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Tuesday, February 20th

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This is the men's room. Listening to. I just saw standing by I'll take our nine L a 44999. All you'll play profile lists in minutes. Added under headlines on the way one hour from now for quite taken by cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right is my favorite headline today it just says it should you invite your X to the letting now hole tomorrow. No oh Mo. Why is this even Ed and an opinion piece who live there were many who who wrote that OK Alison Krueger housing urinating. Now the New York Times now it makes people feel uncomfortable it's that I would not be good I wouldn't feel for anybody involved in that it would be. Comfortable from the parent standpoint for the relatives them forever to overrule a good time. There's a reason there and tags and other than if that's fewer amicable alert if you had a terrible situation either way. You determine that it wouldn't be a good idea to be together anymore. Right once you make that determination that is not a good idea to be together any more than not together anymore you probably don't hang out together anymore. Now again and it. Just think you know. A 57 year old woman a Florida is facing battery charges for repeatedly teasing her boyfriend when he tried to watch out unheard a block out other sixteen your relationship. Well that'll keep them do battle my way and I don't know Lieberman every time I do rugged days. Value and whose name of the woman made to allow the mold schools program also you how very the outrage factor that's why he definitely does leave and don't come back go to the grocery store becomes a Mel. Think your mom had until Lars. Debra bad read got to grab some milk slowly you wanna. Maybe just like to get to taste. He might fight for the veterans Iceland could become the first European country to ban the male circumcision. The address unit and have the choice of dad I told their union blanket. Yeah you know I like. It feels like they're all morals Panama billion. Reveals too much it's letters all that much as you tour to go home that. From the guys who got there and put icing on the evils they get the requirement that they get jango. And visit the and you think I think it's. Come on. A study in 2013. Found that men's final women in groups more attractive. Researchers dubbed this the cheerleader effect and now he studies just back it up doesn't even matter if you're at least attractive friend being in a group still makes you more attractive than when your loss. Oh my short because there are some people I want hawaiians but play. You don't find him Donaldson the ugly for the arrival right and then they get together with a group of friends like Linda Linda stanza. Right out of feeling like you're in a group of friends it's kind of like you know what that your night out so it's not that you're not attractive. But you're not approachable right now and it's edges together and having a good time tonight on. There's always one slice one well yeah of all hello Louis some guys start to walk in an admirable start or six starts dropping game and elected we're gonna four bars tonight I just give up she's the first to break ranks plug this is. I'm also were alone we're watching a drew remove older gentlemen relive and rock and roll moment for a month that a bad idea that the deployment so what the beach boys and ultimately did decent ball. But I tap the personal web and I was pointed over to the woman says I guarantee you she's going to be the first person to give up today. She was dressed like she would be that she's been shorn off than three minutes. She's known Al Benson she's up there doing my thing and I'm going to be late tonight she would not remember how she got worse you guys. I can die for Mel good of all my stuff. And afternoon. I gonna tell rush I hope you brought golf I had used for your wall and then tomorrow the best economic team doubt did you bring your statue. That the police and Australia are looking for a three men who recently boarded a city does put a human skeleton that they stole. Oh that's a city bus what he says. I'm. I've got an accident and another realty thinks he does this fit fit. Yeah I got on the fitted if it wasn't a real Skelton though it was the fiberglass and that they use and anatomy classes but still they're just walking around the dead in Skelton your seal was that like the plastic parts of the muscles and all innocent priest. My character he has a spine to sitting in his office yes you know the thing about getting out of also manpower Carol city here. You just don't ask questions don't you just don't like if the dude got on the foreign book puts up a bat on the ball Smyth. I don't need to know man I'm convinced that half of the novels on bookstore shelves come from a guy just sitting on a bus in the creating a story for all the weird stuff that he found on the bus. Right just look at some wanna go here's the story I think mirror ball. And over with he urinated news and some of your mind there's a whole lot knows and appreciates them or Washington there's a whole lot of conversations a star on the bus and most of them start with my man. Moment my okay and a map you'll think it's very eating on a bus that night with ninety minutes and I get on a bus and someone has got some sort of come about chicken. That their opening up and taken a couple myself right now and that I think it's also very foreign as far as eating on the ball flew more important things you can do certainly shoot your mouth open. That they had seems