03-06-17 PodDammit submits a video

Monday, March 6th

Poddammit is back! This week, we cover The New Originals Concert, and America's Funniest Home Videos!

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Mean. Golf everywhere oh yeah yeah and dad and gas. Exempt. People love their upon them if they do yes. Welcome to the puck down podcast. It's so yeah Dennis last stuff going to jog or not. Juggernaut juggernaut juggernaut joggers yard out and I are getting ideas are your run our run Janet yeah John you're gonna jog or not. For you and hot chocolate yesterday I didn't. You didn't I did not do god chunk of yesterday but the gender race this weekend I did. Sorry that's hot chocolate yes I thought he had a hot chocolate I got a call off from the personals was thrown the race with the news in the morning saying that issue isn't feeling well did not want her on the hot Cha agrees with me. Ha yeah I sell Enron Allen actually the list of issues off was like all right. Golly good news though is good reasons like you know idea I existed does sells trees in common in my do this draft. It was called out his left and right gazette and played a lot of those races and Seattle sent to Raleigh in my neighborhood. In the in my buddy Chris having brunch. We walked outside this lady does he think. I think there might have been a race. And I want. What do you think I am no longer relic. Obviously there would always shorts and it's cold outside right immigrate here where he gives like obviously there was a I think he embraced the what makes you think there was a race and. I did stair master switch. You could would you because it's the end of this month some are really very physically fit so go upstairs paranoia I knew about anything else the stairs mass sweat on that thing how many floors is that. I don't know I normally in a new about a 16275. Floors and I'm working out just saw no I'm. But I got a crying that you don't know how Long Will wanna I think is 6869. Floors Horowitz accidentally. Have you here and let you know here's the thing here's the thing is that I think that affects others so there's so many people who do this race yet and it's likely cement floor and it's all day long. And in there's not a lot of ventilation. In the stairwells apparently this probably looks a little later you ginza later you can go the more asserts just smell in apparently the higher you get. The worst is stink starts. This smell in the heat are pretty low on tire way out they try apparently it's not it's. The active doing it it's the elements around you just annoy the hell out of you pick that makes sense that units and it's just like him now. I don't know so fun either way it's four. It's four lymphoma society aren't so because a good cause. I'm really more lymphoma I'm really I do and I'm really gonna and I thought I and I always think about this stuff like Mara do the stuff 'cause. Normally when undone the race are gonna smoke a cigarette. And there's a couple people that I concede that are kind of the same thing as me like you're going over a parking lot however northern lymphoma thing. Yum I've wondered how hard line need to get away from the star for a spark up a cigarette. I think you're right to who you are neither more of the new I know what I mean I don't know you bring your money under the guys smoke is I climb you do firemen. I'm not I would guess so yeah. Think they'll recent smokers are good particularly if it yeah I'm sorry the fireman it's very strange their whole life is like fighting fire and smoke. But a lot of farm and I know are also smokers or use every. Since that. That's pretty exciting. How big a burden bacon fest Saturday oh yeah that's pretty exciting that's a good time day night Thomas sold out. All right if I think medals total debt of both celeb am I'll be there through you'll be there were right there daytime yet Gordon tomorrow time we have good and I need. And can find me by the small little donut station. The middle all of whom slashed nearly. Question they had little dirt to the piece of bacon and found as both. Her especially if she's you know that make it a South Korea are upstairs there's an actual Beers stations I kind of split my time between he and many different snippet of citizen of beer it's not that I have got a perfect right. Yeah does it mean that the is the way it's set up if you sit upstairs which is prime people watching. Who kept which I tend to love nutrition drawn to a good. Yeah. Well you know with our job we spend a decent at a time BMI in front of people sort of what is our personal time a low watch it but I always in the back of its shows and stuff. Thank you Al's show on Saturday night. All got a lot of fun there was it's strange you know that's hell's they. Tools deal and right similar to walk and internationally the very nice. MA otherwise who's not a wasn't gonna have put them in a reasonably imagined us what you walk and hell's angels right and we're the second man to go on. So the first rent goes up and it's it's fronted by what I can only describe as a very large dude from New Zealand. There's very cool small agreement from earlier roles comes off like. There's a big dude aren't rugby player and all that and I like rational girls there and they are describing man being dirty. And in the corner Hamilton agreed to stay as the greatest compliments of racial like motor head. But grungy your. And a little bit heavier right so and it means yet somehow Blakemore medal at a tournament like it was an episode of our houses and animals there looking down and upstairs I'm dead people hells angels and a little section for us normal folk and plagued Iraq cannot you know and in my head and thank him. We're opening song number two from blur. I hope to commit furnish you don't play. And the I don't know why our man drawbacks days late but still this goes you don't play in home sweet home read what I tell you that amazulu. So look how great it's so heavy. So late. Migs in thriller usually pretty cool and liberals like com am getting and a reminder there if not other sings something to happen automatically you can. A double and a double saved by. Just like it's almost hard to arrive at a point when do we have yet this requirement is saying every goddamn word of a home sweet help wanted dead or alive the most fun I am broke out laughing. They doesn't always says they hate the song everybody's sick it was so long after Bon Jovi. It's our planet in from the moment for Jan does her singing in the entire after ground singing every word among fluent Dubai ambassador. You love this guy damsel in January 2 of those songs are everybody's saying so I can't hear me. Because we're gonna happen yeah I have confidence and usually muted out there it was suing to get glad barely saying war takes. Don't hate our very own. Go well let fate if you sing more praise god dammit but all know dad and I've got the first got their measure. And every goddamn time you saw the bit to say please you know to solve using every African word rat the to let our. Like