03-08-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Crowns A New Champion

Thursday, March 8th

It's time once again to play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is dumb men's room. Tell our friends and I Iraq California's rock station a lovely Sacramento cal and I am also 973 the machine talk the rocks insomnia I got a bit of a thought they're broke out are now aria. And our friends and I six point nine fox in that Appleton Wisconsin big show for a today Ted's meat potatoes. Had just gone up would be most famous fast food flops of all times another round in no way Sherlock Aldrin tells for the shot of the day. And in the meantime the game is big dummy 44999. Oldest eve who's our next contest in red played big games hello Greg welcome to the men drew. Well. Good guy he's sober now for over. Over no matter what has happened today this is so we addressed. This is outdated notion did you ever done wants everybody reboot clearly saw over most of the time we play you will get like the extra police Joey had nothing but sober place. You sit up front as it's played in the Betty this is an unbelievable day I don't know what's going on of its full moon every single person is called have been messed up what are you what are you messed up on. We've seen white rhino. Why is Ryan know wow I don't know eight is that a whiskey a malt liquor orders or is that Coke. That is I mean so bringing. All right all right all right there's a lot more guys that much better than how it sounds good that's on the see it when you're gonna have you heard as it I'm here night after. She vodka. These guys that are homeless who drink and you're here why I hope that his name I got to Manhattan. Local. Back home. Aren't there is you address Helio cervical and oh no I did not mince threw Baltic Greg burger made of all the Eagleburger made governor pat. Or from someone that you've never met and you have the munchies more enlightened so I think this is very tough. Gonna have to go bald eagle called Eagleburger that everybody wants it done freedom Berger putting thing you'd put on a mushroom Swiss like how would you company discard. I had I had to be pretty rare it lightly. Had only American cheese right you can't use Indy type a little and very easy ground like Turkey burger is that how I'm assuming we're making a panic that is what I pictured yeah goldeneye murder. Yeah this is a one of those places where we coach it's amateur yeah I want I want it all right I want your dollars it would do feathers in the book and here. It's got firm improperly got to be American cheese in. Well maybe topped with ranch I think you've garnished a stranger murder republic two fingers spoken album and then you've garnished the murder was one of the spots. The way that we have one of the cable knows who's who's who's pencil. All right here is your questions. How long is a four night. To me. And. There's been none of the white I don't know yeah enjoy everything including the way. Why Brian why nobody remembers he might run is in my right now they're not only you have now yes I would think I would have a drug bottles of all liquor the right all you knew as we. I didn't. But I have once he said it's a string of Wii doesn't oh I'm an idiot of course it is a smoke I was again yeah I was with you I felt like code for something weird is like now what is he gonna say the thing about we'd like all the different names that we it has. Could also be a moment. All the while says some form of Ecstasy or acid so I wasn't sure that was culinary know Alaskan thunder F five rely on Ogden is malt liquor and and put under lip and I Kennedy you don't smoke marijuana it's pretty easy to make fun names but. There's a crazy names on pierced it ever moose drool yeah. Men's room read that sounds like something went horribly wrong blood under your game is big done it 44999. All of those are next contestant ready to play the game hello Andy welcome to the men's room. So alone. You are you silver silver. Over and see if we did anyone over. Like it today mr. pole there and be burger made a bald eagle burger made from your better ones from a person you have never met before. And we have to go person I've never met before had a we had unlike you know. Guys gates gill fatty have been sitting there you give details. He wanted to make your person. You know until you know like the Nazi time in fact now. Evil and saw him I was in Ohio had a bad I mean Craig go out Pueblo or whatever his name you have to do it didn't. That is named an innate and we need over an arrest really do. All right your question the Dalian moon's orbit which planets in the solar system. I'm gonna go with the Iranians. It's always the right answer. Even though it Rick Sanford met with the right. Next we're just. Overdose that we have as true planetary question do you do not know the interplay simply in Toronto is journalist worth a shot you're innocent. Only. Jewelry were looking. How did tell the bus I bet minute I don't act here it's a quiet man a man named Randy once. Speaking enduring is what breads name might go home from the German word meaning doubles court. Oh. I'm no idea I have found that only. Number nickel governor Mario. I was doing my favorite Brett. Okay okay. Grand theft if we're called double as far as breaking news but. But you would smoke in the third straight and we had to do I had you know what it usually already knew we'd doubles far because at that statement. I'm pretty sure Al back discovered a little bombardier global cougar