02-13-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Feels Guilty

Tuesday, February 13th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Songs! Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. John my guitar frank Cassell and since then today ten songs that you hate to love and the return of what you don't need to know goes to the movies are question. Why did you have to go to the hospital 844999. Cola holly got a couple comments and his at the time I went to the hospital went to a house party. A woke up with a broken arm a party too hard and drive with one armed my mom's. You don't know how you brought here. You went to a party you woke up with a broken. Guard role those small ice debater over the top of my head spoke I had opened broke my leg and destroyed by the good times ouch. With the a friend of mine crested dirt bike out and Cleo. Before pay went through side and pour out his intestines. And I. Hope they're able to put a bag in there he had to get a four month for Angela trends Wu. But that had transformed for regular ambulance which brought him to a place an old bird on a plane landed in Seattle and from Barry to got helicoptered harbor view downtown scene that was not cheap now. And I got sent to the hospital to take a drug test because the principal a middle school thought I was on drugs abroad punt tremendous bitch face that's a quote. Well I'm Soledad good because it's just Ritalin prescription drugs or your own good. I'm dale put humans but just the daily pharmaceutical drug isn't it yeah that's not a legal foods okay. Hello Clinton welcome to the men's room. All I've digital and a OK time. Hey guys. Longtime listener first time caller let it get him into the soon. So a lot of water a little hospital I I can start from twenty years back promoter crush injuries and and different things but didn't weirdest thing. Did our cost of four. I was stepping out of rush hour. And I stepped over the tub on the road. And I heard a pop. And I extremely. Remember seeing it split. And my big toe. But quite didn't recognizes that the time. And I guess I scream like a six year old girl because my hip my. Yeah yeah exactly. Embracing him in the bathroom asking what was wrong and I'm like I. Knowing you. What what happened did you did country so fundraiser. And that's I don't know and they were split across the top might follow. So what happened. I broke my toe so. They're really worried that doubt in the U. The shower them stepped on my oh my way it looked forward to my told. Folded forward. In it so. If you ever get a spare disk you don't get it tomorrow mocked yeah is at its nap tomorrow operatic. Yeah. Well. My toes snapped open like down. Now I hadn't had experienced OK I thought I got an inward doesn't. Yeah in Athens EU now. You hurt yourself doing the dumbest things are really the tub is where my father via. Sotheby's power many years 35 years ago whatever but you don't want a phone into. He did and it was bad I'm in my bedroom and we had one bathroom about time and my bedroom wall board of the map and figure German shower when Irish didn't go to work. Indeed you can hear that the foot slide you know I mean someone trying to get the balance starter like the airport alone. The nurses massive crash through the club I can so basically I hear him slipping in shower. He grabs those shower curtain trying to take that whole rundown of the reversal rod double the troops over the side of the sub and I can hear all this but I mean this happened very quickly. The thought of him hitting the floor the because he's wed in naked from the shower than sliding across the floor until it comes to stop the bathroom door j.'s I mean it was. He didn't I remember hearing the whole thing. And Erin Muller it'll go run them hauled down a freaking out a little bit but he DFW back pretty bad oh yeah. All right we'll let the thing blows it's one of these newly constructed houses right now remote you've ever stop doing brand new bathtub. There is zero attraction manned. You're like zero O brother yet so as we were all aware of this globally to do dumb that they can show when you gotta want to turn on the water we'd lose. And and we're heard rosy of a little ugly place flowers and rubber ball you know Matt do after my father Antonio after you cry and it was bad bad do he really went on Har. After that by the time I got home from school that day at Dave and nothing but the raw. Per my grandmother's Batman my grandmother shower is the safest place if you've ever been in your life fractal under the state or else West Virginia there's only really one bathroom and that's the bathroom. When you walk again. There's a handle it you can hold on to right and then when you walk into the shower area. There are this sticky things that you talk about the old flower things here until then there for all these years and then the back. There is a suction