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Tuesday, February 23rd

Our final interview with Chris Cornell

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Ladies and gentlemen live in studio the one and only Chris Cornell Chris. Thank you you're gonna have problems that you just you just honest to god you just Cayman you don't really you're not really promoting anything. Now it's clemency. That is why you hear me and an army look. Any time she some likely ninety in the movie world there is a book is they record negatives are whose movie you've ever done. As well Chris and Annika I am just here who's gonna. This you really have no friends is that purposes yes that's when it was us via its what is and calm you know hopefully you'll be my friend did is no check out to listen. We went to this report shows and helping them. In this studio right now we all recognize real ugly is at least talented man that's gotta be today I mean it's just Korea. I don't sex for I hope this music they were so accurate title bout some. Real quick so yeah. A bit of Baltimore back in the day and sub pop when yes for some some pops up populate a mailer thing and so my body had signed a four outs chains muddle album's sound so. We thought about the zone and no deal this among indie rock band. Yeah and we just put out a demo on cassette and has some friends OK so. They want to hear demos on C got miles and you've had similar words in college football so. We put the cassette in the deck and I run upstairs to take a week and I come downstairs and publicly given me the thumbs up to more announce there. We put in the wrong got into sentinels and flower. So the book before I was saying. The guys that. Yeah particularly like everyone ridicule real complimentary wine. But it's not a man so we reached out flower market. And a pop artists and her. They were being nice yeah clearly the reaction was so different natural got to look it doesn't. Why are we don't require or don't and a new put wrong got into sex there all the crap you got kicked ass Mike that is not just no different now I don't nada promotional Bittermann. This one because it's like yeah I feel that that it's memo were friends in almost we'll talk of an athlete finalists up for them and only that we heard data sneaking in the building and how how life is it your life like that I mean are you lie again on the though. Dick mingle at the Ramada inn I mean you have to kind of go around the NBA or whatever you know like I got the name obviously there's a thin like you have to be having into your life gonna have to be elect another way that. First one and I'm like that guide their money not that not really I'm in now. You can get yourself to walk around I mean you gotta yeah I've I've always and I mean that's who I lived I wouldn't have hosts 3736. And a 36 and I. And I remember once I stop gone to sports bars you know which was my. It. Everything is fine and I walk a dog I'll let you pick up or blew by mean you have that I I remember wandering around Seattle in the oh it's kind of like I look at it like. Do you or don't you draw attention to yourself. And and it's sort of upped it to the person like of prince goes into a place yes yes people around him. And you see all that first and you know you don't know it's prince but you know it's somebody that he should have and and now I'm I've. I remember meeting Fred Durst one time I met him one time and there of there were like five guys. Debt debt look like that can be the defensive lineman NFL team and they and then behind that wall comes this guy and in the hand comes out to shake my hand say hi to me. And I thought if you want if you want no one to mom to bother you. Just lose those five guys and no one's gonna know to know who you are. And think of Fred dirt is another against the guy but I mean he just looks like the average broke. We've got capped by Jarrett you know that he can walk out into any huge bag bark and no one back to the sport no right I mean but I would notice that and I know who the guy is but I would not know well America's he looks like they're the fight ever last walking through Philadelphia like. You go girl and they where lawyers Peter chin strap. Don't know Obama's America. Room. Purple trench coat down. You know like prince he probably would see if you didn't have the five guys he might need five guys by most who probably mostly to prince he did he did nothing prepares you couple years going back some serious like version via does he call. His friend colleague Chris. Integrity he hates it when you'll do his songs member Israel or what are held and Tom Jones did kiss I mean there's there's there's a lot of good covers an amateur so insulting when someone exactly I mean come on already successful takes time to pay tribute to you because they feel gracious about some guy like Johnny Cash soon rusty cage had to sit back and go oh man yeah that was amazing you know I told them and you think why can I am not interpreted that way. It has happened I was actually I was asked to interpret it for Johnny Cash and and I remember saying after it's a tried to step for a couple of hours of this is actually kind of stupid idea. And nice I can't do it this I don't really understand whatever it is you're thinking is gonna work. And then I heard the version that is that a smarter person did that. I was over vacant head. It's amazing