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Listening to. He's thrilled. Make your consultants are standing by for another edition of profile this profile this is coming up in mess. And we got your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not working on hearted turn that you can't use the new Amazon key service that lets delivery drivers in your house. If you have a pet they can access the dark. We'll. The guy a make sense I knew we were talking about that yesterday. And I'm sure there's a long list of stipulations on American service. Again there should be Derek Jeter gad damn house. It just. It's inevitable that does get attacked him it's done and get out for the cats. Parents and relatives the bit and as they haven't you honestly tell you your pair roaming the living room to breathe it all the door to paralyze it doesn't like the little dog cage. Both look good a lot of Amazon lockers in places and in the because of familiar with these but if you don't feel secure about the area that impact is being dropped off there is like a room full blockers you go targeted ship there. And then you just basically go in the Lamotte euphoria and give your package. That's actually good idea right around now. Good old holiday season yet there's one there's one of my ability that I mean I get that you can punching your code into that I have but. I don't know just the idea of letting people in your home team. Wildly you responsible. Yeah I think about when they give you put a lock my August camp a lockbox up front what to think the best thing you know people I was take everything. You know I've fat. Mouth don't forget to call a lock box comment strong strong box to rule. It's a strong box. Yemen is just a cool way to say it safer and pretty much that you keep yourself in there. That women the Roberts from your house and it would just take the safest walkout at that from a good stuff it's going to be strong there you go strong threat. A woman in Indiana decided to play the lottery for the first time last week. And immediately won 5000 dollars. First time my first time be the first time there McGovern I mean other people they'll spend their entire lives were in the stretcher they well everywhere radio and they won't. Aren't able to I tell them off. Fisher won't if. If that is still walk through the parking lot to Baltimore Ravens gave for the game ahead of the Maryland lottery Indy would go to just different tailgate and hand him a few scratch off so I. Now the problem is effectively I'm working for the lottery in that moment I can activities scratch and we won't go to tailgate and he would just say got a name of the body. Hey want to Hydro debt debt and obviously everybody was good stretch you know hard it is to stand right to some of scratches and often does have a one time. Woman hit for 101000. Dollar and. Well I got thinking this is unbelievable I'm Mike bitch I want to step. You know how annoying it is to stay in the ladies like JUN that the out of bounds with 1101000 goddamn dollar sale of Mike here's what's gonna happen one day that guy and radios gonna hit that scratch noted. There's gonna throw huge parties and he's only gonna vita a select number of people. Does he hit it for only fifty dollars and if you think it is nothing media can't afford to provide overdue dog yeah. But now and my buddies and I have always had this conversation because there's one person who can't. It's who doesn't actually but I think it really gets a loan from us. And the world is wondering. He's not gonna tell you we donated five bucks to hit the Lotto. If he actually hits and now oh and I leading Dallas. Until that event who ended the if you don't OK if not you you do it alone a five bucks I played a lot of from somebody and you hit that you hit a multibillion. You going to try to barge about they've got to be the guy that just him five dollars of that winning money back I get content and just to go abroad if you'd wanna give them with a small ability. Mike did you take so I'd vote for him Majoli fifteenth right it's always it's that guy that always comes money like he is not paying back more. Bracket you're gonna get in a back seat to five dollars would do is still the bad and it's a Politico says. I've got to look with a lot. It's crazy like the Mega Millions. You know when I talked to my mom she's that you buy tickets for us in a different state a much shore but you'll only get a million. Just get extra maybe you could definitely zip and then if she wins in her home state I get in the. Gated in writing like it is okay answer Evans noted notoriety drive game right. A group from medical unit in Massachusetts since a 1:0 observed eastern standard time anymore. They wanna jump one hour ahead and observe daylight savings time all here around along with Maine but it won't happen unless several other states New England do it I think we should although it. Like why do we do daylight savings time it no longer applies to the farmers and all that mountainside. So doesn't serve a purpose and and one thing that they note twice a year as how much money. That was losing productivity as a result so my question is. If there's something that doesn't serve a purpose and it is well documented well noted in what would grievous harm to those countries amazing among themselves and everyone agrees. That this is kind of a dumb idea. Why do you keep doing I wrote the bill the proposal is in Boston he's like man. Look at them out of one though it's 411 and his dark outside that was African mines short but this is stoked it investor. We get to the point I'm here like sometimes like reading emails or gets dark. And I think it is a little warning it's dark