cup type match the look slow yay area big piece of rubber but it it pressed into the bottom loop so that doesn't slip off. And then she has a non slip bubble chair. As well in there and then another handle and then. In front of the bathtub on the outside on the floor she has a sticky patted Matt writes on dungy I won't move to save its same shower area to there's nothing nothing that if there's no way you can at this. Durbin an old person's back to you may have that like. Mean it's a militant. The bath mat right but it's like super thick Aaliyah and it looks like to be in a hospital or something and so there might be some older people in my family who think I need that stuff. Kind of the guys who do you think it's just normal. Right it's like they see every day I basically titled the suction cups underneath the wants Lucent should go to the bathroom in the tub I'm finally shore I got a little handle and there supposed to be transaction there were a lot of companies unisex and Gerald is our supposed to be brand that's exactly what I can little shelf that well why. It's got to suction cup on the back and block that sucker and you have on the radio visited the ravaged section that's what it's for prices generally usually more operating like this cabinet. If you take the sex scandal with you when you oh. Pop and I thought I'd acquired the six day don't you stick with the what did you think handled did you buy the section that was given new music yet from the person who wanted to have sex with you in the shower correct any they needed to handle unusual law knew them. Avail because you wait right. Well limited credit what you gonna do I don't wanna be salad the scared guy but I think household on a lot of them are we don't call it the you know obvious there clubhouse that people aren't quite I don't money standing all the way. Does anybody I know listening area and our audience out there across the United States does anyone else have a sex scandal in the shower I'm curious. I guarantee it a never hurt all of this is almost like oh we talk about the other day when I never heard of and all the turned on the does not mean people that are all about it. All it was Jaret act a porn. The sex the sex analyst shower I'm just curious do you think anybody else and are listening audience as a sex them. Yeah. Just five minute Andy you know sent shock. I know they are during sections okay all right okay it makes so I've added that you go to high school my ball but what I'm saying that there had to literally if you go to if you Jesus the guys in his British rooms to op. Yeah if you are. It was over photos such shop like maybe buying toys but I would not think the by the the second the shower sex Hancock. A moment and not let I had a decent you know I'll. They use it more for just hold on both of things sour thanks so overrated and it is you know sex is that illegal that yeah I mean look at all of the showers about it. Listen I'm not saying having sex and shower that I go to YMCA but if it if you and Canada about the colonel but for Rio alone. Yeah I think I lake Sharon with people I prefer sex after. After. Yeah weren't all clean and that we're about to give sticky and dirty and I mean we're in the fluids are going to be on each other in the come from places that normally you'd objects strongly. Applause our good shower refund why is your hand what it's my bug sway you be pets but if you're having sex and hold until the money as normal a play admitted doesn't Bobby. So to me right. Right there was good you do your sweat you when I got to show what they ask you up by your by our she's a big loss because it is a pass attack at the exam but big like early collect. Hello. Dammit hello Rihanna are welcome to the men's room. Our guy around I've ever heard of the sex and over the shower. And yup and I deadline don't have. You've heard of I Israel remote I'm just wondering if it's the same gonna handle my grandma has in this tough but I just thought Jews use a pursuit. I don't mean I know I'm doing all right grandma didn't know. I'd be a pretty can do that web like a big old telephones that too sexy moves on just locking in now you can hit it. Why do. I'm still ain't. And a few years ago. I lived in getting out for a pretty lay and dime knee and stand there and being done crying. And and I was making dinner as if suddenly can't my AM I. And my now ex Lou. Hello Larry Larry outline real hungry after sort all that cocaine from. And I. I get her. Hungry and a bunch looking okay on it's it's. Silly people still gonna eat okay go to like Dion yeah I live tomorrow night mammals that got mad honest government that. And any. I decided to make them delicious chicken coop and that. In an Indian name little and a 92 chocolate but the vegetables I was beating Ana and then Amanda and then. All the single most dangerous piece of equipment you can take now and I. I