02-27-17 Dr. Bill Schutt

Monday, February 27th

Dr. Bill Schutt, author of Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History,  joined us on the program

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I thought of your guess is as good as mine to categories today will be traffic ironically enough. And the celebrities the game known as your guess is as good as mine coming up at 450 right before the shot of the day but first we've been marked satellites are believed to Le is a Long Island New York. Bill shots from long long you. It lived Long Island the island long guy in the both old and have been diamond island tough moments like these that's exactly indictment. And now billiard the author of cannibalism. A perfectly natural history not only that but you've got a number of other books deal with cannibalism and it just so you know them cookbook Bozo a little bit of. Finally got one cannibal book I've got to vampire book and a couple of novels but just one accountable what about the ED book. Other than English version. Although it's yeah that was the original name and they wouldn't they wouldn't go that the US. And cannibalism a perfectly good. And see how we really that brood is like amateur there about this don't go eat because a rule we get a quick chuckle. But I really Hannibal and an order. Now they left beyond you know and eat meat is and in the UK and they cut also argue stopped out of bed and in the United States they changed the title but they left all the crazy stuff sent. Yeah Mort kind of weird like that every you have to be in the adult does section or what is none none none none none of that. So this is in which we do little. History on you and it's like you guys Ph.D. All this comes stuff and I know you've written about like insects killed me to assume abdominal although. To be fair and miles an hour talk rubs last week with the black widow spider you know dates. Killed and I'm like man doesn't know different anyway like I know she's going to kill me it's worth it and I can die doing what I love today. But it doubt your case one of the department this thing and miles and I've been debating missile historically we interesting cannibalism was there but. But you always get a pass on human behavior depending along what happened according to you it's it's just more widespread than most of those in the works Campbell's. Absolutely I mean among across the animal kingdom. I was blown away by the fact that it happened to just about every single group you can think of I'm for reasons that really have. In many cases don't have anything to do with a running out of food. So that was wild. And then when we take a human cannibalism we think of Jeffrey Dahmer or those poor guys who got stuck in the the only spot as Laura in in the Andes. And there's a lot more to with the men that I had no idea for hundreds of years medicinal cannibalism in Europe I was like really. Using that that would be more in Asia I would guess as far as the way the animals are ground almond pounders is tiger based nor does draw it and now you're gonna look at America we say it's been against strong image of tiger penis so that's what you like -- a funeral hybrid two bullets have more ceremony dollars a more I don't get a mile per here have some ground up human nose and a. Adding to the people who am I mean these are folks who did not get the cannibalism taboo that we've been fed for the last dot. 2000 years from the Greeks to the Romans to Shakespeare. You know this is the worst thing that you could possibly do to another person. And other cultures they didn't get that end in places like to Japan and every excuse to the bench and more so in China to tell you the truth. Would you talk would you would you like about the New Guinea. Now I would put in 1950 item would have been really that the that would have been a hassle but you. These are really great people okay well. But even now I mean and and again this is coming from outside looking in so we don't know it's on about cannibalism. Of you said you know the stereotypes are Baylor but if you were to go hiking top hundred and now is that. Still considerably more dangerous than hiking maybe and other places with regard to act. Now not at all I think that there's probably no human cannibalism anymore because of western influence as we go in there and you know. Eating people was bad so if you want a T shirt then you got to stop. You has an answer. If you want the wrong Super Bowl champion you gotta so obviously people. Yeah I mean it. The western that the west has been extremely influential in and so law a lot of cultures that didn't start out with our taboos now have them just because we go in there random you know dictate what's going on in that. It's unfortunate but. I think it that was probably one case where are going into new Guinea's saved this group of well talks. Well of indigenous people from possibly can go to an extent because they had this neurological disease that was being transmitted by cannibalism and after we won a miracle must stop them. The instances of our roof just drop. It's almost like mad cow for humor there at the same thing okay talk and you to bill shot author of cannibalism perfectly naturally has to Hillary's Montauk