03-13-17 PodDammit wants some questions

Monday, March 13th

We get the week started by polling the facebooks for some in depth questions

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Roll roll roll umpire down yeah there's welcome to. Well I'm glad they're a podcast. I'm real smiles and Gary has the Jetsons or is there only get certain and he loved the iPod down podcast we have so many positive comments. It's amazing and Yemen look on social media is just a flood of nice things constant. I mean almost hearts it was hard to deal with you know you're in a positive world this is so crazy so much positive that he can't we just gets negativity. Can't we just give someone Sam like how ugly we or mentioning back it's heads and there. The fact in my nose is filling up your entire screen right now killing of some of those positive comments and sure there in there much is nice and doesn't you have to ask a new move. Do I want to. Tell you appreciate isn't it you go into. Matthew belly on Saturday night for time could burn up by year old us on the grounds ya great. Really good look at an analyst wasn't there there when I live there OK not really isn't a secret restaurant now aren't hmmm no I don't think it's it's a small deficit for every and there are so I ended up so like just command are twenty minutes. Problem that location is on our repaid fifteen bucks to park cross street via. So it's like you said is blowing yeah item fifty bucks is find something to do so walk around. And walked by a they can't gain her curveball were worth like dungeons and dragons tea rules and different things going on there. Pinball machines. Video games. So role in this place man and I mean it is packed. People are getting hammered. Hammered play Indy Indy and other role playing games drug could enough I'm sure. But. Loud having a blast some plan to involve looking around like this is pretty cool. You know I am like all these Yahoo! again together hanging out having a lot of fun in my groove is cool Lu exists. To be like if you know. Things that I've mutually had interest and we can all get together little bar I just pour and you don't really you know bar. And then everybody as a scholar porn stuff and toys to play and that's why isn't seen as a sports car is yeah AEA AEA. Could pick it up I'm up for it. Now I think if you can I would go to bars are cooled or I don't really care much dropped the ball. So I don't really care form let you get fired up man how you wanted to play pinball like. Now 36. I don't. I Coke and glass bottle which is you know to me that's a big deal right there guys who went to a similar place up whenever their miles Clara yeah hold already answered there's people that are that are sit at the tables are playing AM other. Other tabletop games that I had no idea of Hanoi again finally and today there was a weekend erode away New York. They've gotten controllers up in the window it doubles he had when I played one hour later the ID when I was a kid. He was on sheets of paper like you build your own characters to rolling in things like that you now they have lie coming call words and more words than I mean it's like. Looks a lot hello it's actually probably easier than trying to create your own game it mean we spent hours and hours and ours. And then I get Antonio IR let's go through football team because Cabrera and iBooks it takes so long to set everything up the most televised or playing like we'll let manner. Put us in my CNN the only board game I am into that takes so long it's got to be risk but maybe monopoly. Didn't know. And questions on their force nothing yet now her questions and then the question to that no questions to your question. So my design and has a question something something negative we want a different kind negative gig was in negative question carrying a FaceBook positive it's the so Korea give the south and they had happened for the I'll tell starting this weekend Saturday ranked so when ago Birmingham bacon. I'd put it I got Porsche or limit before right moves are rub a downs I was up early put in the crock pot. You know feeling good stadium Friday night three of the elevator compares this kind of like he's like it's raining again. Doesn't yeah it's been around fund. Yes I shouldn't complain born and raised here but the Sox pulled that out this late date yelled yeah this weather is breaking PLO people. Here's a funny ironic thing that I thought was it was an attending a cell. On Saturday had to get a TSA prescreen. Gary so. In prescreen you know like. You go and they give you Ellison ranks of the first woman I talked to. She is. Of Latin American dissent I cheesy she's either Mexican and her Guatemalan or she's Devlin central American and as I can identify trying to some up and try to very nice very sweet delicate organ everything. So then there's a guy who comes in he escorts me back. Two. The person I'm supposed to a mile time right now he is a six foot four. Clean shaven. Indian dude. Who looks like he could kill you Barack and did I go back from my screening. And it's a woman who is originally Palestinians and moved here to United States America. All right so this is TSA pre screening and the people. That I would think. Are gonna get screwed it at the airport other ones working at the airport to make sure that other people don't