don't know. And I didn't need be am. Little safety saying that I wouldn't you Enoch HD in and talk and can't. And as I think man I really wish they'd be really careful and not like my English. That they're light but I think Eric. And he's anxious. Flew across the kitchen and then let go anywhere. As the doctor there are licking my blood and calling on my mom on. The secret is being my mom not like alliance. Hannity and thank all I want one that. Does he tell you to call 911. Now. Actually. Didn't he had bad. Was but I didn't want to look at how bad a lie and I really bad couldn't bleeding completely that's the lob all the cooking I didn't assistants and really since the blot out. I hate to not comment on Chinese kid I didn't really want that type of bill I don't know did not really anyhow and I. I totally changed shivers down clock I'm. Well I decided to go out and cheaply in the morning got knock on my. The EU the door and see if they would be up and luckily they are wary. And HM MI. Trying to trigger on the way there and the blood from spilling all over the triple car or did you have an act. A piece of your finger the jet to take with you or was that is kind of gone. Okay so I look around so quickly and it I didn't feel like a peak day and I and it's good reason angeles' soup later. Yeah I'm really. I don't know if he had he had a right not too cheaply and I could find the peace O'Donnell. And and we get locked at all. And yeah I do anything I ever in the event being silly. And dressed in a blankly for me and and then acting or my. Next pick me up and we Novak columns. I you try and later on on the cutting boards a little piece of seniors all right and that the. No attitude here there you lose the tipping your finger. Together and yet our gone manuals and all recognize that a similar thing you freedom loves dogs on the days they gives you tips to fly out. Cents. Why do you have to go but to a hospital free guides or emails go to for the men's room Evans or live Danica you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. Our question why you have to go the hospital here come those emails on the men's room that meant a lot dot gobs. I say to Iraq now the drug. Charge me momentarily the since then today ten songs that you hate to love Loretta questioned why did you have to go to the hospital all the guys I was traveling around south East Asia. When a cyst became apparent in the middle of my chest in a became infected in Thailand. A breads amended hostel in sharing my eyes suggested getting some antibiotics from local hospital. I walked in and met with a Doctor Who glanced in my chest and told me to sit outside of his office for him and he then proceeded to lead me into the ER to pull the damn thing out. My nurse was a lady boy and my only earn access interaction with the though what are my trip I will attest that she was a true medical professional shortage of the story. Got a pulled out and got men's for a 108 US dollars would no insurance. Although I had to deal with changing a wake bandage for about two weeks it's like the scene from Iron Man we're Tony Stark pulls the lights out of the chest not pleasant rock on that from Ebert thank you. Anybody else wondering how he knew what was Lee Boyd who played doctor can we shoot the genitals now probably has reached down there. Figured it out I want you to do these things in this grant between my legs a surprise Robert Peters how doctor David Owen factor to save your life how he can move it. I expected to see wanted to borrow house wanna make out watered down my little brother who usually large correction. I was on emptying home brew of my brother had made the belong. And in the not desperate times category 11 exploded. I don't remember hearing any thing. But was wearing gloves and sunglasses luckily the bottle not the glasses off my face and got a nice groove over half my nose and under my eyes. I would know over the garage so I put a rag or my eyes filled in the cut as much as possible with Diane powder because it clots blood exit externally. Drove 19 today VA they glued it and gave me some manages to use for a few days a look pretty narrowly for awhile and people didn't say nothing to me I want some slacks. I tell you a once in slacks to teach those cool to be cool if I get the bottle toppling the blood often scar remains in my mind. That from Aaron. Thank you 2015. We had a long stretch of extreme heat in a sort of a draft. Unloaded in the middle of nowhere in Centralia my roommate was listening to music and has big stereo system and I was not feeling good so I did what anyone who's sick and lives in the middle of nowhere does. Smoked about mold turned up the heat wrap myself in a blanket fell asleep and try to sweat out the signals. How's Logan up to the sound of glass shattering thinking that one of the dogs had broken out bomb in those who go lounge. I quickly got