to be even through going to eat on the most. Everyone has no by the the gentle lullaby sounds of your lips man I would now I would offer a would you each sitting on the toilet because you're really not too far away from running one of those things are you brownies and there's certain things that ma'am hopefully I will not please are really good get on the bus and treats. No none are more hi hello I ride the bus every day trust me man every time I sit down island go like. Is that. I'm driving after she came to a full stop in the middle lane of a busy street. The police found an open twelve pack of beer next to her kid it would three bears missing and she'd admitted she'd just gotten out of rehab earlier that kids drank it. So it worked at the just grab twelfth down. A massive new study found that the key to living along life is drinking alcohol drinking alcohol of course that is people who had around to drink today were 18% less likely to die early. Which made it even more effective than exercise. And Adam Smith says. Cruel exercise tonight then you go to the doom and removed. A recent survey on shower habits found 55% of a shower at least once a day. I hope sold 2% only shower if they stink. 81% wash your hair first does anybody who watched a body before they're here. I don't and allies tiger atop them they got 18% using fresh towel every time they may. I don't I hang it up and I and I make that thing last little while around deodorant realise after three days of not taking enough that I didn't think. They want to know Jim and everything I'm like you know maybe I'm deodorant flurry of be like Brad says this eagerly really cannot know and 67% of us here in the shower. But had a man in a little fly president needs in the need arises them. I was on March 10 on somebody's got to go. A new study found the most popular pet in America dog and our economic okay it's a dog got to be resolved America with a corn dogs. To pull it just started offering he want in their test kitchen. In New York City why there's no word confident if they what are word our affiliate rollout to replace rice and the freedom do you think. Maybe. Come on not that big of a key one guy. You probably nobody really is do we anybody I was unique meanwhile panels that you be a really tell a difference in the garrido was rolled antenna ever consistently. My crunch here. Right. Only 12% of wanna sit and they've ever asked the data sent the pictures of his junk according to a new survey but how what percentage of medicine and anyway right 46% have received at least one of those so clear that there's a disconnect here beyond just think it that's that's just from some gross gross 1000 boy I don't know and it's. As of Davis that's teenager logic of its lender a picture in my Venus may be shall give me your who doesn't or it doesn't work guys. I'd sit my opinion it's every woman in this office not one of them is respond. Listen that's my grandma Fairmont. Enough memories to change we look at me that is. Yeah some moments and his dad and Obama to baby homeowners unsolicited Venus takes images if the guys that don't feel like now it's abandoned once and I'm like they don't wanna see that a person either noble. Think what I still wanna get in over what's gonna fight through that according to a new global survey the American accent is the eight sexiest accent in the world. Number one way under the guest will be Spanish. Thrill French. Spanish is pretty up there from Spain Spanish. Are made my health. But it's different the top five are English and French like UK number yet aren't French Italian. Irish and Spanish thing. Fincher physically European languages have a woman and England was upset that an ambulance parked in front of our house on Sunday so she left a note telling it to move. No matter the consummate it was creating an abusive environment for the paramedics so they wanna arresting her for it order offense wow and he writes. Literally on another note this stay feeling about it. This is the Unicode consortium is finally fixing the problem with the lobster Mozy what is the problem of sailed out of one hour from now they are not guidelines are an oil on our now first the good Obama. Precepts. I see the drug to please everyone how profile this. This plane I start ten miles it's a simple game where we share with you real life news story something that happened right here on planet earth. Or and as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true people. And the decisions that people make bless you wouldn't do you think makes the story a story. Saying hello to read welcome to the men drew. And. Yeah yeah yeah. Are written in the game is good news and yes I do but I got a quick question for your time. Can't a guy named jailed pop group for 34 day do you not easy you know it's crazy about a man. He is Edie says some fruit snacks we actually had homemade officially sent from his mother or something so he's not not even. He is in fact eating on Cindy's two meal today. I don't know what he's done to Ruben himself from movies for 34 days but believe it or not there's not a hunger strike you you I would never wanna see a grown man movement in this case in my be carried out last deceive the volume. On the big by this guy now. Is a crazy like a boy how long did they are more the boy knew what to prove or just. Go infra weigh in before he steps up on the song oh yeah then step on the on the toilet do your thing on how many pounds along. Obviously seven. Yeah. All right here is restore and illustrates that it's not easy to get the GUYU when you're in the passenger seats but a couple of Chicago man they