she's got to me for no purpose. At all faith. Fluid on. According I and you know what I think they gave yet that's going to be one of those stupid things right we're doing about what we can search engine it's it's really forward to ignore the rumors and amendment of the ten changes necessary. There isn't one of those times edited my oats and according to a new survey the drag William vampire. Glued to get a goal role on the outside and yeah maybe I like to drive home when it's dark. You are creepiest and that sounds terrible I now. Oh moments and I'm working. Sensitive about it about driving around inch hole and people want is dark and mean you know at a home and start and I feel like it's dark. It does is move on according to a new survey 66% of people think they'd be better at their job if they got more sleep. Okay boy whose fault is that. Go to bed earlier about your phone away throughout the television there's all kinds of tips that are well I don't get a better job balls above what more. There are okay. Go solve that a look on the Internet for how to get to sleepers to Philadelphia and if I think I think that at. They thought lighten your phone liberty. A forty year old man got arrested in Indiana after he tried to raise another car and it turned out that it was an unmarked police for us please produce. You cool people race in on the highway. Yeah. If he's not right for Indian. Now to about right or anywhere for the most part how unmarked at the top card where you don't even suspicious of it. I'm mark my. Well the thing is that all the money. Said that this is not a cop cars. They usable three I think I'm the only good guard mental look at the force would go whatever hell they want they want it if they're tactically looking for that type of behavior. They'll get that they'll get a Subaru with a with a hell those things WR WR actually get some things like that just to be able to put themselves in the situation erased. No one's gonna raise you you're driving a Lincoln. Our people up and Honda Civic it's all souped up. Chances are it's game on right if I got a thin in the back I think I can fly isn't that the general idea of doing those. I have no idea. Well if it is a thin on the back boiler you believe you can fly what he saw a Whitney Houston's. Afghanistan and the fans can't get that happened to these don't ask me why. And finally please send an unexpected person in the driver's seat of the car that they were in high speed chase went on sale was announced. Now that you are not headlines are coming up one hour from now first the game goes off. True precepts. Siva prohibitively so everyone now profiled this is played at Georgia and miles it's that simple game where we Sarah you real wide news story. Something that happened right here I'm blended her. Or. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. The less good it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Perry welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah I thought wow I'd Terry Terry you understand how this you're games away. I am all right here is restore in this case we go to Cincinnati Ohio. A thread Florida we've given you dale. We go to Cincinnati Ohio were shocker to Ohio track I now look it's the backup it's the first run around Ted it's it's the second story. Same division. There's one man down that. Opted that your hero guy he walked into a gas station and he pretended. But he wanted to buy one new can of Milwaukee's best one can but he was actually there to rob the place you pulled out of box covered stood quote. We can do this easy way or the hard way but it turned out that the hard way it was not all that hard to lose now from the guy that he was trying to rob. See when the suspect trying to topple over the counter the cashier ran out from behind to register and immediately started throwing punches and knock this dude how cold. In fact the suspect was still lying on the ground and the cops got there. Many showed up to the cords on crutches and with a series black guy. He's facing charges for robbery and assault turns idea five all the robbery convictions including one for holding up the same gas stays in 2005. Or Mike would play off spot so the question is do you believe that the suspect got his landscape is black white Mexican or each. I only. And he. He'd probably like eight. I like you'll be here but us all the surveillance video and it is brutal I mean he goes around he hit this guy wants. And obviously he connects. And then he hits them again and he connects and that he hits in the third time any drops him. And basically he gets over top of the guys as he could just eat he gets on the phone is trying to calm I'm on month but he wants to make sure that the guy doesn't get up and take off run. Yet so he's just got over there might have pt Ana analyst like aria he's out though and he's not gonna gonna announce just like the story says he's. He was not a doubt about it I haven't got knocked out got a got an act that we got the game and with the box cutter he's gonna rob the place. This is the second time and rob the store and ended twelve years but his five previous robbery convictions and you know I dress. I drank a lot of Milwaukee's best light need to light only of the beast he's landed at least the ranking look miles Palestinian going to be flight. Why are the same thing I ever thought he's beat there was regularly as Brad Cameron right in my hockey's best lighting the blue if look no yeah we were rattled east Indies like dead. In their thirties to now go over the v.s there was a third BBC stats and how they were talking about the Bible so I think he goes yeah he's gonna he's gonna get walking as best he doesn't. Got