goalie wears are both currently about that thing about this Johnny Cash so you put out and so on screen night in and misses and just keep in mind this is a quote from true right orbit tweet herself and he says you know that feeling yet would somebody embarrass themselves so badly you feel comfortable heard Chris Cornell record Jesus that's pretty certain. Keep this in mind realize there are stationed on this stage. Replay Johnny cash's rusty cage and replay Johnny cash's hurt. No one complains will replace some gardens rusty cage and Bravo to make it dead true statement. When we played Nine Inch Nails or I want the president this I like bandits tomatoes they are I like it but move every time we play the younger generation. They call and they tweet them if they and they are his stall Google. I can't believe for a restaurant disrespect Johnny Cash likeness whose cover in this site are there are now on the yeah I really that this is the guy let your row makes them. People don't like his version of his own god damn song and are mad at him for crapping out memory of Johnny Cash and I'm like yeah. Well that's that's that's exactly what that illustrates why prince gets upset because. Mean to me but I saw him do he was saying that the calm like there's an O'Connor song you're nobody knows that's in my song and it. Well what I say is that. What makes him what puts prints in the category of The Beatles or Bob don't is that someone like her camera career defining song. Will with a song that he wrote. Yeah and and I used to happen all the time yeah doesn't happen anymore no doubt early seventies he doesn't Nielsen deck a song I mean you could governor cap I mean a hell of an and then matter how many ever it was ten songs like daydream believer was being done by nine different people want different things that would give princes argument of parental like a songwriter of the no new but I borrow you. You have an entire catalog that spans decades no one doesn't know you'll are you were thoroughly appreciated her thoroughly respected so there is 82 men that you may have to come. Blew up every by the way I held it was the regulation. My dogs and uncover The Beatles are good drive my car for the new Netflix be bugs in the guts the what did you do you look Dylan when you're out as Ernie is there anybody that you wouldn't cover his or any song is or stairway like when you walk in the guitars and are no stairways are. Is there Chris Cornell version that we like in a lot. I'm just not gonna cover so. I'm on things. That I I don't ever get chances of them is a lot of time Bob probable ever play but I don't think there however rule. Of not doing. Have you have you seen the guy that they have the dresses up like an old guy old man and he goes out to the city basketball courts and he just schools everybody. Say put my prosthetic makeup on me on it goes out is gray hair wouldn't like to look at this old man Eagles and he just doesn't he thought about doing that for like karaoke. In other words they put you would make a flat. Yeah I mean like you are the karaoke ringer. Know in the like this old crippled guy maybe McCain can FA going up on the stage and in just due out on the Jesus Christ pose or. The day I tried deliver to them like that just to see the reaction from the on May tell you site. Yeah you know clearly short guys this old guy really could Nelson. Some salad she she put me in just. I did I didn't I wasn't now. I was dressed up goodness walked up and servicing carrier okay and they said the sold guy to relieve nasal area you have done karaoke. Now I have an actor never have I know that's what I'm saying I don't you are the ringer. Do you sit there carrier I mean what an observatory is about to the pipes or have been for decades and you know this in Newbury claim that I just. I don't have a good singing was in the city through karaoke is just a stupid idea. Because everyone up there has about my talent and there's a reason while we don't do we you do and it's because we can't acting singing. I'm telling you. Just go to karaoke bar listened to and I'm telling you what to appreciate your so you can have a newfound self respect for your own good you I mean do you appreciate your voice didn't do you know how good it is or do you take it for grant. I'm I sort of look at it as. It as an instrument like come like a reed instruments saxophone something. Except that the human voice. Changes you know it changes not just not talking about like overtime talking about like I've called this week. Or it just changes anyway I am I even in my twenties notes that would be onto a wake up 1 morning and in warts and visited him for. So I don't really think about it too much had to sort of try to do the best I camp that with that day. And then in the long run I think I made changes. You know to not be completed you know like stop smoking them. Com or how many instruments do you play and I know your plea you're doing billing you got your plan harp. It marked the harmonica. I mean usually you got all these. And and how I can't speak instruments do you play. Count them all. For any great and I play guitar every single day and I am and I'm okay area. But I start I picked that up as a song like on our knees just write songs sound garden was already banned forever to its guitar. And the answer is very cool. Like when I touched a guitar and said well I got this