out of bed ran across ousted by not roommate had just knocked over a bowl with the speakers I've no memory after that because I woke up six hours later in the hospital. My roommate said that I walked in the room said ball was that's and then fell over the doctors said I had extreme dehydration and they had to give me IDs. Our guys I'm sure there are many out there who can attest to a list like this however here's what I do remember broken headlight in my hand severed the tendon. It by car went over the hood and slander the asphalt. What's got to between two cars slammed into each other. But the Tom my thumb through table salt hot oil poured over my head as a child resulting in many burns over my body my fault. Had a hand saw a study in my head that fell off the tree forged. Six concussions baseball accident on the offense car accidents it's that are wrong place wrong time. I'm probably living on borrowed time but I'm doing better than the cat's nine lives cheers guys that from Matt. Coming out bringing for a was a while taking on the racks like the racks at Costco the big ones the other crew stood up instead of laying it down. Also walking away from the area one of the pieces fell and hit me in the head splitting my head open like Gallagher and a watermelon thing. While picking up decide to get out from its the other side fell in slash a slash my fingers like a great. The worst part was the reaction of the two guys on the crew one ran away in terror the other alas so hardy fellow over. Later on what my guys tell me they dropped acid earlier and the one ran away chasing my face melt from the blood. We have some texts we do have some things and this goes to the did you have the shower sex scandal. Correct and in mentally miles and I like it for real thrill thing art Sosa is you can buy a of the such Chicago handles The Home Depot and Lowe's works the same with the Summers showers sex and probably cheaper sure it's nice handle is a must shower sex is the best throw it's not overrated you're just bad that. It it. I got see I got one at my wife holds onto it every time governor of Wal-Mart of the pharmacy when a deal I'm a female and I have a such handle my shower got a two lovers. I have tricycle handlebars console installed in Malaysia get out of here Sasha are such as among the best win of the season. My girl for models such an April shower it's very thick about twelve inches long with a suction cup will be and other. And finally you can get sex handles ominous tone got a regulatory world out there and I know what does this sex chapped they're gonna have more fun by an act out good point all the sky like you said of the go to Home Depot or Lowe's you know. You can do have taken note read to our viewers straight out there in the men's or amendments or live dot job. Oh Jalalabad today is the ice man's daughter Tyler's birthday pronounced Ky lives she is six years old and already hitting the ski slopes and listens to the men's room with me. When I'm catching up on the podcast how about guys giving her some PG German talk if you could please. Lou this is coming out of this issue of what do what kind of what have you found those that. I don't forget to yeah helmets. I don't wanna dinosaurs it's not a little brother grace in sixty birthday and he's a way to play basketball. For his high school can you guys. Talk over each other about basketball or the perks of being sixteen. Thanks guys from his older sister Allison I'd say the first beat six to do it right back in years mostly who's older car basketball or other remotely an integral donors we go to Arnold has more sentimental on yeah has his hands in your heart ever had multiple reasons I was sixteen and having less sex every single year I'm not it's supposed to be here. Happy birthday Morris shout out to you lover pie on this beautiful days that would love that from. Please given the barber shop they savage thanks fellas. Beers it sooner we borrowed his sandwich and none g.'s daughter on this. Well it is I wish Davies is still early days in the morning and afternoon at noon. Those are dailies as the curtain with a big old fat bong rip thanks guys and Kerry and Kevin's. It's I'm 24 years old have a turtle wax when now turtle wax when Allen think it a bird hitting a win on applause thanks gentlemen from Gavin. Oh look at it. Oh. Like George tribunal daughter Shelby happy birthday she is a quarter century today the big 25 bloody from that have a Joey chestnut. 