get screwed. I just thought that was strange. Yeah I was like look I mean white guy. More than likely fumbling through tears and a pre screening is different than phoning you pull aside it's going to be one of those things where you either looks suspicious you look like somebody we know. Or it's ran up. Because I've gone through just like anybody else announcing who they pull out with other people travel. It just seemed funny it is the people giving you clearance to get through this are gonna the hardest time getting to themselves or even if they are pre screened. Based on nothing more than skin tone he's after you cut her some irony in the synagogue god could have you questioned hair senator Arsenault how all the aerial. I am 4736. And I am torn basics. Now top 26. Philip was another how does he get sponsored by the minister sponsors sponsor who really do it you got an unusual and it. Jason. Jason wants to know if miles could not turn profiling cancerous the studio. If I do if you could not turn profile precancerous the stars lineup this ticket if it's a big. That's a question and I come from somewhere. In the back in LA content from days and it didn't get picked to play through that window Jason there was no what's the weather like. It's just always does not very good sign for months and now I don't think I've been a navy veteran going into the snow in new York and would assume hearing for three. That don't CNET approved I don't dwell on before Lisa snow be fun to be a hike around and are walking around estimate it's Noah like he can't really you anyone go out of the scrap. This one's for ten from Carl's is a Ted open any Mason Garrett at the bar recently. Now I'm not this weekend and there's really need my help I think thanks Karl Karl. Nielsen I was hung over. Nominee and then today I guess today tired man yesterday I was Wiki leant over and if if if if that had some fun Birmingham bacon and went whom watch Sanders and can't drink and Robbie wants to know a couple of years ago he won the yemen's red tailed design contest and wants to know what's what's been your favorite designer over the years. Oh man I mean a six pack contest yeah tied the faces yeah I was pretty good back there like that like the dime played steal one man. Yeah that was all what about those a one minute look like. Like the box is backstage hauling crates Leo is moving so do that was through and we had an idea one point time maybe someday down the road might do but the idea being like that the six pack. Cases self when your whole cal looks like a house. So it actually put the Fisher house that that that that money was going to as that case. So you know look like a house of dollars and noted kind of replica of that house and got that first. Probable budget votes and over going to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert Akira yes we are going there what I've gotta gotta get a put it in here. If it if that's. JoAnne wants to know Ted when you come back in accordance. Solved good question what's an embarrassed I wanted to go. Is that the place with a muffins is the most and I. Good over there at the store I just a little town I don't like I went there to fund the little trip idea I did a ferry out of there until time there for a an unfair remembers the ferry to the same ones yes court that's that's throw us out of this a cool town preacher. Michael says this one's for miles did you hear that Domingo central miners won the state football championship back on this here. I did not hear that. Are you kidding me now that's a big goddamn deal they had to bring a school I'm so they they they took they took Williams behind shut that down. On the face amount of may while on her who in the hell that was the son then kids got to get on memos about 530 Lamar and and they don't get there until. Six that are out if it when they live they got a well that's the myth of the from what I understand they. They reclaimed an old strip mine project which simply treated flat land. And build a new high school opens up this mountain and so my mom says the view is unbelievable type looking for mom calls are Don Blankenship house. So Brees throwing money up in the air. You think it it. And Rachel asks the hardest question there what should she have for lunch. He had. I do soup. What is it I don't know it just feels they assume that anything that doesn't have it be tailored cream and it is to put to sleep. And we'll have a Ataturk salads and salad that's what I had to essentially it suited. Plain brown bag and which candidate had one of those days or so productive yesterday I made lunch like yesterday afternoon at 7 o'clock six clock for today nice boom. Think it has and I brought it actually remembered. Room for police are these are these are salad years just wants no freedom remission and northern Nevada. And do I end does some or else we gotta either be on Reno or Carson City your Tahoe I guess who have probably major. We are we gonna power of that note. You hit it independent. You should go middle aged. I'm in northern Nevada then there's the puck down to consider here if I. Yeah. The island I don't know the story of their own Alan I have to thank you thank you so well that. For those of you and they can't see would just have them throw Ogden and the miles just announced the end of the pockets lancet.