part guys and and I'm showing a guitar player and I and their play guitar. The reaction was actually really positive right away it was very encouraging like oh that's really cool from here doing that instead of but that thing down right com. If you're embarrassing yourself is that didn't happen. Athletic courage and you can and that and that that loss on a songwriting kind of became the thing for me it was more so than being a singer or a front man I don't know. But like. Creating the music of your band. Because when you're a musician in your on your teenager in Utah that. The ideas that oh in common abused them the best of whatever my position is and then some amazing man is gonna come along and they're gonna put me in their band. And then at some point you realized that's never gonna happen and and and you want a cool band that sounds cool that has great songs you got to sort of figure out how to do that. And that's been my focus since like 1980. For his play bad re writing the songs creating you know Clinton this kind of puts them to another religion almost a writing a soundtrack to some things. It kind of create and then over the over the course of decades you can change about it but that is like more exciting. I want to recognize you more exciting than sing you annoy everyone in this room and and and here's why so. There are huge fans I didn't expect it does not like his bring you make we sit and listen up because you can take a Bailiwick nickel back and this is about the band the globe. But check Kroger snuggled record number wasn't. But it is chicks it's got a mic Jack who women notorious this is one of the sexiest man and I and I get to say that we carries himself but but honest to god. One of a policeman evermore and his make up what is God's way. And then here's your Reza you got the look twitches and little. It's them all but didn't get the pipes and seed may have ceremony. That pisses me outlook like look. You can be cleansing your ass off you can be good looking and regular duty got him thing but then also lyrically I think you're one of the most poetic writer's part Broncos. Es I knew that it worked great friends and who is gonna we're not good everywhere we go here if things don't like here's a good looking guy I agree I'm Bernard poetic with a right your son marijuana might they were bamboozled times' Seoul stops outstanding play you know that you. Because the rest of us ugly and a talented at doing that people and many will put us on TV that's where you were elegant. Olin walk of airport Gillick Rick Springfield. Now Monica. It's really knew what does that mountain last amigos were in town. Matt's son got up and played. And then just this past year in the past year. You got a chance to bring your daughter of time and play Agassi played for a school performance or assembly or something like that before you bribe in the and that was her by herself I'm Brooke courted. The guitar and she sang to that CD also showed up kind of the first time in Europe on states together it's you know it is two miles pulled the video and easily do. She's got pipes in yeah got to be guiding their daughter has a beautiful voice I don't have it like she is she has she's had no fear of doing it. I remember the beacon theater in New York City I know and and around the I was on the same age. Ice ice saying like a school assembly at my school. You know some that they put out a sign up sheet forum and I thought all sign up for that I'll sing a song and then the day of the assembly and I've remember picking. Hell's I think if it assists and I'm gonna stand in front of the holes and I just migrate but the whole school so I was terrified. And this is the the big guy had two shows and in a row and I took a trip to kind of talk her out of that because I thought. You know the first time you step on the front of people stressing now everyone's filming and put me on the ground YouTube and people are gonna kinda scrutinize it pitches my daughter. And is a known ago and and a little undergo the first and second nine I was kind of trying to talk her out of that to those in. You know we can do we can do sound checks for a month and many can come up. And exams you practiced in redemptions. A handful of times but you know we did a sound check so she was on the stage and she and I'm wonders who feels endless conflict. Am she'd she got pissed. Oscars she could see where I was are not just like you're not gonna let me do it and I found now he's now it is. But I was super nervous she came out and now to a nerves at all. She grows in Michigan at least you have lineman Allen in those annulment and this is there's a couple years back a camera knows I was in the office Watson of your your what your performances. And Mike Steve compare you brought your brother. In your brother can sing and play entirely new like so happy medium and that's not at all like compare for a minute look at death even Brothers go into the habit. And he was hectic yeah that I feel bad for him you mean like I'm real good to my Brothers Chris Cornell it's the what. It as far as your tour this year. It was kind of I thought those. Interesting year but the but the tough year he had let me passing away there goalie Glenn fry Scott why island and you'd say hello to heaven for Scott when you're in Australia. Button I guess she normally you know would do that for Andrew and in the