45 birthday today have a very exerted German's love the show thanks guys ever madam. I'm going to be in the two German but we will still practices so I'm where you blood. Not even the people will be here you have fun. With the entire mention. It is always my stepson Jake happy birthday getting you know what that was at bro in an original fish sandwich thanks guys that remain the yeah. Throw all this yeah guys always rob money be a forklift mechanic happy birthday he's 26 get lit bit she listens to you guys every second traffic. Dollars and thirty Germans and the birthday song thanks guys from chase and from Brock. Powerful you'll bullpen you have hopes. I will be the woodpecker the new bid to swallow. Jonathan vibrancy. It is nice my 32 Trevor on the side because my friends have horrible taste and radio shows I gonna sit in my own birthday shout out. So I appreciate you guys you give me a big only broad Jenkins thanks for doing what you do. That from your friendly raging ginger Andrew. Yeah. About 33 and they wanted to know if I guess internal love Megan with a Mike hawk tongue twister in the applause. Thanks Mitch is appreciated that from Jake. Doubles as the famous as the girls are gonna simple look at the position throughout the federal grant. Want to listen guys there's other top 38 time around some of the ways and had emerged they have about European is is too small and maybe some dirty Germans thanks guys loved the show. That from Mandy. So. Young girl who teach America and Iran and screw you might. And I am Palestinians. I think if you like you and your coffee. Good joystick aren't they just might get money Duncan and always those things still have some great men's room original read for me brother also Cooley will. Turtle lax now with some dirty German talk thanks guys that from dirty Dan. Probably. I'm looking creature I slept a Muslim prayer. And in the bullpen to. And I've studied and are connected to. 1001 for me. Guys first off I'm from California and today is my 46 server on the Sunday listen you guys in the buzz days love the show seconds I am a dude. So pleased enough referred to me as the lovely Stacy got please get a big only rod Higgins and afford you talking over each other about gender identity. Thank you so much from your loyal listeners a lovely Stacy. Well. I do girls into my and his representatives sentence and I believe Israel wanted to model somebody as usual fans and the rumors that northern and I imagine being on the loan against your order that's something Jason I know growing global audience that hello business that I am fifty and I would like to requested time to take off the leash. Followed by a LeRoy Jenkins thank you guys so much in kibo the good work regards that from Erik yeah. Movie. Hi guys nerdy old. I mean obviously the they didn't learn. Yeah I thank. You pay UTU. Been dead now. Other thirteen gentlemen. So available through news and world fame on men's blood doesn't come another sign retailers. Need him shine its light blue. We're doing and doesn't China is on the oiler should of what you don't need to know goes to the movies and the movie shot in each. And every state but first the drug charges in the house and again it is time to sit and spin that. Yes friends it's time once again at all. Six and spending let's gather around the old radio and listened to Arizona sweat. AF was supposed to be a guilty pleasures for the SE I have a problem with the term guilty pleasure because I think if you like something you shouldn't feel bad about it. Unless I'm well let's do well horses right unless your serial killer or something like that for one account as that is guilty pleasure what eight when he comes to music if you feel guilty. When I come here as music I think you like what you like and you should be happy with what you like to make it stop people from like you make it fun and if it touches you you shouldn't Ricky do you feel guilty when I make fun of something or carpet. I think John ready to go out and humiliating I think you'll live this crap you don't guilt people idea that you don't feel good about yourself you can want it here's a litmus test. If you heard it intersection and you look over eat and whoever is very attractive to you that person is in the car beside it part summon an intersection miles Montgomery in the car next knows it and I look and I liken him to write some incredible iron and I like the last thing that I think are announced profile I am I am blasting Rick actually you. Now do you have the same opinion of me as you did before well that I know you're dead right well the but I still the same. That same time I don't mean like I think I'd fit are you embarrassed by other people going. These are completely rocked people and that's and that's were really were guilty pleasures come from people are good like to test what people are gonna judge you based on the movie and like so today's list. These are guilty pleasures. These are songs that people hate themselves for loving but all ten songs on this list universally loved by every person on the planet. I should've preface this with our sister I got this list on the Internet the Internet has not steered me wrong yet ever that I did today is going to be that day. You don't would take a WebMD whoever Laura that's. Carly great Jetsons calling