a box cutters correct Jonas probably jump over the town that's his method. And then it got behind a counter on the ground Sylvia beat mass. Is black white may see more Asian. You know I don't know why did just as the box cutter. Coming on Macs and Kim what do you think it. Hoping white. You as they would like Terry. Yeah I okay we're gonna find out if this guy goes Netscape was black white makes the or Asian next. Tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. How buzz and adjacent Cincinnati Ohio got to wonder out of gas station the gets all up in the cashier's face says we're gonna roll like this who do this for a good things and alana is that we can do this easy way or the hard way. So the catcher just basically be disaster and actually get there. Rob the store and so few others few times and they've I'm I'm apparently know him pretty well. Yeah he after he took a map ma'am but that's everywhere as you do you believe that the suspect the guy got his ass handed to him. Is black white makes you agent and as a man I'm Phelan all for the White House. You and I think he's playing. Issue at all. Slash. But I think crazy things. I saw the guys vote on who content that's. Now like you know what do you live from just didn't I visit Lucent will look the thing I was purple and swollen and you die is fit yet. He'll play the Fruit of the Loom great yet he took some rights for sure now prof David is not that that teach out day I. I think life is confined to countless hours in front of the talking and the presents. The mayor likes to tell jokes. Sometimes you know people like to make fun of other people and find that oh yeah if you mean. Now you have to be careful though is if you don't know that person well enough for maybe you've touched on a sore subject you don't want to get too far. That's our due to the face that. Yeah well that's the most people do it's gonna have respect. How. On its internal look at a sadly candidate at the upper right you can't see that you don't understand and their kids. I can't tell me in the car the that's funny. Anyhow Michael Irving is an area outspoken man if you know who sounds like he's always talking to a cute puppy. Don't want vulnerable on don't know who clerical job downpour don't I don't know who heard her beloved sooners girl does go to Google did it. All that does god look brutal over conflicts. Steve Smith second doesn't. He was a pretty intense stare when he played for the Carolina Panthers for years and of course and his career Baltimore the ravens. Britain plays and a career and yet who's read some of those sort of fiery guy. Basically here's the deal Ervin got a given him a hard time on this exchange. Irving is in the studio in LA Steve Smith is on our site of one thing in Baltimore Steve Smith is not. He's he doesn't find it funny. About keeping the defense fresh and speaking of fresh I hear Michael Irvin. Has something to say this Steve Smith once again as a whole. The drug business what. What happened. I got to plug that my wife loves you and she does better at new bestseller list. She's going to live music for the job but does the publicity really more on the fourth or fifth in the boggled. Yeah. Watch the video the man who FaceBook page Steve Smith is the does not crack a smile no he's not and it looks legit pits he's gonna be is that. So be about Bedford formula I go to bed nets are I've got rid Nowak. And if they're well aren't I broke Mike and I were talking about this if I could tell that Irving may have never spoken to his wife Blake. You know that's a very latest nasty way to kind of laugh like I go and open would you look like crap. I reckon you're all right levied. Are kind of laughed at I think by the end of it he's the most laughing nervously as Steve Smith of tell you watch a video either looks right in the camera music. I'm acute care I think that's funny about this in any broadcast and we'll work in sports in America Steve software doesn't Gabby used to work with the right at. If you review each other but I'm a stop bird Bob Obama Obama spoke reported for the book or be triumphs. Don't shoot your dad it's this is not usually that the give and take a broadcast I would be. And adding that he sniff out with this is his first year as a broadcaster. I know he puts all those who burst your flub like. On her. At this network were trying not to threaten to look directly during a broadcast deal could figure it out the notes are Steve Smith had smoke it it's our had seven. I'll put the word to Michael Irvin he didn't care for whatever happened at five Merrill layered together and then urban just couldn't help them get to know my hero. I also save my money on Steve Smith in that fight. I told miles during the office ago Michael urban district is the kind of guy he would talk S in the all day he's physically taller and bigger. I feel but it got it once he gets pop like only he talked but much Estes somebody's of size now. Just these are the match. Well you Michael Irvin he is. He stays in shape he runs he'd lived so you guys rip these causes six Baghdad the URS he just doesn't seem like together it's gonna win a fight against Steve Smith with good credit Steve Smith has been that guy who's not undersized but he is not one of those bigger receivers but he still played like the biggest guy in the field. So you have a kind of mentality like I don't give a anything. You gotta put your money on Steve Smith Ethel it's a scary when he says that like I've fully believe that Steve Smith means it. Need a generally. And I honestly right about this but at the theory it's like guy who's pretty and put money on and fight it's like. The got to get it's data real quick it was just just