matters. You got into some mad season in the it just seem like a lot of heavy things happen when you're out there that situation happened in France is just a lot of weird stuff going on when you were. I'm on tour was that did did that. McKenna well affect what you did onstage in the songs you did it. I think the news the one that really affected me and probably everyone in the audience is what happens then and pairs Vietnam. Few years I played that that same theater a couple years back doing the acoustic show that I've been doing around here. And you know normally when someone lamented. Horrible thing like that that after the tragedy and in the and then you're going onstage that night you go out and nuke you address that you talk about it and you try to say something column. You know it is that either you sort of flooded with emotion and your pissed off and you and you yell and scream that it's a situation where. I felt like I don't think I really want to bring this up now why now. There's an audience sitting in the seats the same way that audience was sitting in those seats watching Eagles of death metal just you know innocent people out trying to. Relax and CO rock show and and and you know forget about the day from then that's all we were guilty. So I didn't talk much about it that was the first time in my life I can think of a situation like that where I don't have anything to say about it because it just seems like. What do it's not some for anybody to think about while they're sitting in the same situation. In almost like here too close to it. So it was again what do you said. They aren't you know aren't at the same and in situations like that and people take to Twitter may dole and ours is called an absence easily. We all recognize what happened to them you're not going to say anything that we don't already right now and it's horrible we understand what's with you can't get past I mean what are you gonna. And also on that and maybe this is. That at its sum and happen if and when. When Kurt died at the time I think people considered me someone was so somewhat to capture her and I don't know why. And that they didn't know me they weren't friends and like you are and the and that French man. And I was getting calls is that into effort to spin and abuse where there there I think the kind of wanted to hear somebody say positive thing and I remember saying. There's enough there's no silver lining to it to this in and around that there's enough nothing good I have to say about it this guy's a hole. Ultrasound soften it via when you going to say to make this does it now and is a changer you're just I is even remember. You back on what would happen the great white. You know we've all been in those bars and those close either bring him you know we've all been in the situation we all like when you don't have a way that would go to C great way no I disable it well I'm sorry man I know what happened and just say I would that's been my needs but you used in time inference. Now you know you and as in the camera writers and that's what I would have to guess and his two little bit harder met my wife there my kids there. And the actually. Person close to us was supposed to be at that show and just ended up that that. Then they didn't. But we at no time Alice in Chains merged I was working for Eagles of death not only work for a number of bands that he was the guys who was there act. Did you hear about the stumps and when we do are you getting phone call I mean to me that be the ones like I hear about it on the news on Jesus like I was common I have heard a bulls watching TV. In such recording studio that there. My camera. I had just be. Unbelievable. As mr. Jones guys you know in situations. The situation is stupid and dolphins pathetic enough and thus the world relive and right now by. Just so much different when someone you know yeah you know I mean just out of the same thing happened at a different ratings. Well it says it's is that it was pretty adamant and in some. You know it's neighborhoods this you know and it's it's a city known him and and a lot of people there. And we knew right away that that. No one was specifically at that show that we knew. But that didn't make it you know that made it sort of less of an emergency. But it didn't make it to last until arsenal but yet you don't that you don't want white are okay no problem. Come and it and it's. It's tough it's that you. He because he also you know we've we've projected on com M and I which should it is we've we've sort of project and on whatever city we're in order a city we live in and I think com. You know. If you sort of have to amendment of especially for those of us that have kids out in the world com and no heat or children young enough where. You're going to be in position we've got to try to describe and explain what happened and why and on and only in you know how to explain why. Tried. It's. It easily got the grisly mapping like look man with a lot of that's right temporary that a vaccine that. Of the perfect explanation for really when gunfire and had a mission she she's not quite up almost one would she she does recognize the panel mortenson TV. They've got a somber under Saturday caramel Scioscia some excellent man you know. The thing about the world what you think that it grazing to Ryan don't like people are god damn crazy and they'll give you excuses. Prior