managed to do precisely that. Chicago police say drunk driver crashed into another car last Friday. And then switch seats and has also drawn passenger who's doing the driving duties and other both charge the do you why. According Judy court record this for conference flagged down about 1:30 in the morning by two witnesses. Pointed to a Toyota camera in front end damage them pulling out of nearby gas station. Almost a follow the cars are weaving and swerving on the land lines but for the probably pulled them over a few blocks away. While there read a call or when the camera made around and turned struck the vehicle driver's door camera fled the scene when the witnesses followed behind. Deborah pulled over into the gas station that the driver and passengers in seats. Then the guard to golf again as the witnesses flagged down police anyway it constantly both failed a sobriety test for both the rest of the do you why do you believe. That does dynamic duo is black white backseat or Asian. Unless male or female to dissect both male. So in Chicago that is correct and I must say black. Finally broke. But I did all right I'm trying to stay around to get there rich you know black final answers. Yeah I had run out of the doubles black white Latino or. Asian next. Well yes and picnic this. That was his teeth aren't as they into the men's or radio network. Did you know. You know have tens men's room. Thanks in Chicago gum has fallen out of gas station and they are cameras there and that they are intoxicated in the police us all pull out we've Graham on the road and they knew it do so. They follow pull them over in the meantime the guys switched positions. Assuming the driver ads on the Golan where he couldn't get another do you why either way both those guys were hammered there were both drunken nothing. Stupid Lou I pay my and you didn't driver's seat and strong money. And if nobody would have avoided all this to be disabled by the fact that you sit hey Bonnie what he's doing even a rich thick black and with a guesses why. It is not wise. But it's not I. A. And and who's figured out where I'm up all the TV news all the time cyber TV time a day. Sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Yeah so everybody's. And brother are gonna marry you don't Wellman conceal we haven't seen you in so long right at that I never get dissident here now and year in years DeVon and a little TV timer we're happy to have them here in my mouth and at the upgraded desk here the threat so most people are watching the Olympics over the weekend I'm more looking at the fighting aspect of would would weaken sport says offers. UFC fight night was on FS one over the weekend to Carlos Roni taken on yhency the deer assembly as you say his name. Actual fight. The other family together and the user world at all did not watch it on Saturday night and my my my kids down from a college and everything like that's who we had exciting movie night. Unjust that it sounds but Donald the cowboys are on is probably one of my favorite fighters to watch. The only man I have ever seen fight two weeks literally in Iraq. 01 Saturday night and then seven days later yet another fight OK so he's he's a ton of fun to watch and I recommend it he won by AT TO. With two seconds left in the very for friends and so has done Avandia and got a wanted to watch. A size three his is highlight real Derek the black beast Lewis. The white guy noticed. Stand out OK okay now would be awesome. This was AA had I weigh about and they RC did this I think there's also plus the boxing but. Heavyweight bouts can either be the most fun it was the most boring fights that you beverage are much like Dodge Ram because I don't know how tired is gonna get exactly have set it over and over again if the heavyweight fight does not end in the first round it's going to the decision time. Gentle hug it out that's right Derek. The black these Louis it's actually prove me wrong here he took a three rounds but it two minutes eleven seconds he still found a knock out power to take the Stan. And it was a ton of fun it was performed the night yes Eric I go black could be isolated and you called the Blake beat the black we see the big man to. Six foot 565. Pounds. The big shout out to dinner Liotta for jumping and what has probably combined total of 520 pounds of angry meat does not quite angry meet the ticket that Moammar restaurant angry angry V. So something else that happened over the weekend was the the NBA all star game unbelievable kept. On TNT on some minute right now I don't believe it passed anybody's radar over the weekend of furries performance of the National Anthem. I I heard part of a clip in the in my town red. The team leader of the free can I make a farmer I haven't heard the whole thing and I kind of distant and it's okay not here the whole thing it was as close as an Angel hill it was a problem. She I don't know if this was it just bad she said she was kind of taking her own creative license when it I think she just stuffed it up. She's she wasn't didn't know if properly you could tell that she wanted to go for somewhere and she didn't quite hit it then you might hear it and I Lara and then I had it okay but still tough song to sing let's face that amenities and other group in front of a group of people and it's just you that's why you have a professional singer ran well and yeah I think professional singers have said over and over again that it is the hardest song to sing just because of the pressure that is on that song you know most people love to stand up and sing that song anyway and they're they take great pride that's