. Who actually showed her. Other roommate come home rapper towel. The roommate was. Thirty minutes we miss you were most concerned about it you don't get a room Canadian rapper tell. Give her semi dressed and some sweats Wii in that particular hospital and tired of all the dudes. Hung out their about a good six to eight hours in the hospital June pretty. Pretty crabby about did joke because. Yeah you revenues so hard and hair man. But as long as I could sink they deign to you after the news. Yes yes because art Pope so bad that I pushed it. Coach stepped level. Because it was just a few tears and I did hold dogs are wrapped being and I just. But I think the part that I hung out there for good 67 hours. You know kind of struck me in there. And jet that is they too weird way to did you tell her that you're the one at the dark there. I don't. I had the feeling he probably did he sound Glenn Beck and the guy. She dated him after. You read dark hair in my Barroso a slip and fell more wound that's the guy from meet the if this week I think if if if if if if the why why did you have to go miles relayed 44999. Hole holed a lot more your calls coming up you're listening to amend your radio network. We smiles and I don't know they show right now the drug in charge of. It has since been what ten songs that you hate to love sit and spin it. Is on the way our question why did you have to go to the hospital we go to Portland Oregon a five year old Vancouver Washington boy with autism. Is recovering at Children's Hospital Portland. From a flesh eating bacteria that nearly killed him chase the bacteria attacked Christopher trainees calf muscle and part of his hamstring. Now back torme the bacteria I guess normally forms after a cut of some sort of Christopher's father Philip says there were no obvious signs. Though his son had recently suffered from the flu and a double ear infection which may have compromised his immune system. Phillips said they only once the doctor after his son started complaining about pain in his leg had to wait another day we would be having a different conversation. He would have lost his leg he would have passed away possibly those of the two options. These that are of disease control says it's a rare bacterium and it is not contagious but they don't know how we got it. Symptoms include a fever chills and fatigue typically after getting it cuts. He is doing okay now all boats let's that is crazy as well as one of those things where. People who go. Digging clams oysters all the right you heard the stories before where. Somebody's out there and get cut. Maybe it's just on the rocks itself for whatever the dealers the next thing you know like. Now some weird ocean thing they don't final leg man you know I mean like something that might sound. As you only even shocking your own oysters there are about them like yeah you'll in nineteen your hand technically should have a big rubber gloves and I got yourself but. The idea of getting a small little cut. That the tiny cut something you don't even notice man and then the next thing you know you don't have a hand now is it worth it oysters are delicious but as I wrote yeah summer blues and hand I don't let the thing oysters like everything about the liberal and advice. If you get bad oyster you'll missile know it until about six hours later even when you feel like you're you're dying from the inside and most people buy those gloves to shut Ayman Al. Probably most of what hold do it but you really really really really shouldn't yes I thought about that guy who threw the oyster bar I New Orleans yeah I'm really Nike can of election or the mere fact they're gonna filler that there is the richer I'd sort of from out I guess and Jackson also liquor probably kill all that. Why did you have to go the hospital late 44999. Alone can oyster in your I cannot and I murder hello Jeremy welcome to the bedroom. Hey guys don't go it's time. That that happened about eight years ago. Where else crap out area that Molly pilot yeah. I dive gear familiar of that area. I did the mud flat out erred when that I go down. It's pretty much get mud. But when it died down at about big debate but it there's the shot that dropped down the go down like 88 back on now I've got. While we're out there is not in I have it doesn't. Credible. There are grabbed actually built dealing them both. It looked like a big old egg. And up. They've been doing really get out and all they've got a couple other without Eric I did they get out doing today well it didn't take my. Opt out of thought they turned it. Adam we got to go there at the crap. Well. Op old apple app out hot and if I'm glad than I am not a bad day. All I gotta tell me don't go. You got that they've. He noted that certain channel it the channel that I gonna be gone out the catalyst. You know it's going to be about that BP edit it by all of you why they got enough other navigate that. Well. Yeah just didn't get Florida and we're guarded all these. I get that dinner until they get right behind that in our our hope and I guess to go up that earned their right. All that is. Double dip popped. And I continued forward. Out of I get shot I get pretty short order Arnett. And I I hit the dual I'm. A little bit. And I actually you know I laid it out I checked it out and I'm glad that act out and got married back. Fit