to in this is something we speculate don't and we talked a lot about the food here. And things we like to try things we've liked he obviously the bald eagle conversation has come up we've we've we've talked extend that. I don't think it's called exotics or endangered if you're an issue in Bryant he's got an idea I mean not boot well what if you had in front of you that you've been doing the placenta. I did eight article are now weighted of the British chef coat correct. Yeah a bit it was it was really strange item to get much and I teach so much master had just started I didn't think it was going to be doing any traveling anymore. And I figured I would talk to this person who prepared what sound does she broke that you got to accompany that you've. Does this we're down in in in Texas and so warm so after I think it might be sky. Email shook all of us too bad you could come down here like my husband's a shot because prepare Michael sent the Q and when watched. That was is nice. Yeah he's sentenced right gotten all day so I thought I thought I'm thinking to myself. If it's ten years and now I've written a book about cannibalism and I I had a chance to do this but I didn't do it I'd be kicking myself in the ass so. I went down I bought tickets that went down to Texas and and they asked me how I wanted to prepared what are your aunt talks go what do you want it also boo go like that what happened valiant. We'll go with possible growth it's. And hope they serve bubbles in the what does an even look like employment cooked and had to play. Just hold on for the ultimate the first support speculative. A liquor store nine point the most Texas looking for a selected on this woman beyond the count and that's a well look at what I gotta match up tonight so I'm going to look out to dinner and now Anita Anita to get a good wind for this and she goes well why not sit well placenta and chick she literally ran away from me to. It's hot. I mean I'd say keep on today isn't it obvious. But I grabbed a nice bottle them wrong and then I made my way to these people out so I'm not and it worked out really well. So here's this guy in the chef's outfit and he's soft cut in a police taxable it turns to me says well. These organic and I support my confidant because I could not possibly either put them there is that the. It doubles as an organic and it's this real rate close until it was a source close look at him and put that I don't like the guy at the time to time pages or you think it is weird tool and on it shouldn't what does it look like on your plate is it dies does it went one pieces. All of the these small pieces of like a pizza the peace delivering cut it up this would it look like you know a troubled up it would sort of reminded me of like. Thick chunks of big and you might see in and pork and even. That's definitely know it's not me no I mean I realize now import the extreme placenta is evenings is people who frozen their placenta is of the W about it that night you reverend Pete got that would be the original recipe actually actually get. They're trying to crack heads but would just cut the bathtub but that the bill what did you are you are being a cannibal cup one time when your eating placenta. There's no doubt I mean I I I suppose so but like I said the mean it was a once in a lifetime deal and I I figured if I didn't do it I would I'd be regretting that now and incest. If it's well. He's got to figure it tastes like what he prepared so here's this great point in there and all these veggies and any any sort of the veggies doubt so if you've ever had possible go. It's there it's really tasty and I'm an attitude that's why I clean my plate I got aside it was. I don't listen placenta got a sticker and wanted to crack at clean plate club for bill. Bill so that it's all to believe that I guess is there any history on eating. You know. Granted I guess if you like with the rugby team that you brought up the cracked the Andes or whatever those are frozen situation it was cold there in the huddle we're assuming maids people tartar maybe they called the man on the but his or anything documented as far as. Preparing humans. Cooking human value if you wanted to try to cook of the cook the carts like what would be the do you wanna eat the ribs you need to bug like what is and what does it would. What would what is documented that human beings actually tastes like. I'm let's say oh it's your first question. They're there are cookbooks. And these were. These world put together are hundreds of years ago in China. And and that's not to say that there work recipes elsewhere in the world it's just that the Chinese kept amazingly good dynastic histories and so. And so researchers were able to go in and and sort of ferret out these these recipes. So the book that I. That I looked at had thirteen pages of of recipes human recipes. From soup to dumplings from tried to broiled and boiled but just about anywhere that you could imagine it is or need to constantly keeps coming com. Children were. Children were favored because they were there were more tender than women then. Atlanta limit yeah man OK Italy veal lamb people eat eggs people eat chicken but mama people who died and he roost these are cuts on the body that