to like a jackass but mr. Obama they're crazy about the negative the stuff happens yeah yeah of any individual stories but just good memories with Scott while under limit your Jeremy David Boe year. Glenn fry climate calamity it was a absolute gentleman. News from the very beginning in instances that I'm assuming grace guy. I'm David boy at same time line. Just. He almost summon a situation where it was of cover shoot for Vanity Fair music issues so so there you know Stevie Wonder was there and why and there are a lot of flow. Amazing people there but he he kind of went out of his way to bomb. To just kind of bigger body help make everybody relax and upright and looked relaxed approach it looked like and they feel a little Q what are now. And do you won was amazing to you know just this everybody was relaxed and and but he went out of his latest make sure that that everybody felt cool you know the younger people were there at the moment. Be terrified that they're going to be in a picture with you so long as you don't younger than you have what happens. I. CNN do you feel younger when you guys get back together and start sound garden even doing your thing and it's. It's one thing and I get back together with your group for now we're grown up it's nothing has changed from that from the time that I was 21 we are doing a except for that knows somebody kind of reaches for the Advil on stuff you know. Forty minutes and do well everyone's kind of stretching. They get that old man back moment where you just slightly move in and suddenly your cringing and and turnover yeah. Is Ben Shepperd always grow. My belief is that the man is always he might not be in a bad mood is just his general game as the educator for an interview only that we voters it's gonna colossal. He didn't feel apparently you like to go yet and there is no good you'll ever I don't I don't forget about my well being about him that he's not I think. He has you know he he probably. Compared companies. Minds. And bodies heal so. He can be like. Very exit Adam. He gets I don't he goes on stages goes crazy and a non IE he's somebody boots that is definitely. A joyful dialogue. That you can now are on I don't. Yeah. You only have to. I'm I'm also you know that the it's a relative sort of observations. Considering that our nickname was frowned garden monopoly. Scrabble and is still way as yeah he beat them. Compared to me you know that that's the best they can do. That's I want to match. Seems like an idol guy or mood swing Kenoy Kennedy opera now up to bend to see him steady angered. Give just seemed steady like I don't you know I let out satellite I don't know I'd like rounds and rounds and I sound like bins his solo album I don't know can had a weird Tom Waits kind of groove to it it was actually I like really good speller. Pity and and their hater albums are fantastic and very different and each other. Lindsay he's. Minutes what Venice super creative time can come and Honda I don't think that's unusual for a creative temperament. Sometimes appears though. Murder room. That is as general partner. But it does is it is or is there a time period for you guys or do you just guys start riding in and you know when you know. We're yeah we're. I think one of the things. Was a factor in its common splitting up in the first Christmas the ever panther clock on Latin and you know the it was a time period where I guess in a good way. It was the music business was still pretty healthy and and you know he just her hero was in the cycle of recording and promoting inventory. Or writing recording touring. And we were late for everything all issues. Half showed up at the you know we we would sit down and these meetings we notably not having meetings because of it was so awfully Hannity calendar and from 4000 smoke put a red X on the date that we are gonna start. The promotional tour for the Elmo we have not started to write yet. And so now. We don't we just right when there's known real blues no discussion really at all about one that's become now. And you got the news we just we just write songs and it doesn't happen any. Faster or slower it's just seems like it's more relaxed sure. And when you take your ugly on talent and as out of here you're headed to the studio to begin right. The only artist certainly been an important equipment this is the pour house now so knowing. They organ and a new saw him and and light headed to mr. we have some ideas port. And I think you're gonna appreciate it'll poke I can tell by your face and her friend moved into. So the thing plays a remark about what do we don't have I know our. I've mood by then it will bond we have it's a roller coaster ride of emotions that but what if you're gonna start writing and are appealing you should you should let the listeners don't hate us just your debenture shall we start to think in ethnic. If you can just fit in to somewhere late in the music in them this much. You know it's just it's the small tree right like younger Internet users are gonna here for a mother that a mom a daily coverage bloggers here AB and as for my little mom though I am thinking of me and I want to I you can do a couple of you know she hated her mom did. She did I got an early innings he had no idea why does she to ever hear what I don't know that it can happen because you get on all learned that early onset and forgot to hater I don't