and called ZoneAlarm so analysts in Australia out we've just called a doubt this fat. The call from down under that sparked new easily could have been sourdough. Short. Russell our out. It's. She's tired at the Hawaiian lol yeah. After Lou. The line though. It's a quick back with you think unanimity a particular brands of her and I'm just glad I don't look at it. So important right. Now we doubled our. Artist Joseph pat cash. Did he designed this poll logo for The Grateful Dead the tongue and lips for the raw. And stones or the DH for Van Halen. And a regular role on. And it didn't very good wasn't it. Wasn't that Eddie Van Halen who did the venue logo. You mean the guy who made a band effort so if you think you then would take the time to draw logo of his initials I believe I don't I ain't under the story was was that he kind of ripped it off of the Hendricks logo that was originally. And it was just wondered twice and finished uses similar logo. And he kind of just went like oh I like that insult but an adrenaline fueled irresponsible. Just little wind can't examine this is my domain for 4999 all of those are next contest and right to play the big game. Hello Zach welcome to the men's rooms. A. Thank you sober now for over. I hear are over and Iran and thanked god. Paris next miserable today would you rather eat one though burger made a bald eagle murder may premier Zetterberg are made from a person you've never met before. Open bald eagle comrade bald eagle the freedom murder the red white and blue murder for which would include blue cheese. I get up and mayonnaise video from. Freedom or absolute. Still think branches more Americans think France is more American than mayonnaise. The well known ranch. And mayonnaise to call to stop Lucci can bring guys like which I can't think of anything out of the balloon effect put an effort but you are merely eating strange numbers that was Richard go through kind of what kind of cheese with your company serving you can't feel the same with you picking up the stranger murder in the room area. Generally you are right in my hands but I can mean it. I mean I guess I'm all Swiss cheese and onions or shoot yet formalized an absolute man. Art is a question the TV show young American with a spin off from what. I know I added the president. Friend to. I believe shows on fox it had. Putting forth to begin it oh don't it's going to go through history. I could be the older he gets every pops up on my got to realize that show him a dig in because none of them about that show but did you think a decent guys Catholic. Parties or go to our energy question. What country who would you find the active volcano lessen peak. Active body in a lesson Pete what's the name. So what should correct. There. Are. They say the most. Otherwise it out. What I've lived to a developed and that I just. They jump on wheels that pop. Still in good man and welcome. What TV show. Syndrome exploits the doctor Salem Beckett. There. Ted I thought you know this idea man of the hour. Let's give me can't if you can get a little ahead. Ziggy. Again. I. Zinc. Well like a cartoon digging it may be a machine called Ziggy. Doctor yeah. Go back in and who. I don't know why wouldn't want to. I question for a fact. Have a regular do you run around the time don't tell you I never really thought we did after I never thought he didn't act. Doctor time. What sports lingo. What sports lingo uses the term Mulligan. Or you are mall into what sports when you use it are mulling it it also uses the term. Base. Yeah. What are the terms you use one of the terms can be used the word I don't still Walker's. My favorite are lip. Short haircut. Ruff ruff won't. Driver. Or wet. I guess Shirley and a blood gulch. Just goes I'm Leanne Gregg no clue we didn't give you with the wording at all this this is the political left of the hole and she's the fact that they were running out of order my tiger hood. There's big Delray four point 999 only if you like to be a contestant we've got more contestants in more of big Demi come and if you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Jeff coming on sensitive details as the most famous fast food flops of all times and is on the way after emails in the men's room and then jamaat dot com in the meantime. Game is big dummy 844999. Hold up Steve who's our next contestant right to play the big game downloads Gerri welcome to the new. And. Are you sober now for over today. Hey welcome to show scariest. Thing. Hi Jerry and Drupal today your choice each one left a burger made a bald eagle. A murder made from your past or a burger made from a person that you've never met which one you choose all eagle and all legal freedom bird. Really of the eighties this brutal murder for new duties if if the agreement she got three laps Booth for a free bird loved. When dealership and a bald eagle. Serve it on its. Oh number it. Sesame seed behind him on I think Rios. Rios gas a bald eagle embryo which toasted Mario Shahzad sound American broth right now a part of their loved friend and I want a free month. I think we have freedom Fries you know people are giving freedom burger and it's beyond because from Rio and Chicago. I'm actually on his white Wonder Bread and mean Christ. I don't know man the freedom murdered now freedom burger deserves a good on the embryos Augusta and not real moment when he was better than bridges. When that affect your argument Yahoo! could it is the three of them Bruno the American burger the bald eagle if it. I guess I