and so you string it up is probably not a very good thing and have a good voice it to be talented there's a reason people remember Whitney Houston or whoever adds a little program that because so I've been listening to. Am I different renditions of the National Anthem for the you don't. Couple hours here before the show and I found the main issue that people have. Is they keep forgetting the lyrics and Jack it's not a matter of hitting the notes like vermeil aren't they can how many of us are farther. How many mess ups are there other National Anthem all of theirs oh percentage wise you listened and start to say wedeman has not about the notes you don't know the words right which is why I figured out that's why they haven't Obama bash up on the Jumbotron and the soft so you can read along its own that they can remember what the words sing along everybody however I did find the ten worst National Anthem performances ever thought well. Okay. We'll invest in 2000. I was fat. I mean his. Plus. It's. Good. GE. All the way that person. Okay. The army's start performance. And NBA lakers for parts game a few thousands and I did just the opposite of her of her standard local shop to actually make it so our she committed the sin of all since forgetting the lyrics and limping probably commence I'm sorry to everybody was listening right now. I'm about to make you all and I'm gonna make all of your years leader right now. There are no. Who's. Wounds to. Stupid as you possibly remember back. And Hulu. In this. Moon. Good so good and. What is now. Good tool to. My voice is great last words yeah you. I don't last week you're is made he uttered. You don't know the word you're just making the words of the don't usually associate ad from the worrying me lose you're gonna lead out and eleven Christina Aguilera would know the words the star spangled banner for the 2011 Super Bowl by now all I know that's what how long this was the Super Bowl I'll see all dump this dog days. And lose. Mueller in general Lewis came back is his son is so these are these these are the ten worst and worst National Anthem performances. MR okay. Continuing condemned last. Okay. We. Okay. It's. Not the worst performance that. Really you know slowly it's happy it's about your performance not necessarily that we're missing Miller's case that has historically excellent and turning ordinary performances in the logic defying moment. Are killing must have been trying to channel the great Marvin gay when you decide to go with a sore arrangement of the National Anthem for a boxing match well you know one of ego and your own rendition of any interest in the new I'm not gonna be it come down too hard on his longest period of our desire oil and tirade I got the. And no it was more like the sadly we've. And I'm sure this is not a case of immigration walking to microphone pressing play and as many as boom box didn't go read a partisan body of the Casio keyboard in demo. Two breakfast and to and to. More on the side of just sing the National Anthem if if you're gonna do your own rendition of better African kill up you know the probably the only exception will be Jimi Hendrix just doing it on his guitar and that was. Probably the best performance of the children's ever seen these are the jets and were still renditions of the National Anthem star spangled banner. It's. Been a game and a OK okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. A on the amount that's the beginning I had no okay the other. Like the white step may prove there. The fact that evidence that it's getting away how he's. The thief and obviously my guess you won't leave entitlement and no what did you that include you remember a little yeah. I. These are needs and worth National Anthem performances. Amber said. Moment. Let's see us fans like myself and remember that performance. There are no homes and Aretha Franklin and doctor John as a 2006 the ball except. Today had all the makings of a potentially great nationally the performance. Through blank cell the first since Hurricane Katrina into New Orleans heroes Aaron Neville and doctor John. Where the first where they're proud to represent their hometown along with the Detroit soul queen Aretha Franklin. In a very gospel choir and actually had a full choir and on the field. Yeah. And that isn't even going to be. Yeah. Us you really god damn it whose. A guy that did this guy down somebody I know this boy. That's healthy that is why would he asked to do this bill back in 2005 the Grammy Award winning voice of. Freed has bungled the National Anthem on several occasions but he 2005 performance from the NASCAR Ford 400 best demonstrate why this man should never sing this song. Severed notes and brooding growl do not a good sport star spangled banner make such a thing about that. It was actually add this perform in during this let's not putting it together was at his performance I realized. That part of the reason why screwing up the National Anthem hurts the DR Stephen Moore is because there's this huge intro. Ladies and gentlemen now introducing Grammy Award winning at least I think so they're worried and then you're out there by herself leads. Very close but I couldn't brag or what are Will Forte like apple all of this stuff in a moment to ask Arnold why is that. Normally these are the ten worst National Anthem performances. Or for whom this is my favorite. This is Michael Bolton back in 2000. Three and a Red Sox yankees. He checks his hand. Okay. And you. Tired crowd absolutely turns on our Michael Ball that I yeah they were all live up and and knows already that weird ankle you guys were