flat out stating what it is he wants to do. There goes on about ways that don't Donald regretfully brought magnet for I. People can probably go back digital TV each and I've been sort of the NFL network he supports the case ever goes when I get out there until your rapidly they'll probably hit the that's going to be an odd production mean please keep that moms that this truly hate our god bless you put it back on the field degrade and either one. I would never an outpatient they never I generally don't encourage triumph conflict. May have he pops him in the office beautiful met personally got a battle for the big stuff what do you have sort of been whipped away and get a review it not only all the plays on the field or questionable with a plays in the Booth. And the stick with football obviously sometimes you have games that are blowouts a little bit and then something exciting happens like say a cat runs on the field. No incentive. That's Halloween season so look look at this kid this is like tell you rent and high school exact a terrible or or extension. And let me get phase of just people around just look who look at the change of direction. Does it get cold feet and right here at the end she. Guys turns out equipment. That's way too much fun this one feel like we're just like you. Delirious dilapidated as a horse but keep somewhere. I. Honestly don't primetime game on the East Coast it's already late and on to blow up. Usually Al Michaels used really master that I don't know fifth through years of production meetings he found sub dornin but. Al Michaels back when he did Monday Night Football and entertainment overtime games it was not a bad game this is a game that obviously competitive. Yeah well that's true of 45 here in New York City and frankly I got to be ready toward end when Jesus Al darkness the field and after Garrett. I thank you so just aren't the bad you're cutting and by dinnertime. Well that's a leaders say like the cat in almost feeling on the play by play like that's not been that crazier Nia. But I I think late I I think Romo in minutes were just that bored by the Internet. Yes I'm glad romo's off the field in the broadcast Booth he is he's doing a good job to the media's had been in your Saturday morning Tony Romo brings a lot to the A I enjoy the games the calls. And on the opposite of new co workers like Steve Smith and Michael Irving. When you see pictures of me it's an Romo. It'll play diligent enjoying working that's pretty funny damned if you know after the broadcast not a teacher asks if you were to if you work with Phil Simms for all of and now you're just love it. You love and currency in my hip looks like he has a new hot little girlfriend a dog got Tony Romo let me better and kept them boring. The only downside I would say it's Tony Romo the few games I've watched them announce it's he knows so much he almost predict exactly what's gonna happen like. I don't look a bit but man they're gonna go outside streak in nearly and I get hit again and I understand that he understands completely Saturday which are right replied well. Emanuel the rest of this kind of guessing game like we know what they run play it but did you tell the direction of this guy's gonna do this and then it happened. Our whole army to watch the game really man you know yeah just over the situation what they're going to run. I do like Tony Roma and now he's not a cowboy anymore he's user. I just never liked academy merely the people in America since Clinton yet to Promos. It's continued to. He does that he's still at play indoor soccer all the time really in the offseason the that I think he got her once they are like a Tony. No more indoor soccer savior injury threw the football field detail that went qualified for the PGA tour instead he. There yeah very close while Mary always very close call. Innocent while he was playing. And he just did it in a year in the once summer really really practicing. Yeah that's impressive yet nobody is the business and like look man you have the skills to play on the senior store just keep playing. And then by the time you get there you'll be able to do that. Good for him and a super athlete. That annoys me a Bradley Cooper speaking French. Yeah. Our matches you to want to hang my god I'm good and everything I do gluten and I just can't help it just comes to how many women get sidetracked. All of whom are all right I'll take the vault of the native son and then ultimately writing year old runner. There are so overblown way to sixty you know takers. A lot of rich he is a judge on American Idol and amount to make him. These many things stand on the way to narrow down the one thing. Also a commodore. Probably the longest supporter of Jerker and won't play also does catch phrase the snub he trademarked the phrase you got stabbed. If you. Feel how old he can't he trademark catch phrase pick up the gut. Here comes the duck. What does judge did did you DA specifically did you correct so you think this he means it which shows an americanized and the other one trademark with here comes the judge Lionel Richie. I don't know while. Yeah I mean I used to like isolates him right up until you read that oddly enough you're wearing your for a Bob Ross on the front which Vanna White lie on a retreat. Yes. I just it just seems weird like here comes Dutch judge. But you'll final Ritchie who do you think departed Tate most of it purity knows he says the F out of and let me jump on mr. for the general public supported locker aren't represented in his jingle like any to catch for their he has put both hands and I think somewhere along the lines of recent hate and you shed a catch phrase or something and he is