just lowering all legal embryos somehow is even more and probably the plain answer white bun yeah us aren't there real simple it's. Yeah my my crack at. These candidates takes a bun. Yeah I'm. And I hipster boldly members of the rodent as a junior don't you want an old expansion bolt won gold backed away usually eat right Oden minutes it was hipster brought a lot of embryos shuts schools that. I want to sweet potato Fries for a Canadian to. Hariri is requested. Edmonds then is the capital of which Canadian province. Yes. Although I know. They're gonna very good conversations. There's no doubt is four point 999 all of who's our next contestant regulated energy hello Louis Josh welcome to women drew. Johnson like potential for our team now filled. And so it was okay look you showed just there are servants revolt. Gotta if murder is going to be a bald eagle birthed your parents' murder for a person you never met burger. Q what got to go to remember her freedom merit to those left. I'm afraid by the way the comments coming and they agree that the problem on his way to defeat the ball is all right I miss a new breed Adam unprintable buttery and yes. Freedom Fries. Probably got a young people play to that I would think so. No Cornet. Well. So corner does the strait of paper boy's gonna support I didn't berg award make it because we're Megan for Iraq. I hear is your question would spice comes from salon true. He's deflated. I'm drawn a blank. And Dublin. I'm and I don't go to plan. It's. I've been alerted to something at the freedom Bernard. Typically French Fries and French treasury we called freedom Fries who should we serve topped with a. One out there and yeah it opens on paper blatant and I think tops is better George all right we're all about Walter. And we don't have those on color and all the Fries and curly Fries as well in my machine called on the wall full stop my. While I'm trying to think it was digital data released this hour it could stop drop and then you stop them through the drain it. Like they may include Tim Cook who took a little candlelight that gap to look at it yeah. I do. If your question. There are six main weapons in the game of clue. The candlestick. Webpart. Knife the root ball over roll and watch. Cool. You make interesting noises and yeah. Okay. Let's go you gotta. Injuries seek cleaner. Your play. Here and there are those coaches. For now he's got a dog as the I don't. The wrench oh great grandchildren candlestick a lead quite a night for a ball or role. And a wrench in answering the updated editions we'll edit cleaver. Moving just to wish you just remember where baseball bat that I question number four Josh thinking. She is the most get a look broken won't liquor bottle. All right some club boot to sweetly at the half a little bit different. Opera. Buford scale measures what weather element. And their. Windows. You won't renewable fuel full scale there's no one knows. If it. I'm not saying why does the pupil still magic all the shades of black. If it. What is the ever and where is the International Court of Justice. Comfortably Superman when I had to I was maybe you just actually orange. The fortress of solitude. It's meant ice. There International Court of Justice let's go with. We do. Somewhere different places. The plentiful in this part of the world. Tell you guys incidents. A lot of people have a lot of opinions about how to bestseller. Is called the Borger. Hobbled is that how about salad instead of Fries so I'll say F you Salazar and and you know bald eagle or elsewhere about caloric and thank you headed boy yeah. Thank you kinda like it's out only the sounds of things on the taco and in the old elite version include someone as good if I tied pop. I'm like yeah they always talk about colonel mustard Curtis Anderson. I had another killer I think that the girls and it's with a bucket ticket I take that. He's if he's I would take back. All right your question of what female singer to discuss at the beginning of the movie Reza board votes. Alcohol it's easy. All of its. Net freaking movie alone time. And I'm Amanda it's you know so forget big. Joliet. Filming and I don't remember either. Guarantee adequate for the famously said he thinks I'm Alexander first time it did these guys who big reminds her for first time that's likely a pretty. Well. And apparently and I cannot understand they're a team of Potomac Phil a question seven Jack's got a number seven went Sesame Street characters live it. 123 Sesame Street. Bird. And Jorge. With the person you're a couple of metropolitan. There's still living together like the outcome. You can make all the jokes who want folks but they seem to counter massive USA hard they have a way Danny I'm. Am I gonna retire early this company to couldn't share critical I think to get up politics always did it. Got a franchise on that man is due dude living together no question that don't tell the original friend's exact yeah. Usually decide each other and hold the no no crumbs and a bad the only rule again. Political. Closed door to put everything else senator Byrd had a habit didn't normal again that's a little known nugget from Sesame Street seems like all the talk of birds hit the stickler for people to. Act a little note that both delivered around. All right multiple choice. The guy who made rocky and bullwinkle. Also created. Captain Crunch Tony the Tiger or the Keebler. Tony the Tiger. Doesn't grow. I've ever felt like fifth. Yeah I've been drinking well yeah. So I brought about thirty