into that in mind the bottom appeared that there right out and alt and I'd be here no doubt about that person out all of my middle. Hope yeah. And my days edited a bit bad news so that's definitely the look on his State's. It didn't want to creep me out but he does not believe. You're behind it's it's got to be all right I want behind it and they're about thirty let just like a trade dot the motor dug real. I'm iPod now but I don't go out at this point added about 7 o'clock 8 o'clock they've done dark it got out. An hour's boat got there. And then I grounded my black. No way to get that sort that EP gold medal ahead. I mean did you tell your finger in it in case you thought it might believe review pulled her hand out of the stuff. Yeah I did feel like that I think it's this weird not the right. But I don't read it like it might have gotten like I don't write up their bad back bad. And documented that opal like oh my god. Well. Delaware's not gathered I don't wanna in the morning. Jesus laid at the water start to come up. Yeah I don't mean they're going to get out yet what you're at helicopters and I'm like I cannot believe I'm not. That would really that would give it up studied art right below your ball like about it acted well. And I cannot believe that I don't wanna pop you know atop the big guys had been drinking all day. Gordon's party basically said away from the tied to come back into the boat would. Get unstuck. I doubt we'll edit that try to come back get it I may give you start hearing that doc didn't let it that the waterlogged in the boat out. Adam and I don't hit it OK we're gonna go well they get up and I I go all. We don't have a couple crackpot that you're gonna leave them built overnight thing I'm really not. Know Ed Rendell got decked out here in the morning. I don't let up until it. Right now there have been about. They lit it up there but I got I think if he did just that back I had dinner crowd. I never thought of it so yeah my wife he would not on the on the boat earlier I Soledad gonna go pick up because that pop up. And you know it. Jack I'm a member got a job and we'll be back in Iowa than an hour. I kid I wonder what the heck they'll but I don't hear it again at the time they're at least they got. They've dealt our energy up and it. Not on there. Wazir clans in the last two costs. There we can't ought about our friend got another day but got up out. Side. Did you did its program all that for grant him but we're real loaded up ought to go out. I don't know that led to put you up I it yeah Hello World. Well I mean there's an easy way to get cramps Jaeger go to the store restaurant they're delicious. Why did you have to go allows relayed 44999. All you're out of one crabbing is fine. No I understand what I I think I would have left there's two pots out that that's kind of the point I'm making me hey man you know what. Don't give a second we just leave those who have a hold back in my head that goes on to my second. You have been out there until we can remember when they left their pops well yeah that's a weird feeling. We think someone stole him personally that they've when you start go through your mind right like if this guy just. Maybe you know crazy that he's not driving the boat maybe just had a few too many beverages Canada day. Did you go through all the stuff that I think that somebody steeple in the minutes like this is crazy right you know did you sometimes you just kind of looking at a point onshore like every drop of rain here pick up somebody else's accidentally dropped back in Asia Oca. If it had taken moans and Arizona's. To yet chicken you know as I well I don't could you've basically proven bags to give them an incredibly ideally you'd went can add chicken thighs and maybe and then not the freshest. Now you're a rock what you do is you take a chicken on a piece chicken and then you tie a big piece of string on deck and you check the string out man in the U slowly real in the string than you could net you bring in a little ones that that's that's not correct. That's designed is that Donna smiled as players do America tonight a darn about Goodmail they would all sit on a bridge. Hamstring and be subjected to sit there and probably have a javelin and EB I think they just want to get away from the absolutely like it was clear that they just want to give away from the rest. Why did you have to go the hospital late 44999. A lot and you know the Davis stopped at the dabbing Groce for bought grabbed at a moments are about to become. Hello Chandler welcome to the men's room. It is all. So I didn't go to our do you have Bob does. The lines that. I know our military academy or the high school on those. And Alaska. And we matched Eddie's been. Don't look up field so we want to be damned the whole school guns and basically did you Agassi led the school. Yeah that's just terrible truth. We don't have to go out and do some. To be Yzerman started. Like eight hours and when we came back. Bad day or two later give or play and about avenues. Crashes or religion. And actually you know all of us were you know high schools as time. Yes sir it was like an alternative high school on base. Currently has a question. How old are you the first time he kissed a girl. Low. Seed Calgary in person just a guy. Twelve yeah I think is one thing the vessel I don't think