it went out there who. We can we got one more and then my new media is timely actually do it everyone's apprehensive to do it because they knew they have the Versa if you keep like usually be well. And it. Com analysts offered nothing along god damn it. Details exciting all laughter Berber him big investigates do you. Get an extra daylight hours there. Still I say it was yeah he's doing that this weekend are any guide to. Thank god. Got to learn why our man we spring forward this spring forward yeah we get extra hours daylight unlike you jingle we lose our sleeve that is correct but so I had an hour early that's what I care about man I honestly cannot. Yeah good chat and red arrow that joy in the yards against a good technique used to it just what your clocks back like 7 o'clock. In the afternoon you know on the way your cern to get into the cycle already in the news like you know go to managed care o'clock or relay. It it's 9 o'clock to you it's 10 o'clock. I'm Jim reduce a lot of parent a guy proposed on an airplane then immediately PL I watched the videos from and it's pretty good. I'm gonna love it. Yeah number urban ball toss America's Funniest Home Videos over the weekend and headed to I had sand hills all over America AF BS. What do you ever wonder if you are above Sagan the original host mildly funny person you most do this for an producer and it doesn't matter. If it's off spot anyone who's there you've possibly make you as aren't there. Herta is also. Move ya. Real cold you don't just walk hello how Obama got them stage may not say what else is amazing did you watch sausage party. Yeah I tried man I think I sort of watched about ten Minnesota Mike I don't know if Arnold wants this is entirely a fun. And they're gone for too much shock value of the this kind of sucks. I it would a bit seriously was second the first America's funny so they don't think so and I think so all right a couple of those long before him yet easy was I he was a it was Saturday number hombre right this is started in 1980 nine's is Bob say it and then. 199899. Was John and full sang. Okay here's on the nose as I was somebody before it's here's a check this out this is the honest to god truth if you watch America's funniest videos and I hate to say this but it's announced interest. They will show you the video all right the people of for the money. And in the show you another video that people up for the money in the people of the money. So show you video and in the actual family is in the studio now what you need to know is a memos do this. So I'm trying to do is morally must do this most of the time has has has had some time has passed. And every one of them. Has put on about 35 pounds and recruit more or they're not like a three year old anymore. They're like older like an eight year old. You don't mean and now he's got a mustache you and me it's like sometimes the time gap between when they see in these videos and anyone they show to claim the money is substantial. You know I think I'm like oh man because there's all the little kid is among mom Diane and how they where you're dying like this kid's gonna go like fifty now usually if Iverson it's all right. There's still a bit of my demo sums up my last okay Symbian and there was like forty years have passed is is not a lawyer people's profile pictures. If you win you're still the least funny video in now to show us what I thought for sure to live where words. Puppy comes in third place. Liturgy and winds and what are we actually funny is widen a multitude of poppies and it's been second it right so I thought for sure and economists are planned out and ended warn those one from New Jersey. Our guess is made her first Thanksgiving Turkey. And brought she's he's stretching the whole time. Because she's morals variables are she's Paloma that Jim would you crap on the values of the the Jewelers is the husky woman. Which some comment in Baltimore and take not care what does that affect here comes a letter to AF five. We're so thankful that we have your show because each and every week. Our entire family can tune in enjoy the wholesome entertainment now. Here's some shots of people getting kicked in the balls I know he's an active against you know our aggregate here's a ball taken daddy down. He can't let us friendly friendly as long as dad gets in the junk it's okay. If it gets your man when their guys from the I had my jacket like if you see a really malicious shot. Sometimes you'll see some malicious shots on kids like to just like a ball to take out got a underrated or something I read at all this I ask you dead to most the time it just seems like the abuse normally centers around the husband. I guess is it is a husband rarely films and select them so is the dead teaching his son out of play baseball with a with full baton and it just come right into a grand piano is gonna happen you watch him. Play reprimands and got a wedding like what reform fault what is weak and hollow is going on downtown as we got to be around numb and I looked up there were about. Ten bald Eagles. Just circling over the city she huge gas bald Eagles every year at the weekend before you spring forward. Not only will descend upon error everywhere in my CEOs they did it created a huge kick it I saw a bunch out of the market. But yeah that's a sausage and I just figured it was like volley a weekend you know enemy like yours are going to the convention center. And are those comic con. But yeah yeah and there are all I saw a lot of mud thousand another interesting thing I think in the bus on the weekend at 10 AM on Saturday morning. Coming downtown Austin's now I have Matt knows it was exciting I was I think those are the few people who was not dressed. Which is crazy just as you're at the bus stop a little high. It's kind of dead because it's a weekend that he could issue in my guilty superheroes. And nothing maybe some game thrown people not exactly sure with the customs or. Yeah buts you know. They just so in debt some of the costs and I have no idea they are trying to lose a lot of weapons on the bus which were allow the nose and interesting coincidence or signature vendor share. Those uses uses crazy. Is a good sense. Superheroes intent just by did you buy them podcasts. Any questions and in my. No questions well thanks firfer. Putting smiles on faces and make you be able latter day Chris is much of your funny. Yes there they aren't there are laws are you. If you don't exactly come visit our mortgage on his own bed is funny and took one you last night. Could go into the Roy's those telephone. I was set on by my daughter. As they gathered a few comments on your shirt their moms. Press center is a freebie. During the polar don't get what you know what's been mind now in the comments guess miles if you they're all taking you up take go take every teacher. Wanna. So I got I seen it yet though. It's on demand is it yeah Mineola. Got a van susteren to think it was a fun to compel our. Cameo on earth and never. Got to finish it. Watch bill march.