know I don't know if you believe these are occur overnight and just a week. She's sweet but I say yes I've seen looks sort of the documentary is about her mom. And the sky and it marks but the how many physical work like Arenas enemy yet properly and that we not it's in there. What I want is to look that mean I won't tugged my year for you visited there. He's talking at these artists and now there's apply I don't know what I think it was for me. But we're watching YouTube videos for the next three years and you're out there was at that concert the outlook due to work towards sausage into ozone. Man it's not done much of you wanna bring new ground. Do you to direct a derived purely giving black grains are there any songs it'd just been there for a bit not on the surface but just kind of in their for a number of years of almost. Almost been completed what did you guys do you know anyone out there so you worked out in the last when it like I wasn't really ready to go but you guys had that near Kellogg as well com. We tend not do that it won't but we will be. Those kind of resurrect a really old idea I can dollars a song. I try to write lyrics for probably during the down inside. Summer sessions and a I have exodus of the demo went home and who and who's Kim song. On guitar and I just kind of played it recorded an ominous and overnight I hated so much was embarrassed by an airplane for anybody. So then now and then my hero working in Kenya and moan and conserve plan that idea again I remembered that and so the next head it was just try to try to not remember. What I was singing because it was so bad so I sort of ignored him and wrote a whole different thing and and then. Turned out a lot better and that I don't know I was like fifteen years later so it's a song on the site at least fifteen years now. And in being completed the most of the time. We we will have plans to kind of keep working on some that we didn't finish but them much and united is common in those that in infielder it is off in this town. There and the things. When you say that you socked in all going on. How bad could be immediately and I understand the bad no one's ever heard of that mean. I'd just I don't know but I know what I'm sorry maybe I got out of go to I think it's. I think. From the perspective of you your version of something being a bear some horrible would be a lot different than a lot of people. Isn't is under body more what to Seoul stops on Arnold and there's a consistency. Your lyrical ability voice all the rest about styles looked liquid news element. This is embarrassingly bad I think the rest of what's going to pretty got him good man. I think you learn over time because the I think that was the bad for your writing sessions I started working elements songs along more room catered and songs and and remarks. We we got into a backhand and and I was like hey guys here's the book has the songs and working on. And and I've been working hard for months. And some happens like I was too isolated maybe amateur but do wo wants them the very beginning of the very first songs started. With other people in the room special my band mates in the room I knew I realized. All the stuff it's awful it's awful and and then they you know they listened to all of and you know there trying to be supportive but was pretty quiet and I realized OK this is awful and I most of those songs were scrapped. And every row and one of them or Marie arranged at the most the songs were scrapped now. You fast for a couple years. Going through. Going through those songs are going back and listening to like dat tapes of old stuff. Why didn't wanna I wanna do and those are NFL like you know we kind of got this wrong this would have been a good song or most of them. Realized known this was definitely bad in I was a mistaking it for an not bad and that hasn't happened much sense but I definitely went down that road is like screw me up enough to where. If our problems and work him early on it properties. Do you. 1100 became a little I don't know if you're isolated severe everyone's gonna use but did you do you have a collection of stuff that you can throughout the years of his or stuff that you have kept in boxes that like look in Iowa all of tapes of demos in the markets for correcting problems even as dazzled as the American girl embarrassing truth in points. Man I hope you you need to display now why is back album of quorum to say look man this is what we spared. This was the stuff we thought the united in the well here in it and I think to be an interesting thing and a thing of the balls and thing that most people. Like even if you watch outtakes of movies go and visit deceived we thoughts out there but I think you'll be addressing that to get respectable bay has been successfully you guys bands that Heyman. These are things we tried it just didn't work here's an islander Leo it's always it's always gonna happen when your golf. Say I am not gonna release. That Chris Cornell law that basement at this point it's not out playing man to either gonna tell like your daughter hey look man would never no matter what. You're in charge do not let this and a bronze I'm dead at arrowhead. What I. I got handle on him to my docs that's just stuff from the basement and and that. I mean that that's that's the reality show formula the railroad show formulas to us is to just see people squirm