a military academy would be mostly guys will sure. Any girl living together and you're going to was school like. I wouldn't think there's a lot of private girls' schools in the area did you get together and have a social web you know you can find there'll always meant guess what what you guys doing that you guys Davies and. Well apparently they were quite different and so we live at this high school Little League we lived there my mom's parents and are all the same. And one guy got that he really hurt us in the same period or periods or many days but apart. Yeah. Thank you NIC Davies before it yeah for brief period time go to how did you get the blood getting a dear leader are going to do. And they weren't they actually literally pretty quickly so I was lucky do you resolve what you finally just Davies and what do they did did you like ten violence on senator John and there's all kinds of different techniques or is that he. You can use and abrasive kind of a thing the kind of soaks in to the problem with that is at the time I mean got a minuses. I am ten years old this is 1980. It it would it would cause this Davies to move away from that area they would burn out faster. So ultimately didn't wanna be in the area where the cream was that just basically just it's like playing whack a ball. You're you're not one area downs that go somewhere else do not basically lets all go wild back. Exactly as you finally get rid of they just what a way they they actually does and about it's worked for me so they normally takes a couple of rounds won't happen if you didn't treat. They would just be there they would continue to be there until you got rid of them. Markets and that's it well I mean they've I'm really going at each other on your skin will shore but it's you know I guess no worse than having a really bad act near but that's a live I don't know. Does act legal aren't maybe a loss lottery on this what it's actually write this on the about an always on things living under my skin as you know and I was I was I was there I I remember it vaguely but not real like god. I don't remember just be real happy. That is what about a bit being inside of me I think premium or destroyed absolutely everything else of dislike I was I was laid out and yes I do evident in my camera and I don't want anybody to know and I don't you have to area like a significant than it sounds terrible do you have stated it's likely that there was also can elect on the cutie lives like it was much different. Usual tools Gaby your recruitment float the idea then if you have legit ones right. And no one want to guess we still out why did you have to go to the hospital late 449990. Yeah. That's not just on kids. Feel like violence they get thicker skin it was an early on day to if you think I have ski PCE if you like a I like you should take a break to these caves are gone by quick ran found to be shallow boats skim the scant time but no arrests yet have Stephens. Feel like. That's a twilight party one can get that'll bring everyone Albert like chicken pox and it abacus Davies only dating site. You have debuts go to William room yoga. They can do with herpes almost Davies look I did that urban you can't get rid of those Gaby you're just being lazy yeah I'm really herpes only isn't. It's herpes is a former expo may what is it herpes lately a thought not only is kinda fits together I don't know if it lets it placebo is I think that's wonderful exudes a good and you order wrestler. I'll run right up there gets all of the Matt herpes dating site as it comes up here. Herpes dating community. Yeah herpes dating site a genital herpes and dating find singles who like you have your as TV host report due awards while about it. I had today and number one STV herpes dating site was one million Herbie positive singles they have right now that is awesome it's gotten positive singles dot count for a possibility that it. Tourism hurt people who aren't stay positive top five Freddy's dating site reviews others there's lots of them read a review is unreasonable this TV's sure yeah. OK okay there's a reason that exist positive singles dot com is the largest herpes and STD dating site which has over 10002121000. Active positive singles. They give them pretty good reviews okay get four point nine at a five star that is not bad and then we have meet people with herpes dot com or in PWH. To me and you know the one thing I do appreciate about these sites and keep us monitor. You don't have to have herpes now this is a dating site for only people who have fun ha ha. HSB one and HSV two. How many different versions of herpes or. I don't over the get four point four out of five stars team does not as good as the other do we have each state dot com which is herpes dating back I'm really get three point eight out of five stars and then finally we have heard these passions dot com. Herpes passions often and he also served. He's a non via memorandum of you would how would you bite and spit it perfect action. For example a treats herpes 2006011. I will think they're funny to say the names I'm glad they have. Oh I absolutely. I'm glad they're there for others look it made sense that could there man right I mean as well that is the world we live remember what you said before Rosalie would. Chile today they used it and if there's still black planet. I don't