seem to have to show more in the recipes and any other that that union and I guess civil would be the taste is part of the bunker. Yeah I had I don't we're called the that that was something that that that stood at just about every club every body part that you can consider was what was consumed at one point don't. What they want to get the soup want to get the soup you know when you're down to scrap wood to start with it you're not taking your best go to meet the Korean signal does that so. But but in this case as far if review and as a law. Shut brief you tonight how do you have to be prepared but just as you went through this for some reason not want to be in dumplings I don't know why but I feel like I would go back and don't. Yeah I don't know hot dog may be for me. And you guys are up. And is it true bill that you had a bunch of vampire bats in college that you were just having. Yeah I did that was brought up to my Ph.D. I went down a Trinidad and I brought back about forty. They employ about two different species and then that was my my project I worked on. How they Hilda and get on a plane and come back I already Nampa at about four or five minutes explaining why a glorious terrorist that I just bought a duty free yeah would you go back forty got him vampire bats and yeah how does that work. So JFK among line and I'm I'm coming through customs and and the guy in front of us on the line. All of a sudden it's like it looked like like the court to admit they opened up this is it's bag and his. Clothes line in the air and I'm I'm I'm I don't know much like a Mike. I think we need to move over to the other line on and so we we we. Pulled over into the next point and the guy says so so what's in the crate acted bats and ghosts Adirondack bats and I went no low vampire bats. Because gecko go ahead Dick would know what you that he didn't want and cinemanow any thing how it. Look believe that the paperwork it's it's easy it you know you just need to make sure you're not going in there with. You know that without that that that he crossed and without that I'd done it. I got of those someone tells me that they're carrying forty. Vampire bat I believe them like if I can't that would be the worst excuse to give him any of circumspect I just get asked and how hard was it for you to get laid. You've got vampire bats do doing stuff this study and blah you're starting understanding all the stuff and then you're you're writing a cannibalism like it's amazing that the most amazing part of your biography says married with a child to me. I have been I've been married since 1982. So the same it incredibly gorgeous woman and Bob got a great Simon. Very lucky. So she knew right away that there was no possible way that you could turn over in the middle of the night and something bad might happen to a based on here. That's. Exactly what she was getting into though I mean I would secure do badly it you know I had a monkey when I was growing up and yeah Greg is he gonna. What is going on Long Island how did you want to. Lesson. If you go to a department store back in the old days and I've and implement the development so we don't work in his behind often my mother and I don't know white of massive equipment sold department store. And we come home with a squirrel monkey in the cage in another way. And look at us. Now while we have a dog that's the first thing he said this is my parents what they were that cool it is my my father looked at it because you can't keep amend that goddamn little cage. You build a bigger ones so I think that's an athletic ability to measure the figure out something that would be a good sought to put in the living room so I went down blocked the seven elevenths and that is in the days of telephone booths measured phone Booth came back. Bill pay a cage in the middle Bolivian government in London are very you know not a big house but the but in the middle of living room there at the cage with a with a monkey didn't net loss to the monkey the what he let for a long time what a way to morneau went away to school Russell from high school them when I went away to college we gave them to law. To this society was called simian society where they take in non that they took in London on these. Yeah I mean these were the days when you can have these these critters and it's probably best that we don't mean yeah it's not that it wasn't a big deal them. And it's the book is still cannibalism Mayo perfectly natural histories and the you'd be writing about your childhood as well bill. Textbook we appreciate have a program and to editing Mueller about cannibalism I Amazon Amazon dot W pick of the book there correct. Yeah anywhere you can look picking up and replaced book to Seoul and you can find me. Still shut dot com your interest that. At the age and GT that says all right thank you don't mind is blank regular the other numerous tragic and always fascinating comprehensive look at the western cultures strong as can't lose that would be Campbell I'm so fasten it. I don't know why our man. I really like them by the and Robin does the budget into regional don't read this one analyst wondering how politics I'm assuming he praised the settlement there as far as the the choice of words don't.