on camera pretty much like the contest shows. He wants some Q1 triumphant moment here and but they like through the guys in Alaska for example I can like some of that is interest things like that what they do and how they can do that and but a lot of minister is like a Micah America look at that guy in Alaska and viewed croatians who Dennis and M that's entertainment or arm. You know it is. A contest show where it's like that you know some want sentencing is amazingly it's rampant in some comes out and it's really off form where do you live in LA right. Of a New York August between York Miami come. Is a low calorie elderly show though and just by living there I mean just by being there and take my head more reality. Of Miami a big Miami few times now. In New York is just whoever the hell you arms go do your thing and nobody care. In Miami. I am definitely the ugly is personal matter and I don't think we're looking worried over. I was stunned by leaps and bounds a Miami man that idea. Our coverage of the Miami. Yeah and a level of thought to myself as and that but I in ounces it's a different thing when there are those discount them. Raising your kids and their your forum land in Iran we don't go to clubs at night and there's so I don't go to the the gym. And clearly. What happens to Europe air mine I got I don't actually evil might be it does feel about it it's not gonna dominate this kind of goes more than dime bag are tired of everyone I know looks different mind I mean your eyebrows were amazed and I don't white suit. You know white suit Mao T I think if he had yet to have a white suit a few of them are really surpassed only as I don't know the only need clothes and mine. Close only work any kind of baggy shorts and flip flops and got a great have you gone and q.s taken that drive down the highway one and not seen any of that stuff down there. No limits out so actually Provo with. Photographer friend of mine in to come the middle of nowhere to do a photo shoot and we're driving back and there are two wild pigs on the highway tunnel. And and that's that's for service in mount diablo pigs let's seems reasonably babies now. Was mama around that is now NC mamma M and now there was almost ran over him. On any alligators suggest to deal with in your property. Now that we don't have any gators somehow property Oka now. Not yet odd odds hours just don't see my dad and a Naples and gators are everywhere everywhere member of like anyone else trying to figure out they had a there's not delivered tornado Alley they shut off the public's parking lot because they had the Gator patrol they're like wrangled up a Gator in a parking on amen corner and that hill and the grocers and publics. Tomorrow exactly what I'm it's one of the stranger interaction Damaso what you said and you walk somewhere maybe people recognize some crews have been. Mike what will be when these strangers just kind of not like after a show would mean hell out understands our boats are gonna call for Andrews is starting did. Well no part of the strangest one I can pick about the time and I was in Stockholm. In in the restaurant. Of the hotel. On tour I think it was obvious that time and mine mine young wife is with members there and now a guy. American consensus sits down next to me. On your table no but and that kind of next to next to us and tell my toes and keeps looking up at me like you recognized in and I think OK recognizes Maine is millions Americans Oprah and doesn't Johnny. Surprising thing yeah at and what what you just described kind of but that he'd be he's the he keeps that amount of final look at them like let's get this part of what. And not. He says he's the boss with a pat you can thought yeah Anna and I didn't understand a question as an executive is getting where grace's show only eat the boss or write your Bruce Springsteen and and I I was wearing Connell a black overcoat like sort of Jersey look in my old thing in but but I've. You well you're an American guy that obviously grew up in the United States and you look at it may and your thing and I think I'm Bruce Springsteen how do you how does that happen. The equipment and I don't want this respect you I got a lot of Johnny Depp though and I got a lot of well horse thing there somebody thought Dave Navarro rob and Rio is ugly mug. He's the ugly side of a victim reportedly to reject and I was a Miami got him and this sushi ship it to a meeting sushi bar. And every time my glance at the shot he's. And every single time big smile and you realize you're door back and annals I don't know that's disrespectful and but plea now you just back because he. And regardless of the when it comes up against him this is Obama and he goes I know your. But the show up over there really excited to hear what one. You'd think you're Dennis rod which is just a fitness at least some of the bridge I thought man do you get to Britain's got depth and I did in the province and those provinces it will cool would take away his. But Edmonton no this suspect do you but I appealing to anyone walks up to anyone believing that this Bruce Springsteen. No matter who use that you are you going to the via her just like act and Chris Cornell back there that's why this is that's where I said yes in fact I am really understand and accept connections. I start iron out of there you go man we appreciate you coming in thanks thank you.