over the winter mobile avoid hard to pass. What Wednesday's total load those Georgian viewed with a high order did a good sounded dire what more but I did earth known broad government did say he's he's what does more damage there it is crunch and anti French bread pizza or Captain Crunch here. New blood on wrecks your mouth more because as a general rule and his defies everything about horrible by management as a rule. A piece of French bread people who will not cool down until after you've taken first by an emergent usually you can leave it there for six and a half hours in the deep freeze but when you take the first bite. The GOP converted to move through my funds can burn even just same French bread continue to burn your mask of its citizens children. I want everybody just Merkel took you so I even though not only do wave and legal blow on it and a pizza rolls courts in your mouth the ones that you're cheating just. He's straight hot as high blue. Aren't true or false the word phony come from the telephone. Also. Could within eleven. Then there was this early polls and sounded so bad auto quality of the people said it's a different sports sound effect. So don't say you're gonna phony sound like what extremely sound like you're on your phone your phone. Your opponent. Donny Maloney. You. There's only one incorporated town Indian tiger United States with a population 01. The woman who lives there she's the mayor and every other position in the town as well. Is this city in Wyoming and North Dakota or Nebraska. Then export to the local bar filled. No I don't think yours for the local police department fire department grocery store brutish and called for houses on fire. Amazon completely I don't hold your basement I don't know runs back ups there's both of them at a pretty extort them. I would say her husband live there any dodges a grass grow and they commit to it used to be too now those one. All right which of the three major networks you stopped artificially add bird sounds too good golf coverage. Until the year 2000 when bird expert notice of the noises did mention birds live and Eric. NBC. He's never had a king and his life story. He's watching TV he knows birds and he just sits up just do I mean he's just like. I am on this. All the global read stories anymore I don't know. Doesn't sound and always a little zoo were that easy grant eat solid as it does not indigenous to that area I am managed by in our opinion. Golf hole. It just blew right off that burden of a man. If you know what he contacted C via CBS for those are probably didn't even though delay hanging out. I only a week hoping fate African Bernal EMI we're our own government be anomalous to cut it. It is also well kept secret of the following three guys that do it's into the my name is Eunice thought most of the things. I recognize the problem. He. Read about the good news there what did you say there is covered. All right it's a question. 1020. Or 25 how many people have died inside of the White House and its 218 your history. You know orbited some of the best you know and end the lowest number it's just your own question fourteenth. It's quite broad stupid. So what does that they're so. Coming came in a quick says at a pizza roll last night that have been out of the oven for over an hour I still burn as a moment ago. Old school government the up and spectacle. This this. All right the Iron Maiden. That's the human shaved I intend that was license out. Was that had many pulled torture device or circus prop. Evil tortured. Profit making. Believe it pretty excited and it's torture and dumped the fact that the well that's it everybody things are putting guys to think that publicity schooler. It was a peace of mind soft ready to. Question fifteen. The animals responsible for the most deaths in the United States are bees and wasps and what mammal. You know this one. Just think logically. For the first time in fifteen quest. Logic some strong point you really separates them. You drive. That. It's getting people. All. Admitting. Do you think logically though is kind of good lots. You know. There's no. Neurological and often recognized I. Wow that's the dog chased and stay out of the book don't get your employer shout out it is need to. Before this is overdone as I say I'm a friend that such and such boys are old. Please don't do that. But they're sick any urge you also give you raise if you do not give him the shock us. If you go or not. The first TV couple to be short in bed together on prime time television. Was what cartoon man and. Odor be on my emotions and the room. Turns their fast. And both residents say that has run out of Villanova didn't nobody could. They wouldn't sleep and we are. We are on question number eight team. It. Even mind the biggest only at all times had nineteen questions Josh. I. Here is your question. Giving her name from a queens salt what senior was the first quarter user to reach twenty million dollars. And an appetite. Yes. It does name a female singers. Everything might be popular proof would have a lot of followers. Just go anything in the pop genre. Artist lies. Kind of put it. I. Who was. Logic over here are not going well and name named a female singers not lose any given guess you have these little. You know and Madonna. Yeah. We never thought radio dug out from the workflow government. She was trying to go so it's I've been wrong thing you can wade guy got to address it sounded narcissistic and I'm sorry America. If you live in the state of Ohio