know why I went belly there. You know I look credible black planet let's see all the different what they decide that because. Douglas do no matter who you are there something other Ford. It is very specific ones like why do you know above board plan. I mean you're the single guys I'm curious though why why do white said no bubble and Clinton had you to develop their lives. Malaysia mall. Yeah out of my skin brother. Battery removed there really knew where you vary I see how you do tells anybody out profile America. Just the movies I like Michael Jackson high school or work in the DC here a year back in the day you heard a lot about black planet black women still around and other Baltimore either a whole lot about. Why now why did you have veto allows Philly for 4999 although we've got more your calls go another still come right council drug charge of innocence and songs that you hate. To love you are listening to the men's or radio networks. So come right down the Droid charge to be in this instance they tend songs that you hate to love that is right after we do emails on our question. Why did you have to go to the hospital 844999. Cola hello McCain allow welcome to the men's room. All of us all stop. Now my history is what it started when it rose about sixteen. And panic in and around like content or whatever and I had the not the front flip side of my forehead. And I'd like it won't go away MI mama kind of worried about it they go to the doctor the doctor Erlich said in there like I think at that there. And then they had finally given to pets and we go and her iconic M and my school. They're flat land Cleland and then get down and they keep killing. And candlelight we need again and do it CT scan of that and make it that speech he and let doctors had no idea what it was. And when they finally figured out what it all and immediately they got a Colin they got to go into surgery. Going to create serious. Handedly does not happening all instantaneously. In that and they told me late later on that I have like a 5050 chance of dying on the operating table and later. Inning the reasons. You know it's go home thing about it scheduled operation and you come back you don't need the night before like get in there doing this all right away you have to realize the severity of it. Oh yes and whenever they went and daylight. Go ahead and you know I get into a prepped her surgery and I delicate surgery and they told me they kept grin ear to ear. And they literally pulled my basic down. And they can't whenever they got to the humor masks which was actually bacterial math my upper sinuses. They said that this Golisano rotted the when they touched the school it is crumpled underneath. And does that. As does that grow back you don't really like leg on a new the future of an offer mean I think you know well kept up. I'm usually if you're young easily can grow the unpacked like a tunnel appeal or at least he'll act but it. I don't know why but they they put a measure over my head over the hole after it's removed it they also cut. The bank separating my brain from my kind cavity and they clean the grain just in case it does. Bacterial mat that got me back and take it apparently that with this case you can go back into the brain and affect it. And and after they get that they took a peek at bat in my attic putted up there for scar tissue. And then at the mash every hoping that it may be my only grow back and then eventually get it taken out but it never group backs so you know I had exhibit in your four as. Yeah kinda like you can feel the metal plate and the screws that are there. Leg and you can kind of see shaking they're at it like it's. Polite but it it certainly you can kind of see the shadow of where it is play well the kind you don't really notice that now. The good thing as as you're a woman and you can Wear your hair a lot of different ways my buddy who was. Last of those on of those crashes guess what you're lucky and they did the same thing when they pulled that there is economy from ear to ear for a economize hairline right right so when they appeal is his forehead down they've in they've redid his nose and they do the same thing underneath to have put his job back together but. He so he has a receding hairline. So initially when they did SEC 1716. Years old and I don't care. What's cool well you're 1617 years old you your hair's just bored down on your forehead that it will be seen as the so yeah row yes so but the they kind of the right spot then a but I mean now it's like you know he's got like a lion like an inch below his hairline is and a half below hairline that there's no super obvious judge ear to ear I mean it's it you can see the whole thing looks like it does look tough cool. It looks like do what happened. You know what what really happened you visit that you know it was a. Isn't rude as someone. Well not only benefits that I only that but when they wired is jaw right yeah they took that all the way up past the years on top of his head. And he had two bolts in the top of his head like frank though he still had the two big marks on each side of his head looks like orange used to be there from where the bolts were to keep his dog the way the sounds not good did a good time. Why did you have to go the hospital late 449990. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.