here comes the judge and they are like that it comes with all low yet easy balance taken. So is that art the government does go to their like Lionel. You get paid market. The fact that they just how I answer that went yeah probably so you rely on land nor does it come videos toderat will be. Amber in his team's credit I am somehow interest that now how he's gonna use it right is that he trade market. That would mean yes he used in the third person. So like hey I'm didn't sad for Heidi that somebody else is already. Made their ruling or whatever they think here comes the judge of the bottle Richie but it's about how you say right. Did you get our trademark could smell the rockets Cutler William am I gonna say you know he always said in the same way then it mattered because really what he says it was stupid. But because he said the ways that like all right so reliable like look man. The phrase itself not very inspiring so I hope there's some weird way did you do wurtman I think yes it's yeah I don't he's got to stand up. Spinning around like you know you've got to get up and Roche. That surgery had a knee still works that if he's right food and some I gotta go elegant with a they got straight mark you as of. I do do. Strip your ads his by the to it. So a lot of times I would never do this myself but sometimes there's challenges on ships and you have to eat some food or maybe drink something hot. I have done this many times a sleeper in up. So sometimes when you eat spicy food it actually does happen to us when to when we are working to Baltimore. And I took that teaspoon. The very hot salsa with that attitude. Frank it's a hot at that I believe it was one teaspoon for five gallons of liquid if you make and sometimes right to the point where miles of the tonight. Hate it are you okay yet I don't now know with you you may have died right. So basically the weighted checked to see we just kept knows so well where we're gonna have a segment. So the hottest pepper in the world right now at the Carolina reaper and I don't mean that. Figuratively I mean that literally this is it is the hottest pepper in the world. So they had eight they're making these chips now right. It's a think on the one chip challenge the regular channel two down in Denver they're reduce the white ship challenged south with the girl pew 2000 cheese diet the weapons. The hottest pepper. In the world I live. We have a deep voice got to explain exactly what we're gonna play their best subjects come expect short term loss of speech followed by extreme profanity heavy breathing enhance China's functions and Jim blurred vision from heat induced two years ago we heard. And consider yourself bringing down. See them I think I can go I don't know when they're ready by the way we're always going to do you have not been officially. I thank them if you do Ernie Bjorkman doing it go well Ernie yeah do you like channels at once you jealous crusted belt thing come on track chipper a note to borrow it get it. All. Oh come on you guys are the yeah. But I don't. You don't tip yeah all that that's what's got to tip island hole. Yeah I mean I had to file again and donated them hot narrowly losing your dress code that was grew up in a away with it looks very poorly jokes you know a clear out all the I did it help please she's got seriously you're a doctor did you know this. Let's go to break we come back we'll get Natalee together you know serious action a couple of prospects look up soon. She's Donna. On the news. And let me yet did let's go to break that I had for dinner your head of the airport allow five hours together older and a the guys who. You can tell you gotta heat in his mouth with you don't want something hurts you get a lot more irritable. They did he know just got it down Jared. Okay his mouth on my if you. How late but he he liked Philly until late late Charlie from it's always it is very little or regulate the yeah I don't buy some pants on you guys know Charles Barkley Moya healing from new. Well he's now making a line. And BA star Charles Barkley has launched its own wind brand but as usual he's having problems putting a cork in it. If it. You have no idea how happy it makes Mike and I we get set Meyer gives him the fifth if we can't argue with today there's two jokes that we we will with a Charles Barkley chipped well though. Their you know I did me in my my cock on the way weather headlines kill another minutes you are listening to avenger radio network to. We are Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real. Are you an Oklahoma man busted for having more than sixty cockfighting roosters in his home. Meanwhile at Georgia farmer tries to move now and forever he now moral. Ten year old Ohio boy leads police on 100 mile per hour high speed chase a woman doesn't know she's pregnant until a baby falls from our lady's face. And once they stop holiday gift according to Amazon that would be duct tape it is time for your headline. It's Sunday. It's it's an icon. I got to Ohio where police were taken on a high speed chase with speeds reaching over 100 miles an hour. The case began when an officer witnessed the cars speed by closely followed by another and after authorities got involved administering the card was stopped. Police discover that it was in fact a ten year old boy driving the car. There's currently no news on criminal charges for him or his legal guardians so what they're thinking the second car was with his mom. So high blood racing with them trying to get him to start was that B Mike yes there's not a whole lot of information in this story but LA's and Baghdad exactly and they got run away Hijab and the cards have government went all god and