you know the the songs socks and I'm among the songs such mutilate some songs and right so big deal. But if you have little kids this is the kind of stuff that they absolutely listen to and I have heard the song maybe more times than any grown as mantra is get and you know all the you know and see how it got their big justice. Hard. Okay justice. It's beautiful. So I love the song when I was a kid went with a new story now. It doesn't exactly fit I mean it sounds like 1991 when you listen to it put up my camera comeback event. I didn't a former senator and duty through three and commercials over the holidays I. Turns on the original love decades attacked John didn't fit. I. Okay. And correct row could feel the the so I'm not actually on the lessons when there. Not that I'm getting there was some there was some who doesn't love the song. And I think that we're we're all over the world may decide what a lot of people had heard Google's if you were young you live here because of the gonna win. Station I won't play in the past we've got everything any generation right you're not ready and then there's our Rick rolling through rule imposed boost you went ten songs that you hate to love on his bed. Although as we've into that spend. I think this on has been played on that he's been more than any other solid running on the fact that it's been pretty indicating that maybe get back to Soledad I'm filling those what do may be what are the right experiments on eighty I don't know if you ask Sarah that's that's the word is never good list then showed a lot. Again so far the Internet as a money down these songs are universally live long and well and that you hate to love. Numbers say. It's funny I was gonna say that. After all these years today I finally no offense meant and that's dead or alive but generally have no idea. Come on they were one hit wonder back today. Just don't feel okay hung in there. Number I haven't been forgotten about until. I have been married and don't have to go where did you come from radiated off but he did come from god not do. With the exception of army knew what we need to get put out his sentence that I. Who doesn't. I'm into drama I read that. Tell us if you ever go to a high school day and he should now they have grown adult. Put that have been and then and there are a lot of baseball games they play it tough but you know that annoying guy with eggs. You could get there you love that song if you're if you've been to him as many weddings instead it's been two peoples over the subway tonight but the Phillies every song your boy this could also be called. So it was good drunk chicks danced to when they hear which is why we will Susan let the dogs out there let alone understand WW for us and them I'm that that these are tense on. They yanked a lot. It. Yeah Pedro but I don't think OK. This always run a lot of good. It's like the other National Anthem and the guys in slip not sent recently to stay warm up. Would journey of more than one would think this day trip to look. There I I don't wanna talk over the vocal. Steve passes and until it. Boys to death and you know. Are you say it's. It is the nose no two dogs and get any good deal. Nothing. My win. Still rode up if you could affect him that kept them in my throat or. Obviously all eyes that's an act right there Iran and I think you should have to feel better about liking him look. I'm 110. I didn't have been so I don't blame a universally loved song. That for some reason people feel bad about lava. Are you sure people of this universe everyone in this web certainly I thought someone looks at your face I love go to music definitely talk about it. Which is on the go and it's a love win next none. Well a little bit I'm. You know. Like to think here for the once again you have not let me down and I appreciate it I don't know I don't know locals love good. Very young kids are good you hate to love bonds that he's been all right coming level bring it tells with a job today and return to much you don't need to know goes to the movies coming up next. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Sure it's my. Coming up we'll bring it to open the Saturday today about birds and. We are full of useless information. And you have a hard too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So Lyndon here on the men's room shares let you don't need to know our friends had just thrown inside job when analyst of the best move. He's the take place in each and every state arts and sensors that type of thing that's right for igniting debate and controversy they explained it their thought process like that us. Basically what they said we tried to select movies that took place mainly in a given state. And that represented states plays in the nation's collective consciousness aren't so basically these are the most popular. Movies from each and every. Think I'll give you