finally this question 190. If you live in the state of Ohio. Hunting you need a whole thing licensed to catch what Berman. For a. Publishing. Congratulations on meadowlands that is OK okay that is awesome that is not a small fee while. Wow. That was only are learned and really bad. Spell horrible. I questioned the labor give you more. Sure. What mythical creature lives and a group called a lesson. You unicorn. Okay with you get ride. There had to be out. He. Was the only game for a half half half as high as about numbers reflect the best and not even entertaining a lot of little. Well why interject. For a while us is officially the biggest war dumbing ever. Nineteen of twenty questions. Do like to make it doesn't play big dummy four point 999 all we'll have a brand new contests in more big dummy coming up you are listening to amend your radio network. Did you is your. Is proof. Just coming out as we have details as the most famous fast food flops of all time that's coming up right at three Nelson men's room and men's or live dot com was wrong. And I can't see it do all right okay this is not the Buccaneers always gentle. Our our men's room pole for today your choice. Burger made from your pads or a burger made from a person that you never met believe it or not burger made a bald eagle slightly ahead of person that you've never met. And the best suggestions so far in my mind comes in the men's room amends in my dot com email. The suggestion of the bulk Eagleburger in fact being eaten. On grilled. Texas toast which when you think about a good Byrne added security that it pretty America that's that's it's a good dollar Eagleburger finally got me on twitters while all the comments as well they're all muddied the bald eagle I think I if you're bald eagle. He should be nervous are we missing the pad. Our only man I missed his burger a ball without even discussion I think everybody just nobody wants the Terrell pat yeah and that that seems to be lagging behind you don't want you to pet. About attempted to people seem okay with eating another person like myself and Ted who but but overwhelmingly people wanna eat that did implement bald eagle I had game is beginning a 44999 alone who is our next contestant Redick played a big game. Hello Josh welcome to the bedroom. I'm over. Jazz got a full eight diminished stuff though they love you know if informed scared. If indeed your namesake very well let's return. Yeah you gotta go bald eagle better person what burger you haven't. Don't go to read the first okay does not surprise me at all just the tone of voice ma'am. I don't noted it. I would bet both made. Use not use solid someone who I believe would not mind eating another U loses. These other sound quality Dearborn everybody felt like something I'll try it some people don't look at my bet you don't like candle what you need to stranger burger. Outside of Washington office. Let's try to. Mean. Do you thrive in the room baton. All right here is your question. Stranger burst on the exit you get in a Sauna. But he's still got it back again I think it's gone on to and I watched Gallagher children like you're just gonna stranger her good at and evident there. If you. Who is the only member of easy easy top that does not have a beard. I don't know any of them a goal without on ego so. All. Job that does not have a beer. Just like beer. All things. Of Alfonzo could do it with the beard. Billy Gibbons and the else he does the and given and they've really given in dusty it'll. Hey let's I don't know dusty suburb Alphonso didn't Alfonzo dusty givens and Richard remembers that he's done a La La La Bob ma who. It. Aren't what language do we get the acronym or as a DP for them. All you know call very very very very fancy. Site. Which. That following president Lucy who may lose small lose McKay yeah. Although they spell that or sell my house piles you come or not man. There may be. There's been done maybe 44999. Nolan who's our next in doesn't read like big gains while those were Monday lose you let yeah I'll write spell our Harris welcome to the man. C corona and Bono Eric. The. Bedroom home when he's a burger bald eagle up murder of your pants or a the murder of a person you've not met yet. I'd like to know but that's a case like OK first vote for your pet food company got there. It's a dog it's super okay period. Animal kind of dog would would brief. Us give up what they're calling it flew up but he's become citizens well maybe looked up there it. Little bit culinary rather economics ED humiliated fumble for a sedentary though. Likewise I don't know if we Google had seven to move around. Wonderland dog. Well the Jack always bred rallied to beat Eaton saw the younger child version can't you think they know it took Democrats now. Let's look at. Are out there did you question. What farm animal is known to kill more people complain crashes. Also. I won't go yeah. Or when you okay a donkey they do like of the students complained original pursuit could have done it isn't apparently getting a donkeys more dangerous. You know the important occasion donkeys in waters. You're under a program on here hold on slow and owners wanna show accident that. Hold on there for say an air who have come back we just go to our stations identify themselves so come I had seven house Fed's lead details. As the most famous fast food flops of all times no I Sherlock on the way and yes we will bring it tells the shots of the day is coming up next. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.