here I had a two people saying and out there GAAP. And then he actually you know he's he's make it love the microphone here and stop for a second. And you see his hand count fan out and they goes right bank to let me they know what was gonna nose and nose and I am an old cameras is that they're both ways and I am and the pressure that is on the people's stadium the singing the star spangled banner you have a brain fart. Michael Bolton wrote the lyrics to the national and the money is hand Michael Bolton did it. It's not easy you know we use our apartment for a guy the rights to sell a nine honor of both Fergie from the NBA all star game these are the attend worsen the strings of the national. Dylan for his performance. And now. Yeah and I'm. Okay. So. And it's. Yes says 2008 seeing this thing. NBA all star weekend called for Fergie and Fergie is exactly what they got. Limited air called in what many are calling a piece of protest performance art against the anthem the former Black Eyed Peas singer gave one of the most creative renditions of the anthem. Innocence deleted tweet as Amy Winehouse doing a Britney Spears and Christmas. I'm 110. They have many ideas I am I now from. More so I have no idea and then I didn't even have a of those great this this. For the best Roseanne Barr do the nationalize the what did they expect right what about even her speaking voice I lead you to believe this season do anything less than being great credit to her she tried to hit the notes is that she could says he animals they scan Americans had their feathers ruffled by Roseanne Barr's National Anthem performance at a 1990 cynical Padres game she wanted to be a notches in a number of ways and she absolutely was. I didn't she spat on the Africa enjoy rendered model answered because he was trying to do which he said was an ode to baseball. Wasn't how is that an ode to basically every your progress we in good conscience I don't know every player does for like nine is just being obnoxious I general I don't I kind of like Roseanne Barbara let's I don't like what are you even go down GB in Rosen. Would. Today. There. And. And remember him. Yeah. Move. And it didn't work. And okay alright Saddam is bag Dana my eighth this program and. Learn. There's going to visit there did he live little vague there's a wave of wet late shout out to stop a gun. I think despite a you know those the bad renditions that you hear when the National Anthem comes off and urine alive sporting analysis and data. I'm always kind of confused as to what to do because I never in my seat when they do the national right through until yeah like I will be in the beer line. I will be in the bathroom. Certain people take their hat off that I had on even if Ahmadabad most of my had to take my hat off showing up candidates we go out do I hope I'm going into remotely in the Hudson ourselves and there was that. The yeah right I hit Obama hard you know or like. I'm talking old guy in the beer line in like it's now it's my turn them like. Yeah she's. You like. But I still want to line you can read and what the proper protocol sometimes when you're in the situation Gary Ono because I swear to god latest is as hard as they try. I'm never at the events early. That's because I was at the bar hanging out whatever but I like if you're walking into the stadium do you just stop because I do. I'm just like well let's go stand every minute ago. Oh yeah intimacy is proper and I'll do that but Blaylock had comes off I'm Ramona soccer game a must on site name uncomfortably Leo you can hear the National Anthem. First got snatched a panel zealously by woody don't command if you hear the song. Just pulled African out of there when that is an area I know we're not ready yet. Just pull the African and take a look at basically every dude was that for whatever reason every time it's played I'm in the middle of something awkward. Rarely it happens to be every time like a guy like to have but a sausage in my mouth. I just ordered the air I'm gonna. And taken a clue what they know it's Colin Manhattan Anaheim but aside actually I don't I don't know what it's coming as the whole ideally you'll have a company if you're if you're in the stadium when you've seen them set up the right go to Washington 735 of this and Lindsay anthem like seven fort. Brett I don't know Luke Puerto Brad threw an outline and your battles will be posted at the abdomen from FaceBook page thank you a great job there Mike are we are Persia are more Michael and we've got headlines coming of Korea next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real high here at Georgia where a man on farm force feeds just go cocaine and Jim beam black. They believe it not England and are craving chicken you buy wanna get your KFC back. Lucky charms adds its first new marshmallow in ten years and somehow this is news. When a friend has men rob you at gunpoint and steal your car maybe a friend like that you should lose an outrage Amanda lobster motif controversy rolls on. Some lobster rolls its time period last. It's Sunday. Mike Nash got star in Maine residents weren't quite an uproar after the Unicode consortium released their latest images for remote geez. Mainly due to their lobster and OJ. The image show the crest station with eight legs instead of ten. That's kind of their flag that they fly him in a lobster is at the Maine lobster is another matter that they're known for. Realign these falling out again tip to quote thrilled it doesn't matter lobster and then Stephen King. Yeah I. Would say drinking would you uses among the more movie. Mustache or beard or with. In a mustache