the movie you'll see if you can guess which states it was. Eight film there are takes place both. Hi is most of them are based on their criteria the movie Groundhog Day up Pennsylvania Pennsylvania is correct pretty obvious right. If you know the movie these should be easy ocean's eleven. And I had a bad a very good now they get a little bit harder okay. Fargo,. North Dakota wrong it was still predominately in Minnesota. So we're gonna do world was filled right can't you're jackass but I guess yes well where it's mostly though they weren't takes place so well. But Fargo's the north is totally the North Dakota well the movie wasn't shot there the name of the movie as far but we shot all in Minnesota. Do we want to get through the movie was still built our debt stands would be what movie would that. Make their lives Wizard of Oz is correct if not are people Blair awaited project about. Even if I didn't really thought they get it. It it took effect of Maryland the Blair witch project correct that is Maryland the movie we just talked about this when dazed and confused Texas Texas is correct. Brokeback Mountain. Montana Wyoming it was filmed in Wyoming these are the most popular movies and each and every state that took place there Napoleon Dynamite. Crash. Moon. Montana. Idaho I close the same idea. The movie raising Arizona. I'm going to guess Arizona we'll probably Arizona it's yet fit To Kill a Mockingbird. South Carolina. In the polls. Mississippi. That was actually in Alabama element of the movie and this makes sense twister. Oklahoma Oklahoma is correct do the right thing no New York, New York is correct the good the bad and the ugly. New Mexico that is absolutely correct all right looks exactly like New Mexico. The movie first blood. All my first look at first book of Rambo movie was to keep him right woman in town funded body Tennessee. Now obviously some more like we'll. Ohio Washington State's all. Watch any tape all it's a fan favorite how about the notebook where was the notebook for Donnelly felt. North Carolina you are very close. Really. South Carolina South Carolina is correct most popular movie that takes place each and every say the evil dead. 1981 rat I don't see that movie a thousand times. We need woods ended cabin. Yeah Ohio Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Robocop. Down four no number no I'm Michigan Michigan how did you know that Detroit nuclear Detroit cut the iron giant. Christ I'm on Maine and every heard that got them moving about Heather's. And feathers or was that. They see why snotty kids you'll see some like California but now. I'm in Ohio we believe it or not he should really get this one South Park bigger longer and uncut Colorado Colorado is correct. The movie fight club. So we're you know this is a really weird what I do not know this. It's the most popular movie that takes place and each and every state. California Delaware. They look Delaware's Dover Delaware well is this fellow did the big banks have a magic Mike. 2012. Did you see more male strip clubs and any other state. Foley rob just simply an enemy Florida that is correct Robin LR that Donna and I have all of the movie the color purple from 85. Moment. In Georgia Mississippi. Georgia is correct. And finally the fugitive taking place and 19930. Illinois Illinois how did you know about it. As they did they train in Chicago everywhere area are right Arial what you love I don't need to know round and eliminated during attacks. Zero X if you read its. Just tell who it is. Cabinet that I usually had visitor and Afghans even throw to find out nortel's them yes indeed and today we chose WL list channel seven. I believe in shock cargo yes because I did that are legendary TV and radio state that is right Manson would do the local news you know you can count on them and one of the things recovery obviously is the Winter Olympics that are going on in the a hall. Don't change Pyongyang I don't know I don't yeah I believe I'm saying Iran over itself grim collier right so like anything. Like indicate that the going the newscast and are about to begin our coverage of the Olympics they have the graphic that shows up on the screen. So that you go to the top of the eleventh which of course includes in Pyongyang a logo that the you do for the Olympics. And the fire every crew recognize however on Saturday morning as they were talking about the Olympics and the opening ceremony instead of Pyongyang it showing up. With the Olympic graphic. It said PF Chang. 28 feet off the I have no idea that that come on back death connection you have Jiang aren't going to the luge course. We've for the movie retreat lose lose because we think it's young made outer banks over the target down the throat to Barney in our tummies. Down the whole bit zone particular and I'm now a fourth or 999 alone. Shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.