then. Gotten to a different car and took off after. So it it does say that the in the development of them he was taken to hospital little guarding with placed in the custody of child services so he'll be placed in the custody of NASCAR. I'm not protecting our go to get Bora now. He's got some special vote. I'd just I'd never had that kind of goal when I was a kid. What do your parents who are just grab the reason you'll there does sometimes. The way you grow up Yugo. When I get caught my probable in my goddamn life and one of the most painful and excruciating experience is known to mankind or in Ohio I'm going to get away from my heroin addicted parents. Just a for a marriage given her one it really happened to Wear a lawyer and a bit more on run on drugs and then I got like an all LA Arabic get their money's gonna Dioner glorious future fathers. And you have for a middle America as this could expect it shouldn't. Around the world an Oklahoma man with a resident a few charges which all of again when he shot and killed a dog. Please responding to a woman held up her neighbors shooting and killing her dog when they knocked on the man's door. When asked about the incident he responded by saying that the dog had killed a bunch of his chickens. He was there with a turn of animal animal cruelty because he killed Dodd on its way home now when it was actually attacking livestock deaths. But not before he said that he could no longer fight the ticket that the dog had attacked. It was a stupid thing to say because it led to a quick investigation of the man's home in which they've done upwards of seventy Richardson in cages. He was interested Brewster fighting and he pull out admitted that he was raising these roosters due to fight how to raise tax. Does not my own laws not of bill. Tightness when I was born to do starry eyes giving 45 minutes Fred Kagan and I had an Indian matter how many times that you've been arrested. To Wear when police are at your door. They did and they're accusing you of this crime you don't even fight anymore cameras that the host of the bet you've got a Tebow when you've been busted that many times. When that option open of how life Mike Hillman loved. Are you doing the cock fighting thing you know it. I did it and they probably treat July about it. You know we have the arrest. At the need to take a dump before we go you know this goes WB twenty minutes you're also the ex sheriff it's like they're into the that is being illegal that's that's that's one thing the editor. It is a sport to another country right and it's a very old for you don't hit it in if you're involved in that stuff but this is no excuse for Michael Vick journey that stuff but there's just not a lot of empathy. Like just fight dogs gallows by Agnes and guess what we do feel like there's there's not even understanding that's all they look at it the way that. No we look at eating meat right exactly and in good because but this is this is why they're here in this is what we do like that is not excuse for there are some. Definitive cultural differences in different parts of us on there that's why got out of their fights. But I think that you hated fighting be a better men put in the wrestling rink because it we're talking about animals stand. Stay on topic that's why they stopped donkey basketball they realize it donkeys just don't like basketball. We'll give them the best I could give myself. Couple don't you don't. The dog you don't should be of movement it is dictionary of the flying gas with a donkey Duncan fail. Manage Georgia was killed while he was trying to win but Dell that might fall puts Indiana you know I would've been okay visit is sort of have had the reserve requirement of you following along well putting the animal retaliated by renting the man against the fence causes severe chest from. Other tragedy hit first responders intended to revive the 72 year old man but he had already passed. And did you might it be known as you Villa keeper chance to boost the chances I did OK thank at a at a home Stevie. Awarded China. The water buffalo now so best. I didn't know what our ultimate water buffalo buffalo and one at night but I have so it's a pregnant woman. In the aids convenience store in time. And I would think that when you're at a convenience store in the middle of the city that the likelihood of being crushed by water buffalo real slim. What turned out wrong my mind is water bottle I guess an escaped was going over our house runs into the convenience store and because there's big deal of publicity stills issues still water buffalo if you still wanna ball Floyd's head it's kind of been the woman's just. And a nice picture. She is sprawled out on the floor and there's nothing but merchandise flying around my guess I didn't play at all yet trust me if you'll get a lack of regard your eggs that this is insanity this wasn't done. As the bulls. Well that's it. To the buffalo alone in a China shop my April government old bulls though they're not beautiful it's it's yeah it's too little too literally. No no not a shop in China man with. A little blue moments on the right thing NCA kidneys failed Illumina California sought help at a hospital to relieve the pain. After some sort that doesn't give back to remove or that he was actually having labor pains yeah. Dinner kit later on the day that's a grandmother and the united we appreciate anything except the random question question your guess is as good as mine and profile that's Gabby says so but until next time please. Do what you do best and poorly this thing. You yeah. Truman's day before a live studio audience who wardrobe makeup provided by the Manchester limited their presentation now.