and beard. It oh yeah for a little while Iraq from a session Beers after the they've been off again remind us that he was who do you think that the only ever known him without any looks elegant that the turtle. Look he tells me he's an he's an outlook he got like little kids you say man this guy right or novels or they are we see in the movies were the most in the when you see what it looks like he's going he looks like the guy that would write these stories from Maine is the best word is track mean this lovely. Yes you know. And really good water lovely really. Also they are getting that fixed and finally saw it didn't in no time will have the idea to ten lengths and an eight if you want a better laughter ago go to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. But the and it's serious man I've had an on both places the restaurants of Portsmouth I don't know why they were just tomorrow. So my daughters say you laugh but obviously enforcement to Hampton from the easiest places to get of course incidents you've had a bit more familiar to. I'm not at all or yeah I thought Paula commit to it I should never had lobster almighty god wants to know I'd not. Not for any lack of trying or or or willingness to she's just haven't I guess what you gonna do the next few days since I thought man Bob that Kansas City and Harry and while number three carried out around it's got it in the answers if I get it on the thing I had. Around the world KFC's in the UK had the sound the alarm because of the cataclysmic situation that they found themselves in. Chaos is actually ran out of chicken. Well that's as a lot of other sales what sales going around the chicken population may have seen you run out of got the interest says as a Monday only 300 of the 900 chain stores in the UK were open duly mast as due to a massive chicken shortage in the area well they must add some kind of disease or something and know. This comes out of the red the restaurants partnered with the DHL who promised to quote rewrite the rule book on delivering fresh products to KFC and sustainable way so my guess is. While rewriting the rule book they took a lot of chicken out of that rule book. DSL. Now smarts you this has got to be just says bring. Healthier chicken you know. Everybody got this thing you don't ever given a dividend to a dead give deep Fryer whatever's in there you're gonna boiled to death. That through whatever how good and legitimate debate. Fried chicken you can pull that chicken out of a tar pit on the side of the road month I knew Friday that bitch it's fat right. Sorry matches it's still fried chicken and it's it's it's hard turn temperature rice this. Two point Jason points. If if you handed miles a piece of French fried chicken. As it is actually ended up on my foot before one of the friar would you turn it down it's now now it's not beautiful gonna hold not a counselor and enough. Another criminal files to the justice of the Internet a man in Georgia has been arrested on animal cruelty charges after he shared a video. Of him force feeding a goat cocaine and whiskey. They have come on myself gaffe it's kind of now kind of messed up to edited. What it was one of his friends. Put an avid inside the ghost knows the need to help the goats mouth open and Ford wins you write down its throat Jesus Christ those like a vendor in Vegas. I would they do that to me and let there be some appreciation for another go fear not after the arrest rate note of all time. The go to the video was taken to an examined by a van and was given a clean bill and determined to be a brand new thoroughbred race war. He was a little bit it Jeannie was shooting us sailors and that's good. It's an idea that they got a balls slogans platinum iron there are they there's a dog dragon was for generic. Okay and then it's a Greyhound track and it's been since. Suspected for years and they've until they finally got busted a few years there Coke and I hell out of these Greyhound dogs Greyhound dogs don't bark. They generally get too excited about much. So to get them fired up to run not only after the fake rabbit but they're they're all girl jumped up to lease they were the Boston like 45 times damn not surprised that. So he said like no I'm not allowed to give your dog cocaine like no no no no cause to much. I'm Dana we've already discussed this if you have cocaine is all for you that is what I know aliens and reckless and I know sounds bad the thing I can't believe people horrible so. Doing something to go to it if I'm not shocked but I cannot believe the symbols of a man I got enough extra blow. Right right and we'll get mad they relate to Gray's neighbor down the street to sort of moved on in flight love him to go give it to really over here. That's that's really just wanna what do they expect from adult what was the reaction on the go that they wanted giving it cocaine and those who just gonna fly now figured just that hammered at that point average or try to play your cocaine and it's expensive and I'm sorry what happened. But you jump has brought and a new Mars fell to replace the hourglass why is this news know what he's lucky charms no one care that's Tucker I lose my guitar jamming cell well my kids the luggage armed lucky consulates so I we may never know that's a great headlines back fight back Shanghai labor jails in ice time for the word whose Sox last another and a profile that symbol drink it tells with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all through the meantime we gave me how. Alan yeah. But we shall return until then please do what you do best. And poorly they think it's. Do I.